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middle school slut

jeffal on Teen Stories

my name is stacy im 13 and this is a true story.  2 days ago i went to a highschool party because i was being babbysitted by my older brother steve who is sixteen but he wanted to go to this party so the only way he could go was to have me go with him.  i walked in and i was wearing a really short skirt and a tight t-shirt and because i had nobody to talk to i went and sat down on the couch and when everybody went into the pool i stayed but when i was sitting there a boy named joey came over and sat down next to me and said hi. we began talking for a while and then he started asking me if i had ever had sex before i said no he asked me if i had ever sucked dick before and i said no his answer to all this was well theres a first time for everything right.  so as soon as he

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said that i felt him pull me over undid his pants and pull out his dick.  he grabbed on my hair and pulled my head to hes cock he said suck it.  trust me i needed no invite i was really into it i started to go like a pro up and down his shaft licking and touging his balls feeling my tits and talking dirty telling him how much of a slut i wanted him to make me he said im cumming and before i knew it his cum was all in my mouth i swallowed it and then as soon as i did he told me i was going to become a total whore. he grabbed a couple of his friends and then pulled me into a room and told me to take off my clothes he said they were all going to take turns fucking the shit out of me.  i pulled off my clothes and stood there one boy threw me on the bed and rammed his dick in my ass at the same time another had his dick in my mouth they were rapidly pumping me full of cock untill they both got off at the same time in both of my holes and as soon as they finished two more boys steped in and were fucking the hell out o me this time in my pussy and in my mouth i was moaning so loud that my brother herd me and came in the room to see his little sister being such a big slut to see two of his friends pumping the shit out of his sister pissed him off but i couldent help it i was getting rammed in and out all the boys talking dirty calling me a slut and a whore and all of them cumming all in me i was in love with it i bounced on this boy named billys cock for the longest time he was so big and he kept pounding me faster and faster i was moaning and screaming so loud so another boy stuck his cock in my mouth to shut me up i didnt mind thogh i just sucked the hell out of himm while ridding billy when this boy jizzed in my mouth i swallowed it and then billy got off in my pussy so i was so worked out i couldent get up but my brother told me we had to go.  when we were in the car he said he was going to tell mom and dad when we they got home i said no the whole way home and begged him not to tell i said i would do anything . as soon as i said that he grinned at me and said anything i was like whatever you want just dont tell so when we got home i walked through the door and as soon as i did he threw me over the couch and lifted up my skirt he said do you want to be a slut then fine but then i will have to be his slut when im home when ever he wants me he can fuck me i sain ok and he began to pound my ass the whole time i was telling him i want to be his whore and his little fuck slut he said yea thats right untill he was going so fast that i could feel his balls slapping my ass i was his little slut whenever he wanted he could fuuck me the whole time he fucked me i was yelling yessssssssssss fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkk me fuckkkkk theeee shit out of your little whore when all of a sudden

my dad walked in.........

Two Teens and a drink

bobbajob on Forced Stories

This story is somthing i dreamed once it isnt real in anyway shape or form i just realy enjoyed the dream so i thought id explain it to the rest of the web how great a dream it was.  Im writing it from the view of the boy in this story.

Hi my names Josh an this is the story of how me and my best friend Holly were forced to take each others virginity

firstly ill tell you abit about me im ur average 17 year old Lad, outgoing loud and basicly a bit of a goof ball expiecaly around any girl except holly  .  Now im not slim but sort of well toned, u know not flabby in anyway but not exactly bulging with muscle and not the brightest tool in the shed either and definatly m

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ore talk than action

now Holly shes a bright eyed girl who for some reason wanted to be my friend when we were younger and after the first few lunch times with each other we were inseprable from the hip where ever she went i went an visa versa she quickly became my best friend and when my parents moved away to go live in spain her parents were kind enough to let me stay with them at their home

now let me describe holly to u shes beautyful (not that i ever noticed till this whole ordeal happend)shes the same age as me and like me is loud and very energetic. She has fairly short hair but instead of looking like a les it makes her look more like a girl than when she had long hair shes got nice firm breasts with nipples that turn on and off whenever they want which makes going swiming with her a very funny experiance for me an the other lads and an embarrasing one for her (she loves the attention realy) n e way like i was saying , she wears very tight shirts which make her breasts look soo firm like small mellons which does nothing to help her nipple erection problem an she never wears underwear of any kind ever no matter what ive never seen her wear em once and when its nice outside she likes to wear tight jean shorts or a nice an small skirt which on reflection i think its safe to say were almost always ment for me and no one elses pleasure though i never noticed it

Now to the story:

it was a warm day in the summer and me and holly had been helping out her uncle harry move his stuff into his new house an holly being holly decided that shed wear a very short skirt which rose up to reveal her ass everytime she picked up a box which was every ten seconds or so and even i started to pay attention to it even though she was like a sister to me an im pretty sure that her uncle did cause he had to go to the bathroom after the first five minutes to take a slash and was gone for atleast half an hour me on the other hand wwas forced to constantly fix my belt buckle till harry got back and i could do the same and sure enough as soon as harry was out i was in and beating my 6inch member as if id never beaten off before and the images of her perfect ass still freash in my mind i came quick and strong covering the wall next to the sink with strings of my cum 3 or 4 big ones as well .i quickly clean myself and the wall off before heading downstairs to help with the rest of the stuff but to my surprise when i got down to the bottom of the stairs i saw that everything was unpacked from the truck and both of themwere sitting down at the kitchen table having a cup of tea upon my entry to the kitchen i saw her looking at my crotch while licking her lips which made me realise that id forgotten to zip up properly and i blushed a bright shade of red as i sat down to the table.

Harry decided to give us a tenner each to go have some fun at the local pub which was alright seeing as they didnt know who we were and we both looked old enough to get served without ID so we orderd a pint each and after 2 or so more hours we were told that it was last orders for anyone not staying in the inn upstairs  but me and holly wernt ready to leave just yet so we inquired as to the price of a night and it was only 30 pounds for the night so we diecide to have some more drinks then just pass out upstairs when we were done .  Little did we know how true that would be.

After another hour we were both feeling the affects of the alcohol kick in an decided to ask for one last shot before we got some kip and the man behind the bar told us that hed make us two somthing nice on the house which fair enough, free drink was fine by me so we drank up the shot and headed to our room and upon setting myself down i fell asleep and so did holly

we awoke somtime early the next moring with the sunlight shining on us both but we couldnt move and niether of us were wearing anything which made me blush yet again because of the moring wood which i always seem to have after a while we heard a voice from the other side of the room and it was the bartender and what he had in his hand scared me .  He had a gun and his dick was out aswell

"I slipped you two somthing last night . hope you dont mind" he told me and holly

"what do u want from us u sicko?" holly demanded

"holly i think hes going to rape or kill us "i said barly audiable over holly crys and she finaly went quiet

"please dont do this to us were just kids we arnt even 18 to drink in a pub please dont rape us or kill us"she pleaded and confessed

the man just stared at her as if sizing her body up and then began playing with his flaccid cock which quickly grew into what looked like a 4 inch penis and i had to strugle not to laugh at the man who was easily twice if not three times my age but had a smaller cock than min the man got up and came towards me and when he got to my side he placed the gun to my head and told me to open up and not bite for punishment by a gd beating at the least

i was terified by this id never even had sex with a women let alone give head to anyone and this man was going to force me to for fear of my life at stake

he placed his cock at my lips and told me to open up but i refused to so he place the gun at hollys head and i had no choice but to open my mouth id rather lose all self respect than risk hollys life he placed his cock into my mouth slowly and told me to suck on it for him but i again refused an he again placed the gun to hollys head and so i did as he asked and began to bob my head back and forth onto his cock and i was so close to puking when he pulled out an came over mine and hollys naked bodys which just about topped it off for me and i was begining to puke when he cut my arm bonds and let me puke into a bucket by the side of the bed  then gave me a little pill that looked like a breath freshener TicTac which i refused to take till he began to raise his arm up to point at hollys head and i grudgingly took the pill and left it in my mouth then after a quick fondle of my now flacid cock an hollys breasts he went and cut my bonds on my legs but kept his gun on hollys head which teriffied her into a scream

"scream all you want hunni it doesnt matter we arnt in the inn n e more were in the middle of nowhere there are no other houses for about 5 miles in any direction! So scream your lungs out all you want "he laughed to himself

"what do u want now u freak uve had ur fun" i said pointing to the cum that was now dried to my skin

"i did a little cheak on your girlfriend over there and shes still a virgin now as much as id love to do the honors id enjoy no id love the idea of you breaking her in without her being able to enjoy her first time and that thought will get me off for quite a while after u two have gone " he half heartedly laughed then spat at holly who cringed as his descusting bile splatterd over her left tit

"i cant do that i rather die that do her that dishoner of raping her im not a sicko"

"i know u arnt. but i also know that u will do anything to protect her so heres you insentive" he shot a bullet into the bed about a foot to the right of her head the another one closer to her head than before

by now holly was screaming so loud that if anyone was walking within a 3 mile radius they would hear

"ok ok ill do it jus please promise to let holly go afterwards "i said quickly before his next bullet was sent straight into her skull he put his gun back down and walk to the corner of the room and got a bottle of babyoil from the table then trough it down to the bed before sayin

"get your cock hard and cover it in the oil im doubting that shes gonna be wet " he commanded

"holly im so sorry please forgive me"i said just as i climbed up on top of her and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy i was now rock hard because even though i was being force to do it to her a part of me just wanted to do it just as if i wasnt being forced to so i whisperd to her that she may aswell try enjoy it that way the pervert would be robbed of his prize which he wanted

she just nodded to me and began taking deep breaths as i started pushingmy cock into her

she was tight soooooooo fucking tight it hurt  and i couldnt get it in

"whats the matter boy lost yer dick or somthing" he said impatiantly to me

"well if u must know shes too tight i cant fit in her dick head"i slung back

"watch yer tounge boy or i may just chop it off and shove it up yer own arse " he said in such a tone that there was no doubt that he wasnt joking

so i got the bottle of oil and pored a huge amount onto her pussy and on my cock and i even managed to squirt some into her which she seemed to enjoy because of the moan she gave off

so i repositiond and this time i just threw it forward as quickly as i could instead of going slowly and all of a sudden my cock became surounded by the greatest feeling id ever felt and it was almost surreal to have such a new feeling sundenly there but it was interupted by an earth shattering scream followd by a bit of crying from holly as i realised what id just done to her and rememberd what the man had said and realise that id just taken her virginity and she was taking mine

and all of a sudden i grew stregth and began to pound her slow but hard pulling out to the tip then forcing all the way down into her warm tight silky womb and i was in heaven and from the sounds that holly was makeing i could tell that she was loving it just as much if not more than me so i carried on pounding in and out of her harder and fast and i kept on going and i could sense that i was getting close to cumming

"boy dont cum in her yet since ur enjoying this too much ur gonna pull out before u cum and then ur gonna do as i say boy if ya know whats gd for ya"

upon hearing this i pulled out and the man brough the bottle of lube back an place his gun on my bare back which sent a shiver up my spine and as he did this he cut her leg binds and told me to do as he says other wise hed kill us both and he moved my cok with his hand to hollys asshole and told me to push with a reinforcment of his resolve by cocking the gun and pressing it even deepen into my skin which was beging to hurt so i push hard but it just wouldnt go in to her her ass was even tighter than her pussy so i did what i did before an placed a load of lube on my dick an her ass an also lubed up one of my fingers and began to up it up her ass which felt so gd to me and when i got it to the knuckle i began to turn it then pulled out and put two fingers in and began turning then and the only noise you could hear were hollys pleas begging me not to do this to her but i couldnt it was her life an id never do anything to put it at risk so i had to contine

after a minute she went quiet so i puled my fingers out an replaced my cock at her ass hole and began to push hard an it went in  with a sharpe cry from holly as she got used to my intruding member and i began fuckinmg her slow and gently and before i could do anything the man had placed his cock at my asses entrance and shoved his cock into me in one quick move which stung like hell

"keep fucking her boy" he comanded

an i kept fuckintg her ass as he batterd mine and i was begining to enjoy the feel of hollys ass and she of my intrutions so we began getting close to orgasm when the mans cock began to grow in my ass and then hit my prostate which sent me cumming deep into holly as the man cam in my ass  he pulled free and offerd his cock to me and pointed the gun at holly and i took his cock without question and then began to throw up almost emediatly and he hit me across the back of the head and i passed out cold when i awoke i was back in the inn with holly and she was tied down next to me an wasnt awake so i turnd an hugged her naked body for a long time till she began to stirr and she turnd her head to me and asked me if it was over an i said yes and she asked me to finish what had been started the previous day and fuck her fully in the pussy which i was taken aback at first but the realised that she realy wanted me to so i got on top and tryd to get in and this time i actualy got in without any help and we made sweet sweet love for hours on end and then when we were finished afterwards we noticed a tape sitting on the table and placed it into the VCR and pressed play  and it was everything that had happend the previous day and it was the part when he was just shoving his cock into my ass an then i rememberd how it all happend then i turnd to holly kissed her lips and said

"if it wasnt for that man i might never have had the strength to love u the way i do now "and with that she slapped me hard and began telling me about how obvious shed bin towards me about everything and that it was my fault all of this happend then she looked at me and said ur not a bad fuck so i guess ill live and the look on her face was one of pure evil and then she picked up a note that was atached to the tape and it read

'Dear josh and holly thanks for the fucks an dont worry ill keep intouch '

and since then me an holly have been raped like this atleast once a month but we dont mind and i think im even getting used to the feel of his cock in my ass so goes to show you never know what can come from a simple shot!


anonymous on Taboo Stories

My nefew is a young energetic boy. One night while babysitting him and his two brothers he kept touching my ass and making it look like an accident. I finally told him to sit down and watch a movie with me after putting his younger brother's to bed. He was still for a while but then he started to feel on my boobs. "You got big boobs" he said. "Can I see them?". <"You a

Friends and Neighbors - Chapters 1 - 8

tj68 on Taboo Stories

2 Families, 1 Vacation



CHAPTER 1      Sarah Surprise


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dent: 0.5in">Dan surprises me when he comes bursting through the front door at 4:30 on a Monday afternoon.  He generally doesn’t get home any earlier than 5:30, and usually it’s closer to 6:00.  He is very excited; and collapses onto the couch with a weird grin on his face.

“Sarah, how was your day?” he opens, with the big grin still plastered to his face.

“Fine…and how was yours?” I reply, curious what was on his mind, as he obviously wasn’t interested in my day in the least.  I know that look.  Dan is getting ready to unload his latest big (and usually crazy) idea on me.

“So what’s on your mind, Dan?” I ask, cutting to the chase.  I give him my best quizzically doubtful look and braced for what might be coming.

“I had lunch with Bill today.  He asked me what our plans are for our family vacation.  I told him we were heading up to your parents’ cabin, as usual.  He asked if we would like to join them on their family vacation, since we’re both taking off this Friday for the same 2 weeks.  I asked him where he and Diane were taking the kids.  You aren’t gonna believe it!”

I sit there, not saying a word, waiting patiently.  It doesn’t pay to encourage Dan by playing into his buildup.  Besides, Bill and Diane’s kids aren’t kids; they’re teenagers, like ours.  Jessica is 15 and Nick is 17, so just the fact that they were able to get the kids to come along on one more family vacation was impressive enough.

Bill and Diane Larsen live next door to us.  Bill has worked with Dan for 10 years; and they are the best of friends.  Our families spend a lot of time together.  When the house next door went on the market six years ago, the Larsen’s made an offer the first day.  Their kids and ours have been close friends since.  Our daughter Dawn is also 15.  Jessica and she are best friends.  Our other daughter, June, is 18, and has been dating Nick for several months.  (Being friends for so long, the dating was weird at first for both families; but we’ve all adjusted.)

“Well, don’t you want to know what their plans are?” Dan asked, or more like implored.  He really wants me to play along.

“OK.  Where-oh-where are they going?  Where do you want to drag us off to?  I’m absolutely on pins and needles.” I reply, with an absolutely straight face.

“Now you’re mocking me,” he pouts, putting on his best emotionally injured look.  “OK.  I’ll tell you anyway.”

There is a long pause.  I suppose for effect.  Dan is so theatrical when he feels like it.

“Bill is planning on taking his family to a nudist camp!” he blurts out.

Well I didn’t see that one coming.

“Are you serious?” I ask.

Now I’m actually getting very interested in the conversation, and trying to envision myself at a nudist camp with my own kids.  Now, Dan & I are no prudes.  I get my pussy waxed once a month & am totally bald.  Dan keeps his bush neatly trimmed.  Being naked in front of my own girls would be no big deal.  It happens all the time.  But I wasn’t sure how I would feel walking around nude in front of Bill & Nick.  For that matter, how would June feel about her sister & I nude around Nick?  June is a very attractive brunette at 5’ 4” & 120 lbs.  She has a very nice 34C chest & very perky ½” long nipples that are almost constantly hard.  Her pussy is also bald, as she comes with me every month to my waxing appointments.  It’s turned into a girls’ day out we do every month, along with lunch and a swim in our backyard pool afterwards. (Yes, Dawn comes along also.)  Dawn is also a brunette, 5’ 2”, 140 lbs., with a 36DD chest (with huge ؽ” nipples that grow to ¾” inch when she gets cold or aroused), 25” waist, and 35” hips.  She started developing rather early, at 11.  Due to her fully developed hourglass figure, she looks much older than she is.  I, on the other hand, am a 39 year old natural blonde, 5’ 5”, 130# with a very tight body and a 34D chest that doesn’t sag much, and ½” nipples with small, quarter size areolas.  We all work out at least 3 times a week.  I work out in a leotard, and when I’m working out, I sweat ALOT, so it gets soaked & my tits show through.  It’s a women only club, so it doesn’t bother me; but I’ve caught several of the other members staring at my body.  Some with envy, and some with lust.  I take both as a compliment.

My husband Dan also works out regularly.  He is a broad guy, with big shoulders and a tight midsection.  He’s 5’ 11” and 180 lbs.  He has very hairy legs and torso, which is why he only trims his bush.  We both think it would be silly for him to try to shave his entire body just to match a bald pubic area.  And he’d look stupid if he just waxed that area and left everything else natural.  Anyway, enough musings.

“Hell, yea.  I’m serious.  The camp is up on a private lake near Bemidji.  Bill heard about it from his brother-in-law.”

“Wow.  That’s a new one, I must admit.  I never would have thought Diane would be OK with being naked around her kids.  Bill’s always been a bit of an exhibitionist; and Jessica and Nick are teenagers, so I’m sure their hormones agreed in a second.”

“Actually, you’re right about Diane.  While she agreed to go, Bill said she’s been uncomfortable about the whole idea ever since.  But it’s not her kids that concern her so much; it’s the people at the camp.  She doesn’t want to be on public display,” Dan explained.

“I’m not sure I do either,” I responded.

“That’s why Bill decided to ask if we would be interested in joining them.  He knows that we go up to your parent’s cabin, and that it’s the only one on the lake.  .He wants to turn it into our own private nudist camp.  That way we can all try out the natural thing & not have to deal with being around strangers!” Dan exclaimed, evidently enthused by the idea.  (With the exception of my parents’ property, the lake is surrounded by state forest land, with no public access, so we have it to ourselves.)

