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Amanda from the Video Store continued

Jolly1 on Teen Stories

"Oh my god that was awesome!" Amanda sighed as I slid three now very wet fingers out of her soaking pussy.

"Let's go inside," I suggested.

She slipped her shirt back down over her massive boobs and we both got out of the car. Before we went into the house, though, I told her to take off her panties. She did so and when she bent to put them in her purse which she'd left on the seat, I moved behind her. My cock was already out of my shorts and I rubbed it against her butt through her khaki skirt.

"Not here!" She said. We were in my garage with the door open but it sits

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at the end of a hundred foot driveway and there were no lights on. I was incredibly stiff and ready. At fifty, the opportunity to fuck a teenager doesn't arrive often and I'd lusted over Amanda and her incredible tits for six months at least.

I lifted her skirt and rubbed my cock first against her ass and then between her legs. I'm normal in length, a little over seven inches, but most women I've had comment on its thickness, especially the thick, circumsized head. Amanda proved to be no exception.

"Damn that's thick! But we can't do it aren't wearing a condom..."

Even as she spoke, however, she reached down and rubbed my cock against her pussy lips. That was all it took. I lifted her polo shirt again and this time she helped me take it off.

"Bend over damn it," I said and pushed on her back.

"I'm not on the pill, I can't..." but she bent over holding onto the doorframe and in one fast motion I shoved my dick into her wet nineteen-year-old's pussy!

(Much More to Come)

Amanda from the Video Store continued

Jolly1 on Teen Stories

She was tighter and more eager for it than I'd expected, letting out a little moan as I entered then pumping her ass back at me as I thrust faster and harder into her. There was just enough light in the garage that I could see her big breasts swaying side to side while I jammed her. That set me off even more.

"You like this, Amanda?" I asked, almost out of breath.

"Oh yeah!"

"You like being fucked don't you? Tell me!"

"Oh yeah do it! Fuck me harder!" She gasped. I kept after it for another full minut

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e but couldn't hold off any longer than that. As she squealed she was having an orgasm, I pulled out and shot my load all over her back.

I didn't even let her put her shirt on after that. Grabbing her hand, I guided her into the house and shoved her roughly against a wall where I proceeded to lean down and suck her left nipple into my mouth while I worked her other breast with my right hand. Surprisingly, I felt my cock start to rise again and pushed her down to her knees. She took it right into her mouth and started sucking.

"Lick my nuts!" I commanded. She went right to it. She worked each one and then returned to my cock, licking the length of the shaft then swirling her tongue around it and sucking it entirely back into her mouth. I lasted a little longer but when she leaned forward and I could feel her tits pressing into my legs, I lost it.

"I want to cum on your face," I said, "Get ready and take it..."

She brought it out of her mouth at just the right moment and I splashed my second load of the night onto her nose and cheeks, the slimey white goo dripping down and landing on her tits.

It took several minutes for both of us to catch our breath. I drew her to her feet and kissed her hard. Her big breasts shoved against my chest and damn if my cock didn't start twitching again. I took her by the hand once more and this time we went into the bedroom and took off our clothes.

"I never expected to be doing this," she said when we were laying together under the covers. "But you got me so horny. Damn you have a thick cock. That felt so good."

I kept playing with her tits while I asked her about the action she'd had with her female friends. She moved even closer to me. I let a couple of fingers trace down over her stomach and pushed them into her pussy. She gave another of her little moans and spread her legs so I kept adding fingers, feeling my cock go rigid when I had my whole hand pumping her. I keep a large vibrator handy for just such occasions and got it from under the bed.

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Kelsey and Jamantha prt5: Jamanth's Turn

Ch0c0lat3G1rl on Teen Stories

later that same night we all packed into my SUV, and drove around to Jamantha's apartmentwhich she shared with her cousin. i buzzed and went in alone.

when jamantha opened the door i blind folded her and walked her to the car."what are you doing Kelsey? i know that you look hot so i know you are doing something." i didn't answer but lead her to the twins. they helped her into the back of the car, got in with her and started strippingf her.

the boys were wearing golden masks and boxersthat we had brought this morning for this occasion. Ly was wearing only a pair of golden panties with no bra. ia was the only one left completely dress in a golden slip dress and my favourite white bikini.

the twins had finished stripping Jamantha and were doing thing to her th

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at they had learnt that day. Kyle was fondeling her breast, gentely twicking her erect nipples. Ly was fingering her hot wet pussy while Jamantha moaned loudly.

Greg had driven us to a back paddock of his family farm where we would not get interupted. the twins helped jamantha out of the car then spread her out on the bonnet, pumping her ass with a dildo, i could hear her screams of pain but the twins kept going.

i spread out a blanket on the grass, on which Greg got on his knees and sat back on his heels. i kneeled down and shoved his cock into my mouth, i could feel it getting harder every second. i pushed his cock right to the back of my throat and ran my toungue up it as i moved my head back. i took his cock out of then ran my tongue of the head.

he sighed and and came all over my face. i liked it off and kissed him. the twins came over with Jamantha they had taken the dildo out of her ass and now they were sucking on her nipples. they positioned her over Greg's cock and lowered her down. i opened her ass checks as she slid onto his cock. a gasp escaped her lips so i leaned down and kissed her check then i whispered "this is you fantasy baby".

as she got used to Greg's cock she started to use her legs to push herself up and down. Greg was fingering Jamantha's chestnut pussy as Kyle was watching her breast bounce while Ly was jerking him off.

i handed her a condom and which she put on him while they waited for Jamantha to climax. by now i had stripped completely so i reached over to Ly and slowly pulled her Panties down her round hips and big bum. sh stood up and stepped out of them, i notied a big wet patch in them. only the guys were wearing clothes now, they still had on their golden boxers with their dick sticking out through a hole in the the front.

it wasn't a lng time to wait. Jamantha screamed and i saw Greg['s load leak out of her ass. with his cock still inside her, Greg lay down on his back pulling Jamantha with him. i soread her legs wide and guided my little brothers cock into my best friends cunt. i walked round to her head and took off the blind fold."this is your fantasy honey" i whispered.

i sat down infront of my baby sister, rapping my leg around her. we started to finger each othr in time to the omvement of the boys. the only sound was the slapping of Kyles balls against Jamantha and five people panting.

 the silence was broken by Jamantha's climax. she screamed with pleasure then the boys came, there loads leaking out of Jamantha's ass and pussy. me and Ly broke apart when Kyle came over. they got into the 69 postion and started to suck each other off. greg pushed Jamantha onto the ground next to him and pulled me down on top of him. we fuck in the misionary postion for nearly half an hour before i came. i rolled off of Greg and went over to Jamantha. that is when i noticed that she was a sleep.

Greg loaded her into the car and i drove us back to the apartment, he carrid her up to bed where i kissed her between the neck and her left breast. i dropped greg back at his house then drove home. i put the twins into our parents room with a box of condoms. i went into my room, closed the window and got into my bed. i pulled the covers up to and fall asleep think, when will it be my turn?

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The Concert

sexytime on Teen Stories

My name is matt and I am a senior at my local high school. I live in new jersey (ocean city to be exact) and this is my experience at a john Mayer concert.



    So around noon my friend calls me and asks me if I want to go to the john Mayer concert that night because he has an extra ticket. Having nothing better to do that night I say sure why not? Around 4 we head into Camden for a little tailgating at campbells field (the place to go to drink before concerts). We are in there from around 5-7:30. At 7:30 we decide were too drunk to stay outside and we think it’s a good idea to go inside and sit down.


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sp;   We had been sitting inside for about half an hour when this girl and her aunt come and bring their blanket right next to where we are laying. It wasn’t for another 40 minutes that I noticed the girl who sat next to me was gorgeous. She was named Danielle. She stood at 5’6”, brunette hair, brown eyes, DD tits (she told me herself, and I checked hah) and an ass that was nice and firm.

    When I notice she is this attractive I lean over and introduce myself and we continue our small talk. The next thing I know she said she’s getting cold and moves closer to me so I put my arm around her. She then asks me “are you here with another girl” and I tell her “no, only my friend mark” who was sitting next to me. “That’s cool, im just here with my aunt” she says right before moving a little closer to me and putting her head on my shoulder. At that point I tell her im pretty happy because I have found a really cool girl and she goes aww and leans in an gives me a quick kiss before saying she cant wait for the lights to go off (it was in between bands).

    About 5 minutes later the lights go out and as everybody stands up to clap we start making out with a serious passion. Her tongue darts around my mouth before slipping back into hers and sucking on my tongue. I return the favor by sucking on her lower lip and then rolling on top of her to continue making out. After a few minutes I get a little ballsy and begin moving my hands up and cup her nice firm tits. She then turns to me and moans in my ear “mmm baby that feels soo good, don’t stop.” After a few minutes of that we stand up and start grinding to the music. By this time I have a semi hard cock hanging down my right leg and as we start grinding it just gets harder and harder. Within minutes she can feel it against her ass and to my surprise she actually backs up harder and tells me if feels good. Next she turns around so it’s sticking right into her stomach and she asks me how big I am. I tell her 8 inches (im a well hung man) and she tells me “mm that’s the biggest I’ve ever felt.” She then starts sliding her hand down my shorts and finally wraps her small hand around it, which sends a wave of pleasure up my body. I continue to grab her tight ass as she gives me a hand job over my shorts. After 10 minutes I tell her to stop or im ganna blow my load in my shorts and she laughs as we sit down with her between my legs. I begin by cupping her tits and massaging them, which sent her into a moaning frenzy. I was forced to stop when people started looking over, so I just started rubbing her stomach. At this point she leans up and whispers in my ear “go lower baby, your almost there.” I slide my hand down over her shorts until it is right above her pussy. She is so hot I can feel the heat coming out over her shorts. I start rubbing her when she turns to me and says “noo I want you to finger mee.” When I slide my hand down her shorts I put my hand into heaven. She had a completely bald pussy that was absolutely oozing her juices. And the heat was incredible; you would have thought she was on fire. When I finally slip my finger in after massaging her clit for a few minutes I am hit by a brick wall. Her pussy was the tightest thing I had ever felt in my life. I had trouble getting my 2 fingers in. But once they were in she was in my complete control.

    I start off slow and once they are nice and wet I pull them out and lick them up and down just savoring her juices. When I go back down I put the 2 fingers back in but this time I started to play with her clit with my thumb. Naturally this drove her crazy and i had to kiss her to keep the moans down. For the next 10 minutes I continued to finger her until a mind numbing orgasm wracked her body. As she twitched and shuttered I stuffed my tongue in her mouth to keep her quiet so people wouldn’t get suspicious.


When she finally came down she looked at me and while still heavily breathing and said “now its your turn. Follow me to my car so I can return the favor”…..

going out to dinner will never be the same

Terran on Teen Stories

    Josh and Amy were deeply in love. They were both 15 and under the rule of very untrustworthy parents. They hardly ever got the chance to do anything passionate; but when they did they took advantage of it.

    One night Josh called Amy up and asked her if she wanted to go out to dinner. It had been a total of nine days since they had last even seen each other and it was really hurting them. Amy's mother agreed to let them go out. It didnt take long For Josh to get ready and pick her up.

    He chose this restraunt right next to a vast empty parking lot that connected to the now closed down Expo Center. Suprisingly on this date sex really wasn't on Jash's mind. He stopped the truck and asked her if she was ready to go in. It was one of tho

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se cold rainy eavenings and he had no umbrella. She looked at him and said, "I feel like making out". This came as a suprise for Josh casue he had been dating Amy for almost two years now and he knew she had a low sex drive. So he hopped on the opportunity and pulled the truck into the other side of the huge parking lot and turned off the truck.

    He looked at her and leaned the seat back as far as it could. Amy leaned forward and started making out with him. The windows began fogging and Amy could feel Josh's cock against her leg and he could feel the heat from her pussy. They stopped kissing and Amy leaned her chair back too. Josh pulled off Amy's shirt and unhooked her bra. He looked at her beautiful size B breast and started flicking his tounge across and sucking on her nipples. He moved back and forth french kissing her. She was starting to shift her hips alot and he knew this was a sign of her arrousal. He was extremely hard too; if he didnt do something soon he would cum himself. 

    He moved the seat back as far as it would go and got down at her feet. He could smell her sex as he unbuttoned and pulled down her pants. He started fingering her through her panties and her teasing her breast. He then removed her panties and could see her juices dripping out. Josh moved his head down into her pussy and started teasing her lips. Amy wasnt going to take this and grabed his head and pushed it into her. Josh could taste her warm deliciuos juices as he ate her out. Amy was in complete bliss. She was breathing faster and moaned a little. Amy humped Josh's head repeatedly till a wave of pleasure went through her and juiced filled Josh's mouth. Josh lapped up all the juices and looked up at Amy. She smiled at him and pulled him back into his seat.

    Amy undid Josh's pant and took his underwear off. She looked at his cock and started kissing and flicking her toung across the head of it. Amy could see she had to do something soon casue her partner would gasp with every movement. She dove it into her mouth and started sucking it like candy. It didnt take long before he came all in her mouth and she swallowed every last drop. As it started to go down and soften she moved back to her seat and they began kissing fiercely. She would tese his dick and he would tease her pussy as they kissed. It didnt take long before they were at the peak of their arrousal again.

    Josh moved on top of Amy and kissed her with his dick rubbing up against the wet lips of her pussy. Amy grabed Josh's waist and pushed all of him into her at once. She cried out as her cherry popped and Josh stiffled the cry with his deep kissing. They began humping each other; it didnt take long for them to get their rythme down and were in complete extacy. Josh couls ee and feel the juices clinging to his dick as he pumped it back and forth. He could smell her sex and it drove him wild. Amy could feel his cock going in and out of her. With hevery hump a wave of pleasure came. In their deep compassionate kissing and humping the both came at the same time with an extreme unfathomable wave of pleasure enducing both of them. Josh continued kissing Amy with his still inside her going soft. He moved back to his seat and they cuddled there naked, kissing and playing with each other a while.

     They looked at the clock and were sadden to see they had to go eat now. So they got dressed and made out some more as the truck defogged the windown. They pulled back into th same parking space; just facing the opposite direction and went in to eat. The got thier table and looked at each other.

"That was fun", Josh said.

"Yea", Amy relpied.

"We should do that again some time", They both said simotaniously. They smiled at each other and mouth "I love you" as the wiatress came to take thier order.

