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Doug's College Misadventures Pt2 - Virgin Territory

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And crawled down between her legs. She said nothing. I said nothing. I spread her long thin legs and started kissing her mound, slowly I dipped my tongue between the tightly closed lips of her young vagina. She tasted clean,

fucked a girl very hard

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httvidHI ISS readers. I’m regular reader of this site. After reading lots of experiences from males and females, today I had thought to share my experience with u. Its happened with me in last month. Basically, I’m also a common guy and have same feelings like u all. I had so many female friends but I never had sexual contact with anyone. In life of 23 yrs I came across so many incide

Molly gets her cherry plucked part 2

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     Molly opened her eyes, saw morning sunlight against the door of her room. She thought about what a crazy dream she had, when she pulled back the covers, and glanced down at her body. Panties, she was wearing panties, that was crazy, Molly never wore panties to bed. She swung her body up, and felt the tenderness right between her legs, she felt stre

The English Teacher

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Jill Thompson is confused and anxious when Dave Sheare, her Senior year English teacher that she had been desperately crushing on, emails her and invites her for a coffee, mere months after she has graduated high school. Things quickly take an unexpected turn between them in the parking lot of Jill's old high school .......

Young Virgin

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This is a true story of my youth.  I was a 22 year old married serviceman stationed in a northern Midwest city, and was due to get out on July 4th.  On Memorial day, my in-laws came and took my wife and kids home.  I went out that night and spotted a good looking girl sitting at a bus stop.  I stopped and asked her if I could give her a ride.

"You don’t

a day in the park

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this is a story of my first time having sex, i was 14 5''10 and had a 7 in cock, well my bestfriend ashley had called me and asked me to come to the local park as to which i said i would and me and ashley have always been really close sometimes even messing around a bit but nothing serious, never been together atleast we were always touchy and stuff, well when i got to the park i laid down on

Her First Time

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My name is Jamal im 5`8 165 lbs 9 inch dick so, I liked a girl named Tiffany but I had a girlfriend. The next day was the schools dance and Jamal had something planned for tiffany that she`d never forget. When tiffany first arrived at the dance with her thick body and she had to be DD cups and her large ass and slim waist he couldn`t help to stare. He walked over to her and whispered i

Heated Friday Afternoon Part 1

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Heated Friday Afternoon Part 1 - Selina is about to spend her Friday with someone she would have never thought about. Read the whole thing to really understand some things. Thanks. *THE LINK IS NOT REAL THAT WAS JUST MY OLD G-MAIL WHICH I HAD TO DELETE DUE TO TOO MUCH SPAM. THIS IS MY ORIGINAL STORY* :D

My first experience

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As we walk into your room I turn to shut the door. When I turn back I look you up and down, taking in your beautiful face. The way your tits pull tight against your shirt, just calling to me. As I move my eyes down I can just make out a small section of your stomach as it peeks out o

I fucking love you

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I'm Julie, 15, about 5ft tall, really tiny in general, small tits, small ass, everything. My boyfriend, David, is the same age, 5ft 7, and is skinny and all muscle.

I was always a little skeptical about losing my virginity. I knew girls who'd lost it earlier, but I'd be the first out of my friends, and would most likely be called a slut if the wrong people found out. I guess I wasn't waiting

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I am Matt, 17 years old and was just hanging out at home by myself when I got a call from my sister, Sarah, asking for a ride home from school.  I got in the car and drove to the middle school.  I waited outside a while till she arrived at the car with two of her friends and asked if I would give them rides home.  One of them I did not recognize one but the other girl, Jesse, I k

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new because I went to school with her older sister.  The other girl introduced herself as Katilin.  They were going to the Katilin's house but Sarah needed to be dropped off at home first.  

I dropped off my sister and I asked if either of them wanted to sit shotgun.  Jesse said she would and moved up next to me.  Jesse was a bit she and she was short and skinny with blonde hair, wearing a blue tank top and shorts.  Katilin had brown hair and was about the same height with a really cute body.  She was wearing a green t shirt and a denim skirt.  I looked back and could see up her skirt and she smiled at me and tried to adjust it.  We passed a boy who apparently they knew and Jesse said, "Remember you two had that thing?"  Katilin got embarrassed and tried to change the subject.  I asked what happened and she replied, "He's just a friend."

"He says your way more than just friends," Jesse responded.

"That was only two times anyway," said Katilin.

"She's always hooking up with cute boys from school," Jesse told me.

I smiled and Katilin got embarrassed.  Jesse's tank top was a bit baggy and i could see down her shirt.  She barely had any boobs under her bra.  They both noticed me looking and Katilin said, "She'll give you a better look when we get to my house."

I pulled up in her driveway.  "Come on in," said Katilin.  "Jesse really wants you."  I smiled.  "Come on," she said.  "Just hang out a minute before you have to go."