My mind was starting to drift.  I thought about seeing Bill & Nick naked.   I found myself wondering how well endowed they were.  I’d seen Nick in our pool in his wet swim trunks; and he looked….promising.  Diane had told me on several occasions that Bill had an incredibly thick cock.  My own Dan had a very respectable 7” member; but wasn’t particularly thick, just average.

“We’ll have to ask the girls what they think about this. I’m game; but if either of them are uncomfortable with the idea, we can’t,” I say.

“Where are the girls?” Dan asks.

“They’re out back by the pool.  I’ll get them in for an early dinner; and we can talk about it then.”

“I’ll go say hi and send them in myself,” Dan replies.

“Bad idea,” I stop him.  “We weren’t expecting you for another hour or so.  It’s been a beautiful sunny day out, and I think they’re out there sunbathing nude.  Sit back and catch the local news while I get them in.  They were asking for a snack, so I threw a pizza in the oven.  It will be ready in a few minutes.  That can be dinner.”

I walk out the patio door to call the girls in for dinner.  They’re both laying out nude on lounge chairs, soaking up the late afternoon sun.  We have a privacy fence around the entire backyard, with no gate.  You have to go through the house to get into the yard.  As they get up off of their chairs, I wonder what Bill & Nick would think of my 2 gorgeous daughters in their birthday suits.  My daughters and I have a very open relationship, as you can imagine given that we get our pussies waxed together, and June has kept me informed on the progress of her relationship with Nick.  He has yet to see the goodies.  Still, I’ve got both girls on the pill, as you never know when a teenager is going decide to become sexually active.  Even at 18, June hasn’t had sex yet.  She hasn’t dated anyone long enough, she’s told me, though her boyfriend before Nick did eat her pussy once.  Apparently he wasn’t very good at it, though.  “Too rough” was June’s summation of the boy’s technique.

“Girls, you’re father’s home early, so cover up,” I request.  “We’re having an early dinner today.”

“Mom, we’re sweaty from the heat.   Do we have time to shower before dinner?” Dawn asks.

I am about to tell them to go ahead and get in a quick shower, when I get an idea.  After thinking about it for a few seconds, I reply, “You do have time to shower if you want; but, given what your father and I would like to discuss with you over dinner, it may be appropriate that you don’t get dressed and just sit down for dinner as you are.”

They look at me like I’m speaking some foreign language.

“What!?” June cries out.  “What could we possibly talk about that would make being naked in front of Dad appropriate?”

“It’s up to you, and I’m sure it will catch your father by surprise also; but let’s just say we have a very interesting proposition for you.”  I reply.  “It has to do with the Larsen’s.  I’ll tell you what. If you come to dinner naked, I’ll join you.”

This peaks the girls’ interest, particularly June’s, who immediately links Nick and nudity in her mind, and wonders where this could lead.  Dawn also gets a mental flash of one of the Larsen males.  It isn’t of Nick, but Bill, who has always fascinated Dawn ever since she was 12.  One Saturday morning, Jessica and Dawn were up early, playing in the Larsen’s backyard, while Bill & Diane slept in. The girls heard pounding on the back wall of the house.  They peaked into Bill & Diane’s bedroom window and caught Bill fucking Diane for all he was worth.  Their headboard is against the back wall of the house, which caused all of the noise.  Both girls were in awe of the size of Bill’s cock.  Not that they had anything to compare it to, but it was clearly huge.  Diane had her ankles up behind her head, and Bill’s dick looked to be the size of a soda can, ramming in & out of her.  It was a sight Dawn would never forget.  Ever since Dawn told me that story, I’ve been curious how big Bill really is.

They hurry into the dining room to take their seats, leaving their clothes behind.  My girls aren’t shy, & their bodies, while kept hidden from their father as a matter of modesty, are on display within our house and to their girlfriends when they come over to swim.  So nudity doesn’t really bother them…  Though I am curious how they will react the first time Dan lays eyes on them, and how he will react to them.  He hasn’t seen them naked since they were little girls.

“Dan, the girls are in for dinner.  I’m serving now.” I call into the living room.

Dan comes into the room and stops short.  His eyes get huge, and his dick starts to tent his pants.  There are his girls, sitting naked at our round dinner table, Dawn to the left of Dan’s seat, & June across from his seat.  He quickly sits down.  I don’t think the girls notice; but I notice that Dawn’s nipples are getting hard.  June’s, of course, already are.  I notice Dan staring at June’s large, erect nipples, and giggle to myself.

“Dan, don’t stare,” I tease.  “Just wait till you see how big Dawn’s nipples get!” I exclaim, giggling loudly.

Without thinking, Dan immediately turns his head to his left, checking out Dawn’s visibly hardening nipples.  Dawn blushes and Dan swallows hard, quickly looking down at his plate.

June reminds me that I said I would join them, so I quickly strip & toss my clothes into the laundry room down the hall.  I take my seat to Dan’s right, across from Dawn.  Dan looks at me, and swallows hard again.  He’s not sure what to say.  After a few uncomfortably quiet seconds, Dan works up his courage and begins the conversation.

“Hi, girls.  How was the pool?  You both look hot…overly warm, too.” He says with a weak grin, trying to break the tension.

The girls giggle at Dan’s bad joke.  The timer goes off; and everyone’s quiet again.  I get up to get the pizza, cut it up; and set it in the middle of the table.  Everyone grabs a slice.  Dan tries to hide his erection when he leans forward to get his slice; but it’s obvious to all of us that he must be incredibly uncomfortable as his meat strains against his pants.

As we eat, we make small talk for a few minutes, while Dan continues squirming, trying to get comfortable.

“So what’s going on?” June asks.

Dan begins “We have been asked to share our family vacation with the Larsen’s.  They are taking off the same time we are, and were planning on going to a nudist camp.  Diane is getting cold feet from the idea of having total strangers seeing her naked.  Bill thought that we could all do a nudist vacation together up at your grandparents’ cabin, so Diane could be more comfortable.  You’re all women, & Bill says she’s OK with me seeing her body.”

June & Dawn have their mouths hanging open in disbelief.  They look at me, and I nod my head.

“This is only going to happen if you both are OK with it.  I know it will be a little awkward at first; but we’ve always taught you girls that your bodies are nothing to be ashamed of or hide.” I say.

“I’m cool with it,” says June.

“Me too,” chimes in Dawn.  “Will I get to see Mr. Larsen’s thing?”

“Mr. Larsen’s name is Bill; and while we’ve raised you girls to use last names when addressing adults, if we decide to share this vacation, we will all most definitely be on a first name basis,” I reply.  “Now as to Bill’s ‘thing’.  Bill’s ‘thing’ is a penis, dick, cock, whatever.  Let’s not be coy about this.  You will be seeing not only Bill’s cock, but also your father’s and Nick’s.  Is that going to be problem?”

“Not for me!” they both say in unison.

“Hey, Dad,” Dawn interjects. “This doesn’t really seem fair.  We’re all naked and you’re still dressed for work.  It’s time to take it off and join the family!”

June & I nod our head in agreement.  Dan is a little hesitant, as his dick is rock hard & pushing into his pants uncomfortably.  He has been squirming through this entire conversion.

“OK girls.  Your father is sitting here very uncomfortably, with a raging hard-on, and I’m sure he would like nothing better than to release it.  Just understand that even though he’s your dad, he’s still a male; and males get hard-ons when they see hot naked women,” I state matter-of-factly.  “Even not-so-hot naked women, for that matter.” I give Dan a wicked little smile.

Dan stands up, kicks off his shoes, and pulls off his socks.  He then removes his shirt & tie.  He pulls his pants off, and his cock springs out through the slit in his boxers.  My husband’s dick is cut, and the head of his cock was as purple as I’d ever seen it.  He was REALLY aroused.  He quickly slides his boxers off & sits back down.  The side of his dick is up against the edge of the table with the head peaking up over the side, so Dan pushes his chair away from the table.  This only gives everyone a better view of more of his raging hard-on, especially Dawn and I.  Dawn & June keep staring the whole time.  It is pretty impressive, when I think about it.  I start to catch the scent of pussy juice over the smell of the pizza.

“Well, your father isn’t the only one excited by this situation.  I smell wet pussy.  Who is it?  Dawn, I noticed your nipples standing strait out.  Pretty impressive, huh Dan?  Is seeing your father’s dick making you wet?” I ask.

Dawn nods and murmurs “Yes.”

“It’s OK.  Again, it’s a natural reaction.  This whole thing has got my pussy juices flowing like crazy,” I giggle.  “My juice is dripping off of my legs and onto the floor.  I’m going to have to clean up after dinner.”

This bit of information sends Dan over the edge; and his cock erupts, sending a stream of cum up and across the table, landing on June’s chest and face.  While caught off guard and slightly shocked, I start laughing hysterically at the looks on everyone’s faces.

I choke out, “That’s mine, I believe.”  I get up, step over to June, who’s sitting to my right, & lick Dan’s cum off of her face & chest.  Her nipples are hard & the left one is covered in cum.  I lick them off as well, swirling my tongue around June’s nipple as I clean it.  I again catch the strong smell of pussy juice; and put my left hand on June’s hot cunt.  Her legs are already spread slightly, and my middle finger inadvertently slides right into her steaming snatch.  I give her a quick kiss on the lips, then pull away and sit back down.

“Dawn, we’re not the only ones turned on by your father’s dick.  June is absolutely drenched.  My finger just slid right into her pussy like it was being sucked in.”

I hold up my middle finger for all to see.  It is shiny & wet with June’s juices.  I then pop it in my mouth and suck it clean.  Everyone is stunned.

“I haven’t tasted pussy this good since college.  Nick is going to be a very lucky guy,” I say while winking at June.  “Have you ever tasted your own juices, June?  What about you, Dawn?  I assume you both masturbate.  You father & I do quite often, usually together when it’s my fertile time & fucking is too risky.”

Dawn & June both nod their heads in the affirmative.

“Do you ever masturbate together?  I’ve always wanted to masturbate with you girls out on the patio by the pool on a nice sunny day.  I thought it would be a nice addition to one of our girls’ days out, especially after just having our pussies waxed.  I personally get really turned by the waxing, and fuck your father like a crazy person every evening afterwards.  But I never suggested it because I wasn’t sure how you two would react.”

At this point, the girls & Dan were just listening, and I couldn’t seem to shut up.  I was extremely turned on by the entire situation; and all of these thoughts just kept coming out of my mouth.  I guess after licking cum off of your daughter’s tits and tasting her juice, unloading your kinkiest thoughts & fantasies was not much of a stretch.  Dan, whose dick had relaxed a bit after blowing his load, was now at full staff again, though without the purple helmet.  I get back out of my seat and start stroking my pussy, watching them watch me.

“Wow, is this making my horny!” I’m very wet; and everyone’s staring at my cunt.  I walk around the table to Dawn, who is sitting across from me.  I stand next to her chair & reach to massage her totally erect nipples.  I roll one & then the other between my fingers while she moans softly.  And I continue talking…

“So Dawn, have you ever tasted your sister’s juices?  They’re very sweet, kind of like peach juice & honey.  I wonder what you taste like,” I ponder aloud.

In response, Dawn pushes her chair back about a foot & spreads her legs as far as they’ll go.  Her pussy lips are inflamed & parted.

“Holy shit,” I exclaim.  “June, Dan, take a look at Dawn’s pussy.  It’s on fire!”

Both Dan & June literally spring out of their seats to take a look.  They both stare down into Dawn’s lap, seeing a small puddle of her juices on the chair, then look back to me to see what I’ll do next.  I step behind Dawn’s chair to give them a better view, proceeding to roll & pull on both of Dawn’s nipples.  I then reach down with both hands; part Dawn’s engorged pussy lips & dip a finger into her drooling box.  I remove my finger from her pussy, hold it up for inspection by everyone, & then suck it clean.

“Dawn tastes different,” I state in an interested but unimportant tone of voice.  “Very smooth, like butterscotch.  Yummy!”

Dan & June just stand there silently; though I see that their hands have moved down to their sexes, and they are both stroking themselves slowly.  Dawn is massaging her own tits, and moaning softly again.  I reach back down to Dawn’s pussy, and stick two fingers from my left hand, & then my right, into her dripping box.  I then offer my pussy juice soaked fingers to June & Dan for a taste.  They both immediately suck my fingers into their mouths & lick them clean.  Dawn quickly inserts her own fingers into her cunt, finger fucking herself furiously.  She pulls out for a moment to taste her own juice; and then proceeds with her masturbating.

“What do you think?” I ask.

They both just smile & increase the pace of their masturbating.

I turn to June.  “June, it’s your turn to share.  Please sit down.”

June takes her seat & spreads her legs, knowing what’s coming.  She rubs her pussy vigorously one more time & dips her own fingers into her box.  She pulls her fingers out & starts to suck on them.  I dip two fingers from each hand,  alternately, into her pussy & get them soaked in her juices.  My dripping fingers are then offered to Dan & Dawn for sampling.  Dan greedily sucks the fingers on my right hand into his mouth, while Dawn pulls my left hand down to taste her sister’s juices for the first time.  They both have big smiles on their faces.  June is busily finger fucking herself while Dan & Dawn finish with my fingers.

“Well, I guess I’m the only one left.”

With that, I boost myself up onto the table & place my ass right in the center of the pizza.  As I spread my legs for my family to see my cunt in all of its excited glory, my juices continue to drip all over the pizza.

“That’s going to be an interesting pizza topping,” I laugh.  “Obviously, Dad has already tasted this pussy.  Would you like him to collect your sample, or would you like to collect your own…or maybe both?”

“Both!” they both yell.

Dan comes forward & reaches for my pussy.

“Nu-uh,” I shake my head.  “Climb up here & dip your cock into my hole.  The girls can sample that.”  I look at the girls.  “It that OK with you?”

They both nod vigorously.

Dan climbs up between my legs & positions his dick at the entrance to my lovebox.  He slides it in slowly, as I purr like a cat.  After a few strokes, he pulls it out, his pole glistening with my juices.  Dan scoots off of the table & offers his dick to June first.  June, still seated & masturbating furiously, turns her head & sucks Dan’s cock into her mouth.  She doesn’t just taste my juice, she takes in a full 5 inches of Dan’s dick, sucking off most of what was there.  She then pulls Dan’s dick out of her mouth, playing with his balls while doing it.

“Dan, you’re going to have to take another dip.  What’s left on your shaft just wouldn’t be fair to Dawn.” I prompt.

Dan gets back on the table & shoves his dick back in me.  This time he keeps stroking until I’ve taken in all 9 inches, stroking slowly so he doesn’t cum.  After several strokes, Dan pulls out & gets off the table.  He offers his cock to Dawn, who is slouched down on her chair, and fucking herself with the neck of the salad dressing bottle.  She gets up off of her chair, and squats in front of Dan, trying to keep the bottle neck up in her pussy.  June sees her struggling with the bottle, jumps out of her own chair, sits on the floor next to Dawn; and takes over for Dawn, pumping the bottle in and out of Dawn’s dripping snatch.  The sight of June masturbating her sister sends me over the edge; and I cum all over the pizza.  Seeing my orgasm sends Dawn into her own orgasmic release, & her juices gush out over June’s hand.  June switches hands & licks the soaked one clean.  Dan then places his dick in front of Dawn’s mouth, & she sucks it in.  She is a little weak from the orgasm she is still recovering from; but she manages to suck in 3 or 4 inches, and gets a good taste of my juice.  She continues to suck Dan’s cock for several minutes.

When Dawn is done, I ask “Well, what did you think?”

“Smooth,” says June.  “Except it was a bit salty.”

“Like butterscotch, like me!” says Dawn.  “But I agree that it was a bit salty.”

“Your father must have been leaking the remains of his jism into your mouths.  I hadn’t thought of that.  Of course, I was thinking you two would just lick his shaft, not suck him off.  I’m surprised he didn’t unload on you.  Why don’t you try it directly from the source?”

Dawn & June both get off the floor & reach towards me with a hand each.  Dan sits down in June’s chair & goes back to stroking his meat.

“Whoa, there” I stop them (the girls).  You just both had your Dad’s cock in your mouths.  You can’t suck on Mommy’s pussy?  When I say go to the source, I mean just that.  Come on Dawn, stick your tongue in my honeyhole &  please, play with my clit.  I already feel the need to come again.”

Dawn leans over the table, parts my lips with her hands, & takes a tentative lick up my pussy. As she reaches the top of my slit, she catches my clit, and I go into orbit.   I start to come all over her face; and she immediately shoves her face right into my pussy & starts lapping up my juices.  June steps up next to Dawn, pushes my legs as far apart as they will go, & joins her sister, cheek-to-cheek, in lapping up my juices, their tongues dancing inside my pussy & across my clit at the same time.  I would come again right now; but I’m drained, & have already come hard twice, besides all of the general dripping of pussy juice from my cunt.

“I need you two to back off. I need a breather,” I gasp.

Dawn & June retreat from my snatch, but not each other.  They start kissing passionately, swirling their tongues in one another’s mouths, tasting my juice from each other.  Their hands wander to each other’s snatches & they finger each other slowly.  I get off of the table & go to sit in Dan’s lap.  Dan holds his cock out for me to impale myself on; and I lower my ass, still covered in pizza sauce, into his lap, my pussy enveloping his dick.  The girls stop what they’re doing to watch Dan fuck me.  I slowly raise & lower myself on Dan’s shaft, taking in another inch on each down stroke.  Finally, I have all 9 inches inside of me, and I start a quicker rhythm while I play with my clit.  Dawn pushes the table out of the way and sits down in front of me.  I remove my hand from my clit & bring Dawn’s head into my pussy.  She starts to slowly lick up Dan’s shaft, onto my pussy, & then my clit.  I rest there for a while, fully impaled on Dan’s dick, while Dawn licks up & down our combined sexes.  Dan & I both start moaning loudly.  June, feeling left out, pulls a chair up behind the chair Dan is sitting on; and steps up onto it.

“Mom, can you lean forward?” she asks.

I do as she requests.  She turns her back towards us, bends over, reaches between her legs to brace herself on Dan’s shoulders, & lowers her pussy in front of Dan’s face.

“Eat my pussy, Daddy!  Make me cum!” June demands.

Dan starts plunging his tongue into June, licking up & down her entire slit, and sucking on her clit.  I can tell that Dan is getting ready to cum again, & so is June.  So I start riding his dick slowly, as I shove my big toe into Dawn’s pussy.  She backs up for a second, spreads her legs out on either side of the chair legs, & scoots her butt back towards me.  I push my big toe back into her pussy; and her box seems to open up like a flower.  I turn my foot sideways & proceed to push more of my foot into her, until my entire foot is 4 inches into her snatch.  I start pumping in & out slowly, and Dawn starts moaning into my pussy.

“I’m cuming!” yells June.

“I’m cuming!” yells Dawn.

“I’m gonna blow!” grunts Dan.

“OH MY GOD!” I whisper, as we all reach orgasm together.

After a few minutes of just being still and basking in the warmth of one another, we disengage & all go back to our seats.  Dan had been sitting in June’s seat, which is now covered in pussy juice & jism; but she doesn’t seem to mind.  She just sits down, wiggles her ass into the puddle, and smiles.  As I step back to my seat, Dan’s load drips out of my pussy and down my leg.  Before sitting down, I put my left foot up on the table to give everyone a good look at my current situation.

“Anyone want to clean this up for me?” I suggest.

“That’s mine, I believe,” Dan speaks up, parroting my earlier comment.

Dan comes over and licks his load off of my legs, and then proceeds to suck what  he can out of my dripping cunt.  He then returns to his seat, licking his lips.

