From his bedroom window, Johnny was indeed peeking. He caught a brief flash of the thick hair on his mother's cunt, and then her body was down. But to his delight, his mother wasn't hidden. He could see right down a neat row of vegetables. He watched his mother part her thighs, holding her jeans and panties out of the way. He could see the hair of her cunt, but was too far away to see her pussy clearly.

He did see, however, the golden piss as it streamed out. The sun glinted and made her piss sparkle. His cock strained at his summer shorts, and he pulled the leg of them away. His young cock thrust forward, his cock head achingly swollen. He gripped his cock hard, his eyes straining to watch his mother piss.

Relief moved over Peggy's face as she pissed. At the moment, she didn't care who could see her. It felt so good to piss. She sighed, leaning over her knees, watching her hot piss out of her cunt and pool on the ground. There was something, a tiny something, that excited her. She couldn't see her cunt, but only the thick curls of it.

She could see the stream arcing out of her pussy, and felt an odd tingle move along her naked ass flesh. She looked down, puzzled. She didn't know why it suddenly excited her. She had never felt excited about taking a piss before, only relief. She could feel something like an impending orgasm in her cunt. The sensation seemed to be increasing, and she was pissing hard and strong. She leaned as far over as she could, and still keep her balance, trying desperately to see her cunt, wondering what was happening to her. "Ooooh! " she cried out softly as a mild orgasm suddenly caused her cunt to contract. The stream of hot piss stopped, and as the convulsions of orgasm whipped through her pussy, it came out in short, quick spurts, making a hissing sound that seemed erotic, thrilling.

"Ohhh, my God!" Johnny had lifted the window, and in his excitement, leaned out in an effort to see his mother's cunt. He was gripping his cock as hard as he could, his eyes straining. He still couldn't see his mother's pussy, but the sun made her spurting piss glint like gold.

With a grunt, he spurted cum juice across the wall beneath the window. Then Peggy saw her son. A flush crept over her face, knowing he could see her cunt. But she couldn't stand. She was still pissing now that her orgasm was over. She stared right at him, unable to do anything. She just squatted and pissed, watching her son as he leaned out of the window and looked at her.

After what seemed like hours, Peggy finished. But her son was still leaning out and boldly looking at her.

She couldn't stand up because he would see her pants were down, see her cunt before she could pull them up. Yet he could see her cunt if she kept squatting, too. With a tremor, she stood. She gripped her jeans, but they slipped from her hands. With an embarrassed cry, she grabbed, but it was too late.

She knew her son had seen her, naked between her waist and knees. Finally grabbing her pants in a grip, she jerked them upward, her panties twisting and balling inside the crotch of her jeans. Johnny had seen. He saw the fan-shape of his mother's cunt hair and his cock had swollen into a powerful hardness once more. Peggy, getting her jeans fastened, turned her back to her son in shyness, pulling at the zipper.

Her panties weren't on right, and they were uncomfortable, but she wasn't going to slide her jeans down and adjust them with her son watching. Johnny stared at the shape of his mother's ass. Her jeans were very tight, and it was almost as if she had nothing on. Her ass cheeks were compact, round and firm, swelling in a tantalizing manner.

He began to rub his fist back and forth on his cock. Peggy, still feeling embarrassed, finished quickly with her gardening, and leaving the tools there, moved nervously toward the garage. She was sure she could feel her son's eyes following her, but she was afraid to look. In fact, Johnny was not watching his mother now. He was sitting on the edge of his bed, legs spread open, pumping his fist frantically up and down his cock. He had pulled the crotch of his shorts to one side, letting his young balls dangle out. They swung as he jacked off, his fist jerking furiously. Mouth was gaping and he was gasping, his eyes watching the swollen head of his cock.

Peggy washed up in the garage, still feeling slightly embarrassed about pissing in the garden with Johnny seeing. There was a shaking in her legs, and she couldn't understand the unusual heat between her thighs. Her panties seemed balled up in the crotch of her jeans, pressing almost into her pussy. She could feel her clit, swollen hard, pressing at the rough seam of her jeans. She noticed her hands shook as she washed them. The shirt she wore was tied beneath her tits, and now was loose, but she wasn't paying any attention to it.

She was seeing the expression on her son's face as he watched her taking a piss. She had not seen disgust there; she had seen blatant lust, excitement, desire. Suddenly she stood upright. She had come once before when she pissed. It had happened when she was still married. It happened on the side of a road when she and her husband were traveling, and he had seen her piss.

She had come then, but forgotten about it.

Slumping against the wall, she wondered what was happening to her. Her cunt was throbbing, her hairy cunt- lips painfully swollen, and her clit felt as if it was going to explode. The sensations were unbelievable. The feelings were fantastic, better than any feelings she ever experienced. The shirt beneath her tits came loose, and it hung open, her bra showing.

She started to put her hand on her cunt, and drew it away quickly, afraid she would come if she touched it, no matter how lightly. But she came anyway. Peggy came as in her mind she saw her son leaning out the window and watching her piss. The very mental image of him watching her piss caused her to come! Gathering strength, she left the garage and walked into the house.

She was going to confront her son. She could not let him keep peeking at her. It wasn't good for him, and it wasn't good for her. She had to stop it now. She opened her son's closed door and stepped in. Then froze.

Johnny was sitting on the edge of his bed, jacking off frantically, his eyes blazing and unseeing, still staring at the head of his swollen cock. Determination left Peggy as she stared. She saw his fist going up and down on his throbbing hard-on, his young balls swinging back and forth, his legs very wide. The feeling of orgasm seemed to boil between her thighs again, stronger than ever.

She clutched her hands into tight fists unable to take her eyes off his cock and balls. Her tits felt painful in the confines of her bra. She was not yet aware that her shirt was open. She gazed mesmerized at her son's cock, at his swollen cock head, watching his piss hole flare, seeing the wetness there.

Peggy was unaware she was moving, walking closer. Her eyes never left his cock. She wasn't aware that she stood before her son, or that he had finally lifted his eyes to her. She wasn't aware that he was gazing at her bra, seeing the creamy fullness of her tits about to burst from the cups. The only thing she was aware of was his cock, the head so smooth and swollen.

Johnny made a swallowing sound as he stared at his mother's bra. His cock seemed to bulge from his fist. He wasn't pumping now, but squeezing at his cock as hard as he could. Peggy's legs shook, and she slowly dropped to her knees, her eyes staring hungrily at her son's prick and dangling balls. She placed her hands on his thighs, feeling the heat of his flesh on her palms. She made a soft sobbing sound and stroked her hands up Johnny's thighs slowly.

Johnny removed his fist from his cock, watching his mother with hot eyes. His cock stuck straight up from his crotch. Peggy stopped the movements of her hands when she reached her son's crotch. The tips of her fingers were very, very close to his balls and cock, and she could feel the intense heat radiating from them. She gazed at his swollen cock head, his wet piss hole, his hairless but full-looking balls. She was breathing in short gasps, her lips parted, nostrils flaring.

The lips of her cunt felt ready to rip the seams of her jeans, her clit excitingly smashed there. She felt a shiver flow through her body, a shiver that caused her full tits to quiver.

"Oh, God!" she moaned in a soft, thick sound. " Oh, my God! " Her right hand darted about her son's cock, her left hand cupping his steaming balls. The feel of them almost made her come. She clung to his hanging balls and began to jack on his cock, her fist very tight. Johnny moaned and leaned back, watching his mother's fist pounding his cock, his eyes darting from her hand to her cupped tits. He lifted his hips, arcing his cock upward, moaning with pleasure.

Peggy's eyes gleamed with heat, showing her excitement. She pumped up and down, twisting at his tender balls. She made soft sounds, hissing and cooing and sobbing. Her ass swayed as the exquisite heat grew between her legs. Her bunched panties felt as if they were sliding into her cunt, her clit aching against the seam of her jeans. ' "Oh, yes!" she whispered. "Yes, yes!"

Johnny didn't know what his mother meant, nor did he care. He was twisting his hips about, lifting his ass, fucking into his mother's fist, up and down, ready to explode and seethe gushes of hot come juice out of his young balls again. "Please! " Peggy whispered mindlessly, her fist pounding fast and vigorously on her son's cock. "Please...oh, please!" Johnny made a gulping sound.

Thick come juice boiled from his prick. Peggy's eyes filled with tears as she gasped excitedly, watching the white, creamy come juice spew from his piss-hole. It flew high, then splashed back down over her gripping fist. The feel of it seemed to raise blisters on her flesh. She held his balls tightly, feeling them writhe as they emptied. Each throb of his spurting cock sent a rippling tingle down to her cunt.

She kept making hissing sounds as she jacked him off, staring hypnotically at the gush of his young come juice splashing about her hand and wrist, his upper thighs and on his shorts. She clung to his cock and watched if deflate, grow soft in her hand.

When it was small, she released it. Wiping her hand on her hip, she then saw the glistening come juice on the wall beneath his window. She gazed at it, then lifted her eyes to her son's face for the first time since she entered his room.

Johnny's face showed nothing but delight. He was grinning down at her. Peggy returned his grin, nervously.

"Is it better? " she whispered.

"That's much better, Mom," he said, his voice shaky.

Peggy didn't understand why she was talking this way with her son, she only knew she felt a compulsion to do it. She had to come. Her cunt was tortured. She was aware that her shirt was open now, and didn't care.

