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Oakridge Fun

jl_1613 on Teen Stories

I shuffled through the snow as I made my way to Oakridge Elementary for my practicum portion of Family Studies. I really hated this class and was placed into it because all of the other ones were full. Today we were supposed to be helping a grade 6 teacher with some of her students but I could really care less what we were doing, all I wanted to do was get it over with.

I got there a little late only to have the teacher lecture me about being on time. I have to admit that she was pretty good looking. Her name was Miss Carole and she was about 5'8" or so, 110 lbs., maybe 26 years old, shoulder length black hair and a very cute face. She had medium sized boobs which I kept staring at even though I knew what I was doing was pretty obvious. She told me that I woul

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d be working with a girl named Amanda who needed help with her reading. She pointed to a girl in the corner and then gave me a few short stories which she wanted me to read with Amanda.

I walked over to her and said "hi my name Jake" in a friendly voice.

She looked up from her book and said "hi I'm Amanda".

Now, I'm 17 and in grade 11 so 13 year olds are a little too young for me. Amanda though was very pretty, about 5 feet tall, light brown hair, blue eyes, skinny figure and a cute innocent face. She was wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt as it was winter outside. I never really looked at her in a sexual way however mostly because of her age.

As I looked around the classroom I realized there weren't many people from my class there probably because most of them were skipping. There was one girl there though from my school who I really liked but never really had the guts to make a move on. Her name is Leslie and she is about 5'6" with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and a hot body. I try to sit with her all the time and we'll usually talk during class. She's a really sweet girl and a very hot one at that.

Me and Amanda had just finished with our first story when all of a sudden there was a lot of yelling and shouting coming from the hallways. Within a matter of moments three guys with guns wearing ski masks (one of them holding a camera with a tripod) busted into our class demanding for everyone to put there hands in the air.

"Put you hands in the fucking air and no one will get hurt" the tallest one shouted.

Everyone’s hands went straight into the air and the commands continued. "If anyone screams we'll blow your fucking head off. If anyone resists we'll blow your fucking head off. If anyone tries to escape we'll blow your fucking head off. Any good".

If you listened closely you could hear the same type of speeches being made throughout the school. I didn't know who these people were, all I knew is that there must be a lot of them.

The one who had been talking the whole time started pairing off boys with girls while the other two set up the camera. He pointed to me and Amanda with his gun and said "you and you are together". He also pointed at Leslie at told her that he was with her.

When he was finished pairing he then instructed all of the girls sit on the desks. Leslie was beside me and I looked over to see her getting on a desk with one of the men in front of her.

"Now I want the guys to take off their girl's shoes, then their socks, then their pants and then their underwear" the man with the camera said.

I looked Amanda up at her and saw her looking down at me as I knelt down and slipped off her shoes and pulled off her shocks. Here feet were small and pretty like she was. Next I stood up and undid her jeans and pulled them off with her underwear. She closed her legs immediately once I was finished. After everyone was finished the man with the camera told the girls to lie down on their desks and for them to spread their legs and put their feet on the shoulders of the guys. He continued on and orders the guys to eat out their girl.

Everyone started to get into position but Amanda stayed the same. "What are you doing? Are you try to get us killed?" I asked.

She just started to weep and cried "I'm scared".

"It's ok, we all are, I promise it won't hurt" I tried to assure her.

"Promise?" she asked.

"Promise" I said.

With that, she opened her legs, put her feet on my shoulders and unveiled her small wet pussy. "Someone is excited" I said trying to help her relax and forget the situation.

I leaned forward and took a taste of her sweet juices and started sucking on her clit. I could feel her curling her toes and pulling me closer with her feet. I continued my assault on her pussy trying to make a bad experience a good one for her. I stuck my tongue in her love hole and drew a few moans from Amanda. I could even faintly hear her say "don't stop, don't stop, don't stop".

Amanda soon started to breathe really heavy and I knew she was getting close to cumming. "What’s happening? I feel like I'm going to pee" she said.

"It's ok, just go with it, you won't pee" I told her.

A few seconds later she started to shake and moan loudly while she dug her toes into my shoulders. "Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh" she shouted.

After she came down she asked if she just had a orgasm and I told her that she did.

Just then I heard Leslie cumming hard beside me and as I looked over at her she looked at me and smiled as best as she could.

"If anyone wants to they can return the favor to their partner or just keep doing what your doing" the guy with the camera said. My 7.5" dick was just throbbing and begging for some relief.

Amanda asked "does that mean I have to suck you thingie".

"Ya, if you want to. You can also call it dick or cock if you want".

"Ok, I guess I will. Im kinda curious" she replied.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my rock hard cock and pointed it at Amanda's mouth.

"Wow that’s big" She commented.

"Just use no teeth, just suck and use you tongue" I said.

Amanda leaned forward and put as much as she could inside her mouth. I place my hands on the back of her head to help her get used to it. I knew she wouldn't be able to get it all in, but she was able to get a good 4-5 inches. I think it might have been the fact that this was her first time because I seemed to be more turned on then normal. She was really using her tongue and it was feeling awesome. "You doing great. Try going faster" I suggested.

I was about to get ready to cum when the guy with the camera told everyone to stop. "Now I want everyone naked. The girls must lay down, spread their legs and be prepared for their first fucking ever; for most of them that is. Guys, go to town and fuck their brains out. And you must shoot your load in their cunt" he ordered.

"Does that mean your going to put dick in my pussy?" Amanda asked.

"Ya, we'll try at least, I don't know how much we will be able to get in though" I replied.

We undressed fully and Amanda laid down. "Have you ever masturbated before or broke your cherry" I asked.

"Umm, I've rubbed myself, but that’s it" Amanda replied.

"Well this is going to hurt at first, but it will get better I promise" I warned.

Amanda laid down and I grabbed her feet and placed them on my shoulders. I positioned my throbbing dick in front of her vagina and started to push it forward. She looked down as best as she could to see what was unfolding below her. I reached over and rubbed her nipples on her budding breasts to try and calm her down. Her pussy was extremely tight and seemed like it would never take in my whole cock. After an inch Amanda started to push back and that's when we started getting somewhere. About 2 or 3 inches later I felt her womanhood and I knew this was going hurt. "Amanda, on the count of three I'm going to push hard and break your hyman and this is what is going to hurt. Here, give me your hands and you can squeeze mine" I said as I extended my hands towards her.

"One, two, three!"

I forcefully rammed my cock past her virginity as she yelped in pain. I felt bad about doing this to her at a young age, but I knew it would have happened sooner or later.

I waited a couple of minutes and let her recover and then ask her if she was ok. She assured me she was fine so we continued.

I pushed some more inside her beautiful cunt as she wrapped her feet around my head and held on my hands. I got to as far as we were going to go (I was pretty much all the way in) so I started thrusting her amazing pussy. I grabbed the soles of her feet and spread them as far as my arms would go. Amanda closed her eyes and moved her pelvis towards me with every thrust. She soon started moaning and groaning which turned me on even more.

"Make me cum Jake, please make me cum. Fuck me hard" she begged.

She didn't have to ask me twice as I placed my fingers in between each one of her toes and went to town. I started grunting with each thrust and Amanda began moaning constantly. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer.

"Amanda, I'm going to cum are you ready?"

"Yeeeessssssssss! Haaaarrrrdddeerrrrrr!" she screamed!

"Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I moaned as I exploded in her tight pussy.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She shouted as she came with me.

I shoved my dick as far up her pussy as I could when I came and squeezed her toes as she squeezed my hand. It was pure heaven for the both of us. I don't think I had ever shot so much cum in my life. With all these people around me having sex it was an amazing experience to say the least.

After we both came down I pulled out and watched my sperm and her blood trickle out. "That was amazing" she said.

"Im glad you liked it. I loved it too" I replied as I kissed her foot.

I looked over to my left to see Leslie having her own orgasm and all I could think about was getting a piece her.

Part II later...

The Party- Part 2

donaldt1 on Teen Stories

Taylor left the room, saying he had a surprise for her.
Jess lay there on the bed beaming, a smile from ear to ear.
Taylor returned a little while later with fresh drinks. Jess drank her drink, thinking that it was really strong. The alcohol was making her feel nice and giddy. She was at the point that she was willing to do anything Taylor wanted her to do.
Taylor told Jess that she was so beautiful that he wanted to take some pictures of her nude. She was nervous and shy at first, but she soon agreed.
Taylor went and got his camera. He had her start off under the blanket and work herself out slowly as he clicked away. After she was uncovered, he showed her some sexy poses to try. As she went through the poses, she began to feel herself becoming more and more arouse
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She began to play with her pussy, not even thinking about the camera anymore. Taylor was enjoying himself, taking those pics.
She masturbated for Taylors camera for a couple minutes. She rubbed her clit. She inserted her fingers into her pussy.
She used one hand to rub her clit and play with her pussy and the other to play with her tits.
All of a sudden she found herself in the throws of another orgasm, the first one she had done on her own.
As she lay there relaxing from her orgasm, she became aware of other people in the room, as well as the fact that Taylor was still taking pics.

Turning the tables

Rachel91 on Teen Stories

Hi, its me, Rachel (17)...again lol. This story is about another of my experiences with Sam (17). It might not be to everyone's tastes...but if you are reading this and you know Sam...such as his friends at Rossett 6th form or his colleagues at work, then you probably don't really care whether it is to your tastes and you just want to see how I made him feel like a girl for about 30 minutes :P.

So, this took place on Wednesday 6th August 2008. Sam came over in the afternoon to see me. I love it when he comes over and this time was particularly special because I had dressed up for him. I dressed up as this video game girl called 'Aerith' who Sam has commented on as "being very sexy indeed". Sam has some very specific turn ons which I know perfectly so I can get

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him in the mood in a heart beat. Anyway, I did my hair in a pony tail with some ribbon tied in a bow at the top. Sam loves when my hair is in a pony tail and with some seductive behaviour that alone can get him going but sometimes it can take a bit more. I wore a very seductive dress with a bow on the front right below my cleavage. Right, thats two turn ons down. There are a number of other turn ons I could choose from but I decided to go with glasses. I have glasses as a backup in case I lose my contact lenses so I never wear them but I know Sam loves it when I wear them so on they go. Now that I am pretty much ready for him I just put on some make up and waited for him.

