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Stranded at sea with mom. part1

mind_warrior_2000 on Taboo Stories

Mom business did very good this year. She paid off our home loan and still money left over for
weeks vacation in Europe. However, She decided few days later that it would be wise if she invests
that in a boat, Since We will have plenty fun time with it for year to come, and We can sale it
later to get most our money back. She has a friend down in Mexico that got her family a

It shouldn't have happened but it did

klm0559 on Taboo Stories

I left for our mountain cabin Wednesday around 3 so I could open it up and get the hot tub going. All the stuff that needs to be done for the rest of the family to come up and have an end of summer retreat. The cabin is in a rugged part of the mountains that you need to take a 4 wheel drive to get to. It is situated on a small lake with no other homes or cabins in the area. Essentially, it is

My niece and her BFF in the pool house

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This story contains graphic depictions of sex between an adult and teenaged girls. If this offends you, please read something else.

Otherwise... hrough several hot summers of family get togethers, I had watched my neice, Christy, and her cousin, Amanda, grow in such pleasing ways. I'll admit that I had looked at them for quite some time with a lusty eye, and knew it would only be a matter

After Work- Sexy Sarah, my movie date- good day at work part 3

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This story contains graphic depictions of sex betwen an adult and an underage girl. If this offends you, please read something else. If not, enjoy!

Sexy Little Sarah 3- after work

We sat in the theater that thursday night, so far the only people in the entire place. Occasionally an usher would walk in and immediately out as we talked and we would be alone again. I had e

Sexy Sarah part 2 (Follow up to A Great Day at work)

pervnxtdoor on Taboo Stories

This story is part two of another story that depicts, graphically, sex between an underage girl and an adult man. If this offends you please read elsewhere-

Two days after our first encounter, I started to wonder if I'd see Sarah again- I had been dreaming of her tight body and delicious pussy for the last two days, and just when I started to think that she had been scared away, I f

Care-Giver Ch#3

lbpm51 on Taboo Stories

          Lea came back to work on Tuesday smiling like the “cat that ate the canary”, I asked what was up and she told me that her mom had told her of the wonderful time she had taking care of me.  She told me that her mom would be visiting later today and before she came to work she st

Care-Giver Ch#1

lbpm51 on Taboo Stories

          My wife and I reside in the Philippines so she could go to college and finally receive her Bachelor degree; it’s less expensive than in the United States.  I’m retired and classified as 100% disabled veteran .  My wife decided that since she would be attending


lbpm51 on Taboo Stories

It was a Friday night, and since my divorce I was surfing the net visiting adult sites.  I found this one site which featured adult movies with the center of attraction being Daughter-in-laws seducing their Father-in-laws.  I immediately started thinking about my Daughter-in-law Helen.   Helen calls me Dad and lo

Tasha and April, a friend stops by

DizzyMe on Taboo Stories

As I walked down the stairs….Knock, knock.

Oh shit.  Who the hell could that be?

I ran back to Tasha’s room and asked her who it might be?

She said it was her friend, April, who she was talking to earlier.  She asked her to come over because she was

KOODHI NAASAM - PART 1 (Final Update 3, Part 2 shall continue later)

koodhi55 on Taboo Stories

Part 1 - அவன் அவளது வழவழத்த இடுப்பை கைகளால் பிடித்து, தடவி தன பக்கம் இழு

Don't knock it if you haven't tried it!

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A short summary about this experience.
At eighteen I was on military service. Having no brothers or sisters,my sexual knowledge was mainly in the mind,but I did have strong sexual urges  [Only realised late] Masterbation was my pastime! - Now posted to a logistics unit and working in the officers mess, it was a cushy billet. Best of food and use [Unofficially of course] of their supe

my niece and her friend stay over

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this is my first atempt so forgive me for spelling and grammar mistakes  



 It was Saturday lunch time and i awoke with my usual throbbing hard on i needed to relieve myself badly but i also needed to piss and quickly i sleep in my boxers

The apple of stepdaddys eye part 2

pervnxtdoor on Taboo Stories

This story contains graphic depictions of sex between an adult and a teenaged girl. If this offends you, please don't read.. .otherwise, enjoy!

The first night behind us, Sabrina and I woke up the next morning to find that thankfully, we were still alone in the house. She looked at me and smiled, and I at her, then I kissed her. We hadn't said a word; there was no need for any words. Her e