Drawing her knees up, she squatted in front of her son, her eyes moving from the mess just below the window to his still-exposed cock and balls. The come juice glistened on his thighs and shorts, and she parted her knees. Sliding a hand down one thigh, she cupped her cunt and pressed, moaning softly as the tingle increased.

Her left hand lifted, and she cupped one of her bra-covered tits, then began to rub at her cunt. She could feel the heat of her cunt burning through her jeans and bunched-up panties. Peggy felt lewd, very lewd. Spreading her knees wide, rubbing at her cunt through her jeans and squeezing her tits, she stared at her son's revealed cock and balls, the come juice on his flesh. She wiggled her ass, and began to moan as pleasure swirled about her pussy. Her eyes glazed, her lips parted. She could barely see her son's cock now. Her eyes were open, but hazed with passion. "Ohhh, God!" she whispered. "Ohhh, Johnny!" The orgasm exploded, her body shaking violently as she crushed her palm into her cunt. Her hand left her tit and she clutched at her son's cock and balls, squeezing them tightly, her eyes slitted as she came.

Sobbing sounds of ecstasy bubbled from her throat. As soon as she felt the strength, Peggy stood up. She looked down at her son for a long time, then with a shudder, turned and walked from his room. Johnny watched his mother's ass sway as she left. Peg went to her room quickly, stripping her shirt and bra off and tossing them onto her bed, then she peeled her jeans and panties from her hips and legs. She tossed them onto the bed, too, then went into her bathroom. She filled the tub with water as hot as she could stand it, pouring in bath oils. As she felt the hot water close about her, she tried to understand why she had done that with her son. She had no answer. All she knew was the compulsion to stroke his cock and balls had been too powerful to resist, and she loved it. She became so hot herself when she peed, she had to rub at her cunt, with him watching her display of greedy rapture.

She felt good, very good, for the first time since her divorce. She wasn't going to try and understand what she had done, or why her son always tried to peek at her. She wasn't going to try and make any sense out of the way she felt while pissing in the garden, with her son hanging out his bedroom window watching. She wasn't going to try and understand the heat between her thighs and that wild, uncomfortable desire to jack off and then to rub herself to an orgasm.

Chapter Two

Peggy came from the bathroom wrapped in a towel. And saw her son sitting on her bed. He was sitting in the middle of her bed. His cock and balls were still hanging from his shorts, his legs crossed. Johnny looked up at his mother, his eyes seeing her long, slender thighs, the way the towel was tucked just over her swelling tits. The flap of the towel did not quite close near her left hip, and he stared at the creamy naked flesh.

Peggy stood in the doorway of her bathroom, staring at her son. Johnny's cock was half-hard again, and he had her panties in his hand, rubbing them at his cheek. With bold eyes on her, Johnny rubbed the wet crotch of his mother's panties over his face, and then pulled them to his lips.

It was then she saw he had turned her panties inside out. Her eyes opened wide, burning with a strange, perverse hunger that she had not known was within her. She stood with her legs starting to shake as her son shoved his tongue out and licked at the inside wetness of her panties, then stuffed the crotch slowing into his mouth.

She felt a steamy heat building rapidly between her legs, felt the lips of her hairy cunt swelling, her clit protruding outward with a throbbing hardness. Her nipples felt painful as they became rigid against the towel.

Johnny stuffed as much of his mother's panties as he could into his mouth, sucking on them, his young eyes gazing at her, moving up and down from her tits to her thighs. Peggy felt the strangest sensations of wanting to throw her towel away from her body, to stand naked before her son, let him see her tits and cunt. Somehow, she controlled the sudden impulse. His cock was lifting swiftly into hardness again, and her eyes fixed upon it.

But then she lifted them again to his face. There was something deliciously erotic about seeing her moist panties in his mouth. She wondered if her son could taste her cunt, the wetness that had soaked into them. The thought of her son tasting her cunt on the panties excited her, the very idea that her son wanted to taste her worn panties excited her.

With his mother's panties inside his mouth, Johnny began to rub his fist up and down his cock slowly. He could taste his mother's cunt on her panties, the taste exotic and delicious.

It was something he had wondered about for a long time. Ever since he had discovered his ability to come, to squirt that juice out of his cock only a few months ago, he had been fantasizing about his mother and her cunt and tits and ass.

Peggy's cunt seemed to be on fire as she watched her son sucking on her panties, his fist moving up and down his cock as he sat in the middle of her bed. Seeing her pink nylon panties dangling out of his mouth, knowing he had the crotch of them in his mouth, sent a burning excitement shooting up and down her body that caused her cunt to clench and grip and throb. She found herself moving toward the bed, unable to stop herself. She paused at the foot, her knees touching the mattress.

Johnny kept looking at her, sucking at her panties, working on his cock. Peggy lifted one knee, and then the other, onto the bed. She held the towel tightly, and knee-walked toward her son." Johnny, " she whispered, and lay down beside him. She shoved his hand away from his cock, and closed her own about it. She squeezed his prick and watched his smooth cock head bulge. "Oh, Johnny, baby," she murmured." Honey...Johnny. Ohhh, God, baby!" As she lay on her side, gripping his cock, the towel pulled upward, and her hip was exposed.

Johnny leaned over and looked, seeing the creamy lower portion of his mother's ass. He tried to see her cunt, but it was still covered.

She squeezed his cock again, then pumped it a few times. "Let me..." she whispered, and pulled her panties from his mouth. She brought them to her own and with her eyes burning into his, pushed the wet crotch into her own mouth. She made a purring sound, and removed the panties out of her mouth and moved them to his cock. She draped the soft nylon panties around his cock and stroked him again.

"Mom, they're soft," he said, his voice husky. "Your panties are so soft and taste so good."

Peg smiled, her eyes flashing with heat. She rubbed the crotch of her panties about the head of his cock, then pulled them to her lips.

She kissed the wetness on her panties, then licked at them. She tasted her cunt and his cock on them, and her cunt almost lurched into orgasm. Johnny started to pull the towel from her body. " No," she said, her voice urgent but soft. "Please, don't."

"But, Mom, I gotta..."

"Please, Johnny," she said. "Not now: It's too soon."

Johnny didn't know what his mother meant. She was holding his cock and touching it, and he couldn't understand why he couldn't at least see her body. She moved her hand to his balls, fondling them gently and tenderly. She held her head up with an elbow, her face near his hip and thigh. She leaned her face forward and kissed his thigh, pulling at his cock, watching his piss hole open and bead with juices. His thigh felt hot against her lips. She pressed the tip of her tongue outward, and tasted his flesh. She felt a near spasm in her cunt.

Peggy was not experienced at sucking cock. She had sucked her husband off a number of times, but he preferred that she just go at it quickly jerking her lips back and forth until he came. Peggy wanted to savor the heat, the hardness, the taste, and spend a tong time with her tongue and lips on a hard cock before it spurted that creamy sweetness. But to suck her son's cock didn't seem right, not at this moment. It wouldn't be fair to him.

He wanted to see her body, her tits and cunt so badly. If she wanted to his young cock, it would only be fair to let him see her, look at what he wanted to look at, but she couldn't yet allow her self to remove the towel. Why, she didn't know.

She lifted her eyes to her son's face. She saw the yearning there, the need, the want. She could jack him off again, but she knew her son would not be satisfied with that. Besides, she knew if she jacked him off again, he would know her desires, too. The time to stop was now, she told herself.

But she didn't want to stop.

Her cunt was boiling, and her mind was whirling with erotic hungers and desires. Even if Johnny would be satisfied to have her jack him off, she knew she wouldn't be . . . not for long, at any rate.

She knew that just holding his cock would make her want more, and before she knew it, she would have her son's cock in her cunt, fucking him insanely.

Startled to have such a thought, Peggy tried to rid herself of it, but she was holding his cock, and Johnny had her panties again in his mouth, and she couldn't resist it.

She turned over, presenting her back to her son. She moved the towel away from her ass, yet made sure it covered the rest of her body.

Johnny stared with an open mouth at his mother's ass. Her cheeks were full, compact, shapely, with a wonderful hot-looking crack separating them.

Peggy writhed her exposed ass. "Johnny," she whispered in a throaty voice, running her hand over her ass lightly. " Johnny..."

Johnny, with his mother's panties dangling from his mouth, stared at her beautiful ass. Her flesh was so smooth and creamy, without a blemish. He wanted to touch it, to feel his mother's exposed ass, but wasn't sure if he should do so.

"Lie down with me, honey," Peggy mewled. "Please, lie down with me."

Johnny stretched out behind his mother, her panties still in his mouth. He wanted to press against her, his cock very hard.

Peggy ran her hand past her hip and took hold of his cock. She pulled it and brought the head to a cheek of her naked ass. She made a soft hiss of pleasure as she felt the wetness of his piss hole on her flesh. She rubbed the head of his cock about her ass, feeling it leave trails of exciting wetness on each cheek.

With a soft sobbing sound, she dragged the head of his cock up and down the crack of her ass, but never so low it that it touched her cunt.

Johnny leaned back and watched his mother pull his cock up and down the split of her ass. The heat on the head of his cock was almost unbearable. He felt as if he would cum on his mother's ass.