 “Anyone hungry?” I ask.  “The pizza is kind of cold; but it should have an interesting flavor.  Would anyone like a slice?”

Everyone takes a slice, and then another, finishing off the pizza.

“That was actually quite tasty,” I remark.  Did you all enjoy it?  You seemed to inhale it.”

They all nod & smile hugely.

“I think I’ll call that particular topping ‘Sarah Surprise’.  If you want it in the future, you’ll have to help me ‘collect’ it for the pizza,” I say with a grin.  “Maybe we’ll have to share this special pizza combo with the Larsen’s during our vacation.  I can assume that we’re going to accept their invitation with enthusiasm?”

Everyone shakes their heads yes and grins broadly.


CHAPTER 2      A New Dynamic


I get up from the table and say “We should all clean up.  I’ll clean up from dinner while you all go shower off.  If you want to shower together, that’s fine, use the big walk-in in our bedroom.  But noooo fucking.  That is something we can share together, and besides, I want to be there the first time you girls fuck your father, if you choose to.  Do you girls want to have your father’s cock up inside you?”

They both shake their heads vigorously, and Dan gets a huge grin on his face.

“Well, for now, you can blow him and eat each other’s pussies if you’d like.”

Dan’s cock starts getting hard again hearing this.  They all nod in agreement & head up the stairs.  The entire room smells of sex.  I clean up the dinner table and mop the floor.  After I’m finished, I head upstairs to join the family in the shower.

As I enter the master bedroom, the site before me hits me like sledgehammer.

The master bath is more like an additional space in the master bedroom than a separate room.  When you walk into the bedroom, which is 15’ deep x 25’ wide with a 12’ ceiling, the king size bed is on your left, with night stands on both sides, and an armoire in the far left corner. To the right of the door is the raised hot-tub.  The hot-tub is between the bedroom area and the walk-in shower. The shower is raised to the same level as the hot-tub surround, so you have to walk up 4 steps to get into it.  The shower area is 6’ deep by 10’ long, with clear Plexiglas walls.  When you walk into it, you are facing the right wall 6’ away from you, away from the bedroom.  You turn to your right to actually enter the shower area.  There is a tiled-in bench 30” deep x 18” high that runs the length of the shower along the right wall. There are multiple shower heads along the right & front walls.  The hot-tub holds 8 people tops.  So if you’re in the hot tub, you’re looking at the feet of anyone in the shower, through the Plexiglas wall between you. There is no wall between the bedroom area and the raised tub, so you can be in the bed and see what’s going on in the bath area.  The entire room floor is covered in stone tile, simply transitioning from one color to another as you move from the bed to the bath area.

What I see before me gets me immediately wet.  June is lying on the shower floor on her back.  Dawn is squatting over her, getting her pussy eaten thoroughly.  In front of Dawn stands Dan, getting the blowjob of his life.

I casually walk in and turn on the water for the hot tub.  Dan gives me a lascivious smile, and gestures for me to join them.  I shake my head no, and proceed to add bubble bath & seltzers to the tub.  After the tub is full, I turn on the massage jets and climb in.  I like my baths hot, and it takes me a minute to settle into the very warm water.  As I settle in, I get comfortable in one of the molded-in seats with the jets built into the bottom.  My back is to the bedroom, so I’m facing the shower and catching the full show.  I adjust one of the jets between my legs so it shoots right onto my pussy and clit.  I start to masturbate while continuing to watch my family pleasure each other.

After a good 10 minutes of Dawn’s slow ministrations, Dan starts to clench his jaw; and I know he’s about to cum.  I increase the rhythm on my own efforts, hoping to cum with Dan.  He tries to pull back; but Dawn pulls him in deeper, driving the head of his cock way past her throat.  Dan blows his load, and Dawn doesn’t even have to swallow.  I climax right after, ramming as much of my hand as I can into my pussy, riding it for all it’s worth.  At the same time, Dawn has a crashing orgasm; and gushes her juices all over June’s face.  After she calms down, Dawn stands up, so June can get off of the floor.  They all take a minute to relax sitting on the bench.

“June, dear, would you mind tearing yourself away and joining me in the tub?  It seems like you got the short end of the stick in that situation; and I’d like to take care of that,” I say.

June gives me a smirk & steps out of the shower.  She starts to get into the tub; but pulls her foot back out, surprised.

“Wow, that’s hot.”

“Oh, sorry.  I like my baths very warm.  It’s more relaxing that way.  The last time you girls and I shared a bath you were very young; and I didn’t make your bathwater nearly this warm.  Now that you know what to expect, why don’t you try again, but go slowly.  Your body will adjust.”

June starts to put her left foot back into the water.  She just holds it a few inches under water until she gets used to it.  She gradually puts her entire left leg into the tub, stopping to let it adjust to the temperature.  Her pussy is only an inch above the water, spread open because one leg is in and one is out.  I playfully bring my foot up from under her & wiggle my big toe between her pussy lips.  She squeals in surprise; but then grabs my foot and drives it deeper into her pussy, as she continues to stand there.

“It’s been long enough,” I say.  “You should start working on getting the rest of you into the tub.”

I pull my foot out of her pussy as I talk.  She gives me a disappointed look, but swings her right leg over and puts her foot into the tub.  After another minute, both legs are fully in the tub, and June starts to settle herself down into the water.  I reinsert my foot into her lovebox, while she continues to settle deeper into the water.  As she gets deeper into the tub, she is able to spread her legs further apart and still support herself.  Removing my foot from her pussy, I move off of my seat into a squatting position in front of June.  I start finger fucking her with one hand, while I play with her asshole with my other.  June gasps.

“Mom, what are you doing?”

“What does it feel like I’m doing?  I’m fingering your asshole.  Don’t you like it?”

“Well, I’m not sure. It feels good, but weird.”

“There are a lot of nerves around the anus.  It’s very sensitive.  I personally love it when your father plays with my ass.  It sends me into orbit.  Just relax and enjoy.”

This whole time, Dawn & Dan are just sitting on the bench watching & listening, stroking each others sexes slowly and tenderly.

As I continue to play with June’s holes, she settles the rest of her body into the water, though I’ve pretty much been holding her lower half just below the surface, so now she’s basically floating below the surface, with her tits sticking out above the water.  She starts to moan as I continue my ministrations.  I move both hands to her ass cheeks, raise her pussy out of the water; and bury my face in her snatch.  As I eat her pussy and suck on her clit, I slide my left hand over towards her ass crack, and slide my middle finger up into her ass.  She lets out a squeak as her eyes open wide; and then relaxes with a contented smile on her face.  I work my finger further in, and rub on the back wall of her pussy from inside her ass. She starts to buck; and I quicken the pace of my sucking and licking.  After less than a minute of this sexual barrage her pussy convulses and sprays me with her juices.  I lap them up like a thirsty puppy.  Once she comes down, I remove my finger from her ass & lower her body back into the water.

“How was that?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

“That was amazing!” she gushes.  I don’t think I’ve ever had such an intense orgasm in my life!”

“Never overlook the pleasures available to you through the back door,” I respond.  “And I’m not talking about our pool.”

Everyone laughs, and I gesture to Dan and Dawn to join us in the hot tub.  Dan gets in fairly quickly, as he is used to sharing my baths with me on occasion, though he prefers the water a little more tepid.  Dawn takes a while getting in, going through the same motions as June to get used to the water.  June plays with Dawn’s pussy while she’s getting in, but just enough to tease, not crank her up.  Once we’re all settled, the conversation turns back to the upcoming vacation with the Larsen’s.

“So, are there any questions or concerns anyone has about our vacation?” Dan opens.

“I’m just glad I’ll get a better look at Mr. Larsen’s, I mean Bill’s, cock,” Dawn offers.

“A better look?” Dan asks.

“I’ll fill you in later, honey,” I interject.  “Nothing major.  Dawn told me about it years ago.”

We’re all silent for a few moments, when June speaks up.

“What about Diane seeing us naked?” June asks.  “She doesn’t do anything with her bush, & might be put off by our bare pussies…and her daughter’s.”

Diane’s daughter, Jessica, is 5’2”, 110#, and kind of skinny.  She has a 32B chest with dark brown cone shaped nipples.  She has 30” hips and a 26” waist.  She is very cute and has her mother’s darker complexion.

“Jessica’s pussy is bald too?” Dan asks, lust behind the question.

“Like the day she was born,” Dawn interjects.  “June and I have had Jessie over lots of times for naked swimming.  The first time she was over a few years ago, she saw that June was bald, and asked about it.  She just assumed that I hadn’t gotten my bush in yet.  We told her that we got our pussies waxed once a month; but we didn’t tell her about Mom.  We weren’t sure Mom would be OK with Jessie knowing she waxed her pussy.  She asked if Mom was cool with it; and we just told her that she was.  Anyway, she seemed to accept it as just the way things were; but she wasn’t interested in removing the hair from her own pussy.”

June picked up the story.

“So, about a year ago, Dawn, Jessie, and I are out by the pool getting some sun in the buff.  Out comes Mom in her birthday suit to join us, not knowing Jessie had come over.  I think she was out running errands or something.  Anyway, Mom sees Jessie and stops short of her lounge chair.  She says ‘Oh, hi Jessica.  I didn’t realize you were over.’  Jessie immediately notices that Mom’s pussy is bare.  She stares right at it!  Mom didn’t seem to know what to say, so she just sat down on her chair & grabbed some baby oil.  While Mom was applying the baby oil, Jessie is looking at us like ‘why didn’t you tell me your mom is bald?’  It was kinda funny. 

So Jessie gets up out of her seat and actually goes over to talk to Mom.  Mom’s still rubbing the oil into her skin, and had just gotten down to her pussy.  She stopped rubbing it in and asked Jessie if she had a question about the fact that her ‘pubic mound’ was bare.  Both Dawn and I cracked up!  We told Mom that no one calls it their pubic mound; we all call it a pussy.  ‘I didn’t know what Jessie called it, and didn’t want to offend,’ Mom said.  Mom gave us an angry glance and turned her attention back to Jessie.  ‘So, Jessie, what can I tell you about my bald pussy?’ she asked.  ‘Why do you wax it?’ Jessie wanted to know.  Mom went back to rubbing the baby oil into her skin, starting to work on her pussy.  ‘Well, for one thing, it feels better and cleaner when I can rub the baby oil directly into the skin instead of through pubic hair.  I also find that it improves sex with Dan, as it makes my skin more sensitive.  Does that answer your question?’  ‘Yea…thanks Mrs. Anderson.’ Was all Jessie could say.  Dawn and I started laughing again.  Jessie came back over and sat down.  Later, after Mom went back inside, she told us she thought it was really cool that Mom had been so honest with her, and that after seeing a bald pussy on an adult, she had decided she’d like to try it after all.  I asked her what she thought her Mom would think.  She told us that her Mom never saw her naked, because of the common bathroom between her and Nick’s room that she uses.  The next day Dawn took her down to see Georgette at the salon and had it all removed.  She goes once a month now, just like us.  Diane still doesn’t know about it.”

“I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this before, but why don’t you ask Jessie to start coming with us on our girls’ days out?  She can get her wax done with the rest of us & hang out at the pool afterward,” I suggest.

“But Mom,” Dawn whines, “After today, I was looking forward to eating your freshly waxed pussy out by the pool after our next waxing.  I can’t do that with Jessie there.”

“Why not?  You don’t know that.  Jessie may not mind at all.  As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted a little taste of my juices herself.  I catch her quite often staring at my pussy when I’m rubbing baby oil into it.”

“No shit!?” June exclaims.  “Wow. I never noticed.”

“Observation skills are not either of you girls’ strong suits.  You get that from your father.”

Dan splashes some water at me and everyone relaxes further into the warm water.  We spend the next half hour just soaking in the heat & enjoying each other’s company in silence, totally spent physically and sexually.

“Let’s get out of the tub before we all stew,” I suggest.

As we’re getting out, Dawn asks a question.

“Can we sleep with you and Dad tonight?”

“No, I don’t think so.  We all know where that will lead; and I for one need a good night’s sleep.  You all have exhausted my poor pussy.  It needs a rest.” I say with a smile.  “But let’s try to be naked at much as possible around the house and backyard for the rest of the week. I also want us to start using the master bath exclusively for everything but using the toilet.  The other bathrooms are fine for that.  The closer proximity while doing mundane tasks like brushing teeth, shaving, applying make-up, etc., should help us acclimate to each others bodies without being in a constant state of sexual arousal.  I think it will help everyone get comfortable being naked around each other at the cabin quicker if our family already is.  Also, unless there are any objections, sex between family members can be instigated by any one, at any time, anywhere in the house for the rest of this week, as long as it doesn’t interfere with getting our house jobs done.  Sharing one bathroom should help facilitate some of that also, since we’ll be sharing the walk-in shower.”  There are big grins and giggles by everyone.

“But again, if you either of you want to fuck Dad, you need to make sure I’m around, so I can watch, at least the first time.  After that, fuck him at will.”

Dawn & June get huge grins on their faces, and Dan looks like his dick is going to explode…again.  I don’t really think he has anything left to blow, though.  He looks like he needs a recharge even more than I do.

As the girls leave to go watch some TV before bed, Dan asks me what I think we  should do about Diane and the 4 bald pussies she is about to meet.

“Hmm…Maybe I should have a talk with Diane before this weekend,” is my only response.


CHAPTER 3      Breakfast Snacks


Tuesday morning, it’s 8:30.  I’m getting up late.  Dan is already up and gone to work.  I get out of bed and reach for my bathrobe hanging on the bedroom door.  As I bring it down off of the hook, I remember our family agreement, and throw it into the bottom of the closet.  I don’t think I’ll be needing it for a long time.  Thinking about all that has changed in the last 16 hours, I look at the bedroom door and decide it’s become an unnecessary encumbrance to our new family dynamic.  Down the hall, next to our room and across from the girls’ rooms, is the family study, where we keep our computer & personal library, which is fairly small.  I’m the only big reader in the family.  Dan restricts his reading to the local paper & news magazines.  The girls pretty much only read magazines, school books, and the occasional novel.

I rummage around in the desk until a find a screwdriver.  Taking it back to our room, I use it to remove the pins from the door hinges.  Pulling the door off the hinges, I store it in the back of our closet.  I then go down the hall & take the doors off both of the girls’ rooms, and store them in their own closets.  By the time I’ve finished, I’m sweaty again and ready for a shower.  This naked in the house thing is going to work out well, I think to myself.  It’s already saved me one change of clothes.

I take a quick shower, dry off, and head downstairs to see what Dawn & June are up to.  As I get halfway down the stairs, the sounds of sex reach my ears.  I get down the stairs and turn towards the kitchen to find Dawn lying on the kitchen island with June between her legs, eating her pussy.  Dawn has one foot on each side of June resting on the bar chairs, with June’s arms wrapped around Dawn’s thighs to keep her pussy tight to June’s face.  I walk over & see that there is a bottle of chocolate syrup sitting on the counter next to Dawn.  I peek over June’s head to see how it’s going.

“Very creative,” I say.  “You nasty little minxes.”

As I’m standing between Dawn’s left leg and June, I reach up with my right hand to play with Dawn’s left nipple, while my left hand drifts down to June's ass.  I reach between her legs and start to rub her pussy from behind.  June pushes her ass back into my hand, pulling my other hand away from Dawn’s left tit.  Dawn immediately moves her own hands up to work on her sensitive mounds.  I step behind June and start to really rub her pussy hard.  June starts to moan.

“Put your finger up my ass. PLEASE,” June pants.  She pushes her ass back even further to give me better access.

“Actually, I’ve got something else in mind,” I say softly.

I get down on my knees behind June, place both hands on her ass cheeks, and spread them apart, exposing her rosebud.  It’s already wet with pussy juice that is running back from her dripping twat.  I blow warm air on her ass, causing goose bumps all over her legs.  I then move in with my tongue and start licking her rosebud softly.

“Oh my god!  That feels awesome!” June cries out.  “What are you doing to me?”

I pull back for a moment.

“It’s called analingus.  I’m tonguing our asshole.  Feels great, doesn’t it?  Your father loves to do this to me.”

I then go right back to licking her ass, and shoving my tongue into her back door.

“Dawn, I am so licking your ass tonight.  You’re gonna go nuts!” June announces in response.

“Whatever,” Dawn replies, as she shoves June’s head back into her pussy.  “Less talking & more sucking please…..Unghhhhhh”

After a few minutes, I slide my index finger into her ass, and she grunts her approval.  After stroking my finger in and out of her ass a few times, I pull back and, when I push forward this time, my middle finger goes into June’s pussy.  After getting it nice and wet again, I pull back and insert both fingers into June’s asshole.  She moans into Dawn’s cunt, and starts humping my fingers.  I turn my hand palm down so I’m now massaging the back of her pussy from inside her ass again.  My other hand reaches under, palm down, and into her pussy to finger her g-spot.  June starts humping my fingers vigorously; and comes soon after.  After she’s done riding my fingers, I pull them out and go over to the sink to wash my hands.  I then walk back over to the girls.  June is back to concentrating on Dawn’s pussy.

June, give your Mom a kiss & let me taste your chocolate pussy cocktail.”

June stands up from Dawn’s dripping pussy, juices dripping down her chin.  I lick the pussy juice-chocolate mixture off of her chin and then give her a passionate kiss, swirling my tongue in her mouth.  At the same time, I reach down and finger her cunt, rubbing her own juices all over her hips and upper thighs.  After about thirty seconds, I break away.

“I need food,” I declare.  Unlike you two tireless teens, us older folks need to replace our energy stores once in a while.  Have you two eaten anything since dinner yesterday?”

Dawn tries to answer, since June’s face is buried back in her pussy.

“We…unngh…already……uhhhhhh…..had some eggs….ahhhhhhhh….”

Dawn starts cuming all over June’s face, who laps it up greedily.

“…earlier.” Dawn finishes, after calming down.

“Well, please clean up when you’re done.  I’ve come up with a plan to deal with the Diane-bald pussy situation.  I’d like you to call next door and invite Jessie over for a swim this morning, and tell her to make sure her Mom doesn’t know she’s coming over here.  Also, let her know about the no-clothing rule.  Don’t tell her all of the reasons, just that we’re working on our comfort level for the vacation.  Once you three are out back, I’m going to have Diane come over for a talk.  Please be sure you stay out of the house until after I bring her out to the backyard.”

“What’s your plan, Mom?” June asks.

“Never mind.  You’ll find out when it’s time.  Now can someone please make me some toast while I get a bowl of cereal?”

I sit down at the table to eat my cereal while June makes my toast.  I get down about 3 spoonfuls when Dawn comes over, picks up my bowl, and hands it to me.  I take it from her in my left hand, keeping my spoon in my right.  While holding the bowl, I continue to eat my cereal.  Dawn pushes the table out of the way, and sits down on the floor in front of me, one leg on each side of my chair.  She dives right into my pussy, sucking and slurping like a hungry child.

“I’m guessing from the way you’re sitting, that you really enjoyed having my foot up your cunt at dinner yesterday.”

Dawn only nods her head and sucks harder on my clit.  I have to put the bowl down, or I’m going to drop it.  Turning my left foot on its side, I move it forward until I find Dawn’s wet twat.  I wriggle my foot around a little, making sure I get my toes properly lubricated before pushing into her waiting pussy.  In a few seconds, my toes are totally soaked in pussy juice; and I push my foot into her pussy.  Dawn tries to open her legs even further than they already are, encouraging me to push further in.  My foot disappears into her pussy, almost up to my ankle, over 6 inches.  I’m basically fisting my daughter with my foot.  I start to stroke my foot in and out of Dawn’s pussy.  Dawn is moaning into my cunt loudly.  June comes over with the toast and drops it on the table. She can see that I’m a little busy to bother with it.

