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Hidden Cove - Part 6

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Chapter 18

Jessie was lost in ecstacy. Stacy’s wonderful tongue brought her to the edge of orgasm, then she’d pause while Alyssa touched on a sensitive spot. Jessie would relax for a second until Stacy started up again and the feeling would begin anew, building on the previous sensations and becoming more intense each time. When she did finally come, she had no doubt it would be a mind-numbing orgasm!

It was during one of these brief pauses that she sensed a presence just off to her right. She opened her eyes to see Rick naked on his knees in front of her. She started to say something, but Stacy started up again and she only moaned, giving in to the wonderful sensations.

Rick touched her cheek and she nuzzled his hand lovingly. She opened her eyes and sa

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w him smiling at her. She smiled back at him, too caught up in her impending orgasm to worry about her (hopefully) new boyfriend catching her in a threesome with her two best female friends. She glanced at his fully hard penis and knew what to do. She reached out for it and Rick moved closer, placing it within easy reach of her pretty mouth. She licked the tip a few times, then took it fully into her mouth. He gently rocked his hips as she did, fucking her orally.

Mike waited until Rick was positioned in front of Jessie, then he knelt down next to Alyssa. He knew she had a hot body, but seeing her naked and licking his girlfriend’s pussy gave him a hard-on like he’d never had before. When she noticed him, she jumped, then looked up at him and grinned. She saw Jessie take Rick’s cock in her mouth, her long blonde hair bouncing as she began bobbing her head back and forth on it. Stacy, her eyes and ears covered by Jessie’s body and thighs, was oblivious to everything except Jessie’s sweet cunt and her own building orgasm. She paused her tonguing of Jessie’s pussy when Alyssa stopped licking hers. Pulling her mouth from Jessie’s drooling lips, she murmured, "Don’t stop! I’m so close!"

Alyssa grinned at Mike. "Uh, Stacy, baby, we . . . uh . . ." She leaned closer, to where Stacy’s head disappeared between Jessie’s thighs. "We have company!"

Stacy stopped licking Jessie’s pussy and pushed Jessie’s hips up so that she could look out. She saw Mike, blushed a little, then smiled.

"Hi, baby!" Mike said with a smile. "Couldn’t wait until we got back, huh?"

"Uh, hi, Mike." She started to wriggle out.

"No, no! You stay there!" Mike said. Stacy looked at him, not sure what he meant. He winked at her then looked at Alyssa. "Don’t let me interrupt! I’ll find something to do!" He winked at Alyssa. Stacy frowned, then changed her mind and smiled.

"Ok. I was just starting to have fun here, anyway!" She pulled Jessie’s pussy back down to her face and resumed her licking. Jessie grunted her approval and ground her cunt onto Stacy’s face. Mike pulled Alyssa’s face to his and kissed her luscious lips.

"Interested in a little . . . fuck?" he asked, his hands caressing her back. Alyssa swallowed hard, then nodded. She eyed his large, hard cock nervously.

"I’m not a virgin, but I haven’t done it very much," she said, her eyes showing apprehension. "Please be gentle, ok?" He kissed her again, then smiled.

"Of course." He nodded toward Stacy’s exposed pink pussy. "Go back to what you were doing. I’ll do the rest." Alyssa looked into his warm, gentle eyes and smiled nervously. She resumed her kneeling position between Stacy’s legs, her ass once again high in the air, and went back to licking her sweet pussy.

Mike moved around behind her and spread her legs a little wider. He ran a hand over her inflamed pussy, causing her to shudder and moan. She was wet, very wet. ‘Lube shouldn’t be a problem,’ he mused to himself as he positioned his cock at her opening. He rubbed it up and down her swollen lips, all the way up to her tiny puckered asshole. Alyssa quivered and paused her pussy-licking when he touched her there, but he moved back to her pussy and she continued licking.

Once again positioned at her opening, he applied pressure gently, as he had promised. She was so wet that his head slipped in relatively easily, despite her tightness. She stopped licking Stacy’s cunt and sucked in a deep breath as he pushed the entire length of his hard shaft into her steamy pussy. She held her breath, feeling it slowly penetrate and fill her until she could feel his cum-filled balls against the back of her thighs.

"Oh, shit!" she grunted, unable to focus on Stacy’s pussy, or anything else but the hard cock buried inside her. He was big, bigger than her ex-boyfriend, and he was touching places that no one else had been able to reach. Her pussy was stretched wide and she nearly collapsed with ecstacy as he started to move it in and out of her.

Stacy was happily tongue-fucking Jessie, licking her long tongue along the walls of her recently ravaged vagina. Then she moved to her clit and started nibbling and sucking on it. Jessie’s body suddenly tensed and Stacy heard her scream as she came, the sound muffled by Jessie’s thighs squeezed against her ears, as well as Rick’s cock in Jessie’s mouth.

When she came, Rick’s cock was pushed as far into her mouth as she could take it. Her orgasm forced her to lunge forward, forcing it an inch or two into her throat. It happened so fast, Jessie didn’t have time to gag, but now it felt like she was choking and her throat was involuntarily trying to force it back out.

The feeling of Jessie deep-throating him was almost too much for Rick, but when her throat muscles started contracting on the sensitive head, he lost it.

"Oh, shit! I’m . . . unnnngh!" His cock exploded into her throat, sending the hot semen straight into her stomach. Jessie felt Rick stiffen. She realized she could still breath through her nose at about the same time she felt his hot cum sliding down her throat. Stacy, completely unaware of her predicament, sucked on her clit once again. Jessie came again, forcing Rick’s cock even further into her throat! She could feel his pubic hair tickling at her nose and realized that his entire seven inches was buried in her throat! As his orgasm subsided, he saw how far his cock was pushed into her mouth and he began pulling it out.

"I’m sorry, baby! I didn’t mean to do that! Are you all right?" He leaned down as she coughed and gagged uncontrollably for a few seconds. Then she looked up at him and shook her head.

"Not . . . your . . . fault!" she croaked, then swallowed, wincing. She cried out hoarsely and bowed her head as another orgasm washed through her.

"S . . . Stacy! Please! E . . . nough!" She lifted her dripping snatch from Stacy’s face.

"Awww . . .," Stacy moaned and rolled over onto her stomach, her face dripping with Jessie’s cum.

Alyssa had given up on her pussy, too busy with the cock in her own cunt to concentrate on it. She looked up and grinned. "Hi, Rick!" Then her eyes fell to his semi-hard cock. "Hmmm . . . seems like Jessie’s also a pretty good cock-sucker!"

Jessie smiled weakly, still panting for air and coughing a little.

"Are you ok?" Rick asked her again, pulling her closer.

Stacy’s grin faded. "What happened?"

Jessie laid her head on Rick’s shoulder. "When she came, she lurched forward and my dick went down her throat," he explained. Jessie raised her head and smiled at him.

"I’m ok, really. It just kinda scared me a little." She kissed him quickly, then added with a grin, "It really turned me on when you came!" He smiled and kissed her back.

They heard Alyssa moan as Mike picked up the pace a little. They all turned to watch and Stacy grinned as she watched her boyfriend fuck her best friend doggy-style on the beach.

"Having fun, guys?" she asked.

Mike grinned, his face twisted in concentration as he slid his cock in and out of Alyssa’s tight cunt. Alyssa groaned, her eyes squeezed tightly shut. Her tits shook as Mike rocked her body with faster and harder thrusts.

Stacy turned to Rick and Jessie. "Since they’re both busy and you two need a rest . . ." She pushed them gently down until they lay side by side on their backs. "Why don’t you just lie back." She lovingly caressed Rick’s shrinking cock. "While I see if I can save this guy!" Stacy was beginning to realize that she loved oral sex, both giving and receiving. Especially sucking cock! She bent over and took his flaccid penis into her mouth and sucked vigorously. Rick pulled Jessie’s naked body to his and moaned in pleasure.

Mike grasped Alyssa’s hips and began pounding her even faster. She lowered her head, a long, vibrating wail escaping her lips as she felt herself nearing release.

"Are . . . you ok?" Mike gasped.

"Uh-huh!" she managed to grunt. "D . . . don’t stop!" His cock was pushing deep inside her sopping pussy, fucking her like she’d never been fucked before! Like she’d been dreaming of! It felt like he was hitting all of her sensitive spots at the same time, with every stroke! There was no pain, no discomfort. Only constant, delicious pleasure! "Faster! Harder!" she gasped.

Mike pulled her hips toward him as he summoned all his strength and tried to follow her commands. Their bodies were slapping together noisily and sweat dripped from Mike’s flushed face onto her sweaty back. She began wailing louder. "Yess! Ahhh! Ohhhh . . .!" Jessie heard her and sat up to watch them while Stacy continued sucking on Rick’s cock.

"You want to try that, babe?" he asked.

Jessie smiled but continued to watch Mike and Alyssa. "Yeah, I think I do! Looks like fun!" She looked around. Suddenly, she was struck with the realization of what they were doing and stifled a giggle.

Until last night, both her and Stacy were virgins, and Alyssa had only had sex once. Now she was outdoors, naked, lying next to her naked boyfriend, whose cock she had just sucked and swallowed. One of her best friends, also naked, was now sucking her boyfriend’s cock while she watched her other best friend being fucked doggy-style by her brother’s best friend! And this was all after a threesome with her girlfriends! It seemed surreal!

She turned and kissed Rick. "Why don’t you lie back while I give Stacy a hand?" she said with a seductive smile and pushed him back onto the towel. Rick lay back and Jessie moved down to where Stacy was tirelessly nursing his now semi-hard cock back to life.

"Can I have a turn?" Jessie asked. Stacy released Rick’s cock with a slight popping sound.

"Well, my jaw is getting a little tired," she admitted with a smile. Jessie kissed her, then took Rick’s cock into her mouth, sucking noisily while Stacy licked his balls.

Rick felt his cock suddenly stiffen in Jessie’s mouth. Something about the thought of her sucking him off turned him on more than Stacy could. Stacy was very cute, sexy, and one talented little cock-sucker, but she wasn’t . . . well, she wasn’t Jessie.

‘Damn!,’ he thought as her soft warm lips ran up and down his shaft. ‘I’m not falling for her, I already have!’ He groaned as she took him deep into her mouth, her soft tongue swirling around his sensitive head. He felt the cum starting to rise in his balls.

"Jessie, if you keep that up much longer . . .!"

She released his now hard cock. "Oh, no! I need you hard!" She crawled up next to him, snuggling against his warm body. Stacy crawled up his other side and did the same. They all watched as Mike and Alyssa continued their energetic fuck.

Alyssa was working up quite a sweat. Mike was pounding her mercilessly and it felt like she’d been cumming non-stop for the last few minutes. She felt the beginnings of a huge orgasm starting deep inside her, slowly spreading from her womb to the outer extremities of her body until she felt like one big nerve ending. She squeezed her eyes tightly closed and shouted, "Oh, god! Don’t stop, Mike! Oh, shit! I’m cumming!" Suddenly, she pushed her hips back, forcing his cock deep inside her and holding it there as her pussy walls clamped down tight. She opened her mouth to cry out, but made no sound other than a high pitched little squeak. Her body went rigid; her back arched. She flung her head up and down like a bucking horse, her long dark hair flying about wildly. With some effort, Mike pulled back and thrust his throbbing dick back into her spasming vagina. He kept it up, although he wasn’t able to move as fast as before, while Alyssa’s face twisted into a grimace as her massive orgasm built to an explosive climax.

Stacy, Rick, and Jessie all stared in open-mouthed amazement as Alyssa thrashed about, gasping for air and trying to scream, but unable to make a sound. Tears ran down her red cheeks and she finally released her breath with a groan as the orgasm exploded inside her. Her body jerked and twisted as wave after wave washed through her sweat drenched young body.

Mike, nearing his own orgasm, made one final thrust deep into her vise-like pussy and held it there. Alyssa’s eyes suddenly popped open, her face still twisted into a grimace, almost pain-like. She moaned loudly and lowered her head to the towel, her body going limp except for the occasional twitch, It appeared that Mike’s cock, still buried to the hilt in her pussy, was the only thing that was preventing her from collapsing completely onto the towel. As she slowly came around, the twitches were further apart and she was finally able to lift her head and smile dreamily at them.

"S . . . Stace!" she gasped, gulping air. "Th . . .this one’s . . . definitely . . . a k . . . keeper!" She dropped her face to her folded arms, her ass still high in the air and a smile still on her weary face. Mike slowly extracted his still hard cock from her ravaged pussy and she immediately collapsed in a crumpled heap to the towel.

Jessie crawled over to her. "‘Lyssa? Honey? Are you all right?" She gently caressed her friend’s long, dark hair. Alyssa nodded slightly.

"Uh-huh. J . . . just need to rest . . . for a minute . . . or two!" she gasped between ragged breaths.

Stacy crawled over to Mike on her hands and knees. She looked down at his hard cock, then up to his face, her eyes wide.

"You did that to her, and you didn’t cum?!"

Mike shrugged. He pulled her to her knees and kissed her deeply. Then he whispered in her ear. "She wasn’t . . ." He pulled back and stared into her pretty blue eyes. "She wasn’t you."

Stacy felt a lump in her throat and her eyes welled up. "Really?" She looked up at him, her eyes glistening.

He nodded, meeting her gaze. "Really."

"Oh, Mike!" she cried, throwing her arms around his neck. He held her tight for a long moment, then pulled back and smiled at her.

"Are you ok?" he asked, wiping away her tears.

She nodded emphatically. "Oh, yes! More than just ok!"

"Would you like to try that position?" he asked, one eyebrow raised.

Stacy grinned. "Would now be ok?"

He glanced over at the others and grinned. "I guess privacy isn’t an issue anymore, is it?"

Stacy turned around and dropped to all fours, wiggling her tiny ass in his direction. "Nope! Do me, lover!" She backed up until her pussy was pressed against his rock-hard cock. He began rubbing his cock, still slick with Alyssa’s juices, along Stacy’s nearly equally wet snatch. Slowly, he worked the head inside. She was still tight, but more relaxed than the night before, and it slipped in relatively easy. He slowly pushed it the rest of the way into her hot, tight tunnel. Stacy moaned loudly as his manhood completely filled her waiting pussy. It still hurt a little, but not much. From this position, it felt like he was going even deeper inside her and pressing on some very sensitive areas. He began moving in and out slowly so her body could adjust to his cock from the different angle.

Alyssa crawled off to one side and sat watching, her knees pulled tight to her ample chest, her long hair disheveled, and her body still tingling.

Jessie and Rick watched them get started, then Rick lay back and pulled Jessie on top of him, straddling his stomach.

"Fuck me," he said. "I need you. Now." Jessie, happy to comply, lifted herself up and wrapped her hand around his hard cock.

"Hmmm. What have we here?" she asked with a sultry smile. She positioned his cock at her opening and slowly settled down, impaling her sexy body on it. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as his thick cock once again started pushing into her still tender pussy.

"Are you ok, Jess?" he asked, noticing her pained expression. He cunt was already squeezing his cock in a vise-like grip and he was only in a couple of inches.

"Still a little tender from earlier," she answered, then pushed down a little further. "I’ll be ok once we get going!" She continued pushing further onto his cock, driving it deeper into her soft, tender pussy. The slight pain she felt was lost among the other sensations of extreme pleasure her body was sending to her brain. She settled with his dick completely buried inside her tight, wet pussy and leaned forward. Her long, silky hair fell over Rick’s head while he teased her erect nipples with his tongue.

She sat back up, flipped her hair back over her shoulders and smiled at him. "I feel so close to you when you’re inside me!" He smiled and pulled her down so he could kiss her.

"I probably shouldn’t tell you this," he whispered. "But I could easily fall hard for you!" She stared into his eyes, her own eyes turning misty, and leaned down to kiss him again.

"Too late!" she whispered in his ear. "I’ve already fallen head over heels for you and you’re not getting away!"

He lifted her face back up to hers and grinned. "Baby, I’ve got no problem with that!"

She smiled, then leaned back and placed one hand on his chest while holding her long hair back with the other. She began to pump up and down on his long, hard cock and he pushed upward to meet her downward strokes. Her tight pussy was squeezing his cock so hard, he had to fight to keep control.

Jessie could feel every bump, every vein of his rock-hard cock as it slid in and out over her soft, sensitive pussy walls. She felt so whole; so complete with him inside her that she wished the feeling could last forever. She began to move faster and faster, their bodies making squishing and slapping noises amid their mutual grunts and moans.

"Oh, yeah!" Rick sighed. Jessie sat up and got off her knees, squatting on his cock with her feet on the ground.

"Starting . . . to . . . hurt my . . . knees!" she gasped. She slid his cock back inside her and began to really hammer away at his cock using the additional strength of her long, athletic legs. Rick moaned and reached up to fondle her gorgeous tits, which were jiggling erotically only inches from his face. Jessie leaned closer so he could nibble and suck on them, her long hair spilling onto his face once more.

"Mmmm," she sighed, then sat back up to resume her frantic fucking. She felt an orgasm building and increased her speed.

"Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Ohhhhhh . . .!" She continued bouncing up and down on his cock, a look of intense concentration on her angelic face. Suddenly, she came hard, her body quivering and shaking. Rick watched as she threw her head back, then forward, her face fixed in an intense grimace of sensual delight.

She gradually came down from her orgasm and fell forward, collapsing into his arms. He could feel her pussy contracting on his cock, squeezing, then relaxing over and over.

She raised her head, smiled at him, and he was once again overcome by her beauty. ‘My god!’ he thought. ‘I can’t believe how beautiful she is! And she wants me!’ Jessie was looking at him with a warm, loving smile. Her hair was disheveled and tangled, strands of it clinging to her sweaty face and body. Her face, neck, and upper chest were flushed red and her eyes shone as she smiled at him.

"What are you looking at me like that for?" she asked.

He pulled her down to him. "I was just thinking how unbelievably lucky I am to have found you!"

