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Care-Giver Ch#3

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          Lea came back to work on Tuesday smiling like the “cat that ate the canary”, I asked what was up and she told me that her mom had told her of the wonderful time she had taking care of me.  She told me that her mom would be visiting later today and before she came to work she st

Care-Giver Ch#1

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          My wife and I reside in the Philippines so she could go to college and finally receive her Bachelor degree; it’s less expensive than in the United States.  I’m retired and classified as 100% disabled veteran .  My wife decided that since she would be attending


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It was a Friday night, and since my divorce I was surfing the net visiting adult sites.  I found this one site which featured adult movies with the center of attraction being Daughter-in-laws seducing their Father-in-laws.  I immediately started thinking about my Daughter-in-law Helen.   Helen calls me Dad and lo

Tasha and April, a friend stops by

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As I walked down the stairs….Knock, knock.

Oh shit.  Who the hell could that be?

I ran back to Tasha’s room and asked her who it might be?

She said it was her friend, April, who she was talking to earlier.  She asked her to come over because she was

KOODHI NAASAM - PART 1 (Final Update 3, Part 2 shall continue later)

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Part 1 - அவன் அவளது வழவழத்த இடுப்பை கைகளால் பிடித்து, தடவி தன பக்கம் இழு

Don't knock it if you haven't tried it!

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A short summary about this experience.
At eighteen I was on military service. Having no brothers or sisters,my sexual knowledge was mainly in the mind,but I did have strong sexual urges  [Only realised late] Masterbation was my pastime! - Now posted to a logistics unit and working in the officers mess, it was a cushy billet. Best of food and use [Unofficially of course] of their supe

my niece and her friend stay over

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this is my first atempt so forgive me for spelling and grammar mistakes  



 It was Saturday lunch time and i awoke with my usual throbbing hard on i needed to relieve myself badly but i also needed to piss and quickly i sleep in my boxers

The apple of stepdaddys eye part 2

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This story contains graphic depictions of sex between an adult and a teenaged girl. If this offends you, please don't read.. .otherwise, enjoy!

The first night behind us, Sabrina and I woke up the next morning to find that thankfully, we were still alone in the house. She looked at me and smiled, and I at her, then I kissed her. We hadn't said a word; there was no need for any words. Her e

The apple of stepdaddys eye

pervnxtdoor on Taboo Stories

This story contains graphic depictions of sex between a grown man and an underage girl. If this offends you, please keep browsing- If not, please read on!

My stepdaughter, in the time I had known her, had blossomed from an adorable little girl to a stunningly sexy young woman. By the time she was about 12, she had a body that was supermodel perfect- toned and tight, and a beautiful face wi

A good day at work

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This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of sexual contact between a grown man and an underage girl. If this offends you, please keep browsing... If not, then read on-

There had been a rash of missing items from one of the stores- small things, but enough to become an issue they had asked us to keep an eye on. One quiet thursday night, I found the source of those th

Father Williams

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I have always been gay, since I was a child I have been fascinated with the male organ, it all started when I discovered a gay magazine in the backyard of a house near my house, seeing that black guy and that enormous cock made me feel something new to me, since then I began to trick a friend to kiss him, until my father caught us. Being a devout catholic he put me as an altar boy in a church, in hope that the evil sin inside me would be erased. Years passed and my homosexual tendencies increased, I began wearing my mother dresses and I used to stick a banana in my ass thinking I was a woman and the one penetrating me was a black guy.   My first sexual experience was at 14, with someone near me, Fath

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er Williams.


I have always imagined how it would be to have Father Williams cock in my mouth, he was a man of 58 years, his white hair have almost fallen off, he was obese but not too fat. My interest in him began one day when he was changing clothes, when he took his cassock , I could see a bulge in his pants, I was impressed, that I drooled and the hole of my ass dilated, my impression was that strong. One time the other altar boys were talking about Father Williams and how they thought he was gay, when they were on trip to another church, they passed trough a street that was know for his gigolos, he kept staring at some boys who were wearing shorts, this ignited my desires and I had to leave the room because my cock was hard.