June grabs another chair and puts it behind mine, and steps up onto it.  She then performs the same gymnastics that she did at dinner with her father, lowering her pussy in front of my face. 

“This is quickly becoming a favorite with you, isn’t it, dear?” I remark.

June just smiles.  Once she is sitting reasonably comfortably on my shoulders, she slides her wet honeypot towards my waiting tongue.  I start to eat her with abandon, grabbing her ass and pulling her in tight.  All the while, I’m continuing to stroke my foot in and out of Dawn’s cunt, while she starts to concentrate on my clit.  I put two fingers into June’s pussy as I continue to suck on her clit.  Her juices run down my hand and arm.  I take my soaked fingers and shove them rather roughly up June’s ass.  She yelps in surprise and discomfort for a second, and then starts grinding her pussy into my face as she humps my fingers with her ass.

“You are quickly turning into a total ass slut, honey!” I exclaim. “I didn’t think anyone could like ass fucking as much as me; but you just might.  If you don’t mind sharing your boyfriend, I just might try to get both of my holes filled at once, with your father taking up the rear.”

As I say this, my pussy spasms in orgasm, flooding Dawn in my juices.  My suggestion has the appropriate effect on June, and she starts bucking madly as an orgasmic wave washes over her.  I push my foot deeper into Dawn’s lovebox, while pushing her upper body down onto the floor with my other foot.  This allows me to rub the side of the ball of my foot on Dawn’s g-spot, sending her over the edge.  After June calms down, she gets up off of my shoulders, steps off the chair, and pulls it up to the table to have a seat.  I give Dawn a hand off of the floor, and she too takes a seat.  I pull the table back in front of me.

“You know what, June.  I’ve got a dildo upstairs that is the perfect size for your ass.  It’s the one I use up my own backdoor on occasion.”

“You’ve got sex toys!?” both girls cry out together.

“Oh…sure.  A few dildos and massaging oils.  I suppose I’ll have to start thinking about my sex toys as the family sex toys now, won’t I?  They’re upstairs in my nightstand.  You can help yourself tonight, if you wish.  June, if you want to try a dildo up your ass, stick to the thin black one.  That’s what it’s for.  Dawn, if you’re interested you can try it also.  Given your wider hips, you may be able to take a regular dildo up your butt; but I’d definitely start with the small one.  I’d like to finish my breakfast now, if you don’t mind.  Would you girls please clean up the mess we’ve made?  Don’t forget to call Jessie right after, before she makes other plans for the day.  And please let me know when Jessie is going to be here, so I can call her mother.  Oh, and for God’s sake, both of you shower thoroughly before Jessie gets here.  You both smell like sex and chocolate.”

As they clean up, I finish my cereal.  The toast is cold, so I just toss it.  When I’m done, I head up to get a shower in before the girls finished cleaning.  I want to actually get a shower in, and know that if I’m not out before they get there, there’ll be another round of pussy munching and I’ll never get anything done.

“Remember to use the walk-in shower, please,” I call out behind me as I walk up the stairs.

I get out of the shower just as the girls are walking into the room.  As I’m drying off, June asks what happened to the bedroom doors.

“I took them off and put them in the closets,” I answer.  “We don’t really need privacy if we’re all walking around naked, fucking each other at random.”

The girls nod their heads and start walking towards me with lustful looks in their eyes.

“Now hold it right there, both of you.  I said that the sex couldn’t interfere with household duties.  I have things to do, and so do you.  Have you called Jessica yet?”

“Yea. I called her.  She’ll be over around 10:30,” Dawn answers.

“Was she OK with the no clothing rule?”

“Sure.  Since it’s just us girls home, she doesn’t see how it’s any different than any other time she’s over for a swim.”

“Well then, it’s already almost 10 a.m., so you two need to shower and clean up your rooms.  By the way, where did you two sleep last night?”

“My bed,” June answers.

“I should have known you’d share.  Did you two get any sleep!?”

“We watched TV until 10, and then went up.  We ate each other’s pussies for about an hour, and then just got too tired to continue.  I think we fell asleep pretty fast after that,” Dawn says.

“So June’s sheets are covered in your juices.  Please strip the bed; and bring the sheets down into the laundry room before you shower.  I’ll get a load going.  Oh, and there’s no time for you two to maul each other during this shower either.  So let’s get going.”

Hanging my towel up to dry, I leave my bedroom and go downstairs to call Diane.


CHAPTER 4      Girls Just Wanna Have Fun



I dial the phone while sorting through the laundry.  I want to get a load of Dan’s work clothes done before I have to deal with June’s sheets.  Diane picks up the phone on the second ring.

“Hi, Diane. It’s Sarah next door.”

“Oh, hi Sarah.  How are you doing?”

“Great thanks.  And you?”

“Much better since Bill called to tell me your family agreed to share your cabin with us.  I can’t tell you what a relief that is to me.  I was getting really tense about the whole thing…..Doesn’t nudity bother you at all?”

“It never really has, though showing my goodies to your husband and son will definitely be a new experience.”

“Yea, I’m still a little uptight about being naked in front of both Nick and Dan; but it still beats total strangers.  All of this really doesn’t faze you in the least, does it?  What do the girls think?”

Diane is a cute little thing, and really has nothing to be shy about.  She’s 38, 3rd generation Greek, 5’ 7”, 125 lbs., with a 32C chest, very small but perky nipples; and she has a beautiful olive complexion, with a very hairy bush, according to Jessica.  She is definitely going to feel like the odd (wo)man out around four women with bald pussies.

“Are you kidding me?  June is beside herself at the chance to show off her body to Nick, and get a look at his dick.  Dawn, on the other hand, is actually more interested in checking out your husband, if you can believe that.”

“What?  Bill?  Why?”

“A few years ago, Dawn & Jessica saw Bill fucking you in your bed.  They were outside the backyard window.  They were very impressed with Bill’s girth.  I believe Dawn compared it to a soda can,” I chuckled into the phone.  “Is she exaggerating?”

“A little, but not much.  It certainly feels like a soda can when Bill’s pushing it into me….But oh, my God; I can’t believe they saw us!  I’m glad you can be so calm about this.  I’m freaking out.  I hope I don’t blow this whole vacation for everyone by getting nuts about it all.”  Diane is talking very fast, sounding out of breath.

“Now just calm down, Diane.  That actually is what I called about.  I‘d like to get together with you, this morning if possible, to talk this out with you, and see if we can’t make you more comfortable with the whole naked idea.  I also need to fill you in on a particular situation ahead of time, so you don’t get blindsided this weekend.”

“What situation?” Diane asks, sounding alarmed.

“Nothing earth shattering, just potentially awkward.  Can you come over around 11?”

“Yea, sure. Can I just come over now?  I’d really like to know what’s going on.”

“No, I’m sorry; but I have to pick something up before we get together.  OK?”

“OK.  I’ll just keep myself busy for a while.”

“Oh…One more thing.  After we decided last night to accept your family’s invitation, we decided to declare our home a no-clothes zone for the rest of the week.  It’s an attempt to get us used to being around each other naked, so the beginning of the vacation won’t be so awkward.  Besides, with just us girls here, you’ll get a chance to try out the nude thing yourself for a while without any men around.  We can even go swimming if you like.”

“Wow.  Already?  I was planning on having the rest of the week to really get my head around the idea; but I do see your point.  OK.  I’ll be over at 11, wearing nothing but a trench coat.”  Diane giggles nervously as she says this.

“OK.  See you then.  And don’t be nervous.  You’ll be fine.  Bye.”

I hang up the phone and look out the window, realizing that while this window looks out on the backyard, there are several that overlook the street and houses on either side of us.  We live on a large cul-de-sac with five homes, our house being the second from the right side.  Of course, on one side are the Larsen’s, who wouldn’t have an issue with seeing any of us walking by nude, or at least won’t pretty soon, I imagine.  On the other side of our home, however, lives a 28 year old divorced Japanese woman, Wendy Takahashi.  While I wouldn’t mind at all letting her in on our little party, she’s always struck me as very conservative and very quiet.  She would be worth some effort though, as she has a VERY hot body.  I’ve seen her around the locker room at the gym.  I am pretty confident that I’m the only woman over 30 at our gym with a bare beaver, so I don’t advertise.  The mothers of my girl’s friends might be uncomfortable with idea; and I don’t want to be a problem for them.  So, while I stick to the private shower/changing rooms, Wendy uses the large shower room containing around 20 shower heads along opposite walls.  I’ve seen her walk through the locker room on the way to the shower, and she is definitely a tight little number.  Wendy is 4’ 11”, maybe 100 lbs., with almost washboard abs and B-cup tits with small, dark brown nipples.  She keeps her bush trimmed very neatly in a thin strip, as she wears a high-cut leotard for working out….And sometimes the quiet ones surprise you.  Hmm….I’ll have to give this one some thought.  Bringing my mind back to the here-and-now; I grab a towel to cover up, and walk around the first floor, shutting drapes and shades.  Luckily, we have those shades that mount to the bottom of the window and pull up, allowing you some privacy without keeping all of the natural light out and making you feel cut off from the outside world.  I need to get them up before the girls started wandering the entire house, flashing the neighborhood.  I yell up to them to pull up the shades in their rooms before coming downstairs.  One of them yells down that it’s already done.

I head towards the stairs as the doorbell rings.  The girls pass me on the stairs to get the door, June’s sheets in Dawn’s arms.

“Whoa,” I say.  “How do you know that’s Jessica?  It could just as easily be a solicitor or some other neighbor.  Someone throw a coat or something on & answer the door, please.”

June proceeds to the front door and grabs a coat out of the front closet, puts it on, and opens the door.  We don’t have a window in our front door, so the only way to see who’s there is to look out the living room window.  It is Jessie at the door; and June invites her in.  As Jessie steps into the hallway, June closes the door, removes her coat; and hangs it back up in the closet.

“Can I take our coat?” June asks Jessie.

“Oh, yea.  Here you go,” she says as she shrugs her coat off.

Beneath she is naked.

“Come on out to the pool.”

Jessie follows June through the house.  While I’m getting dressed for my errand, I call down from upstairs for one of the girls to switch loads and put June’s sheets into the washer.  Jessie sees Dawn with the bundle of sheets, and offers to help.

“Thanks, Jessie,” Dawn replies.  “I need to pee quick.  You know were the laundry room is.”

“Sure,” she says, taking the sheets from Dawn.

As Jessie gathers up the sheets in her arms, she gets her first whiff of the pussy juice dried into them.

“Wow.  What was June up to last night?  Nick was home all night.  Did they break up and I missed it?”

“Umm…no.”  Maybe June can explain later,” Dawn says as she stifles a giggle.

I come bounding down the stairs in a hurry.  Time is getting tight.  Jessie is still standing in the kitchen sniffing June’s sheets, trying to figure out what happened.  She sees me and gets a surprised look on her face.

“Sarah, you’re dressed,” she says questioningly.

I’m annoyed to see her holding June’s sheets, but figure they’ll have to deal with that one themselves.  Not my problem.

“I have to run a quick errand.  I’ll be back in 20 minutes. Have fun in the pool.  Bye.” I say as I rush past her to the garage.

I’m at the drugstore 8 minutes after leaving the driveway.  I run in and grab a home waxing kit and bottle of aloe gel.  The first time you get waxed, the exposed area burns for a while.  The aloe will sooth the skin quite nicely.  I’m out of the store and back home quickly.  Total trip time 25 minutes.  I get back in the house and bring my purchases up into the master bath, shedding my clothes on the way up the stairs.  I’ve come to feel very comfortable in just my own skin already; and the clothing seems like a shroud over my spirit.  I couldn’t wait to get out of them as fast as possible.  Getting back downstairs, I notice the girls out by the pool as I walk by.  Diane should be here within 5 minutes, so I open the front door, leaving it slightly ajar.  I then go back into the laundry room to check on June’s sheets.  They’re clean, but the dryer is still running, so I leave them in the washer.  I hear a knock on the door.  Looks like Diane’s a little early.  I walk down the hall, but stop behind the staircase wall, so anyone walking in the front door can’t see me.

“Diane, is that you?” I call out.

“Yes, it is.  Can I come in?  Your door’s open,” she calls back into the house.

I pause, take a deep breath, and think out loud:  “Here we go…”

“Come on in.  I’ll be right with you.  You can hang your coat in the front closet.”

Diane comes in and closes the door behind her.  She looks around the living room and into the kitchen, wondering where everyone is.  She shrugs off her coat, puts it in the closet, and walks into the hallway.

“Sarah, where are you?  Where are the girls?” Diane asks, kind of quietly.

I lean around the corner, letting her see my upper body, but not my bald snatch.  She’s naked except for her very hairy bush, which is so thick it looks like a fuzzy cover.  To me, she really didn’t look naked.  I’m planning on fixing that. 

“Hi, Diane.  I’m right here.  The girls are out back by the pool.”

Seeing me, she relaxes, and starts to walk towards me.

“I’m glad to see you, Sarah.  And relieved to find you naked.  I got this weird idea in my head that I’d show up naked; and the 3 of you would be sitting in the dining room fully dressed.”

“Hah.  That would have been embarrassing.  But before coming any closer, we need to talk.”

“About what?  What’s going on?” Diane starts tensing up again.

Whatever I planned on saying just left my brain.  I’m blank.  Not knowing how to start or what to say, I take another deep breath and step out into the hallway.  Diane’s eyes get wide as she quickly notices the lack of hair on my pussy.  After about 20 seconds of silence, she speaks.

“Wow…I never knew.  How long have you shaved your pubic area?”

I respond as I walk towards her.

“Actually, it isn’t shaved.  It’s waxed.  My pussy is totally bald.  I’ve been waxing since I was in college.  My roommate turned me on to it.”

As I step up to Diane, I take her left hand and place it just above my slit.

“See how smooth it feels?  It really makes the skin more sensitive, and Dan loves eating my snatch without having to pick hair out of his teeth.  So…what are you thinking?”

Even though I‘ve released Diane’s hand, she hasn’t removed it from my pussy.  She just stares at it, and moves her hand down and lightly across my outer lips.

“It’s really soft and smooth, like tummy skin.  What did your girls think when they saw you last night?  Were they surprised?”

“No, not really,” I laugh.  “Dawn & June have bald pussies also.  We actually go together once a month to Georgette’s salon to get waxed.”

Diane bends down to get a better look.

“How far back do they remove the hair?” she wonders aloud.

“All the way back.  Waxing removes all of the hair off your pussy and back around your butt hole.  Let me turn around and give you a better view.”

I pivot around so my back is to Diane, spread my legs, and lower my upper body until my hair is lying on the hallway floor.  I look back up at her from between my legs.

“See what I mean?  Nothing there.  Feel how smooth the areas around my asshole and between my ass and pussy are. Unlike this jungle you’ve got going on here,” I say as I reach up and run my fingers through her bush.

I brush against her clit & she jumps, but doesn’t say anything.

Diane cups my pussy and lets her hand roam over my smooth skin.  She continues this for a good five minutes.  I’m getting very wet.  As she moves her fingers lightly around my asshole, her fingernail brushes over my rosebud, causing me to involuntarily moan.  Diane quickly pulls her hand back, and sees that my pussy isn’t just smooth, but also very wet.  Her fingers are slick with my juices.

“Sorry about that.  When someone plays with my pussy, I tend to get wet.  Looks like you’re getting a little wet yourself,” I point out, as I continue to run my fingers through her bush, purposely brushing my fingernails across her lips.  I think they are starting to swell; but it’s hard to tell through all of that hair.

“Feel free to continue to explore.  I’d like you to get comfortable with bald cunts, since you will be seeing more of them.”

Diane cups my pussy again, this time a little firmer.  She moves her hand around my pussy and ass, starting to actually rub my pussy.  She also spreads her legs about six inches, allowing me better access to her own sex.  I start working my way towards the back of her pussy, using my fingernails to tickle the sensitive flesh.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she breathes out.  “But it feels so nice….What if the girls come in the house?”

“Mmmm….They’ve been told to stay out there until I get them.  Oh, that feels great.  They now I’m in here talking to you about bald pussies, though of course they don’t know we’re playing with each other’s while we talk.”

During this conversation, I have been teasing the opening to Diane’s cunt with my index finger, and the lips are slowly separating.  Dawn spreads her legs another 6 inches or so.  I’m getting a little light headed maintaining this position.  As I finish telling her that the girls are aware of our conversation, I push my index & middle fingers up into Diane’s by now very wet snatch.

“Ahhhh!” Diane gasps.  “Mmmmmm…Ohhhh, that’s feels nice.  I never though I’d be doing anything like this with you.  Rub my clit, pleeeease.”

“Honestly, I’m not sure I can find it,” I reply, as I start to slowly move my fingers in and out of her now dripping cunt.  “This is actually the point of asking you over.  I was hoping you would allow me to remove your bush for you.”

Diane reaches under me to the top of my pussy and draws her hand bank slowly, separating my engorged lips as she does.  As she gets to my honeyhole, she changes direction and pushes all four of her fingers into my cunt.  Since my legs are so spread out and I’m dripping like a leaking faucet, they slide in easily.  Diane starts to pump them in and out.  I put another finger into her pussy and start finger fucking her vigorously.  With my other hand I start playing with my nipples.  I start humping Diane’s hand and clenching my jaw to keep from screaming out in ecstasy.  Diane is rocking her hips forward & back trying to drive my fingers deeper into her lovebox.  They’re already in as far as they can go, being stopped by my curled up pinky finger.  I pull out my fingers and reinsert all four.  Diane’s pussy opens up willingly and my hand disappears up to my thumb.  Diane starts bucking wildly.

“Oh my god….I’m going to cum!” she says, rather loudly.

I ride her hand harder, determined not to be left behind.  I feel my own orgasm building; and I increase my pace in Diane’s pussy.  We both scream out & my hand falls out of her pussy.  As her hand leaves mine, I collapse on the floor.  Diane leans against the stair rail to keep from falling over.  We are both sweaty and breathing hard.

“That was mind blowing!” Diane says.

“That is was,” I agree.  “So, what do you think about having me wax your pussy?”

“You can do that here?”

“Sure, I picked up a home kit this morning.  It’s up in the master bath.”

“But what about Jessica?  What will she think when she sees me naked?  She constantly walks in on me in the shower.  She has her own bathroom, so there’s no reason to be intruding on mine; but she does I all the time!.”

“Maybe she likes to see you naked.  Did you ever think of that? Anyway, I don’t think it’s going to be a problem.  I’ve got a surprise for you.  Let’s go out to the pool…..You know, I can’t believe the girls didn’t hear us.  We were pretty loud.”

“No kidding.  What the heck are your girls doing that they didn’t hear that racket?”

“Guess we’ll find out.”

As we get out on the patio, an unexpected scene greets us.  Dawn is on a lounge chair with Jessie’s face buried in her pussy.  June is straddling Dawn’s face while tugging on her own nipples.  Dawn and June are moaning.

“Well, that explains why they didn’t hear us,” I say.

