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I fucked my sisters best friend!

The_Hawiian_Hammer88 on True Stories

It was summer '09. my parents decided to take their second honeymoon to the caribbeans leavin me, just turned 19, and my 17 year old sister home alone for 2 whole weeks! i was fuckin pumped. i calld everyone and said partys at my house this week and next. i started makin calls for the alcohol when it all blew up in my face. unfortanately my rents told my 24 year old sister to stop by everyday and check up on us. now my older sister's a goody-2-shoes, fun hating, bitch and hates me cuz we fight almost everytime we see each other. i knew immediately that the huge parties i was plannin were off. so i decided, fine, small pong parties in my basement. my lil sisters heard me tkln about the pong at my house and decides to invite some of her friends over. now this is good, because all my sisters friends are hot as all fuck! all my friends had their jaws dropped all night. even my boys who had girls there with them. haha.

so the first night, pong in my basement, i hook up with 2 of my sisters friends. made out with one on the couch in the basement and got to second base with the my sisters closest and best friend upstairs while everyone else remained downstairs. now i dont mean to sound cocky but all da grls, they cant stay away from me. im 6'1" 195 lbs. with 9% bodyfat. so lets just say im ripped like small jeans on a fat ass. and all that night my sister's friends were all over me. shes told me before they all think im hot and ive flirted with them before but this was the first time gettin wit 'em. and i was pumped cuz i knew it was goin down from the get-go. so the night carries on, kept making out with em both all night till the end of the night. a couple of my bros decide to stayed over not wanting to drive drunk, and a couple of my sisters, one being my second baseman Emily, stayed over too. and you can only guess wha happend. while my boys were downstairs in the basement with the XBOX and my sister was upstairs doin girl shit with the rest of the chicks, me and Emily decide to get a lil comfortable downstairs in the spare room.

Here come the REAL story.....

we started on the couch making out, immediately i pull my patented one hand maneuver and *pop* there goes her bra. now im playin with this girls perfect 32 Cs and i can feel her gettin warm down there. her nipples are hard so i move my mouth from hers to her nipples and my hand to her tight shaven pussy. wow, i could not believe how fuckin tight she was. barely took 2 fingers, barely. and i was hopin she wasnt no virgin. but she answered that when the words "fuck me" came outta her mouth. i looked at her with satisfaction and kissed her and then moved my lips and my tounge from her mouth, to her neck, to her perfect perfect tits, to her stomach, to the inside of her thighs. i kissed and lickd as close to her pussy as i could without touchin it. i wanted to tease her, get her fired up. that worked because she suddenly grabbed my head and pressd my lips to her pussy so quickly, i was fairy kissin it. haha. i removed her hands from my head and started working my tounge. first deep inside, gettin the full taste of this sexy fuckin bitch, then i worked the clit, jammin my middle and ring finger as deep as i could inside her. she started to get loud after a couple minutes of workin her and so i shoved the same 2 fingers into her mouth to shut her up while i continued to eat her out. she sucked on them tasting herself which always got me hard when girls do that. so after about 10 min or more of eatin Emily out, i decided its my turn, plus she kept moanin too loud. i didnt want my sis to hear. so i stood up and pulled my half erected cock out. "Suck it bitch!" i told her and she had no problem stick the 7 inches i already had all the way in her mouth. she couldnt take me fully hard at 9 inches so she kept licking up and down my thick shaft and suckin on my balls while jerking me off. after i was fully hard i picked her up by her waist and carried her to the bed. i put her down ass up and grabbed her by the hips and worked my thick cock into her tight fuckin pussy. MY GOD! it was so fuckin tight. i started thrustin my hips and with each thrust she started moanin louder and louder. so i grabbed her head and started kissin her from behind, while continuously fuckin her. she obviously hadnt been fucked by a real man like me yet seein how her first orgasm came within the first min. i fucked her for bout half an hour doggy till i felt a climax comin so i got her up from doggy and made her get on her knees. i told her to suck me off and she had no problem with it or with swallowin every drop which got me turned on where i didnt even go the least bit soft. so i decided to make her do the fuckin work. i pulld my throbbing cock from her mouth and picked her up again by her waist. i then sat on the bed and placed her on my cock. immediatley she starts workin her perfectly rounded ass up and down like a fuckin pro. and i just sat back an enjoyed the show. she tried hard not to moan. she kept kissin me and biting my neck and shoulders to keep herself quiet. she kept scratchin my back and my chest with each orgasm she had. after her 4th or 5th i decided that im really gonna make this girl cum. i picked her up by her legs and put her arms around my neck and stood up. i started to move my hips while simutaneously moving her up and down my cock. she kept tryin to be quiet by biting me and kissin me but after about 5 min of her bitin me she let out a yell that i was pretty sure alerted everyone in the house heard but noone came to investigate so i kept goin. i fucked her standin up for about 15 min till i started gettin tired so i layed down on the bed. she gains control and begins riding me like a fuckin pornstar. her movements combined with her tightness felt so good that i just couldnt just sit there. i had to fuck the brains outta this girl. i flip over so now shes on the bottom, i grab one leg and put on my right shoulder, and i begin to drill this bitch harder then ive had so far. i can see she about to scream so i begin to kiss her but she just screams into my mouth. so i stop, flip her over, start goin doggy style again. she buries her head into the pillows. i continue to hit it from behind for another 15-20 mins till i feel it comin so i start grindin her while continuin to move my hips up and down till i feel her pussy tighten up on my cock for the 7th-8th time and i almost blow it right there. i pulled out, pulled her head onto my cock and blasted every bit of cum i had left in me into her mouth. she pulls away after im done and i look and she looks like a chipmunk with cum dippin down the sides of her mouth. she swallows the whole load in one gulp, cleans her face off and then begins to clean my dick off by suckin on it again. after she finishes we got dressed, i headed downstairs and she headed upstairs.

i set a personal record with 8-2. (if u dont know what that means 8 of her orgasms to my 2)and my sister never found out about that night........ or all the times since... ;)


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