The next day I began to think in a way to put the father so horny that he could fuck me, I put my gay magazines in my locker of the church, I waited during days for the right moment, and it happened, the office of the father was in the same hall of our changing room, the other altar boys went home a little early, I stayed waiting for everyone to leave and Father Williams was always the last one to leave, so I leave the door of my locker and the door of the room open, then I hid in a corner under   a lot of   dirty clothes, when Father Williams went inside to turn out the lights, he saw my locker and went to close it, then he just stood there looking inside. He went to the door to see if anyone was there, he went back to the locker, took the magazines, took out his cassock, his pants and underwear and I saw something incredible, he had a 9 inch cock, a very fat 9 inch cock.


He began to rub it; he opened all the magazines and watched all of them, looking at the hot boys with their giant cocks. He was ---- faster and faster, he was moaning and saying thing like: oh yes let me fuck you. When he ejaculated his semen went two feet in the air, it was such a load of cum like I had never seen.


I had everything I needed, Father Williams put everything back in the locker, he licked his hand with semen and went to his office, I went out ten minutes later, looked to his office and quickly got out of church. The next day when all the services were over, he called me and asked if I could stay a little late today, I said yes, he called home to tell my father he was giving me a ride back home. When all the altar boys leaved, he told me to go to his office and he closed all the doors. I sat in a red sofa in his office; there I waited with excitement. Finally he came into his office, grabbed a chair and put it in front of the sofa, he looked at me like he was examining—me, then he said:


-          Is there something you want to tell me?

-          No, nothing


-          I found the magazines in your locker.


      I acted like I was ashamed, and I told him they were mine, he said:


-          Since when you have been living in sin?


-          All my life, since I was a child I have wanted to be a woman. I said with a tone of innocence.


-          Silence sinner! He yelled, I would teach you how to accept the Christ.


I was scared. I thought he was going to call my father but he didn’t.


-Take out your clothes.

I did that in an instant, I got the most incredible boner ever, and I could break a wall if I wanted.


- Lucifer is already in you; I will take care of taking it out. In that instant he grabbed my balls and put his mouth on my cock, he was sucking it like a vacuum cleaner, I could feel his warm tong around my cock, right then I ejaculated.


-          Lucifer is starting to get out of your body, but with the power of the Christ I will get it out completely.


I began to play his game and I said:


If you have the power of the Christ, have you become holiness in flesh? If I make love to you would I be making love to Jesus?


-          Yes, I have become God, and now it’s the time to exorcise all the evil in you.


He turned me around, put my hands in the wall, grabbed my ass and began screaming:


-          Let Jesus fuck you, let Jesus fuck your body and soul, let my semen take out the demon, with my holy rod I purge all the evil.


After saying that, he rammed me with all force, his 9 inch ripped my ass, I was screaming at first, but then it began to feel good, so fucking good.


I began to say:


-Fuck me, I want your semen to purify me, turn me into a woman with your power, I want to be your wife, oh my Jesus!


He began to hump me harder and harder, faster and faster, I could fell his cock, moving in and out of my rectum, the pleasure was great, my moaning filled the church, and then he yelled:


-          Let my power be passed to you, I have fucked you like I have fucked my twelve disciples.


And then I felt his hot cum inside me, filling me with his lusty holiness, he sat down in the sofa, and told me to sit in his lap My ass was dripping with semen of the Christ, and he told me while he was rubbing my cock and kissing my neck:


-          The devil inside you was strong. But this exorcism drove him out, you mustn’t tell anyone, or the devil will return and destroy you. I told him I wouldn’t tell a soul about that. He got up and put me in the sofa, he went out and came back with a paten and a coup with wine. He cleaned his cock with the paten and put it in my mouth and said:


-          This is my semen, swallow it and you will be the wife of Jesus and it’s followers, and you will do anything you are told.