“Oh, we heard you all right.  At least Dawn & I did.  Jessie hasn’t come up for air for 40 minutes! Dawn’s already cum twice.  Besides, Dawn put her feet up on the end of the lounge chair and covered Jessie’s ears with her thighs as soon as we heard Diane calling you through the front door.  I’m not sure she can hear anything with her head stuffed between Dawn’s legs.  Did you enjoy yourself Diane?” June replies.

Dian nods her head slowly, as she continues to absorb the sight of her daughter’s face in Dawn’s cunt.  Dawn raises a hand to wave hello, as she continues to eat June’s pussy.

“I was wondering how you were going to handle Jessie and the sheets.  What did you tell her?”

“I told her the truth.  I told her that the pussy smell was mine and Dawn’s, and that we had been eating each other’s pussies last night in my bed.”

Diane zones into the conversation, shocked, but seemingly unable to speak.

June continued.  “She got a weird look on her face, and started to protest, asking how we could even think of having sex with each other.  ‘You’re sisters, for God’s sake!’ was her exact comment, I believe.  At that point I figured I had nothing to lose, so I told her the reason we did it was because we were still horny from eating you out earlier.”

The “You” being me, Diane snaps her head to look at me, and her eyes get huge.  She stills says nothing.

“Jeees, Diane, you look like your head’s going to explode,” June laughs.  “Unngghh…yea that’s the spot Dawn, tongue my ass.  Anyway, that seemed to really have an affect on Jessie.  She got this wide eyed look on her face, and her cunt started dripping.  I think she may have had a mini orgasm right there.  I think Jessie has a thing for older women.  She didn’t say another word.  She just walked up to Dawn, pushed her back onto the chair, and buried her face in Dawn’s twat.  She hasn’t said a word since.”

Diane comes out of her trance and walks up to her daughter.  She places a hand on her shoulder, not wanting to startle her.

“Jessie, honey, can you stop for a minute?”

“Upon hearing her Mom’s voice, Jessie’s head snaps up out of Dawn’s snatch.”

She looks up at her Mom with a look of horror on he face, and Dawn’s juices dripping off her chin.  Dawn pushes June off her face, to see what happens.

“Oh God, Mom. I’m so sorry.  I can’t believe you’re here.  I’ve never done anything like this. Are you really pissed?” Jessie blurts out as if it were one sentence.

She is breathing heavily from her work on Dawn’s sex and her fast talking.

“It’s OK, honey.  I’m fine with it,” Diane consoles her as she helps Jessie stand up.

Diane sees that Jessie’s pussy is bald also.  After all that she’s seen and done in the last ½ hour, it doesn’t seem to faze her at all.

“How long have you been waxing your cunt, honey?”

Jessie is a little taken aback by her Mom’s course language.

“Uh, a year or so, I guess.  I found out that the Anderson’s all waxed their pussies, and decided to try it myself.  I really like the way it feels.”

“Hah!” Dawn teases.  “You new about June and I for years.“  Turning to Diane, “Jessie had no interest in bald beaver until she saw Mom’s bald puss.”

“Is that true, dear?” Diane asks her.  “Does Sarah turn you on?”

Jessie nodded yes.

“Do older women turn you on, or is it just Sarah?”

“Not all older women, just some of my friends’ mothers.”

“And why might that be?  Maybe because you’re attracted to your own mother?”

“Maybe,” Jessie says with her head down, embarrassed.

“Do you want to eat mommy’s pussy?” Diane asks her as she reaches up and starts playing with Jessie’s tits.

“Jessie raises her face, beaming.

“Oh, yes!  I’d love to eat your pussy, Mom!”

“And I’d love to have you eat it….But first I need to have Sarah help me with this disgusting bush of mine,” she states, running her fingers through her bush.  “After seeing your four beautiful bald pussies, I can’t imagine being any other way.  I’m going to go upstairs with Sarah and let her wax my pussy bare.  I promise that when I get back, you can be the first to sample my newborn poon.  Unless, of course, Sarah beats you to it,” Diane says as she gives me a sly wink.

I laugh.

“Jessie, I promise to try my best to return your mother to you with a virgin bare pussy….But don’t hate me if fail you,” I say with a smile on my face.  “If I do take her first, I offer my own pussy to you in consolation.  How’s that?”

Jessie smile broadly.

“I can’t lose!”

“While you two are upstairs baring Diane’s twat, we’ll keep Jessie busy.  She hasn’t had her own pussy administered to yet, and I’m sure Dawn is just chomping at the bit to take care that,” June says.

“Absolutely!” Dawn exclaims.

I take Diane’s hand, and we walk back into the house, continuing to hold hands in that comfortable familiar way, like longtime lovers.




Diane and I walk through the kitchen; and I lead her up the stairs.  She pulls her hand from my grasp, dropping back a couple of steps, as she moves her hand back to my pussy, caressing it slowly as we continue up the stairs.

“I love how smooth your pussy is.  I can’t wait to feel the skin of my own pussy, free of all that hair.”

“Do you have any concerns about how Bill will react?” I ask.

“Are you kidding me?  Bill’s going to blow a load in his pants as soon he gets his first look.”

As we walk into the bedroom, Diane notices that the door is missing.

“Where’s your door?”

“I took the bedroom doors off this morning.  Given my family’s new situation, they seemed unnecessary.”

“What about Dan, though?  He might see you having sex with one of the girls….He knows, doesn’t he?  Did he actually watch?”

I nod my head and smirk.

“Oh my God!  How did he react?  What did he say?  He’s not fucking them, is he?  He is, isn’t he?”

“No, Dan hasn’t fucked them…yet.  I expect they’ll take care of that this evening.  He has eaten June’s pussy, and both girls have sucked his cock, though.  I’m not sure if he’s eaten Dawn’s pussy yet.”

“You guys had a busy evening!  You’re really going to let Dan fuck them?”

“You wouldn’t believe everything that happened last night. And, yes, I told them they could fuck their father if they wanted to; but that I wanted to be there to watch the first time.  After that they can fuck him whenever they want, unless of course I’m fucking him.”

“Holy shit!  You are one nasty woman!”

We sit down on the edge of the hot-tub, facing each other, each with one leg lying bent at the knee up on the tile and one on the floor.  This allows us to play with each other’s snatches while we talk.

“Aren’t you worried about the girls getting pregnant?”

“No, they’re on the pill.  Isn’t Jessie?”

“Not to my knowledge; but she could have gotten a prescription on her own.  You don’t think she’s been sexually active…before today, anyway?”

“No.  According to Dawn, Jessie is still a virgin.  That’s what makes her ‘attack’ on Dawn’s poon so interesting to me.  Your daughter has got a lot of repressed sexual desire.  Today’s the first day she’s been able to vent any of it….That girl seriously wants to eat your pussy.”

“Well, I am ‘seriously’ looking forward to just that,” Diane giggles.  “My mind is actually starting to look beyond that upcoming treat to what I might be able to do with Nick.  Do you think he would be interested in fucking his mom?”

“Are you kidding me?  Every boy wants to fuck his mom, even if they’re hideous looking.  It’s hardwired into the male brain.  And you are certainly not hideous, you’re gorgeous….Now that you bring up Nick, I’ve been thinking I might want to borrow him for a sandwich I want to make.”

“Sandwich?  What do you mean?”

“Yea, Sandwich. Dan & Nick as the bread, and myself as the filling.” I explain with a grin.

“You mean you’d have one of them up your ass?  Which?”

“Probably Dan, since I already know he fits. I have no idea how big Nick is.”

“You’ve already had your ass fucked!” she exclaimed in an accusatory, naughty girl way.

“Oh, I love getting my ass fucked, sucked, tongued, and generally played with.  I get very horny when I’m fertile.  We’re done having kids, so Dan fucks my ass for those few days every month.”

“You are a baaaaad girl.  I need to hang out with you more often,” she says with a smile. “Do you think June will mind you fucking her boyfriend?”

“Hah.  When I suggested it to her, she had an orgasm,” I state smugly.

“Wheww….OK. Before this conversation overheats my pussy; and I drip even more juice on your bathroom floor than I already have, why don’t we start on my wax job?” Diane suggests.

“Great idea. Let’s get going.  First I’ll need to trim your bush down to about ¼” long.  Dan has a beard trimmer he uses to trim his own pubes that will work perfectly.”

“ Dan too, huh?  You think you know a family, and one day reality slaps you in the face.”

I start laughing so hard my tits are shaking.  This gets Diane laughing also, calming us both down further from our sexually aroused state.

I get up off the edge of the tub and walk over to the vanity.  Rummaging around in Dan’s drawer, I find his beard trimmer.  It already has the proper height trim guard attached, so I turn to Diane and give her a wicked smile.

“So…are you ready for this?” I ask.

“Let’s do it.,” she responds enthusiastically.

As I look around the bath area, I realize that there isn’t a large enough surface for Diane to lay down on, so I can gain open access to the entire area I want to wax, other than the floor.

“We have two options, Diane.  You can lay out on the tile floor, or on the bed with a towel under you.  The floor would be easier for me, but I’m not sure how comfortable you’d be.  What do you think?”

“The floor’s fine.  Let’s just get going.  My daughter’s waiting,” she says with a sly grin.

“Now who’s the naughty girl?” I laugh.

Diane lies down on the floor and spreads her legs.  I sit down in between her legs and start to trim her bush, starting at the top and drawing the trimmer toward me.  Diane jumps as I make my first pass, the vibration of the trimmer tickling her skin.

“Oh!” she blurts out, and giggles.

“Just hold still.  I don’t want to poke you with the trimmer.”  I say as I manipulate her outer lips to make sure I trim all of it.

Diane moans a bit as I handle her sex; and starts to play with her own tits.  I continue to trim her bush until it’s all been reduced to ¼” stubble.  There is now a significant pile of hair in front of her pussy; and I push her legs further back to rotate her ass into the air.  After a quick evaluation of her backdoor, I conclude that the hair back there is fairly short and fine.  The wax should have no problem removing it.  I lower her ass back to the floor.

“Get your ass up off the floor . I need to sweep this hair up,” I say.

While I get a little sweep-up broom and dustpan out of the linen closet, Diane moves her hands down to her freshly trimmed bush to check out the change.

“Wow! That already feels so different,” Diane breathes.  “My skin seems so much more sensitive to my touch.”

“It’s the increased contact between your fingers and your pussy,” I explain as I clean up the pile.  “Your thick bush really tended to keep your fingers away.  But this is nothing compared to what you’ll feel once it’s all gone.  Let me get the wax.”

I get the wax kit and lotion off of the bed, and sit back down in front of Diane.  Taking the wax kit out of the bag, I open the box and lay out the wax, applicator, and removal strips.  Opening the wax tub, I scoop some of the wax up with the applicator and spread it onto Diane’s shortened pubes.  I then apply some applicator strips onto the wax, allowing it to harden.  We wait in silence for several minutes.

“OK.  The first strips are ready.” I announce.  “Are you ready?  The first one will be the worst, as you don’t know what to expect.  It gets a little easier from there, though anyone’s first waxing is going to be painful.  But let me assure you that subsequent waxings are much easier….Definitely.”

As I finish my little pep talk, I quickly yank the first strip from Diane’s pussy.

“Shit!” Diane screams.  “Son of a bitch!  That fucking hurts!”

Her eyes tear up.

“I told you the first one catches you off guard.  Can I continue?”

“Yea…Let’s get this over with.  Damn,” Diane signs.

I continue, pulling the remaining strips off.  By the fourth strip, Diane is no longer vocalizing her discomfort, though I know it still hurts.”

There, that’s the first round.  How’re you doing, Diane?” I ask.

“Damn, the price of vanity.  I’m going to be raw down there for a week!” she replies.

“That’s what the aloe is for.  It will cool your pussy very nicely, once we’re done,” I offer, as I begin to apply more wax.  “It will be sensitive for several days; but the pain will diminish very quickly.  I’m guessing less than an hour.“

I continue the rounds of applying wax and removing hair until Diane’s pussy is a bald as the day she was born, if significantly more inflamed.  The hair on her ass comes off with barely a flinch.

“OK, we’re done.  You’re bush has gone bye-bye,” I say with a smile.

Diane reaches down to check it out, running her fingers lightly over her lips.

“Mmmmm, nice,” she purrs.  “Hurts like hell, though.”

“Let me rub in some aloe.  That should help tons,” I say as I get the bottle of lotion out.

I squirt the lotion into my left hand and put the bottle aside.  I slowly start to rub it into Diane’s pussy.  Diane jumps again.

“It’s cold,” she squeaks.

It’s actually not; but it does feel that way, which is why it’s so soothing.  Haven’t you ever used aloe on a sunburn?”

“With my complexion?  I’ve never been burned.  Jessie’s gotten sunburned before, but not badly.  I’m not sure what she put on it.”

As I rub the aloe into Diane’s pussy, she starts to moan.  I continue rubbing the lotion in, swirling my lubricated fingers around Diane’s clit up front, and her rosebud as I work my way back.  Diane goes back to massaging her tits, starting to hump my hands as she does.

“Wait,” I say.  “Not so fast.  Let me finish this and then we can have a soak in the hot-tub.  The heat will help relax you and your tender pussy.”

This entire experience has been a real turn-on, and my own pussy is dripping.  As I get up to draw a bath, Diane notices my juices running down my legs; and reaches to cup my sopping puss.  I spread my legs a bit while I lean over to get the water going, allowing Diane’s fingers access to my cunt.  She pushes two fingers into me & starts slowly stroking the roof of my pussy.  I throw my head back in ecstatic pleasure.

“Uhhh!  Let’s take our time.  We’ve got at least another hour before the girls start to wonder what’s taking so long.,” I say.

Once the tub is full, I turn off the water and step in.  I’ve run the water even warmer than I’m used to, making me feel like I’m slipping into a hot spring as I lower myself into the bath.  My skin starts to tingle immediately from the hot water.  It feels wonderful, and I purr my contentment.

“Mmmmmm.  This feels wonderful.  Please, Diane, join me,” I invite her with a lascivious smile.  “The water’s very warm,” I warm her as she starts to step in.

“Ohhh!” she gasps as she pulls her left foot back out. “That’s hot!”

“I warned you,” I chuckle.  “Try again; and take your time.”

As she begins again, left foot working its way into the water, right foot still on the floor, her freshly bald beaver is now displayed before me, just like June last night.  This hot bath thing is really working for me, I’m thinking.

“Let’s see if I can’t help you relax a bit more, to take your mind off the heat,” I say as I start to run my fingernails lightly over her exposed sex.

Diane closes her eyes and moans softly.  I begin to explore her tender sex with my fingertips, as Diane’s leg slips further into the water.  After only a minute, she has her left foot on the bottom of the tub, ready to start working on the other leg.  But she stops, enjoying my hand sliding over her swollen lips.

“Come on, keep going,” I encourage her.  “You’ll get a lot more than this once you’re all the way in.”

I pull my hand away; and Diane starts working on getting her right leg into the bath.  I start the water jets up and settle back into my favorite seat, the lower jet streaming pulses of warm water onto my pussy.  I close my eyes and massage my tits as I enjoy the relaxing yet arousing sensation.

After about 5 minutes have passed, Diane strokes my left tit to get my attention.  She is now fully submerged in the tub, up to her neck, her dark brown hair floating out behind her.

“Mmmm, you’re in,” I respond in a breathy voice.  “Turn around and sit in my lap.  The seat jet can massage both of our pussies.”

Diane pivots and sits in my lap.  I reach around her and begin to knead her tits, hefting them up out of the water, pulling on her nipples occasionally.  The contrast between the warm water she is immersed in, and the cool air of the room, causes Diane’s nipples to become rock hard.  I tweak them, eliciting a giggle from her.  She tilts her head back, resting her head on my shoulder, purring her contentment.  Reaching her arms back and around my head, she turns her face to me.  We engage in a passionate kiss, our tongues dueling and twisting, one around the other.  My hands begin to drift down her tummy to her newly exposed pussy.  As my hands begin to caress and explore her sex, Diane’s purrs turn into moans of building sexual excitement.

“Put your fingers in me,” she urges.  “Finger fuck me until I cum!

I pull her legs further apart and start slowly pistoning my fingers in and out of her, probing deeper on each stroke.  Diane is writhing in my lap, shouting out her pleasure.  I pull my fingers out and push her up out of my lap.  She leans forward, and I reinsert my fingers from behind her, allowing me deeper access into her dripping cunt.  She loses all thought of me as she immerses herself in the sensations emanating from her lovebox.  Within a minute, I sense her pussy spasm around my fingers, as Diane has a mind-blowing orgasm.  She collapses back into my lap, splashing water out into the bedroom.  I give her a minute to recover; and then I start to move her off of me.

“I’m glad you got off, Diane; but my poor puss is crying for some attention of its own,” I grouse jokingly.  “Let me out for a minute.  I’ve got an idea that should be a real treat for both of us.”

I get out of the tub; and walk around the bed to my nightstand, dripping water along the way.  I fish around in my drawer for a few seconds, find what I’m after; and hold it up for Diane to see.  It’s a thick, purple, two-headed dildo.  Diane’s eyes get huge.

“Dan gave this to me as a birthday gift last year.  I told him that it looked more like a gift for him; and asked if he had anyone in mind for me to share this monster with.  He told me that it was just a gag,” I laughed.  “ ‘That’s bullshit; and you know it’, I said to him.  He got a kind of sheepish grin on his face and came clean, but assured me that he had no one particular in mind. We talked about it for a while, but couldn’t really come up with anyone.  It wasn’t a total loss, though.  The conversation got both our engines revved; and we had animalistic sex that night.  It was wild!”

“You should have asked me,” Diane pouted.

“Yea, right,” I laughed.  “Before today, you were a pretty conservative woman, sexually, Diane.  We actually did discuss you, but thought you’d never go for it.  By the way, my husband has wanted to fuck you badly since we first met you and Bill,” I add as an afterthought, as if it means nothing, and then give her a sly smile.

“You’d let me fuck your husband!?” Diane asks, anticipation in her voice.

“I don’t think I ever would have agreed to it before yesterday; but now, sure, knock yourself out…As long as your willing to share your men with me, that is,” I respond with a wink.

We’re both laughing as I walk back to the tub.  Diane is eyeing the purple monster and licking her lips.  I get back in with the big double dildo, and gesture for Diane to turn around so her back is towards me.

“Lean over and hold onto the side of the tub,” I instruct her.

I take the dildo and rub one of the heads up and down Diane’s pussy, which is now several inches above the water’s surface, dripping water and her own juices.  She spreads her legs a bit more; and I start to push it up into her twat.  Once it’s in about six inches, I turn around, grab my side of the tub with one hand, and start working the other end into my own well lubricated box.  Once my end is in a good ways, I hold the dildo in the middle and start to push back onto it.

“OK, Diane,” I say.  “Push yourself back towards me.  Let’s try to get a rhythm going.”

We both start pushing back, but our timing is wrong; and we are going back and forth in unison, instead of into one another.

“Stop,” I giggle.  “This is harder than it looks.  No pun intended.”  Diane laughs.

“Let’s try again.  When I say go, let’s both push back at the same time….1,2,3, go!”

We both push back in unison, plunging the dildo deep into our waiting pussies.

“Ohhh!!” we both sigh together.