With a soft squeal, Peggy pulled her son's cock into the crack of her ass, squeezing and bunching her lovely ass cheeks around his cock head. She gripped the shaft of his cock and pumped it, wiggling her is as excitement raced about her skin. She felt the head of his cock brushing the crinkle of her asshole, searing it. She jerked at his prick, clenching the cheeks of her ass around it. She began to make soft little cries and twist her ass in erotic movements.

"Johnny..." she sobbed softly, arching backward, feeling the pressure of his cock against her tight, burning asshole. "Oh, God! Johnny, Johnny!"

She began to try and stuff the head of his cock into her asshole.

"Help me, Johnny!" she cried out. "Oh, please, help me! Push, baby! It's okay there! Push, honey!"

Johnny began pressing the head of his cock against his mother's asshole. His balls throbbed as he tried to peer down, watch what was happening. His mother was crying, but he knew by the sounds her cries were of pleasure. The tight heat of her asshole burned on the head of his cock, and he was gritting his teeth. Peggy held his cock hard, shoving her ass back as her ass muscles began to give way, the resistance fading.

She had never taken a cock into her ass before. Her husband has tried it, but she refused because he was so big and it hurt. But now...

"Push, Johnny!" she urged with a sob. "Push hard! Do it, honey! Do it there!" Johnny, intensely excited by the tight heat of his mother's asshole, pushed.

"Oohhhh!" Peggy whimpered as the swollen head of her son's cock pressed through the tight ring of her asshole.

"Yes, yes! That's it, Johnny! " Peggy felt her asshole stretch, but it didn't hurt. She felt the fullness of his cock, his cock head just past her ass ring. Johnny's cock was young, and smaller than her husband's, and she felt the sensation intensely, a wonderful, exquisite sensation. Her asshole clenched about her son's cock of its own accord, then began to squeeze, loosen, then squeeze again. Peggy sobbed with the most delightful sensations, sensations that rippled about her flesh and sent her cunt into spasms of ecstatic rapture.

"Now!" she screamed in a tight sound. "Do it!"

But Johnny held still.

Peggy clutched the cheek of her ass, stretching it, pulling it open, shoving her ass back at him. "Do it! Do it!"

Johnny now saw his mother's asshole stretching about the head of his cock. With a grunt, he rammed forward, driving his cock all the way into his mother's blistering asshole.

"Oh, God, that's good!" Peggy wailed, grinding her exposed ass back at him. "Faster . . . faster!"

Still clutching the cheeks of her ass, pulling it wide open. Peggy began hunching her hips, fucking her asshole onto her son's cock. Johnny gritted his teeth and began to churn back and forth, fucking his mother up the ass, his balls very tight and loaded.

The heat was overwhelming him. Peggy, with tears of ecstasy in her eyes, twisted and twirled her naked ass against her son. She clawed at his hip, pulling him inward and sobbing with rapture. The friction of his cock pounding into her gripping asshole sent wild, crazy sensations throughout her whole body. Her mind reeled and spun. Peggy turned wild, thrashing her ass back and forth, trying to pull his cock deeper and deeper. Her cunt was dripping with slippery juices, smearing the insides of her thighs. She pressed her thighs tightly together, her ass pumping back and forth in a matching rhythm to her son's stabbing cock.

Soft, slapping sounds came from her naked ass as she beat it against her son. The burning hardness stuffed her ass, stretching her ass ring until she thought she was being torn apart, but loving every sensation of it.

He moved over her face, and she gasped and sobbed in perverse rapture. "Faster!" she urged between gasping cries of delight. "Faster and harder and deeper! Ohhh, God, Johnny! Oh, baby, baby!"

Johnny couldn't keep his hands to himself. He was leaning back and watching his mother's ass twist and pound, his cock darting in and out of her fiery asshole. He grabbed for her hip, and Peggy hissed in pleasure when he dug his fingers into her flesh.

"Oh, yes!" Fitting his body to his mother's like a spoon, Johnny fucked vigorously into her asshole, clinging to her gyrating hip with a tight hand. He felt his balls smacking at the wetness of her cunt, and so did Peggy.

Her clit seemed five times its normal size, ready to burst at any time from taking her son's cock up her ass. Mindless with ecstasy, she grabbed his hand holding her hip and jerked it upward and in front of her. She curled her son's fingers about her tit, smashing his palm there.

Somehow the towel was no longer covering her tits, and she felt her son's hot hand squeezing the naked firmness of it, her nipple boring into his palm. Johnny gasped in his efforts, banging his cock back and forth, never pulling it completely out of his mother's asshole.

He clung to her tit tightly. "Mom!" he groaned. "Oh shit, Mom, it's so good!"

"Yes, Johnny!" she replied, twirling her ass frantically. "It is! Ohhh, baby, ram it to me! Ram it to me hard, real hard!"

The rapture took control and Peggy gave in to it.

"Fuck me!" she screamed. "Fuck mother! Ohhh, God, Johnny, fuck me in my ass! You're so hard...your cock is so hard and I want it in my ass! Fuck me, Fuck me!"

"Yeah, Mom!" he grunted, driving his cock almost brutally into his mother's asshole. "I think I'm gonna come, too!"

"I want it!" Peggy screamed. "I need it! Ohh, give it to me, Johnny! Ram your cock in me hard...I want to feel you come! I have to feel you come in my ass!"

Peggy's cunt burned and expanded, her hairy cunt lips swollen. Her clit poked outward, and she squeezed her wet, slippery thighs together hard. She clamped her eyes shut, smashing her son's hand into her tight tit, helping him squeeze it.

The orgasm that erupted in her pussy was powerful, so strong she almost passed out with joy. The convulsions of her cunt sent a squeezing sensation about her asshole, and Johnny's cock was being sucked inward until his balls smashed hard into the juicy heat of his mother's contracting cunt.

"I gotta come, Mom!" "Do it!" Peggy screamed.

With a grunt, Johnny came. Peggy felt the powerful throbs of her son's cock, then the boiling wetness of his come juice as it squirted rapidly along the walls of her blistering hot asshole.

The feel of her son coming inside her ass sent her orgasms into a mindless spasm that clutched her whole body.

She shook violently as she came, her asshole seeming to suck the come juice out of her son's tight young balls. It seemed an eternity before the convulsions stopped, and when they did, Peggy felt wrung out.

She had never experienced such ecstasy before, never in her whole life. Certainly she had not felt it like this with her husband when they fucked or played about.

She didn't think of anything except the exquisite pleasure it had given her.

Johnny's cock was still inside his mother's asshole, but it was soft now. He enjoyed the tightness of it.

Peggy was reluctant to let him pull it out, too. She felt as if she could keep his cock up her ass forever. She loved the way her asshole kept throbbing in a delicious way.

She lay on her side, her back to him, the towel bunched below her tits. Johnny kept holding her tit, and she could feel his hot breath on her back. She didn't want to move, but she had to. There was a feeling of needing to piss again, and she didn't want to embarrass herself by pissing in her bed.

Slowly she pulled her ass forward, feeling her son's cock slide back and out. She let out a soft moan as his prick came free, and her asshole closed.

She sensed a burning feeling in her asshole, but it wasn't unpleasant in the least. It felt good, and she tightened her asshole, then quickly stopped because it almost made her start to piss.

Carefully taking the towel with her, she stood up. She kept her naked body covered with the towel as she looked down at her son. He spread out on his back, arms behind his head, smiling up at her. She lowered her eyes to his cock and balls, and with a tender smile, leaned over and caressed them with a light hand, holding the towel over her naked tits.

"Lovely, Johnny," she whispered softly. "Just lovely."

Cupping her son's cock and balls, she gave them a gentle squeeze. She wanted to kiss her son's cock, kiss his balls.

Instead, she stood up, shivered for a moment, then walked from him, her eyes lingering on his young body. With his cock and balls sticking from his shorts that way, he looked erotic. She wanted to eat him up, starting at his knees and using her tongue on his young flesh, she wanted to lick her way up and smell his crotch and taste every inch of his flesh. As she walked, she adjusted the towel to keep her naked body hidden.

She rummaged for clothes, and then took them into the bathroom with her. She dressed, sliding her legs into a pair of skimpy panties, nylon, lacy. She pulled on a light sweater, then a skirt. After brushing her hair, she returned to the bedroom.

Johnny had covered his cock and balls, and sat on the small stool in front of her mirror.

For a moment, Peggy stood behind her son, her hands on his shoulders, looking at him in the mirror. Her son grinned at her reflection. It wasn't a lewd grin, just a nice, happy smile. She slipped her hands down his bare chest and pulled him against her. She kept gazing into his eyes, and lightly stroked his tiny nipples. Then, with a nervous gesture, pulled from him. She opened a drawer and pulled out a new pair of pantyhose. She slipped a foot into the pantyhose and pulled it upward, then slipped in the other foot. Johnny watched with interest as she put them on, seeing the way she smoothed the flesh-tone hose upward. Her skirt lifted as she brought the pantyhose to her thighs.

Johnny caught a glimpse of her panties. Just the crotch, and his eyes began to sparkle. Peggy smiled at her son as she stood up. She dragged her skirt to her waist and held still for a moment.

Johnny stared with increasing interest at her, seeing the tight, flimsy panties, her golden flesh, the shadow of her fan-shaped cunt hair.

Then Peggy pulled the panty hose about her waist. She wiggled her hips as she smoothed the nylon about her body, adjusting the crotch. When she finished and her skirt fell, the gleam faded in Johnny's eyes.