When he arrived I was my usual giddy self and jumped on him hugging him tightly around his neck. "Sammy! I missed you!" (I had just been away for a month). "I missed you too, how was your trip" he said as he hugged me tighter than he ever had. "It was ok, my mum made it boring though" He put me down and kissed me. I just melted into his arms as we shared the most wonderful kiss ever! Lol, anyway once I had managed to come back to reality I stepped back and did a twirl for him, his face instantly lit up. "Wow, you look amazing! You did this for me?" I stepped forward and put my hands on his chest. Looking straight into his eyes I whispered "Of course I did, Don't you like it?" All of a sudden he picked me up and kissed me, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I threw my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist as he carried me up the stairs into my room. Once there I pushed myself away from him and got down on my knees. Instantly Sam unzipped his trousers and pulled out his by now big, throbbing dick which I lovingly licked all the way around before taking him in my mouth all the way into my throat.

"Oh my god... you are so good at this" Sam said almost breathless as I sucked and sucked on his member. I took it out of my mouth for a second to lick underneath before I felt Sam's hand on the back of my head willing me to resume sucking. I got wetter just knowing Sam wanted me to continue and continue I did. Sam began pumping his meat in and out of my mouth in a steady rhythm. I licked all around his cock as he did this for about 5 more minutes until he pulled his cock out of mouth and told me to get on the bed. I did as I was told and he lifted up my dress and just thrust straight into me. I wasn't used to him being so forceful with me and I clung on to him as he began pumping in and out of my soaking wet pussy.

I began moaning loudly as he thrusted a finger in and out of my ass. "Sam! I love you so much..." I panted as he kept up his ferocious pace for another 10 minutes, apparently a month without me was enough to turn him into a wild animal! He grunted as he sped up going deeper and harder than he ever had before. "You want to be a mum my little slut don't you!? You want me to fill you with my cum!?" He yelled as he fucked me harder and harder! "Yes, oh god make me a cum slut Sam! Please cum inside your Aerith!" This pushed him over the edge. I orgasmed hard as his cock pumped his cum into my womb. Sam slowed right down and thrusted gently until he was done.

I put my hands on the sides of his head and pressed my lips to his. He then rolled off me onto his side and just looked at me looking very satisfied. I looked back at him and giggled "What?" "Nothing...I just can't believe how lucky I am...I owe you so much" He said looking directly at me. "You owe me? For what?" I asked him rather confused, what could he owe me? He is the one that just gave me the best welcoming back present a girl could ever have. I turned over and we spooned as we went to sleep. I woke up about 20 minutes later and could feel Sam's breath on the back of my neck and his arms around my waist. I very gently slipped out of his grip and tip toed over to my dressing table.

The bottom draw is my draw and no one is allowed in there...not even Sam. Inside this draw I keep a 10 inch strap on dildo! It used to be my sisters but since she has moved out I have kept it. Sam would never let me use this on him normally but he said something earlier that gave me an idea. The words "...I owe you so much" kept on echoing in my head. I had always wanted to try 'role reversal sex' but Sam had always told me no because I already had enough control over him as it was.

I decided to go for it. I strapped it on and attached this special clamp which went on my clit so I got pleasure too and tip toed back over to my bed where Sam was still fast asleep. He looked so peaceful lying there that under normal circumstances I wouldn't have woken him up but I wasn't going to miss this opportunity. "Sam?...Sam, baby wake up" I shook him gently and he woke up very slowly. He had his eyes half open and looked so cute until he saw the dildo protruding from when he had just been penetrating me. "You know how you said you owed me" I giggled as I spoke. He just stared at my crotch wide eyed as he realised what I wanted to do to him. "It won't hurt, I promise" I said looking deep into his now very scared looking eyes.

"Are you serious?" he said looking up at me. "Yes...please Sam, for me?" I stroked the side of his face as I said this, I knew he wouldn't say no, he never could when I asked him to do something so softly and lovingly. I pulled the bed covers off him and got over him on the bed. Sam pulled back and propped himself up on his elbows, "Sam, I'm not going to hurt you, trust me." I said this as reassuringly as I could. As if he remembered who I was he laid down on his back and let me get to work.

I pushed his legs up onto my shoulders and positioned my rubber cock at his rear entrance. I used some of my spit and 'lubed' the dildo and his ass. Just as the tip of my cock touched his opening he grabbed my hand "Go slowly..." My heart melted, he was so scared, I had never seen him like that before and I felt sorry for him but I also felt the power I had over him. I was surprised at how much I liked it. I gently pushed forward, desperate not to hurt Sam too much, "Oh...God this hurts" Sam winced as I pushed my way 10 inches in to his anal cavity all at once.

I stopped for a minute or two to try and let Sam get used to the foreign object now lodged inside him. After a couple of minutes I pulled almost all the way out and thrust back in, a little more violently than I had intended. "Shit! I thought you were going to be gentle..." Sam said now looking down at the purple member buried deep inside him. "Sorry" I half heartedly said smirking slightly as I pulled out again. I began to thrust in a steady rhythm as I watched to see Sam's reactions. I picked up the pace slightly, thrusting in and out of Sam's now not so tight ass.

Then he did something I never expected, he slowly laid his head back and moaned! I was so stunned I stopped moving! He just looked at me as if to say "What?" So I continued working my new appendage in and out of my man. Sam started moaning more and more so I started going faster and faster until I was furiously fucking his virgin ass. "Oh Sam your ass is so tight!...I love it" I grabbed hold of his rock hard man hood and began jacking him off as I thrust into him. "Rachel...I'm...I'm going to cum...Go faster! Please!!" I gladly obliged and ploughed Sam's rear with all I had.

I was hitting his prostate plenty when all of a sudden he yelled out "F-U-C-K!!!" He orgasmed very hard and bucked as he came. The clamp I had securely fastened to my cliterous had done its work and I too orgasmed for the second time in 2 hours. I collapsed on top of him trying to catch my breath as I rested my head on his chest. My rubber penis slipped out of Sam with a 'pop' and Sam gasped as he was now very sensitive. "Sam..." I panted "I love you" He stroked my hair and looked down at me as I gently undid the straps and threw the dildo off the bed "I love you more than ever" he whispered and kissed the top of my head.

We fell asleep in each others arms as I wondered how many more times I would do this to him...and if I could get anyone else to join in...



I'm in love with my best friend part 1

11608amazing on Teen Stories

I was feeling stupid not your ordinary stupid either I was feeling completely idiotic. Why was he running through my mind again? Last night, I had a complete break down because of him. I was almost positive his girlfriend and him were going to have sex on Friday. That would kill me--literally. I cant live if they have sex. 'I have to stop this' I thought looking at my computer screen. My mom popped her head in my door "Me and your dad are going to your brothers football game in a few." she said. I nodded then I got the idea. My parents were going to be gone for 3 to 4 hours. I had to get to him before tomorrow. This---was fate. I was meant to talk to him tonight. I quickly emailed his phone.

"what are you doing---at like 6? cause...i want to come over...or have y
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ou come here, if you can--so we can talk. because i need to---before tomorrow. please?"

"K but u gotz ta b gone by lik 10. . . Kk" he replied

My lips spread into a smile thinking about him. "uhmm okay--ill probably leave before then cause i don't want it to be extremely late walking back.
its already gonna be dark by the time i get there. Ugh i hate the dark...i hate walking alone...
your lucky i have the need to see you---well maybe your lucky. uhmm yeah i have to wait for my parents to leave. which will be around 6. then ill leave so ill get there around uhmm 7:30? Ill have to leave by like 8:30. so its only an hour..but...i need to see you."

"call me so i can tell you what trailer is mine" He sent back

I emailed him back saying I would and looked up a map to his house. Pretty simple, basically a straight line. Soon my parents were gone, I hooked my laptop up to the printer and grabbed the phone to call Tyler. "hello" his voice rang into the phone
"hey" I beamed. My heart pounded inside my chest.
"hey, alright well my house is behind two white houses-you cant see it from the street." He explained
"okay-" I grabbed the directions and carried my laptop back to my room. "well ill be there in about an hour and a half. If I get lost and come back I'll call you. If im not there in two hours and I haven't called. Call the Cops." I said only half joking.
"oh god" he replied laughing lightly
"okay see you soon-love you" I said
"alright-love you too" he said and hung up.
My heart stopped as I pulled the white hoody that used to belong to him over my head, grabbing a notebook and the directions. My plan was falling perfectly into place. I couldn't get ancy yet though, one little thing could completely destroy my delicate little plan.

I grabbed a flashlight and headed out into the street pulling the hood over my head trying to hide my identity as best as possible. I walked swiftly down the highway checking my map every so often.

Soon I was on his road, I saw the two white houses and my heart pounded heavily in my chest. He was standing on the porch, I couldn't believe it. I was here-I made it. Tyler stared at me, he was beautiful. Wearing only a blue and gray letterman jacket showing off his perfectly muscled torso and basketball shorts. I slowly walked up his steps to his porch. "hey" I smiled.
He smiled back "hey" he said wrapping his arms around me
"I probably smell" I said, He laughed at me
"like my jacket?" he asked
I nodded "I had to disguise myself the best I could" I laughed
We walked inside, and he led me to his room.
"oh I brought this for you--but I don't know if I want to give it to you" I said looking at the notebook I had brought.
He smiled "what if I just steal it?" He said taking it from me.
I shrugged and walked inside his small room. Sitting on the edge of the bed. He sat next to me wrapping his arm around my shoulder pulling me towards him.