-          I will do anything I am asked to do, oh my lord, I and swallowed the paten with semen and shit.


He took the chalice with wine, gave me some, and poured it in his cock and said:


- This is the blood of Jesus, give me a blowjob and that will make you a real woman to the eyes of my father.

I gave him a blowjob until he ejaculated.


And he said:


      Through him, with him, in him, in the unit of the Holy Spirit we have fucked, all

       Glory and honor is yours, almighty Father, for ever and ever.



The ritual is completed. He said, we dressed and he took me home


Ant that was my first, but not the last time I gave my body to Jesus

My Georgia Peaches - Chapter 1

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The conversation between these two young girls had been a little more than I could stand. I practically ripped my clothes off on the way to the shower.

There with the hot water beating down on me I beat my meat harder and faster than I ever had in my life. While I had definitely reservations about their ages, They were both pretty sexy girls and I was, after all, still a man. With a vision in my mind of the two of them only a few feet away from me, licking each other to orgasm, I exploded. I came so hard that I was surprised I didn't blast the tile right off the shower wall.

I slowed but did not stop my stroking. My mind was running wild now. The thought that the two of them might actually want to have sex with me bo

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th scared and excited me at the same time. I sure as hell didn't want to go to prison. However, I knew that it would take very little effort on their part right now to get me into bed with either one of them.

Then my mind took another turn. They had said something about little Mary as well. My god, she was only ten years old. I didn't even know a girl that young could have desires or feelings like that! From what Mandy had said, she had licked Mary's little cunt before. I couldn't imagine that happening without Mary doing likewise.

I tried to envision in my mind what a ten-year-old pussy might look like or for that matter taste like. That was all it took to push me over the edge for a second orgasm. Damn, I hadn't cum twice that fast since I was a teenager.

I rinsed the remaining semen off of the wall and my cock. Watching as it made it's way down the shower drain, another thought came to mind. These girls needn't worry about my throwing them out. Hell, if they had any worry at all it should probably how soon I would let them leave.

I left the shower, pulled on a pair of boxers and sat on the edge of my bed for a couple of minutes. Some degree of sanity was making a futile attempt to creep back into my mind.

Never in my life had I looked at young girls in this way. Don't get me wrong here. Certainly I had looked at a few young developing girls and admired their budding beauty. Never had I even remotely considered attempting to fuck one of them though. A 36-year-old man just doesn't think about things like that, do they?

As I pondered that question I realized that my shower activity had left me dry mouthed. I slipped down the hall to the kitchen and grabbed a Coke from the refrigerator. As I passed Tracy's room I could hear little sounds that told me they were still going at it in there. I had to force myself on to the kitchen. I leaned against the counter and practically gulped the Coke down. I thought to myself that the smart thing to do here was get started first thing in the morning finding their Uncle Fred. I'd be saving myself from a lifetime of making little ones out of big ones in the gray-rock hotel. I finished my Coke and headed back towards my room. Just as I was about to enter I thought about Mary again. I turned and entered her room instead.

It took my eyes a couple of seconds to adjust to the darkness of the room. There was a full moon out that night and the light was more than enough to see Mary clearly. She was lying on her stomach, blankets kicked off and the tee shirt I'd given her had ridden up to her waist. Her small bare ass was in full view.

I walked over to the bed and started to pull the covers back up over her but then stopped. In almost a trance like state I reached for her ass. I touched her lightly at first with only my fingertips. A few seconds later I had my full hand on her incredibly soft ass. She had the softest skin I'd ever felt. I caressed both of her ass cheeks and then traced my fingers down her crack and she never stirred once.

I continued on down one of her thighs and then started back up the other. On the way back up I slipped my hand around to her inner thigh. When I did, her legs parted slightly. I froze, thinking that I might have woke her. Listening closely I could hear that she was still breathing slow and deep. "Good, she's still asleep." I thought to myself. In the pale light of the room I still could not really see between her legs. The vision of a bare ten-year-old pussy was still in my mind though. I just had to touch her there once.

