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When Teen's get drunk.

Bob051494 on Teen Stories

You want to come to a party its this saturday night at my house said Travis. OK said Amanda what time should I be there? Around 7:00 you don't have to bring anything just show up. OK I will be there. Travis was about 6' and was very athletic. Amanda was about 5 foot 7 with a perfect body and perky tits. Well Amanda showed up at about 7:30 were have you been said Travis. She said she didn't know what to wear well OK said Travis. Well before Amanda got there Travis had thought about what he was going to do with Amanda. Amanda said were is everybody Travis said it is just me and you. Well I don't know what you were thinking but I am going home. 


  Well after travis did some convincing he got her to stay and have a few drinks well one led to another and another and soon they were both pretty buzzed. Amanda said Travis you want to see my tit's Travis could not say no. so she took her top of and Travis started getting hard. You getting a little excited there Travis said Amanda. Well yeah you are so hot. So out of no were Amanda pull's off Travis's pants and the his boxers showing his 7.5" thick cock. Amanda was shocked at how big it was and couldn't stop staring. Travis said if you want you can touch it. Well Amanda did more then that she grabed it and started sucking like crazy.


  Travis managed to take off Amanda's shirt and thong and got into the 69 position. Amanda was still a virgin and had never gone farther then making out. Amanda was moaning like crazy and so was Travis he got turned around and was ready to pop that cherry. Travis took position and rammed into her as hard as he could Amanda screamed like no tomorrow. Travis could not last long. he was going like crazy and Amanda was already about to cum she was screaming in delight and Travis was grunting like an ape. Amanda yelled as he orgasmed and Travis asked were she wanted it, she said in my mouth after about 30 seconds later Travis pulled it out and started stroking himself next to his face. She took his dick in her mouth and started sucking. He blew his load in her mouth and swallowed as much as she could but it was to much this was the biggest load Travis had ever shot and stood there not believing what just happened. Amanda said no one will ever know about his he said OK as long as we can take a shower together and you can blow me off. She said well Ok but only because you are so hot and did such and good job. 


  Amanda and Travis stayed friends and had causal sex every know and then.



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