"Now what was so important you had to walk two hours to tell me?" He asked pressing his forehead against my temple
I panicked as my heart frantically pounded in my chest; almost forgetting my whole reason for coming here. "hmm?" he asked awaiting my answer.
I threw my hands over my face "No- I feel stupid" I said
He pulled back lightly and my head jolted up to look at him, seeing his lips curl up into a crooked smile. A weak smiled appeared on my face "don't feel stupid" He said leaning towards me again.
I quickly looked back towards my knees as he nuzzled my cheek softly. I sighed thinking about how dumb I was. I was finally with him-finally alone, and I wasn't taking advantage of it. I looked back up at him and he raised his eyebrows curiously. "come on-tell me" he said.
I laughed lightly looking back down at my knees "I'm going to be so mad if I walked all this way and can't tell you."
"so tell me" he said in almost a whisper biting the top of my ear, sending a shiver down my spine making me flinch away from him.

I closed my eyes and sighed "What are you doing tomorrow?" I asked him.
"Amber" he replied simply taking his arm from around my shoulder.
Her name echoed in my ears; sending a shooting pain through my heart. The kind of pain that would normally make me keel over gripping my chest in agony. I took a deep breath ignoring the throbbing of the holes raw edges. "I know--" I said softly and looked up at him.

Tyler stared at me "You came all this way to tell me not to go see Amber?" He asked confused.
I nodded barely "I just---dont want you to fuck her" I said looking away from him. I heard him laugh lightly. ' great; now I feel even stupider. ' I thought
"Well-I wasn't planning on it. Not yet at least. I'm going over there to meet her parents." He explained. 'oh God, I am an idiot' I thought as I looked up at him in disbelief.
"and even if I wanted to. We wouldn't have time." He said as he grabbed the notebook from beside him and started to open it. I threw myself over him trying to close it "no no no please don't read it in front of me" I begged. Tyler laughed and nodded "okay okay" he said tossing it over to the side.
I looked up at him "do you see how much I love you?" I asked him. He nodded smiling crookedly "Obviously to walk all the way here just to tell me not to see someone-when It would have been much easier if you talked to me at school."
I shrugged lightly and looked at him.
"so is that the ONLY reason you came here?" He asked eyeing me curiously as if I had another reason behind coming. I nodded "well. I wanted to see you too-but- that was my main reason" paused "its because i love you"
He smiled "I don't know if its more love or more stupidity" he wrapped his arm back around my shoulder. I smiled weakly. The truth was I didn't know which one it was more of either. Did I love him so much I was willing to be completely stupid? Or was I just so stupid to think that maybe I could make him love me? All I knew was that I love him, and the only thing that mattered right now was him. This moment with him.

Tyler pulled me towards him again, I turned slightly letting our cheeks brush, ending up nuzzling his neck. I closed my eyes breathing in the sweet scent from his skin, from his hair. My eyes slowly opened as I felt his cheek sliding back against mine. His lips were now only inches from mine as he turned them towards me. I couldn't move. I stayed completely still watching him close the small gap. My eyes closed instantly as his soft lips touched mine. My heart almost exploded out of my chest. My hand ended up clasping the side of his face. Blood boiled underneath my skin, burned in my lips as i kissed him back hard. Those lips. His lips. The ones I had been longing for. The ones I missed so much. They were mine again. He pulled back and smiled at me. I stared at him; and smiled weakly back.

Then I felt the urge to cry; all of this happiness. It was only temporary- the truth was he was still hers. He still wasn't in love with me. Did this mean anything to him? Anything at all? He looked at me, pushing me into his lips again. I struggled to keep breathing as he layed me back onto the mattress. Our kiss was getting deep every moment. My body went stiff as he ran his hands up my leg and over my stomach. I continued to kiss him, not wanting to miss a moment. He pulled back looking down at me "Whatchya thinking about?" He smiled.
"nothing" I replied
He laughed "your such a liar-and a bad one at that"
It was true, I was a horrible liar when it came to him. Truth was, I was thinking about how happy he made me. I leaned up and kissed him again as he tugged on my leg; ignoring him for a moment only to cherish his lips. His taste. Who knew when I would be able to do this again? I lifted myself lightly as Tyler pushed me the rest of the way on top of him. I pulled away unwillingly from him as he looked up at me. "why do we always end up like this?"He asked
I smiled and tilted my head lightly "I don't know but you like it" I teased
He wrinkled his nose "shh" he smiled
I laughed and kissed him. My hands traveled across his perfect body running them over his shoulders, chest and barely touching his perfectly chizzled abs. My fingertips tingled. I was so afraid to touch him, to contaminate his perfection. I leaned up and looked down at the beautiful boy beneath me, he smiled "so uh-baby" my heart stopped when he called me baby "-do you still wanna blow me?" He asked
I just smiled and kissed him again as his hands traveled the back of my shirt; reaching around and feeling my chest. I leaned back up running a hand through my messy bangs.
"I hate you" I laughed, He tilted his head smiling up at me "why, whatchya thinking about?" I rolled my eyes "you"
His smile began to grow "wanna be more specific?" I shook my head "nope" Tyler began playing with the waist of my jeans, pushing me and pulling me on him. I smiled down at him "well I'm wearing basketball shorts so im sure you can feel" He laughed
I nodded, I could feel his extremely hard cock rubbing my inner thigh.

to be continued.....

Mr. Harrison CHAPTER ONE

acidburnlolz on Teen Stories

                A new teacher. I was a seventeen-year-old brunette and he was my 23-year-old infatuation. Fresh from college, he taught my art class with lively hands and a brilliant smile. My best friend, Karen, and I sat in the back and stared greedily at his butt whenever he turned around to write on the white-board. I won't deny that I had sexual fantasies involving him - he was hot, and for some reason his spindly fingers intrigued me. I got flashes of him sticking his fingers in me from time to time, my head lolled back, him staring up at me while lapping away at my clit. This usually happened during class, randomly, when he said something directed towards me. He had amazing green

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eyes, very flirtatious.
                It started out slow, a small smile here, a wink there, a terribly flirtatious comment thrown in every once in a while. The other students didn't really notice it, except for Karen. She and I would spend hours laughing about it, talking on the telephone. I never mentioned the sexual thoughts I had, because, honestly? I wasn't a slut. I had had sex with one boy before, out of what I thought was love, and never usually viewed anyone in such a hungry, sexual manner. It was against my character completely to daydream about, well, fucking Mr. Harrison.
                That's what it was; fucking. I wanted dirty. I wanted dangerous. I want cock instead of penis, pussy instead of vagina and a fuck instead of making love. With a man, instead of a boy.
                Things started to pick up. We got assigned seats one afternoon, the entire class got rearranged - Mr. Harrison's desk was in the back, next to my newly assigned seat. Katey watched enviously from across the room as I took my place at Mr. Harrison's side.
                "Can't get enough of me, huh?" I asked when I sat down, hiking up my skirt just a bit - I'm tall for a girl, 5'11'', with legs that are smooth and long. I used them to my advantage in this case.
                He smiled, drifting his gaze over my body, "Can you blame me?"
                That's when the first physical touch came into play - he brushed my inner thigh casually, to stand up and head to the front of the class. His spindly hands lingered, however. It left me breathless.
                Weeks passed. I became known as the "Teacher's Pet" - I sat behind the desk with him a lot of the time, helping him grade things and file papers. We flirted the entire time, and by the end of the month I had taken to resting my hand on his inner thigh during class. Massaging, sometimes, but never going any farther than that. His eyes widened slightly, and his breathing was a little ragged, but other than that you could hardly tell what we were doing.
                Finally, the day came.
                "We're going to watch a movie today, class!" Mr. Harrison exclaimed, smiling at everyone in the room. The students cheered, happy to get away from their projects for a day, "Just look at the animation in this film, it's artistic. Jamie, can you come help file those papers with me in the back?"
                I nodded, happy to oblidge. We had moved seats again, so I was in the front. I gathered my things and skipped carefully to the back.
                "Alright then, here you go!"
                And the lights were out.
                All of the students stared ahead at the screen while Mr. Harrison walked through the aisles. I felt my nipples harden, somehow sensing the sexual tesion between us before he had even reached the desk. He plopped down beside me.
                "Nice little dress you have on today!" He complimented, smiling.
                "Not as nice as what's under it..." I whispered, also smiling. He groaned, softly, inaudible to anyone in the room but me.
                "You're killing me, James. I can't do this."
                I was dying. My pussy was on fire, I needed his touch. His dick. I needed everything.
                "It's simple, you can. Like this-" I grabbed his hand and placed it on my thigh, my bare thigh, "I won't tell. Promise."
                His hands crawled up towards my lacey underwear, slowly, sending tiny pulses of arousal to my clit. I couldn't help moaning.
                "Shhh." He whispered, and continued his journey up my thigh until he reached my mound through the fabric. I was already wet. My nipples were straining against my t-shirt and I had to bite my lip to keep the next moan inside.
                Gently, he started to rub me through the panties. I sat still, eyes wide, biting my lips. I started panting as he continued, slowly, rubbing my pussy in deliberate circles.
                "Uuuhhhhhnnnnnnnnn..." I finally moaned, unable to control myself. It was more of a whimper than anything. He pushed the lace aside and put one finger inside my tight, hot pussy. It felt so good, my head lolled back and I continued to pant.
                "Mr. Harrrisssoonnn." I whispered, desperately. He kept rubbing my clit with his thumb while he shoved another finger inside. I started to subconsciously rub my nipples.
                He whispered in my ear: "You want me to fuck you, you little slut?"
                "Yessss, I want you to fuckkk me. Uhhhh..." I whispered back. The entire class was still staring at the screen, completely oblivious to Mr. Harrison finger-fucking me in the back of the room. He smiled and used his other hand to pinch my nipples softly.
                "Oh shit, Mr. Harrison, I'm gonna' cum. Ohhhhshittt!" At this point he was rolling my nipples through my shirt, finger fucking me and rubbing my clit as hard as he could. I stiffened, and a sudden burst of euphoria came over me. Wave after wave of pleasure hit while he rubbed my juices all over my throbbing pussy, smiling at my sudden bucking nature and small cries.
                "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh fuck, that feels so fucking goood, Mr. Harrison!" I cried, softly, and collapsed in the chair. He pulled his hand out from under my skirt and licked his fingers, smiling.
                "Later." He told me, with determination in his eyes, "I will have you later."