"Are you going someplace, Mom? " he asked.

"No," she said, sliding her feet into a pair of white high heeled pumps. "But I always dress after a...bath."

He looked at her tits. Peggy's tits strained against the light sweater, full and round and wide spaced, almost pointing. Her nipples made two bold peaks, defined against the thin garment. Peggy lifted her shoulders, making her tits thrust out, then asked, "Are you thirsty, honey?"

"A little," Johnny replied.

She took his hand and they left the bedroom, going to the kitchen. Peggy didn't know if her son could feel it or not, but she did. There was a strange tension suddenly in the house.

After she poured him a glass of milk, she found the urge to piss quite strong, and realized she had not pissed before dressing. "I'll be right back," she said.

Chapter Three

Johnny caught her hand before she moved away. "Where are you going, Mom?"

"Oh, honey," she said. "I'm just going to the bathroom. I'm not leaving the house."

She felt good that her son wanted her to stay with him, in his presence. Her husband had never reached for her like this. She squeezed his hand, and tried to pull free.

But Johnny held tightly, a white mustache of milk on his upper lip. She pressed her thighs tight as the urge to piss grew.

"Honey," she murmured, "I've got to go. I won't be long." - But Johnny clung to her, sitting there and looking up at her face. The harder he clutched her hand, the more urgently she had to piss. She wiggled her hips, a nervous expression on her face.

"Please, baby, I have to go to the bathroom."

"You go an awful lot, don't you, Mom?" he asked quietly.

She nodded. "I can't help it."

"When you have to go, you have to go, right?"

"Oh, God! If I don't . . . please, Johnny." She pulled, trying to free her hand, feeling as if she was going to piss at any time. "I've got to hurry!"

Johnny's grip tightened.

A faint flush crept over Peggy's lovely face, and her expression turned into that of a woman being tortured.

"Ohhh!" she whimpered. She had dribbled a little piss into her panties.

She clamped her thighs tight, shoving her free hand to her crotch. "Johnny! I've got to hurry!" she pleaded.

Johnny, excitement showing on his young eyes, simply squeezed his mother's hand harder, refusing to let go.

Peggy's flush became hot on her face as she felt the warm piss starting to soak into the crotch of her panties and pantyhose. She could feel it start to run down her thighs. Embarrassment swept through her.

"Ohhhh, Johnny!" she cried. Peggy couldn't hold it back. She was pissing in her panties, standing near her son, his hand clinging to hers tightly. She felt her panties become drenched, the hot piss running down her thighs and legs and over her shoes.

Johnny looked down and saw his mother's piss, his young eyes taking on - a strange glow. It was as if her son wanted her to piss in her panties, Peggy thought. She didn't understand why, didn't understand why he wanted her to feel this embarrassment. She looked down at the front of his shorts, and saw the head of his cock pressing upward. She knew her son was getting a hard-on. She looked down at her feet and saw the hot piss glistening on her shoes, then back to her son's face.

She tried to slow the stream of piss, and managed to do so, but only slightly. The heat and wetness between her thighs, the piss in her panties, caused her clit to swell, and the hairy lips of her cunt burned.

It didn't feel as if she was about to come, but the feeling would turn that way soon, she knew from experience.

Peggy had never pissed in her panties like this before. Always before, if she couldn't get to a bathroom immediately, she would dribble, but that was it. Now she was drenching her panties, and it was running down her thighs.

Her son was watching, holding her hand tightly. He clung to her as if he wanted her to piss.

She understood, now. She could see it in his eyes, see how erotic he felt because she was pissing in her panties. She remembered seeing on her bed, licking the crotch of her panties, stuffing them into his mouth.

A tremor went through her body, and without thinking she parted her feet on the floor. She didn't try to stop peeing. She let it go, holding his hand and gazing into his eyes, and pissed.

The puddle at her feet grew, the insides of her thighs wet now.

Johnny's cock stood hard inside his shorts, lifting it into a tent.

Peggy lowered her eyes to it. The front of her skirt was damp now. She parted her feet and the soft hissing sound of her piss was audible. She shoved her free hand toward her son's cock, and trailed her fingers over his covered cock head.

Then, with a gasp, closed her fist about his prick, squeezing it.

"Oh, Mom!" Johnny groaned with excitement. "Baby!"

When Johnny shoved his hand to the bottom of her skirt and started to run it upward, Peggy didn't stop him. She clutched his cock hard as she felt his hand caressed up the outside of her thigh, lifting her skirt with his arm. She felt his hot hand on her hip, then it roved around to take a quick feel of her ass cheek.

He released her hand now, and Peggy didn't protest when he lifted the front of her skirt. She turned loose of his throbbing hard-on and stood straight as Johnny raised her skirt to her waist. She began to tremble as he looked at her.

She was still pissing and the panties and pantyhose were drenched completely. She had her feet about a foot apart, and she felt wonderful.

She felt no embarrassment suddenly, only a weird thrill, a joy. She clutched her skirt with her own hands, holding it up, and Johnny placed one hand on her hip, sliding the other up between her thighs, feeling the wetness of her piss on the pantyhose.

He could see the golden piss dripping through her panties, and she leaned forward to watch him move his hand upward until it was only an inch from her crotch.

Johnny's hand filled with his mother's hot piss, then piss ran over the sides and down her thighs again. When he turned his wet hand and caressed her inner thigh, Peggy thought she would come.

After smearing his hand on her thigh, Johnny turned it upward again. This time he pressed his palm into his mother's cunt. Peggy groaned she felt his hand there, and her hips jerked.

Johnny pressed, feeling the wet heat of his mother's cunt through her panties and pantyhose.

Peggy's eyes took on a glassy expression as she bit into her bottom lip. Her cunt twitching, the lips puffy as her clit bulged out of her panties.

"Johnny!" she gasped, closing her thighs about his hand. She was no longer pissing now. "Oh, my God! Johnny!"

His cock jutted up inside his shorts, a moist spot forming there where the head of it was outlined. Pulling his hand from between his mother's thighs, Peggy watched him place it on his shorts.

His hand was covered with her piss and it dampened his shorts. She watched him close his fist about his cock, the only thing between it and his hand was the shorts.

Then Johnny moved his piss-wet hand up and down in bold, uninhibited jack-off motions. A hundred thoughts flooded Peggy's mind, that her son was drawn to her piss, that it was erotic, that he enjoyed the fact she had pissed in her panties, that he placed his hand on her wet cunt, that he was touching his cock now with his piss-wet hand. She stood with her skirt held at her waist, her panties revealed through the wet panty hose. The hair of her cunt was almost fully revealed through the wetness. Peggy shivered with a strange, unusual pleasure.

Johnny removed his hand and she saw his shorts were wet, his cock still standing straight up. He looked up at his mother, then down at her crotch. Again, he moved his hand between her thighs and cupped her cunt. Peggy trembled as he rubbed his hand back and forth, a soft whimper coming from her. She didn't feel at all surprised when her son pulled his hand back, and this time brought it to his face, moving his piss-wet palm about his cheek, over his chin, and to the other cheek.

"Oh, Johnny!" she cried softly. "Oh, baby!"

Without a thought, Peggy stepped out of her heels into the puddle of her own piss and rolled her panty-hose down. Then she peeled her wet panties off. She let her skirt fall, hiding her fiery, hairy cunt from his eyes. She lifted the wet panties, offering them to her son.

"Is it okay, Mom?" he asked.

Peggy nodded, smiling.

Johnny took his mother's piss-wet panties in his hand and washed his face with them. His expression turned ecstatic as he leaned back on his chair.

Peggy stood on shaking legs, watching him. Her cunt bubbled with heat, wet with flowing juices that mixed with the hot piss. Her clit throbbed in a tight knot, the cheeks of her ass bunching tightly.

Peggy came.

Her hips jerked, her eyes on fire as she watched her son rubbing the piss wet panties across his lips. The orgasm contracted her cunt as her clit throbbed. She let out a soft moan of rapture, her hips arching forward, her hands pressing at her thighs.

Johnny watched his mother's hips jerking as he tasted the piss on her panties. He turned the panties inside out, and placed the crotch of them at his mouth.

Peggy saw his tongue slip out, and lick at the panties. The orgasm became stronger, and her knees almost buckled. "Ohhhh, I'm . . . Oh, God! I'm coming!"

Johnny sucked his mother's panties into his mouth. His eyes looked hazy, filmed over with passion.

Peggy shoved a fist into her cunt as she stared at her panties dangling from her son's mouth.

His cock stood hard inside his shorts, and her eyes went to it. Johnny groaned. And came off inside his shorts.

Peggy gasped, seeing the wetness as he came. Her hand shot for his cock, she closed her fingers around it, pumping him, dragging his jism out, watching him come inside his shorts. She felt the delicious throb of his cock in her fist, heard her son sucking noisily at her piss-wet panties.

With a cry, she drop to her knees. She shoved her hands up his thighs, under his shorts. Johnny jerked at the crotch of his shorts, but Peggy stopped him. "No!" she cried, and lowered her face.

She swiped her tongue about the wet shorts, tasting his come juice through them. With another cry, she closed her hot lips about the concealed head of his thick young cock and sucked on it. She swirled her tongue against the rough fabric of his shorts and tasted his come juice better. There was a slight taste of her own piss there, too, which served only to inflame her erotic mind. She sucked with tight lips, drawing come juice through his shorts, her fingers digging into his hips, her head twisting as she sobbed in rapture.