Fucking One of My Students, Pt. 2

xxxman2001 on Teen Stories

I had been lusting after Tami for half of the school year. Then she began coming to my classroom before school just to hang out and chat. (I have often wondered what signals I had been sending to her unconciously.) Her daily visits only fed my fantasies: I began imagining her naked as I drove to or from work, and I thought about her while I fucked my wife.  

One morning when Tami was in my room, she had her back turned to me as she looked out the window. When she quickly spun around, she caught me staring at her butt. "You like my ass, don't you," she asked.

I was so embarrassed at getting caught, I just looked down at papers on my desk and without looking at her, said, "Noo...I was

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just daydreaming." I could feel my cheeks turning red.

With my periphreal vision, I saw her approaching my desk. "We should fuck," she said. When she said that, my cock got instantly hard, and I looked up at her. She was looking in my eyes, and I saw a look of lust in her own eyes...I knew that she wasn't teasing or trying to entrap me. Instantly, I imagined her legs around my waist and could feel my hard cock inside her tight pussy.

"Tami," I protested, "I'm your teacher and I'm married..."

"Mr. Collins, I don't wanna marry ya...I just want to suck your dick." She stepped closer to my desk. "This weekend my parents are going out of town and leaving me at home. YOU need to find an excuse to get away from your wife for the night." She was now right next to me. I was sitting at my desk and she kneeled down. My classroom door was open and if someone walked in, I could lose my job, but still I did not stop her. She placed her hand on the bulge in my dress pants and began moving it back and forth. "'ll be coming to my house, won't you," she asked.

"Yes," I whispered as I watched her fingers move up and down my slacks.

"And you're gonna fuck me with your cock, aren't you?"

"Yessss.......please leave," I said. "Before we get caught.......I'll see you this weekend.....I'll find a way......I can't wait to fuck you."

Older women are the greatest- believe me.

Storky on Teen Stories

I am 17 and last week I was being driven home by the mother of one of my team mates after football training together. His mom told me he had injured himself and wasnt able to train that day. On the way and as we talked she said I heard Garry, her son, talking the other day and I gather you and Julie are having an affair.

I said shit the silly bugger – how could he do that to me I will kill him. 

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class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt">Well she said is it true.

I went every colour of the rainbow and stammered out well sort of.

She said sort of didn’t sound like what you two were talking about on the phone. Then I realised she must have been listening on the extension. I said well I gather you heard everything so you know it is.

She said I am sure her parents dont know, how long have you two been at it.

I said look I don’t want to discuss this, its too incriminating.

She said well I could always let slip to her mother that its going on between you two.

I said you wouldn’t would you, hell Garry and I are best friends and that would kill my friendship with him if you went blabbing about my sex life all over town.

She said well I could always be discreet BUT.

I said BUT - WHAT.

She said you know Garry and his father and I are divorced and we are alone. I said yes - so what.

She said you also know I have seen the pair of you at pool parties at home skinny dipping and to be perfectly honest - I have not seen a boy your age so well hung. I am fascinated with you penis. Now this is something you can hold over me – I have fantasised a couple of times when I masturbate about having sex with you.

I said WHAT – you think about you and me having sex and masturbate too.

She said believe it or not yes and now I am fulfilling a promise I made myself I am asking you to sleep with me.

I said I don’t believe this YOU want ME to SLEEP with YOU.

She said I cant make it any plainer – yes.

Hell what do you think I am – having sex with my best friends mother.

She said you will regret it if you don’t.

I said you are more than twice my age even if you are in good shape, I couldn’t.

She said I am 38 and I maintain a good tight body and keep myself in good physical shape – you have seen me naked at the pool, so what is there to stop you. I am not some old frump.

I said plenty – you are my best friend mother- you are twice my age- you should be looking for men not boys to have you sex with. I already have a girl friend and what will happen there if I have sex with you.

She said it will just be between you and I and if the answer is no then you never know who may hear about you and Julie and with her parents connections, I think your whole family will be run out of town. He is a pastor in the church – not somebody to mess with.

I said this is blackmail.

She said – exactly. If you don’t then you have most to lose. I don’t know how you will find your way out of it – I guess you will just have to do as you are asked.

Holy shit I said what did I do to get myself into this mess.

She said by talking to Garry and letting his mother who has the hots for your cock hear you and now you have no options. Make up your mind it will happen and believe it or not I believe you will enjoy it, maybe even better than with Julie. I think I can show you a trick or two you can learn and then make Julie happier.

Oh God I said when have you planned this for. –

This afternoon, when we get home – Garry is not injured he has been sent on an errand and will be away till very very late tonight, I am taking you home now and you and I will make love and I will get to enjoy that monster in your pants. And with that she put her hand onto my groin. I only had footy shorts on and there was basically noithing to restrain it.  As she did she felt the erection rise and there was nothing I could do, my cock obviously was armed and ready to go, even though my mind was not willing, the flesh was.

Not another word was said as she drove to her place and into the drive and to the garage at the back where she and I could enter the house and not be seen from the street.

She took my hand and led me to her bedroom and said ok, now have a shower and get yourself smelling sweet and lovely for me.

She left me and I undressed and got into the en suite shower off her bedroom. I soaped myself up and then she appeared naked and got into the shower with me and proceed to soap me up all over paying particular attention to my pubic region which was now well and truly erect. I have to admit her body was firm and taught and really in very good shape, no loose skin and her breasts were firm with some uplift still left and her pubic area completely bald. Her nipples were quite prominent and the areola very red.  She had shaved or waxed herself recently as there was no pubic stubble she was very, very smooth. I gather she had planned this well before as everything was just the way she wanted it to be. She actually got down and for a moment put her mouth over my hard cock, sucked it for a moment then and then kissed it – I nearly came on the spot, but she then put her hand on my balls and squeezed them and I lost a lot of interest and my erection subsided slightly.

See she said I have complete power over you now. I guess Julie has never done that for you and she was right. I said nothing I was almost shaking with fear.

She got me to soap her up which meant I had to touch her breasts and pubic region and she directed me where to soap and rub and once again it was something I had never performed before- a sort of masturbation of her. I had never fingered Julie off, just touched her there a couple of time as we prepared to have sex together.

After the shower we both got out and we towelled each other dry and again she made sure my penis received a lot of attention. She said I love that cock of yours – eight inches of pure pleasure, it is beautifully circumcised – my husband was not cut like that and I never really got to like it.

I was saying nothing I was almost terrified.

Then she took me to the bed and we lay together naked and she began kissing me and telling me where to feel – which for the time being was her breasts. At first I was cold and unresponsive when we kissed but she was good and it only took a couple of minutes and I closed my eyes and imagined I was with anybody other than my best friend mother.

By now I was good and hard and she felt me and said I think its time for this beautiful cock of yours to be introduced to its very best friend. She lay back and prepared herself for missionary sex. I knew it was going to happen and still not having spoken a word for 5 minutes or so I prepared to enter her. I had never seen a bare smooth vagina so close up before. Julie has all her hair and most girls at the pool parties had some even if it had been trimmed or shaped I never really got close to the few bare ones.

My cock was really at its hardest, it wanted to go hunting, but my head was saying you shouldn’t be doing this.

Without a word I took my cock in my hand and guided it toward her hair free cunt. Her outer cunt lips were tight and while I could see her inner labia lips protruding slightly she really did look good and I had to admit without looking at her face I had begun to get aroused at the thought of having sex with her, it didn’t matter now it was just a cunt I was going to fuck. As I went closer she put her hand down and used her fingers to open herself to accept me. I looked up and she was looking intently at my cock and her cunt waiting and watching as I began to insert my cock into her now open pink pussy. I noticed how shiny and wet it was, her juices were flowing already and I could see the excess fluid slightly stringy like pre cum stretched across her opening. Now I was really in the mood, bugger her age and the fact she was Garry’s mother, she was just a cunt to me and I was now looking forward to entering her tunnel of love. I put the head of my cock against her lips and covered it with her juice, I had a slight drip of pre cum leaking from the eye of my cock ready to help lubricate her but it was not necessary - she was really wet.

Still without a word I let my cock slip in further and further until I was almost in completely, then she let out a soft moan of pleasure as she herself could feel me filling the void in her that started at her cunt lips and went deeply up into her. I know the walls of her vagina are not long and that within her is a void filled with her cervix and womb. She was remarkably tight I felt, I hadn’t expected her to be as tight as she was. After 17 years of marriage and I assume she had more than her share of sex and one baby she would have been far looser. Anyhow it felt good. Neither of us had said a word, actually we didn’t need to as the sensation was as good as I would have wanted it. It was in fact very comfortable and enjoyable.

It was only then she said – there doesn’t that feel good, I bet Julie doesn’t feel as good as this. I said I am not fucking Julie I am fucking you. I had spoken my first words in about 7 or 8 minutes.

Now I was enjoying the sensation, fucking is a very pleasurable event even if it is your best mates mom. Maybe all cunts feel the same but as I thought about it she did feel better than Julie, but Julie was pretty inexperienced and I had only had 2 other girls before her a year or so earlier and we were about 15.

I started to fuck her in the usual way slowly thrusting and lifting my ass to withdraw almost to the tip and then re thrust. She was enjoying every moment, I was not sure how long she had been without a man but she obviously masturbated from her earlier comments. She was really getting into it and began to move with me and meet my thrusts with her own ensuring I was getting maximum penetration and as I did she tightened her muscles around her opening and squeezed me as I went in. The sound of our flesh slapping together was now quite obvious and her breasts were bouncing about a little on her chest as I thrusted harder and harder to make her whole body shake. The bed was really being stretched to its limit. It felt great. I continued to fuck her for three or four minutes then she said its time for a change and told me to pull out.

Now she said its my turn, and with that she got over me and prepared to ride me. I had done this a couple of times with Julie as I found out that it’s a pretty good way for the woman to reach her own orgasm this way.

Have you done it with Julie like this before she asked.

I said I am fucking you – nobody else - what I do with Julie remains between us.

OOOOHHHHH she said touchy arnt we. Come on relax and enjoy the fuck of your life – so far. Then she was lowering herself down onto my now wet and slimy shaft which was covered in our love syrup and slowly disappearing into her. Oh god she said this feels wonderful, do you realise Garrys, dad is not as big as you, that’s one reason I wanted it with you. I said forget history I am not interested in who or how many guys have fucked you I just want to get this over with.

She said now admit it you like it, I can tell from the look on your face.

I said ok I like it - but I wish it wasn’t Garry mom. You have a great cunt and you fuck well, lets leave it at that.

She proceeded to ride me cowboy and she was very good, she had the stamina in her legs to maintain a good rise and fall on me. Julie had problems there, and I was really enjoying not only her cunt riding my cock but her tits were bouncing around in front of my nose and I couldn’t resist the temptation to put a nipple into my mouth.  Once I got my lips around her nipple and I bit her gently she moaned and groaned with the pleasure of it and I just enjoyed what I had not bothering to think these tits were twice as old as me and Garry had at one time suckled on them drawing sustenance from them as I was trying to do seventeen years later, without success. Somehow we were both enjoying the sensation as I swapped and changed from one tit to the other and she assisted by offering them to me as I released one to search for the other.  I was more interested in suckling than fucking at the time and she was enjoying both. It wasn’t long before I realised she had almost reached her orgasm as her moaning and groaning got louder and her pace on top of me faster and then she burst her boiler and she had an extraordinary strong orgasm, grunting each time my cock moved in her and graoning with the pleasure of a great orgasm. She really had enjoyed that and possibly it was the loudest orgasm a girl or woman in this case had ever had with me. It was far stronger than I had experienced with any of the 3 girls I had fucked. She really let herself go and after what seemed like a minute or two she collapsed on top of me gasping for breath and shaking all over. For some reason I wondered what her orgasms were like when she masturbated. 

Then without a word she rolled off me, lay on her back and opened her legs and prepared to take me in missionary again, as she gasped for breath she said come on, its your turn- fill me up baby.

I mounted her and began to enjoy once more my pleasure of fucking her. I was pretty physical and loved watching her tits bounce about and roll around on her chest as I forced my cock deeper and deeper harder and harder into her.  After about a minute or so I felt the pressure building up in my balls and the head of my cock becoming all sensitive and her cunt tightly gripping my shaft that was now rock hard and I raised my speed and thrashed her cunt wildly with my cock and finished myself off with hard and fast thrusts and had a exceptionally good orgasm myself. My semen filled with sperms  flooded from deep inside my balls and filled her cunt to the brim and overflowed all over us as my cock slowly subsided and finally slipped out of her dragging a strip of cum over her thigh before my cock slipped down between my legs letting the last drops of cum seek from within.

She said Christ that was magnificent. Where in the name of god did you learn to fuck like that.

I said I am glad you liked it – to be honest so did I – I never thought you would be as good as that. Now I wish you were not Garry's mom and we could do it all again.

She sort of giggled and said no I am not Garry’s mom I am a slut that picked you up and fucked the arse out of you. Don’t worry as far as I am concerned you are a stranger and believe me every time I see you in future I will remember this day for ever. You were fucking fantastic, I hope Julie enjoys you as much as I did.

After that we both showered together again, this time I was far more accommodating and treating her like a friend rather than Garry’s mother. Now I was beginning to hope that this may happen again. We had fun in the shower and had sex again standing up, something I had never had before. She stood with her hands against the wall and I entered her from behind. It felt great with the warm shower beating down on us and dripping off my balls. When I came my balls were swinging and hitting her arse as the warm water had softened the sac to a very soft and pliable state. After we showered we towelled each other off again and it started us off again. She dragged me onto the bed and I fucked her hard and fast missionary and the two of us were really into it. No words - all action. She was no longer Garry’s mom she was the best fuck I had ever had and I wanted more. After I came we kissed and fucked again, the fourth time, this time it was more subdued and soft and sensual. We were both exhausted really but still enjoyed every moment even though we were both covered in cum and love juice after two wild sessions one after the other as well as the two other loads of cum I had shot into her earlier.

This time I showered alone and she did the same. We both dressed and we held each other tightly and kissed and she said I want you again, not now, later – I had to say I was more than happy to oblige.

I said you will have to arrange it so Garry never realises what we are doing, I know he will never learn from me I am fucking the arse off his mom and I cant get enough of it.

She said I am so happy, don’t worry I can be very discrete and devious; we will meet regularly and relive these moments often. I am glad you just didn’t take the opportunity to fuck and forget me, I am really happy we actually got it all together in every way. Look after Julie and remember I am always available for you whenever you want me.

With that we walked to the car and she drove me home. It was dark now and I had some thinking to do to explain why I was so late – I just couldn’t say I was fucking the arse of Garry’s mom could I. Maybe I was helping Garry with his homework, well it was his home but it wasn’t work, it was extreme pleasure and Garry would never have spoken to me again if he knew what we were studying..