I went back up to her ass cheek and then slowly traced down her crack seeking her most secret place. Just as I thought I was near Mary moved again. This time I heard a little whimper and she rolled onto her side facing away from me.

That snapped me back to reality. "What the hell am I doing?" I thought. I pulled the covers back up over her and quickly headed for the door. I was almost there when Mandy walked in.

We both were a little startled and froze in our respective tracks for a moment.

"Hi' she said softly.

I knew I'd better think of something fast. "Hi" I responded then went on to say "I just stopped by to check on you girls before going to bed. I was wondering where you were."

Mandy moved towards her bed and softly said "I just had to talk to Tracy for a few minutes."

"Yeah, right" I thought to myself. I could smell the recent sex between her and Tracy all over her. I didn't have time to respond before Mandy turned around to look at me. Without even a moment's hesitation she untied her robe, slipped it off and tossed it across the foot of the bed. There she stood facing me completely nude.

I know it was only a couple of seconds but it seemed like minutes. She was absolutely beautiful standing there in the moonlight. Her breasts, although small, were far from her sisters but still more than the little buds I would have expected on a 13-year-old. She had small pink nipples that even in the pale light I could see were hardening. I couldn’t' see a single hair on her young pussy.

My cock was coming to attention in a hurry. I swear I saw her glance down at it once before she turned to climb into bed. To my amazement, she didn't reach to pull the covers up though.

She laid there for a couple of seconds more before asking "Are you going to tuck me in too?"

I was beside her in a New York second. She stared into my eyes as I reached across her to pull the covers up over her young sexy body. I just had her covered when she reached up to grasp the back of my neck, pulling me towards her.

I tried to give her an innocent kiss on the cheek but she had other ideas. She turned her face and kissed me once on the lips. Then a second time, this time parting her lips to me. That was more than I could take. I sat down on the edge of her bed and returned her kiss with passion. As we kissed I was caressing her body through the cover and wishing I'd not pulled it up so quickly. As my hand made it's way up to one of her small breasts, she suddenly broke off the kiss.

Mandy said an obviously nervous "Good Night" and rolled quickly away from me onto her side.

I went through the motions of giving her covers a couple of more tugs and then stood to leave the room. Mandy said nothing more. I pulled their door shut behind me and returned to my own room.

Sitting on the edge of my bed I was cursing myself for going to fast with Mandy. Perhaps all she wanted was a kiss, but I just had to go for the gold. "DAMN" I thought to myself "I really hope I didn't scare her off entirely". With that in mind I switched off the light and settled into bed.

I couldn't have been more than 4 or 5 minutes later when I heard a soft knock on my door. I called out "Come in" and switched the light on at the same time. Mandy, now with her robe back on, entered the room. She was shielding her eyes from the light so I switched it off again. There was more than enough light in the room for us to see each other.

Mandy closed the door and without saying anything came over to the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed with one leg on and the other on the floor before she finally spoke.

"I…I just came to apologize. I mean…it wasn't very nice of me…you know. Getting undressed like that in front of you and kissing you…then just stopping. I guess I just got a little scared…you know…that I wouldn't be able to stop you…if you wanted to…you know."

I reached down and took her small hand. "Come up here and lie beside me for a minute" I said as I pulled her towards me.

Mandy moved on up and laid her head down beside me facing towards me. I caressed her cheek for a couple of seconds while I considered my reply.

"Mandy, you needn't apologize too me. If anything I'm the one that should be doing the apologizing. I mean, I'm plenty old enough to know better. I know it's against the law for me to be like that with a girl your age. But you were so beautiful and when you kissed me…I guess I just kind of lost my head there for a moment."

I had continued to caress her face, neck and hair as I was speaking to her. Mandy was lying there with her eyes partially closed and just a slight smile on her face. I was thankful that I was lying on my side facing her so she couldn't see that my cock was again rising to the occasion even as I spoke to her.

"Do you really think I'm beautiful?" she finally asked.