After a moment, she lifted her head, looking up at her son with glazed eyes.

Johnny pulled her panties out of his mouth and wiped them about his mother's face, and when he pressed them between her lips, Peggy didn't protest.

She tasted her piss on the nylon panties, and her eyes closed, a groan bubbling out of her throat. Her cunt throbbed again, and when Johnny pressed her panties past her lips, she cried out with another orgasm. Her hands feverishly jerked at the crotch of her son's shorts.

His prick and balls drew her hot eyes. Squealing in passion, Peggy shoved her face about his crotch, feeling the sweet heat of his cock and balls on her flesh. The feel of his hairless balls and still wet cock on her cheeks sent her pulse racing, her hands stroking up and down his legs and hips with feverish caresses.

Moving softly, she began kissing Johnny's cock and balls, her eyes heavy-lidded, smoking with her inner heat. Johnny gazed down at his mother. The pleasure was obvious on his young face and in his glittering eyes. Scooting his ass to the edge of the cushions, he ran his hands through her hair, writhing his crotch at her lips.

The scent of her son's cock and balls, slightly sweaty, made Peggy's mind spin with the intensity of her erotic hunger. Darting her tongue out, she lapped at his dangling balls, bouncing them, her tongue swirling round and round. She made low sounds of sobbing ecstasy. She shoved her hands inside his shorts and behind to cup the cheeks of his tight, young ass. Digging her fingers into his flesh, she lifted him, pressing his growing cock into her face.

"Oh, Johnny!" she moaned, and raced her tongue up his swelling cock, tasting his young cock shaft, the lingering sweetness of come juice on it. She gripped his ass cheeks hard, and swirled her tongue about the smooth head of his cock.

He was dripping again, and with a cry of ecstasy, Peggy swiped at his piss hole, licking up the beads of juices. Lifting her face, she gazed at his cock. Her eyes were fiery, and her tongue licked at her lips. "Johnny! Ohhhh, baby!"

Eagerly, Peggy dropped her mouth to the head of his cock. She pressed down, letting his cock spread her lips. The smooth head penetrated her mouth, and Peggy shivered. With a wild cry, she dived onto her son's cock, taking it completely into her mouth. His cock head brushed the back of her throat, the shaft throbbing hotly against her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Her lips tingled and burned. Holding his cock deep inside her mouth, Peggy sobbed and cried and whimpered. She jerked one hand from his ass, thrusting it down and under her skirt. She began to rub furiously at her hairy cunt, pounding a finger in and out, making wet sounds. Her eyes lifted to her son's face, her mouth stuffed with his hot, hard cock. "Mmmmm," she moaned and sucked upward, strongly. "Oh, baby, baby! You taste so good! Johnny...honey, I've got to...Mother has to..."

Her eyes filmed over as she kept whipping her cunt with her fingers. "I want to suck you off, Johnny! "

Peggy didn't wait for him to answer. She gulped her son's cock hungrily into her mouth, her tongue flying about the shaft. She bobbed up and down, making groaning sounds. She felt her cunt grip and squeeze at her delving finger, her clit smashing at her palm. She sucked at her son's cock greedily and noisily, making wet sounds as she finger fucked herself in the pussy. Her eyes rolled inside her head, her lovely face flushed with mindless pleasure. She found she had to swallow often because he dripped so very much across her tongue. The taste was like wild honey to her, and she couldn't seem to get enough of his hot cock and dripping juices.

Whipping her finger in and out of her hot, juicy cunt, Peggy dug her fingers into her son's ass hard, lifting him as she banged her mouth downward, trying to pull his cock into her throat, the need to swallow him almost overwhelming her senses.

Her mouth was comfortable with her son's cock in it. She still had room to swirl her tongue no matter how deep she took it. Rushing her mouth down on his prick, taking the head at the back of her throat, she twisted her lips around the base, making throaty sounds of hunger. She shoved her fingers into the crack of his ass, and felt the tight pucker of his little asshole.

"Oh, Mom!" Johnny finally groaned. "Ohhh, Mom!"

He spread his legs as far apart as he could, lifting his hips, watching his mother sucking in a frenzy, his cock disappearing into that wet heat. He lifted and pressed hard, his balls on her chin, and twisting his hips into her face.

"Mmmm!" Peggy moaned softly, rubbing his tight asshole with the tip of one finger as she sucked hard.

"Oh, Mom, this is great!" Johnny yelped, and began to fuck up and down, plunging his cock into his mother's mouth wildly, jerkily. "Your mouth is so hot, Mom! Ooohh, Mom, suck me! Suck me, Mom! Suck...oh, suck my cock, Mom!"

Peggy sobbed and rammed her mouth down as he came up, lifting when he pulled back. Her lips beat at the base of his prick, and she didn't care if they were bruised. Sucking her husband's cock was never anything like this, never as good as this, never as tasty as her son's cock.

His words assaulted her ears as she sucked him, pleased that he was plunging his cock up and down, fucking her mouth like a hot, wet, fiery cunt. She rubbed furiously at his tight asshole with her finger, urging him to shoot, to send that thick, sweet come juice down her greedy throat.

A muffled squeal came from her cock-filled mouth as her cunt rippled, then convulsed with a powerful orgasm. The hairy lips of her juicy cunt dripped and squeezed at her buried finger as she smashed her clit on the heel of her hand. Johnny grabbed the back of his mother's head, jerking her face down hard, his cock slamming up into her throat.

"Oooohhhh, Mom!" he yelled, and came. The boiling come juice gushed into Peggy's throat like nectar. Her eyes rolled with rapture as his come juice burned down her throat, her cunt contracting with one of her most powerful orgasms ever. She made wet, gurgling sounds as she swallowed his come juice thirstily, devouring the sweetness from his young, tender balls.

Chapter Four

That night Peggy considered what she had done.

Searching her mind, she couldn't find any shame. It had been wonderful, exciting, the ultimate rapture. That her son enjoyed it, she had no doubt whatsoever. She was amazed at his behavior, though. He was so very young, yet had washed his face with her piss-wet panties, sucked on the crotch of them, and even pressed them into her mouth. Peggy felt even grown men would not have gone that far without some sort of previous exposure. Tossing in her bed, the events whirling through her mind, she found her cunt throbbing, her tits swollen inside her nightgown. She considered calling her son, have him get into bed with her. She wanted to feel his cock inside her cunt. She wanted him to put his cock up her pussy and fuck her deep and hard. She wanted to feel the hardness of his prick throbbing inside her fiery pussy, stretching those hairy lips. She wanted to experience the hot gush of his young come juice spewing along the walls of her steamy cunt. She grinned in the darkness, remembering offering her asshole to him.

Johnny had plunged into her asshole without hesitation once she had let him know what she wanted. His willingness delighted her. But he was so young, so erotic, so horny, he would probably have done anything, would do anything, with her. Peggy realized that, in her son, she had what she had wanted for a long time, an almost perfect lover. He was young enough for her to develop, to teach, to enjoy. He had no preconceived thoughts of right or wrong, only of ecstasy.

She hugged herself, shivering with eagerness.

Yet, as much as she wanted to fuck her son, there was something holding her back. She wanted to feel his cock inside her cunt desperately...and didn't understand this vague feeling of hesitation. If she would take his cock into her mouth, drink his sweet come juice down, or fuck him with her asshole, it didn't make sense to Peggy why she shouldn't let him have her cunt, too. The lighted digital clock at her bedside told her she had better get some sleep. It was after one in the morning. She turned onto her back, sprawling with legs and arms open, trying to keep her eyes closed, trying to will sleep to take her.

Then she felt the need to piss.

She swung her legs from the bed, the gown falling to her ankles as she stood. Beneath the gown she was naked, and her nipples protruded enticingly against the clinging nylon. She started for the bathroom, then changed her mind. She entered the hall and walked purposefully to the hall bathroom. She turned on the light, sliding her gown to her hips. She sat on the toilet, and before she started to piss, she noticed a pair of her son's jockey shorts lying on top of the linen hamper. Without thinking, she picked them up and brought them to her face. She smelled her son on them, and as her cunt twitched, turned them inside out. She pressed the crotch to her nose, inhaling the fragrance of her son's crotch on the cloth. With a soft moan, she ran her tongue about the inside of the jockey shorts, thinking she could taste his young cock and balls on them.

"Oh, Johnny!" she whispered, spread her legs and stuffing his worn shorts against her cunt. "Oh, baby!"

She began to piss into his shorts, leaning back against the water tank with her eyes closed. Hot piss boiled over her hand as she held his shorts there. The hissing sound of her piss sent ripples of excitement up and down her creamy, unblemished flesh. The shorts became soaked in her hot piss, and she rubbed them at her pussy. No longer pissing, Peggy pressed the wet shorts into her cunt, and slowly began to finger-fuck herself. She grew intensely excited, and mewled softly as she came. Sitting upright, she lifted his shorts and looked at them. Her hand and wrist were soaked in piss, and she mewled again as she pulled the shorts to her face and wiped them about her nose, her cheeks, her lips. She tentatively pushed the tip of her tongue to the shorts and with a shudder, began sucking her own piss from them.

Shaking with excitement, she stood, holding her gown about her narrow waist. The thick curls of her cunt glistened wetly, beads of piss clinging to the hair. She entered the hall this way, and moved quietly to her son's bedroom.

