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Monica turned her locker combination boredly knowing this day was destined to just be another day at school, nothing special. just another friday behind the walls of highschool. just...

her thoughts were interupted by Scott Miller, local cream dream boy. perfect hair, perfect body, captain of the basketball AND football team. great grades, killer smile, and came from a nice family, dad was the mayor and mom was a lawyer, every parent wanted him to date their daughter and every girl wanted to be that daughter.

"Hey" he smiled at her leaning against the locker next to hers. Monica looked to the other side of her and then a little behind her making sure she was the one he was talking to. i mean, she wasn't a total outkast, she was semi-popular, and exceptionally pretty, but nothing to turn the heads of every guy in the world. "um..hi.." she was shy, so she was quiet.

he smiled "you're cute when you're shy like that." monica had really nothing to say and wanted to avoid making eye contact with him and continued grabbing books and putting folders away.

"so i was checking my schedule last block..and i realized i'm free tonight at around 7ish when i get off work...and i was kinda hoping you were, too." he swallowed, in some strange way he seemed a little on the nervous side.

monica looked at him in slight annoyance and disgust thinking this was some joke between him and his jock friends. "what you think that's funny?"

"'m serious. i know i don't come off as your type..but i was watching you the other day in english..and you seem really smart...and then i saw you with your friends..and you seem nice. and you're cute...which is all the qualities i want in a girl. so..will you...if you don't have a good time..." he pondered for a moment "you can hang my boxers up on the flag pole monday before school...and i'll take the heat if old man morin gets pissed."

monica couldn't help but laugh. she looked at him and thought for a moment "well...alright. but i'll hold you to that boxer deal"

he smiled "great..pick you up around...7. i don't know where you live..and i'm sure you don't wan some stalker at your meet me at 7-eleven?"

monica nodded "7-eleven at 7 it is" she smiled, shut her locker and walked in the other direction. her face turned beet red and she felt the butterflies in her stomach having sezuires. she,the invisable, the wall paper, the weird smart girl in the back of the room, had a date with Scott Miller.

it was already 7:10 as monica ran down the road to reach the giant lighted sign at the end of the street. she saw Scott in his car, she ran faster.

she didn't want to seem like she had been running to meet him so she started walking and stopepd to catch her breath and walked calmly to his car.

he smiled "keeping a guy waiting...part of your playing hard to get role?"

monica smiled "something like that" she got in on the passenger side of his 2007 nissan pathfinder and shut the foor settling into the seat.

he drove, staying quiet for a few minutes.

"so you..seem like you like school." he kept both hands on the wheel.

monica shrugged "i just do my work...wanna get into a good college...besides if i don't i'll sure feel the old mans hand, you know?" she chuckled a little

he smiled " dad's like that too" he reached over and put a hand on her leg his fingers on her inner thigh rubbing it gently.

monica took a deep breath, it's not like this was a big deal, but the last thing she was going to do was push him away. this was Scott Miller.

"so you ever been fingered?" scott kept his eyes on the road saying it like it was no big deal.

"uhh...uhh" monica wasn't sure what to say

he smiled "i guess that's a no." he pulled over onto the side of the road, this being pretty secluded and no one was out anyway. "i'll go easy on you" he turned her towards him and pulled her lower half towards him, her upper half going down, now sorta laying on the seat facing him. he undid her jeans and pulled them down to about mid thy like he was a pro.

monica was stunned and all this was happening too quick for her to realize what was actually going on. she was just about to tell him that she was a virgin when she felt a finger slip into her breaking whatever virginity she had. she gasped slightly as he kept his finger going.

"'s okay. alot of girls are still virgins..i won't tell." he slid another finger in increasing his pace "promise" he smiled

monica told herself to relax just like she did when she was putting a tampon in, this reduced the pain but it still didn't feel good, if it was even supposed to.

"damn i'm hard" scott said after about 3 minutes of this.

monica was releived when he removed his fingers from her and she finally relaxed, but for some reason wanted him to do it again, being pretty horny, but part of her wanted more than that, and yet she didn't. it was confusing.

he got on his knees infront of her and dropped his jeans to his knees "you look like you need to be fucked" he pushed his boxers down to his jeans, his 8 incher hard as hell.

monica was nervous now and wanted to run. he could see the fear in her face "calm down'll love it..everyone does"

he grabbed her legs and pulled her towards him and up and put his dick inside her.

monica stayed relax, it didn't hurt that bad.

he humped her and thrust and fucked her, noticing she wasn't reacting to pain or pleasure he increased with speed and force.

monica didn't know what she was suposed to do, this didn't hurt and it didn't feel good, it felt kinda weird. but she did what she'd seen on her dad's dirty videos. she let out a hesitated moan never having done that before. it was quiet and unsure but scott couldn't tell, he wanted more. he thrust harder.

monica took that as a cue and moaned louder leaning her head back.

scott "yeah baby you like that don't you" he fucked her still him enjoying this more than she was. "damn you're tight, i'm gunna have to keep fucking you until i break you in for a real man"

monica moaned and sqealed and groaned and scratched at the seats.

scott liked the reactions he was getting and went faster and harder fucking the hell out of her, the car was shakin no doubt but there was no one around to see it.

monica groaned "ohhh yeah ffuck me haarrddderrr don't stop"

scott thrust and thrust harder and harder as if to hurt her, he couldn't take it anymore and exploded. he hadn't orgasimed like this ever, it was the best fuck he'd ever had and he filled her, some leaking out onto the seat.

he stopped and caught his breath still inside her. "damn...i didn't know virgins could moan so loud."

monica swallowed and just laid there, thinking about what she just gave away. but she didn't care "let's go again...this time i wanna fuck you"

he smiled "i won't fight about that" he grabbed her waist gently and sat down in the middle pulling her with him and started rocking her hips gently.

monica moved with his movement rocking back and forth slowly feeling him get hard again inside her.

she started going up and down, with every thrust she went harder and faster.

he moaned leaning his head over the seat.

monica finally understood why guys wanna hear girls moan so much. because it was a major turn on, to anybody.

she fucked him harder until she felt something inside her. somethign strange and she couldn't help but stop what she was doing and hold onto something.

she moaned as an explosion of fluids and cum came out of her and onto him.

he half smiled "yeah baby...keep going..i wanna get off again then we can go catch a movie or something"

monica swallowed coming down from her high and slowly started picking up the pace again. "yeah you like that you like it when i fuck you. now say my name" she didn't know what came over her but she liked it.

he held onto her hips, his head leaned over the seat his eyes closed his fce covered in pleasure and moaned out "ohhh monica"

"louder!" monica kept fucking him

he yelled monica and exploded inside her again.

monica moaned and slowed down as he went soft again.

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