This is my first time posting, ever, and also my first time writing anything like this. The next "chapter" will come soon, if anyone likes this one. (:

The Sex Follies (Georgia)

antelopeboy on Teen Stories

To keep anyone that hasn't read the starter where I described everything up to 

date I'm going to put that in.

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ng: 0px">The Sex Follies Part One

Recently I had miraculously been getting a lot of girls easily, like I had been 

doing it for years. Now let me get this straight. I'm 5'9", 140 pounds, and have 

an athletic build to match my almost always hard 7", 15 year old cock. Oh and my 

name is Jon.

Georgia and Sam

So as I said recently I have been getting girls like there is no tomorrow. The 

first girl I'm going to talk about is Georgia. Georgia is a senior who is in one 

of my classes. Georgia is about 5'7' and has great boobs and a pretty nice ass. 

And along with her stellar attributes she is drop dead gorgeous. 

Another character in this story is Sam. Sam is about 5' 8" and has beautiful 

blonde hair that goes about to her nice perky 28B boobs. Along with this 

stunning body she has a beautiful ass which makes me feel blessed when I get to 

catch a look at it. I will tell the story of my first time hooking up with her 

some other time.

At first I thought I had no chance with her, but god damn was I wrong. It all 

started one day coming back from break.

I had stayed home and hadn't gone anywhere other than my friends house as usual. 

But Georgia went to the Bahamas and by the looks of it she probably tanned the 

whole time. When she got back I still had no idea that she was interested in me. 

But I was partially suspicious when I caught her staring at me when she 

should've been staring at her boyfriend.

"Hey, Georgia," I said while she started to sit down next to me in class

"Oh hey Jon," she replied as she did a head to toe check on me.

"Jesus, you need to get some sun more often you look like a sheet of paper!"


"I mean hot damn, I got a better tan than you. And I stayed here."

"Shut up Jon." 

"Haha, I'm just playing you look really good.."

"Thanks you do to. Wow I've never noticed this but you have gorgeous eyes."

"The next thing you know her leg is going to be creeping up your leg-" the guy 

that sits next to me said before getting cut off by Georgia.

"Only in your dreams Jon, only in your dreams"

"Nah. I'm thinking that's what's going on in your dreams." 

Then I got up and walked over to the door to go take a piss. As I was walking 

down the hallway I started thinking about what just happened.

'could she really like me' I thought 'I mean she is staring at me all the time 

and showers me with compliments every single day...'

By this time I was already in the bathroom and I was starting to get a boner so 

I started to stop thinking about Georgia. 

By the time I got back to class I realized that my boner was now pretty damn 

hard, but I thought nothing of it, and went back to sit down.

"Oh oh. It looks like I'm lost in a dream."

Georgia then put her hand on my pants directly on top of my raging boner. As she 

did this I had no idea what to do. Do I play it off like nothing happened? Do I 

pretend it was something in my pocket? Do I tell her that I'm horny? All of 

these thoughts were racing through my head.

"Oohh." Georgia whispered. She than started to move closer to my ear. "Looks 

like I'm not the only one who was enjoying that thought before."

With that Georgia took her hand off after a quick stroke which I'm pretty sure 

was a quick 'let's see how big it is'. Then playing it off all cool she just 

continued on like nothing happened. While I was semi-blushing and couldn't 

really talk let alone think about school.

Then I slowly felt a hand creep into my jacket pocket, and grab my phone. 

Slowly, Georgia took her hand out of my pocket with my phone and started to do 


"Here ya go," she said with a smile as she placed it back in my pocket. "I put 

my number in you phone. Call me sometime this weekend and I'll come and pick you 


"Alright." I responded semi shaking. "Here I'll give you m-"

"Don't worry Jon. All you need to do is call me. Nothing else. I have it all 

planned out."

"Wait Georg-"

"Jon if you don't stop talking to Georgia I'm going to have to separate you 


Me and Georgia both apologized and before we knew it the class was over and we 

were both heading different ways. 

As we walked out the door Georgia was right in front of me and too my surprise 

her boyfriend was standing right in front of the door to greet her. As she was 

giving him a hug she shot me a glance and winked at me, and then proceeded to 

make out with her boyfriend.

The rest of the day went painstakingly slow. Each minute felt endless and by the 

end of the day I just wanted to get out of this damned place. Through out the 

day I toned out in most of my classes and in numerous occasions the teacher 

yelled at me because I was 'acting weird'.

After the last bell rang I couldn't have been any happier. I slowly got my stuff 

together and headed for the bus. On my way there I talked to some of my really 

close friends. And almost had a act of pda with Sophia, but I didn't want 

anything to happen where Georgia might see me. So I ended most of the convo's 

quickly and headed over to my bus. Unlike my normal departure I was purposely 

being decently anti-social so I could get home and give myself a good wank.

"Hey, Jon!" Sam said as I got on the bus.

I decided to pretend I didn't hear her and would wait until we left the school. 

So I just pumped up my new favorite song Congratulations by Drake and just sat 

down in one of the middle seats of the bus. As I sat down I thought about 

Georgia and how badly I've wanted to get with her since the beginning of the 

year. However Sam was ruining my moment. She was wearing solo's that nicely 

displayed her ass and her thong was ever so slowly creeping out of her pants. On 

top of that she was wearing a low cut shirt and by her nipples poking through 

her shirt I could tell that she decided to go bra less today.

'Fuck it' I thought to myself 'Sam looks way to good to resist.' And with that I 

turned off my ipod and went to sit next to Sam.

"Hey Sam"

"Oh hey Jon. It's not like I said hi to you before."

"Oh you did I'm really sorry I didn't even hear you. It must've been my music. I 

was playing it really loud before so I could just tone everyone out and think."

"It looks like you did just what you wanted to do,"

"Don't worry Sam I'll make it up to you."

I then crazily started making out with Sam. As we were starting to heat up the 

bus had finally started moving and what luck there wasn't anyone within 10 seats 

of us. While I was making out with Sam I was getting so horny thinking that this 

could be me and Georgia over this weekend. As I will talk about in some of my 

later stories me and same have been hooking up whenever there was time for the 

past month or two.

Slowly I started to caress her lovely ass with both of my hands. Then I moved my 

hand to her stomach and slowly creeped down her pants into her panties. As I 

reached her moist cunt I was getting really hard, but of course the middle 

schoolers had just started getting on the bus.

"Sam we need to turn this down a notch."

"Jon my parents are going to be out for the rest of the night why don't you come 

to my house." 

"Sounds like a plan."

As the middle schoolers got on the bus we moved to the back and made sure no one 

sat in the back three rows. Then immediately as the bus started moving I had my 

hands down Sam's pants and my tongue in her mouth. I moved my hand to her 

dripping cunt that I had been inside so many times, getting a boner within the 

first minute of fingering her. 

At this point Sam had her shirt up to reveal her lovely tits and had her pants 

down to her ankles. I couldn't take it anymore and I knelt down and dug my head 

into her pussy. I alternated speeds with my tongue while she was grabbing on to 

my head to pull me in closer. I felt her start to tense so I put my finger up to 

her mouth to remind her that we needed to be quiet. She then bucked her knees 

and was squeezing my head right into her pussy as she moaned trying to keep it 

as low as possible. Then we both put on our clothes trying to get ready to go 

with out letting anyone know. So much for turning it down a notch. 

"That was great Jon. Why don't we do this more often."

"Sam we hook up almost 4 times a week. If we did it any more we would probably 

be considered sex addicts and then we'd have to go to one of those meetings."

"Fine. I still think 4 times isn't enough."

"Whatever we need to get off the bus."

"Alright. I'll return the favor when we get to my house."

Me and Sam walked off the bus exchanging small talk as we walked to her house 

which was conveniently really close which allowed me to have her not 

spontaneously jump on my dick. As we walked into the door we yelled like usual 

to make sure there wasn't any response. A little after we decided that there was 

no one in the house me and Sam we on each other like jack rabbits. And were 

making out intensely as we made our way up into her room. 

A door slammed open and a voice yelled up to us right as Sam was pealing of my 


"Saaammmm! Are you home?"

"What the fuck" Sam whispered in my ear. "No one is supposed to be hear until 

like 10 tonight."

"Saaaammm! Where are you?!"

"Oh shit it's my dad quickly get your pants on. Yea dad I'm in my room."

"Ok I'll be up there in a second."

"Oh shit. Hurry up get your pants on."

"I'll pretend I'm in the bathroom"

"Go quick he'll be here soon."

"Hey sweetie. Did I hear you talking to someone?"

"Yea Jon is here, he's in the bathroom though"

"What the fuck. You know what I said about not having people in the house when 

I'm not home. Jon get your skinny ass outta Sam's bathroom and leave before I 

throw you out. I'll be downstairs reading you better be out of her in 5 minutes 

or I'm calling the cops."

I wasn't gonna think twice about what I was gonna do next. I quickly put on all 

my clothes and then attempted to rush out the house. And to my surprise Sam was 

trying to stop me.

"Please stay Jon. I want to fuck you again. My pussy is soaking."

"As much as I want to I really can't. We can't fuck in your house or my house. I 

guess we'll have to wait for some other time, but one last kiss is fine with 


I quickly gave Sam a slap on the ass and made out with her for a minute or two 

before I made a run for my house trying to get as much space between me and 

Sam's 300 pound brawlic dad. As I was walking home I couldn't help but thinking 

about calling Georgia yet I didn't want to seem to desperate. However it did 

seem like she was pretty desperate at school.

"Fuck it" I said out loud. "I'm calling that bitch and were gonna fuck"

So I picked up my phone and looked for Georgia's name. Nowhere to be found I 

decided to just look through my whole contact list. When I got to the name 

Georgia listed herself under I was stunned and partially really turned on by 

what I saw. In my phone Georgia had listed herself as 'fuck buddy' and as I 

opened this a alarm went off scaring the shit out of me. I guess I should call 

her now. I mean she set an alarm saying so. So I clicked on her number and gave 

her a call.

"Hey Georgia its Jon."

"Are you ready Jon."


"Ok so I looked you up in the phone book and I'm pretty sure I know exactly 

where you live in fact I can see you walking down the road. I'll pick you up."