Shoving the door open, she stood and looked in at him. His night light was on, his body outlined beneath the white sheet.

She moved into the room and stood at his bed, her eyes moving up and down his body. He looked so very young and innocent in sleep, but she knew Johnny's mind was erotic.

She sat down on the edge of his bed, her gown still bunched at her waist. She lifted one knee, her crotch revealed. In her other hand she held his wet shorts.

"Johnny," she whispered, caressing her hand along his chest, pulling the sheet from him.


He stirred and opened his eyes sleepily, then grinned.

"Mom, what are you doing here?"

Peggy pulled the sheet down his knees, and slowly slipped her hand over his cock and balls.

"I need you, baby," she whispered, and gently squeezed his cock and balls. He felt so hot and good in her hand. "I need you very much, honey. Mother needs you so badly."

Johnny's eyes moved downward, and rested between her thighs. Pleasure grew over his face when he saw his mother's cunt, lovely with that thick curling, soft hair. Her pink cunt lips looked so wet, and he saw her piss glistening in beads on the hair.

She manipulated his cock, feeling it swell beneath her hand. Squezing his cockshaft, she mewled softly as she watched the head bulge, his piss hole flaring open. "Ohhh, so pretty!" she breathed, and leaned down, kissing the moist head of his cock. "So very pretty, darling." Johnny rested his hand on his mother's knee, staring at her cunt with hot eyes. She felt his hand tremble, the heat of his palm on her flesh.

"Touch it, baby," she whispered. "Touch me."

Johnny hand slid up her thigh slowly, feeling the satiny smoothness of her inner leg. He touched the curls of her cunt. "Mom. you're wet."

She nodded, her eyes glowing. She showed him his jockey shorts." I had to piss on them, darling. " Johnny's eyes gleamed wickedly with pleasure as he began to stroke the wet, swollen lips of his mother's cunt. He probed a finger into it, making a moan as he felt the hot tightness.

"Oh, Mom, it' feels so good!"

"Play with it, Johnny," she breathed. "Play with my pussy, darling. Touch mother's pussy and feel it and do what you want with it."

She jacked up and down on his cock, watching his face as he probed into her cunt. When he started stabbing his finger in and out, fucking her with it, Peggy felt a mild orgasm ripple through her lower stomach, her clit bulging and throbbing. She squeezed his cock hard, making a soft hissing sound. She lifted his shorts to her face, and staring into his eyes, began to lick and suck at the piss soaked into them. She squeezed the shorts, and piss dripped from her chin and over her tits. The nylon gown became transparent, her nipples outlined.

Johnny watched his mother sucking piss from his shorts, and pulled his wet finger out of her cunt. Peggy grabbed his wrist, and pushed his finger toward his lips. "Taste me, baby," she whispered. "Taste Mother's pussy."

Johnny didn't resist. He opened his lips and let his mother press her finger into his mouth. He tasted the juices of her cunt, licking with his tongue. Peggy felt his cock respond with a hard throb in her hand.

"Do you like it?" she asked, pumping his cock slowly. "Do you like to taste Mother's pussy, honey?"

Johnny's eyes gleamed brightly as he nodded his head.

"You've never tasted a pussy before?"

He shook his head.

"Then," she laughed huskily, "You've certainly been thinking about eating pussy, haven't you?"

Although her son didn't answer that, Peggy saw it on his face, in his eyes. She climbed onto his bed, straddling his hips. She bunched her gown about her waist, her hairy cunt exposed completely to hen son for the first time. She knelt there, hips arching forward, her knees astride his thighs. She looked down at his cock, seeing it throbbing in hardness. She tossed his shorts to the floor, and with her fingers, parted the hairy lips of her juicy cunt. She gazed hotly at his interest, lips moist and parted, the tip of her tongue protruding slightly.

Johnny raptly looked at his mother's cunt. The hair was thick, beaded with piss. The pink lips glistened wetly as his mother parted them, her clit bulging outward in a tight, throbbing knot. His balls writhed and became tight at the base of his cock.

Peggy, grinning in a lewd manner, inched her body forward. Still holding her cunt open, she felt the head of her son's prick brush the extremely sensitive lips of her cunt. She paused and trembled with the touch, her body going stiff. That simple touch of his cock on her pussy almost made her come.

She moved again. She was slowly inching her crotch upward, pausing again at his lower chest. She wiggled her hips, circling them slowly in a teasing gesture, still holding her cunt wide open. Juices were dripping from her cunt now.

She moved her crotch higher, until it was perhaps six inches from her son's face.

"I just pissed, Johnny," she whispered. "I just pissed and my pussy is wet."

She watched his eyes as she said it, and mewled softly when she saw the light in them grow in intensity. She looked over her shoulder at his cock.

It looked bigger than before, his cockhead deliciously smooth, very swollen, the shaft throbbing. Turning to look down at her son's face, she released her cunt. Her cunt lips closed, and she took his hands, bringing them up her thighs, over her hands. She caressed her son's palms on her flesh under her gown, then pulled them behind and cupped his hands about her quivery and naked ass cheeks.

"Hold my ass, Johnny," she whispered throatily. "Hold Mother's ass!"

Johnny clutched the cheeks of his mother's ass hotly, staring at her cunt. He swallowed. He was trembling.

Carefully and slowly, Peggy drew her feet up, keeping her knees wide, until she was squatting above her son's chin.

"Taste it," she moaned. "Taste Mother's pussy!"

Johnny groaned, and the tip of his tongue darted outward. He probed the tip of his tongue at the slippery lips of his mother's cunt. It felt to Peggy as if he barely touched her pussy, but it sent a ripple of ecstasy up and down her spine. She placed her hands on her widely spread knees, leaning to watch his face. Johnny's hands held on her ass, her gown resting on his stomach.

Johnny lifted his face, and swirled his tongue through the moist hairs of his mother's cunt. He licked away the beads of piss clinging to the strands.

Suddenly, with a yelp, Johnny smashed his face into the bubbling wetness of his mother's pussy, smearing his mouth about it. The searing juices seeping out of her cunt smeared his face, and his tongue licked frantically. He tasted her cunt juices, her piss on the curling hair, and his cock jerked powerfully. He dug his hands into his mother's ass, burying his young face into her hairy cunt, his tongue plunging as deep as he could move it. He wiggled it about inside his mother's cunt, sucking with his open lips. The hot scent of her cunt and piss thrilled him, his nose surrounded by hair.

With a sob of ecstasy, Peggy pulled at her cunt again, opening her hot cunt lips, then placing them about her son's sucking mouth. Johnny's tongue flicked deeply, his upper lip smashing at her throbbing clit. He dug his hands hard into her ass, holding her as she wanted.

"Ooooh, Johnny!" Peggy squealed, unable to stop the wiggle of her crotch. "That's wonderful, baby! Ohhh, darling, baby, honey! Suck it for me! Suck my pussy, Jonny! Ahhhh, so good, Johnny! Eat Mother's cunt, baby! Suck Mother's pussy! Oh, yes, yes! Tongue fuck Mother up the hot, hairy , wet cunt!"

Johnny closed his eyes, savoring the wet heat of a cunt for the first time in his young life. He thrust his tongue in and out, licking at the soft, wet flesh, swirling it about his mother's sensitive clit.

Peggy cried out time and again as his tongue touched various places of her cunt. The sensations were fantastic, and she fought hard to keep from crushing her crotch down into his face. Her eyes smoldered wetly as she watched him between her legs. The pleasure she saw there was as exciting as her own sensations.

"Oh, Johnny, Johnny! Suck me!" she wailed. "My pussy is on fire, baby! Mother's cunt is burning up...for you! Tongue me, Johnny! Suck me and lick me and eat me! Oh, darling, you're sucking my cunt! Sucking my cunt so perfect! Mother's pussy is hot and wet and needs your sweet tongue and lips and mouth! Tongue fuck Mother in the hot cunt, Johnny!"

Johnny's tongue thrust and swirled. He buried his face into the thick pussy hair, licking away the beads of his mother's piss clinging to it. He lifted his hips, thrusting his hard cock into the air as if searching for a cunt. He swirled his tongue about her cunt hair, licking up all the piss remaining, then began to suck and tongue and eat at her fiery cunt with greedy hunger. His sucking lips and lapping tongue made wet sounds that thrilled Peggy. She twisted her ass down, working it with his tongue. She jerked her crotch back and forth, sliding her cunt about his mouth. She squealed and watched his face, the visual pleasure almost as great as the physical.

The urgent desire to grab the back of her son's head and smash his face tighter into her cunt was strong, but she resisted it. She gripped her knees again as her legs spread wide. She squatted above her son's face, her own face contorting with agonizing rapture. Squatting as she was, the full expanse of her crotch was available to her young son's tongue. The touch of his tongue against the tight pucker of her asshole sent a sudden, unexpected, orgasm ripping through her.

Peggy screamed as she came, her ass grinding down into her son's face. Johnny's tongue was smashed upon the crinkle of his mother's asshole, and his nose was buried into her juicy cunt. He couldn't breathe, but he wasn't fighting to get free; he was sucking and licking every place his tongue was.

Peggy, screeching with the intensity of her orgasm, shoved her asshole against her son's tongue, grinding as she came over and over. It felt so different from his cock going up her asshole. Different, but just as good.