That was the beginning of a long association of sex with Garry's mom. I continued to see Julie and we eventually parted after 3 years of being in love. She eventually realised I was unfaithful and why our lovemaking became better and better.

I still see Garry's mom regularly as she bought a small apartment in town and we met in our love nest regularly. He knows we are lovers having caught us in the act about a year after we started. It was rough for a while between the 3 of us but eventually it settled down but my frienship with Garry was never the same. It didnt affect her and we got it all back together quite quickly and I could never be more thankful for the wonderful sex we have together- despite her age. Older women are fantastic - even if she is the only one I have had.

Chasewood Academy pt. 1

ChasewoodAcademy on Teen Stories

The door of a non-descript black Lincoln opens with a soft click as an equally non-descript driver holds the door for his passengers. Caitie is the first to step out onto the cobblestone driveway. Justin steps out behind her, looking unimpressed at the enormous academy towering above them. Caitlin stands stiffly in her new school uniform as she waits for her luggage to be unloaded. The driver hefts one bag after another out of the trunk and sets them in front of her. Justin grabs his own bags out of the trunk and shuts it. The driver waits expectantly until Justin reaches in his pocket and pulls out a crumpled wad of cash. Pressing it into the driver’s hand, the driver thanks him and starts to get back in the car.

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laceholder" />

“Excuse me?” Caitie spits. “Aren’t you going to help me with my bags?”


“Sorry ma’am, your brother’s a shitty tipper.” The driver replies. Caitie turns to her brother sternly.


“You tipped him?” She asks accusingly. Justin only shrugs indifferently. “Fucking Mexicans…” She mutters as she gathers her belongings.


Their parents had begrudgingly hugged them goodbye hours ago at the airport. It was their third school in two years. The New York Board of Education had them expelled from the state school system. Not a single school east of the Mississippi would even consider their applications. Now sophomores, twins Justin and Caitie and their older sister Emily, a senior, were repeat drug offenders, as well as thieves, con artists, and general trouble makers.


Their parents had given them a choice between a boarding academy in northern California, or eighteen months of drug rehabilitation in Miami. The twins chose boarding school. Their sister took 18 long months of therapy with pill-popping geriatrics. The Parker twins were disappointed that their sister would no longer be a part of their team, but took it as an opporotunity to develop their own teamwork.




Caitie walked stiffly down the hall to her room. Her luggage was being delivered while she took a quick tour of her classes and the nicer facilities that Chasewood Academy had to offer. Occupying over 600 acres, of the northern Sierra Mountain Range, there was a lot to see on her tour. As she neared her door she noticed her it slightly open. The opening tones of Death Cab’s “Title and Registration” caught Caitie’s ear.


“At least the person has taste…” Was Caitie’s only thought. Loosening up and putting on her cheery face, she opened the door quietly. Entering the toom, Caitie was first drawn to her new roommate lying on the top bunk. Head propped up by an excessive amount of pillows, legs bent to support her sketchbook, Caitie’s roommate looked down from her bunk and smiled. Putting her sketchpad to the side, she effortlessly hopped off the bunk to greet Caitie.


“Hi, you must be Caitie, I’m Allyson. Its great to meet you.” Allyson beamed.


“Same.” Was Caitie’s only reply. Caitie’s quietness, easily interpreted as being rude, was more a result of her speechlessness in the presence of this girl. One of the most naturally beautiful girls Caitie had ever met, Allyson was what most would consider the “indie” type. Despite the mandatory school uniform, Allyson had certainly found room for expressing herself within the constraints of the standard. Allyson was short, about 5’1”, and brunette with a tinge of red highlights. Her hair was thrown in a very messy bun, held together with chopsticks. Her eyes were deep green, accented by a rebellious, yet adorable eyebrow piercing. Her ears sparkled with tiny silver rings and studs and her neck with an ornate platinum cross hanging just above her cleavage. A naturally busty girl, her top was slightly more unbuttoned to accent her chest, yet modestly so. Her sweater was pulled tightly across her breasts and buttoned just below her bust, then left open to reveal the smallest of diamond belly rings. Caitie cleared her head and smiled at the girl sweetly, bringing her attention back to her stunning eyes.


Caitie cleared her throat. “I’m sorry, still getting used to the idea of a boarding school.”


“Oh, I understand. I was the same way when I first started here, but you get used to it quickly. It can actually be fun sometimes.” Allyson smiled, revealing perfectly white and straight teeth. “They brought your stuff in a few minutes ago, I think its in the closet. Oh, and I think your cell phone went off a couple times.”


“Thanks, sorry if it bothered you.” Caitie walked over to the closet to find her belongings stacked inside. She pulled out the largest bag and began to unpack.


“If you want, I cleared out the other side of the dresser over there.” Allyson pointed to a large mahogany dresser. Half of the dresser was occupied by a jewelry box and a lamp, as well as several pictures of Allyson with what seemed to be her boyfriend. Caitie picked up one of the pictures.


“Your boyfriend?” She inquired.


“Just a friend… I’m not really allowed to date anyone.” Allyson said with a slight frown.


“Right, I forgot this is a Christian school. Does he go here?”


“No, he’s in public school back home in Maine.”


“Maine? I’m from New York.” Caitie said.


“Wow, and I never thought I’d find another East Coast kid here…” Allyson laughed. “My aunt and uncle live in California, and they highly recommended the school, so here I am. Why are you so far from home?”


“Oh um…” Caitie went serious. “My mother died… Just a couple months ago.”


“I’m so sorry.” Allyson said solemnly.


“My dad didn’t take it well. We moved in with my uncle after that. Then some friends in Carolina. My dad finally realized that he couldn’t keep uprooting his kids, so he sent us here on his way to Oregon.”




“Oh, I completely forgot. My brother goes here too.” Caitie brightened.


“Oh awesome! What grade?”


“Same, sophomore. We’re twins actually.”


“That’s cool. I’ll have to meet him soon, we can all be friends.”


“Absolutely!” Caitie exclaimed. She reached into her bag and found her cell phone. Opening it, she was notified of a new text message:


-What room are you in? I’m in Blake 114. Come over tonight around 10.-


“Speak of the devil.” Caitie said softly.


“What?” Allyson asked, looking up from her sketchpad.

“Oh nothing.” Caitie closed her cell phone and threw it back in the bag. “Y’know, I’ll unpack later. Wanna go get dinner?”


“Sure, gimmie a second here…”


Caitie zipped up her bag and shoved it under her bed. Allyson slid off her bunk, landing next to Caitie and held out a piece of paper.


“Here, hopefully it’s a decent first impression.” Allyson smiled.


Caitie looked at the paper to find her own face staring back at her. The drawing was beautiful, every proportion correct, the shading soft and delicate, Even the eyes had a distinctly life-like quality to them. Caitie smiled and propped the picture up on the dresser. Turning to thank Allyson, she was already out of the room, walking down the hall.




Justin  pried open the glowing screen of his laptop. His room finally orderly, bags unpacked, he settled into his computer chair and leaned back. Justin enjoyed the silence. Not having a roommate was far better than constantly having to make conversation. A room on the bottom floor was far better too, allowing him to do what he wanted without disturbing his neighbors under foot. Also managing to get a room in the corner of the building, bordering the bathrooms, Justin eliminated disturbing any neighbors at all from his list of worries. It took him longer than he had estimated to get his window to specifications, but after hinging the bars on the windowsill, it provided all the amenities of a large, screenless window, and seemed to be a standard barred window to the unsuspicious eye.


Justin checked his watch and his schedule, quickly dismissing dinner in favor of settling into his new room and getting some real work done. Adjusting his headphones, Justin booted up iTunes and went to work.


The California sun set quickly in the late autumn, and before Justin knew it, he woke up to the sound of his floor leader across the hall. Knocking on the door across from Justin, the floor leader reminded whoever resided in that dorm that its time for lights out. Justin waited for the floor leader to remind him, but the knock never came. Justin smiled to himself, realizing that the floor leader didn’t know anyone was assigned to Blake 114.




Waiting for her floor leader to leave, Caitie lay in bed, still fully dressed. Hearing the final door in the hall close and lock, Caitie threw off her covers and walked to the door, opening it a crack to look out.


“Hey, where are you going?” Allyson hissed.


“Bathroom… Don’t wait up for me ok?” Caitie looked both ways down the hall before silently slipping out into the hall. Heading for the door at the end of the hall, she slowly tried to open it, as to not disturb the rest of the hall. Her idea had worked: mailing tape over the door latch to make sure she wasn’t locked out. It was only a temporary solution, but she’d get her brother to hinge the bars on her window within the next day.


Still hearing people close on the grounds, Caitie kept low to the wet grass, gracefully hurrying to the boy’s dorms. Her brother’s window was not hard to find, and with him holding the bars, not hard to get into either.


Caitie carefully swung her feet over the windowsill and slowly dropped until she found the floor. The room was dark, only the light of the moon to light the outline of her brother’s face. No words were spoken. Her brother held her tight around the waist, forehead against hers as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss. The kiss grew progressively more aggressive as Justin squeezed her, shoving his tongue in her mouth. She met his tongue with hers, sliding her hands across his shoulders, caressing his face before unbuttoning his shirt. Justin moved his hands lower, cupping her ass and pulling her onto her tiptoes as she ran her hands over his chest and arms, slipping the shirt off.


Justin pulled her on top of him as he fell onto his bed. She sat up and began to take off her sweater, then her shirt. Justin sat up, facing her chest, kissing every inch of her chest that wasn’t protected by her black lace bra. Reaching behind her, he effortlessly removed it, letting it slip off her breasts as he followed the curve of her breast with his lips. Feeling his tongue brush over her nipple and his lips close around it, Caitie breathed in sharply and let out a slow sigh as she shut her eyes. Justin’s other hand moved up her body, taking her other breast in his hand and caressed it. Caitie felt a familiar rush of pleasure between her legs as her pussy flooded with an intoxicating aroma.


Shoving Justin flat on his back, Caitie gracefully turned around, shoving her pussy in his face, her skirt falling open to reveal her cute pink folds. Justin smiled eagerly as he felt his zipper undone and the button of his pants undone. Pushing his pants around his knees, Caitie held the base of his cock, keeping it straight in the air as her tongue ascended his length and across the head momentarily before her lips wrapped around his hard dick.


Behind her, Justin lapped furiously at her sweet pussy, pushing his tongue within her opening then withdrew, flicking it across her clitoris. He continued to focus on her clitoris, manuvering his tongue around the hood as she wriggled her hips, shoving his dick deeper in her mouth, then letting it pop out of her mouth before she ran her hand up and down it a couple times before shoving his entire length back into her throat. Justin’s eyes shut tight as his lips clamped around her pussy and continued to stroke her clit. Feeling an all too familiar pressure in his groin, he pushed her off of him and flipped her on her back, finding his dick pressing at her opening.


Sucking on her neck, Justin pushed deep within Caitie in one push, feeling her nails rake across his back lightly. His movements continued slowly, rhythmically, his breath quickening as Caitie bit her lip and moaned quietly. Justin’s pace quickened as his sister’s wet pussy tightened around him, drawing him deeper. His lips met hers in a passionate kiss before broken by Caitie’s moan of pleasure. Watching her breasts bounce, Justin threw his head back and forced himself to go harder, to the delight of his little sister writhing on the bed under him. Hugging herself tight, her breasts pushed up and together, she exploded into her first orgasm of the night, eyes wide and mouth open. Justin smiled as he continued pumping his cock into her.


Pulling the covers over them, Caitie straddled his cock, teasing him by only allowing the head in, then dropping down quickly to accept his entire length. Placing her hands on his chest, she moved up and down on his dick, her hair brushing his neck and face as Justin pulled her head to his and kissed her. Justin wrapped his hands around her back, helping her bounce on his cock. His quiet hums of pleasure quickly turned into aggressive grunts as he forced his cock inside her harder and faster, his muscles tightening and breathing halting as his body went as rigid as his cock, cumming inside his sister with a sigh of relief. Caitie smiled and kissed him softly, her hands tracing his arms as she snuggled her face into his neck, falling asleep.


BigMan1001 on Teen Stories

I am one of the better looking kids in school from all the time I spent playing, which really didn’t leave me with much of an education. But damn, did I look good. 5’ 10”, a toned tanned body, well cut black hair, and from what I have been told, a rock hard ass.

It was the night of Homecoming and I was going to pick up my date from her house, whose parents happen to be gone for the week-end. Kelly was a real looker. About 5’ 6”, long blond hair, blue eyes, a great pair of tits; it was hard to believe they were that big for her age. I always imagined getting tittied fucked by those things every time she walked through the classroom door, I couldn’t help but stare and get a massive hard on. Not to mention,

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an ass so fine, it’s a shame she has to sit on it, man I loved to see that thing in action when she would run track during the fall.

Anyways, I knock on the door and she lets me know the door is open. I enter in to here her tell me to come upstairs. As I proceed I see a light coming from a room so I let myself in. There she is standing in there with nothing but her black thong and bra. I couldn’t believe it, I was hoping I would get some tonight, but didn’t think it would be this easy.

She comes over to me and whispers in my ear, “Is this what you want.” As she grabs my now erect cock. Standing there speechless she begins to undress me. Again, I am going to homecoming and dressed in a suit. Let me tell you there is nothing sexier than to see a girl remove your tie and then rub it between her legs.

As she proceeded to undress me while I helped, we were locked in kissing, as our tongues played with one another’s. There I was in nothing by my boxers so I decided to have her do a little lap dance. She spun around the bed post, grinding that gorgeous ass against my cock as I removed her bra. Then she took off her thong, to reveal her pussy. Before I could get up she pushed me back down on the bed and started sucking my cock. First, licking the head slowly and moving her tongue all around the shaft before finally sucking on my balls. Man could Kelly suck. After that she took my whole seven inches in her moth as I pushed her head into more and more as if to fuck her mouth. I cummed right in her mouth and swallowed it all. Next it was my turn to return the favor.

I got up and had get on all fours on the bed as I licked that sweet ass. She began moaning in pleasure. “Oh, don’t stop… ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh” I couldn’t resist so I had her right where I wanted her so I started to spank her ass a few times. Then I got up and fucked her doggy style as I reached to squeeze those tits. We exchanged a little dirty talk:

“You like that bitch, you like it when I fuck your ass.”

“Fuck it, fuck it, I want that in my ass, I want it.”

“You want me to hit, you want me to hit that nice ass.”