She gave him a quick kiss. "You can cut out the flattery, lover boy. I’m pretty much a sure thing now!"

He grinned at her. "Does that mean I can call you my girlfriend?"

She gave him a crooked smile. "Well, her we are in the middle of the woods, completely naked, and your cock is in my pussy. I think that qualifies me as your girlfriend, don’t you?"

He grinned back and winked at her. "Just checking!"


Stacy knelt on all fours and Mike slowly pushed his hard cock deep inside her hot, wet pussy. She sucked in her breath as he buried it to the hilt.

"Oh, god!" she gasped. "I feel like I’m cumming already!"

Mike began a slow rhythmic fuck, pumping in and out of her incredible tight and velvet soft cunt. Stacy lowered her head to the towel, eyes closed and thoroughly enjoying the long, slow strokes. She raised her head when Jessie cried out as she came. Stacy was about to make a comment to Jessie when Mike’s cock touched on a very sensitive spot, triggering a small orgasm and choking off her words. She moaned and lowered her head back down to her folded arms while Mike’s cock continued sliding into her tight vagina. He began moving faster and she began a low wail, her orgasm building and growing with each stroke. She raised her head, eyes squeezed shut and her mouth open in a silent cry of intense pleasure. She felt the warm tingle in her womb spread out to every part of her body.

"Oh, Mike! P . . . please don’t stop!" she cried in a shaky voice.

Mike picked up the pace even more. Her tight, wet pussy combined with her cries and moans, had brought him close to the edge himself. Suddenly, Stacy cried out and her body went rigid. She lifted her head and a long, high growl escaped her lips followed by a series of grunts as she climaxed over and over. Mike continued to hammer his inflamed cock in and out of her contracting vagina until her body went limp. She lowered her head again, whimpering and moaning as the orgasms continued to engulf her small body.

Mike closed his eyes and felt the orgasm building to it’s inevitable release. He thrust deep inside her wet hole and held it there as his seed erupted inside her. He groaned loudly as the cum was literally sucked from his cock by Stacy’s spasming pussy walls.

Stacy was drained of energy by the many orgasms she’d experienced, but the feel of Mike’s cum flooding her over-stimulated cunt was too much. She felt her body stiffen as yet another huge orgasm overtook her.

"Oh, yes!" she screamed, her face flushed red and strained with the force of her climax. She cried out loudly, then collapsed to the towel on her stomach. Mike fell on top of her, his cock still buried inside her. Cum dribbled from her pussy lips around the base of his cock. They lay there for a few minutes, neither speaking, while they both recovered their breath.

Finally, Mike pulled his semi-hard cock from her sopping cunt, releasing a flood of their combined cum to the towel under them. He rolled over onto his back next to her, still panting for breath. Stacy opened her eyes and smiled sleepily at him.

"W . . . wow!" she exclaimed. Mike returned her smile. Then somebody started clapping slowly.

They looked up and saw it was Alyssa, who was watching them with a huge grin on her face.

"What a show!" She looked at Stacy, her eyes wide. "Is that what I looked like?!"

Stacy grinned feebly. "I dunno. I was kinda busy at the time!"


Jessie was still straddling Rick, his cock deep inside her warm pussy, but they had both paused to watch Stacy’s overpowering orgasm.

"Holy shit, Stace! Just how many times did you cum?" Jessie exclaimed as she moved sensuously against Rick.

Stacy looked up her with glassy eyes, a dazed but contented look on her face. "Hell, I lost count! Felt like it was non-stop since he started fucking me!"

Jessie looked down at Rick, her green eyes twinkling. "We’ve gotta try that!" She slowly raised herself from his cock, sucking in her breath through her teeth as she did. The long shaft glistened in the sunlight, wet with her sweet juices. She kissed him, then crawled to one side and knelt on all fours, pushing her ass high in the air. Her wet pink pussy was open to the warm air, and everyone’s appreciative looks. Rick got to his knees and positioned himself behind her.

"Wait!" Alyssa called and scrambled over to them. "I can’t let him stick that in you until I clean it off!" She licked her lips and grinned at Jessie. "If it’s ok with you, that is!"

Jessie kissed her soft warm lips and nodded. Rick moved back and held his hard cock out to Alyssa. She crawled sexily to him and slowly sucked it between her thick, sexy lips. She took it in slowly, savoring the taste of Jessie’s fresh cum and juices. Then she started moving faster, slurping noisily on it. Rick sighed. Alyssa was a damn good little cock-sucker and he was really enjoying the feel of those soft lips and warm tongue as it flicked across the sensitive head. She gave him one final deep suck, then released it from her mouth with an audible ‘pop’.

"There! Nice and clean!" she remarked, winking up at Rick.

Rick returned her suggestive wink. "Thanks, babe!" Taking a position behind Jessie, he placed his cock against her wet opening and pushed in until his pelvis was rubbing against her tight round ass.

"Oh, shit!" Jessie cried. "I don’t know what you’re hitting in there, but it sure feels good!" He began pumping in and out of her warm, wet tunnel. Alyssa reached up and started gently caressing his balls. He increased his speed until his thighs were slapping noisily against Jessie’s ass, her moans almost drowning out the slapping sound.

By now, Stacy had recovered enough to sit up next to Mike and watch her friends. She reached over and tenderly grasped his flaccid penis and began caressing it lovingly. He leaned back on his elbows, enjoying the show and Stacy’s gentle touch.

Alyssa was becoming extremely turned on watching Rick and Jessie go at it. An idea came to her and she released her grip on Rick’s balls. She dropped to her back and tried to slide under Jessie, nudging her to raise up a little. Jessie, completely lost in her own little world, unconsciously obeyed and Alyssa slid under her, positioning her face at Jessie’s pussy. She watched Rick’s cock slide in and out of her lover’s cunt a few times, the leaned up and licked the slick shaft and Jessie’s sensitive labia. Jessie cried out.

"Ahhhhh! Oh, ‘Lyssa! You’re bad!" Alyssa smiled to herself and continued licking both of them whenever the opportunity presented itself. Jessie noticed that Alyssa was lying with her legs spread, her own exposed pussy just to her left. She reached over and tugged on Alyssa’s hips, indicating for her to slide over. Alyssa shifted her body so that her wet cunt was under Jessie’s face. With a wink to Stacy, who was watching them as she stroked Mike’s now fully erect cock, she lowered her head and started licking and tongue-fucking Alyssa’s pussy.

Alyssa was sucking on Rick’s balls when Jessie began eating her still sensitive pussy. She dropped them from her lips and cried, "Oh, Jess! Yes!" She moved to Jessie’s hard clit and started sucking on it with renewed vigor while Jessie continued swirling her tongue all around Alyssa’s twat. All the while, Rick continued stroking in and out of Jessie’s cunt.

Stacy leaned over and started licking up the side of Mike’s cock, teasing the sensitive area under the head with each pass. He lay back and tugged gently on her legs. "C’mere, babe. I want to taste that pussy again!" She lifted her leg over Mike’s head and pushed up so that her pussy was over his face. Then she went back to licking and sucking on his cock. He began nibbling and teasing her sensitive, well-lubricated pussy, still sticky with the mixture of their combined cum. She started sucking more feverishly, her head bobbing up and down. Mike moaned into her pussy. The vibrations, combined with his talented tongue, were bringing her very close to yet another orgasm.

Jessie was alternating between Alyssa’s pussy and the intense orgasm building up inside her from Rick’s fucking and Alyssa’s tongue. Rick began to really pick up the pace, making it difficult for Alyssa to keep her tongue busy. Eventually, she gave up and instead rubbed her finger over Jessie’s over-stimulated clit while watching from inches away as Rick’s long shaft hammered away at Jessie’s pussy.

Jessie cried out in ecstacy as Alyssa’s finger and Rick’s cock sent jolts of electricity through her body. The sound of her cries was partially muffled by Alyssa’s pussy. She raised her head, eyes shut, and moaned loudly as Rick pounded away at her tight cunt. She felt the orgasm building. Her vagina walls clamped down on Rick’s cock, bringing moans of pleasure and strained grunts as he tried to keep up the pace in her now even tighter pussy. Jessie groaned loudly and bit her lower lip as the orgasm enveloped her. Her body jerked wildly, then went rigid. She let out a long cry that built in volume until she climaxed and her body relaxed, occasionally twitching as she came down from her sexual high.

Alyssa watched from below as Jessie’s cum began oozing out around Rick’s buried cock, tiny droplets forming along her stretched labia. She opened her mouth and caught some on her tongue before licking it from Jessie’s dripping pussy. Rick continued to push in and out as she orgasmed, moving slower because of her vaginal muscles squeezing his cock, nearly trapping it in her warm, soft body. Nearing exhaustion, Jessie dropped her head between Alyssa’s legs, the musky-sweet scent of her pussy filling her nostrils.

As Rick slowly fucked Jessie’s stretched and tortured cunt, Alyssa gave his balls a lick, then turned her attention to Jessie’s clitoris.

"Ah! N . . . no! Alyssa! T. . . too sensitive!" Jessie cried as she tried to move out of Alyssa’s reach.

"Awww," Alyssa moaned and began squirming out from under her pretty friend. Jessie raised her body so she could, then sank back to the towel, totally spent, her body tingling and twitching. Rick was still inside her, but had stopped moving to give her a few minutes to recover. He looked over at Alyssa, her hair, face, and neck soaked with Jessie’s cum. Some was starting to run in small rivulets down to her large tits and over her erect nipples, forming little droplets before falling. He licked his lips and grinned suggestively.

"Now look who needs to be cleaned up!" he said and picked some from her chin with his finger, then licked it clean. He pulled the voluptuous brunette closer and kissed her deeply, tasting more of Jessie’s sweet juices on her lips and tongue. He slowly moved down her neck to her large, firm tits and licked them clean. Alyssa sighed and moaned when he moved to her hard nipples and sucked tenderly on them. While he was sucking Alyssa’s tits, he began slowly fucking Jessie again. She gasped, still dazed from her orgasm, but moved her hips in response.

While Rick was sucking Alyssa’s tits, he slipped a finger into her wet slit and began to finger-fuck her. She moaned loudly and a small yelp escaped her lips when her rubbed her clit. After a few minutes, he pulled his fingers from her drooling cunt and, looking her straight in the eye, popped them into his mouth. He sucked them clean, then licked his lips.

"I want more!" he whispered. He pulled his still stiff cock from Jessie’s overworked little pussy and pulled her up to her knees facing him. Her face, neck, and chest were flushed a deep red and tears streamed down her cheeks.

"Honey, are you ok? Did I hurt you?"

Jessie smiled and kissed him. "No, of course not, baby!" She shrugged and wiped her eyes. "I was cumming so hard, I guess I got a little emotional."

Relief washed across his face. "Oh, ok." He smiled warmly and kissed her. "Um, . . .would it be ok with you if I . . . uh . . . played with Alyssa for a while? So you can rest."

Jessie looked at Alyssa. There wasn’t a hint of jealousy in her eyes or on her face. "Are you sure you’re ready for more?"

Alyssa grinned and placed Jessie’s hand on her wet pussy. "Oh, yeah!" She nodded toward Rick’s still hard cock. "You better look after your man, there. He’s still hard as a rock!"

Jessie put a hand to her mouth. "Oh, Rick! I’m so sorry! I was so caught up in . . ."

Rick put his finger to her lips. "Jessie! Relax! When I’ve already cum, it takes me a while to cum again."

Jessie winked at Alyssa. "Well, then, let me see if I can help you with your problem!"


Stacy and Mike were still locked in a sixty-nine while all this was taking place. She was slurping noisily on his cock while he was thoroughly enjoying the sweet nectar of her pussy. She could feel the beginnings of another orgasm but when he began nibbling on her erect clit, she lost it. She pulled his cock from her mouth.

"Uh! Uh! Ohhhhh . . .ahhhh! Ooooo. . . !"

She came hard and her juices leaked into his waiting mouth and spilled over his face and neck. He continued his gentle licking and sucking until she couldn’t take any more stimulation and pulled her twat from his mouth.

"Ok!" she gasped, her face flushed. "That’s about all I can handle for now!" She moved down between his legs and resumed sucking on his long cock. Mike laid his head back and closed his eyes. The feel of her warm mouth and soft tongue on his cock was exquisite. After a few minutes, he felt the warm buzz in his balls as she brought him to the brink of orgasm.

"Stacy!" he moaned. "I’m getting real close!"

"Mmmmm . . .," she murmured and only increased her pace. She couldn’t wait to feel his hot cum splashing into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, her blonde hair flying wildly. She sucked hard on his cock, taking as much of it into her mouth as she could. Her hand grasped his shaft and stroked it in rhythm to her sucking.

"Oh, shit!" he cried. "Oh, yeah! Here it comes!" He groaned loudly as his cock erupted, shooting a huge load into her waiting mouth. Stacy swallowed quickly, remembering how fast the shots came last time. The second shot was just as big as the first, the third only slightly less. Even though she was gulping it down as fast as she could, some of it still leaked around the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin. She managed to get most of it down, then licked the head and shaft clean. When she finished, she crawled up and kissed him before curling up in his arms.

"You really came a lot that time!" she exclaimed, licking her lips.

He squeezed her and kissed her forehead. "Guess I was a little . . . over-stimulated today!" he replied, nodding toward the others.

Stacy giggled. "I know what you mean! This is so hot!"


Rick lay back on the towel and Alyssa straddled his face, facing his feet, and lowered her dripping pussy to his mouth. Jessie watched Alyssa’s eyes widen, then close as Rick’s tongue swirled inside her cunt. She smiled and moaned when he licked the length of her slit up to her hard little clit.

Jessie leaned over and sucked Alyssa’s left nipple into her mouth, her long blonde hair spilling down to Rick’s abdomen and tickling his cock. Alyssa gasped and held Jessie’s head to her breast, relishing the feel of two mouths working on her simultaneously. Suddenly, Rick’s tongue touched on the sensitive area between her pussy and asshole and she jerked involuntarily. ‘Wow!’ she thought. ‘I didn’t realize that was a g-spot!’

They sucked and licked on Alyssa’s tits and pussy for several minutes before Jessie turned her attentions to Rick’s cock. She rubbed her face against it, loving the feel of the large head soft on her cheek. His body twitched as she lightly ran her fingers over his balls. While still caressing his balls, she started to lick along the hard, rough shaft, licking up one side, across the tip, then down the other to the base. Rick moaned softly into Alyssa’s deliciously wet pussy.

Jessie sat and straddled Rick, facing Alyssa. She positioned his cock at her opening, then settled down onto it, gasping in pleasure as it slid completely inside her. She grasped onto Alyssa’s shoulders for support. Alyssa smiled and teased her hard nipples. Jessie had closed her eyes as she settled onto Rick’s thick cock, but opened them to smile at Alyssa. They embraced warmly.

"I love you, ‘Lyssa," Jessie whispered.

"I love you, too, Jessie," Alyssa whispered back. They kissed lovingly for a long moment until Jessie released her soft lips and began moving up and down on her boyfriend’s cock, still holding onto Alyssa’s arms.

The sight of the intense pleasure on Jessie’s face combined with Rick’s talented tongue in her pussy was bringing Alyssa close to orgasm. Sensing she was close, Rick dipped a finger into her sopping wet cunt, then rubbed it sensuously on the g-spot between her asshole and pussy. Alyssa moaned louder and ground her pussy down onto his mouth further. Then he surprised her by moving his finger, still slick with her juices, back to her tiny puckered asshole and pushed it in to the first knuckle! Alyssa’s body stiffened. As Rick’s finger penetrated her untouched anus, she felt the building orgasm suddenly double in intensity!

She reached out to Jessie and grabbed her by the shoulders while forcing her pussy tighter onto Rick’s face. He continued swirling his tongue around her hole, then up to her clit. All the while, his finger pumped in and out of her small back door. With a strangled cry, Alyssa came hard. Her pussy contracted, squirting her cum all over Rick’s face. She literally started shrieking, cumming like she never had before. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut and her face, screwed up into an almost pain-like grimace, turned crimson red as wave after wave of mind-numbing orgasm wracked her small body. Rick was still eating her pussy and was trying to finger-fuck her asshole, but when she came she squeezed his finger so tight he could barely move it.

Jessie felt Alyssa’s grip on her shoulders tighten to the point where it was becoming painful.

"‘Lyssa! You’re hurting me!"

Alyssa, still lost in the throes of her orgasm, somehow heard Jessie’s plea through the fog in her brain and released her grip on her shoulders. She lowered her head to Jessie’s chest.

"S . . . sorry! It’s . . . just . . .ah! Ooooo! Oh shit . . .!" Her body jerked and she grunted as each wave passed through her. She raised her head and grabbed her tits roughly, kneading the soft flesh and pinching the hard nipples. She let out a huge breath, relaxed a little, then stiffened again as another orgasm hit her. After the third time, she sat up and somehow managed to pull her over-stimulated cunt from Rick’s wet face.

"Rick, stop!" she cried weakly. "I’ll pass out . . . if you keep . . . doing that . . ." Her words faded and she dropped to all fours, panting for air. Rick slowly extricated his finger from her asshole, which caused her to jerk more, and she rolled off of him, collapsing on the towel next to him. She grinned at him through glassy eyes.

"I . . . don’t know where you . . . got that idea . . .but . . . wow!"

Rick smiled. "I heard some girls liked it. You seemed like the type." She grinned and winked at him, then sat up. Jessie leaned over and they kissed. Then she bent over Rick and started fucking his cock. Their lips locked in a wet, passionate kiss, her tits crushed against his chest. She pulled away and looked at him.

"What were you guys talking about?"

Rick shrugged as Jessie slowly moved up and down on his hard dick. "I tried fingering her asshole."

Jessie slowed her movements and looked over at Alyssa, who grinned and nodded. "Really? It felt . . . good?"

Alyssa laughed. "‘Good’ doesn’t quite do it justice!" Her eyes sparkled. "Wanna try it?"