"My God yes" was my instant reply. "Standing there in the moonlight like that was probably the sexiest sight I've ever seen. You are such a pretty girl."

Mandy giggled softly and now moved her hand up to my face. She was now trying to caress me as I was doing to her.

After another few seconds she said "I did come over to apologize…but I came for another reason as well."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Well…if you'll let me...Maybe I could take care of the problem I caused."

I had a pretty good idea where she was going but I feigned ignorance and asked, "What problem is that?"

"You know" she replied. "Down here." She said as she moved her hand down to my hip. Then she went on with "I kind of saw that I'd had an effect on you."

With that said my cock was about to rip its way through my shorts. It sounded to me like she intended to ignore Tracy and take the bull by the horn, so to speak. This was it. The moral and legal crossroad had just been reached. I knew my next decision would change my life, probably forever. With most of my blood now packed firmly in the little head the decision was easy.

"Are you sure about that Mandy? I mean, you don't really have to but…I mean are you sure you want to do that?"

Mandy only nodded. Then without another word she stood and removed her robe again. I pulled back the blankets and shed my boxer shorts. Mandy crawled back up the bed on her hands and knees and lowered her mouth to kiss me. As we kissed I reached up to lightly caress her young breasts. She made no move to pull away this time.

Mandy's left hand made its way slowly down to grasp my throbbing cock. The second she touched me she broke off the kiss. Mandy turned her head quickly to look at what she had just felt.

"My God you're big!" she said in total shock I think.

I told her I wasn't all that big and that there were guys out there with a lot more than I had. I'm not sure if she was listening to me at that moment though. Her little hand could barely half encircle my cock.

Mandy moved down on the bed and took me in both hands, never taking her eyes off my cock as she did. She began to pump it slowly and moved over between my legs at the same time.

She finally looked up at me and said "I can do this but you got to promise me you won't push, ok? I mean, just let me do it."

I assured her that I wouldn't and with no more words she repositioned herself and lowered her mouth to my cock.

Her little tongue licked lightly around the head several times before she finally opened her mouth took just the head inside. She pulled slowly back off teasing me with her tongue on the way. Then she went right back down again and just a little deeper this time. She continued this process until she had about 3 inches in her mouth. I could feel that she had me very near the back of her throat.

Mandy started pumping with her hands and continued her slow sucking. If I didn't know better from the earlier conversation between her and Tracy, I would swear this little girl had been sucking cock for a long time. I desperately wanted to reach down and caress her head but I didn't want to scare her into stopping. So I settled for tucking my hands under my head, closing my eyes and just enjoyed the gift she was giving me.

I doubt if it took 3 minutes before I knew I was near exploding in her mouth. I warned her and told her that no matter what don't take her mouth off of me and that she should just keep swallowing until I was done. I heard her muffled acknowledgment only seconds before my cum erupted into her young mouth. She only gagged slightly once and then she pushed my cock clear to the back of her throat and started swallowing hard and fast.

When I'd finished she pulled slowly off my cock and began to lick up every drop that had gotten away from her. She then sat up and ran her finger around her face to gather up what was left and licked it off of her finger with a "Mmmmm" and a mischievous twinkle in her eye at the same time.

I reached out and pulled her up on top of me. We shared a long deep kiss and I caressed her backside.

When we broke from our kiss Mandy propped herself up slightly and asked "Did I do ok?"

"My God, what a question girl? I sure wouldn't have cum like that if you'd done it badly!" I replied.

Mandy positively beamed at that one. Then she asked "I guess that means my apology is accepted?" followed by a short giggle.

"Only if you let me apologize to you in the same way" I replied.

"Wellll…ok" she said almost teasingly and then quickly rolled off of me and onto her back beside me.

I turned over towards her and cupped one of her small breasts in my hand as I lowered my mouth to the other. I took turns teasing her nipples with tongue and light squeezes for a couple of minutes. Then I began a slow trail down her sweet body stopping briefly at her navel to circle it a couple of time with my tongue. As I was doing this I let one hand proceed me down to her thighs which spread easily at my touch.