“Hit it baby, hit it.”

But before I climaxed I just had to do what I always wanted.

I had her kneel on the floor as I fucked her tits. Feeling my cock between those two luscious orbs, made me swell as I unloaded twice on to her tits a few times reaching her face, and like a pro she licked it all up.

After that we showered together, got dressed and went to the dance. Where we grinded together on the dance floor the whole night. She was son horny; she even went under the table to blow me after dinner.

What a great night!

More than perfect

mibrainisdead on Teen Stories

This is my third story and the sequel to “She Was Perfect”. The story is longer than the original as I tried to build a good plot with lively details to make the story more interesting. This part talks about Dave and Gwen’s date Sarah was walking. No, not walking. Marching. No, even that seemed to demean her state of mind. Storming –yes, storming was the right word. Sarah was storming towards the… thing that was called Dave Mathews. People all around her were getting out of her way from fear of getting verbally slashed into non-existence. She appeared alive with energy, static seeming to ripple along her shoulder length blonde hair. The reasons of her anger, though various and complex, could be simplified into two words: Gwen Mitchels. Her girlfriend had bee
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n spending an inordinate amount of time with her ‘friend’. She was getting better grades in English, sure, but there was something she was hiding. It had been three weeks since she had met the guy at his house. Ever since, Gwen had changed. She giggled at awkward times, was often caught daydreaming and was even spending less time on her phone! What kind of girl spends less time chatting with her best friend? Sarah thought. Something was wrong and she was determined to find out what. Even if it meant talking to Mathews. Mathews. The name itself repulsed her. She knew that guy was trouble. If only Gwen had listened to her… She glared at her prey, which was still unaware of its impending doom. She reached him and took a deep breath. She was going to need it…. * * * Gwen was feeling giddy. She had been thinking of Dave. Again. She always thought of Dave these days. She giggled. Everything about Dave made her giddy: his hair, his soft perfume, his clothes, his attitude… his body. Ah, his body. So many things she liked about it. She had fantasized, oh how she had fantasized…. She was going to meet him and get a little… something, to make lunchtime more enjoyable. She heard Dave before she saw him. He appeared to be in the middle of an oral scuffle but she couldn’t identify his ‘opponent’. She cleared her way through the small crowd, not more than twenty students, and found her best friend arguing with her new… hubby? Guy? Boyfriend? They hadn’t even dated yet…. Well, she found her arguing with Dave. Arguing was a small word. World War III came to her mind when she saw their faces. They were both contorted with fury and an unnatural… bestiality. Dave was clenching his fists so tightly they were blanching. And Sarah. She had curled her slender fingers into claws that reminded her of a vulture. Or a hawk. She opened her mouth in response to what he had said and what followed was the loudest and most imaginative swearing she had ever heard. Dave answered with anatomical references. She caught a glimpse of the exchange: scrotum sucker, balled-up anus, whoring vagina, unfucked… what was it? Whoa! She couldn’t believe he had said that. Sarah was stunned for a second then her eyes turned cold and her left hand swung towards Dave’s eyes. The latter grabbed her hand and his fist was a blur as it moved towards Sarah’s nose. Gwen closed her eyes and waited for the meaty smack and the loud pop that announced broken cartilages…. She opened her eyes a bit and saw that he had stopped a mere inch from the organ. He flicked out his index instead, brushing the tip of Sarah’s nose, and spoke in a tone she had never heard him use. His eyes were colder than the chicken her mom had thawed yesterday. “If you weren’t Gwen’s friend…” His voice trailed off, full of menace and unspoken agony. He turned and thundered off, leaving a discomfited Sarah and a shocked Gwen in his wake. She turned to look at Sarah who was still looking in Dave’s direction. Apparently, she didn’t notice her as she walked to the restroom and slammed the door behind her. Sarah started after her and quietly slipped inside. She saw Sarah bent over a sink, her blonde hair hiding her face. She was muttering something under her breath. Sarah took a deep breath and walked to her. “What was that all about?” Sarah whirled around, eyes wide. “What was what all about?” “That little exchange out there.” “You heard that?” Sarah asked sheepishly. “Difficult not to.” “Okay, it’s like this. You’re spending way too much time with that Dave shit. You’re not returning my calls, we barely hang out anymore and you even skip lunch. What’s got into you?” Gwen scoffed. “What I make of my time is none of your business. And since when have you become obsessed with me?” “We’ve been friends forever and you’re basically blowing me off!” “I’m taking some me time. So what? Sarah, you should learn to share.” “Share? With whom?” she asked suspiciously. “Like I said, none of your business.” She turned and left the restroom. She couldn’t believe Sarah was so childish. She went to the cafeteria and looked for Dave. He was alone in a corner, eating his Jell-O in silence. She took her platter and made her way to him. Nobody cast her another glance as she was wearing a baggy jean and a loose tee with a denim jacket. She sat down in front of her lover and met his eyes. He looked away for an instant before looking back. He was ready to listen. Not talk, not yet. She bit into her sandwich, chewed slowly, swallowed and took a sip from her juice. Dave was still looking her in the eyes. They ate, never letting their eyes stray from their required position. “What happened?” She knew she could expect an honest answer. Vague, no doubt, but still honest. “You saw?” “Yeah.” “Sorry about that. It was too much. I couldn’t take it. I snapped.” He shrugged, as if it could have happened to anyone. In fact, in could happen to anyone. “You haven’t answered my question.” He sighed and leaned back into his chair. “Sarah was asking about you. She was talking about stealing her friendship and bla and bla and crap. I was okay until she mentioned my mom. Something about a skank or a ho. That was too much.” “I’m glad you didn’t punch her lights out.” “I respect your friendship, I just don’t respect her. That’s why I stopped.” “You’re really sweet, you know,” she said, pinching his cheek slightly. She smiled and leaned towards him. “We still got ten minutes before the bell.” He looked up and cocked an eyebrow. “Only ten?” “Ten is enough.” * * * Sarah was going to her English class when she heard something move in the janitor’s closet. She silently came closer. She heard a grunt and a moan. This was probably some stupid kids getting some R-rated action. She put her hand on the doorknob and suddenly pulled it open. Her jaw hit the floor. Gwen was sitting in Dave’s lap, who was sitting on a bucket. Their faces were close together but Gwen’s long brown hair was hiding what they were doing. The closet was small and untidy. There was no doubt about what they were doing. She was still staring when they pulled back. Gwen turned to her and her eyes widened. She wet her lips with her tongue and tried to speak but Sarah slammed the door shut and stalked off. They were once again bathed in darkness. Dave cleared his throat and said one single word. “Oops.” “Yeah, oops.” “You think she’s mad?” “No, she’s thrilled. Of course she’s mad!” “Is that a problem?” “Yes.” She sighed. “I’ll try to make it up with her.” “There’s still two minutes.” Gwen smiled and kissed him again. It was kind of a ritual. Eat lunch, and then make out in the closet. Sometimes she’d give him a blowjob or he would go down on her. They hadn’t had sex since that magical night three weeks ago. They kissed in silence, tongues rolling around in their mouths until the bell rang. They got out of the closet and went to their classes. * * * Dave sat through Chemistry thinking of Gwen and Sarah. Mostly Gwen. Gwen’s lips, her hips, her thighs, her soft skin, her silky hair, her breasts, her bum, her body, her curves, her tongue, her… everything about her. Sarah was going to be a bitch, that was sure. He pushed those thoughts aside and concentrated on organic chemistry. * * * Gwen waited near the doors after school, looking for Sarah. She was going to make this hard, she just knew it. She spotted her friend while she was walking to her car. She walked over and tried to start a conversation. Sarah shot her a venomous look the second she opened her mouth. “I can’t believe you! Dave Mathews! Of all the people….” “What’s wrong with him?” Gwen asked defensively. “He’s Dave. That’s what’s wrong.” Gwen shook her head. “Well, get over it. We’re dating and you’re not stopping me. Even if it means that I never get to talk to you again, that’s fine with me. I don’t belong to you.” She turned and stalked off. Sarah was really a bitch. She saw Dave waiting for her near a lamppost. He had seen the exchange and was obviously going to provide moral support. She grabbed his arm, looked over her shoulder, gave Sarah a murderous stare and dragged her new boyfriend away. They walked in silence until they reached the park. She sat down on a bench and put her head in her hands. “Hey, hey, no crying,” Dave said, lifting her chin with one hand. He leaned towards her and planted a long, deep, passionate kiss on her lips. She responded with a firm hug that pulled him closer. Their lips were burning with desire. They must have looked like a pair of sex-crazed teens trying to get it on in a park. He finally stopped. Her cupped her face in his right hand and stroked her long brown hair with his left hand. “You are beautiful.” That simple statement made her blush. “Say… we haven’t officially been on a date yet.” He smiled. “Tomorrow’s Friday. Pick you up at eight?” “Yeah. Be on time.” She kissed him again, letting her hands run through his hair. They were still getting in his ears. She had told him to get a haircut. She rolled her tongue around in his mouth, feeling his, pulling him closer. She wanted him. She wanted him like a piece of well-cooked red meat. He must have felt the same, for he She broke the kiss regretfully and scampered off, leaving a very happy Dave behind her. She heard a mumble, something clearer. “What the hell am I gonna wear?” She smiled. Dave was a slob when it came to clothing. She was sure he was going to surprise her. * * * Friday night couldn’t come soon enough. Gwen had tried every dress in her closet, trying to find the right one. Her sister had even lent her a couple of her dresses. She couldn’t quite make her mind up. Her bed was crumbling under the clothes scattered on its surface. Her sister, Kate, was sitting on a chair by her table, watching her with a smile. “First date?” she asked. Gwen blushed. “Yeah.” She fished out a green dress, tossed it on the ground, looked at a blue denim skirt and a white shirt and threw them on a chair in frustration. Kate smirked and got up. She collected all the clothes on the bed and placed them delicately on a sturdy chair. She lazily lay on the stomach and propped her head in her hands. “So. Who is it?” “Dave Mathews,” she said. She was too busy looking for a suitable attire to blush. “Aaaah. The Dave Mathews. The guy from the English class. He finally asked you out.” She smiled when Gwen blushed. She saw her sister stop searching and sit on the bed, playing with her hair. Girlie talk was on the way. “I asked him out. Yesterday.” “What kind of date is it? Concert? Club? Dinner? Movie?” she enquired. She looked at the dresses and smiled. “Lips?” she suggested. Gwen turned the color of a fire hydrant. Yes, it was lips. Her sister had finally grown up. Kate was only one year older than Gwen but she had had her share of dates and lips. Gwen had always been shy. “I think I have what you need but I need some info first. Why lips on the first date? Is there something I should know?” Gwen turned an even deeper shade of crimson. “We kissed in the park,” she mumbled. Kate moved closer to her sister and nudged her side. “You kissed in the park,” she repeated. “Wow, that’s fast. I usually wait for the third date.” Gwen hid her face in her hands. “So, you two kissed. How was it?” Gwen lifted her head and gazed at the wall in front of her. Her eyes glazed over and she looked like she was spacing out. “Wonderful,” she finally said. “Tongue action?” Kate teased. Gwen nodded, a mischievous smile on her face. “There may have been some groping,” she said. Kate got up, went into her room and rummaged through her closet. She came back with a plain black dress in her hands. It looked too short, too insubstantial, too tight, too… revealing. Gwen shook her head. “I can’t wear that! It’s… it’s… way too short,” she said lamely. Kate cocked an eyebrow and stared at her sister. “You wanna get your lips or some sloppy goodbye kiss on the porch? Stand up and wear that thing,” she ordered. Gwen got up and took off her pajamas. She slipped into the dress and closed her eyes in front of the huge mirror. “I probably look horrible.” Kate sighed and shook her head. Gwen was so naïve. “You look stunning! Just open your eyes.” Gwen slowly opened her eyes. She stared at the figure in the mirror for a long time before whispering a soft “Wow”. She was indeed stunning. The hem of the dress hung three inches above her knees, making her look respectable yet sultry at the same time. The plunging neckline gave a good view of her cleavage but was not outrageously open. The material was loose yet it married every curve of her body and accentuated them without making her look like a slut. The thin straps looked like they could slide off her shoulders at a moment’s notice. She whirled in front of the mirror, checking herself out. Her hips didn’t appear too large and her butt looked quite … tasty. Kate was right. The dress was perfect. She looked at her sister and saw her wide eyes and her approving smile. “Dave’s not going to resist. If I were gay, I’d want you,” she teased. “If you were gay, you wouldn’t be in this room,” Gwen replied lightly. They were pretty liberal when it came to sexuality. Gwen looked down at her bare feet and sighed. She didn’t own any high heels, only Nikes and Sprandis. Kate miraculously produced a pair of small shoes that fit just right on her feet. They were very comfortable, just two inches high. “You save my life,” Gwen said, looking at her reflection. “I know. At what time does he pick you up?” “Eight.” “Okay. You can go at eight thirty.” “I’ll be late!” “It’s a girl’s privilege to be late, honey. He’ll understand. Now, makeup.” Gwen winced. She didn’t like makeup. It was so fake. Still, she let Kate guide her to her chair and let her do her magic. Some pink lip-gloss, a bit of eyeliner, some powder and the trick is done. Gwen looked just right. Not too much makeup but just enough to look supremely beautiful. She heard a honk outside, followed by the slap of a closing door and footsteps. She looked at the clock. Eight sharp. Dave was really punctual. Kate led her to her room and gave her a few tips and some advice on how to make the night enjoyable. Dave was downstairs talking to their parents in the living room. Kate went down and signaled Gwen to come down quietly. They listened to the conversation for a while. “… time do you think you’ll be back?” Gwen’s father asked. “I don’t know. What time do you want her back?” he asked. “Not too late. Tomorrow’s Saturday, so she can stay out a bit late, but no later than midnight.” “Alright. She’ll be here by eleven, Sir,” Dave said. Gwen nodded approvingly. He had all the right answers. She nudged Kate and entered the room. She saw Dave rise from the couch and take a step towards her then stop. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed and blinked. She enjoyed the look in his eyes. She gave him the once-over. He was wearing beige slacks, a plain black shirt tucked out with a yellow T-shirt underneath, a cozy blue jacket and his black Nikes. He looked great. He had made a conscious effort to impress her and her parents by looking respectable and cute at the same time. Her father got up kissed her on the cheek and slipped out of the room. There was a bouquet of blood red roses on the table. How romantic. He brushed himself and cleared his throat. “You’re… um… very…” his voice faltered as he looked at her. “Absolutely stunning,” he whispered finally. She smiled, took the roses, smelled them and dropped them in a vase. She took his hand and got out. “Let’s go,” she said. * * * Dave still couldn’t believe his luck. Gwen was sitting in his Dad’s black sedan and looking hotter than she had ever had. He could barely concentrate on the road. They drove to a restaurant near her house with excellent food and guaranteed privacy at a low cost. He was friends with the owner and got a special table when the latter saw his date. They ate, talking and looking at each other. They talked about the things two people in love usually do. Dave examined her carefully. She was wearing a beautiful black dress that seemed to mold her every shape. Her cleavage was delightfully exposed, just enough to make his mouth water. Her long brown hair was carefully brushed and shimmered in the soft light of the restaurant. Her lips were so lusty, they cried out for attention. Her legs were hairless, a definite bonus. She was eating her pasta slowly, enjoying the flavor of the Italian food. She looked up, noticed his scrutiny and blushed, making blood rush to her cheeks. She looked all the more beautiful with the color in her face. He couldn’t wait to kiss her. Kiss her like he had never kissed her before. They ate and went to see a movie, “The Prince And Me”, with Julia Stiles. It was quite good and he was able to hold her hand through the entire movie. Her skin was softer than he remembered. Her smelled the lavender of her hair and her soft perfume. They went to the beach, walking with their bare feet in the sand, shoes in one hand, holding their free hands. They talked and laughed all the way to her house. It was around eleven fifteen when they arrived. He looked at her and leaned towards her, kissing her. It was a simple kiss, just a peck on the mouth. He pulled back quickly and went out, opening the car’s door for her in a chivalrous way. He took her hand and led her to her doorstep. He noticed that her parents’ car wasn’t in the driveway and the lights were out. They stopped at the door. She turned to him. “So. Good night.” “Good night.” She turned back, visibly disappointed. She was about to open the door when he snagged her right arm and whirled her around, pulling her in a strong embrace. She hit his chest with a grunt and looked up to his eyes. He was smiling. Her heart was beating faster, he could feel it through her skin. She was scared, in a good way. His lips touched hers. She gripped his jacket’s collar with her left hand and cupped his head with her right one. His lips pressed against hers. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to him, wanting her with all his heart. Their tongue were locked in an erotic ballet, right there on the porch. The fact that her parents could find them anytime excited him as much as her fragrance. She tilled her head up, giving him full access to her lips. He cupped her face in his hands as she slid her arms around him. Her chest was tight against his solid body. He wanted her right now, on this goddamn porch! She hungrily sucked on his lips, her muffled moans and grunts reaching his ears. He hoped her parents were out. He finally pulled back. He had to come up for air as much as she needed to. They were both red in the face. She rearranged her hair so that it was tucked behind her ears and smoothed her dress while he dusted his jacket and straightened his ruffled hair. He stepped back, panting slightly. She looked down for a second before looking up with a smile. She held his left hand lightly in her right hand. She rubbed it affectionately and stood on tiptoe, pecking him on the cheek. She opened the door and motioned him to get in. “Won’t you get a drink? Meet the parents at least?” “Alright. Sure they won’t be mad?” “You said I’d be back before midnight and I am. They’ll be happy to know their daughter is in such good hands.” She smiled suggestively, wriggling her eyebrow. * * * They went to the living room then Gwen moved to the kitchen to get Dave a Coke. There was a note stuck beneath a magnet on the fridge’s door. It said, “Gwen, we’re at the hospital. Mom twisted her ankle and is getting it checked out. Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious. She’ll be up in no time. The house is yours. I hope you get lucky. I’ll call you when we get ready to go.” Kate had left her the message and had put the time they had moved on the paper. Half an hour ago. From experience, Gwen knew they would be back in two to three hours. She smiled wickedly. More than enough? Or too little time? She couldn’t decide. She put the Coke back in the fridge and took off her shoes. These things were really comfy but her feet were starting to ache from prolonged use. She sneaked to Dave who was sitting on the sofa with his back to her. She put her hands on his shoulders and started to slowly massage them. She leaned on him, whispering in his ear. “My parents are gone for the night. How many do you have…?” her voice trailed off. He looked up in indignation. “What kind of guy do you think I am? I don’t walk around with a box of condoms in my pockets! That would be lacking respect towards you to think that I can get some every time we meet.” He sulked for a while. “Six,” he quietly added. Gwen smiled. She knew it! He always brought protection when he met her. She took his hand and led him upstairs to her room. The last time, it had been his room and his parents were absent. She hoped that Kate had cleaned up before her departure. She opened the door to find a clean and tidy room with an open window. Her room. She turned to her date. This was going to be fun. She reached for the door behind him and closed it. She pressed him against it, feeling his hard muscles through the layers of cloth. Her mouth was almost on his. His hot breath was slowly blowing on her face. She kissed him long and deep, locking the door at the same time. His arms found their way around her. She cupped his face and kissed him hungrily, just like the first time they had been alone. His hands slid to her bum and squeezed her cheeks. She moaned as he slowly massaged her buttocks. She played with his tongue, rubbing it with her own, pressing his face to hers more fiercely. She was compensating for all the time they had spent away from each other. She lost track of time. His hands had left her ass and were slowly sliding her dress’s straps down her shoulders. Her hands were busy unbuttoning his shirt. She pulled his arms to his sides and threw his shirt down. She lifted his T-short up and over his head. Dave let his arms fall slowly to her shoulders as he kissed her again. She was still fully clothed. She felt his member through his pale blue boxers. She pulled back and smiled. Dave’s eyes were lovingly watching her. His breathing had picked up and was warming her face. She kissed him on the right cheek, and then went on her knees. * * * Dave relished what was to come. He had finally kissed her like he wanted to. Gwen must have enjoyed it because she was now freeing his hard dick from its confines. He stepped out of his boxers and felt the tip of a tongue pass over his dickhead. He shuddered. She was getting good at that sort of thing. She licked the shaft then the head, then the shaft again. When it was carefully lubricated, she opened her mouth and guided his meat inside. It was warm and inviting and so pleasant. She used her tongue and swallowed, sending numerous jolts to his head. The swallowing thing left a vacuum in her mouth that felt great. Her lips were at the base of his cock. She used her mouth for his shaft and slowly played with his balls with her hands. He could barely hold back. He had trained himself in the Tantric arts a little to be able to control his ejaculation and be a more efficient lover. Tantra or no Tantra, Gwen was going to make him cum if she continued. He stroked her hair as she bobbed up and down on him and used her hands. He pulled her off just before the point of no return. She looked disappointed but stood up and kissed him again. She led him to her rather large bed and stood before him, waiting for him to undress her. Her window was open and the curtains open but this wasn’t a problem. Her neighbors were away for the weekend. His hands landed on her shoulders. Her felt the straps under his palms as he slid them down her arms. She was smiling so beautifully that he just had to stop and kiss her again. He pulled her closer to him and moved his arms to under her armpits. His hands found the upper edge of her dress and slowly pulled it down. She was breathing more heavily now, just like him. He kissed her neck and hugged her, all the while sliding her dress down. Her arms were hanging limply by her sides, letting him work. He sucked on the skin just above her collarbone. The dress was now halfway off. Her breasts were free and pressed against his chest. He sucked harder, making her moan. Her hands flew to his head, urging him on, making him scrap the skin with his teeth. She grunted but didn’t back away. He let the fabric fall from his hands and drop on the floor. He hugged her as she rested her hands on his head and shoulders. He let her go, pushing her on her bed. She giggled when she landed on the bouncy mattress. Her hair was fanned out beneath her and looked striking. He put one of the condoms on and put the rest on the floor beside her bed. She spread her legs when he climbed on top of her. He smiled and suddenly felt giddy. This was their first date and they were already having sex. Other guys would have been thrilled but not Dave. He was just marveling at his luck. He had found the right girl. Or the right girl had found him, depended on how you looked at the situation. He slid inside her missionary style and sunk in until his balls were resting on her asshole. She moaned slightly then drew him closer and kissed him. She put her arms around him and wrapped her legs around his waist. They were still kissing when he started moving. He was slowly, rhythmically popping in and out of her. Her kiss was interrupted by a moan and he pulled his head up, watching her face contort with forbidden pleasure. He pumped in and out slowly. She was holding on to him like a lifejacket in a bucketing sea. Her moans were soft and gentle. He continued his slow work and watched her face contort again as he suddenly thrust all of himself inside her. He pulled out and thrust again. He repeated this maneuver several times, each time eliciting a jerking moan form his lover each time. He called it preheating the oven. And right, the oven was boiling hot, he could feel it through the thin rubbery material covering him. He picked up his pace, thrusting and grinding himself into her faster. She held him more tightly. They must have looked like a pair of monkeys in heat, each one grunting and moaning as loudly as the other and making the bed rattle. He neared his climax when he suddenly popped out of her and rubbed the tip around her sweet pussy. He heard her disappointed moan and slid in again, as slowly as before. She tried to buck her hips against him but he only stopped moving until she recessed. He was going to make her mad with desire before he made her –and himself- come like a fire hose. He tried the Sets Of Nine. He made one deep thrust then eight shallow thrusts –only the dickhead inside, then retreat. Two deep, seven shallow. Three deep, six shallow. Four deep, five shallow. He continued this pattern until he made nine slow thrusts inside her. He was surprised at her resilience. She hadn’t had an orgasm yet. He decided to abandon all foreplay and plunged inside her, using all his speed. She started moaning and grunting louder. She racked his back with her nails, something he found incredibly arousing. Her legs were almost painfully holding him to her. He thrust still harder, making her move along the sheets. The headboard banged loudly against the walls with each animalistic push he gave. He started to feel the familiar sensation in his loins that predicted his climax. He felt her walls become impossibly hot then suddenly she was half-moaning, half-crying. He managed to hold for a little longer. It would be ungentlemanly to cum before she did. He felt the hot nectar from her fruit drip on his legs and cock. It was running down her legs like water from a breaking dam. This was, after all, her first orgasm tonight. She shuddered once, twice, thrice. She held him tightly all the while and he never stopped moving, approaching his own ejaculation. He emptied himself inside the condom with a grunt and a thrust. He pressed himself inside her, feeling his fluid fill the sheath. She was calming down, sweating and kissing his neck. He pulled out of her and rolled on his back. He took the used sheath and dropped it in a wastebasket. He turned to her smiling face and kissed. They lay face-to-face, kissing and recuperating from their first eruption of the night. He stroked her breasts and hair, marveling at their soft texture. She kissed him again and laughed a girlish laugh. He passed his hand through her hair, fanning it behind her. She leaned towards him and kissed his neck. Her arms slid around him and held him still while she sucked on his neck like a vampire, just like he had a moment ago. He closed his eyes and moaned. She continued this little thing until he felt a strange sensation. He was getting a bit dizzy. She bit his skin, drawing some blood and a grunt. She sucked his blood like a, uh, vampire? No, leech. Yes, she sucked his blood like a leech. It was delicious. He held her head