Jessie looked doubtful. "I dunno. Did it hurt?"

Alyssa shook her head. "Uh-uh. Here. Let me rub yours a little." She stuck a finger into her own pussy and said, "Lean forward. I know you’ll like it!"

Jessie looked from her to Rick, then back. "All . . . all right. Just please be gentle." She leaned forward, her tits in Rick’s face. He happily began licking on them. Alyssa ran her pussy juice-soaked fingers down her ass crack to her tiny puckered anus and rubbed her little rosebud. The reaction was instant.

"Oh, shit! That does feel good!" She began moving a little faster on Rick’s cock. Alyssa rubbed her until her finger was dry, then dipped it back into her pussy again. She resumed her rubbing, then applied more pressure until it slid inside. Jessie’s eyes widened as Alyssa’s finger penetrated her asshole.

"Oh . . . my . . . god!" The feeling of Rick’s cock in her pussy and Alyssa’s finger in her ass was . . . indescribable! Like Alyssa had said, ‘good’ didn’t do it justice! They began to establish a rhythm; when Rick pulled out, Alyssa pushed in. After a few minutes, she was using her whole finger and Jessie was lost in a sea of sexual delights. The orgasm built until she felt like she would explode! When she finally came, she cried out loudly, nearly screaming. Wave after wave of intense orgasmic pleasure coursed through her young body mercilessly. Finally, Alyssa pulled her finger free, but Jessie continued to keep Rick’s hard cock inside her until the severest orgasms had subsided. She leaned down and kissed him, her face dripping with sweat.

"W . . . wow! Th . . . that was . . . wild!" she exclaimed with a wide grin. Rick smiled. Her intense orgasm had turned him on so much he felt like he was about to explode. Jessie recognized the look on his face.

"Are you gonna cum, lover?" she teased.

"Yes, please!" he replied, his voice strained.

"I want you to cum on my face!" she purred. "I want to feel it running down my cheeks, taste it on my lips . . ." She grasped his cock and began stroking it, occasionally taking it into her mouth.

"C’mon, baby! Let me have it!"

Alyssa dropped down next to her. "Me too!"

They kissed quickly as Rick groaned. Jessie motioned for him to stand. He did and she once again stroked and licked his throbbing cock, aiming it at her and Alyssa’s faces. Stacy and Mike lay back and watched in amusement.

Jessie and Alyssa remained on their knees in front of him. Jessie began sucking on his cock more earnestly while Alyssa licked and sucked on his balls, heavy with cum. Then Jessie licked up one side of his shaft while Alyssa did the other. Rick closed his eyes and leaned his head back, loving the feel of two hot girls working on his cock. They kissed, then took turns sucking. Each would get in two or three good strokes before switching off. It was too much for Rick.

"Ah! Oh, yeah! Here it comes! Aarrrgh . . . .!" He threw his head back as Jessie popped his cock from her mouth, aimed it at their faces and stroked it quickly. Suddenly, it erupted and he shot a load of hot, white semen onto Alyssa’s cheek, with some landing on her tits as well. Jessie pointed it at her own face and took a shot to the side of her nose. The next one hit across her open mouth, some landing on her tongue while a string of jism connected her top and bottom lips. As the shots lessened, they each took more on their tits, then took turns sucking the remaining cum from his pulsating rod.

Rick finally opened his eyes an stared down at the two beautiful, naked, and cum-soaked girls smiling up at him.

"Well," he said. "Aren’t you two a mess!" Jessie and Alyssa looked at each other and started laughing.

"I think we could all use a bath!" Stacy said, standing.

"Great idea, baby!" Mike agreed, also getting to his feet. He took Stacy’s hand and they walked up the hill together toward the campsite, their clothing forgotten on the beach. Alyssa quickly kissed Rick and Jessie, then jumped to her feet and ran off after them, her cummy tits bouncing as she ran. Jessie and Rick rose and embraced. He hugged her tightly, their naked bodies fitting together comfortably.

"I guess you’ll never forget your first time, huh?" he said, looking into her eyes.

Jessie gave a little laugh and shook her head. "I’ll never forget this day!" She looked up at him, her face more serious. "It was fun. And maybe we can do it again - all of us, I mean." She looked into his clear blue eyes. "But the best part was meeting you. Making love to you. That’s what I’ll remember best!"

He pulled her close and they kissed warm and softly, like lovers do, enjoying just being together - alone. They pulled apart and Jessie said, "After we go home . . ." She paused, then continued. "Will you still want to . . . see me?"

Rick pulled her tight. "Honey, I want to see you every minute of every day!" He held her at arms length. "The way I feel about you right now . . ." He hesitated, searching for the right words. "I could easily see myself falling head over heels in love with you." He smiled warily. "I hope that doesn’t scare you off!"

Jessie smiled at him, a tear trickling down her cheek. "Really? Do you really mean that?"

He nodded. "I know we just got together, but it just . . . feels right, you know?"

"Oh, Rick!" She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him. "I feel the same way!"

They remained in a passionate embrace for several minutes, then pulled apart and walked arm in arm up the hill.

- The end, for now.

Author’s note: This was my very first story, written almost two years ago in longhand. I recently transcribed it to my computer and, aside from some grammatical tweaking, it’s pretty much as originally written. I’ve left it open for more chapters, but so far I haven’t written any more. As always, your comments are welcome. Please leave a review, positive or negative, and if you would like a reply, feel free to email me at .

Family Friend - Part 21

bjcortland on Teen Stories

 Chapter 74

Angie walked along the sidewalk after watching her parents have sex in their new house. Why had that excited her? Was it the voyeuristic aspect? That had to be it. Even as sexually curious as she was, the thought of her parents having sex wasn’t anything that excited her in itself. Somehow she’d been able to detach that part of the experience so that in her mind she wasn’t watching her parents having sex, but two strangers. Did that sound as strange as it seemed to her?

She thought about it as she made her way to Steve’s house and jumped on his mother’s bicycle. She was certain at this point she’d put more miles on it than Karen had in all the years she’d owned it.

She started down the street, trying

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to decide where Michelle and Kristi may have gone. If they’d managed to get Jake to fall for Michelle’s twisted little plan, the logical place would be the creek. She swung in that direction and picked up her speed a little. If she hurried, she might get there in time to see a little action!

She hadn’t gone too far when she spotted a familiar figure riding toward her. Michelle pulled up and they stopped by the school. Angie grinned at her friend, her disheveled hair and huge smile a dead give-away that she’d been recently fucked.

“Hey, there,” Michelle said.

Angie looked her up and down and shook her head, still grinning. “You little slut!” she exclaimed.

Michelle looked down at her rumpled clothes and back up to her, her eyes glittering. “That obvious, huh?”

Angie laughed and pointed to the bleachers by the football field. “C’mon. I want to hear all about it!”

They rode over and leaned their bikes against the metal bleachers, then sat down on the bottom row.

“Ok, spill!” Angie said, eyeing her with an amused grin. “And I want details!”

Michelle giggled and took out her hairbrush. She began untangling her hair as she began the story. “Well, he fell for it,” she said, pulling a twig from her hair.


“Oh, yes. I wish you could’ve seen the look on his face when I was sucking on him and he thought it was Kristi until she whispered in his ear!”

Angie laughed and tried to picture the shocked look on Jake’s face. “So, did you tell him about all of us?”

She nodded. “Yeah, and we really poured on the drama about how important it was for him to keep his mouth shut.” She explained about how his dick shrank back to a flaccid state despite having two naked girls lying next to him. “He knew we were serious. I don’t think he’ll say anything.”

Angie nodded. “Good. So, what do we do now?”

Michelle shrugged. “We kinda left that up in the air. He and Kristi were still at the creek when I left. I thought maybe they needed some alone time to work out how their relationship was going to fit into this.”

Angie smiled and rubbed a hand along her bare thigh. “You’re so thoughtful,” she said softly, their eyes meeting.

Michelle smiled and was about to lean in for a quick kiss when a shout reached their ears and they turned to see some kids running across the field and tossing a football. They pulled apart and grinned smugly at one another.

“I wish we could be more open about our relationship,” Michelle said, taking her hand.

Angie smiled sadly. “Me too. But with so many others involved, we don’t dare come out.”

Michelle nodded. “I know, and I understand that. It’s just that…I really care about you a lot.” she looked deep into Angie’s blue eyes. “I love you, Ang.”

Angie glanced over at the kids, who weren’t paying any attention to them, then brought Michelle’s hand to her lips, kissing it softly. “I love you, too, Michelle.”

Michelle smiled and Angie could see tears welling up in her eyes. “God, how can I have such strong feelings for all of you!?” she exclaimed, wiping her eyes.

Angie gripped her hand tighter, then reached out and hugged her. “Because you have a big heart, baby, with plenty of love to go around.”

They held one another for several long seconds. Then, as if both of realized at the same time they were in a public place, they both let go and sat back.

“When’s Artie coming back?” Angie asked after a moment of silence had passed.

Michelle sighed. “Not ‘til Friday. His parents wanted to stay a couple more days.” She remembered the dirty pics she’d sent him. “Oh my god, you won’t believe what I did!” She explained how Artie had asked her to send him a picture of herself and how she’d taken a couple of sexy ones as well.

Angie grinned. “Do you think you could send those to me?”

Michelle laughed and nodded. “Of course!”

“You should bring your camera sometime and get some hot group shots. I love the look on your face when you cum. It makes me so hot!” Angie giggled. “I could make it my computer background!”

Michelle’s jaw dropped in mock alarm and she playfully slapped Angie’s leg. “Don’t you fucking dare!” This brought on a fit of giggles from both of them.

“Did your folks pick a house?” Michelle asked after they’d calmed down.

“Oh, yeah! We got the one on Wilmot with the pool!”

“Awesome!” Michelle exclaimed. “We can hang out at the pool instead of swimming in the creek!”

Angie nodded. “Sure, but I like the creek. It has…” She winked at her with a sly smile.

“…some advantages.”

Michelle chuckled. “Yes, it certainly does.”

It was starting to get late and Michelle really did have to get home to start dinner, so they hugged one more time and said goodbye. Angie watched her sexy girlfriend ride off across the schoolyard and disappear around a corner. She picked up her bike and started for home. Steve would be home from work soon and she had a lot to tell him.

Chapter 75

The following day Angie was sitting at the well-used picnic table on the grass by the corner store sipping on a bottle of water. When she’d told Steve about what happened with Jake, he took it with a grain of salt. Obviously, he wasn’t as convinced of Jake’s ability to keep their secret as the girls were, but he agreed they had no choice and was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. He was working all day today again. A couple of the regular employees at the lumber yard were on vacation so he was basically working full time for a couple of weeks. It was good money, but it left her without her first choice for a sexual partner and after hearing Michelle’s retelling of Jake’s initiation, she was feeling very horny.

She finished her water and tossed the empty into a blue bin, then took a look up and down the road. No sign of anyone on a bicycle in either direction. It was getting hot and even though she was wearing cut-off shorts and a short halter, she could already feel beads of sweat running down between her breasts. A trip to the air conditioned mall would feel good, but she really wasn’t dressed for it. Of course, there was always the creek. She didn’t have her swim suit but if no one was there, well…she wouldn’t really need one. She grinned and climbed onto her bike, hoping that would be the case.

She hadn’t gone far when she saw Jake riding toward her. They slowed to a stop and she greeted him with a big smile. He returned her smile but seemed to have a hard time meeting her eyes.

“Hey, Jake!”

His eyes made a quick trip over her barely covered body before finally meeting hers for an instant. “Hey Angie. What’s up?”

She shrugged, her eyes sparkling. “I was on my way to the creek. It’s so hot and I need to cool off. Wanna come?”

He nodded. “Sure.”

They began riding slowly along the street toward the path to the creek. Jake seemed to hang back a little and for the first few minutes neither of them spoke. Finally Angie decided to break the tension and slowed down so that he coasted up beside her on a downhill. She looked over at him.

“So, Michelle tells me you’ve been initiated.”

For a moment, he didn’t reply or even look up, but she noted his ears turned about three shades of red. “Yeah, I guess so.”

Angie paused for a moment as they negotiated a turn, then said, “So, tell me what you think of it? Are you and Kristi both cool about …all of us?”

They arrived at the entrance to the trail that led to the creek before he could answer and he braked to stop by the side of the road. Angie pulled her bike next to his and dropped one long tanned leg to the ground to brace herself. She saw his eyes drop to her leg and slowly move up to where her tight shorts covered her slightly parted legs. She smiled to herself as he seemed to realize he was staring and immediately dropped his eyes.

“Yeah…I mean, I’m cool with it…and Kristi seems to be too.”

Angie leaned down and met his eyes. “It’s ok, Jake. I don’t mind if you look at me.”

He looked up at her and when he saw the smile on her face, he appeared to relax somewhat. “Uh…ok…um…sorry,” he mumbled, grinning sheepishly.

She laughed softly. “So you guys are both cool with it. Awesome!” She indicated the path to the creek. “Come on, I’m cooking in this heat!” She shoved off and rode down the path toward the creek. Jake watched her ass in the tight shorts as she stood up on the pedals, then started off after her.

Angie guided the bike down the rough path, fully aware of Jake’s lustful stares. She didn’t turn around to try to catch him, but she knew him - well, she knew guys in general - and had a very good idea what his eyes were focused on. She was becoming more than a little aroused herself and crossed her fingers that the clearing would be empty of other people. That would not only ruin their chances of hooking up, but also swimming. Without a bathing suit, any water play was going to have to be of the naked type.

She cleared the trees and it only took a second to discover that there was no one else there. She smiled to herself as she rolled across the grass to a spot a few yards from the tree by the bank. She stopped and got off her bike as Jake rolled up next to her and dropped his. She looked around as if verifying that they were indeed alone, then grinned at him.

“Looks like we’ve got the place all to ourselves.” Jake glanced around and nodded nervously. She smiled to herself at his shyness, so uncharacteristic for him. Then she watched his eyes drop to her waist as her fingers toyed with the hem of her halter top. “That’s good, because I forgot my swim suit,” she said, a mischievous grin starting on her face. Jake’s eyes lit up and he forced himself to focus on her face.

“I…I don’t have mine either,” he said in a quiet voice.

Angie looked around as if trying to decide what to do, running her hands along her enticing curves as she did. Jake couldn’t stop his eyes from moving down and watching as her hands moved along her waist to the flare of her hips, then back up to the bare skin of her midriff. She turned back to him suddenly, catching him staring. When his face flushed with embarrassment, she laughed coquettishly and studied his own lean body, chewing seductively on her lower lip as she pictured him naked between her legs.

“So,” she finally said, looking up into his eyes. “You wanna?” Her hands slid up and grasped the bottom of her halter top.

He swallowed hard. “Um, ok.” She began to lift the top up and he stopped her. “Are you sure Steve’s ok with this?”

She smiled and nodded. “He’s cool, Jake. Relax.”

He took a deep breath and nodded. “All right then.”

She began to lift her top again and he watched with baited breath for her perfect tits to be revealed. Then she stopped. “Maybe we should stash our bikes, just in case someone comes along.”

Relieved that she hadn’t changed her mind, he nodded and they pushed their bikes into the trees. Before they stepped back out into the clearing, Angie grabbed his hand and turned him to face her. She smiled, her blue eyes sparkling with the same first time excitement and anticipation he was feeling. Before he realized it was happening, she was in his arms, her soft body pressed against his and their lips seeking the other’s. They kissed hard and hungrily, hands roaming over flesh and tugging at clothing.

Angie had at this point forgot all about swimming. All she wanted was to get naked right here and now and be ravaged by her boyfriend’s best friend. She pulled his hand to her breast and held it against the supple flesh, her hard nipple poking against his palm as their kiss intensified. Despite his initial nervousness, once the ice was broken, Jake’s instincts took over and he slipped his hand under her top, cupping and squeezing the soft mounds and pinching her erect nipples. Angie moaned softly and pushed her tongue deep into his mouth, her hands dropping down to his ass and pulling him even tighter to her.

Jake soon had both of her firm tits in his hands and she pulled off her halter to give him unrestricted access. He began nibbling on her earlobe, kissing her neck, then her shoulder, moving closer to those succulent pink nubs. Angie moaned her approval and pushed his head down until he took one of her tender nipples into his mouth.

“Oh, yes!” she murmured, “Suck it!”

Eager to comply, Jake began to suck on it, his tongue lolling in circles over her areola. Angie moaned louder, fully enjoying the feel of his mouth on her sensitive breast. He pleasured that one for several minutes, then switched over to the other one, lavishing the same attention on it. Whatever Jake’s sexual shortcomings might be, tittie-sucking certainly wasn’t one of them!

As pleasurable as this was, Angie needed more. Gently, she lifted his head from her breasts and smiled, then kissed him tenderly. While they kissed, her hands went to the button of his shorts and she soon had them undone. She reached inside and felt him gasp into her mouth as her fingers brushed, then gripped his hard cock. She began to stroke him, his hard shaft filling her hand. She felt a wetness coating her hand and used the precum as lube, gently caressing the soft tip.

She broke off the kiss and looked up into his eyes as she continued to pleasure him. He looked down at her hand massaging his stiff prick and closed his eyes, inhaling a deep breath before opening them again.

“You’re so hard,” she said. “Do you like when I do this, Jake?”

He nodded. “Fuck, yeah!”

Angie gave him an impish smile. “Then you’re gonna love this!”

Before he could respond, she dropped to a crouching position before him, her face only inches from his cock. She gave him a wink, then began to lick the tip of his cock, her eyes never leaving his face.

“Oh, fuck!” he groaned. Just the idea of finally having the sexy blonde was nearly enough to make him cum in his shorts and the feel of her warm, wet tongue on his cock was almost too much for him to bear. He felt his balls tingling and only through sheer willpower was he able to stop himself from blowing his load all over her pretty face. “Jesus, Angie!” he gasped. “I can’t take much more… of this!”