We all went inside to hangout in her bedroom.  It was a little weird hanging out with girls that much younger than me but her parents weren't home and Katilin was really sexy and was flirting with me.  I was really aroused and Katilin noticed I had gotten a boner.  They both laughed.  

Katilin then asked me to show them my penis.  I told them no because I felt it would be wrong.  "I told you you could see Jesse if you wanted to," Katilin told me.

I responded by saying, "I want to see you Katilin."  She said fine and they both waited.  I pulled down my pants then my boxers, exposing my erect 7 in dick.  "Are you virgins?" I asked.  They said they both were.  I was a bit surprised that Katilin was based on the conversation earlier.

"What about that boy we saw?" I asked.

"I just gave him a blowjob," Katilin responded.  She stood up and took off her t shirt.  Then her bra came off, which I saw was 38a.  "What do you think?" she asked.

"Come closer," I said.  She walked over and a put my hands around her perfect round breasts.  I squeezed gently.

"Take yours off Jesse," Katilin said.  Jesse didn't.  I was sitting on her bed with my hands on her breasts and she crouched down on her knees and put me dick in her cute mouth.  She started sucking on it slowly while stroking the bottom of it. She definitely had some experience.  She went down farther on it then she took it out of her mouth and smiled at me and asked if I liked it.

She told Jesse, "Come join in.  I know you've never done this before."

"No thanks.  I won't be any good," Jesse said.

"It doesn't matter.  I'll show you how."

Katilin moved aside and Jesse, wanting to keep clothed, sat between my legs.

"Just suck on it," Katilin said.

Jesse put it in her mouth and started sucking on the tip.  She continued sucking and bobbed her head slightly.  Katilin put her hand on her head trying to get her to go farther down till Jesse started coughing and gagging.  She pulled away for a breath and smiled.  She put it back in her mouth and took Katilin's advice to use her hands as well.  Katilin told Jesse to suck on my balls and when she did, she took my dick back in her mouth and sucked on it some more.  It felt amazing.  I put my hands back on Katilin and continued to feel her up as she sucked.  They stopped sucking.  They stopped sucking eventually.

"Do you have a condom?" Katilin asked.  I didn't but wished I did.

"What for?" I asked.

"What do you think?"

"Of course."  I explained the process of pulling out and convinced Katilin to let my have sex with her.

"I'm still nervous," said Katilin.  "I'll only do it if Jesse does."

"Will it hurt?" Jesse asked.

We both replied no and she agreed.  "You first though," said Jesse.

I took off my shirt and Katilin sat on the bed with me.  I put my hand up her skirt and felt her pussy through her panties.  She smiled at me.  I pulled down her skirt and then her panites.  She had the cutest pussy.  Barely any hair growing on it.  I put my finger it and and leaned down and started licking it.  She smiled more.  I stopped licking, anxious to get started.  

She laid down on her back and I slowly inserted the head of my dick in her very tight virgin pussy, following it slowly with the whole thing.  She started to moan as I put it in.  I slowly slid it back and forth.  She was breathing heavier and I started to pick up speed.  It felt so amazing.  She was moaning louder each time I pushed in.  I slowed and asked if she wanted to be on top.  She had no idea but was enjoying herself and said yes.  I laid down on my back and she sat facing me and slowly put my dick into her.  She started slowly riding my dick and it felt so good.  I grabbed her great tight ass with both hands pulling her close and she was sweating and moaned louder and louder.  She laid down on me facing me and I felt her pussy dripping on my dick.

I still hadn't cum so I was a bit disappointed when she got off.  Jesse was still clothed but still wanted to and came over on the bed with me.  She unzipped her shorts and pulled them down.  She then pulled down her underwear.  Her pussy was so cute and had even less hair than Katilin's.  She laid down on her back and spread her legs waiting for me to fuck her.  I slid my dick in.  She was also way tighter than Katilin.  I started fucking her and she moaned some and sweated.  After the initial reaction she kept pretty quiet as I fucked her.  She then asked if she could do me on top like Katilin did.  "Of course," I said.  She climbed up facing me and slowly slid my dick in.  I could tell it hurt a little.  As we were fucking, I helped her lift her tank top off over her head and took her bra off too, and revealed her petite skinny figure.  She was almost flat but had the cutest nipples and a really cute body.  She actually rode it better than Katilin did.  She was sweating a lot and moaning, almost screaming.  

"Do you want to try doggy style?" I asked.

"What is it?" Said Jesse.

"Just bend over on the edge of the bed."

"Your not putting it in my butt are you?"

"No, just trust me."  She bent over and I slid my dick in, still surprised by how tight it was.  I grabbed her hips and started fucking.  Her ass was so cute and tight.  As I thrust she moaned louder.  She had to let go of the bed it was too hard and I was fucking her face down on her stomach on the bed.  I felt like I was about to cum but hoped she would.  I fucked harder and she gave a scream and I felt her pussy becoming extremely wet as I slid in and out of her.  I pulled out and shot my huge load all over her cute little butt and her back.  