My hand came back up to her young mound just as my tongue was arriving there as well. She did indeed have a little pubic hair but it was so fine and soft that I hadn't seen it before. I licked around the top of her mound as my fingers lightly stroked right up the center of her looking for her treasure.

She was already plenty wet and I had hardly started. I fingered her little clit a few seconds and then moved my finger down to light caress her virgin opening. At the same time my tongue made its way on down to tease her little clit.

Mandy was beginning to shudder just a little and I suspected she would not take very long to get off the first time. I was rapidly flicking my tongue over her clit and began a slow penetration of her little slit with my finger. Mandy flinched just a little as the tip of my finger slipped past her outer lips of her but made no move to stop me. I paused for only a second before pulling back a little and then pressing inward again. About the fifth or sixth time I was a little past my second knuckle when I pressed up against her virgin barrier.

That brought a quick gasp and little cry from Mandy. She reached down to my hand to stop me and said "Wait…be easy ok? I've never had anything up there before."

I pulled my finger back slightly and waited a few seconds before starting to move it in and out of her again. I rolled over between her legs and began to really lick her in earnest. Mandy spread herself even wider and brought both of her knees up high. I slowly extracted my finger from her slit, licking her juices off as it slipped out of her. She tasted so sweet and smelled so good that I wanted this moment to last forever.

I started alternating between her clit and her tiny virgin slit with my tongue. Mandy was whimpering now and trembling all over. I pushed my tongue hard up into her little hole and pulled slowly out and across her clit at the same time. It only took a few more seconds before she let out one little sound and then tensed up. Her hands were gripping the bed sheets in tight fists and she pushed her cunt up hard into my face. I concentrated only on her clit now. Licking it as fast as I could.

Mandy came once and relaxed only a few seconds before she stiffened up again with an even harder second orgasm. Her young virgin juices flooded out to my eagerly awaiting tongue. I plunged my tongue into her little slit one more time to suck the last of her juice from her.

Mandy still had her eyes closed and was gasping for air as I moved up between her legs. It was only when I lowered my head to her for a kiss that she suddenly realized that my cock was pressing up against her virgin cunt.

"Wait…Please wait." She almost cried, pushing against me at the same time. "I'm not so sure about that part. I mean…I…I've never done that before…and you're so big. God…even your finger felt big inside of me. I just…just don't think it will go. Please…please stop a minute.

I stopped right where I was. Kissed all over her face and assured her we didn't have to go any further if she didn't want to. She was crying softly but she did listen and stopped trying to push me off of her. Even as I was telling her this, my cock had a mind of it's own. I was slowly rubbing my cock along the length of her young crack.

"If you'll trust me for a minute, I can show you something else that feels good without actually doing it", I told her.

There was a slight hesitation before she nodded and said "Ok" at the same time.

I pulled back slightly and brought her legs up a little higher. Then I pressed my cock lengthwise along her more than wet cunt. Pressing down on it with my one hand I began to slide it the full length of her crack. The feeling of my cock sliding back and forth across her young clit was having almost an immediate effect on her. The combination of the friction and the heat from her virgin slit against the bottom of my cock was having the same effect on me.

Mandy was starting to push back at me now and at one point she nearly impaled herself on my cock. It felt as though the head of my cock had started to slip into her tiny hole. Pulling back from her instead of ramming it the rest of the way in was the hardest decision I've ever made. My cock was screaming for me to take her right now. I took only a few more strokes before Mandy came. I followed suit a moment later, sending stream after stream of my spunk shooting up across her young body all the way to her face.

I collapsed on the bed beside her and as I did she turned towards me. We just laid there kissing and caressing each other for several minutes. No words were spoken at all. Mandy eventually drifted off to sleep. I knew I should put her back in her bed but I really wanted her here beside me. I reached down and pulled the blankets up over us and then drifted off myself.