She stopped licking him and pulled back, licking her lips as she continued to pump his hard organ. “Do you want me to stop?”

He shook his head. “No! I mean… it feels great, but you’re gonna make me…”

“Cum?” she finished for him.

He nodded. “Y…yeah.”

She shrugged. “So cum…I don’t mind.”


She kissed the swollen tip and smiled up at him. “But you want to fuck me, right?”

“Y…yeah,” he said, his face flushing even more.

“So…I get you off, then you lick my pussy. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be all ready to go!”

He only took a second to consider that and grinned, nodding. “Yeah! That’ll work!”

She giggled and eyed his cock, licking her lips, then looked back up at him. “So…may I…?”

“Fuck, yeah, babe…suck it!”

Angie smiled to herself. It seemed he was regaining some of his confidence and was becoming the Jake she’d come to know. She began to lick the soft tip again and he moaned his approval. With her eyes looking up at him, she pressed her lips against the head and slowly took him into her mouth, her cheeks dimpling as she began to suck on his throbbing cock. She felt his body twitch when she began to use her tongue to rub the underside as her mouth moved back and forth along the length of his shaft. She could taste a good amount of precum and knew it wouldn’t be long until it became the real thing. She really didn’t mind his cumming this quickly, as long as he returned the favor and was ready to fuck her after he brought to an orgasm orally.

She started to caress and fondle his balls and stroke the lower part of his shaft. Jake’s body began to tremble slightly and his hands dropped to her head. She began to work her mouth faster, sensing his impending release. His moans became louder and a few seconds later she felt his cock swell in her mouth. She pulled it out and opened her mouth as the first load shot out and landed on her tongue, splashing across her lips and the tip of her nose as well.

Jake groaned loudly and thrust his hips forward, releasing another shot across her cheek and up into her hair. She continued to pump his spurting cock until he was almost finished, then took the swollen tip back into her mouth, sucking gently on the tender flesh. He gasped as she sucked the remaining jism from him and looked down at her cum splattered face. She smiled up at him, opened her mouth to show the pool of cum on her tongue, then closed her mouth and swallowed. He watched as she parted her lips and stuck out her tongue to show she had indeed swallowed his seed.

“Fuck, that is so hot!” he exclaimed, returning her smile.

She wiped a streak of white cum from her cheek and sucked it from her finger before reaching into the back pocket of her shorts and retrieving a small packet of wet wipes.

She stood up and began to clean the rest of his load from her face and hair. Jake watched this gorgeous topless girl and knew he’d have absolutely no problem getting hard again and fucking her brains out. Even then, his cock was still hard and he had a feeling it was going to stay that way!

She finished cleaning herself and grinned at him. “Now it’s my turn!”

Jake nodded exuberantly, his eyes moving down to her sexy body in the tight shorts. He reached out and tugged at the button until it let go, then lowered the zipper. He glanced down and saw nothing but bare flesh through the open fly of her cut-offs. No panties.

He started to work the tight shorts over her hips, but it was difficult so she helped him, wriggling them down and stepping out of them onto the soft needles of the forest. She stood before him wearing nothing but a pair of white ankle socks and matching white sneakers. Her body was perfect, lean and sexy and her fully shaved pussy was swollen and moist. Fuck, she looked good! She took a step toward him until his still semi-hard cock bumped against her abdomen. She looked up at him, her eyes wild with lust.

Without hesitating, he dropped to his knees and inhaled the aroma of her dewy slit. At his gentle urging, she spread her legs and he leaned into the warm wetness of her aroused pussy. His tongue darted out and touched her inflamed labia, bringing a gasp of pleasure from her.

“Yes…lick me!” she panted, her hand pressing his head between her legs.

He was still new to this pussy-licking thing, but he’d learned a bit over the past couple of weeks, especially with Michelle and Kristi together. He began to lick up and down Angie’s slit, using his tongue to separate her outer lips and seek out the tender flesh inside. Angie began to rock her hips against his mouth and moaned softly. He was doing ok, but Michelle was right - he needed more training.

She reached down and tugged back the hood over her clit. “Lick here,” she whispered, circling the hard little pearl with her finger.

Jake moved his tongue up and began to tease her clit and she immediately let out a gasp of pleasure. “Oh, fuck yes! Like that! Oh, god…!”

Sensing he was really turning her on, Jake continued his assault on her little love button, but worked two fingers into her wet, heated hole as well. Angie’s moans of delight told him he was on the right track and he began to pump in and out of her as his tongue rolled and flicked over her sensitive clit.

Angie could feel her orgasm building. As inexperienced as Jake was, he took instruction very well and she grasped a nearby sapling to steady herself. He toyed with her clit and her climax grew closer and closer with every flick of his tongue. When he began to suck on it, she lost it. Her knees wobbled and her entire body began to shiver.

“Oh, shit…!” she gasped, holding his head tight to her pussy with one hand while gripping the small tree with the other. “I’m…cumming…!”

Her words seemed to invigorate Jake and he began sucking harder on her engorged clit, rolling his tongue over it as he did. It was all too much for Angie and she felt the first rush of pleasure roll through her like a tidal wave, her knees almost collapsing as the rest of her body tensed up. She grit her teeth and groaned, her eyes tightly closed, as wave after wave of pleasure washed through her.

Finally, she began to gasp and pant and Jake sensed she’d had enough. He pulled his mouth from her spasming pussy and looked up at her flushed face as she gasped for air. His fingers remained inside her and a trail of her juices coated his hand and ran down his arm, dripping from his elbow. She jerked every time he moved his fingers even slightly and eventually he pulled them out, allowing her body to relax.

When he pulled his fingers from her dripping snatch, she dropped to her knees in front of him and kissed his wet lips, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth. They kissed for several seconds, then she pulled back and gave him a somewhat sleepy smile.

“Wow, that was…wonderful!”

He grinned at her and raised his wet hand to show her. “I didn’t know girls could cum like that!”

She grinned and took his hand, pulling it to her lips. “That means I was really turned on!”

Keeping her eyes locked on his, she methodically cleaned his fingers one by one, licking her lips as she relished the taste of her own cum. Jake felt his already rejuvenated cock grow even harder at the sight of this sexy, naked girl licking her juices from his fingers.

“Holy fuck, Angie…that is so hot!”

She finished cleaning off his fingers and released the last one with a popping sound. “I love pussy as much as I do cock,” she said. She looked down at his fully erect member protruding from his open shorts. “Speaking of which…”

Before they could do anything, they both stopped at the sound of voices. Someone was coming down the path to the clearing! As if by unspoken signal, they both said nothing, but moved so that they could peer out from the bushes and see who had invaded the sanctity of their little sexual tryst.

At first, neither could see anyone, but the voices were getting louder and they could plainly make out at least two female voices and the lower laugh of a guy. Jake glanced down at his own open shorts, then over to Angie, who still wore nothing but socks and sneakers. He should have been terrified at the possibility of being caught like this, and he had to admit he was a little afraid. But Angie’s naked body next to him was also bringing out other feelings - the kind that made his cock grow even harder. He placed a hand on her back and began to rub it almost unconsciously as they watched the people come into their line of sight.

It turned out there were five altogether - three girls and two guys. He recognized all of them from school. They’d all been sophomores last year and would be seniors when school started in September. One of the girls, a tall, leggy blonde named Jennifer Elcar, was walking hand in hand with Evan Stark, a big full-back on the varsity football team. They’d been a couple all last year at school and it seemed their relationship was still on. Besides being Evan’s girlfriend, she was also a cheerleader, as were the two other girls.

The other three walked a little behind them. One of the girls, Ashley Morrison, was in one of Jake’s classes and he had a small crush on her. She was short, barely over five feet, with shoulder length dark hair and big, brown eyes. Her body fit her height, small and thin, but with all the right curves. She was wearing cut-off jeans and a black bikini top and he was surprised at how full her tits were. From the way she dressed at school, he didn’t think they were that big, although they could have filled out over the summer.

Walking next to her was Mandi Banks. She had long, straight, almost black hair and the delicate facial features that suggested at least some Asian ancestry. She was also wearing a bikini top and shorts and her firm, perky tits barely moved as she walked.

Behind the girls came John Makoff, another varsity football player. He was carrying a backpack over one shoulder, along a smaller one in each hand. No doubt Ashley and Mandi’s. Jake tried to remember if John was seeing either of them, but couldn’t recall him having any regular girlfriend.

Angie turned to him and whispered, “Do you know them?”

Jake nodded. “They’ll be seniors at school this fall.” He pointed out each one and told her their names.

Angie nodded and grinned. “Think we’ll get a show?” She gestured toward Evan and Jennifer, who were unfolding a big beach towel to lay on. They were laughing and touching one another in a way that suggested they were both in the mood for a little afternoon delight.

Jake shook his head, chuckling to himself. She liked to watch, too? “I doubt it - not with the others here.” She shot him a look that said ‘What does that have to do with it?’ and winked, as if everyone was a sexually open as they all were.

Mandi and Ashley were spreading out a huge towel a few yards away and John placed his right next to theirs. The girls stripped off their shorts and Jake couldn’t pull his eyes from their sexy bikini-clad bodies. Jennifer was wearing an extremely small thong style and from the back it almost looked like she had nothing on at all. Angie picked up on it and nudged him.

“Fuck, she looks hot!”

Jake nodded, unable to pull his eyes from Jennifer’s sexy bikini, even though he had a beautiful naked girl kneeling right there next to him. As all three girls stretched out to do some sunbathing, John and Evan peeled off their t-shirts and ran to the rope, each swinging far out before dropping into the water with a loud yell before the water silenced them.

After watching the guys leap into the creek, Angie turned to the girls, their slender, sexy bodies lying out on the ground, and found herself becoming very aroused. She reached down and grasped Jake’s fully hard cock, stroking it. He moaned softly, trying to keep from making too much noise. While he desperately wanted to fuck her, he was afraid any sound or movement would alert the others and they’d be discovered lurking naked in the bushes. What a mess that would make when school started! He’d be labeled as a pervert for the rest of his high school career!

But Angie didn’t seem to pick up on his nervous trepidation, her thoughts fully focused on sex. Just the very thought of having sex while all these strangers were only a few yards away was making her very excited. Her hand began to pump Jake’s cock more fervently until she could feel a sheen of precum coating his shaft. She looked up at him.

“I want you to fuck me…right now!” she whispered.

Jake was thoroughly enjoying her hand job and looked down at her in surprise. “But, they might hear us!” he exclaimed in a hoarse whisper.

Angie shrugged and grinned. “So? That’s what makes it exciting!” She turned and knelt down on all fours, presenting her beautiful ass to him, wriggling it seductively and looking back at him with the same mischievous grin. “Come on, Jake…fuck me!”

Torn between getting caught and finally getting to fuck the hot blonde, he hesitated for only a brief second, then moved as quietly as he could behind her. He could feel the heat from her pussy as the tip of his cock touched her swollen labia. She moaned softly and pushed back until his head parted her lips and slipped into her hot tunnel. At that point, he was powerless to do nothing but push his entire length deep into her steamy depths, sighing as her warm wetness engulfed his inflamed cock.

“Ohhh…yesss…” she murmured.

He looked out into the clearing, certain that their movements and moans had alerted the others, but Jennifer was lying on her stomach and chatting with the others while the guys were still swimming. As he pulled back and thrust once again into Angie’s sweet cunt, Jake noticed that Jennifer’s bikini top was untied and lying on the towel under her. Then Angie began to push back and grind her pussy down onto his cock and he returned his attention to her.

Angie felt Jake’s cock fill her aching twat and sighed in relief as she finally had what she was longing for. She opened her eyes and peered through the bushes in front of her so she could watch and fantasize about the three sexy girls as he fucked her. The leggy blonde - Jennifer, she remembered - was untying her top and from her position Angie had a nice view of the side of her full tit as she lay on the towel. She imagined herself sucking on it as Jake began to pump in and out of her dripping snatch, his subdued grunts coinciding with each thrust.

Jake was caught up in a conflict of desire and not getting caught. Angie’s pussy was so tight and hot that he wanted to cry out every time his hard cock plunged into her. The fact that they might get caught was exciting and he found he had to pause to quell his orgasm more than once. She was more than just a hot chick to him and maintaining control wasn’t easy. From the first time he’d seen her that summer in Steve’s kitchen wearing nothing but a pair of panties and one of Steve’s shirts, he’d wanted her like he’d wanted no other girl. Now he was having her, but had to remain quiet, and it was like some form of delicious torture.

Angie began to moan louder and her hips moved even faster. He noticed her hand was diddling her clit and he could feel her fingers brush his cock as their pace increased. He could feel a swelling in his balls and knew that there’d be no stopping himself this time. As his orgasm built toward release, he sensed Angie’s body starting to twitch and shake. Her fingers flew over and around her clit and he suddenly reached the point of no return, thrusting all the way into her molten sheath.

He came hard, and had to put a hand over his mouth to quiet his scream of pleasure. Angie’s pussy clenched on his cock and it felt like she was literally milking the cum from his balls, causing him to experience a sense of pleasure like never before. Spots danced before his eyes as his load was squeezed from his cock in one long, unending stream. He heard Angie cry out and was certain the others must have heard her, but he was too wrapped up in his own pleasure to do anything about it.

Angie felt her orgasm build up and suddenly explode as Jake’s cock erupted inside her. She grunted and bit down on her lip to stifle her cries as wave after wave of orgasmic delight swept through her. She managed to get a look out into the clearing and saw Jennifer glance over their way, almost making her heart stop. But then one of the other girls said something and she turned back to them. As she slowly came down from her orgasm, she felt a river of cum dripping from her lips. Jake had stopped moving and she could hear his gasping breaths as he tried to keep quiet.

Finally, she felt him slip out and pushed herself to a kneeling position, the cum seeping from her distended cunt and dripping to the ground. She grinned up at him, his face as flushed as she was certain hers was, and grinned.

“Wow! That was hot!” she whispered.

Jake returned her grin and merely nodded, glancing out at the three girls. “Looks like they didn’t hear,” he said, a tone of relief in his hushed voice, “but I don’t see how they couldn’t have!”

Angie moved closer and whispered into his ear. “I think Jennifer did, but she looked away again. Probably thought it was a squirrel or something!”

Jake swallowed hard. That was too close. He began to fasten up his shorts and Angie placed a hand on his before he could. “What are you doing?”

He gave her a curious look. “I’m getting dressed so we can get out of here!”

She shook her head. “And how are we going to do that? We left our bikes right over there!” She pointed to a spot just a few yards from where the others were.

Jake frowned. “Shit, you’re right. I forgot about that.” He looked down at her nude body. “So what do we do?”

Angie grinned. “Let’s stay here and see if they start fucking!”

Jake stifled a laugh. “They aren’t going to fuck!”

“Why not?”

“Because not everyone has sex in front of their friends, or out in the open where anyone could wander in!”

Angie frowned, conceding his point. “I guess not, but you never know, right? Maybe they’re into group sex too!”

He rolled his eyes. “Angie, c’mon…think.”

She smiled to herself. It was so fun to tease him. She wanted to stay because the idea of being naked just a short distance from them was a huge turn-on and she wanted to have more sex before they lost the opportunity. She wished Steve or Michelle were here to enjoy this thrill with her. Her fingers plucked at his shorts. “C’mon, get naked with me!” She gave him a seductive look and pinched at her nipples, nibbling demurely on her lower lip. “I’ll suck your cock again…”

He looked at her, his eyes traveling down to her firm tits as she teased her nipples to full hardness. His cock wasn’t quite soft, but almost. And even though he’d already cum twice in the last hour, the thought of his cock in her mouth was enough to start it growing again, or at least stop the deflation.

“Fuck, Angie…we’ll get busted for sure!”

“‘Fuck Angie’,” she repeated, looking thoughtful, “Sounds like a plan!”

Jake rolled his eyes as she took his wet, semi-limp cock in her hand and began to work it. “No wonder you need more than one lover! Holy shit!” He quickly slipped his shorts off, deciding this was something he wasn’t going to spoil by being afraid of getting caught.

She laughed quietly and placed his hand on her left tit. She showed him how she liked him to rub circles around her nipples, then pinch and tug on them. They turned back to watch the girls as they manually pleasured each other.

Nothing much happened beyond some conversation that they couldn’t quite hear. It didn’t take Angie long to have Jake’s cock once again back to full attention, but she slowed down once she did. She wasn’t sure how many more times he’d be able to cum and she wanted to make the most of every opportunity. Jake’s fingers had moved from her tits down to her pussy, and she coached him on how to stimulate her clit. He was a quick study and almost had her to the brink of another orgasm when John and Evan returned from their swim and joined the girls.

John plopped down next to Jennifer, shaking his wet hair over her bare back. She squealed and lifted up, exposing her bare breasts for only a brief second to the two naked voyeurs in the bushes. Angie and Jake exchanged a silent look of guilty pleasure, then turned back to the unsuspecting subjects of their naughty game.

Jennifer sat up, holding her bikini top to her breasts and chided Evan for getting her wet. He leaned in and said something they couldn’t hear, but from the expression on her face, it was probably something about how she usually enjoyed when he made her wet. She giggled and slapped him playfully. He responded by glancing over at their companions, who were chatting and not really paying much attention to them, then slid a hand under her bikini top and fondled her tit. She gasped and looked over to make sure they weren’t being watched, then moved so that his body blocked the other’s view and dropped her top. He looked down at her topless body and began to kiss her, his hands squeezing her firm tits.

While the other three couldn’t see what was going on, Angie and Jake had a front row seat. Jennifer turned away from her friends, her back against Evan’s chest, and facing directly at the bushes they were hiding behind. Angie felt a new tingle of arousal as she watched Evan’s fingers caress and tease Jennifer’s beautiful tits. As if sensing her desire, Jake reached over and began to fondle hers, mimicking Evan’s technique. She moaned her approval, pleased that he seemed to know what she wanted with her having to tell him. He was improving rapidly from this little trial by fire she was putting him through.