Slowly a car pulled up to me and the door opened as it stopped. 

"Hop on in gorgeous" Georgia said

"Jeez. I should be the one calling someone gorgeous" I said as I closed the 

door. "I mean sweet jesus, you look so pretty. This is meant as a compliment so 

don't take it in the wrong way. I'm already fully hard."

"Save that for later youngin. You haven't even seen the goodies yet."

"Well I'm god damn ready. Where are we going?"

"Well my parents are gone all week so we are going to hang at my place. I have 

it all set up. Do you like scary movies?"

"Usually I don't really get scared of them but yeah I fucking love 'em."

"Good, because I always get really scared watching them and I have a really good 

one for us to watch. Oh look were at my house already. Let's head on in."

I quickly undid my seat belt and started to walk into her house with her. I was 

so excited for the movie. Most girls I had gone out with hated scary movies so I 

always took them to the scariest ones so they'd have an excuse to hold onto me. 

Before I knew it I was in Georgia's house wondering around.

"Quit stumbling around. We're gonna go to my room." Georgia said

"Alright." I replied as we walked in

"Its getting a little hot and I kinda want to sit under the covers so I think 

I'm gonna strip some layers, I hope that's ok with you."

"Yea sure go ahead. I think I might do the same."

As I started to take my shirt off I had to stop and pinch myself to make sure I 

wasn't dreaming. I was just about to strip off some of my clothes and as a 

freshmen get into bed with a smoking senior who probably wanted to fuck sometime 

that day. And what she did next made me have to pinch myself even harder. 

Georgia was slowly peeling off her pants to reveal her perfect huge ass in a 

nice small thong that matched her bra. As she turned around I was still staring 

so I quickly looked down and then started to peel off my shirt to reveal my 

finely toned abs from years of wrestling. 

"Ooohhh. Someone is looking good." Georgia said.

"Yea and that someone is you. I mean jesus look at you your fucking gorgeous."

"Let's stop talking about this and get to the movie. Wait... Do you drink?"

"Of course I do how old do you think I am 5"

"Ok then. So I'll make some vodka OJ's. How does that sound to you."


"Alright I'll be right back startup the movie."


I quickly ran up to the dvd player and started up the movie as soon as possible 

so I could snoop around her room a little bit. I figured I had about 5 to 7 

minutes and I would make the damn best of it. First I went to her closet to see 

what was in there. To match her giant house she also had a giant walk in closet. 

I quickly decided what I wanted wasn't going to be in her so I explored her room 

a little more. As I was looking around I stumbled into her hamper. Jackpot. I 

opened it at thankfully there was a pair of panties laying right on the top. I 

picked them up, took a whiff of their fresh beautiful scent, and ran over to put 

them in the pocket of my pants. I then got up onto her bed and laid down in only 

my shorts and boxers. About a minute later Georgia walked in with a pitcher and 

two glasses.

"Her ya go" Georgia said as she poured some of the concoction into my glass.

"Thanks yo, now hop on up her and watch this movie with me."

"Alright. Get under the covers with me so we can cuddle."

"I'm definitely not turning that offer down."

As I started to get under the covers I couldn't help getting hard but I used 

every single muscle in my body and managed to keep it soft.

"Come closer, you shy little thing" Georgia said while she grabbed me by the ass 

and attempted to pull me closer to her but since she couldn't I helped her out a 

bit and got as close as I could possibly get.

"Is this close enough for you hun? I could probably get closer if you wanted me 


"Perfect. I love being next to you."

"Alright let's watch this movie."

I quickly pulled Georgia closer to me and we started watching the movie. At 

first it wasn't that bad but as the movie progressed it got a lot scarier, and 

as this happened Georgia would start to shake and hold onto me as tight as she 


"I'm so glad your here Jon I don't know what I would do if I was watching this 

alone." Georgia said looking right into my eyes sending off the 'fuck me' 


"No problem." I said as I gave her a nice full kiss on the lips.

As I started to pull back she refused to let me go and held onto the kiss 

longer. And hot damn was she a good kisser. Usually I try to keep it really 

lively by moving my head around but Georgia was always one step ahead of me. I 

then went to grab her boobs and when I reached out and grabbed a boob covered 

only by a bra a was shocked and then remembered we took some of our clothes off. 

As I was feeling her up whilst having an intense make out session I unclipped 

her bra with one of my hands. After unclipping it I threw it on the ground and 

started kissing down Georgia's neck.

"Yesss. Don't stop Jon. This feels so good." She said in between moans.

'Yeh like I would stop' I thought to myself as I started sucking on her firm 


I slowly twirled my finger around the nipple I wasn't sucking on. I was so horny 

I couldn't wait to fuck her so I started to move down her body more. I kissed my 

way all the way down to her clean shaved pussy and started eating her out, to 

try and get her wet. As she got wetter I would stick another finger in and 

before I knew it I could've fit my whole hand into her beautiful soaking pussy. 

I wanted to fuck her so hard but I also wanted to make her cum first. So I 

quickly started moving my tongue faster and then with two fingers in her I slid 

them in and out slowly. After about a minute Georgia's moans grew louder and 

more frequent. 

"Oh shit I'm gonna cum Jon. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. I'M CUMMING. AWW SHIT SHIT 


I quickly sped up the pace until she came in my face. I licked up some of the 

juice from her pussy. Then I stood up and positioned myself so that I could 

easily slid in. 

"Quit waiting and fuck me already you whore!

I didn't need to be asked that twice. I quickly rammed my cock right into her 

pussy going its full length. I had the pace pretty fast but then I decided that 

I wanted this to last so I slowed it down, and went to go suck on her beautiful 

tits. After about 5 or 6 minutes I was ready to cum but didn't want to so I 

decided to switch it up. I pulled out my cock and laid down on the bed as I 

pulled her on top of me, so I could let her do some work. And god damn was this 

bitch horny she hopped on immediately started going up and down. She was going 

so fast that I knew I wasn't going to last long so I grabbed her thighs and 

started slowing her down. 

"Lets slow it down babe. I'm not ready to cum yet."

"Maybe if you were more experienced we wouldn't be having this problem"

"Babe, babe, babe. I have more experience than a porn star."

"Alright then I guess you won't mind me speeding up."

"Definitely not. Go as fast as you like."

Georgia definitely had a lot more experience then I was at the time. Right away 

she started going at it. She was going faster then a jack hammer and I was in a 

state of ecstasy. I could think about anything other than what was going on in 

front of me and I couldn't move a single part of my body. My mind was screaming 

at me to pull out before I came yet I couldn't do anything.


"Wait not yet I want you to cum in my mouth."

Georgia quickly jumped off my dick and started sucking it like a pro. She had 

her tongue swirling around my dick while she was caressing my balls, and moving 

her other hand up and down my shaft. I couldn't take it any longer. I released a 

huge 6 string load right into the back of her throat, and she swallowed every 

last drop of it. And then I passed out on her bed. 

Later I woke up to Georgia lying next to me completely naked and passed out as 

well. I lifted up the covers and then decided to wake Georgia up by eating her 

out. As I started to eat her out she slowly woke up.

"Morning hun. I need you to drive me back home its 6 o' clock my mom is gonna be 

home soon."

"Alright but we need to do this again sometime. Your so much better than my 


"Of course."


I'm in love with my best friend part 2

11608amazing on Teen Stories

"So--you still wanna blow me?" He asked again.
I looked at him "I--don't know--Ive never done it and I don't want to be bad."
He smirked "practice makes perfect"
I rolled my eyes "I can't- I'm too chicken" I admitted, even though I really wanted to have his dick in my mouth. His lips tasted so great why shouldn't the rest of his body? He just stared at me, "I, can't make the first move" I lied through my teeth. I could, if I wanted too most of the time. But I was so afraid I was going to screw up that I didn't want to. Tyler smiled gently then lifted my shirt grabbing my belt and unbuckling it as well as unbuttoning my pants.
"enough of a first move?" He asked smiling slightly. God I wanted him, he knew that
Read More
I wanted him. He's known how long I've wanted him.
I stared at him, worry must have washed over my face, "I just--can't" I said covering my face.
"Listen, I'm not going to force you into anything." I smiled as he spoke. "what do you want?" he asked concentrating on my face "you" I answered simply.
"Take me then" He replied.

