At about 7:30 she asked if she could take a shower because her hair smelled dirty. I said she could, and I would probably shower after her. She nodded, said ok, then she went upstairs to use the shower. After about 5 minutes, she called down the stairs asking me if I could come up for a minute. I went up the stairs and she was peeking around the bathroom door so that only her head was visible. She said that she couldn't get the shower to work right. (I have a shower/hot tub that is kind of hard to work). So, I said I would help her. She slowly opened the door, and I walked over to the shower, not even thinking of looking at her because it would have been too embearassing. I started to change it over to the shower setting from the hot tub setting. She walked over and kneeled down next to me. I had to look, I just had to. I looked over at her and she looked at me I stared at her boobs for about 5 seconds, then went back to work.

"It should work fine now." I said. She asked me if I could test the water for her to make sure it wasn't too hot or too cold. The shower head is at the back of my shower, so the only way to get to it was by getting wet. i told her thati'd have to get wet to test it and she said "ok, hop in."

I was a little nervous, but i quickly took off my clothes and slipped in the shower. I went over and started adjusting the temp to the way I like it. Then, allo of a sudden, I felt a hand on my back. i jerked my head around. There was Sarah in the shower with me. She was toatally naked.

"That temp is fine." she said. I started to walk towards the shower curtain so I could get out and put my clothes back on. I had just reached the curtain when Sara said "Wait, you could just shower now." "I mean, since you already have your clothes off." I timidly walked back over to her and said "yeah, I guess I could."

Sara then announced that she had an idea. she said "Hey, we could wash each other, and it would save allot of time." I had no objection to washing my beautiful cousin. "Ok , do you want to go first, or should I?" I said I'd let her go first. She looked around and noticed there wasn't a washcloth in the shower. "Oh well, I'll just have to use my hands." She picked up the soap and started rubbing it in her hands so it was full of suds. I didn't think she knew much about puberty and sex. She just wanted to see me naked. I guess it was her first time seeing a naked guy.

to be continued...

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AllisonZi avatar make a part 2!!!

you got a great story comming along here!
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DRAGONCLAW75 avatar dang!!! sure enjoy the story and would like to hear more about it and pls do write more about it since it blow my mind away and wonder what happen next and hope that story contiune :D and hope u will contiune write and can't wait to hear part 2 and more a
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lildig avatar lets have the how comes ive never seen a 11yr old with a b cup?
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