They watched the couple making out for several minutes. Jennifer’s hand was behind her and from the look on Evan’s face, she was giving him a little rub as he teased her tits. He leaned in and whispered something into her ear and she nodded, her breasts heaving.

He released her tits and she pulled her top back on. Once she had it tied, he turned to the others.

“We’re gonna take a little walk,” he called out to them. “Be back in a bit!”

John waved at him and went back to his conversation with Mandi and Ashley. As Jennifer and Evan gathered up their towel and started off into the woods, Angie grasped Jake’s hand.

“Let’s follow them!” she whispered.

This came as no surprise to Jake, nor was he surprised when she told him he could bring his shorts, but not to put them on. Together, they watched the couple slip into the woods and follow a faint trail that led to another small spot on the creek bank. Jake knew where it led and he and Angie slipped as quietly as possible along the waters’ edge until they arrived at the same time as Evan and Jennifer did. They found a suitable spot several yards away behind a large rock and some bushes and got comfortable while Evan spread out the towel on a small patch of grass.

Jennifer watched him, her fingers moving across her bikini-clad tits. From where they hid, her erect nipples were plainly visible through the dark fabric and there was some very obvious camel toe between her legs. Angie also noted a prominent bulge in Evan’s shorts and was excited at the thought of seeing his big cock pumping into the sexy blonde’s pussy.

Evan finished with the towel and walked up to Jennifer, taking her into his arms. They were about the same distance away as they’d been at the main clearing, but the creek was smoother here and less noisy, so they could hear a little better. On the downside, Evan and Jennifer would also be able to hear them better if they weren’t careful.

“You look so good in that bikini,” they heard him say as he stepped back and admired her lithe body. She smiled at him and pulled him in for a kiss. He murmured something into her ear and she giggled, then his hands went behind her back. A few seconds later, he pulled back, bringing her bikini top with him. He dropped it to the grass, his eyes taking in her full breasts. She blushed a little, then they moved together again in another passionate kiss.

Angie and Jake stared at the scene unfolding before them. She nudged him in the ribs and mouthed, ‘I told you so!’ Jake just grinned and looked back over at the couple. They’d turned around somewhat and now Jennifer’s bare ass was presented to them, the thin strip of her thong disappearing between the globes of her tight ass cheeks. Evan’s hands moved down her back and cupped each cheek, squeezing it and pulling her body tight to his. He broke off the kiss and said something too low for them to hear, but a second later it became apparent what he’d said.

Jennifer dropped to her knees before him and began to pull down his still wet shorts. As Angie and Jake watched, his hardon was revealed to them, thick and long. Angie smiled to herself. Maybe a little bigger than Steve, but not much. And nowhere near the size of Artie’s huge cock. She reached over and began to stroke Jake again, bringing a soft murmur of pleasure from him. He was still hard and she couldn’t wait to fulfill her earlier promise to him.

Jennifer began pumping Evan’s hard cock as he kicked off his shorts. He looked down and met her eyes, then placed a hand on her head and guided her mouth to his groin. She didn’t resist, and took his cock into her mouth without a hint of hesitation. Angie looked over at Jake and motioned for him to lie down on his back. She had every intention of blowing him but wanted to be able to watch the sex taking place on the creek bank. If all went well, she could finish him off at the same time Jennifer finished Evan.

As Angie took her place kneeling next to Jake’s prone form, she wondered absently if cheerleaders swallowed. She lowered her mouth to the red tip of Jake’s cock and took it into her mouth, murmuring quietly as she took him all the way to the back of her throat. Jake moaned and alternated between watching her and the action on the other side of the bushes.

Jennifer sucked on Evan’s cock for some time before he finally began to show signs he was about to cum. “Oh, fuck, baby!” he moaned, “I’m gonna blow!”

Jennifer pulled off and began jerking on his cock, looking up at him. Angie frowned. Cheerleaders. As if a mouthful of cum was going to hurt anyone. She continued to suckle Jake’s cock while Jennifer jerked off Evan until he came on her tits, groaning loudly. Angie looked up at Jake, who shrugged. She released his cock with a popping sound and stroked it.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth…” she asked in a hushed whisper, “…or would you rather fuck me again?”

Jake considered his choices, then said, “I want to fuck you.”

She smiled and nodded, then lie down with her head on his chest, watching as Evan helped Jennifer clean his jism from her tits with some baby wipes from her backpack. ‘What a waste,’ she thought, imagining herself licking his hot load from those gorgeous tits.

When they finished cleaning her up, Evan pulled her to her feet, then knelt down and began to work her skimpy thong from her ass crack and down those long, svelte legs. She picked up each foot and allowed him to take it completely off, standing perfectly nude in the midday sun. He looked up at her, then stood and embraced her, their naked flesh pressing together as they shared another hot kiss.

Angie hoped Evan would return the oral favor and that Jake would also take the initiative, and when Evan beckoned for Jennifer to lie down and spread her legs, she could see that his cock still wasn’t quite hard enough to fuck. Sure enough, he knelt at her feet and dropped his head between those sexy thighs. Jennifer suddenly threw her head back and cried out, her hands tugging at the grass as Evan’s head began to move up and down between her long legs.

Angie lifted her head and peered up at Jake. He grinned, knowing what she wanted, and motioned for her to straddle him. She climbed on in a sixty-nine position, and lowered her snatch to his mouth. He grasped her hips and pulled her down, his tongue snaking into her hot pussy. She sat up and grabbed her tits, fully engrossed in the wonderful feelings.

She watched as Evan must have targeted Jennifer’s clit. She cried out and her back arched up off the towel. Her hands went to Evan’s bobbing head, her fingers entwining in his hair and forcing his face tighter to her pussy.

As Jennifer’s orgasm engulfed her, Angie felt her own pussy begin the contractions she knew were the first phases of orgasm. She began to moan, her murmurs of delight causing him to moan into her pussy, increasing her sensations. She grasped the base of his cock and began to pump it as her orgasm neared. Her climax grew closer and she brought her hand up and clamped it firmly over her mouth. The combination of having her pussy eaten while watching the two seniors doing it had aroused her more than ever and she knew this was going to be a powerful orgasm. She didn’t want to risk being heard.

She felt her pussy spasm and took one last look at Jennifer and Evan lying on the towel before closing her eyes and surrendering to the sensations. Her pussy contracted and she felt her stomach muscles tighten as she climaxed and released, moaning heavily. She felt a gush of fluid spew from her wet cunt and gush into his mouth. Jake tried to swallow it all, but some leaked down his cheeks and coated his face with her sweet nectar.

Her pussy was now extremely sensitive and she lifted herself from his mouth. After cumming a few times, she was going to need a little break to allow herself to desensitize a little. She leaned down and gave his cock a quick kiss and a little suck, then lifted her head and carefully climbed off of him. She grinned down at his wet face and he returned her smile. Then she glanced over to where Evan and Jennifer were and saw that they were lying on the towel talking and making out a little. Then Evan rolled over on top of her and she opened her legs. He settled in and they could see the look of pleasure on her face as she accepted his hard cock.

Deciding that she also needed a cock in her overworked cunt, Angie lay back and spread her legs wide, motioning to Jake. He got to his knees between them and she placed both ankles on his shoulders. He placed the tip of his swollen cock against her equally swollen lips and pushed. She gasped as her aching hole was filled with his hardness, then pulled him down and kissed him as he buried his entire length in her hot, wet snatch.

They began a slow fuck, watching as Evan and Jennifer moaned and twisted on their towel. After several minutes, Evan pulled out and flipped her over, guiding her to her knees, then began to fuck her doggie style. Angie and Jake continued in the same position, both enjoying the feel of their bodies pressing together. Angie wasn’t sure if her tender pussy would allow her to cum again, but the sight of the others fucking faster and faster just a few yards away was certainly turning her on.

After several minutes, Evan began to moan and Angie distinctly heard him say he was going to cum. She watched as his face contorted and he slammed hard into Jennifer’s pussy, finally letting out a long, agonizing groan and emptied himself in her steamy cunt. That was enough for Angie and she felt her pussy contracting as Jake’s own breathing became halting. When she felt his hot load filling her, she came with him, although not with the same intensity as her previous orgasms.

When they finally came down and relaxed in one another’s arms, they looked out and saw that Evan and Jennifer were also cuddling together, seeming to be in no hurry to get back to their friends.

Angie motioned in the direction of the clearing and whispered, “C’mon, let’s go see what the others are doing!”

She stood and Jake watched her naked ass slip into the bushes, then got up to follow her. The others were no doubt doing the same thing they were doing when they left them - just sunbathing. But then again, she’d been right about Evan and Jennifer.

As silently as possible, they made their way back to the where they’d been before. As they crouched down and peered through the bushes, Jake could see that he’d been right. The three were still sitting or lounging around and talking. None of them were naked and no one was having sex. Angie turned to him, a disappointed look on her pretty face.

“Aw, damn…I was hoping to see those two get it on!” She pointed to Mandi and Ashley.

Jake chuckled. “Not all girls are into girls, you know,” he reminded her with a playful spank on her ass.

Angie giggled. “I know, but I had a feeling about those two. I dunno how to explain it, but they feel like more than friends to me.”

Jake rolled his eyes. As hot as it was to imagine the girl he had a crush on making out with the sexy Ashley, there was no way they were into one another. How would they be able to keep that a secret if it were true. Then he thought of Michelle and Kristi. And Angie, too, of course. Who would have ever suspected it of them?

As he was considering that, John got to his feet and said he was going for another swim. Neither of the girls accepted his invitation to join him, so he ran off and jumped into the water. Ashley watched him go, then looked over at Mandi. The cute little brunette was lying back on the towel with her eyes closed, one leg bent at the knee. Jake felt Angie’s hand tighten on his as they watched Ashley’s eyes take in her friend’s sexy body, stealing occasional glances up to make sure her eyes were still closed. Angie leaned in closer to Jake.

“See! I told you!”

Jake watched the two bikini-clad girls in astonishment. There was no doubt that Ashley was indeed checking out Mandi’s body, but was it in a sexual way or was she simply admiring another beautiful girl? As they watched, Ashley began to say something. They inched a little closer so they could make out what they were saying.

“…ever let him go down on you?” Ashley was saying.

Mandi turned to her friend. “Sure, wouldn’t you?”

Ashley glanced toward the creek. “Maybe, I mean, would he expect me to do it too?”

“It isn’t that bad,” Mandi replied, picking up her bottle of lotion. “Would you mind doing my back?” Ashley nodded and accepted the bottle. Mandi sat up and untied her bikini top, looked over to make sure John was still out of sight, then pulled it off. For only a brief second, her naked breasts were in full view of the two teens skulking in the bushes before she lay back down on her stomach. Ashley moved over next to her friend and squeezed out some of the lotion onto her bare back. As she began to slowly and methodically rub it into Mandi’s skin, her eyes moved down to her bikini clad butt and Angie nudged Jake. He nodded, not taking his eyes off the two teens. Even to him, it was plainly obvious Ashley had more on her mind than just applying lotion.

However, that was all that happened. She finished up and then lay down next to Mandi, closing her eyes against the bright sunshine. Angie gave Jake a disappointed shrug, then settled down to wait until they left so they could safely retrieve their bikes.

About five minutes later, John returned from his swim and stood talking to the girls as he toweled off. The chat was banal, school and football season; whether or not the girls would try out for cheerleading. Jake was getting bored and was considering pulling his shorts back on when Angie turned to him with that same devilish grin on her face, her eyes moving down to his flaccid cock. He couldn’t believe she was still horny!

Without saying a word, she took him in her hand and he felt a surge as his cock began to grow once again. She grinned up at him and licked her lips, then knelt down and began to lick and tease his growing erection until it was fully hard. As he watched the three older kids sunbathing, her lips pushed down over his renewed member and she began to suck hard on it, taking him deep into her mouth. He closed his eyes as the wonderful sensation of her warm, wet mouth engulfed his cock, then looked down at her blond hair as her head bobbed up and down in his lap. It felt so good that he wanted to cry out and tell her to suck him, call her a little slut, and generally talk dirty the way he had a feeling she liked. After all, Michelle told him to do that while he fucked the shit out of her, so he was certain Angie liked it too.

But a glance into the clearing told him that anything over a low moan would be heard by the others, so he satisfied himself with the thought that he would have the opportunity to do that in the future. With a great effort, he controlled himself as she slowly coaxed another load from his overworked balls. It took some time, but she was very adept at giving head and when she was finally rewarded with another, somewhat smaller mouthful of semen, she murmured contentedly and swallowed every drop.

She sat up, licking her lips and grinning. They heard footsteps coming through the woods and turned to see Evan and Jennifer making their way back to their friends. Soon, all five were gathered in the clearing once again. Mandi had replaced her bikini top sometime during Angie’s blowjob and after a few minutes, they began to gather up their things to leave.

“I guess this was just an excuse for Evan and Jennifer to fuck,” Angie whispered.

Jake nodded. Once he got over the taboo of spying on people having sex, he’d actually enjoyed himself. Of course, being naked in the woods with a hot, horny, and equally naked nymphomaniac didn’t hurt. Once the older teens disappeared into the woods, they stepped out of their hiding place, still naked (at Angie’s insistence). She embraced and kissed him, then looked toward the creek. “We never did take that swim,” she said with a grin. “And now I’m really all sweaty!”

With a chuckle, Jake nodded. They both kicked off their sneakers and ran off the bank, splashing into the cool water. They swam and played for a few minutes, then climbed out and lay on the grass, letting the warm sun dry their bodies before finally getting dressed.

Jake pulled on his shorts and t-shirt and watched as she adjusted her tits inside her halter top. She looked up at him and grinned, her hard nipples leaving little bumps in her top.

“Ashley was pretty sexy, wasn’t she?” she said, picking up her bike.

Jake nodded. “She’s hot. So is Mandi.”

They began to push their bikes toward the path. “Yes, she is too. But Ashley likes girls, no question about it. You saw the way she was checking out Mandi’s ass.” She thought for a moment. “I think I’m going to try out for cheerleader. Maybe I can get to know her.”

Jake shook his head with a smile. Just how many sex partners did she need? “You’ll make it,” he said. “You’re too fucking hot not to.”

She leaned in and kissed him. “Thanks, baby. You’re pretty fucking hot yourself!”

They pushed their bikes up the path through the woods, both too worn out from the afternoon of sex to peddle uphill over the rough trail, then rode down the road toward town. Before they split up to go their separate ways, they agreed that all of them would have to get together soon for a full on orgy. With a smile and a wave, Angie rode away, her perfect ass looking oh so good on the tiny seat. Jake watched her go, then headed for home. He needed to go home and replace some fluids. And maybe take a nap.

Family Friend - Part 22

bjcortland on Teen Stories


Chapter 76


Michelle went into her room and dropped the shopping bags of back to school clothes on the floor. As much as she loved shopping for clothes, it saddened her to think that this wonderful summer was quickly drawing to a close and very soon her days of freedom would come to end. She sat down on the bed and began sorting through her purchases; tops, jeans, and even a couple of skirts that pushed the limits of the school dress code. This summer had definitely changed the way she felt about her sexuality and her body and she wanted to reflect that in the way she dressed. She stopped short of the school slut/hooker look, but some of her things were pretty revealing.

As she tried on the various articles of clothing one more time befo

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re removing the tags, she thought about how school was going to affect their sex lives. Sure, they’d still be able to sneak off to the creek after school for a little while, but what about when the weather turned too cold for outdoor activities? She supposed they could go to Artie’s house or somewhere else where no one would be home until dinner, but she hated the restrictions that placed on them. Not to mention the chance of a parent coming home early and catching them. And she was really beginning to enjoy sex outdoors.

She sighed and tossed the new clothes into a pile to be washed, then glanced at the clock on her night stand. Two-thirty. She picked up the phone and called the O’Connell’s, but only got voice mail. Where was Angie? She could have gone to the mall and they could easily have missed one another. She knew Kristi was off with her older sister Katie, who was going to college in California and stayed out there over the summer except for a couple of weeks when she came home to visit. Kristi and Katie were very close and she wondered just how much she’d let on about her recent sexual activities. No doubt she’d tell her she was no longer a virgin, but doubted she’d go into details. Katie was cool, but there were some things you just didn’t tell your older sister, no matter how cool she was.

She decided to take a bike ride, maybe go down to the lumber yard where Steve was working and see if he knew where she might be. The afternoon was still young and there was the chance she and Angie could still spend a couple of hours alone together. Or maybe they could find Jake and give him another workout. She grinned as she pushed her bike out of the garage and started down the street. Now that would be a fun afternoon!

She rolled into the dusty parking lot of the lumber yard about fifteen minutes later and spotted Steve standing by one of the huge open overhead doors talking with a couple of the guys he worked with. She coasted through the gate and pulled up to a stop about thirty feet away and waved at him. Steve waved back and his coworkers gave her a quick once-over before wandering off into the warehouse. Steve came over and gave her a quick kiss.

“Hey, this is a nice surprise! What’s up?”

She got off her bike and leaned it against the building. “Nothing much. I’ve been out shopping all morning. I tried to call Angie when I got home but there was no answer. I thought maybe you might know where she is.”

Steve shook his head. “No, I don’t. Sorry.” He thought for a moment. Angie had mentioned wanting to talk to Jake. “She might be with Jake. She said she wanted to talk to him…sort of see how he’s measuring up, I guess.”

Michelle nodded. “Maybe they went to the creek.”

She saw a flash of darkness cross his face, but it passed quickly. They both knew that if Angie and Jake were at the creek, chances were good they weren’t swimming. Michelle smiled and gave him a warm hug.

“Don’t worry, Steve…you’re the one she loves.”

He returned her smile, nodding almost convincingly. “Yeah, I know. It’s just hard to think of her alone with him.”

