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The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 7

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Jessica's mom thanks Mike's mother for being good to her daughter, then Mike gives his subbie girlfriend a facial. Later, he has a surprise for her that her classmates think is way cool and he becomes an accidental trendsetter.

The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 6

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Jessica gets sent to school by her boyfriend with her pussy and ass filled before that boyfriend rolls over the activities director to get a paid gig there. Then the boyfriend has his way with his little fucktoy one more time later that night.

me and you

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While youre at school one day, i sneak into your house and wait for you to come home.Once you get home i run up from behind you and lift you up hugging you againist the living room wall.You kiss me excitedly from the surprise and i kiss you hard back.We start making out while i carry you to your bedroom.I set you down on the bed while still kissing you and bite your lip.I push you back on the bed

The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 2

dandalk on Teen Stories

Jessica's feeling much better about herself but doesn't know why she reacts like she does to being tied up but really likes it. Her boyfriend makes her wear some kinky jewelry, too, and it makes her perpetually horny. And, of course, they keep on rockin'.

The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 1

dandalk on Teen Stories

A multi-part story detailing how a socially isolated but hot high school age Asian girl learns to play guitar and that launches her on the road to feeling a part of society and being invited into a series of often kinky sexual adventures.

in need... part one

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I am now 20 yo. After 10 months of a self mostly – sex usage relationship with a fellow 24 yo older than I, we finally reached at the edge of all ending time, well, it look like it at that time… so we took a long weekend off. Being a highly sex addicted girl since I was

Change of Luck = More Sex

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It was a rainy day on March 31. I was on my way home from my classes at university. More than halfway to my house, I saw a piece of paper lying on the ground. Picking it up, I found another just several miles in front me. Looking up I saw that the papers made a trail. Let

My sex life up until now

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I can see that my stories are liked so I just post this for the heck of it.I do not expect comments and votes on this,I just wanna inform you about what my sex life was like until  now

So generally you could say I am good looking.I am not the sacred object of lust at my school but when I go to summer camp for some reason I get this sex appeal out of nowhere.So My first girlfrie

I think I love you

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My name is Jonathan. I'm 15 years old, not very tall, with a skinny and completely hairsless body and a 6 inch cock. I guess I just develop slower than the other boys, so I still kind of look like a little boy. Girls never really noticed me. I'm just not one of those boys the girls wanted to be with. I had always been that weird nerdy guy. More girls seemed t