'Take me then' He made it sound so easy, so simple, but most of all so pain free. I sighed hating my heart right then, "I want to and I know if I don't take this chance, I'm going to hate myself" I looked down at him.
"You might hate yourself if you do" he added, I nodded "I want you really---really bad." I stared at him as I prepared myself for the next thing I was about to say "I just don't want it to mean nothing to you"
That would be the worst, this thing that meant everything to me by far, meaning absolutely nothing to him. He stared at me for a second, "It would mean a lot to me." his answered sent my heart on a rampage. Thumping loudly in my ears. I stared at him almost unaware that I heard him correctly. "Are you just saying that?" I asked awaiting his answer, watching him carefully.
He shook his head "as long as you don't expect me to change"
I looked at him confused "I don't want you to change, your perfect the way you are"
He smiled lightly grabbing my face in the warm palms of his hands, pulling me forwards and kissing me hard. His hands traveled lightly across my body. I pulled back and looked at him. His eyes asked the question again. "I'm so afraid" I said softly. Tyler's hands gripped my face again, he stared into my eyes "here-" he said pulling me towards him "when were making out-feel on me" He said as though this was my first time. "like this" He added kissing me. Sliding his hand down into my jeans and then into me. I gasped for air as I felt his fingers go inside me, he pulled his hand out and pulled away from me "see" he smiled a little.
Once the room wasn't spinning anymore I leaned in and kissed him. His kiss was filled with tension as my hand ran down his body. My fingers trailed his waist and I lifted myself lightly to reach in his shorts. My hand quickly found him, I wrapped my hands around his base.
I couldn't breath. My heart pounded hard, I retracted my hand and slowly pulled away from him. He smiled before opening his eyes. I kissed him again wasting no time exploring his body, Finding him again I wrapped my fingers around him. My lips pushed furiously against his, my heart raced pumping fire though my veins.
I pulled his cock from under his shorts and sat up, he smiled up at me. I looked down at his throbbing cock then back up at him. "so" he asked with anticipation. I rolled my eyes playfully and slid back a little, his cock still rock hard in my hand. "Don watch me" I looked up at him. He laughed placing his hands over his face "there"
I looked down at his cock, I was terrified. I wanted to make him feel amazing. I looked back at him and he was looking again "Nooooo don't watch" I laughed. He obediently covered his face again. I wrapped my lips around his massive erection and started to work, massaging my tongue lightly against his shaft. After about five minutes I sat up to see his surprised face.
I laughed lightly, and stared at him with questioning eyes. "wow-" he managed to get out. "good?"
"Better than I thought"
I smiled, glad he enjoyed it. "It didn't hurt" he laughed holding his hands up "high five" he smiled. I rolled my eyes and high fived him pinning his hands behind his head. I layed flat against him and ran my cheek against his "I still want you" I whispered into his ear.
"Take me then" he whispered back. I closed my eyes, I didn't think my heart could take 'taking him' any longer. It was so tired of pumping blood so hard.
"why don't you take me?" I replied.
His hands traveled down my back, gripping my ass lightly "take off those tight ass jeans and I will."
I was wrong; my heart would work even harder with him taking me. When would I truly understand the power this boy had over me? Most likely never.
I got off of him and slid off my pants, watching Tyler grab a container with some condoms in it. He looked at me "want to pick?" he asked holding out the container. I shook my head and watched as he grabbed one. He held it out to me "want to put it on?" Again I shook my head.
My body was so stiff. Everything around me was spinning. I wasn't actually comprehending what was about to happen. My brain couldn't handle what was going on.
He looked at me after he rolled the condom on "why are you shaking?" he asked
I was shaking?!? I wasn't even aware of my own bodys trembling, I shrugged as Tyler's hand rested lightly on my waist "You have nothing, to shake about" he said in a calming voice. He pulled my underwear off with a quick motion of one finger and grabbed my waist pulling me on top of him.

to be continued....

16 year old has fun with bosses wife

lachie90 on Teen Stories

The following story is partly true

Mature women interested in young guy contact on

I am a 16-year-old boy and I work at a guy’s house doing yard maintenance etc. the guy I work for has the hottest wife her name is treena and she ahs the best body I have seen

I often work by myself and my boss is off working so when I get the chance I sneak into their room and go through her panties she wears the hottest lace panties.

One day when I was mowing the lawn and she came out and she bent over to pat the dog and I could see the top of her g- string it made me so hard so when she went away I went into the laundry to jack off.

Since that day I regularly went into the laundry to jack off in her p

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anties. I came so hard than I ever came before when I wanked over her.

A couple of days later I was washing the windows when she went into the water for a swim she was wearing a cozzie that covered half her arse checks I got hard and she noticed and she had a good look at it.

The next day she called me into the house to fix a towel rail when I was in the bathroom I noticed there was a g-string she then said can you please take that to the laundry I said sure and picked them up right in front of her she had obviously been wet that day coz there was a big wet patch in the front. I knew what it was from but I wanted to put her on the spot and I said is there a leak in the bathroom these panties are all wet and to my surprise she said no I have been watching you work then she reached in my pants and grabbed my cock. I instantly went hard and she was surprised by the size of my cock. I started groping her tits her nipples were hard.

Then she said fuck me and let me into her room where she took her top and bra off and I went over and started circling her nipples with my tongue. She started tugging my cock, then she sat me on her bed and started sucking me, she started at the tip and went around with her tongue then she started going down the base she continued until I blew in her mouth and she sloshed it around in her mouth then downed it then she said lick my cunt so I went down to her pussy I started at her clit and went up and down her lips she started moaning and bucking then I started thrusting my tongue in her cunt and she came in my mouth it tasted so good she then said Phil will be home soon you better get back to work then she stuffed her wet panties own my pants and said that’s for later. Since then she has been flashing her pussy to me as I work and teasing me so now when Phil is working I leave my hard cock out for her to see.


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Secret Admirers Chapter 3

kylecatarn on Teen Stories

Chapter 4: Two heads are better than one

"What the fuck do we have here?" Tom Cantrell said with some lightheartedness that only a guy can have when backed up by four of his best friends.

"Looks like Kenny boy was fuckin' Sam's girl, isn't that right bitch?" Logan asked.

Ashley was speechless, she was presently sitting completely naked, sans socks and her skirt hiked up above her waist. To top it off, she had come from her and Ken dripping out of her snatch right onto the floor of the theatre. What could she say? "Well ya, but it's not what you think... he was raping me and then I started loving it and we've been fucking like mad for the past hour..." I'm sure they would totally understand and never bring it up to Sam.
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r />The four boys moved over to where they were sitting. Ken got up to get in their way and could barely make out the words.

"... Hhey guys, what's up?"

Logan was closest to him at the time and quickly responded, with the quickness of an actor that has memorized not only his lines but the lines of his peers.

"Well, I think me and the guys are gonna fuck your little whore for a while... What do ya think about that?"

"You wont touch her!!! Do you understand that?" Ken yelled with all the authority he had.

"Take care of this asshole would you?" Logan commanded the two football players in the back, who quickly stepped to one side of Ken and made sure he wouldnt interfere with their plans. "Take him out back and beat the shit out of him.. Will ya?" Logan enjoyed commands that ended with the words "would ya". The two large linebackers did as they were told and escorted him to the back of the theatre.

Tom stood above a scared, wimpering little girl and stared with a look of hunger that deeply frightened her. He then pulled out his pocket knife that he bought the previous week at the asian market by his house and waved it right in front of her face.

Ashley nearly shrieked at the sight of such a sharp blade and the implications of what they would do if she didn't comply. He then knelt over her. As he did so, she cowered in fear into her seat, then he grabbed at the skirt at her waist, pulled it up and cut it in a straight line so that it fell right off and she was only sitting on the back side in her chair. He then motioned Logan over to the front of the theatre and Logan burst out into a sprint. Tom saw a tuft of her blonde hair that had been sticking straight up, from the tugging Ken had given her only minutes before, and couldn't resist the temptation. He reached out a grasped the hair and told her to stand and move to the front of the theater.

The front of the threater, after the front row seats which had a crappy view of the actual movie, was a carpeted floor that was a wide enough space to be occupied by the three guys and their personal sex toy comfortably. Tom threw her down to the ground.

"Look" he said, "You do what we tell ya, and we wont have to hurt your friend Kenny too bad. You fuck around, and I'll take this (as he waved his pocket knife) and make sure you and his dick never meet again, capiche?"

Her look of terror must have been response enough to warrant his approval, cause he took off. Soon Logan was back, and under his arm was a video camera with a tripod stand under it. Dredd gripped her abdomen, these boys were going to have their way with her, and they were gonna video tape it, and every guy at school would see her get fucked by these big football players. Not to mention the fact that Tom was as big as half the fucking team by himself. He was only about 6'6 and 220 lbs, god knew what he had planned for her.

"Please!!" she wimpered, "Just don't hurt Ken, I'll do whatever you want but let Ken go." She looked around for a sign of approval and was greeted by no sign at all. Until she heard a warm smacking noise and felt he hot tingle of a palmprint across her left cheek. She was helpless against this blow, seeing as her hands were still handcuffed together.

"Shut up slut." one of the boys said, but she didnt have the strenght to turn around and see which one.

"Okay" Logan said "The camera is on, lets make some porno." What followed was each guy getting undressed as she lay on the ground and watched with horror to see how enormous their penises were.

"NO!! Oh God! Please NOOOO!!!" She screamed as they all moved in to surround the girl named Ashley, that they had all known for three years, sat in classes with, even helped her with homework. Now they were gonna use her as a human cum receptacle.

The first guy was Tom, his was the biggest cock by far out of all of them. At least 12 inches and the width of a Coke can, and he was right at her face. He lifted up her head by grabbing the side of her head and positioning her mouth right at is dick. She refused to even open her mouth, it was closed as tightly as a mechanical vice. This earned her a second slap to the face, which convinced her to open her mouth a crack. She then stuck her tongue out and licked it, the same way she had licked Ken's.

"Look at this dumb bitch!" Tom said "I put my cock in her face and she doesn't even have the common sense to put the fuckin' thing in her mouth"

"I can't " Her voice was building "It wont even fit in my fucking MOUTH!!!" She had tears running down the sides of her face, in particular the side that had been slapped twice already.

"Awww... Little baby can't fit the fat cock in her wittle mout' .... poor baby... Let's give her a passifyer." he said with mock sincerity.

Tom then pulled out a large black dildo nearly as large as his dick. And tried feeding it to her. But her mouth was on the verge of closing again, like it had before.

"Look slut. You either put this thing in your mouth, or I'll find some homeless guy out in front of this place who wants a peice of your sweet little ass..."

That was just enough for her to open up. She had to adjust just to fit the head in. But once that was done, the rest slid in easily until it hit the back of her throat. She then had a huge gagging reflex. She choked for about half a minute then it subsided and they continued pushing it back and forth in her mouth. Then Logan started jerking off and playing with her sweet tits while she struggled to keep from falling over. Balancing while sucking a man off and being far enough off the ground, while a guy plays with your tits, while your hands are cuffed behind you was proving to be quite the task. She nearly fell over once or twice, but resisted since she knew it would mean more punishment.

Then the third, quiet boy finally spoke up saying, "Damn Logan, would you look at her nice butt? I can't wait for some of that."

Ashley quickly disregarded that comment, her mind was busy with other things and in the midst of the confusion all she made out was him complimenting her on having such a nice ass. Then without any warning, Tom quickly pulled the dildo out of her abused mouth. She was glad to be rid of that thing now, and took some well deserved gulps of air with her mouth, then during a very deep inhale Tom pushed his cock right down her throat. Ashley was amazed that she could even take part of this bohemoth, let alone about half. But there she was, she felt the sides scrape her tonsils then after he had pushed for a while, he was all the way in. "My God" she thought, "I'm actually sucking this guy, I'm sucking him really well..."