Still sobbing loudly with ecstasy, she jerked her hips backwards about an inch, and her son's tongue stabbed into her gripping cunt. Peggy screamed again as he fucked his tongue up and down, plunging it deeply into her pussy. The orgasms went on and on, stretching out until she felt as if they would never end.

"Eat... eat!" she cried out. "Oh, God, eat me! Eat my cunt, Johnny! Eat Mother's juicy cunt! Suck the cunt juices out of Mother's hot, wet, hairy cunt! Ohhh, baby, baby, suck my pussy! I'm coming so fucking hard and I don't ever want to stop coming! Fuck me, Johnny! Fuck Mother with your wonderful, sweet tongue!"

She sat in his face, her hands racing up from her knees, clawing her nightgown high. She clutched at her swollen tits, her fingers digging painfully into the creamy, tight flesh. Her nipples bored at her palms as she jerked her squatting hips back and forth, grinding mindlessly and ecstatically into her son's open mouth.

"Suck it... suck it... suck it!"

Johnny tried desperately to plunge his whole mouth into his mother's boiling cunt, his tongue flying. He clung to her shaking ass with tight hands, hoping his cock would squirt; his balls were so tight and painful now. He glanced up at his mother, saw the way she was digging harshly at her tits, and tongue fucked her with renewed vigor. "So much!" Peggy sobbed. "I'm coming so fucking much, baby!" The orgasms began, finally, to recede. Peggy was grateful, the orgasms were starting to become painful to her, despite the ecstasy. Slowly her hips stopped moving, and when she started to pull from her son's mouth, Johnny held her down tightly.

"Don't you want me to move?" she asked breathlessly. "Aren't you getting tired?"

Johnny shook his head, smearing his lips into her juicy pussy, kissing at it, but not licking. He understood his mother had been satisfied, thoroughly satisfied. This was his first taste of cunt, and he didn't want it to end, not yet.

Peggy remained there, squatting in her son's face. Johnny caressed her ass, kissing at her pussy, kissing the inner surface of her crotch, licking his tongue into the wet hairs on each puffy cunt lip. He opened his lips wide and pressed them around his mother's cunt, his eyes burning up at her face.

"Oh, baby!" Peggy groaned.

A quick spurt of piss shot from her pussy, right into her son's mouth. Johnny tasted it, his eyes rolling.

"Johnny! Oh, God, honey, I didn't mean...I couldn't stop it..."

Johnny's tongue scraped at his mother's cunt, and a wail came from Peggy as she squirted another burst of hot piss across her son's tongue. It wasn't much, Johnny sucked and swallowed it, moaning with excitement.

Peggy, suddenly, understood Johnny wanted this, wanted her to piss into his mouth. She saw the expression in his young eyes when she squirted that short gush of hot piss across his tongue. She deliberately allowed herself to dribble a little piss out of her pussy.

Johnny tasted it, and groaned.

His cock spewed thick come juice. It splashed across his stomach and dripped to his balls, and he licked thirstily at his mother's cunt. Peggy managed to spurt one last dripped of piss to his mouth, but no more.

Chapter Five

Peggy floated about the house.

The changes in her, and in Johnny, were pleasantly surprising. As young as he was, she couldn't get over how willing and eager he was to do things many grown men would not do, or even think of doing. She was surprised at her herself too. She found it intensely exciting to piss, especially with her son close by. This thing about pissing didn't bother her, nor did it bother her son.

She was no longer hesitant to let her son see her naked, see her cunt and ass and tits. Johnny showed more interest in her cunt and ass than her tits, but she didn't mind. Her tits were sensitive, and she loved to have them touched and squeezed, licked and sucked, but she wanted her cunt and ass touched and kissed more than her tits.

Wearing a skimpy pair of bikini panties, with a garter belt and nylons, high heels on her feet, Peggy understood this seemed to excite her son more than if she was fully naked. Her tits were seldom covered, her nipples always rigid with desire.

Johnny often wore his jockey shorts, at her request. She purchased new ones for him - the bikini type that she loved to see him wear.

She knelt before her son, stroking his body. He wore a pair of the new bikini shorts, and she loved the way they felt on his tight, young ass, the way his cock and balls bulged from them. She pressed her lips into his stomach, kissing him, sliding her hands about his ass and thighs, up his back. Clutching a cheek of his young ass in both hands, Peggy mewled softly and buried her face into his crotch, tasting the cloth that covered his cock and bells. The crotch of her skimpy panties was wet with the dripping juices of her cunt.

"You're so beautiful," she murmured throatily, sliding the waist of his shorts down to let his cock free. "So very beautiful, Jonny. And your cock is the most beautiful of all."

She kissed the tip of her son's cock tenderly, wrapping her fist about the base and pulling up on it, bringing a bead of delicious liquid for her tongue tip. She licked it up, moaning in pleasure.

"I love the taste of your sweet cock, baby," she whispered.

"You taste so hot and hard and I just can't get enough of it." She licked her tongue at his cock, starting at the base and dragging it up to the tip. Johnny trembled and placed his hands on his mother's shoulders, watching her. Peggy brushed her erect nipples on his thighs, and Johnny tingled all over.

"That feels so good, Mom," he gasped.

She gurgled and pressed her face against his hard cock, looking up at him with hot, moist eyes. "You love it when I suck your cock, don't you, darling? You do love it when Mother sucks on it?"

"I love it very much, Mom."

"You like to come in Mother's mouth, Johnny?" she asked softly, stroking his ass, sliding her finger between his thighs and tickling his covered balls. "You really like it when you come in my mouth?"

Johnny nodded. "I like to come anywhere, Mom."

"I know," she giggled, hugging his crotch tightly against her face, cupping the cheeks of his ass in her palms. "And you can, baby. You can come anywhere you want to come."

"But I wanna fuck you, Mom," he said. "I wanna fuck you real bad."

"But you do fuck me, Johnny," she replied.

"You fuck me in my ass and fuck me in my mouth. You love to fuck Mother in the ass and mouth, don't you? You always come in my ass or mouth, don't you?"

"Mom, I wanna fuck your cunt!" Johnny said. "I wanna feel my cock inside your cunt, fucking you there."

"I know," she whispered, sliding her lips along the shaft of his cock.

"I know you want to fuck me in my cunt."

Johnny didn't say any more. Peggy was glad; she had not decided yet to fuck him, take his cock into her cunt. She was quite satisfied to have his cock in her asshole and mouth, but she knew, too, that she wanted his cock in her cunt, fucking her powerfully.

She ran her tongue along his cock, then dipped her face and opened her lips, sucking his balls through the shorts. The taste caused her to cry out with wanton hunger, and she turned her son around. She shoved her tongue out, and used the flat surface to lick at his thighs, up over the covered cheeks of his ass. Then, moaning with heat, she pulled his shorts down to his knees and buried her face into the crack of his ass. She raced her tongue about the hot crack, probing into it. Johnny grunted and leaned over, grabbing his knees, arching his ass to his mother's face. Peggy swirled her tongue up and down the inner flesh of his ass cheeks, then lapped at the tight, hot pucker of his asshole. Johnny wriggled backwards.

"Oh, Mom!"

"Mmmmm, baby!"

She thrust her tongue against his asshole, sliding a hand around and gripping his throbbing cock. She pumped on his prick and sucked at his asshole, the tip of her tongue penetrating the tightness. Peggy shoved her tongue far into her son's ass, purring with pleasure. The tight heat of his young asshole sent a stab of ecstasy from her mouth to her cunt. She began to fuck her son in the asshole with her tongue, jacking on his cock with a tight fist. Her other hand clung to his hip as he leaned over, pulling his ass into her face as tight as she could.

"Mom, faster!" Johnny gurgled. "Tongue me faster!"

Peggy thrust her tongue deeply into his asshole, the scent and taste making her mind spin with erotic perversity. She felt the mild explosions of orgasm rumbling about her cunt as she knelt there, tonguing her son in his asshole and jacking him off. She could feel his full, hairless balls on her chin.

"Mom, you'll make me come!" Johnny shouted.

"Mmmmm!" Peggy moaned, stabbing her tongue as far into his asshole as she could. She gripped his throbbing cock tightly, pumping in a frantic way. She sucked and licked and tasted, her almost naked body shaking with perverse delight. The taste of his asshole sent hot excitement through her.

"I'm gonna come, Mom!"

Peggy pulled her tongue from his asshole, feeling it squeeze about it. Quickly she twisted her son around to face her again. She sat on her heels, holding her face up.

"Jack it off, Johnny!" she sobbed. "Jack your cock off into Mother's face! Come in my face, baby!"

Johnny grabbed his throbbing cock and began to pound frantically. Peggy held her son's hips, feeling him tremble, watching his cock with blazing eyes, eager to feel his hot come juice splash into her face. The force of his pumping fist made his tight balls writhe.

"Come, Johnny!" she moaned. "Come in Mother's face! Ooooh, baby, squirt that sweet come juice all over Mother's fucking face!"

Johnny was gasping, jerking off vigorously, his cock just above his mother's upturned face.

"Now, Mom! Now!" he groaned.

Thick come juice boiled from his piss hole. Peggy gurgled as it splashed on the tip of her nose. She quickly opened her mouth as wide as she could, her tongue thrust forward. Johnny angled his cock downward, and jacked off, sending the boiling come juice across his mother's tongue and over her face. He finished up spewing into her mouth. Peggy didn't swallow. She held her mouth wide open, tasting his come juice as it filled. She closed her eyes with pleasure, purring with heat.