She put her arms around his neck and gave him a deep, passionate kiss. He seemed startled at first, then returned it for several seconds before pushing her gently away. “We better stop,” he said, looking around. Fortunately, none of his coworkers or any customers were in sight. Michelle nodded, smiling apologetically.

“Sorry…I don’t want to get you into trouble.”

He smiled and brought her hand to his lips. “It’s ok, I won’t get into trouble.” He glanced back into the dark warehouse. “Although if Bill or Jack saw that, they’ll be riding my ass for the next few days!”

She giggled and discreetly rubbed her hand over his crotch. “Then we better not do what I really wanted to do!”

Steve laughed and gave her another quick peck on the lips. “Don’t ever change, Michelle.”

She gave him a seductive wink. “Not a chance!” She went over to her bike and straddled the seat, her long tanned legs stretching to the ground. “I better go so you can get back to work. Why don’t we all get together after dinner?”

He nodded. “Sounds great.”

They said their goodbyes and he watched her ride away, her long hair flowing out behind her as she picked up speed. When she was gone from sight, he turned and went back into the warehouse. He hadn’t gone too far when Bill and Jack, two guys who worked full time, stepped out from behind a pile of plywood, grinning. ‘Oh, shit,’ Steve thought, rolling his eyes.

“Now, I may be mistaken, Bill,” Jack said, folding his arms over his chest, “…but I could’ve sworn ‘ole Cassanova here was dating a blonde girl…” He held out a hand about five and half feet from the floor. “…cute little thing…about this big, wasn’t she?”

Bill grinned, nodding. “I do believe you’re right, Jack.” His eyes twinkled as he looked over at the blushing Steve. “So, do tell, Mr O’Connell…just how many girls are you dating at the moment?”

Steve rolled his eyes. “C’mon guys, we need to fill that order by five.”

They ignored his attempt to change the subject. Bill continued. “As a matter of fact, I’ve seen both of those girls together, like they was good friends or sumthin’.” Jack’s eyebrows raised as if in mock surprise.

“Oh, is that so? That’s very interesting, Bill,” Jack mused, trying hard not to crack a smile.

Bill nodded, still grinning at Steve. “Interesting, yes…yes it is.”

Finally, Steve relented with a sigh. “Ok, ok…they’re friends. So what?”

“Well, young fella,” Bill said, “Do they know you’re diddling both of them?” At that, Steve’s face flushed red and both men broke out in loud, knee slapping laughter. He forced himself to look away and say nothing. If they only knew the truth, he thought, they’d soon stop laughing and he’d be practically a god in their eyes.

As luck would have it, a pickup truck pulled into the yard and a man stepped out holding a yellow pick slip. Steve jumped on the opportunity to escape their good-natured ribbing and hurried over to fill the order.


Chapter 77


Angie pedaled slowly toward home, keeping her tender pussy a little off the tiny bicycle seat. As much as she enjoyed sex, that much in such a short span of time really made her sore. She was happy that she and Jake had the opportunity to hook up, though. And having the other teenagers nearby while they did really got her motor running. The only part she regretted is that she may be too tender to have sex with Steve later, and he’d know exactly why. She hoped he wouldn’t be hurt or jealous. After all, she did tell him she wanted to get together with Jake and he’d already seen her with Artie, not to mention Kristi and Michelle.

She pulled into the O’Connell’s driveway and slowly climbed off the bike, then pushed it past their car toward the garage, limping slightly. Her parents were off finalizing some of the house paperwork and their van wasn’t there. She leaned it against the back wall of the garage and went into the house, planning to take a long, soothing shower. Cathy’s voice stopped her before she could start down the stairs to the basement.

“Angie? Is that you?”

She poked her head into the kitchen, where Cathy stood at the sink, drying her hands.


Cathy smiled and nodded toward the kitchen table. “Do you have a minute? I’d like to talk to you about something.”

Angie nodded, but she felt a knot forming in her stomach. If Steve’s mother wanted to talk to her alone, it probably had something to do with her and Steve, or to be more precise, her and Steve’s sex life. “Sure, I guess. I was just going to take a quick shower.” She went up into the kitchen and took a seat across the table from Cathy, her eyes meeting the older woman’s unfalteringly. “What’s up?”

Cathy smiled at the pretty blonde. It was easy to see why Steve found her so attractive. She was almost the spitting image of her very sexy mother. “Well, we’ve never really talked and since you and Steve seem to be getting pretty serious, I thought we should have a little chat. You know - girl stuff.” Angie nodded and forced a smile. Something in Cathy’s eyes told her she had something a little more specific she wanted to talk about, but she decided to play along.

“Ok, sure…I’d like that.”

They chatted for a couple of minutes about how much she was looking forward to moving into their new house and starting school in the fall. Finally, there was a lull in the conversation. Cathy fidgeted with a napkin for a few seconds, then took a deep breath and looked up at Angie. “I guess there’s really no easy way to bring this up, so I’ll just come out and ask.” Angie felt the knot tighten and hoped her expression didn’t betray her nervousness. Cathy met her eyes. “Are you and Michelle both dating Steve?”

Angie swallowed hard and lowered her eyes. How the hell did she figure that out? Cathy let out a long sigh. “I’ll take it from your silence that’s a yes.” Angie nodded slightly, but didn’t look up. Cathy reached out and took her hand. “Look, Angie, I really like you a lot. I think of you as the daughter I never had, especially since you’ve been staying here. And Steve’s never seemed happier.” Angie looked up at her and she paused. “But I don’t want to see any of you get hurt. If you and Steve were only dating casually, I wouldn’t even be bringing this up. It’s good for him to be with different girls, so he’ll have a better understanding of what he wants when he finally settles down. But you told me you were in love. Is that true? Because if you are, that changes everything.”

Angie hesitated for almost a full ten seconds before replying. She nodded her head and looked up into her eyes. “Yes, I do love him - very much.” She paused. “And so does Michelle.”

Cathy blew out another long breath and sat back in her chair. “Oh, boy.”

Angie shook her head. “It’s ok - really. We aren’t having any problems at all.”

“Angie, honey, you’re a smart girl. Surely you can see how this can only end badly. Eventually he’s going to have to chose one of you and the other will be devastated.”

Angie sat there without answering, her eyes darting around the room. Cathy suddenly seemed to come to a realization. “Unless…oh no, Angie…you three aren’t…”

Angie felt her face heat up and lowered her head. That was as good as admitting they were having sex together. Cathy got up and walked over to the counter, staring out the window. So her hunch, as wild as it’d been, was correct. How did this happen? Had one of them seen her and Alan together with Angie’s parents? But they were so careful! Now she was faced with the choice of being a hypocrite or condoning their kids’ lifestyle. For a long moment, she said nothing, the tension heavy in the air. Finally she spoke without turning around.

“I’m not going to say anything to your parents, Angie. Your Mom and Dad are just starting to come to grips with you and Steve having sex. I don‘t think they could handle knowing you like girls too.” She turned around to face her. “But you’re going to have to tell them sometime.” She went back over and sat down again. “Are you sure you’re ready for this? I mean, there are a lot of adults who aren’t able to do that.”

Angie kept her eyes lowered and nodded, speaking quietly. “We all love one another. It’s no big deal.”

Cathy sighed again. It was hard to argue with her because she knew it was possible to maintain an open, loving relationship. She just couldn’t tell her that.

“Ok, honey. We’ll leave it at that for now.” She reached over and took Angie’s hand and she looked up. “Please be careful. And promise me something; if you ever need to talk to someone about this, I’m there for you, ok?” Angie nodded, but without much enthusiasm. Cathy gave her hand a gentle squeeze, then let it go. “Ok, go take your shower.”


Chapter 78

Angie stood and made her way to the basement, hoping she was able to cover her slight limp. As she stood under the hot shower, her mind raced as she considered the consequences of Steve’s mother knowing she was having sex with both Steve and Michelle. So far, she seemed ok with it, as much as any parent could be anyway. How long before she discovered it went far beyond that?

She finished showering and dried off, then wrapped the towel around her naked body and opened the door.

“Hey, sexy.”

She started, then relaxed when she saw Michelle sitting on the couch, grinning at her. “Michelle! Holy shit, you scared the hell outta me!”

Michelle got up, glanced up the stairs, then came over to her. “Steve’s mom let me in.” She embraced her and they shared a deep, loving kiss. As they did, Angie’s felt all her fears and apprehension drain from her mind. All that mattered then was that she was holding and kissing the girl she loved.

After a few moments, they separated and Angie smiled up into her pretty face. “Wow, baby!”

“I missed you,” Michelle said, giving her a wink. Her eyes traveled over Angie’s barely concealed body and she took another glance up the stairs. “I want you so bad,” she whispered, her hand caressing Angie’s cheek. Angie lay her own hand over Michelle’s and brought it to her lips, kissing it softly. Despite her afternoon of sex, she felt her tender pussy moisten at her lover’s touch and her not-so-subtle suggestion.

“Mmm…that’d be so hot,” Angie replied. “But I’m very, very sore right now.”

Michelle’s eyes sparkled and a grin spread across her face. “Oh, is that so? Then I take it you met up with Jake?”

Angie nodded, her own face breaking into a wide grin. “Come on, I’ll tell you all about it while I get dressed.”

Michelle followed her into her room, which now had several boxes labeled ‘ANGIE’ in black marker in preparation for their upcoming move. Angie dropped her towel as soon as the door was closed and sat down to dry and style her hair still naked, enjoying Michelle’s lust-filled looks. As she recanted her exciting afternoon of sex in the woods, Michelle sat across the bed, her hand under her top and tugging on her nipples. When Angie related the part about the seniors and watching Evan and Jennifer fucking, her eyes grew wide.

“Holy fuck, Ang! That is so fucking hot! They did it right there in the open?”

Angie grinned and reached over to tweak her hard nipple. “You say that like it’s something you’ve never done, you little slut!”

Michelle gasped at her touch, then giggled. “You’re a fine one to talk!”

When Angie told her how Ashley was checking out Mandi’s ass, Michelle raised her eyebrows in disbelief. “Come on, Ashley Morrison - into girls?”

Angie shrugged and wound her long hair around the curling iron. “If you don’t believe me, ask Jake. He saw it too.”

She shook her head. “No, of course I believe you. It’s just…a little hard to accept. I mean, I’ve seen her with guys…lots of guys.”

Angie shrugged. “Maybe she’s like us.” Michelle nodded absently, still trying to work her head around it. “Anyway, she was looking really good. I think I’ll try out for cheerleader and see if I can get to know her a little better.”

Michelle looked over at her. “You mean, the five of us aren’t enough! Holy shit, Ang!”

Angie laughed. “Hey, the more the merrier, right?”

Michelle shook her head, trying to keep a straight face. “I was wrong - you aren’t a slut. You’re a fucking nympho!”

Angie laughed and stood up, walking around the bed to where she was sitting. Her freshly washed hair shone and her skin glowed from the hot shower. She stepped closer and Michelle could smell her excited sex emanating from her swollen, red pussy. She reached up and pulled her closer, planting soft kisses on her belly as her hands moved to squeeze her smooth ass.

“Mmm…you smell delicious, baby!”

Angie propped one foot up on the bed next to her and took her hand, moving it between her spread legs to her tender pussy. She sucked in a long breath as Michelle’s fingers probed at her aching lips, but held her hand in place, eager for her loving touch despite her discomfort.

“Oh Angie,” Michelle murmured, leaning up to take one of her hard nipples into her mouth. She suckled it for a few seconds, then pulled off and looked up. “What about Steve’s mom?”

Angie was enjoying her fingering and sucking and had forgotten that Cathy was still upstairs. Would she come down after Angie’s admitting her and Michelle were also having sex? It was possible, but she seemed cool and wondered if she’d leave them alone. If she did come down and catch them, it isn’t like she’d be discovering a big secret anymore.

“Don’t worry about her,” Angie sad, urging Michelle to suck on her other tit. As she began to nibble on it, Angie moaned softly. “She knows all about you and me.”

Michelle stopped her tit-sucking and pulled back, a look of astonished horror on her face. She tugged at her hand Angie was holding between her legs and Angie reluctantly let her pull it free.


Angie nodded and sat down. She hated to ruin their intimate moment, but it was something Michelle needed to be told about.

“Yeah, she asked me straight out about an hour ago. I couldn’t have lied even if I wanted to. I think she knew before she even asked me, to be honest.” Michelle stared at the floor, trying to come to grips with it. So that was why Steve’s mom had looked at her strangely when she answered the door. Angie put an arm around her and hugged her to her naked body. “Baby, it’s ok. She said she wasn’t going to say anything. She was just concerned that someone would get hurt.” Michelle looked over at her, her eyes telling her that she wasn’t entirely convinced. Angie smiled and kissed her forehead. “I believe her. Do you think I’d be this calm if I thought she was going to tell my parents?”

Michelle shook her head slowly. “No…I…I guess not.” She paused, then added, “How did she know? I mean, we’ve been careful, haven’t we?”

“Steve told me she caught you and him kissing once and asked him about it. He didn’t really say much, but I guess she just put two and two together.”

“Damn,” Michelle breathed, shaking her head. She looked up again. “What about Artie? And Kristi? And…”

“Shhh…just relax, baby. She didn’t mention them and I didn’t volunteer any information. So far I’m pretty sure she only knows about the three of us.”

Michelle grunted. “Yeah, so far.”

Angie hugged her tighter. “It’ll be ok. So she knows - big deal. When they found out Steve and I were having sex, that didn’t change anything. Why should this?”

Michelle looked again into those deep blue eyes and felt an almost immediate sense of calm. She forced a small smile. “I suppose that’s true, but…”

Angie interrupted her. “But nothing. I love you, and I’m going to continue to love you. That’s the bottom line.”

Michelle gave her a genuine smile of loving admiration. “You’re amazing, Angie. I love you too.”

Angie grinned and licked her lips. She stood up and went over to the door, opening it just a crack and peeking out. She pushed it closed and locked it before turning around. “The coast is clear. Get naked, baby…I need to taste that pussy!”

Michelle stood up and reached down to take off her top, but paused, her eyes moving toward the door. Angie came over and grasped her top. “It’s ok. The door’s locked and she won’t bother us anyway.” Gently, she eased her top up and off, revealing her beautiful tits. She pushed her back onto the bed, her fingers fumbling with the fly of her shorts. Michelle watched as she undid them and pulled them off, followed quickly by her panties. As Angie knelt between her thighs and began to lick and suck at her wet pussy, she lost herself in the wonderful feelings, allowing her beautiful lover to bring her to two crashing orgasms before they fell into one another’s arms on the bed, kissing hungrily. When Michelle started to go down to return the favor, Angie stopped her.

“No, baby…I’m too sore and I want to be able fuck Steve tonight.”

Michelle nodded and crawled back up next to her. They lay there in silence for several minutes, just enjoying the warm touch of each other.

“I saw Steve at work today,” Michelle finally said. “We made plans to get together tonight, but if you want him to yourself, I’ll understand.”

Angie gave her a hug. “Uh-uh…I’d rather be with both of you right now.” She kissed her again, thinking about the plainly wrapped package that had arrived at the post office today and was now in her backpack. She couldn’t wait to try it out!

Michelle smiled and nuzzled her cheek against her soft breast. “That means a lot, thank you.”

“It’s the truth.”

They lay there for a few more minutes, then the sounds of more footsteps could be heard upstairs. Michelle sat up and reached for her clothes. “I better go. It’s almost dinner time.”

Angie sat up and watched her put her clothes back on, but made no effort to dress herself. She loved being naked, especially when she was with one of her lovers. She stood and walked Michelle over to the door, where they shared one more deep, loving kiss.

“I’ll give you a call later,” she said as she stepped out into the rec room. Angie nodded and blew her one last kiss before she turned and went up the stairs.

She closed her bedroom door and went over to straighten the rumpled bed covers, then reluctantly put on a white thong, a pair of jeans and a white wife beater. She adjusted it so that her braless tits fit just right, then went upstairs to help prepare dinner.


Chapter 79


Her parents were there in the kitchen talking to Cathy and except for a subtle exchange of looks, nothing was said about their earlier conversation. Although things were a little tense at first, she soon relaxed once she realized Cathy was going to keep her word and not spill the beans. They had the meal almost ready when Steve arrived, then his father a few minutes later. Dinner went well, without any awkwardness between Angie and Cathy, although a couple of looks from Steve told her he sensed something had happened. They talked about moving day, which would be on Saturday - two days away. Steve had the day off from work to help and Angie said Michelle had volunteered her services as well. With all the help, plus the movers, it seemed like it should go fairly quickly.

After the dishes were done, the parents retired to the family room while Steve and Angie retreated to the basement. As soon as they were down the stairs, Steve turned to her and asked, “What’s up between you and Mom?”

“What do you mean?” She planned on telling him of course, but was curious what he’d seen to make him ask. She thought she’d been pretty cool and not acted unusual.

He shrugged. “I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but something seemed…off. Did you two have a fight or something?”

Angie went over to the couch and sat down, patting the cushion beside her. “Or something,” she said as he sat down. She told him everything and he sat in stunned silence until she finished, even telling him how her and Michelle made love in her room afterward.

“Holy fuck,” he said in a low voice. “She knows. But, how?”

Angie shrugged and leaned her head on his shoulder. “She’s a smart woman, baby. She just watched us and figured it out, I guess.”

Steve sighed knowingly. “Yeah, she is smart, especially about stuff like that. Like how she knew me and you were doing it.”

Angie nodded, her hand caressing his chest. “Speaking of which, do you still want to meet up with Michelle tonight?”

He nodded absently, his mind obviously still occupied with the fact his mother knew he was having threesomes. “Huh, oh yeah, sure.”

She paused for a moment, then sat up and looked into his eyes. “I need to tell you what I did today,” she said. He licked his lips and gave a slight nod.

“I figured you were with Jake.”

“Yes, I was. Does that bother you?”