Tom then moaned in pleasure, she was the first girl to ever fit the whole thing in her, most girls would only do the tip. He was impressed. Then he started bucking like a madman. He grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her face. Ashley didn't know how long she could take this kind of punishment. Her mouth and throat were taking a beating, and it felt like a goddam firecracker was going off in there from all the heat. Finally he pulled it out of her mouth and beat off the rest of it oh her face. It was like a goddam hoze, if she hadn't closed her eyes she would have been in a hell of alot of pain for the duration of the movie they were making.

She then wiped her face on the carpet floor of the theater so she could see again. But when she looked up, the first thing she saw was a video camera capturing her, with half a pint of cum on her face. Then she wished that she had stayed blind. Tom was so tired from unloading his nuts, he had to sit down. As soon as Logan saw that Tom was done for a while, he stepped behind her and motioned her over to where Tom was sitting. 

Our second time

Dawn_1 on Teen Stories

I was upstairs doing my homework when there was a ring at the front door. I went downstairs and when I opened it there was the 13 yo sister of my best friend. I had seduced her two days ago and taken her virginity. I smiled at her and asked what can I do for you.  She said can we do it again. I said you mean fuck you and she said yes. I asked her if she was sure and she said I cant get it out of my mind it was fantastic and I want o do it again because my cunt keeps getting wet and I keep getting the feeling I want to have it inside me again.

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in: 0cm 0cm 0pt 27pt">I said come on in and fortunately nobody is home so we can do it on my bed. She had her school tunic on and a white blouse and short white socks and black shoes and looked really nice as a school girl. Her hair was pulled back with ared ribbon. When we got to my room she said nothing and immediately got onto the bed and pulled her shoes off and her skirt up. She had no pants on. I was taking my shoes and pants off and said how often do you go without pants, and she said since we did it , I cant stop touching it and slipping my finger into it when nobody is looking. I have masturbated about 6 times since we did it and it is never as good as it was when we did it together. My cock got hard on the way up just thinking of fucking her again. The first time was fantastic and while it wasn’t my first time she really knew how to make it great for both of us.

She put he hand out and felt my cock and said I love that and it feels lovely. I was looking at her cunt as she had opened her legs waiting for me to penetrate her with my cock. I noticed that she was getting a sort of downy hair around her cunt and I knew from last time we fucked she did not have periods yet but I guess they were not far away. It wasn’t black or anything, just like fair furry hair that was very short. Her cunt was also wet because it was all shinny, she put her fingers down there and spread it open for me and I could see the pink wet wonderful tunnel that lead up inside her.  It looked almost good enough to eat. I said one day I am going to lick all that juice out of you. She giggled and said I bet you don’t, and I said don’t be so sure, you wont be the first girl I have sucked off. She said or the first boy either, as I know you and Eddy, her brother, have sucked each other off too. I said how do you know that, and she said I have watched the two of you masturbating and sucking each other. I said has he got you to suck him and she said no but he asked me one night but I didn’t want to. I will suck yours though if you want me to. I said after - I want to fuck you first.

By now I was on the bed between her legs and she had her legs up waiting for me to put my cock into her. She was watching me and looking at my cock. I put it down near her lips and she said I won’t bleed this time will I? I said no that only happens the first time, how about will it hurt and I said you let me know if it does and I will stop and take it out. By now I had the tip of my cock resting against her lips and just pressing it in a bit, I said hows that and she said lovely, now put it in slowly and I gradually pressed my cock into her and I could feel the tightness of her vagina close around my cock as it slipped in gradually. The sensation was magnificent. I said is it hurting and she said no, but I can feel it in me, it feels good. I went right in as far as I could go then stopped when it could go in no further. She said oh god that feels good, I can feel your cock deep inside me and how tight my cunt is at the opening holding it in. I knew exactly what she was feeling because I could feel the warmth and wetness of her and the firm hold her cunt lips had around the base of my cock.

I started to slowly fuck her and said if it starts to hurt let me know. She smiled and said it feels wonderful. I gradually began to increase the speed I was fucking her with and she said a couple of times I love it, its fantastic, I can feel it all happening inside me. I could see she was really enjoying me fucking her as she often moved her legs or bum to get a better feel of me inside her. A couple of times she put her hand down and rubbed her clitoris and I asked her why she did that and she said it felt good. I asked her to tell me where she liked my cock rubbing her cunt and she guided me into a couple of positions where she said it felt nice when I fucked her. The two of us were really enjoying the time we were locked together and we talked about sex and how good it was.

As I continued to fuck her I said don’t forget you have o tell me when you have a period because the cum I shoot into you could make a baby and that would be a disaster. She said ok I don’t want to get pregnant as my parents would kill me. I said they would kill me if it was me who fucked you and got you pregnant. She said I heard Eddy talking to Jan and he told her he didn’t cum until about a year  ago, when did you start, and I said 2 years ago when I was 12. Then she said when you two suck each other off do you get your cum in your mouths and I said sure. She said doesn’t it taste awful and I said no not really neither of us mind the taste, in fact I quite like it. I said we will have to suck each other and you can see what it tastes like afterwards if you like. She said I am not sure, I will think about it. I said I want to suck on yours one day and watch you have an orgasm. Its mindblowing watching a girl buck when she cums. She said how many girls have you sucked and I said two, Jan and Sue. She said you mean Eddy;s Jan and I said yes and I have fucked her too and Sue as well. Hell she said, does Eddy know. I said of course we all did it together a couple of times. She said you all fucked each other and I said yep, I have fucked both of them a few times. She asked which one is the best and I said if you want a truthful answer, its you!. Go on she said you are just saying that and I said no I really like fucking you the best. She laughed and said I like fucking with you too, you really can fuck well.

We had been fucking about 10 or 15 minutes I suppose and I was getting a bit soft and then she said oh shit I think I am going to cum soon. I said good and I sped up and got my cock hard and then she said keep quick keep fucking me, harder and faster and I knew she was about to cum. Oh shit she said and put her hand down and rubbed her clit hard and fast and then she grunted a few times and moaned and as she tightened the rim of her cunt during her orgasm spasm I started to cum and I said holy shit I am cumming in you oh fuck this is fantastic and I could feel the cum spurting up the tube along my cock and spurting into her wet hot cunt. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled herself onto me as hard as she could sort of squeezing every drop of cum out of me into her now flooding cunt. It was coming out as I continued to push into her and running onto my balls.

The two of us just collapsed in a heap with me on top of her. I rolled off her and my soft cock slipped out of her and it still dribbled a few drops of cum over her leg as I slid off her. She said that was fantastic, I really enjoyed that, I want you to do that with me again, you really know how to fuck don’t you. I said well I cant get Jan to cum but I have made Sue cum a couple of times. She said you can make me cum anytime I love it. Wow she said you must have shot a bucket full of cum up me, I can feel it all running out and down between the cheeks of my ass.  I sat up and looked and said open wide and she did and I could see her now pink lips and my whitish cum dribbling out of her.

I said that looks great, you have a very pretty cunt. She said is it as pretty as Jan and Sues, and I said prettier, and I couldn’t help myself I just leaned over her and kissed he belly button and slowly kissed my way down to her cunt and I couldn’t believe that I actually got my mouth over her cunt and sucked her now streaming cunt full of my cum. I didn’t say a word and positioned myself over her and got my head between her legs and sucked the firm smooth skin of her lips and ran my tongue up and down her slit and as I did she spread her legs and I put my mouth hard down on her and sucked. The taste of her was great, it was a mixture of cum and her and sweat because we had fucked so long we had both sweated a bit and it all added to the taste. She was laying back arching her pelvis for me to get as much of my mouth over her cunt as I could. She was moaning and squirming as I continued to lick and suck on her. The she said its cumming I am cumming again, and she bucked and bounced about as her orgasm consumed her as I fought to keep my mouth engaged on her cunt. She said stop, please stop, I cant bear it any more I am so sore, your tongue on my clit is like sandpaper after I came. Its so tender.

I lifted my head and looked down on a smiling face. She looked so serine and happy and I have never seen a girl look so beautiful. She said that was absolutely mind blowing. I said I enjoyed it too. How did it taste she said, and I said you tasted wonderful. Even with all our cum in me she said and I said it was better than ever, much better than when I suck Eddy off.

After that she got up and went to the bathroom and said I have to have a pee, I am a mess. I followed as I too needed one. As she sat and peed I washed my cock and then when she finished and began to wash herself I peed as well.

After that she said I have to go home now and I said that’s a pity I wouldn’t mind fucking you again. She said don’t be a glutton tomorrow I will come down and we can do it again, I want to do this every day if I can.

I said I will be looking forward to it, there is something else I want to do with you and she said save it for tomorrow, and tomorrow I want to taste your cum too. I knew we would be getting along fine in future.

My further experiences in the next episode.