against his neck, trying to figure out where she found her ideas. She pulled back and kissed him. Their lips were burning for each other and for a while they just kissed like a pair of lovers. Their tongues danced in their mouths. They held each other like there was no tomorrow. He caressed her hair and she squeezed his butt. They broke the kiss and laughed together like lovesick puppies. He glanced at his watch. He never took it off, even when they were making love. They had fucked for about thirty minutes and had kissed for approximately ten minutes. It was time to start again. He was rising to the occasion, so to speak. * * * Gwen smiled and fitted him with another condom. She made him lay still on his back and lifted herself up, supporting herself on her knees. She took his hands in hers and placed them on her breasts. He immediately began to fondle them. She straddled him and took his dick in her hands. It was once again hard and warm. She lifted herself up, positioning the tip at her entrance. She rubbed the head against her clit and her lips. She smiled as she looked at him. He was still petting her chest, like a kid who had gotten his Christmas gift early. She placed the head inside her, moaning softly. “Incoming,” she said. “Target acquired.” She plopped down on him. He grunted as experienced a sudden warmth as her pussy engulfed him. He massaged her mounds a little more pressingly. She lifted herself again, leaving the head inside her, then slowly slid down again. Her hands were resting on his strong chest. He was enjoying it. She was taking control, showing him that she too could bring him untold pleasure. She continued her scheme. He was now moaning softly, telling her how good she was. She smiled as she lifted herself up another time. She let her hands drift to her calves. She slowly stroked them as she lowered herself onto him. Her fingernails scrapping her skin excited her even more than the sight of the body beneath her. She was using only her thighs and knees for movement, rocking up and down every few seconds. Dave’s hands were making her breasts hard with satisfaction. He was gently tweaking them, pinching the nipples and massaging them delicately. He was so good. The best she would ever experienced, she decided. No, not the best. The most patient and delicate. Her first lover. Yes, the first lover always had a special something that no one else could give. Was it the patience, the silent need, the pleasure he brought her, the knowledge of her body, his emotional closeness to her? She pondered this question as she slowly lowered her body. She moaned softly, a long drawn-out moan that filled the quiet room. She began to pick up speed, lifting herself and plopping down more forcefully. She grunted and moaned every time she felt his penis penetrate her. Dave had slid his hands to her waist. He was holding it, helping her in her movements. He began to thrust a little when she lowered herself. She was bordering her climax. She placed her hands on his chest once again and pressed her hands into his flesh, making her nails dig into his bosoms. She was now frantically thrusting up and down on his shaft. Her grunting had turned to a constant moan as Dave thrust into her on his own accord, holding her waist softly yet firmly in his grasp. She felt her face grow hotter. In fact, she felt her whole body grow hotter, particularly her pussy. She thrust down one final time and ground herself into his pelvis as he tried to thrust as well, in vain. He settled for grinding into her as her juices flooded her fruit. She was erect over his body, almost perpendicular. She threw back her head and moaned loudly, as she came. She passed her hands in her hair, fanning in behind her. Dave’s hands were holding her pussy clamped onto his penis as he too climaxed. He had closed his eyes, his mouth open in a silent moan. She felt some of her secretion flow down her thighs and onto the bed sheet. She would have to clean it before her parents showed up. She finally lifted herself off him and felt the remaining juice inside her flow out of her body. She was feeling tired. Her chest was heaving, her breasts gently swaying each time she breathed. She was spent for the moment. Dave, apparently, was not. She watched as he ripped the condom off himself and crawled to her legs. He kissed her big toes, then proceeded up her left leg, kissing her flesh made hot by their exertion. She was patiently waiting for him o arrive at his destination. It was always worth the wait. Dave’s mouth was now a mere inch from her fruit. She new it was enticing. So appealing, with its puffed out, red lips, its sweet nectar and its arousing smell. He couldn’t take it any longer as he dived for her without any foreplay. Gwen laughed as he attacked her with a passion. She enjoyed being eaten out, even after a strenuous session. She let herself drift away as her lover gave her so much pleasure. He was licking her clit, rubbing her walls with his fingers, sending jolts to her brain. She did not know how long she would last, but it probably wasn’t going to be long, judging by the waves of contentment washing over her as his tongue danced an intricate ballet on her flesh. He felt the familiar heat surge. She welcomed it, embraced it like a long-lost friend. It was drawing nearer with each lick of his tongue, with each thrust of his finger, with each excruciatingly good second. She grabbed his head and held it in place as she played with his tousled hair. His tongue was frenzied now. He had sensed her change. He was pressing his head more deeply into her. She smiled slowly, opening her mouth a little in preparation for the orgasm to come. She couldn’t control her body when it hit home, though. She suddenly clenched her teeth and hissed as her sweet nectar rushed outside to meet the hungry mouth waiting for it. She opened her mouth in a scream but no sound came out. She arched her back, thrust her head into her pillow and buried Dave’s head into her pussy. She felt him lapping every drop of fluid coming out of her. It was good. It was extraordinarily good. She finally gasped as a second wave flooded Dave’s mouth. She was still trying to catch her breath while enjoying her release when a third orgasm rocked her. This time, she did scream. It was a low scream that her next-door neighbors probably wouldn’t hear but one that anyone outside her room or in the living room would have heard. She was already losing hold on her consciousness when Dave’s face came into focus. Her vision was a bit blurry but she could still grab his head and kiss him passionately. She tasted herself in him. She tongued his mouth with great satisfaction. He was holding her still, his semi-erect cock between her legs. She felt her mind freeze even as he renewed the kiss. * * * Dave smiled as Gwen drifted off. She was probably recuperating. She had just had a triple orgasm. He didn’t know he was that good. Those Tantra books were really great! Next, he’d buy a manual. He kissed her sleeping face as he lay by her side, watching her nose as she breathed. Watching her twin mounds of soft flesh rise gently. He loved watching her when she was sleeping, not just when she was naked. No, correct that: he just loved watching her. She was so beautiful. It sounded corny, but she was more beautiful each passing second. He longed for her arousal so that they could resume their delicate lovemaking. He loved her with all his heart and could wait a few minutes; he was not as impatient as all his other friends. He knew she would come around soon enough. He kissed the tip of her nose gently, trying not to wake her up. He put his arms around her and waited until he finally felt a squeeze. Gwen looked at him with a smile and those haunting hazel eyes. So beautiful. He kissed her long and deep. She reached for another condom, put it on him and positioned him over her. Just like the first time, he slowly started sliding in until he just thrust inside her. She wrapped herself around him like a snake. He thrust harder as she clung onto him. He thrust and thrust, feeling his loins swell. It was going to take some time but he kept his break-neck pace. Gwen moaned loudly with each thrust, just as he grunted every time he met her flesh. Dave was no longer the careful and soft lover Gwen had experienced only moments ago, but a wild rutting animal. He plunged in and out of her so fast, his cock was almost a blur. He held her against him more tightly. She tightened her legs all the more. This was so fucking good! He fought to regain control of his frenzied body but failed. He gave in fully to his basic instincts as he threw himself into again and again and again until he rocking the bed back and forth. The rattle and the squeaking turned him on extraordinarily well. Gwen was moaning non-stop. With every thrust, her voice would raise and moan would be louder. She had closed her eyes and was screwing her face up, as if experiencing intense pain. Dave understood her. The pleasure was so good, it hurt. It hurt to let it go, to know it could be over in another ten minutes. It hurt to get off her hot body, drenched in sweat but still the most attractive one he had ever seen. The though stirred him to greater heights. He moved even faster, making the headboard bang the wall again. Dave bear-hugged her as he ground himself inside her. He felt his balls stir, boil, swell, do just about anything before his seed rushed inside his shaft and erupted out against the condom. Good thing he had thought to bring condoms with him. He didn’t want to ruin the relationship with a baby, but he knew he was going to go bankrupt if he kept buying sheaths like crazy. His semen, his fluid, his very soul seemed to pour out of him and into her. She held him and lay trembling beneath him. She was shaking like mad and was moaning with each wave that gushed out of her. She cummed once while he was holding her, then a second time as his fluid receded its flow and finally a third time as he was kissing her. She was moaning as he kissed her lower lip. Her back was arched to the maximum as she desperately pressed her body into his. Her head was thrown back and was driving her pillow into her mattress. She couldn’t seem to stop gushing. Dave mustered enough energy to start thrusting again, despite his limping penis. He tried his best to get her another orgasm. He didn’t fail. Gwen fairly screamed as her body was ripped by another killer wave of delight. The scream died down as her voice’s pitch heightened until he could not hear it anymore. Her mouthed hanged open in that silent scream as he sucked on her lower lip. She finally calmed down and relaxed in his arms. Her body went limp as all her energy deserted her. She slumped beneath him and closed her eyes. Dave got off her, took his condom off and it joined its comrades on the floor. He went to the bathroom and showered. He was sure the Mitchels would not complain. He put his boxers on and scooped the used –and sticky- sheaths in a wastebasket. He carefully took her dress off the floor and laid it on a chair. He cleaned the room as best he could before the parents came back. They seemed to be a bit late. Dave hurried and collected Gwen in his strong arms. He carried her to the bathroom, slipped out of his boxers and cleaned her. Her pussy was puffed out and an angry-looking red. He had been a little too enthusiastic it seemed. He washed her hair carefully, something he had always fantasized about. He dried her sweet body and her silky hair, then carried her back to her room. He rummaged in her closet and found her pajamas. He quickly dressed her and put her in her bed. He had changed the sheets and sprayed some perfume in the room to cover their activities. He slid next to her and kissed her neck. He kissed her collarbone and moved to her delicious lips. He lay there in his boxers kissing her until her lips were puffy and his own were sore. He slid his hand under her top and began to fondle her breasts when he heard the front door open. He snapped out of his romantic reverie in an instant and his eyes darted around the room in search of his clothes. He spotted his slacks and pulled them on hurriedly. His yellow T-shirt was lying near her bed. He put it on, nearly tearing it in half and stuffed the remaining three condoms inside his back pocket. He heard someone walk up the stairs and frantically looked for an escape. The window! his mind screamed. He opened it as noiselessly as he could and started to get out. His feet barely fit on the small windowsill. He grabbed the edge and gingerly lowered himself until he was hanging by his hands. He moved his feet a little to prevent blood accumulation. Landing was more painful if he remained motionless, he had learned the hard way. He let go and dropped four feet before his soles touched solid ground. He plopped down with a grunt, the noise having thankfully been absorbed by his Nikes and the soft earth and grass. He got to his wobbly feet and sneaked to his car. He lifted the handbrake and slowly pushed his car until it was half a block from the Mitchels’ house. He got in, started it and drove home, heart still pounding from the excitement. * * * Gwen woke up feeling wonderful. She checked her alarm clock. 9:38. She smiled serenely, thinking of her previous night. She was surprised to be in her pajamas. The last thing she remembered was passing out from the pleasure after that, zilch. Dave had been courteous enough to clean the room, change the sheet and dress her. He had even showered her, judging from her hair’s lemony scent. She smiled again. Dave had not fled like a thief after making passionate love to her three times in this room. Her door creaked open and she saw her elder sister walk in, her hands behind her back. She closed he door and leaned against the wall. She was smiling too, but a knowing and potentially evil smile. “Wake up, lazybones.” “I am awake.” “So, had a fun night?” She put emphasis on the “fun”. Gwen shrugged. “It was just a date, you know. Nothing special except the lips.” She smiled when she recalled what her date could do with his lips. Kate grinned mischievously as she took in what her sister said. “I found you snoring like a baby when we came back. Are you sure, there was nothing else?” “No.” Innocence. Pure innocence. Think pure innocence. I have done nothing wrong, except have goddamn awesome sex with my date on this very bed. “Then what’s this?” Kate said, producing Dave’s small black shirt from behind her back with her right hand. Gwen blushed crimson and started to giggle like a maddened schoolgirl. “And this,” Kate added, withdrawing her left hand from her pocket. It was clutching a small, blue, wrinkled condom. Gwen buried her face in her blankets and tried to stifle her absurd need to laugh. She came up for air and watched her sister as she gave her a knowing grin. “How was it?” Kate finally asked. “No, wait, lemme guess.” She screwed her face in mock concentration then tossed, “Uh, great? No, perfect. That’s it, isn’t it?” Gwen thought for a moment then shook her head. “More than perfect.” A huge grin split her face. “Way better than perfect.”