He took a deep breath, then shook his head. “I guess not. I mean, it does in a way because I wasn’t there too, but I can deal with it.”

She leaned in and kissed him. “I’m sorry, baby. I should have thought of that. I promise - no more guys unless you’re there, ok?”

He smiled. “Thank you, Angie, but I’m not going to ask you to do that. Just promise me that I’ll always be number one.”

“Oh, hell, yes!” she exclaimed, climbing onto his lap and straddling his hips. “I’m so in love with you I’d stop seeing everyone if you asked me to.” She thought for a second, then added, “Well, maybe not Michelle…I couldn’t leave her any more than I could you. But everyone else…pffft…gone!”

He chuckled and grabbed her ass, pulling her tighter to his stiffening cock. She ground against him, despite her tenderness, and they kissed deep and hungrily. Her mother’s voice forced them to stop.

“Hey, you two! We’re going out for about an hour. Try to behave, ok?”

“Ok, Mom!” Angie called back. “We’re going to go meet Michelle anyway.”

“All right, honey. Don’t be too late, ok?”

They promised not to and a few minutes later they heard all four of their parents leave. Angie grinned at him. “Hmm…an hour, huh? I wonder how fast Michelle could get here?”

Steve laughed and nibbled on her earlobe. “I’m gonna need more than an hour, baby.”

She giggled and picked up the phone while still straddling him. She dialed Michelle’s number and when she answered, Angie had her tongue back in Steve’s mouth.

“Mmmm…oh, hey darlin’!” Angie said, pulling away from him.

“Why, hello yourself!”

“Want to meet us and maybe get lucky, sexy?”

Michelle giggled. “Sure! What are my chances?”

“Hmm…I’d say Steve should be able to satisfy both of his women tonight, wouldn’t you, honey?” He nodded and grinned, rubbing his even harder member against her heated pussy. “Ooo…he says yes!”

Michelle laughed and agreed to meet them at the creek. Angie hung up and her and Steve made out for a few more minutes before she finally let him up. She watched as he adjusted his fully hard cock inside his jeans.

“I’d be happy to take care of that for you before we go,” she said, licking her lips, her smoldering eyes meeting his. His eyebrows shot up and a wide grin spread across his face.

“Well, technically it is your fault,” he said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. Angie laughed and dropped to her knees in front of him before he could say another word. He watched with an amused smile as she expertly had his jeans unfastened and his hard cock in her hand in record time. She stroked it once or twice, looking up at him.

“I’d prefer to take my time and really enjoy your cock,” she said, touching her tongue to the tip, “but we don’t want to keep Michelle waiting so I better get busy.” With that, she opened her mouth and literally swallowed almost his entire length, her tongue rolling back and forth on the tender underside. She began to pump back and forth, sucking hard, while her hand stroked him. She’d managed to get him quite turned on as she’d been grinding her steamy pussy against him, even with their clothes on, and he could already feel the tingle as her mouth and hand worked him in those little ways she knew would have him cumming as soon as possible. He moaned as she allowed him to grasp her head and practically fuck her mouth, all the while maintaining a steady suction. Before long, he could feel his nuts contracting and pushed even deeper into her hungry mouth.

“Oh fuck…!” he groaned as he felt the cum surging through his hard shaft. Angie murmured approvingly, recognizing his body language. She pulled back just a bit and a few seconds later was rewarded with a mouthful of his hot jism. She swallowed it, and the remaining shots, then sucked and licked him clean. When she was satisfied he was finished, she gave his deflating member a loving kiss, then zipped him up and got to her feet. She leaned in and kissed him, then grinned.

“Ok, sexy…let’s go!”

He laughed, then followed her up the stairs, making her squeal as his hands teased her sexy ass in her tight jeans. They got on their bikes and headed for the creek at top speed, arriving at the trail a little out of breath, but excited about their rendezvous with Michelle. They were the core of the group, and it’d been too long since just the three of them had been alone together.

Michelle was sitting on the grass next to her bicycle and digging through her small backpack. She looked up and waved as they arrived and rode over to where she was.

“Hey gorgeous!” Angie called out as she skidded to a stop.

“Hiya, beautiful!” Michelle countered, grinning. She winked at Steve. “And sexy!”

Steve merely laughed and watched as the two girls hugged and kissed, then he and Michelle did. Angie stood watching, a little smile on her face. When they separated, Michelle noted her lustful look.


Angie licked her lips. “I get so turned on when I watch you two making out!”

Michelle waggled her eyebrows and pressed her body to Steve’s. “Oh, yeah?”

Angie nodded, her smile growing. “Oh yeah.” She moved closer. “I want to watch you fuck…right now.”

Michelle looked up at Steve, who shrugged and said, “Hey, who am I to argue!”

“Come on,” Angie said. She knew the perfect spot.

She led them down the faint trail to the place where she and Jake had watched Evan and Jennifer that afternoon. “Right there,” she said, pointing to the patch of grass by the creek bank. Michelle grinned and began to remove her top. Steve also began to undress, but Angie simply watched them, her eyes moving from one to the other.

“Aren’t you getting naked, too?” Steve asked her as he pulled off his shorts to reveal his rapidly growing cock.

Angie shook her head. “Not until your cock is slamming into her cunt,” she said, her blue eyes glittering.

Michelle pulled her panties off and stood naked except for her sneakers. “But you are going to join us, right?”

She nodded. “Oh, yes…when the time is right.” She went over and took Michelle’s hand, leading her over to a fallen tree. She bent her over so that her arms were on the trunk and her bare ass was positioned for Steve to conquer. Angie leaned in to whisper into her ear as she beckoned Steve over. “So tell me, you little slut…where do you want it? In that hot little cunt, or up your tight asshole?”

Michelle felt her juices really start to flow as Angie’s dirty talk began to turn her on even more than she already was. She sensed Steve directly behind her and few seconds later felt the wet tip of his engorged cock rubbing along her ass crack, over her tiny back door, then down to her moist and ready pussy.

“Oh, god…both!” she gasped, rolling her hips against him. Angie motioned for Steve to continue to tease her.

“Both? You really are a horny little slut, aren’t you?” Michelle nodded, amazed at how much this was turning her on. “I bet you’d like to have a cock in each hole at the same time, wouldn’t you?”

Michelle was lost in the carnal feelings and nodded without even fully realizing what Angie was saying. “Oh, yes, please…fuck me anywhere…just fuck me!”

This was really getting Angie excited as well, and the look on Steve’s face told her he was getting very turned on, too. “Hmm…in a minute, slut. I want to make sure you really want it first.”

Michelle’s ass pushed back, but Steve was following Angie’s direction and moved back so she couldn’t make him enter her. She moaned in frustration. “Oh, please! Just fuck me!” she cried.

Angie nodded to Steve and he stepped forward, the head of his cock sliding easily through her slick lips. Michelle moaned again and pushed back, but Steve again eased off. She let out another cry of frustration.

“Please, stop teasing me! I need to be fucked now! I’m begging you…please…please just…”

Her pleas were silenced as Angie nodded to Steve and he thrust into her in one hard push, burying his hard cock in her dripping, hot cunt. She cried out and braced herself with her arms, her eyes closed as her pussy was finally filled with the hard cock she longed for. Steve pulled back and hammered in again, this time grabbing her hair and wrapping it around his fist. He pulled back on her hair and drove in again, causing her to cry out in ecstasy so loudly that if anyone were in the clearing they’d be sure to hear her.

As she watched her boyfriend pound harder and harder into her girlfriend’s sweet pussy, Angie began to undress. Despite her tender pussy, she was so turned on right now she didn’t care how uncomfortable sex would be. She was going to get fucked, too. Hard.

She got naked and reached for her backpack, where she had a little surprise. Inside was a new purchase - a strap on dildo. When she’d asked Michelle if she wanted a cock in both holes at once, she wasn’t kidding. She attached the straps, cinching them tight, then made sure the little nub was positioned at her clit before smearing a liberal amount of lube all over the long rubber shaft. The whole time she could hear Michelle’s cries, Steve’s grunts, and the slapping sound of their bare flesh.

She turned around and tapped Steve on the shoulder. He looked over at her, his face flushed from exertion. His eyes went wide when he saw the dildo protruding from her pussy and Angie grinned, bringing a finger to her lips. She pointed to the grassy area and leaned in to whisper in his ear. “Get her on top!”

He looked down at the well-lubricated prosthetic and nodded, although he still seemed a bit uncertain. Angie chewed on her lips and let her eyes tell him that she wanted, no needed this to happen and he seemed to get the message. She moved up to where she could whisper into Michelle’s ear while keeping her toy out of her line of sight.

“Are you enjoying my boyfriend’s big cock, you little whore?” Michelle grunted a yes. “Good…he’s going to lie down and I want you to climb onto that cock and ride it hard. Do you understand?”

“But…what about…you?” Michelle gasped out between thrusts.

“Never mind about me for now, you horny little bitch. Just do as I say, ok?” She gave her ass a resounding slap for emphasis.

Michelle cried out, then nodded and closed her eyes as Steve’s cock slammed home again. Angie stepped back and turned around, keeping her hands over the straps so Michelle wouldn’t suspect, not that she was in any condition to see much anyway. From her flushed face, it looked like she’d already had at least one good orgasm already. There would be plenty more to come.

Steve led her to the grass and lay back, his hard, wet cock pointing straight up. Michelle straddled him and placed her pussy at the tip. As soon as her back was turned, Angie came up behind her and placed her hands on her shoulders, leaning in.

“Mmm…go ahead, whore…you know you want to feel that hard cock inside you again!” She pressed down on her friend’s shoulders and felt Michelle’s body shudder as she impaled herself on Steve’s cock. “Oh, yeah…feels good, doesn’t it?” Michelle nodded, her eyes closed as her pussy was once again flooded with the incredible sensation of being stretched by a big cock. “You like it up the ass, too, don’t you, whore?”

“Y…yes…” Michelle panted as she began to move up and down.

“Do you mind me calling you a whore, or a slut? Because that’s just what you are, you know.” Michelle nodded. “Tell me what you are.”

“I…I’m a slut!” Michelle gasped as she sank down onto Steve’s cock.

Angie moved in so that her lips brushed against Michelle’s ear. “And what else?” When after several seconds Michelle didn’t respond, Angie reached down and slapped her ass. She cried out. “I said, what else are you besides a slut?” Angie’s breath was hot in her ear.

“A…a whore!” she panted, “I’m a whore!”

“Mmhmm…you certainly are,” Angie said, smiling. “And you know what whores like, don’t you?”

Michelle’s tongue flicked over her dry lips. “To…get…f…fucked!” she gasped.

“Yes, they do,” Angie said. She moved into position behind Michelle and pushed her forward so that her tiny back door was revealed to her. She reached down and began to rub a lubed finger over the puckered opening. “You have such a sweet little asshole, baby.” Michelle groaned as the combined sensations of Steve’s cock in her pussy and Angie’s finger teasing her asshole pushed her closer to another orgasm. “I’d really love to fuck it. Will you let me put my big, hard cock in your little asshole while Steve fucks your tight cunt?”

Michelle’s muddled brain tried to make sense out of this, but it simply didn’t compute. Angie didn’t have a cock! What the hell was she talking about?

Angie’s breath was once again in her ear and her finger began to work its way into her ass. “I know what you’re thinking - that I don’t have a big hard cock.” She felt Angie move from behind her and up next to her. “Take a look, whore.” Michelle opened her eyes and was astonished to see the realistic looking dildo attached over her pussy. She looked up at her friend, her hazy eyes holding a confused look. Angie grinned. “I’m going to fuck your ass while Steve keeps fucking that hot pussy.” Michelle felt a pang of fear and started to shake her head, then remembered how good it felt the last time she’d had anal sex and was intrigued at the idea of a double penetration.

She nodded. “Just…be careful…ok?”

Angie smiled. “Of course, baby. Just yell ‘stop’ if it’s too much.” Michelle nodded and Angie leaned in, once again taking on the dominant persona. “You’ll love it. You’re too much of a loose fucking slut not to!”

Michelle felt herself approaching another orgasm just at the thought of being double fucked and as she felt the hard tip of the dildo press against her tight anus, she moaned and leaned forward, spreading her cheeks wide. Angie applied pressure, working the slippery head into her little brown star. Michelle’s moans became louder but she didn’t tell her to stop, so she kept at it. Finally, the tip spread her open and slipped inside. She howled and arched her back and Angie paused, unsure if she was liking it or if was hurting her. She leaned forward, being careful not to push in any further. “Are you ok, baby?”

Michelle nodded. “Y…yes…oh god…it feels…so…so…ohhh…”

Steve had eased up his movements, pulling back so that only the tip of his cock was still in her hot hole. This was turning him on like never before and bringing him close to the point of no return and he needed a break. He also wanted to make this as easy on Michelle as possible. Angie looked down at Steve but spoke to Michelle. “Do you want more, slut?” Michelle’s head bobbed up and down. “You have to tell me what you want,” Angie told her.

“Please…don’t stop!”

Angie grinned. “Don’t stop what?”

“Don’t stop…fucking my ass!” Michelle cried out in a half moan.

Angie pushed in a little more and Michelle reacted with another loud yelp. Still, Angie fed more of the hard plastic cock into her distended back door. When about half of it was buried in her ass, Michelle gasped, “No more! That’s all…I can take!”

Angie leaned over her, pulling on her long hair. “Ok, whore…now you’re really gonna get fucked!” Angie pulled out, then pushed back in a few times until she felt Michelle start to get used to the foreign object in her ass. When she began to moan in pleasure, Steve resumed fucking her cunt as Angie pulled out of her ass. They quickly worked into a steady rhythm and Michelle began to moan non-stop. She cried out and Angie felt her muscles tighten as another orgasm engulfed her, forcing them both to stop until she relaxed again. This happened several times and Angie wondered just how much more stimulation she could take. The little nub on the dildo was rubbing against her clit and as tender as she was, it was bringing her to her own orgasm quickly.

Michelle was barely able to hold herself up, her upper body lying on Steve’s chest as both of them continued to ravage her. Every once in a while she’d moan, but her body was like that of a rag doll. Angie drove into her tight ass and groaned as a powerful orgasm rippled through her own body, causing her to shudder in exquisite satisfaction.

After she came down from her orgasm, she sensed that Michelle had taken about all she could handle and began to withdraw the hard cock from her badly stretched back door. She didn’t move, but let out a long groan as Angie withdrew. She unfastened the dildo and gently lifted Michelle up, peering into her dazed face.

“Michelle, baby? Are you ok?”

Her tongue darted out and her eyes flickered open. She turned to Angie and nodded, a sleepy, dreamy smile on her face. “H…holy fuck!” she gasped in a hoarse whisper.

Angie looked down at Steve, who was watching them. His face was flushed red and beads of perspiration coated his body from the exertion. “What about you, baby? Are you ok?”

He nodded and their eyes met. “It’s time you got some cock too, you little slut!” he said, his eyes wild with lust for her.

Angie grinned and helped Michelle lift herself from his cock, then helped her lie down on the soft grass. She gave her a kiss, then went back to her man. Steve got to his feet while she was helping Michelle and pointed to the fallen tree she’d bent Michelle over earlier. “Over there, bitch!” he growled.

Angie nodded and went over to the tree, placing her hands on the peeling bark. Steve came up behind her and kicked her feet apart, then shoved her head down so that it was almost resting on the log between her hands. His hand went between her legs and his fingers dipped into her dripping pussy. “I think that cunt’s ready for a good fucking, whore,” he said, pulling his fingers out and stepping up so that the tip of his cock slipped along her enflamed and tender labia. Angie moaned and wriggled her ass.

“Oh, yes…please fuck me! I’m such a whore! I need your big, hard cock inside my cunt!”

He grinned. This role playing was a huge turn-on. He grasped her long golden hair and pulled, forcing her to arch her back and lift her head. “Then get ready, slut!” As he said that, he pulled back, then drove all the way into her hot tunnel. She cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, her pussy still very tender from that afternoon. It didn’t matter. She was going to fuck him until he unloaded a big load inside her, pain or no pain. Again and again he slammed into her, his hand pulling her hair with each thrust. Angie felt her pussy contract after only four or five pumps and she cried out as she came, her cunt spewing her juices all over his cock and down her inner thighs. Steve continued to pound mercilessly at her tender twat, pulling hard on her hair and giving her ass an occasional slap.

They kept up this furious pace for several minutes, with Angie feeling like she was cumming the whole time. Finally she groaned loudly, every muscle tense as a powerful orgasm rippled through her. Through haze of her pleasure, she heard Steve’s own moans and felt a sudden wet, heated rush in her pussy as he unloaded a huge amount of his hot cum inside her. That only served to push her trembling body over the edge once again and she shrieked as another orgasm pulsed through her already weakened body.

They both fell panting against the log, Steve hovering over her with his hands resting beside hers on the rough bark while she merely lay her forehead against it. Both were panting and gasping for breath and it was several long moments before he finally stood up and pulled his half-hard cock from her swollen and dripping pussy. She moaned softly at the loss, then forced herself to stand and turn to him.

He smiled at her, but his eyes held a look of concern. “Are you ok? That was pretty intense.”

She blew out a long breath and wiped her brow. “Wow! I can’t believe how turned on that made me!”

“You and me both!” Michelle said from the grass behind them.

They both looked over and saw the pretty brunette sitting on the grass, leaning back on her arms as she watched them. She was still completely naked and grinning up at them. “Where in the fuck did you get this thing?” she asked Angie, holding up the strap-on.

Angie laughed and they both went over, taking a seat next to her. “I bought it online last week. So you really liked it?”

Michelle’s tongue licked her dry lips and she nodded. “Yeah, I mean…it was kinda scary at first, but I trust you. And being fucked by you…wow! What a turn-on!” She grinned and gingerly dropped a hand between her legs, wincing. “I don’t know if I can ride my bike home, but holy fuck!”