We get a rhythm going, slowly stroking the dildo in and out of our hungry cunts.  As we begin to increase our speed, our tits splash on the surface of the warm water, stimulating our erect nipples.  Our moans and cries of mutual pleasure continue to increase in volume.  After several minutes of manic pounding of our pussies into my hand, still holding the dildo centered between us, I begin to climax.  I cry out and Diane is right there with me.  I remove my hand from the dildo and we both push back just a little bit more, bottoming out the dildo deep in our pussies.  We both scream in ecstasy, bracing ourselves against the tub.  Neither of us move, our asses pushing into each other; and ride our subsiding waves of pleasure for another couple of minutes, the dildo still buried deep inside us.  As I come down from my sexual high, I sense that we are no longer alone.  Raising my head, I look towards the bed.  There on the bed sit June, Dawn, & Jessica, grinning devilishly from ear to ear, just watching us.




All three have their hands on their pussies, masturbating slowly.

“Diane,” I say.  “We have company.”

Diane opens her eyes and looks towards the bed, right into the lustful eyes of her own daughter, who begins to slowly spread her legs while parting her pussy lips for her Mom’s review.  Diane gives her a lascivious look of her own, as she stands up and steps away from me, pulling the dildo out of her cunt.  I pull the other end out of my own poon; and put Diane’s end into my mouth to suck off her juices.  June jumps off the bed, grabs the other end of the dildo, and starts sucking it clean of my own juices.

Hello, honey,” Diane says in a husky voice.  “I’m glad you came up.  Even though Sarah and I couldn’t wait to put my new poon through its paces, I’ve still saved the first meal for you, if you want it.”

Jessie gets up off the bed slowly; and walks toward her mother in that highly sexual way teenage girls just naturally seem to know.  She offers her mother a hand out of the tub, which Diane takes and steps out into the bedroom area.  They embrace and begin kissing passionately, their tongues crashing into and around one another at an urgent pace.  As they back up as one towards the bed, Dawn gets up to get out of the way, continuing to masturbate as she watches the action.  Diane breaks off the kiss and lays down in the middle of the bed with her head up on the pillows.  Jessie crawls up on top of her, their breasts pushing together, their pussies grinding one into the other.  Jessie begins to kiss her mother’s neck and shoulders, working her way down to her tits, which she alternately sucks in to her mouth, suckling like a baby.

“Ohhh, yes,” Diane begins to purr.  “Suck Mommy’s tits, honey.  Milk me!”

Jessie suck on one nipple while pulling, pinching, and twisting the other.  She alternates back and forth until both of Diane’s nipples are erect and sore.  Diane seems to love it.

“Rougher!” she yells.  “Twist Mommy’s titties!”

While this is going on, June helps me out of the tub.  We drop the dildo and I get on the bed next to Diane, so June can eat my pussy.  Dawn stops masturbating and climbs up onto the bed.  She grabs the headboard, straddles Diane’s head, and lowers her dripping twat onto Diane’s eager mouth.  Diane immediately starts plunging her tongue into Dawn’s pussy, grabbing her ass and pulling Dawn tighter to her face.  Dawn drops from a squat  onto her knees, and starts humping Diane’s face.  Jessie starts working her way down Diane’s body, kissing her tummy along the way.

“Come on , Mom!” Jessie encourages.  “Eat Dawn’s juicy pussy!  “Doesn’t she taste great!?”

Diane can only grunt her agreement.  She takes hold of Jessie’s head with both hands, and pushes her face into her waiting snatch.  Jessie starts to lick and slurp up her Mom’s juices with gusto.  Diane pushes Dawn up a bit so she can speak.

“Suck my clit, baby.  Make Mommy cum!”

Dawn drops back down, leaning forward a bit more; and Diane goes back to work on Dawn’s clit.  As June continues to eat my pussy, I see that Dawn’s new position exposes her ass to my currently unoccupied hands.  I reach over and begin to rub her juices over and around her rosebud.  She pushes back onto my hand in response.

“Do you want my fingers up your ass, Dawn,” I ask.

“Oh, yea, Mom, fuck my ass with your fingers!”

I start to concentrate my rubbing right over her asshole, pushing a little harder on each circle.  Her ass seems to pucker open like a flower, and two fingers slip in easily.

“Ahhh!” Dawn yelps.  “Mmmmmm, that feels great.”

I push my fingers in a couple of inches and start to spin them slowly, reaming her asshole.  As I do this, her rosebud opens further, like a pussy in the rear.  I start to slowly finger fuck her as I tap on June’s head to get her attention.

June pulls her face out of my snatch and looks up to see what I want.  I gesture to the nightstand and then point at my fingers up Dawn’s ass.  June gets the message and get up off the bed.  She goes over to the nightstand and gets out the thin black Dildo, the one I told her to use for fucking her ass.  I shake my head no, as I add a third finger to Dawn’s ass.

“Oh, my God!” Dawn cries.  And then, after a few seconds to adjust, “Mmmmmm, that feels….delicious.”

June looks at me quizzically for a second; and then her eyes open wide in understanding.  She gets an evil grin on her face and puts the black dildo back in the nightstand.  She pulls out a pink one, which looks like an average size dick with balls attached.  I smile and she hands it to me.  I take it from her and June goes back by the tub to get the purple dildo.  She comes back over between my legs; and squats down to shove the purple monster up her snatch.  Once she has it in about 8 inches, she leans back in and goes back to eating my pussy, but keeps her head up so she can watch me fuck her sister’s ass.

I give Dawn’s ass one more ream job; and pull my hand out.

Don’t stop!” Dawn protests.  “I’m getting close to cuming!”

“Don’t worry,” I say.  “I’m just…repositioning.”

I give June a wink; and Jessie looks up to see what’s going on.  She sees the dildo and Dawn’s puckering asshole; and her eyes go wide.  She replaces her tongue in her Mom’s pussy with her fingers, so she too can watch me fuck Dawn’s ass.  I place the dildo at the entrance to Dawn’s back tunnel, and rub it around to lubricate the tip.  Dawn’s starts to immediately push back onto it.  I push back, and the tip disappears into Dawn’s ass.

“Ohh!  Fuck!!  What’s that!?” Dawn yelps, realizing that whatever just invaded her butt, it wasn’t my fingers.

“Just relax,” I say.  “You’re gonna love this.”

I give the dildo a little twist and push it in a little further.  Dawn grunts and pushes back, driving it in even further.  The dildo is now over 4 inches into Dawn’s ass.  Jessie gets excited by what she is witnessing and starts to finger fuck her mom faster.  Diane’s cunt seems to suck her fingers in greedily, so Jessie puts all four in.  Diane’s pussy, being used to Bill’s thick cock, just sucks them all in.  I’ve now got 6 inches of dildo up Dawn’s ass and she’s screaming for more.

“Shove it in!  Fill my ass with that dildo!” Dawn yells.

Jessie responds to this outburst, a bit too eagerly, by pulling her fingers out of Diane’s pussy and, making a fist, pushes her entire hand back into her mother’s cunt.

“OH MY GOD!!!” Diane screams.  “What are you doing?!”

Jessie is totally cranked up by now, and keeps pushing forward.  Luckily she has what I would call dainty hands; and once she gets her knuckles past the entrance to her mother’s honeypot, her entire hand disappears into Diane’s hungry cunt.

“Ohhhh…..that’s fucking awesome…I feel so full!” Diane murmurs in ecstasy.

At this point Dawn is off Diane’s face, riding the dildo up her ass, June is pumping the purple dildo in and out of her own cunt vigorously while continuing to suck on my pussy, and Jessie is fisting her mom for all she’s worth, while her free hand rubs her own clit furiously.  We all start to buck like mad as we begin to climax.  The sound in the room is deafening, as five women express their impending release.  Dawn slams her ass down the rest of the way, the dildo’s balls slapping against her ass cheeks.  Jessie pushes her fist up into Diane until she hits bottom.  We all begin to cum within several seconds of one another, juices gushing from Diane and Dawn, and to a lesser extent the rest of us.

We all take several minutes to come down off our personal highs.  I begin to pull the dildo out of Dawn’s ass, but she reaches back and stops me.

“No.  Leave it in,” She says.

I push June out from my crotch and get off the bed.  June lays down where I had been, slowly stroking the purple dildo in and out of her cunt.  I go back into the bath area and get back into the tub.  The water has cooled somewhat, so I get in rather quickly.

Ladies, when you feel like it, why don’t you join me back in the tub?” I announce.

Jessie pulls her hand out of her mom, and heads right for the tub, licking her fingers as she walks.  Diane pushes Dawn up and, sliding out from underneath her, also comes over to the tub.  Dawn steps off the bed with the dildo still buried in her ass.

“Jessie, are there any of my juices left on your hand?” Diane asks.

Jessie nods yes and offers her hand to her mother, who licks the back of her hand as she gives Jessie a  lascivious smile.

“Can I get in with this still in my ass?” Dawn asks.

“Certainly,” I respond.  “Come on in.   June, come join us.  I think Jessie would like to share your toy with you.”

Jessie’s face brightens as she climbs into the tub.

I’m in my usual spot facing the shower.  Diane has taken the opposite seat, facing the bed.  We can know use our feet to play with each other’s pussies.  June and Jessica sit next to each other on the side towards the closet, while Dawn settles in next to Diane, the dildo totally bottoming out up her ass when she sits.

“Mmmmm,” that feels so good,” Dawn purrs.  “I would never have thought that having something up my butt could feel this great.”

“Why don’t I get you another for dildo for your pussy, and you can fuck yourself slowly for a while?” I suggest.

“Sounds great.  Thanks, Mom,” Dawn sighs.

I pull my foot away from Diane’s pussy and hop out of the back of the tub.   Quickly retrieving my last dildo from the nightstand, this one bright blue, I get back in the water and hand the pussy probe to Dawn.  She takes it, leans back, and slides it up into her waiting snatch, slowly stroking in and out.

“Ahhhhhhh.  That’s the stuff,” she moans.

By this time June and Jessie have settled in and, after bending the purple double into an upside down U, insert both ends into their respective poons, slowly stroking in and out.  I go back to playing with Diane’s pussy with my foot, which she reciprocates.

“Dawn, honey, relax and let me help you with that,” Diane offers as she moves Dawn’s hand off the blue dildo and takes over for her, pushing the dildo in and out while slowly twisting it back and forth.

Dawn settles back, totally content with the sensations coursing through her body, massaging her tits as she soaks in the warm water.  Everyone is still spent from our mutual orgasms on the bed, so this latest round of assaulting our sexes is only eliciting sexual contentment and satisfaction, which is exactly what we all want right now.

“So how is this working for everyone/” I ask.  “Is everyone enjoying themselves?  Are we all now comfortable with nudity?”

They all laugh at the idea that any of us were ever uncomfortable with being naked around each other, given how far beyond that hurdle we have gone.  We were now all sisters as well as lovers, and there will never be anything we can’t talk about with or say to each other.

“June, I was talking to Diane earlier about fucking Nick while your father fucked my ass.  She thought that you might object.  You don’t have a problem with that, do you?” I ask.

“No, Mom.  Go ahead.  But you’re not on the pill, are you?  Is this a safe time of the month for you?” June asks.

“Yes.  I’m good for another 10 days at least.  And Diane, you’re OK with it, right?”

“Sure….  If Nick’s interested,” she says, smiling.

We all laugh.

“As if there’s a chance in hell that any of the guys wouldn’t want to fuck any of us,” Diane continues, laughing.  “So, do you think we should do the naked-around-the-house thing too?”

“Unless you want to wait until the vacation to fuck your son, I’d say absolutely,” I reply.  “He sees you parading around doing housework in the buff, especially with your newly bald beav; and he’ll probably attack you!  You know…you could have some fun with him by playing hard to get but teasing him mercilessly.  As a matter of fact, we can all help crank him up.  And once he’s ready to explode, you can move in and have him all to yourself, at least at first.  We’re all going to want our time with him afterwards….even Jessica, I bet.” Turning to Jessie,  “What about it, Jessie?  Do you want to fuck your brother?”

“Sure!  Sounds like fun!  Maybe I can surprise him when he’s fucking mom.”

We all start laughing again.

“Oh, we are an evil bunch, aren’t we?” I choke out between fits of laughter.

We all settle back down, and just enjoy the warmth of the water, and the various items up our pussies for the next 30 minutes or so.  Eventually, Dawn starts getting restless, the dildo in her ass beginning to bother her.  She stands up in the tub.

“Diane, can you pull that out for me, please?” she asks.

“Sure,” Diane answers, grabbing the dildo by the balls.

“Slowly,” I interject.  “She’s going to be a little sore.  I can’t believe how long you had that up there, Dawn.  Your rosebud is going to be a bit tender for awhile.”

Diane pulls the dildo out slowly, twisting it a little as she goes to make it easier.  Dawn moans as it slides out.

“Ohhhh, even this feels wonderful,” Dawn remarks.

I get up myself and take the dildo from Diane once she has it out.  Stepping out of the tub, I go over to the sink to rinse the toy.  It’s amazingly clean looking, with no visible trace of you-know-what on it.  Meanwhile, Dawn is complaining that her rosebud is pretty sore.

“Here, maybe I can help,” Diane offers.

She pushes Dawn over at her waist and then, getting on her knees, starts to lick around Dawn’s asshole, soothing the tender area.

“Ahhhh…that’s great, Diane,” Dawn says gratefully as she pushes her ass back into Diane’s face.

This gets June and Jessica’s motors running again; and they both sit up on the edge of the tub.  They start pumping their respective ends of the purple monster in and out of their glistening cunts, reaching over to rub one another’s clits as they increase their urgency.  Diane shoves a few fingers into Dawn’s drooling box, massaging her g-spot as she pushes her tongue into Dawns rosebud.

“OH MY GOD, I’m cuming again!” Dawn cries, as she bucks against Diane’s face.

Jessie is enthralled with the site of her mom eating her best friend’s ass, and quickens her own pace as she frigs June’s clit wildly.  They both begin to climax as Dawn rides her own back down.  After Diane has disengaged from my youngest daughter’s holes, and the girls have all calmed down, I step up to the tub.

“So, are you all satisfied, at least for now?” I ask.  “It’s getting late, and I still want to get a workout in today.  Would any of you like to join me, or are you too tired out?”

They all nod their agreement to me and each other that a workout sounds great.  They get out of the tub and help each other dry off.  Diane and Dawn leave to go home and get dressed for the gym.  Dawn and June go to their rooms to get dressed and grab their workout bags.  I put on my leotard, throwing on some shorts and a tank top over it, and grab my own bag.  I get downstairs and see that Diane and Jessie are still getting their coats on.  I yell back up the stairs to my girls.

“Bring the toys downstairs and put them in the dishwasher, please,” I request.  “We’re going to have to get a few more, I think.  Not enough toys, too many twats!”




June and Dawn come bounding down the stairs a few minutes later, June carrying the toys and Dawn handling the gym bags.  They are both dressed in their workout clothes, and it is obvious they aren’t wearing any underwear.  While there’s nothing unusual with that, the fact that neither has showered since our last sexual romp means both their pussies are still a bit wet, and their shorts are clinging to their pussy lips.  I’ve already adjusted my own leotard several times.

“Girls, please pull your shorts out of your pussies,” I request.  “We don’t need to show up at the gym looking like a pack of whores.”

“Sorry, Mom,” the girls giggle, as June loads the toys into the dishwasher.

“Let’s get going. We’ll take the Mercedes, so Diane and Jessie can ride with us.”  (My car is an ’06 Mercedes R350 that seats six.)

We get into the car, and I pull out into the driveway.  Diane and Jessie are just coming out their front door.  I wave them over and gesture for them to ride with us.  I see that they too are going commando in their workout clothes.  While normal for Jessie, I’ve never seen Diane go anywhere without underwear on.  Her tits are bouncing wildly as she jogs over to the car, and she pulls her panties out of her pussy before getting into the car.

“Diane!” I say as she gets her seatbelt on.  “This is almost more surprising to than seeing Jessie fist your cunt.  I never thought I’d see you out in public without underwear.”

“Well, I saw Jessie get dressed without it, and figured what-the-hell.  Besides, my tits feel so free, and the loose cotton on my pussy feels fantastic!” Diane responds.

“Your tits look great.  Very firm,” I compliment her.  “Don’t you think so girls?”

The girls nod their agreement.

“You look really hot, Diane,” June offers.  “I’d love to suck on those babies sometime soon.”

“Anytime, honey,” Diane gives her a smile.

As I pull out of the driveway, I inform them that we’re going to stop at Fantasy House on the way to the gym.

“We need more toys, and I’d rather get in and out of there before any of our neighbors start heading home from work.  I don’t feel like explaining to anyone we know what the five of us are doing buying sex toys together.

“Depends on which neighbor,” Dawn says.  “There are a few I wouldn’t mind ‘sharing’ with…like Wendy.”

“Mmmm, yea,” June agrees.  “She’s got a real tight bod.”

“Let’s just get the toys, and not start plotting another conquest, shall we?” I cut off the conversation.

Fantasy House is only a couple of miles from home, in a little strip mall.  Once we’re parked, we all pile out and go inside.  Fantasy House is a nice clean place, with a decent selection of toys, videos, and adult greeting cards. Instead of blacked-out windows like at a dive sex shop, the lower 2/3rds of the glass is frosted.  It’s definitely several steps up from the Sex World downtown, with its peep shows and video booths.  Yuck!  The store is currently empty, with the exception of the cashier.  He looks to be 19 or 20.  He’s a scrawny, dorky looking kid, about 5’ 10”, but with cute, vibrant eyes and a mop of thick brown hair.  A diamond in the rough if I ever saw one.  He eyes us walking in the door with lust and pent up sexual frustration.

“Can I help you ladies?” he asks as he steps from behind the counter.

I immediately notice the bulge growing in his shorts, which he tries to push down with his hands in his pockets.  It’s bulging out an inch above the hem of  the left leg of his shorts.  This skinny guy’s really packin!

“We’re fine for now, thank you,” I reply.  “Besides, it looks like you’re the one in need of a little help,” as I point out his condition to the ladies.

The girls start giggling and Diane looks to see what I’m talking about.  She sees his growing erection and her eyes get wide, as it catches her by surprise.

“Wow, it’s warm in here,” I comment, as I hook my thumb in my leotard to pull it out of my pussy.

I pull the leotard down and to the side with my left hand, exposing my bald cunt to the cashier’s bulging eyes.

“My pussy’s sweating, it’s so warm in here,” I announce as I stroke my sex with my other hand, teasing the kid further.  “Oh, well.  We’ll let you know if we need anything, thanks,” I say as I release my leotard and it snaps back against my twat.

I walk further into the store, knowing all eyes are on me.  I turn around and gesture for the girls to follow.

“Come on.  We don’t have all day.  Let’s shop!” I encourage.

June, Dawn, and Jessie follow me into the aisles, while Diane continues to just stand near the counter, staring at the cashier’s tented pants.  She looks at his name tag and then up at him.

“What’s the matter, Brian? Cat got your tongue?” Diane asks, and then starts laughing.  “Or should I say pussy got your tongue?”

The rest of us start laughing, enjoying Brian’s discomfiture.

“Wow, it really is warm in here.  I’m getting all sweaty myself,” Diane says dramatically as she lifts her shirt up to wipe the imaginary sweat off her face, exposing her perky tits and very erect nipples to Brian’s view.

Brian swallows hard and I start giggling as I gesture for Diane to come join us.  She drops her shirt back down and walks toward us, swaying her hips as she does.

“You are a new woman!” I tease her in a quiet voice.  “I can’t believe this is the same sexually timid women I’ve known for all these years.  You have obviously had some serious pent up sexual energy, that Bill just wasn’t tapping into.”

“This is a lot more fun, that’s for sure,” Diane laughs.