My First Lover

Luckymann on Teen Stories

               My First Lover

 I was an eighteen-year-old high school senior in the Spring of 1964. Like many boys my age, I had a major case of insecurity, especially around girls. I had heard all the guys’ locker-room talk about what they had done with their girlfriends. All I had ever accomplished with a girl was get a quick kiss in the bushes when I was about eleven-years-ol

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d. I guess I was a late bloomer.
 About a month before school let out for the summer, I bought an old car and enjoyed my first taste of freedom. No longer was I dependent on Dad for transportation.Â
 The car was a 1951, two-toned green, Chevy Deluxe, and it cost me all of $50.00. It was old, but it looked decent and ran well. It only used a quart of oil a week, and the six cylinder engine got pretty good gas mileage, not that gas mileage was a major consideration in 1964. Gas was 25-30 cents a gallon.
 I was the only guy in my group to have his own car. That made me rather popular among my peers. Four or five of the guys would each chip in 50 cents for gas, and we could cruise all night.Â
 Throughout the nearly completed school year, I had been enamored with the twin sister of a classmate. She too, had recently turn eighteen. Ann and I had chatted many times in the hallways of our school or at ball games. She had a giggle in her voice that I just loved hearing. She seemed sweet, but since I had no car, there was no way I could take her anywhere on a date.   Â
 Shortly after getting my car, I was able to work up the courage to asked Ann out. I asked her if she'd like to go for a burger at the local A&W. At the time, I couldn't afford much more. I began breathing again only when she said she’d go with me.
 Ann was cute and petite. She stood 5’5” and weighed maybe 100 pounds. Her eyes were deep brown. She wore her hair in the typical styles of the 60s. It was either piled high on her head in a beehive or flipped up at her shoulders. Her hair was held in place by a heavy coating of hair spray. Ann, and her friends, must have kept the hair spray industry in business. Many of the guys joked about not smoking around their girlfriends hair out of fear of an explosion from all the hairspray.
 Friday evening I went to her home to pick Ann up. Instead of waiting in her driveway and blowing the horn, I got out and knocked on her door. She invited me in to meet her parents. I was scared to death, but stood straight and walked in.     Â
 Her mother gave me a look that could have frozen a tropical paradise. Her father, however, offered me a beer. Hoping to make a good impression, I told him that I couldn’t drink at that time. Since I would be driving Ann to the A&W, and didn’t want to get into any trouble, I'd have to pass on the beer. I then told him I’d be happy to have a beer with him when we returned later, if he still wanted me to.Â
 Ann father smiled at me, but said nothing.Â
 Ann’s mother asked me a million questions. Her father just continued to smile at Ann and I. He winked as we headed for the door, and told us to have a good time.
 Ann was wearing her typical attire, a colorful blouse and blue jeans. Her blouse seemed a bit to small and the button between Ann's breasts seemed about to let go. Ann’s breasts were small, about the size of oranges. However, her tight blouse tended to show them off.Â
 During the 10 mile ride to town and the A&W, Ann sat near the passenger door. We talked about many things, but mostly school stuff. As we pulled into the A&W, I told her she was my first real date, and I was a bit nervous (scared to death was more like it).Â
 Ann smiled and slid over to sit close to me. When I got the car parked in a drive-in stall at the A&W, she took my right arm and draped it over her right shoulder. She then leaned over and kissed my cheek.
 The car-hop came and took our orders for Trojan Burgers, onion rings, and root beers. The Trojan Burger was a feature of that particular A&W. It was named for the local school's sports teams. Over the succeeding 35 years, I have never been able to find a burger that tasted quite as good, or made as much of a mess.Â
 After finishing our burgers, and a second root beer, it was well after dark. Ann and I began heading back to her home. She suggested we take a different route. A route that took us over the county's back roads.Â
 About half way to her place, Ann pointed to a secluded turn-off and said, "Pull in there."Â
 The turn-off wound about 100 yards off the road and into some woods. If she hadn’t known it was there, we would never have seen it.
 I was so naive! I had no idea why she wanted to stop there. Ann was about to show me why.
 I got parked the car, turned off the engine, and left radio on and playing 60s rock-n-roll. Ann turned and gave me a firm tongue-in-cheek (her tongue in my cheek) kiss. She then twisted around until she was lying cradled in my left arm. She took my right hand and pressed it tightly to her left breast.Â
 I moved the seat all the way back to give her as much room as possible. I may have been inexperienced and naive, but I was not stupid. I began kneading her breast through her clothing. I felt her nipple begin to harden.Â
 Ann softly said, "Unbutton my blouse."Â
 With a trembling hand, I clumsily unbuttoned her top. As I opened her blouse, it fell away leaving just a bra covering her breasts.Â
 "That too!" she said, as she rolled onto her right side and hugged my neck.Â
 Reaching behind her, I fumbled with the clasp of her bra. I eventually got the clasp open, and, with Ann's help, removed and tossed her bra into the back seat.Â
 Her firm young tits were a little more than a good hand full, and the nipples were very hard. I gently rubbed, squeezed, and pinched her tits and nipples.Â
 Ann was soon moaning and rocking in my lap. After a short time, she took my hand from her chest and guided it slowly to her crotch. As I rubbed her crotch, she began lifting her hips to meet my hand.Â
 Becoming bolder, I unbuttoned her jeans and lowered the zipper. Reaching inside her pants, I found and began rubbing her bush through her panties. Ann pushed my hand down further until I was rubbing her pussy's slit. Her panties were soaking wet. Pushing them aside, I continued stroking up and down her slit with my middle finger.Â
 Near the top of one of my strokes, I must have hit something tender because Ann abruptly tensed. I felt what seemed like a small, hard, pebble above her hole. When I caressed it, Ann grabbed my hand, pushed it harder into that little hard spot. She gasped, "Oh yes! Right there!"Â
 After a short time of gently rubbing that little pebble, Ann began violently thrusting her hips up to my hand. Not knowing what else to do, I just continued rubbing that little pebble, albeit a little faster and firmer. Â
 Ann soon began to relax, and, with a deep sigh, lowered her hips back to the car seat. She then rolled onto her right side and slid back from my belly a bit. She started rubbing my dick through my pants. It didn't take her long to loosen my belt, unbutton and unzip my pants, pull my shorts down, and take my dick in her hand. That alone nearly got me off. She was the first person to ever touch my dick other than myself, at least, since I was a baby.Â
 Ann was stroking up and down my dick with her left hand while she kissed and licked its head. I was soon about ready to cum.Â
    I told Ann of my impending eruption. She tightened her grip on my dick and sped up her stroking.Â
 When I erupted, she kept pumping until I was dry. She then sat up, wiped her hand on tissues from her purse, and gave me a very passionate kiss.Â
 We reassembled our clothes, and, while holding each other tightly, I slowly drove her home.
 When we got to her place, I had that beer with her father. He seemed to enjoy my company, and I enjoyed his. Most of Ann's family resented her father’s heavy drinking. Ann had explained to me why he drank so much. I soon came to understand his need for alcohol. He was very ill, and he used beer for pain relief. He suffered from cancer and passed away a few months later.Â
 I didn't drink very often, so I nursed one beer for nearly an hour. By that time, it was getting late. So, I said goodbye to Ann's father. Ann accompanied me as I headed to my car. On the way out the door, Ann's father told her to be sure to give me a nice good-bye kiss. I almost felt bad knowing what we had already done. Almost!
 Ann and I made a date to see a movie at the local drive-in Saturday night. As I opened my car door to leave, she not only kissed me goodnight, but firmly rubbed my crotch before she went inside.Â
 About 6:30 Saturday evening, I picked Ann up at her home. Her mother had already gone to work. Her father asked where we were going. I told him we'd be getting a burger and going to a movie. I didn't tell him the movie was at a drive-in. He told us to have a good time and waved as we pulled out of the drive.Â
 As soon as we hit the road, Ann slid close to me and kissed my cheek. I draped my arm over her shoulder. When she swivelled slightly to her right, my hand, more or less naturally, settled on her right breast. I lightly rubbed her breast through her blouse and bra. Reaching into into the top of her blouse, I squeezed her left tit through her bra.Â
 Ann then exhibited some contortionist abilities and removed her bra without disturbing the buttons of her blouse. I then had much easier access to her tits.Â
 Opening her top two blouse buttons, and sliding my hand into the gap, I began gently rubbing and squeezing her tits. Her nipples were soon hard little knots pushing against her blouse.
 Ann didn't replace her bra when we got to the A&W. She merely fastened one of the two open blouse buttons. Her firm tits and hard nipples seemed to be trying to escape her blouse all the time we were at the A&W.Â
 After eating, we went to the drive-in. I found a place in the back line to park, bought us some drinks, and settled in to watch the double feature.Â
 Ann laid her head on my shoulder. My right arm returned to her shoulder, and my hand to her left tit. Her left hand was rubbing the inside of my right leg. It was obvious we wouldn't be seeing much of the movie. I was about to learn why drive-in theaters were called passion pits.
 As the lot lights dimmed, and the screen came to life, I unbuttoned the top four of Ann's six blouse buttons. Her firm young tits were fully exposed to my hands and eyes. Her hardened nipples were about the size of an elementary school pencil eraser. They almost looked out of place on her petite tits. Gentle pinching of those nipples brought groans from Ann and her breathing grew rapid.
 The movie had barely started when Ann laid her head in my lap and smiled up at me. I continued rubbing and squeezing her tits with my right hand while stroking her hair with my left. She was soon cooing and moaning almost like a kitten purring. I began moving my hand down her belly. A brief pause to open the button and zipper of her jeans, and I had easy access to her panty covered pussy. Â
 Her panties were already damp. After I had stroked her slit for a short time through her panties, they had become soaked with her pussy's juices.Â
 Ann lifted her hips and pushed her jeans and panties down to her ankles. With a few little kicks of her legs, Ann had her shoes, socks, jeans, and panties laying on the car's floorboard. She dropped her left leg to the floor and laid her right knee against the seat back widely opening her crotch for my hand.Â
 I stroked up and down Ann’s slit and gently spread her pussy’s lips open with my fingers. As I slowly rubbed her little pebble, Ann began lifting her hips off the car seat.Â
 "Oh yes! Right there! More!" Ann gasp.Â
 As she rapidly thrust her hips up to my hand, I shoved a finger into her hole. That finger was quickly joined by a second.Â
 Ann, breathing very hard, reached down and held my hand tightly to her pussy, arched her back, and held her pussy high in the air. "Oh, oh, oooooh!" She gasped through rapid breaths.Â
 I could feel muscles inside her pussy twitching around my fingers. Her freely flowing juices from her pussy, drenched my hand and left a wet spot on my car’s seat.Â
 As Ann slowly settled down, she rolled onto her right side and began stroking my rock hard dick through my pants. Her face was only a few inches from my zipper.Â
 Almost before I knew it, she had opened my belt, unsnapped and unzipped my pants, and had my dick in her hand. She gently stroked the full length of my dick several times before starting to kiss and lick the underside of it.Â
 Then, without warning, Ann sat up, turned her body to face me, and laid back. She placed her head on the passenger door armrest, lifted her left leg over me, and laid it against the car's seat back. Her right leg was draped off the seat to driver's side floorboard. Some time during the process, Ann had finished opening her blouse. It lay crumpled along her sides.
       As I viewed the body before me, I was in awe. Ann was the first naked female I had ever seen. She was so beautiful. Her small tits were well proportioned to her petite body. Her belly was smooth, flat, and soft. There wasn't an ounce of fat to be found on her young body. A small patch of dark curly hair covered her pubic mound.
 I must have been staring at her, for after a while, she brought me back to reality. Holding her arms out to me, in a soft and sweet voice, she said, "Come here!"           I twisted in the seat, pushed my pants down to my knees, laid between her legs, and kissed my way up her torso to her mouth. My legs, bent at the knees, rested on the driver's door. My dick was only inches from Ann's pussy. I moved up to where my dick just barely touching her pussy.Â
 "Come on honey, make love to me, now." She said, somewhat impatiently.Â
 Naively thinking she was a virgin as I was, I very slowly pushed into her hole. I didn't want to hurt her. I had heard it hurt her the first time a girl got screwed.Â
 When I had about three inches of my cock in Ann's pussy, she wrapped her legs around my hips. She used her legs to pull me all the way into her pussy. I met no resistance. She held me there for a short time. Then, relaxing her legs, she let me pull partially out before pulling me back in. Ann used her legs to set the pace of our stroking. She soon had me hammering in and out of her hot, tender, 18-year-old pussy.Â
 In what seemed like no time, we were both about to get off.Â
 "I'm about to cum" I gasped.
 She raised her knees to her chest, hugged me tightly, and said, "Me too."
 After several hard deep strokes, I slammed deeply into her, and she locked me there with her legs. Being held deep in her pussy, I pumped my load of cum into Ann. Her pussy muscles seemed to be milking the last drop of cum from my cock. Â
 As our orgasms subsided, Ann lowered her legs. We lay together until my dick softened, and I pulled out.Â
 Holding each other as we came down, our breathing soon returned to normal. I asked, "That wasn't your first time was it?"Â
 "No!" she said with a smile. She gave no further answer, and I didn't asked any more questions.
   We dressed and cuddled through the rest of the double feature.
   Ann was my first lover and we were soon going steady. We dated through the end of high school and married the following September. Our marriage only lasted a few years, but they were fun years filled with sex.Â
 Ann loved to fuck. Unfortunately, one man was apparently not enough for her. She was one horny little bitch that turned out to be a whore. It wasn't long before she was giving her favors to someone new, as well as me.Â
 She was a great fuck though, and serviced me well during our short marriage. Ann taught me much of what I needed to know about how to pleasure a woman. For that, I am still grateful.                                   Â


Oh Sam Chapter 4

all@cat on Teen Stories

Oh Sam

Chapter 4



Oh Sam, what happened to you last night Matt whispered to Sam as she snuggled deeper into his body?  If I didn’t know better I would swear you had a twin that came in here today and did those wonderful things to me, Matt cooed in her little ear.

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s">  I know that isn’t the case, because there couldn’t be another body as sweet as yours is, but you were even more loving and open than you were just a few hours ago. 


Well, I guess I will have to start at the beginning Matt, Sam giggled.  I guess you noticed that I was a little more open about a couple of things huh? 


Well duh, Matt replied, don’t get me wrong I loved every minute of everything you did but I just don’t understand what could have happened that changed you so overnight. 


After dinner last night I took my bath and started touching my body like you did and thinking about all the neat things we did.  I couldn’t keep it up for long though because Mom and Dad had to bathe also so after I got out Dad went in.  When he came out I was sitting on the bed with him while Mom went in and we were watching a movie and it had a scene in it with a man and a woman getting into it and I noticed Daddy started getting larger in his crotch just like you did.  I tried to eye it as much as I could without him knowing what I was doing and it really turned me on.  It was really kinda funny though, because Daddy was squirming around trying to make it not noticeable but it was.  I kept thinking about your cock and wondering if his was as large as yours was. 


Well, did you get a chance to see if it was Sam, Matt asked.


No not then, Mom finished before I got a chance and when she saw him she made me go to bed.  But I know she was mad about it, because I heard them talking about it after they thought I was asleep.   Dad asked her to help him out with his problem and they argued back and forth about me being in the room, but Daddy finally won out after convincing Mom that I was totally out of it.  It was really cool Matt, lying in the bed on the dark side of the room I could see everything they were doing, it was really awesome. 


Sam continues describing the previous night’s events to Matt.  How they kissed, undressed each other, and did all the special things to each other.  She talked in detail how her Mom sucked her Dad’s cock in her mouth in one big gulp. 


Well, since you are now a woman of the world, how did the size of the two compare Matt asked.


I guess you were right about yours being average Matt, I couldn’t tell any difference in size from yours to his.  I couldn’t really tell about how big around it was, but it was just as long as yours is.  I still don’t understand how come she could suck the whole thing in and I couldn’t Sam complained.


Oh don’t worry darling Matt explained to Sam, it really takes practice to get that down, but don’t worry about it, it will come in time.  And besides, what you did to me is the most special thing I have ever felt, it couldn’t have been any better. 


Sam went on describing how her Dad then began doing oral sex on her Mom, and how she was almost rolling off the bed as continued eating her out. 


What were you doing while all this was going on Matt asked Sam?


Well uh, Sam stammered with a blush of red filling her cheeks, I was playing with myself like I have never done before.  Just watching them was making me so horny I couldn’t help myself.  I was squeezing my breasts like I never knew I could do, and playing with my pussy and little button at the same time.  It was really good Matt, I never knew I could feel so good before. 


She continued with her Mom being eaten out by her Dad and how she just went stiff as a board as she had her cum.  She told Matt how her Dad came out from between her Mom’s thighs and intentionally left out the part about her eating all her own juices from her Dad’s face as they kissed.  She said that she could see her Dad coming between her Mom’s thighs and push his cock deep into her pussy.  She told him how she could see her Dad thrusting his big cock in and out of her pussy and how excited they both were and the noise they were making. 


Well, what were you doing while this was going on Matt asked? 


Sam was again grinning, and told Matt that she had already pushed the crotch of her panties aside earlier and that she had remembered him using his fingers inside her yesterday and she started doing the same thing to herself.  She said it was a good thing that her parents were making such a loud noise because she couldn’t stop pounding her fingers in and out of her little pussy, it just felt so good.  She told him about the squishing sounds her Dad’s cock made as it went in and out and about hearing that same noise a few months earlier, and now knew just what was making it.  She laughed as she told him that her fingers was making a squishing sound too, but it was drowned out by the slapping sound of her Dad’s balls hitting her mother. 


Just the thought of these thoughts going through Sam’s mind started her body to awaken itself to her sexual desires as she idly started rubbing her pussy as she talked.  She told Matt about how all three of them came at the same time and how she had soaked not only her panties, but the bed sheets as well.  Matt, is there something wrong or different about me Sam questioned. 


What do you mean princess Matt replied? 


Well, I know I don’t really know much about sex, but it seems that I really make a lot of juice with my pussy.  You haven’t complained or nothing, but you have said it was really a lot, and I noticed this morning that my bed was a worse mess than Mom and Dad’s and there is only one of me and two of them.  And just look at me now Sam moaned as she drew Matt’s attention to her little pussy.  She pulled her fingers away from her little bald mound and her fingers were covered in juice and it was dripping down her crack to her ass. 


No no no, princess, there is nothing wrong, don’t even think about worrying about that.  Some women just make more juice than others that’s all, there is absolutely nothing to it, and besides, I can’t speak for all men but I think it is really special, and I love it.  As a matter of fact, just looking at it just makes me hungry, I want taste your special juice again.  Matt rearranged his arms around her and stood up with his little princess in his arms and started carrying her to his bedroom.  I think I’ll take this meal in bed though he whispered to his little angel as he took her in the bedroom. 


Oh Matt, Sam sighed as she lifted her head up to meet her lips with his. 


Matt stood beside the bed holding his little princess as they continued kissing each other passionately for what seemed an eternity before they broke their kiss and he gently lay her down on the bed and he moved beside her, and just lay there propped up on his arms looking at her little form laid before him on the bed. 


Ok Matt, go ahead and take this meal that you want, but when you are finished I want you to make love to me.  I want to feel your cock deep inside me; I want to feel your cock as you fill me up like I have never been filled before.  I know this seems almost unreal or silly, but I have never been joined to a man like this before, but I already know that is what I really need, what I have always needed, I just didn’t know it before.  Am I making any sense here Sam muttered? 


Oh Sam, you are making perfect sense to me.  I know exactly what you mean, when I first met you all I could think about is just fucking you, but now I understand what you mean, I don’t want to fuck you, I want to make love to you and fill you my whole being, not just my cock.


Tears started rolling from Sam’s beautiful green eyes as she listened to Matt, I still don’t know everything about sex Matt, but somehow I just know that this is right and that I love you. 


I love you too princess Matt whispered as he again took his mouth and placed it on Sam’s and started kissing her again.  As their kiss lingered Matt took his right hand and placed it on Sam’s right breast and started to gently caress it from the base to the nipple.  When he reached the nipple it gently took it between his thumb and index finger and tenderly started to apply gently pressure to it while rolling it between them. 