A first for me and her

anonymous_one on Teen Stories

That day we were looking after my baby brother. We were sitting in the living room, with my dad in work and my mom was on her computer in her room. I was feeling somewhat horny this day, for an inexplicable reason, and I began rubbing her leg. I slowly made my way up…and when nothing halted me, I continued. I reached up to where her pussy was, and began rubbing her through her jeans. She continued watching TV, and I assumed she hadn’t felt me since her jeans were quite heavy. I proceeded to slide my hand up under her top, and laid my hand on her stomach. I began slowly inching my hand down the front of her trousers, and still she made no attempt to stop me, but continued watching the TV. I got my hand down, and began rubbing. Having no experience I couldn’t tell w
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hether she was enjoying it or not, but I assumed not since she didn’t even stir. I kept at it for about 10 minutes, until my brother came down and asked me to bring him into town. I sighed, and on the way out my girlfriend whispered into my ear “I see your hand was busy…”

I was surprised at this, I assumed she hadn’t even noticed. However she said it in a teasing way, and I knew that she had enjoyed it…

When we got home, I got her into the living room, turned down the TV and slid my hand down the front of her panties. I kissed her deeply, my tongue entering her mouth as I slid my hand down. Her pussy was soaked, and even I knew what that meant. I began rubbing up and down, not sure what else to do. She began moaning in my mouth, and I could tell she was loving it. She then unbuttoned my trousers and put her hand down and began rubbing my hard cock through my boxers. After 5 minutes of this I broke our kiss of and said jokingly “you can go under you know, it won’t bite. Will you do it or will I have to do it for you”

She refused to answer this question, so I slid her hand down my boxers, and allowed her to do as she wished. However, she was so inexperienced that all she done was fumble about a bit, and didn’t know what to do. I took my cock out of my boxers, and wrapped her hand around my rock hard dick, and began stroking her hand back and forth. She continued at the pace I set her at, and I put my hand down her trousers again, and began rubbing her wet pussy again. Having my cock stroked by a hand other than my own was heaven, I’d never felt such pleasure. Soon I felt my balls ready to explode, and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to stop her, so I said nothing. My come shot out all over her jeans, her top and her hand. She didn’t know what to do. I began to mumble a feeble apology when she put her hand up to her mouth, and licked my cum off her index finger. This practically made me rock hard again, watching her suck my semen off her fingers. When she had cleaned up her hand she looked into my eyes, took my semi-hard cock in her hand and dropped to her knees. She then proceeded to place my cock in her mouth, never once breaking eye contact with me. I moaned in ecstasy as she took the head of my cock in her mouth, and sucked it. My knees weakened at the sensation, and I fell back on the chair, pulling my hardening dick out of her mouth. She then grabbed my shaft and began stroking, but lowed her head onto my left testicle, and took it into her mouth. At first she sucked a bit over anxiously, causing me to flinch, however she took heed of this and sucked lighter. I felt like I was going to come again any minute, this just felt too good. I didn’t want to shoot my load on her yet, so I pulled her to her feet, and switched places with her. I put her on the seat, and proceeded to inch her trousers down bit by bit. I couldn’t pull them all the way down, as my mom might enter any time soon, so I pulled them down just enough to allow me to access her cunt.

Her pussy had quite a few hairs on it, however not disgustingly hairy. Her pussy lips were glistening with her juices, and I just had to taste them. I stuck my tongue in between her pussy lips, and she let out a load “Ohhh” as soon as my tongue made contact. I told her to keep it down, as my mom might hear. I then proceeded to eat her cunt, licking up and down, watching her expressions change. She opened her mouth in an “o” shape, and closed her eyes. Her breathing was quickening, and she began to thrust her hips forward into my face. I knew she was close, so I began circling my tongue around, what I assumed, was her clit. My assumption was correct, because two seconds later her hands grabbed the back of my head, her hips thrust upwards and she buried my head in her pussy with a loud “ohhhhhhhh”. When she finally stopped cumming, she lay back on the seat, quickly pulling her trousers up. I zipped my semi-hard cock up in my trousers, and sat beside her to watch the end of our show. Just in time too, as my mom entered the room, looking confused. “What’s up?” I asked her. “Oh, nothing, I thought I heard… never mind…” With that she left the room, and left us to finish the movie…alone…

To be continued?

Never turn back

Aint_No_Angel on Teen Stories

(Ok I am not sure how to get this to break up properly so bare with me, I hope this works!)

Mackenzie winters was a standard girl. Went to school, got good grades, played on the school’s volleyball team, and like most girls, she had a crush on her teacher.


The teacher that this crush was on wasn’t that old mind you, only 26 or so, give a year or 2 and Mackenzie herself was at the simple age of 17.


Who k

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new that her crush could have been brought to the next level, Mackenzie had no idea.



It was a normal fall day, and Mackenzie was worried about her physics mark. She was getting high 90s in all subjects except one, Mr. Smith’s class. It wasn’t that she didn’t get physics; it’s just that with Mr. Smith teaching she seemed to have trouble concentrating on his class, rather then his body.


Mackenzie was quite a pretty girl, volleyball had helped with that. She was about 5’9, long blonde hair, always warn up, light blue eyes, and small soft red lips. Rosy checks, 36c breasts and a nice figure to add to that. She could get almost any guy she wanted in the school, her intelligence, her happy exterior and her looks, she had it all, but she wanted Mr. Smith.


Mr. Smith or Mr. Sexy as the girl’s in his class called him, had what all girls wanted, short brown hair, brown eyes, a square jaw, a great smile, nice big shoulders and the body of an after shave commercial guy. He was smart and funny. With that he always wore Rugby shirts and kakis to his class. He was to die for. I think you guys can get where we concentration problem came from.


It wasn’t only Mackenzie who had problems concentrating with him around, all the girls in her class turned to mush; everyone wanted a piece of Mr. Smith.


The thing was no school would want a girl that was pulling a 70 in physics, she was desperate, she couldn’t tell her parents that she needed a tutor; they wouldn’t have her embarrassing them, so she had to suck it up and ask Mr. Smith for help.


After class one day, she waited around pretending to have problems packing up her bag.


“Hey Mackenzie hurry up or else we are leaving out without you!! I can’t miss the bus today” Her friend Torie called. She needed desperate to ask Mr. Smith for help, but she couldn’t do it with her friends around.


“Torie just go, I need to talk to Mr. James the volleyball couch anyway!!” She said, waving her friend away.


Torie left, taking the excuse perfectly, Mackenzie always had something to do for volleyball.

After the class was pretty much cleared out, Mackenzie slowly made her way over to Mr. Smith’s desk.


“Ummm Mr. Smith” she said timidly


“Yes Miss Winter’s?” He said not even bring his eyes up from the papers he was grading.


“Well…ummm Mr. Smith…you see the thing is… I kinda….well need some help in your class” she said hurriedly “I can’t seem to get it to stick, I was wondering if you could maybe….I don’t know tutor me in it?” She waited without breath for his response.


Mr. Smith looked her over, smiling enjoying her figure. Smiled at her “Why of course Miss Winter’s I have time after school today if you wish to go over some of the work”


She smiled happily, not only does she get some time alone with Mr. Smith, but maybe she will be able to pull an 80 in his course. “Ok” she pulled up a chair and sat down in front of Mr. Smith.


Mr. Smith got up and locked the door “So we are not disturbed” and but the little sheet of paper over the window that he always has there and smiles at her. “So Miss Winter’s… Mackenzie, since school is over you may call me Dave, ok?”


“Yes Mr. Sm…. I mean Dave” She says, even though it feels foreign to her, she smiles, he looks like a Dave.


“Ok so why don’t we do a little practice problem Mackenzie?”


“Ok Dave” She says slowly, stretching out his name, still getting used to it. He goes and sits beside her on the other side of the table “Don’t worry I won’t bite” He laughs.


Mackenzie laughs nervously, with him this close she can feel his breath. He grabs a piece of paper and writes a problem on it “Ok Mackenzie here is the problem ‘A jogger with a constant velocity of 4.0m/s runs by a stationary dog. After 1.0 seconds, the dog decides to chase the jogger who doesn't realize the dog is chasing her. The dog accelerates at constant acceleration of 1.5 m/s/s. How long does it take the dog to catch the jogger?’ Ok how can you calculate the position of the runner?”


“Hmmm” Mackenzie carefully thinks it over. “Well…. Is it by using the formula for distance with constant acceleration? ..... The dog allows the runner to run for 1 second at 4 m/s before he starts. The dog starts 4 meters behind the runner?”


Mr. Smith’s face brightens “That correct Mackenzie!!!” He smiles, lightly patting his hand on her thigh in approval of her good job.


Mackenzie blush’s deeply as she feels Mr. Smith’s hand on her thigh. Suddenly she feels very hot. She removes her sweatshirt, assuming it will leave her in her t-shirt underneath, little does she know that her shirt stuck to her sweatshirt. She is left there, sitting in front of Mr. Smith in just a bra. Not noticing at all she continues looking at the problem.


 â€œI really don’t know why I can’t seem to get this stuff during class, I guess I am just tongue tied” She smiles shyly at Mr. Smith


Mr. Smith looks at her in shock, wondering if he should tell her what happened, but he is just enjoying the view way too much.  He knew what the female students of his school said about him, and he decided to use this to his advantage, how could he not with Mackenzie sitting there like that in front of him? It would be inhuman. He reaches out and lightly caresses Mackenzie’s face, he leans forward and gives her a lightly kiss on the mouth, slowly pulling away. He stops at her ear and whispers “You really are beautiful Mackenzie”


Before Mackenzie can think better of it, Mr. Smith is kissing her again, a little more urgent, her body kicks in before her mind and she kisses back. He slips his tongue into her mouth, running it across her tongue; he pulls away from her and whispers to her again. “Mmm you taste sweetie Mackenzie, like honey. Stand up sweetie.” He says softly, but with a command in his voice, that Mackenzie dares not deny.


She stands in front of him, he grabs hold of her hips and pulls her forward, running his hands down her exposed flesh. She shivers at his softy touch as it floats over her, his cold handed caress causing Goosebumps to rise all over her body. He reaches behind her and unclips her bra, pulling the cream coloured thing away, gazing at her in her beauty. Once again he ran his hands over her creamy body, only this time warmer to the touch.


He reached for her pants; she flinched slightly, thinking about how wrong this is, getting ready to stop it she brings her hand down to his to stop him. He quickly says “No” commanding such force she does. She lets her hands rest to her side in complete submissiveness.


He quickly undoes her pants and lets them fall to the floor. He smiles as he sees her underwear, white with a fake glitter zipper on the front, he slowly turns her around to see the word naughty on the left ass cheek on the back on her underwear. Once again he turns her so she is facing him, and he pulls down her underwear.


He looks at her pussy, running his fingers through the small bit of fine hair. She defiantly was a natural blonde. “Good girl” he says, for her keeping the hair nice and trim.


Mackenzie blushes considerable as she feels her teacher’s hands exploring her, his eyes looking at her as though he is eating her up.


Mr. Smith sucks on his index finger as he keeps looking Mackenzie up and down. He takes his now wet finger and slowly drags it across her pussy lips. Watching her face contort from his touch. He adds a little more pressure to the finger, letting it slip past the lips of her pussy, rubbing it along her inner pussy walls, slowly letting it travel past her clit every so lightly.


Suddenly a knock comes to the door



To be continued