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College Tales Chapter 2: Dreaming

palindromat on Sex Stories

Continued from College Tales Chapter 1: Partying with Randall


This is a series of stories all with significant truth to them, either in real events or in real fantasies I've had(or still have) about friends or classmates in the past; names have been changed, and some details have been re-worked to make it a more appealing story, but be certain that most of the events happened, to me.

Some chapters are shorter than others, and some are less 'erotic' (like this one), but they all play into each other so chapters like this one just set the stage for future submissions.


I’ve had this dream since freshman year of college; I think it became more realistic when I actually learned about sex (not ‘about’ sex as in sex-ed class, but ‘about’ sex as in actually having it) t

my slutty girlfriend

anonymous on Humilliation Stories

                                                     I am a regular reader of sex stories from here. After reading so many stories I decided to post one which my gf told me few days back. This is my 1st story in ISS. Hope u like it and appreci