Oh God Matt, Sam said as their lips momentarily parted and she felt a tingle in her body from her head to her toes.  After caressing her right breast he moved his hand to her left one and placed his mouth on her right one.  As he gently tweaked her left nipple and sucked on her right one he could feel the nipple grow and he placed it between his tongue and his upper teeth and gently rolled it back and forth.  This brought another large gasp of air into Sam’s lungs as she cooed her pleasure in Matt’s ear.   


Matt, this feels even better than yesterday, and I never thought anything would ever feel as good as that first time.


Oh Princess Matt said as he raised his mouth from her breast again, you have no real idea just how good everything is going to feel just lay back and open your mind and body to me and I will do everything I can to show you just how beautiful it can be.  Just remember, at any time you are uncomfortable with anything we do let me know and I will stop. 


Oh no Matt, I don’t want you to ever stop, please don’t ever stop.  Oh oh, Sam grunted as Matt took his right hand down to her little pussy lips. 


As Matt’s hand neared Sam’s pussy he could feel her heat boiling up from it long before he ever came in contact with it, gosh I have never felt a pussy as hot as hers he thought.  He placed his middle finger in the folds of her love lips and felt them part for him as he pushed down to her little heaven hole.  Once there he applied gently pressure to the finger tip and it gently entered her little hole, at the same time he took the thumb and drew it to her little clit.  Little clit, Matt didn’t know how this could have happened, but her little clit was even larger than yesterday and he didn’t understand it, but he certainly wasn’t complaining either.  The moment it made contact he could feel Sam’s body jerk beneath him and push up taking more of his middle finger up into her love tunnel.  Her juices were flowing like a stream as they poured out of her pussy. 


Oh gosh, what a feeling Sam thought as her body responded to Matt’s touches.  When he touched her little button she raised her hips to push it up into her pussy, she didn’t really know why, but she knew it had to go further.  I can’t believe how good this feels, how could I have missed out on this for so long now she thought. 


Feeling her juices flowing freely now, Matt moved down to the end of the bed and brought himself between her precious little legs and stopped his mouth just short of her pussy.  He could still feel the heat from her sex rising up to meet his mouth.  He gently blew a warm stream of air across her mounds and she audibly responded with a low groan and brought her hips up to place her pussy against her lips.  He suddenly put his tongue between her folds and against the entrance of her pussy.  Sam gasped and dropped her hips back to the bed and immediately brought them up again trying to get as much of his tongue in her as she could. 


Uuuggggh gosh that feeeellls sooooo gooooood she panted as Matt started using his tongue on her pussy, gathering all the nectar he could before taking it to her clit and sucking it into his mouth. 


Matt looked up and could see Sam’s mouth gaped wide open and guttural sounds that only she could understand coming from her.  He saw both of her hands mauling her breasts and pinching her nipples until they almost looked red.  Then he felt her legs cross behind his head and lock together pushing his mouth against her pussy as hard as she could.  He could see nothing now, but he could feel her leg muscles pull and pull against his head trying to shove him further and further into her crotch.  He continued with his tongue and could feel her starting to bounce her hips up and down against his face and then could feel her hands leave her breasts and to the back of his head and push down as she started yelling don’t stop, don’t stop, oh please don’t stop.  I’m cuuummmmmmiinngg she screamed as he was suddenly very glad of the extra insulation put in the condos for soundproofing as her scream continued.  He could feel her whole body twitching, bucking, and shaking as Sam continued in the throws of her orgasm.  He continued lapping at the flood of juice that was now pouring out of her and was aware that it was getting harder and harder to breathe. 


Finally Sam’s orgasm started to fade and she relaxed her death grip on his head and he could now breathe again as he was still amazed at the amount of girl cum she could put out.  Definitely he had never experienced anyone that could cum as much as Sam.  It was the most pleasant taste in girl cum that he had ever had, and he decided that he wanted as much of this delight as he could get. 


Sam struggled, but could finally speak.  Oh Matt please stop, that’s enough.  Please come up here and kiss me now. 


Matt crawled from between her precious legs and said give me a minute please Sam, I need to clean up. 


No no please, just come here now just the way you are Sam breathed heavily. 


Matt came up her side and Sam gently took his head and cradled it in her hands and placed his mouth on hers and gently started kissing him.  She kept kissing and kissing and then started using her tongue and lapping all the juice from his face between more and more kisses.  Matt had never experienced this before and couldn’t believe his Princess was doing it.  It felt strange, it felt good, it felt right somehow, God how much he loved this little girl. 


After a couple of minutes of cleaning his face like a cat Sam stopped and looked Matt in the eye.  He started to say something and she cut him off.  Not now Matt she said, with tears coming to her eyes again and she said I’ll explain that later, right now I just want you to make love to me Matt, please fill me up.


Now with tears in his own eyes Matt just nodded to Sam and placed his body between her legs and lay her head back on the pillows and gently started kissing his little Princess.  He moved his hips up until he could feel his cock rubbing against her very wet pussy and pushed slightly.  He felt her lips separate and his cock search out the tight little muscle ring of her opening and he again gently pushed until he could feel it starting to open, but gosh it was tight.  He felt Sam push her hips up and the little opening gave way slightly until it was now around the head of his cock.  Four tear filled eyes met for a moment and without a word being spoken Sam nodded her head yes and Matt continued pushing his meat carefully into her little pussy another inch. 


Sam couldn’t believe how good it was feeling when Matt started pushing it in her.  She pushed her hips up to make sure it didn’t slip away because she was determined this was going to happen come hell or high water.  She could feel the tears flowing from her eyes and she saw Matt crying also, she hoped his was tears of joy just like hers.  When she nodded her approval to him she felt Matt continue pushing a little more of his beautiful cock into her.  She couldn’t believe how good it felt, she felt full, so full, but hardly any pain.  Oh gosh Matt, this feels so goooooodd, more please. 


Are you sure it isn’t hurting you darling Matt replied. 


Oh gosh no Matt, it feels tight and full, but it doesn’t hurt at all.  Matt continued pushing more and more of himself into her tiny little cavern.  When he got where her hymen was yesterday it did start to hurt a little, but not much.  Determined that she would not let him know it was hurting at all, Sam pushed up again hard, she now had just over half of it in her.  Tears were already flowing from her eyes so Matt would never know the difference in joy or pain tears Sam thought to herself, besides it really isn’t that much pain, overall I would rate the feeling as a 10 anyway even with the pain Sam said to herself. 


Matt couldn’t believe the tightness of the tunnel he had himself in.  It was so tight he didn’t know if he could get it in any further until Sam pushed up hard against him and pushed just over half of his cock in her.  With his mind reeling with the most pleasant feeling he has ever had he couldn’t believe how much Sam wanted his cock.  Looking at the tears of joy spilling from her eyes he didn’t know that some of them were from pain also.  The sheath of her little pussy felt like velvet lined gloves, only tighter than any gloves he had ever felt before.  Her muscles were strangling his cock and he was wishing she could relax the death grip she had on him.  Still he was worried about hurting his little Sam.  Sam, are you sure you want to go further Matt asked?


Isn’t this what you wanted the first time you laid eyes on me Sam panted back at Matt?


Well yes, but now I just want to love you, not hurt you Princess. 


Well I guess the tables are now turned Matt, because this is now what I WANT Buster, so it is too late for that, GIVE IT TO ME NOW Sam panted, please Matt give it all to me now. 


Ok love; try to relax the muscles in your pussy.  Matt started easing his cock back from her pussy and Sam almost screamed, no please don’t stop.  Matt lovingly smiled at her, and said don’t worry, I am just going to loosen you up a little, I won’t take it out.  He eased his cock back about 3 inches and gently pushed it back in 3 inches.  He kept repeating this movement over and over for a couple of minutes and it worked, he could finally feel her muscles relaxing their grip.  Now every time he went in he went just a little deeper with every thrust.  Finally he pushed and he could feel his balls brush up against her beautiful little ass. 


Oh my God, it’s in; it’s finally all the way in Sam shouted to Matt.  Yes love, it is finally home where it belongs.  Matt paused for a moment with his cock fully imbedded in her little pussy allowing her time to experience the fullness and to stretch a little more. 


Oh God I knew I could do this Sam panted to Matt as her tears of joy and pain stopped and a grin swept across her face so wide that you could land a plane on.  Matt I feel so full, I think it is all the way up in my stomach, maybe even my throat she giggled.  Sam started experimenting with the muscles in her pussy watching Matt’s face as she squeezed it and let it loose again.


Oh Sam Matt groaned your little pussy feels sooooo gooooood as he started to slowly start pumping her love hole.  Slow long strokes he started with.  He would pull almost all the way out of her and slowly push all the way back to the depths of her pussy and feel every bit of her walls along the way.  This was the best fuck he had ever experienced in his life and it was coming from the loving submission of a 13 year old girl who loved him like no other woman had ever loved him before.  


Sam just lay there when she finally felt Matt bottom out in her pussy and could not believe how good it finally felt to know that she had a man making love to her.  I mean I never knew that there was anything in the world that could feel so good, and not just physically, although the feeling part was great.  It was like her whole being was being transformed from a little girl to a woman capable of giving and receiving pleasure like a little girl could never know.  As Matt started his long slow strokes in and out of her she could feel everything and it felt awesome.  Little places in her body started tingling like she had never felt before and she knew this was going to be the best cum she had ever had.  Remembering her lessons from last nights observations she started to start a rhythm with her hips to meet Matt’s down strokes. 


Looking down on his little Princess Matt watched her eyes and face as it radiated a look he had never before seen in anyone he had had sex with before.  It was like her eyes were sparkling like a roman candle on the 4th of July every time he would thrust back in her pussy.  Her face was glowing with a light of its own, and her little lips were slightly puckered and although he could not hear it, it was like she was saying Oh, Oh, every trip down her tunnel of love.  He thrust down hard and deep and stopped for a moment and gently placed his lips on hers and started a gentle tender kiss.  In just a moment their tongues were in a battle of their own as he felt Sam continuing to flexing her muscles against his cock. 


Sam broke the kiss and thrust her hips hard against his to urge him to continue the task at hand.  When Matt looked in her eyes again he saw the same glazed look of raw passion he had seen earlier when he was about to unload his load in her mouth when she was surprising him with the blow job.  Sam started to say something but Matt shushed her and said I know, here it comes as he pulled all the way back and rammed his cock home. 

Sam was about to tell Matt more and harder when he shushed her and pulled out and came back hard.  Oh God it was so good when he bottomed out on his thrust, it felt like it jarred her teeth.  With her mouth open wide all Sam could say was Ahhhh as she felt him continue his hard and deep thrusts.  Instinctively she pulled her legs up and wrapped them around Matt’s waist to help her meet his quickening thrusts.  Suddenly Sam could hear all the squishing noise of his cock plunging in and out along with that slapping sound as she felt his balls slapping her little tush every time he bottomed out.  The feeling in her little pussy was spreading across her now and she felt like her whole body was one giant tingle.  She was on fire, she could feel the heat from where they were joined spreading from head to toe and all she could say was more, more, harder, harder, please harder. 


Matt didn’t know how long he could last with her little tight hole sucking everything it could from his cock.  He looked at his little Princess enjoying herself like no other person he had seen before. and slamming her hips up meet his every thrust.    She kept calling for more and more, and harder and harder and he was determined to give her everything she needed.  Matt knew he had to please her and he was going to do everything he could to exactly that, but he could feel the churning sensation in his balls telling him that they were almost ready to release their load soon.  The look of sheer joy on his lovers face brought tears back to his eyes when he noticed Sam’s eyes were starting to climb back and up almost out of sight. 


Sam couldn’t stand the intense pleasure his cock was giving her, it was better than anything she had ever heard or dreamed about.  She could feel a flood of their combined juices running down her crack and across her ass and Matt’s balls slapping the stream as it made its way down to the sheets.  The heat, the passion, the lust, the feelings suddenly intensified to the point that Sam knew this was going to be the best orgasm of her short life.  She pulled her hands up across Matt’s back and used them and her legs to slam her little body into his as hard as she could.  This went on for a few seconds and then it happened, little Sam started screaming and cumming.  Sam dropped her hands down to the sheets and grasped them just like her mother had done and then had to drop her legs also because it was like she had no strength left in her body, it felt so good, and then she temporally blacked out. 


When Sam’s eyes rolled back she wrapped her arms around him and started humping him like she had never done before.  He could feel a flood of girl com somehow making its way around his shaft and soaking both of them and then the death grip of her little pussy suddenly clamped down on him.  Matt plunged back to her depths and held it there while her orgasm peaked and she started screaming something he could not understand.  He felt her arms and legs drop and he just held his position for her to feel all the pleasure she could as he gazed at her closed eyes.  After a few moments he could see her eye lids flicker and a faint smile come to her lips. 


Did you cum Matt?  No princess Matt replied.  Well then don’t stop now Matt, do it please.  Sam could feel his cock pulsing inside her pussy and knew he was close as he pulled back and started thrusting in her again.  It only took a few thrusts before she could feel it growing even larger inside her and Matt gasping and said I’m cumming.  He thrust deeply inside her and she could feel the spasm of his meat and his cum shooting deeply inside her, gosh that feels good Sam thought. 


Matt could not remember the last time he had cum so much; it kept shooting and shooting into his little lover.  After his eyes had uncrossed from his intense orgasm Matt looked down at Sam and saw her sweet tender loving smile and tears again in her eyes.  I love you princess Matt whispered.  I love you too Matt, Sam whispered back, I love you so much.  Matt felt his erection softening and he gently pulled it back with a wet slurping sound as it exited her pussy.  He sat back on his knees as he looked at her little pussy still gaped open and a flood of combined juices pouring out of her as it started to close back. 


Oh gosh Sam moaned as she felt the flood of juices running across her ass, let me see, as she pulled herself up and back on the bed to inspect what she had just felt.  She felt so embarrassed by what she saw; there was a wet spot as big as a dinner plate and a large puddle in the center of it that had just rushed out.  She turned slightly red and started to apologize to Matt for the mess when he stopped her. 


I told you before Sam, there is nothing wrong with you, this mess is mine too.  As a matter of fact, I love it.  It will be our symbol of love for each other.  Come here lover Matt said as he moved across to the other side of the bed and pulled Sam into his arms.  Sam willingly moved over to Matt and lay alongside him and placed her head on his chest as they embraced.  Both closed their eyes their exhaustion from the lovemaking session and went to sleep. 


End of Chapter 4 


Chapter 5 will be a couple of months from now, all play and no work will not support me.