Johnny stopped coming, and looked down at his mother's upturned face. His come juice was pooled inside her mouth, and Peggy swallowed it at last, making a soft sound of pleasure. Her lovely face was crossed with strings of creamy come juice, and when she opened her eyes, she saw a drop still clinging to his piss hole. She licked it up, her eyes shining up into his face.

"That was sweet, Johnny," she whispered, then smeared the drops of come juice about her face. "That was very sweet. I love it when you come inside my mouth. I could suck up your come juice all day, baby."

His shorts were stretched about his knees, and Johnny slipped them completely off. His cock dangled between his thighs, and Peggy, still sitting on her heels, devoured them with her hot eyes.

"I gotta go piss now," Johnny said.

Peggy stood up. Johnny's eyes moved over her body, from her straining tits to her tan nylon-encased thighs. The bikini panties did not quite cover the curls of her cunt. "You like me this way?" she asked, striking a lewd pose.

Johnny grinned. "You're great, Mom," he said, fondling her tits and then twisting her nipples. Peggy cooed. He moved his hand down her flat stomach, then between her thighs, cupping her cunt. "You're always so hot here. I like to feel your's so hot and wet all the time."

Peggy kissed him, moving her tongue into his mouth slowly, swirling it about. "Mmmm, go piss."

She followed him to the hall bathroom, and stood at his side as he held the base of his cock, arching it over the toilet.

As the golden piss spewed from his cock, Peggy whimpered and squatted at his side. She cupped a hand between her thighs and on her cunt, her eyes smoldering as she watched the hot piss gush. She shoved her other hand into the stream, feeling the wetness. She lifted her hand almost to the head of his cock, watching his piss flow over her fingers. She began to rub at her pantied cunt, making soft sounds of delight.

Johnny pissed for a long time, and then started to shake his prick.

"No," Peggy mewled. "Let Mother." She turned him to face her, and thrust her tongue out. She swirl it about his cock head, tasting the drops of piss. She closed her lips about his piss hole, her eyes told him what she wanted. Johnny squirted the final drops of his piss into his mother's mouth. Peggy, tasting the sweetness of her son's piss, closed her eyes with rapture.

Removing her mouth from the head of his cock, she sat down on the floor of the bathroom, then leaned back until she was sprawled there. She opened her legs wide, pulling the crotch of her panties open. She exposed her hairy cunt to her son's eyes, and began to deeply finger fuck herself slowly, moving her hips erotically. Pulling her finger out of her cunt, she used both hands to part her hairy cunt lips wide. She lifted her ass, and began to piss. Johnny grinned as he watched the hot piss spurt out of his mother's cunt, arcing into the air and splashing about her feet.

"Mmmm, it feels so good," Peggy whispered. "I love to piss with you watching me, Johnny. It makes my cunt hot."

Johnny's cock stirred, then lifted into hardness as he gazed into his mother's beautiful, hairy cunt, watching her piss strongly.

He dropped to his knees, clutching his hard cock tightly.

"Taste me!" Peggy cried. "Taste my piss, baby!" Johnny lowered his face, but his mother's stream was weakening. He leaned forward, catching the hot piss in his face. He opened his mouth and followed the dribbling piss to her cunt. He closed his lips about his mother's pussy just in time to swallow the final spurt of piss.

He began to jack off frantically.

"No," Peggy moaned. "Don't jack it off!"

Johnny lifted his wet face, but his eyes remained on his mother's cunt. Peggy arched up, twisting her hips.

"Now, Johnny, now!"

Johnny moved close, and pressed the swollen head of his cock into his mother's fiery cunt.

"Ohhhh, yes!" Peggy wailed, and shot her hips up. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pulling his young face into her tits. She lifted her legs high, then closed them about his waist, arching her hungry cunt to his prick at last. "Fuck me, Johnny! Fuck my cunt, baby! Ohhhh, fuck Mother's cunt now!"

Johnny cried out with pleasure, humping his cock into his mother's cunt with feverish strokes. Peggy gasped with the force of his cock pounding into her accepting cunt. The throbbing of his prick seemed to radiate throughout the expanse of her crotch, burning the hairy lips of her stretching cunt in the most beautiful way.

"Oh, God! Oh, my God! " Peggy sobbed, climbing her nylon clad thighs up and down her son's pounding hips. She banged her heels on his bunching ass, yelping and squealing with delight. They thrashed about on the bathroom floor, the piss soaking them, making it better for them.

"Oh, Mom, Mom!" Johnny gasped, driving his cock deep into her hairy cunt.

"Your cunt is so fucking hot! I love it, Mom! I like the way your hairy cunt squeezes my cock! I'm fucking your cunt, Mom! I've got my cock in your hot fucking cunt and I'm fucking you right in your pussy!"

"Oh, yes, yes!" Peggy screamed softly, clawing at his naked ass with her hands, trying to pull his cock deeper and deeper. "You're fucking me, baby! You're fucking Mother's hot cunt! Ohhhh, Johnny, give Mother's pussy that sweet, hard prick! Pound my cunt, baby, pound it! Bruise Mother's fucking cunt with your sweet, hard cock! Fuck me...fuck my cunt!"

With her panties jerked to one side, Peggy thrashed and churned her ass up and down, taking her son's cock into her cunt with squeals of rapture. She could feel his swollen cockhead, feeling the throbbing shaft with the sensitive heat of her cunt lips. She gasped each time he ran his cock deep, feeling her knotted clit smashing at his cock base, his balls banging upon her hot ass cheeks.

"Fuck it, fuck it!" she urged hotly. "Oh, God, fuck that hot cunt! Baby, I need it! I need your sweet cock! Mother's cunt needs your hard cock!"

"Wiggle your ass, Mom!" Johnny shouted.

"Shake your hot ass! Fuck me, Mom!"

"I am! I am fucking you I," Peggy shrieked.

She jerked her hands from his ass and doubled her arms up near her shoulders. She closed her eyes, her expression intense. She jerked her ass up and down, straining her boiling cunt into his banging cock. She gasped and whimpered, crying with the intensity of taking her son's cock into her hot cunt at last. Her ass made wet sounds as she banged it up and down. The wetness of her piss on the floor sent shivering rapture through her. She flung her crotch up and down, the gripping lips of her hairy cunt riding on her son's stabbing cock with mindless ecstasy.

Johnny stuffed one of his mother's tits into his mouth, sucking hard as he rammed his cock in and out of her pussy, fucking almost frantically. He shoved his hands behind his mother, grabbing the cheeks of her ass. Feeling her panties wet with piss sent him into a frenzy of churning motion.

"Ohhhh, I'm going to come, Johnny!" Peggy wailed, tears streaming from her closed eyes. "You're going to make me come! Oh,fuck me harder, Johnny!"

The scream boiled from her constricted throat as her cunt went into muscle-shattering spasms.

The orgasm caused her cunt to clutch at her son's cock tightly, then it began to squeeze, release and squeeze.

"I'm coming!" Peggy screamed, grabbing for her son's ass again, her fingers digging into his asscheeks. She rubbed a fingertip about his tight asshole, and then, her orgasms rampant, plunged her finger up her son's asshole. She drove it in and out, finger-fucking him in his ass. The sensation sent Johnny into wild, frantic thrusts. He lifted his mouth from his mother's tit, and groaned.

"I'm gonna come, Mom!"

"Yes!" Peggy shouted, plunging her finger in and out of his asshole vigorously, her hairy cunt clinging to his prick, gripping with heat.

"Come, Johnny! Oooooh, baby, come in Mother's cunt! Give my pussy that come juice!" Johnny let out a loud groan.

The bursts of his come juice splashed the velvety walls of his mother's cunt. Peggy, feeling it, slammed her cunt hard onto his prick. The deep muscles of her fiery cunt sucked at his cock, drawing the thick juices from his young tight balls.

Johnny slumped on top of his mother, his body loose, but shaking.

Slowly, Peggy lowered her ass into the piss on the floor carefully keeping her sons cock deep inside her. She held her son, stroking him gently as he calmed down. She dragged her fingers up and down his back, her legs loose and spread around his.

"That was wonderful," she whispered softly.

"Mom, it was so good," he replied.

"You like Mother's cunt?" she asked, pulling at the cheeks of his ass, then closing them.

"You like to fuck Mother in the cunt?"

"Yeah!" Johnny gasped, lifting himself and looking into her face. He grinned. "I love fucking your cunt, Mom. I love fucking you in your tight asshole, in your wet mouth, and now... I'm gonna fuck you in the cunt again, Mom!"

Peggy felt her son's cock swelling once more, still inside her pussy. She wiggled, giggling lewdly.

"Ohhhh, yes!" she moaned. "Fuck my pussy again and again, darling! You can always fuck Mother's cunt from now on."

Johnny began to move, humping up and down slowly, relishing the pleasure of the satiny cunt that surrounded his cock.

"And fuck you in the asshole, too," he said, giving a strong stab into her cunt, making his mother gasp with pleasure.

"Oh, yes!" She gurgled, straining her pussy up to him. "And in my asshole, and in my mouth, and... ooooh, fuck my cunt right NOW!"

Once again, they thrashed about the piss-wet floor of the bathroom, not knowing when they banged their head or feet against the wall...


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