Steve studied her closely, looking for any signs that they’d gone too far. But she seemed genuine in her response and he could see no resentment or hurt in her eyes. “Are you sure you’re ok?”

She nodded, taking his hand. “I’m sure,” she replied, meeting his eyes. “But it felt like I was cumming non-stop the whole time! I’m freakin’ exhausted!”

Angie leaned in and kissed her. “Will you do me next time? I can’t wait to try it!”

“Sure, if you want me to,” she replied.

“Fuck yeah! And don’t forget the dirty talk!”

Michelle’s eyes lit up. “Oh my god! That was so hot!”

“You didn’t mind that?” Steve asked, a quizzical look on his face. “I mean, I like a little dirty talk, but Ang was really going all out!”

Michelle shook her head vehemently. “Oh, no, I loved it!” She lifted Angie’s hand to her lips and kissed it softly. “I am your slut and whore, baby!” she said with a wicked little wink. She looked up at Steve. “Yours too, lover, so pour it on! I can take it!”

Steve looked at Angie. She gave him a huge grin and nodded. “That goes for you too, babe!”

They sat there for several minutes chatting when Steve suddenly stopped and raised a hand. “Did you guys hear that?”

All three strained their ears until they all heard a faint voice coming from the direction of the clearing. Immediately, they all reached for their clothes and started dressing. It was unlikely whoever it was would come down to this little-known area, but they weren’t taking chances.

They got to their feet, with Michelle a little unsteady, and began the short hike back to the main clearing where they’d left their bikes. They emerged a few minutes later to find Mandi and Ashley spreading out towels on the grass. Both girls wore bikini tops and shorts and looked up as the three teens came into view.

“Oh, hey,” Ashley said. “We were wondering whose bikes those were.”

Mandi recognized Steve and Michelle. Like Jake, she was in one of his classes and she knew Michelle slightly. “Hi Steve, Michelle.” She smiled at Angie. Ashley also turned to them and nodded a greeting. Angie met her eyes briefly before Steve spoke up.

“Hey Mandi, Ashley.” Michelle also said hi. Steve put an arm around Angie. “This is Angie Delaney. She just moved to town.”

Mandi smiled. “Hi Angie, nice to meet you. I‘m Mandi Banks.” Angie greeted her and then looked over at Ashley, who was watching her intently. Once again she made eye contact with the sexy senior, then quickly scanned her tight little body. She looked even sexier close up and her almond shaped eyes reminded her of Lin.

Ashley stepped forward and extended a hand. “I’m Ashley Morrison. Welcome to Mason.”

Again, their eyes met and Angie gripped her soft hand maybe a second longer than was necessary before releasing it. She was trying to drop hints without it being too obvious, just on the slim chance her instincts about the cute cheerleader were wrong. Ashley gave her a somewhat nervous smile, then pulled her hand away gently, a slight look of confusion in her dark eyes.

“Are you going to Mason High this fall, Angie?” Mandi asked, bringing her back to the rest of the group.

“Huh? Oh, yes. I’m already registered.”

“Cool. You should try out for cheerleader. You’ve sure got the body for it.” She turned to Ashley, who was still watching Angie. “Don’t you think, Ash?”

Ashley nodded, seeming to come out of a daze. “Oh…sure, you really should.”

Angie smiled at them. “I was thinking about doing that. I was on the squad at my old school.”

“Awesome,” Mandi replied, giving her a bright smile. “Tryout are the Saturday before school starts, at the football field. Eight am. I hope we see you there!”

Angie smiled and took Steve’s hand. “I think you will!” She glanced over at Ashley, whose brow furrowed slightly as she noticed Steve and Angie holding hands. Mandi noticed as well and giggled, her blue eyes sparkling.

“I see you’ve already found a boyfriend!”

Steve felt his face flush and couldn’t stop himself from grinning foolishly. Angie leaned in closer to him. “Yeah, we’ve known one another for years.”

“Ang, I have to get going,” Michelle said, touching Angie’s shoulder.

Angie turned and could see that the hard double reaming they’d given her was causing her more discomfort. “Oh, ok, Michelle.”

They picked up their bikes and after a cheery farewell to Mandi and Ashley, began walking them toward the path. Michelle was limping and they went slow enough that she could easily keep pace.

“Did you see the way Ashley looked at you when you took Steve’s hand?” Michelle said when they’d moved far enough away that the other girls couldn’t hear.

Angie nodded, a wide smile on her face. “Uh-huh…I believe Miss Ashley has some naughty ideas about other girls!”

Michelle chuckled. “She couldn’t take her eyes off you! What were you doing, sending out some secret signal?”

Angie laughed. “Maybe I was, I dunno! But there was definitely something there!”

Steve listened to this exchange without interrupting. He wasn’t sure how he felt about Angie considering adding another member to their group. Six was already twice what they’d originally planned for and although Ashley was super hot and sexy, would it be wise to bring her in? Or was he just acting jealous? He sighed to himself. He wasn’t even sure he was capable of jealousy considering the weird and wonderful relationship he shared with her and the others.

They reached the paved road and mounted their bikes. Michelle found she could ride as long as she didn’t sit. Angie was much the same way after her long day of sex and stood on her pedals as well. When they arrived at the school, they stopped.

“So, want to get together tomorrow?” Angie asked, knowing Steve had to work. “We could go swimming or shopping or just hang out somewhere.”

Michelle shook her head. “I can’t. Artie’s coming home tomorrow and I promised I’d wait for him to call.” She rubbed her crotch. “Although I don’t know if I can handle doing anything!”

Angie grimaced. “Aw, sorry, Michelle. You should’ve said something!”

Michelle grinned, leaning in to kiss them both. “Are you kidding? I wouldn’t have missed that for anything!” Angie and Steve chuckled at her obvious enthusiasm for double-penetration. “He’ll have to be happy with a bj…well, maybe more than one!” She gave them a wink and peddled off. “See you both Saturday!” she called back as she waved goodbye.

Angie looked up into Steve’s eyes. “You’ve been awfully quiet. Is everything ok?”

He shrugged. “Sure, you two were talking and I didn’t want to interrupt.”

She stepped closer. “Steve, I know you better than that. What is it?”

He smiled and shook his head. “Nothing, really.” He swatted at a mosquito on his arm. “C’mon, let’s go home before they eat us alive!”

He jumped on his bike and began to ride toward home. She stared after him for a second, then jumped on her bike and caught up to him, riding in silence the rest of the way home.

Fucking Mr.Rocha (Part 5)

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The bell rings and I immediately put myself together as Dan pulls up his pants. I kiss him and run out to my locker. As soon as I open it, Darcy walks up to me.

"So...hows class? Getting som

My Friend's Little Sister (Always a Classic)

thissideofparadise on Teen Stories

My friend Will and his family moved into town about 3 years ago. Since then he and I have become really great friends, I even gotten onto pretty good terms with his family, his parents are both funny people and they always seem happy to see me, but it’s his sister that I’m really a fan of.

Katie was a walking, talking apparition of sex and lust. She was a few years younger than us, but that never mattered to me. She was tanned to such a perfect colour of bronze; her skin looked like honey to me. She was a gorgeous girl. She was probably 5’5 with a pair of long, long legs. She was about as thin as she could get without looking unhealthy. Her tits and ass came out from her body like a perfect set o

Read More
f peaches and apples. The combination of her thin legs and waist, her round breasts and ass, her thick, luscious lips and beautiful face, were enough to leave me feeling stunned. I always flirted with Katie and made no secret that I had an eye for her, that’s why I’m sure it was no surprise to Will when he found out what happened between her and I.

The day that it happened I was over at their house pretty early in the morning. I was over to pick Will up so we could go golfing with some other guys and as I was waiting in his living room for him to get his clubs Katie walked out of her room. She was clinging to a towel like it was holding her body together, and that was all she had on. Her hair and skin were still wet from her shower. Her lips grew like a bell into a perfect smile and her eyes opened wide.

“Hey,” she said as nonchalantly as she could, I’m sure.

I gave her a little hi and smile back and she continued right through the house as Will came out, ready to leave. We were gone through almost the whole afternoon and got back to Will’s at around 5 o’clock. It seemed like no one was home when we got there. Will’s parent’s owned a restaurant and were almost always there into the late evenings and Katie was nowhere to be seen. We hung around the house for a minute and really did nothing. Will got a call a few minutes later from his mom reminding him to run a check out to the restaurant, which was about 15-20 minutes away. He said I could hang around his house if I wanted to and wait for him to get back. I had no interest in taking the drive out to the restaurant, so I told him I would take a shower while he was out. He left and I took off immediately for Katie’s room. In all the years I had been coming over to this house I had never really been in Katie’s room for more than a couple minutes, and now I had it all to myself. I opened the door and took in the scent that was without a doubt, all her. He wandered into her room in what was almost like a trance. I stared at the walls and messed around with all of the little things on her dresser and desk, and then I was finally staring at the top drawer. I pulled it back and gazed down at the marvelous treasure chest that was her panty-drawer. She had little thongs, g-strings, boy shorts, and bras of every colour. There was lace, silk, and cotton, everything that I imagined hugging close on her thighs, around her waist, and over that perfect ass. I picked up a few pairs to fully examine. First a ruffle-y, pink thong with a heart cut-out above the ass. Next, it was a pair of lacey, blue, full bottom panties that I’m sure fit the shape of her ass perfectly. And just as I was about to pick up a little, white cotton thong I heard her.

“Looking at my panties, huh? What do you think?” She laughed a little and rested against her bedroom door.

“Oh, it was, I was just only…” I trailed off.

“Where did Will go?”

“To the restaurant, he left 2 minutes ago probably,” I tried to straighten myself up.

“Good, so we have a minute.”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard, I laughed a little. “What?” She took a few steps toward her bed and egged me on again. “Come over here.” Her eyes caught me like a lasso and her direction was the only direction I knew.  I walked closer to her and she put her arms around my neck as we our lips fell together perfectly. We continued kissing as I ran my hands up and down her sides. She wore a pair of jeans that could have only been painted on, they squeezed her hips and thighs better than her own skin and a black halter top dangled down over them. She pulled back from our kiss for just a second.

“How bad do you want me?” She asked me.

“More than you even know.”

“Show me”.

After she said that I was just off to the races. I picked her up by her ass and laid her out on the bed. My mouth moved from her lips down to her neck, back up to her ear, back to her mouth, and then across her chest. As I was kissing her chest I could feel her start to wriggle in anticipation, and I didn’t feel like being one to make her wait. The halter top she was wearing had single loop that went around her neck in the back, which left her shoulders unoccupied, and her breasts easily accessible. I pulled down the sides of her top to expose her breasts, she wasn’t wearing a bra, and this drove me wild. I left my tongue fall out on top of her small nipples as I drug them along her perfect chest, and brought her nipples an erect state of arousal. As I continued to circle her nipples and suck them lightly, I let my hand fall between her legs. I could feel the button of her jeans on my wrist as my fingers flexed over her jean & panty covered pussy. I flexed them hardly, then gently as I could feel her pussy already starting to moisten. She let out tiny whimpers of pleasure between to attention to her nipples and her pussy. This went on until I could feel the erection in my pants getting harder than I had ever felt before, Katie must have had some sort of intuition to this as she glided her hand over my jeans, and giving me an audible smile as she grabbed hold of my jean covered cock. We continued to stroke each other until the jeans we both had on seemed so unnecessary, my worked at my belt as I unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. We crept around on the bed as we removed all our denim, revealing me in my black and white boxer briefs, and Katie, looking nothing less than perfect in her little thong. It was a yellow mesh thong, with pink bits of lace across the front and the sides and a little ribbon above the ass in the back. She stood up on her knees in front of my as we took off our shirts as well. She looked phenomenal there in nothing other than her outrageously sexy panties. I put hands on the small of her back and the back of her neck as I brought her in for another kiss. My hands then fell down her back, grabbing hold of the uncovered parts of her ass. She was so smooth, she was such a dream. I handled her ass as we handled one another’s tongues. I brought my hands around from her ass to touch her panty covered pussy, she was now soaking and I started to stroke her harder. And with this, her little whimpers of pleasure turned to definite moans. I wanted to give her as much as I could give her; I kissed her then whispered for her to lay on her back. As she fell back on the bed I positioned myself between those beautiful, long legs.  I put my hands on her hips by her panties; I stalled for just a second and said.

“You know, I really love looking at these. It’s sort of a shame to take them off.”

“Well, you can have them.” She said and winked.

I trembled at everything she was saying and doing. Then I gazed ahead of me at her panty covered pussy and gave it one last kiss before I slid them off and went to work on her bare pussy. She was shaved perfectly like it had never even seen hair. And she was so wet at this point that my tongue slid all over her clit and around pussy. I worked at her tiny cunt with marked intensity. I lapped up every bit of juice she had to give me and tickled her clit with the tip of my tongue. I started to run one finger in and out her as slowly as I could and still focus my attention in on her swelling clit. We were both getting insanely involved with this. I put my hands under tiny ass and lifted her whole lower body. I spread her little ass cheeks with my thumbs and started to run my tongue over her ass and back to her clit. I never really thought she would be the type of girl who love getting ass licked, but she really was. I liked nothing better than the feeling of having a girl squirm and buckle while I used my tongue to do her; this was making my cock want to explode.

“I need you in me.” She told me.

Before her sentence had even ended I was peeling off my boxer-briefs and bringing the head of my long cock toward the opening of her now drenched with spit and pussy juice slit. She brought her hand down to direct my cock straight in and she put her other hand on the back of my neck as she pulled both hands in closer. My cock plunged deep into her pussy and I went for a kiss that went unfulfilled, because she wasn’t able to close her mouth as my cock pushed into her. Her pussy was as wet as I’ve ever felt one and she was as tight as my own skin, I wondered if this was her first time. Just thinking about that made me ram her harder and harder, as her definite moans now turned to erotic shrieks.

“God, your cock is so big. Fuck me, good God, fuck me, baby.”

She sounded like such a slut, it couldn’t be any better. Our hips smacked and our bodies slammed together. I held onto her hips and she brought her legs around my waist. The sounds of her moans and our skin slapping blended into a perfect harmony and we were in bliss. The longer we went on the more and more intense I got not letting up a bit, I once more put my hands under ass and picked her up. I had her whole lower body off the bed which gave me the leverage to drive deeper and deeper into her.

“Oh fuck! That’s it. Right there, that’s it,” she started in a scream, but then tapered off into a little moan. Her noise level worked like a boomerang in that moment. She screamed “Oh fuck!” then got quieter as he told me “that’s it,” like she was falling into a coma. Then it all came back like a wave.

“I’m cumming! Oh God, baby! Fuuckk, yessss!” She shrieked and rumbled and shook, as felt her pussy clench around my cock and then release, 3 times over. Her body fell almost lifeless back to the bed as she fell off of my cock. She laid on the bed for a moment silent as her body continued to tremble. She then reached her out toward my cock and opened her eyes as she grabbed. I looked down as well to see it still dripping with her juices, as well as little bits of her blood. It was her first time.

“Look at all of my cum all over your cock.” She giggled a little bit. I laughed back a little bit between breaths.  “Yeah, I guess.”

“I want you to cum on me.” She told me.

“You know, I would just love that.” We told each other this all between kisses.

“Where do you want your cum, baby?”

“All of your ass, Katie. It’s so perfect and I have nice big load waiting for it.”


She crawled out from underneath me and assumed the position on all fours in front of me. She pushed her head down onto the pillows at the top of her bed and put her hands back to spread her ass for me. I walked up and spanked her ass lightly as I grabbed my cock and rested it between her cheeks, with it pointing toward the ceiling.

“You’ll love this.” I told her. She could only giggle and moan in return.  With my cock and her cunt both still soaking from all our foreplay and our romp before hand, I needed no extra spit and my cock worked its own way in. If I thought that her pussy was tight originally taking her now from the back was even tighter. And if I thought I had been deep in her before, I was again happily mistaken. I loved taking girls from the back. It’s so sexy watching their asses giggles from the contact with my hips, hearing an entirely different moan from them based on this different point of entry, watching their backs arch up as they build up their little cums and climaxes, even just the sound our slapping bodies made was enough to drive me wild. And Katie was better than all girls. It was like she was throwing her own ass and pussy back toward my cock. Her ass was perched up and poked out so high above the rest of her body, she looked like a pin-up model. Her moans were muffled by her pillows, but were almost just as audible as they were before. I watched as my cock sank into her inch by inch, I loved being in control of her like this. And following suit with that idea I took both of her hands and held them on the small of her back like she was hogtied as I used to the other hand to hold onto her hips. I was completely carried away by my own sexual prowess, at this point.

“God, Katie you fucking slut. You’re so fucking sexy. I’m going to cum all over you. You know that, right?”

“Cum on me baby, do it. I’m your slutty little cunt, fuck me!”

It was this that triggered the last few pumps on her little ass that sounded like a tackle in the NFL. Then, it was the release. I pulled out and exploded all over her. The initial shot traveled all the way toward the middle of her back, and the rest trailed in little globs all over both of ass cheeks, down her asshole and the backs of her legs. It was massive.

“Mmmm, God yes” She said as I ran my now cock over her ass, mixing up all of my cum. She took her own hand and rubbed it all over her ass to collect the cum then brought it to her mouth to taste it.

“Oh, yum,” after saying this she turned around and told me she wanted to clean me off. She took my now almost limp cock and spit all of the cum in her mouth onto it and proceeded to suck it all back off of my cock. She looked up at me with her big, brown eyes and cum covered lips.

“You taste real good.”


“Oh, definitely.”

As she continued to lick along my cock her door shot open, it was Will.

“Man, what the fuck?!” he said, sounding a little distressed. “I knew you’d try this.”

“Sorry, man, I….” He left before I could finish.

Katie looked at me and laughed. “Don’t worry, I doubt he really cares. Now, I think these are yours now?”

She handed me her yellow thong and we kissed one last time before getting dressed.