We browse the aisles for a while; and Dawn picks up another large double dildo, this one neon green.  June finds a vibrator with an extra, anal appendage.  Diane and Jessie are trying to figure out how to use a 2-headed strap-on.  The dildo for the wearer is smaller and curved upwards, like a partial “C”, to push against the g-spot when fucking someone with the business end, which is about 8” long and a little thicker than the average cock.  I look through the vibrators until I find what I’m looking for:  remote control personal vibrators.

“Aha!” I exclaim.  “There you are.”

The group comes over to see what I’ve got.  Brian is staining his body over the counter to see what we’re up to.  I pick up one of the little vibrators for them to see.

“It’s a remote control vibrator,” I explain.   “It’s small enough to go totally into your pussy.  The remote control turns it on and controls how strong the vibration is.  I though we could all get one and play musical remotes.  What do you all think?”

Everyone nods their head enthusiastically.  I pass one to each of them.

“I think we have enough toys for now.  Let’s go check out,” I suggest.

We walk back up to the counter to pay for our purchases.  Brian quickly pulls his hands out of his pockets as we approach.

“Playing a little pocket pool there, Brian?” I ask as I set the vibrators down on the counter.  “Do these already have batteries in them?”

“Yea…they sure do,” Brian swallows hard as he responds.

“Mom, can we try them out?” Dawn asks.  “I’d like to use mine while we’re working out!”

“Sure, if it’s OK with Brian….Does the store have a policy on wearing purchases on the way out?  I know some shoe stores frown on that.” I say matter-of-factly.

No…No problem,” Brian answers.

“Great, why don’t we all give them a try, then,” I suggest.  “We can swap remotes and have some fun.”

As I say this, I pass out the little vibrators and unwrap one for myself.  I put my left leg up on the counter, right in front of Brian, and pull the crotch of my leotard aside to insert the vibrator.  Brian is staring directly into my cunt, which is starting to get wet from the attention.  I place the vibrator against my sex and start to rub it into my pussy, getting it wet.

“Man, this is making even hotter,” I exclaim.  “Brian, do you mind giving us a little privacy?”

“Uh….sure. I’ll go back to the stockroom and check on some inventory,” he says, sounding very disappointed.

“No, silly,” I chuckle.  “I’d just like you to lock the door for a few minutes.  Your job is to man the counter and ‘service’ your customers, is it not?  I wouldn’t want you to not fulfill your employment obligations!”

Everyone’s snickering except for Brian, who steps quickly to the door to lock it, trying to hide his erection.  After locking the door, he turns around to find Diane and the girls pulling off their shorts, exposing their bald twats.  I finish pushing the vibrator into my pussy, and put my leg back down to wait for everyone else to get theirs inserted.  While I’m waiting, I decide to shed my leotard, giving Brian an eyeful of my now nude body.  They all lie down on the floor and lift their asses into the air with their legs spread, to make it easier to insert the vibrators.  This also gives Brian an excellent view of their wet cunts.  As they start rubbing the vibrators over their pussies to lubricate them, Brian stands like a statue, staring, his hands hanging loosely at his side.  This allows his cock to try to free itself, and the leg of his shorts starts to rise.  As his shorts leg continues to rise, the head of his dick peeks out and continues to reach out from underneath his shorts.  I was not wrong.  This kid IS packin’!  He seems oblivious to his own condition as his erection continues to grow, pre-cum dripping back down his shaft.  Everyone else has noticed his big cock; and they all give him a lustful grin as they push the vibrators up into their no drooling boxes.  I walk over to Brian and hand him the remote to my vibrator.

“Here, Brian. Hold this for me, will you?” I request.  “Let me help you with this,” I say as I unbutton his shorts and pull them forward to clear his erection without bending it.  I drop his shorts and take his hand to get him to step out of them.

Brian still doesn’t move an inch.  I think he’s in shock, not able to process what’s going on.  Diane turns on her own vibrator, gives a little “Ohh!”, and, after removing her top, comes over to help me with Brian.  She kneels down in front of Brain and pulls down his boxers.  He continues to stand there, his shorts and underwear down around his ankles.

“My, this IS impressive,” Diane coos, as she grabs his cock in her left hand and pulls it into her mouth, while she fondles his nuts in her right hand.

As she begins to suck his cock, Brian snaps back to reality and looks down on the top of Diane’s head.  He looks back up and sees the girls playing with their remotes and frigging their clits, still lying on the floor.  He looks back down to Diane, and makes a decision.  He grabs Diane’s head and pushes her head down over his cock, driving it past her throat.  Diane gags as the head of his big meat passes her tonsils; but then she settles into it as Brian pushes her head all the way down on his 8” dick, fucking her mouth for all he was worth.  Within a minute, I see his balls tense up.  He’s going to come, and I think it’s going to be huge.  I step in behind him and shove my middle finger up his ass, pushing down on his prostate gland.  That does the trick, and Brian shoots his load deep down Diane’s throat, yelling in ecstasy .  She doesn’t even have to swallow.

Right at the moment Brian let’s go, there is a knock on the door.

“Hello!  Why is the door locked?  Aren’t you open?  I can hear someone in there.” We all hear coming through the door.  Diane doesn’t seem to care, as she pulls Brian’s cock out of her throat and starts sucking the last of his cum out of the head.  The girls start to get up; but I gesture for them to continue enjoying themselves.

“I’ll take care of this,” I say, as I grab a wipe out of my purse and clean my finger off.

I recognize the voice.  It’s Mrs. Windom from down our block.  She lives across the street and 4 houses down.  She is a bitch and, I thought, a total prude.  She sits on several committees at our church, and is always complaining about the loose morals of kids in general and mine in particular.  I’m pretty sure she just turned 45…It was in the church bulletin.  She’s married with no kids.  A few months back, she had come over to talk to me about an upcoming church picnic.  When I didn’t answer the door, she just strolled right in, looking for me.  What she found were the girls out back by the pool, tanning nude, their bald beavers in plain site for Mrs. Windom’s critical view.  I was just coming out of the laundry room and saw her out by the pool, staring silently at my girls, who were unaware of her presence, as their eyes were shut to the sun.  She came back into the house, stared at me with a look of disgust (probably in my parenting skills), and stomped out of the house. I haven’t talked to her since.  But here she is, at a sex toy shop.  My, my, my, how the mighty have fallen.

I go up to the door and look out over the frosted portion, which cuts off any sight of me below my chin.

“Well hello, Mrs. Windom,” I start in an overly friendly voice.  “Fancy running into you here!”

Mrs. Windom is wearing a rather snug sundress, and nothing else.  Her nipples are showing through the sheer material, and a few of her pussy hairs are sticking through the dress around her crotch.  She is fidgeting and looking around her, checking for other activity in the parking lot.  There currently isn’t any.  I am truly astounded to see her dressed like this, not that she looks bad.  I had no idea how attractive she actually is.  The dress hugs her curves very well, curves I didn’t know she possessed.  She always wears very conservative clothes everywhere I’d ever seen her.  Mrs. Windom looks younger than she is, more like 35 than 45.  She is about 5’ 4” and 140#, with a firm tummy and tits that only sag a little.

“What are you doing here?” I ask.

“What are YOU doing here?” she retorts, obviously flustered.

“Oh, you know Diane and Jessica who live next door to us?  My girls and I are on our way with them to the gym; and we just stopped on our way to pick up a few toys. But I never though I’d see you here, and definitely not dressed like that.  Nice dress, by the way, it shows off your tits quite nicely…though you may want to trim that bush down a bit.  Some of it is poking through.”

Mrs. Windom doesn’t know what to say.   She is totally flustered, so she tries to go on the attack.

“Why is this door locked?  The store is obviously open.  Let me in!”

I consider her demand; and turn back to see what everyone thinks, as they have all heard the conversation.  Diane is working on getting Brian hard again by licking the head of his cock while she plays with his balls.  The girls are squirming on the floor, their shirts removed, sucking on their own tits, building towards orgasm.  I can hear all of the vibrators going full tilt.  They all just kind of grin at me, open to whatever I decide.  I turn back to the glass, as I remove the vibrator from my sopping puss.  It’s become too much of a distraction.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Windom, but this establishment is currently closed for a private gathering.  Perhaps I can ask an employee what the policy is regarding servicing walk-in customers during a private event,” I tell her with an innocent smile.

“Private event!?  Since when does this place do private events?  What kind of private event can you hold in a…” she lowers the pitch of her voice, but must increase the volume so I can still hear her through the glass…”sex toy store?”

I laugh and gesture for Brian to join me.  He pulls away from Diane and comes toward me, Diane giving me a poutty look.  I toss her my wet vibrator, which she catches with a smile on her face and begins to lick clean.  I turn my attention back to Mrs. Windom, as Brian steps up right behind me and wraps his arms around my tummy, his hard cock resting in the crack of my ass.  He’s really gotten comfortable with us!  I bet this boy will never be a wall flower again.

“What’s up, mam?” He asks.

I smirk and turn my head to the side and lean back to whisper in his ear.

My name is Sarah, Brian, and the lovely lady who, I suspect, gave you the first blowjob of your life is Diane.  I think it’s appropriate that people having sex with one another know each other’s names; and I plan on getting fucked by you thoroughly at some point before we leave here today.”

Brian’s cock gets even harder and he pulls me in a bit tighter as he gets a big grin on his face.  Turning back to the door, I indicate Mrs. Windom outside.

“Do you know this woman,” I ask Brian.

            Brian zones in to the woman outside the door.

“Oh, she’s back again,” he chuckles.  “I don’t know her name; but she’s in here about once a week.  She only ever buys a greeting card; but she flirts like crazy with whoever is working.  I think that’s the real reason she comes in, actually.”

Brian notices her outfit and leans over my shoulder to get a better view over the frosted glass.  Mrs. Windom sees that he’s checking her out, and squirms a little, but doesn’t walk away.

“Wow.  Her outfits started getting skimpier and skimpier every time she showed up about a month ago; but this takes the cake!  I can totally see her tits and bush!” Brian exclaims.

A couple of cars pull into the parking lot; and Mrs. Windom gets panicky. She knocks on the door, loudly.

“Please, let me in!” she almost shrieks, as several people get out of their cars a few doors down and look to see what the ruckus is all about.

Ignoring her pleas, I reach around behind me and grab Brian’s cock.  Pushing him back a little, I bend his dick down between my legs and pull his meat forward.  As I let go, Brian steps back up snuggly against me, his thick cock now nestled in the crack of my wet cunt.  I push the head of his dick down, and guide it into my pussy as I allow it rise back up.

Mrs. Windom knocks on the door again, seeing a weird look on Brian’s face as, unknown to her, my pussy engulfs his young cock.  Her panic has not subsided, as the other people in the lot were still standing by their cars, watching Mrs. Windom carrying on.

“Please let me in!” she cried in a more subdued voice.  “Someone I know might come along.”

I have no idea why she didn’t just get back in her car and leave; but she’s a busybody, and probably has a pathological need to know what’s going wherever she is.  Besides, she obviously came here for some sort of voyeuristic sexual gratification, and her body is cranked up in anticipation.  I can see her nipples poking out at me.

“I’ll let you in, but remember, this is a private party, and you weren’t invited.  So mind your manners,” I announce sternly, as I slowly stroke the base of Brian’s dick and balls.  He is just enjoying the sensation of having his cock in its first pussy, not trying to hump me at all.  He reaches up and begins to kneed my tits and gently twist my nipples.

I open the door just enough to let Mrs. Windom squeeze through, her erect and sensitive nipples brushing over the door frame as she passes through, eliciting an “Oh!” from her.

Once she is in, I close the door behind her and relock it.  I then take a half-step back, pushing Brian back with me.  Mrs. Windom stares at my naked form for a few seconds, her mouth agape.  She then notices Brian directly behind me, and her eyes begin to slowly drift down, to the view of my fingers lightly stroking the rigid cock in my pussy.

“What can we do for you, Mrs. Windom?” I ask in a calm, friendly voice.

Mrs. Windom doesn’t answer.  She moves her gaze from my full pussy over to Diane and the girls.  The girls have pulled the vibrators out of their pussies, and are just sitting on the floor next to each other, playing with each others clits.  Diane is leaning her ass against the counter, kneading her tits and giving Mrs. Windom a lustful gaze, looking her up and down.  A wet spot begins to grow on Mrs. Windom’s dress in front of her pussy.

“What the hell is going on here!?” Mrs. Windom demands.  “You filthy whores!”

Ignoring her protestations, Diane says, with mock surprise in her voice, as she steps towards her, “Why…Mrs. Windom, I don’t think we can believe your indignation.  Your pussy’s getting wet.  We wouldn’t want you to stain your beautiful dress with pussy juice now, would we?”

Diane steps behind Mrs. Windom and reaches around to massage her tits through the thin fabric, humping her pussy into Mrs. Windom’s ass, getting her own juices all over the back of the dress.

“What’s your first name, honey?” Diane asks as she continues to massage and pull on Mrs. Windom’s pronounced nipples with one hand, while the other wanders south to lightly brush over the pubic hairs poking through the thin material.  Mrs. Windom doesn’t move, and doesn’t protest.  She has become very quiet, her body shivering slightly.

“Donna,” Mrs. Windom croaks out in a voice barely above a whisper.

“Well, Donna, it’s nice to meet you,” Diane replies seductively, as she begins to stroke Donna’s pussy lightly.  “I’m glad you could join our party…Now, we simply must get you out of this dress before our juices ruin it forever.”

With that, Diane reaches down, grabs the hem of Donna’s dress, and pulls it up and off, Donna acquiesces by raising her arms to allow the dress to be removed.  Diane throws the dress towards the girls.  June picks it up and sniffs the crotch.

“She’s good to go!” June declares.  “Hot pussy juices are flowing!”  The other girls giggle at June’s dorky choice of words.

Diane goes back to playing with Donna’s tits with one hand, while the other begins working its way through her considerable bush, to find the sensitive flesh beneath.  She finds the door to Donna’s honeypot, and slides a finger in to get a little lubrication.  She then pulls it out; and proceeds to circle her wet finger around Donna’s engorged clit.  June gets off the floor, comes over, and begins sucking on Donna’s free tit, holding it with one hand, while her other joins Diane’s in exploring Donna’s sex.

Donna throws her head back and moans. I decide that Donna isn’t going to be a problem; and I bend over so Brian can start plowing me like I’ve been waiting for.

“Dawn, honey, bring me a chair, will you?” I request.

Dawn pops up and grabs a chair that was sitting across from the counter.  She spins it around so I can support myself by holding onto the back.  Figuring that Brian is going to be eager and overly aggressive with his first fuck, I brace myself for some anticipated teenage vigor.  Dawn goes back to Jessie, joining her on the floor again.  They get into a 69 position, and start eating each other’s pussies noisily, as they are already very wet from the vibrators.

“OK, Brian.  Fuck me now.  And fuck me hard!” I demand.

Brian pulls back several inches and rams his dick back home.  He starts pumping his cock in and out of my drooling box, going faster as my juices lubricate his shaft.  He pulls too far back; and his cock comes out of my pussy.  I reach up from below, and guide it back into my hungry snatch.  He goes back to pumping, his balls swinging forward on each stroke as he slams his body into my ass.  I reach under and play with his balls whenever I can get a hold of them.  He’s pumping very fast, but slows down after a minute, getting into a nice rhythm.  After about 5 minutes of this, I feel his balls tense up.  He’s about to cum.

“Really slow down, now,” I encourage him.  “Enjoy the feeling of emptying your load into my hot pussy.”

Donna is watching Brian fuck me, as June and Diane continue to service her obvious sexual needs.  Donna has her head turned back towards Diane, who is massaging Donna’s tits with both hands from behind, and kissing her passionately, introducing her to French kissing, for the first time, I think.  Donna is a quick learner, and duels with Diane tongue, as she bucks her pussy into June’s face, which is buried in her muff, tonguing her cunt deeply.

After a few more strokes, Brian pulls back one more time, pauses for a moment, and rams his cock home, filling my pussy with his hot jism.  I can feel spurt after spurt hitting the back wall of my pussy.  The feeling sends me over the edge, and I climax hard, my pussy clenching tightly, and milking the remaining cum from his dick.

“OHH……FUCKKKKKK……YESSSSSSSSSSS,” I scream in ecstasy as I look back at him, his cock still buried in my poon, my orgasm still carrying me.  ““Oh my god, Brian!  That was awesome!  I thought you were a virgin!”

“I was,” Brian gasps, visibly spent.  Getting a wicked smile on his face, he says “But not anymore.”

“That was your first time?  My god, you’re a natural.  It took months for me to train Dan to be that good.  My first impression of you was correct…You ARE a diamond in the rough,” giving him a satisfied grin.

Donna starts moaning louder and begins to climax, having what I’m guessing is her first orgasm in quite a while, at least one not self-administered.  June grabs Donna’s ass tighter and keeps her face buried in Donna’s cunt.  Diane reaches down from behind and insert a couple of fingers into Donna’s pussy, past June’s chin, pumping them in and out.  This sends Donna over the edge, and she screams in pure bliss.

“AHHHHHH!  SHITTTTTTTTT!!!!” she cries.

Diane and June disengage from her, allowing her to ride her personal high without further sensory stimulation.  She collapses on the floor, reclining back against the counter.  She begins to slowly run her fingers through her bush and playing with her tits, enjoying the light sensations as her orgasm subsides.  I pull my self off of Brian’s softening dick, and take a seat in the chair I had been holding onto.  I am also spent; and I slouch down in the chair.  June, seeing me “open”, comes over and sits down in front of me.  She starts to suck Brian’s cum out of my pussy.

“Is that your daughter, Diane” Donna asks quizzically, indicating June.

“No, she mine,” I respond for Diane, as I massage my tits.  “Hey, Dawn, Jessie, can you two finish up?  We need to get going pretty soon.”

They break apart and sit up.  Apparently they were just enjoying each other’s pussies, not trying to get one another off.  I close my eyes, enjoying the feeling between my legs, but not particularly aroused by it.  I’m just too spent.  I’ll say it again:  Brian is a GREAT fuck.

“You let your daughters eat your pussy?...Huh,” Donna says in an interested but not shocked voice.

Looking around the room, Donna notices that everyone in the room, with the exception of Brian and herself, have totally bald sexes.

“Do you ladies wax yourselves, or is there someplace you can have that done?”

“Sarah waxed me earlier today,” Diane answers, “but they all go to Georgette’s Salon for a monthly waxing.”

“Ladies, we have to get going.  Let’s get dressed,” I prompt.  “Donna why don’t you go see Georgette this afternoon; and get that bush removed.  Brian, when is your shift over?”

“In about an hour,” he replies.

“Donna why don’t you keep Brian here company for the rest of his shift; and take him with you to get his own bush waxed.  You can pay for the waxing, and Brian can pay you back by fucking the shit out of you….after we leave or after the waxing, whichever.  Does that sound like a plan to you, Brian?”

“Fuck, yea!” Brian exclaims.  His dick begins to rise again.  Ahhh, the energy of youth.

Donna begins to blush and gets a huge smile on her face, thinking about this kid, less than half her age, plowing her puss.

After we’re dressed, we collect the toys from the floor and pay for our toys.  Brian goes behind the counter to ring us up, still naked, his dick at full staff again and oozing pre-cum or remaining jism, I can’t tell.  I reach over the counter and wipe off the head of his dick with my finger.

“I take it you want to fuck Donna before your waxing,” I comment nonchalantly, as I lick his cream from my finger.

Brian just smiles and looks at Donna, who removes the dress she had just put back on.

Well, we’re outta here,” I state.  “Donna, I believe you have my number from the church directory.  Give me a call later and we’ll set up a “play date” with you and Brian.  Brian, can Donna have your number?


“You know Brian,” Donna says in a lilting voice as she walks around the counter and starts to stroke his cock.  “My husband and I have an extra room we’ve been talking about renting out…Any interest?  The rent would be reasonable; and the fringe benefits, like fucking the landlord, are great!”

“Why don’t you two come over tomorrow for a pool party?” I suggest, the idea just popping into my mind.

They nod their agreement as Donna grabs the edge of the counter and shoves her ass towards Brian’s waiting cock.  He grabs his dick with one hand; and guides it into Donna’s dripping lovebox, slamming it all the way home with one thrust.  Donna gasps as her eyes open wide, and her smile gets even wider.

With that, we leave, laughing.

“Lock up behind us,” I call back.  “And have fun!  See you soon.”

“We’re having a pool party?” Dawn asks.

“We are now.” I reply.  “You’re all going to want to sample that cock.  That geek has a gift, a gift for fucking.”




Once everyone is back in the car and the doors are shut, I immediately note the strong smell of sex.  Starting the car, I head over to the gym, about 3 miles away.

“We’re going to have to shower BEFORE we work out, girls,” I say.  “We all reek of sex.”

“Well, I think it smells nice in here,” Diane opines.  “Very fragrant….But I ‘m starving.  You have anything to eat in here?”

“Sure.  There should be a box of energy bars in the center console back there.  Pass one up, will you?” I answer.  “All this sex, and no fuel to run on.  My motor’s running on empty!”

The girls chuckle; and we ride the rest of the way in silence, munching on energy bars.  Once we’re there, we pile out of the car and head inside.  Approaching the front counter, we get our membership cards out to get checked in.  The girl behind the desk, a cute redhead named Willow who’s a friend of June’s, starts taking our cards and swiping them into the system.  She notices the smell we brought in with us, and gives June a quizzical look.

“It’s really hot outside, and the AC in Mom’s car is on the fritz,” June explains.

I don’t think Willow is buying her story.  She gives June a “Yea, whatever” look and continues swiping our cards.  When I give her mine, I purposely make light contact with my fingertips on the back of her hand, causing a slight shiver in her.

“Hi, Willow.  I’m not sure we’ve ever met.  I’m June’s mother, Sarah,” I introduce myself.  “We’re having a pool party tomorrow afternoon.  Pretty much just our neighbors, the Larsen’s, me, and the girls.  Why don’t you come over and join us?”

“Uh, sure, Mrs. Anderson.  Thanks,” she says as she hands my card back to me.

“Since you’ve never been over to swim before, I’m not sure if you know our poolside dress code…Swimming suits are optional,” I inform her, giving her an innocent smile.

“I’ve heard.  But I think I’ll wear a suit.”

“No problem.  It’s totally up to you,” I assure her.

After we’re all checked in, we head to the locker room.  The room is fairly empty, with another 10 or so women walking about in various states of undress.  We all grab lockers and unpack our bags.  The girls all just strip, as  there are many girls their age with bald pussies, so it’s no big deal among their peers.  While I’m fishing in my bag for  a towel to bring with me to the private showers, I look up to see Diane stripping of her clothes.  It’s obvious that she plans to use the communal shower, apparently forgetting about her morning waxing.  She grabs a towel and looks around, waiting for me to strip and join her.  I look around to see many of the older women staring at Diane’s bald poon.  They all recognize Diane, as she’s here several times a week, and know her to be a woman with a particularly thick bush.  Now, here she stands looking like an older version of Jessie standing next to her.  She looks at me, sees the smirk I’m giving her, and then notices the other women openly staring at her.  It dawns on her what they’re staring at.

“oops…..Well, fuck it.  What’s done is done,” Diane declares.  She heads towards the showers, head held high,  staring the other women down as she passes them.  Some of the other shaved & waxed teens giggle, never having seen an adult in this locker room with a bald puss.  June, Dawn, & Jessie follow Diane to the showers.

“Well, I guess that barrier’s been breached,” I say under my breath, as I take off my leotard and throw it onto the bench.

As I take my first nude walk through the locker room, I can feel the eyes on my bald pussy.  My attention is caught by one the ladies I constantly catch checking me out with lust; and I give her a wink.  She’s sitting on a bench in front of her locker.  Her name is Paula.  She’s 32, brunette, with a very curvy figure and a large chest.  She’s happily married with a couple of young kids, one of which is still nursing.  She always uses the private showers, though I’m not sure why.  While voluptuous, she is definitely not, what I would consider to be, overweight.  She gives me an embarrassed smile and quickly turns away.  I stop, turn around, and approach her, towel at my side, my twat in the open.

“Hi, Paula!” I begin.  “I haven’t seen you in a while.  How are you doing?”

“Oh, uh…hi, Sarah.  I’m good.  My 18 month old, Mary, has been teething like crazy, so I’m not getting a lot of sleep.  My workout time has turned into sleep catch-up time,” she explains, as she glances back down at my poon, which is at approximately her eye level.

Following her eyes down to my sex, I laugh.

“Wondering about my bald beav, are you?  “I’ve actually been waxing it completely for years; but I felt that it might make people uncomfortable, since it isn’t very common in our age group.  We’re not in our 20’s anymore, are we?  But since Diane kind of slipped up, and let the cat out of the bag, I figure I may as well drop the pretense.  Besides, I hate the private showers.  The air gets way too hot in there.”

“I always wondered why you used them.  You’ve got an awesome body, and you don’t seem to mind showing it off.  Your leotards are pretty minimalistic,” Paula responds.

“Yes, well, I don’t have to worry about it anymore, which will be nice.  Are you going or coming?”

“I just got off the floor, heading for a shower,” she answers.

“you know, Paula, I never understood why you used the private showers either.  Do you mind me asking?”

Paula doesn’t say anything.  She looks around at the other ladies, a few of whom are still staring at me.  She stands up, pulls off her sports bra, and then pulls down her shorts and panties, stepping out of them.  Before me is another beautiful, bald pussy, with particularly puffy outer lips.  I lick my lips with sexual hunger.

“Wow!  I guess I’m not the only one who’s been hiding their bald beav.  I never would have guessed.  Where do you get it done?”

“At Georgette’s Salon,” she answers, as she steps out of her shorts and panties, picking them up.

“Really?  So do the girls and I.  I wonder how many other women in here actually have bald poons.  Well, grab a towel and let’s hit the showers!”

As Paula follows me to the showers, I make a point of keeping my towel clear of my poon, so everyone can get a look.  At this point, I figure “in for a penny, in for a pound.”  As we hang up our towels and enter the shower area, I see that Diane has selected the very center shower head on the opposite wall, so everyone entering the shower is sure to notice her bare sex.  In less than 8 hours, she’s turned into an exhibitionistic, sex-crazed slut.  I love it.  I have come to the conclusion that basically everyone is just the right opportunity away from becoming a sexual animal.

The girls are using the showerheads on either side of Diane, with June and Dawn sharing one.  Diane is really taking her time soaping up, lingering around her sex.  June is standing behind Dawn, soaping up her sister, running her soapy hands over Dawn’ ass cheeks and between her legs.  Dawn is facing into the room, so everyone can see June’s hand on her sex.  I quickly walk up to Diane.  The other women in the shower are watching the show intently, some looking disgusted, and some getting visibly aroused.

“Easy, ladies,” I caution.  “We don’t want to get kicked out of here.  Anyway, look who I ran into?”

I indicate Paula, who’s already distracted, watching June soap up Dawn’s pussy from between her legs.

“Paula?  Honey?  Can you please stop staring at my daughter’s cunt?  I’d like you to meet someone,” I say with a chuckle.

Paula’s head snaps up, embarrassed, her face turning red.

“Oh, what?  I…I wasn’t staring.  I was just…thinking about something else,” Paula stammers.

Diane and I laugh, as I take Paula’s hand.

“It’s OK, honey.  I’m not offended or anything, and neither is Dawn.   She has a very beautiful pussy; and her curves only serve to highlight it.  Paula, this is Diane Larsen, my next door neighbor.  Diane, this is Paula…what’s your last name, Paula?”

“Benton” she responds.  “My husband’s name is Tom.”

“Well, Paula, it’s great to meet you,” Diane responds enthusiastically.  “So how long have you been waxing your pussy?”

“Oh…umm, since college.”

“It looks very nice,“ Diane gushes.  “It really shows off your large outer lips.”

“Uh…thanks,” Paula manages to say.

“I just got mine waxed for the first time this morning.  Sarah did it for me.  It was very erotic!”

Not knowing how to respond to THAT, Paula says “I’d better get showered.  I’ve got to get the kids home for a nap.  Nice to meet you,” she says as she walks down to an open showerhead, next to Jessie.

“Don’t scare her off, silly,” I chide Diane as I slide in behind her and start rubbing soap on her ass cheeks.  “She’s very cute, and lactating.  I want to sample that milk and that pussy,” I conclude, as I slide a soapy finger up into Diane’s asshole, eliciting a slight jump from Diane.

“Hey, didn’t you just lecture us on not getting kicked out of here?” she replies in a mock complaining voice.

I pull my finger out of her ass and start circling her rosebud with that hand, while kneading her ass cheek with the other.  Diane starts soaping up her tits and pulling on her nipples with her slippery fingers, leaning forward and sticking her chest out, so the bottom of her pussy is hidden from public view.  I move my finger forward and insert it into her dripping twat, realizing immediately that not all the liquid dripping onto my hand is water.  Since I’m behind her, the other women in the shower can’t actually see what I’m doing….But they soon realize what we’re trying to hide.  The disgusted ones stomp off; and the remaining three, with lust in their eyes, start playing with themselves, running their fingers lightly over their own sexes.  Jessie notices this, and starts to finger herself, as June gets more aggressive rubbing Dawn’s pussy, still from behind, for the other three ladies enjoyment.  We’re lucky no one else walks in on us; but it’s well after lunch; and most people are at work or heading back.  I catch Paula leaning her head towards the wall to peek behind Jessie.  From her view, she can see that my hand is cupping Diane’s honeypot from behind.  Keeping my hand on Diane’s sex, I smile at Paula, and purposely extract my middle finger from Diane’s pussy, extending it down away from her sex.  I then curl it up, so it’s pointing right into Diane’s cunt, and slowly plunge it back in.  There is no way Paula doesn’t realize what I’m doing. I continue to give her a lascivious smile as I move my middle finger in and out of Diane’s pussy, making sure the second knuckle is visible to Paula, going up and down.  Diane leans even further over, and I add the rest of my fingers, fucking her cunt vigorously, my hand sliding back and forth over her ass and into her pussy rapidly, my tits bouncing with the rhythm.  Paula looks up at me and back down to my hand, back and forth, her eyes getting winder by the second.  After only a couple of minutes of this, Diane’s pussy clenches around my hand, and she drops her hands to the shower floor to support herself, caught up in an intense orgasm.  As she drops, I get a better view of the three other women in the shower, all of whom are frigging their clits mercilessly, one of them having even reached around behind herself and inserted a finger into her ass.  I pull my hand out of Diane’s pussy, still staring directly at Paula; and, bringing my hand up to my face, I proceed to lick it clean of Diane’s juices.  On seeing this, Paula’s eyes kind of roll up into her head, her hands shoot up to support herself against the wall, and her entire body begins to convulse in an earth shattering orgasm.  Her tits begin to squirt milk against the wall, as she continues to buck in ecstasy.  I laugh in spite of myself.

“Girls!” I say somewhat sharply to get my daughters attention.  “Check out Paula.  You two thirsty?”

Jessie is watching Paula ride her  orgasm down, and moves to intercede.  She steps over to Paula and spins her around.  She grabs Paula’s wrists and pins her against the wall, pressing her body up against Paula’s.  Jessie begins to kiss Paula passionately, Paula opening her mouth to allow Jessie tongue access.  I slide down the wall until I’m sitting on the shower floor, and start frigging my clit with abandon, as I watch Jessie and Paula kiss, Jessie’s hands roaming over Paula’s breasts, spreading the still leaking milk all over her tits.  The lady across the shower who had been masturbating with a finger up her ass, comes over to me, drops to the floor on her stomach, and buries her face in my pussy.  I grab the back of her head and run my pussy juice soaked fingers through her very curly sandy brown hair.  Diane, by now recovered from her own orgasm, gets down on her back, slides underneath this lady neither of us know, and starts to eat her pussy, replacing the missing finger from the woman’s ass with one of her own.  By this time, Jessie is kneeling in front of Paula, eating her pussy.  MY daughters move in on either side of Paula, and begin to suckle on her tits.

“Mmmmm….ahhhhh,” escapes Paula’s lips.  “This feels soooo good. I haven’t had my pussy eaten by a girl since college…Unghhh…yea…suck my clit!”

The other two ladies on the other side have hit the floor; and are eating each other’s cunts in a hot 69.  We are making quite a racket; but no one comes into or past the shower.  I’m guessing everyone left.  I relax a bit and close my eyes as this stranger continues to administer to my hungry pussy.

“What the HELL is going on!?” assaults my ears not 5 seconds later.

My eyes snap open. There stands Willow, her hands on her hips.  She has a high voice when she yells; but not a lot of volume.  Everyone buried in some else’s lovebox doesn’t hear it or ignores it, I can’t tell for sure.  My girls just ignore it, enjoying their liquid meal too much.  I can’t bring myself to disengage from the woman in front of me; so I just remain where I am and answer her calmly.

“Sorry, Willow, I guess we got a little carried away.”

“I’ll say,” she replies harshly.  Some old lady came running to the front desk, looking like she was going to have a stroke, screaming that there were a bunch of whores having an orgy in the shower!”

“Oops,” is all I say.

“Can you all please stop!?” Willow pleads.  “I don’t want to have to kick you out.”

“Girls, please stop.  Get Jessie up,” I request as I gently pull the woman’s head away from my pussy.

She looks up at me, smiling.  I smile back.

“Hi, I’m Sarah.  And you are?”

“Lisa,” she answers, as she picks herself up off of Diane’s face.  Lisa is about 5’ 6”, 130#, with nice, firm b-cup tits.  Her nipples are small and tan.

“Well, Lisa,” while I very much appreciate your efforts on my pussy, we have to stop.  We’ve been caught,” I say with raised eyebrows, gesturing towards Willow.

Lisa looks up at Willow, and stands up.

“Woops,” she says, giggling.  “Hey, Marie, Ann, get up!  Funs over.”

Marie and Ann look up, see Willow in her company shirt, and quickly scramble off the floor.  Marie is a brunette, about 5’ 3” and probably 140#.  She is even more voluptuous than Paula, her weight being in all the right places, including her 40DD tits.  Her skin is tight and tan.  Ann is a waif.  She’s blonde, very pale, about 5’ 7” and only 105#, though very fit looking, with small breasts and pink, cone shaped nipples.

“Wow, I haven’t done that since high school,” Lisa comments.  “That was great!  But sorry, miss,” looking towards Willow.

“Please clean yourselves up and leave the shower area,” Willow requests sternly, and then turns away.

We hear the locker room door shut loudly, so we all relax a little and shower off.

“Ladies,” I call out to our three new friends and Paula.  “First, it’s nice to meet you all,” looking towards Lisa and her friends, “if a bit unorthodox of an introduction.  We’re having a clothing optional pool party at my house tomorrow.  You’re all invited.”

They all nod their eager acceptance.

“My address is 1256 Maple Street.  Just walk on in, as we may not hear you out back.  Just drop your clothes in the living room.  Oh, one thing,” I add, looking around at my little group of sex fiends.  “This party is to be the first official social gathering of the B.B.C.  The Bald Beaver’s Club,  If you would like to join, all you need to do is stop by Georgette’s Salon this afternoon and ‘join the club’,” I finish with a big grin.  “And tell her Sarah Anderson sent you.  I expect a big discount next time I’m in.”

Diane and the girls start laughing, and Paula gets an almost prideful look on her face, as she is already “eligible for membership.”

“We’ll be there, ‘in uniform’,” Marie pipes up, the other two nodding their agreement.

“Well, we have to go work out still, so we’ll see you tomorrow…Oh, if you see an older woman in a stained sheer dress and a teenage boy at the salon, tell them Sarah and the girls say ‘hi’,” I request, giving Diane a mischievous smile.

We leave the shower area, grab our towels, and go back to our lockers to get dressed.  As we’re getting dressed, women start to filter back into the locker area from the private shower area and sauna.  They didn’t leave, I realize, they just stayed out of sight to listen in…Voyeurs,  I think to myself, chuckling.  After we’re dressed, we head out to the workout floor.  We get plenty of quick looks and long stares.  Ignoring them, I climb up onto a stair climber, and punch in 30 minutes.  We all spend the next half our quietly working out, as the women around us whisper and gossip to each other, mostly, I assume, about us.

After working out, we hit the showers again; but I caution the girls to get in and out, no screwing around.  I don’t want to push our luck.  I notice our new friends in the sauna as we walk by, wondering what they’ve been up too since leaving the showers.  I can guess.  We get showered and dressed; and head out to the lobby.  I stop by the front desk on the way out.

“Hello again, Willow,” I begin.  “I’m very sorry about earlier.  It wasn’t planned.  It just happened.  I hope we’re not going to lose our memberships here.  We really love coming here…and I don’t mean it that way.” I say with a sly smile, trying to ease the tension.

“It’ll be  OK,” Willow replies.  “I got Mrs. Jacobs calmed down.  And no one else came up to complain.  But next time you want to have a little fun here, please use the private showers.”

I’m so shocked by hearing the name Mrs. Jacobs, I don’t immediately register the rest of what Willow says.

“Betty Jacobs?” I ask.

“Yea, why?”

“Can you tell me her address?”

“No, that isn’t be allowed.”

“Well, can you tell me if she lives near me?”

“Sure.  Let’s see….Oh,  I see….Shit.  Yup, she would be your neighbor.”


“What’s up?” Diane steps up and asks.

“The lady who squealed on us is Mrs. Jacobs from across the street,” I inform her.

“Bummer.  That should be an interesting conversation,” Diane opines.  “You know she’ll confront you on it.”

“I don’t actually think she recognized us.  She was too distracted by all the bare flesh.”

“She may not have just then; but given a bit to calm down and reflect, that old hag will realize it was us.  She doesn’t miss anything.”

“Shit!  Oh well, nothing I can do about it….Hold up.  Willow, did I hear you suggest we use the private showers in the future?”

Willow’s face starts to turn a little red.

“Well, in there we have no control of what happens,” she says sheepishly.

“Are you still coming to the pool party tomorrow?” I ask her quizzically.

“Absolutely!  After that little show, I can only imagine what one of your parties will be like!”

“Hmmm…OK, then!” I perk up.  “Do you know Lisa, Marie, and Ann?  I think they’re all friends”

“Sure, I know them.  They’re regulars.”

“Oh.  I never noticed.  Anyway, catch them on the way out and let them know your coming to the party tomorrow.  Tell them I said they should fill you in on the party prep.”

Willow gives me a confused look.

“Can I assume your planning on being ‘optional’ tomorrow?” I ask.

“Definitely!” she smiles.

“Great.  Just drop your clothes in the living room.  We’ll see you tomorrow.”

We walk out of the gym and to the car.

“The B.B.C.?” Diane asks, suppressing a giggle.

I bend over laughing uncontrollably, and they all follow suit.