She lay on the bed and said, "Get me a towel."  Katilin brought a towel and wiped Jesse off and she got up and got dressed.

We said goodbye and I went home to see my sister.


Tracy gets Her Brother 1

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My parents had left town for a month on business and left my younger sister and me home, with the instructions I should watch her. At 15 Tracy is quite a sight. 5'5",about 115 #, 34C tits and an ass that most women would kill for. It was my second summer home from college and the previous year had done wonders for her. Watch her!!! I couldn't keep my eyes off

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her. She constantly paraded around in short-shorts, middie tanks and around the pool the smallest tie bikini I guess she could find. This kept my 8" cock in a state of semi-hardness. As much as I was eying her I knew that she had been checking out my 6'2", 200# frame. I also thought I had seen her looking at my crotch when around the pool.

After a couple of weeks we were low on food and I told her I was going to the store and would be back in an hour or two and should I get her anything? "No" she said, " Anything you decide to heat up I'm sure I will enjoy it. I'm just going to hang around the pool." Her statement kept me thinking the entire time I was at the store. Was I reading too much into it? I had only started looking at her sexually in the last couple of weeks and even though she is my sister I sure would not pass up the opportunity to fuck her. Just thinking of sliding my hard cock in and out of that young pussy had me hard right there among the cherry tomatoes.

I returned home and got the food put away, changed into Bermuda trunks and headed for the pool to look at Tracy and think of my fantasy some more. When I got there she was not so I started to look for her. Living room? No Tracy. Bedrooms? No Tracy. I was starting to get a little worried and headed for the garage and the basement. As I got to the door I could hear smooth jazz coming through the door and a smell that could only be a little bit of grass that had been smoked. I opened the door and went down the stairs. As I went into the rec room I saw something I thought only happened in the movies. There in the middle of the room was Tracy, a little high, in that damned bikini, dancing slowly with a straw broom.

So she wants to dance, I thought. I'll dance with her. I walked over to her, took hold of the broom and said, "Would you dance with me?" As she let go of the broom she kind of giggled and said "I have been looking forward to dancing close to you." I put my arms around her and she put hers around my neck pressing that body of hers into mine. As I led her around the floor I could feel her pressing into my already hard cock. My hands moved up and down her back getting ever closer to that perfect ass. Finally in one bold move that would decide the afternoon one way or the other I slid my hands onto her ass and started to lightly squeeze. A small ‘MMmm’ came from her throat and I knew. I danced over to the wall and pressed into her body. She looked up at me and said "Kiss me." With that I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers and as the moments passed we kissed deeper, our tongues fighting for dominance. I slid my right hand up along her hip and grabbed the string that tied the bottom on her bikini pulling and untying. At the end of the string I let go and continued up to cup her breast. My other hand let go of her ass and did the same with the other side of the bottoms and they fell to the floor. I moved my hand from there to the front of my trunks and undid the 2 or 3 buttons that held them on my hips letting them drop to the floor. Except for her top, which was up over he tits now, we are naked. My cock is rock hard and pressing into her stomach. I put my hands back on her ass only a little lower and lift her. She helps by tightening herself around my neck. My cock slips in between her legs and I lower her so her pussy lips are now on the top of my cock. Her legs are wrapped around me. I move her pussy along the length of my cock feeling the juices run out and around my shaft. I keep this up for what seems like several minutes, all the while our tongues are locked. She removes her lips from mine and starts to breath heavily as her first orgasm hits her. As she is shuddering from this delight she feels I raise her up just a little and place the head of my cock against her quivering pussy lips. As head of my 8 inches enters her hot love I hear her groan "Fuck me, Oh god please fuck me Steven!" I slide my cock into the tightest pussy I have ever felt. After a few inches I hit resistance and realize my little sister, Tracy, was still a virgin.

I slid her up and down those few inches for a bit and she yelled "PUSH YOUR COCK INTO MEE!! I WANT ALL OF YOUR COCK!" She loosens her grip just a tad and slides down hard onto my cock, breaking her hymen with just a bit of a scream. She re-tightens herself around my waist and neck and whispers " Stay still. It's so big in me. Let me get used to it." I feel her pussy clenching my cock. It is all I can do to keep from coming inside that sweet tight pussy of hers. She starts to breath heavy again and as she does starts to push back and forth. "I'm....going...too ...coooome" she moans and I use the bottom of her ass to help and soon I am fucking her with about five inches of my cock. "I'm coming I'm COMING COME WITH ME!! FILL MY CUNT!! COME INSIDE ME!!!" I need no more and jam her all the way onto my cock, press her back into the wall and unload stream after stream of hot come into her spasming young pussy. As our orgasms subside she looks into my eyes and says. "We are going to have sooo much fun!"

Babysitting and reaping the benefits

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We moved down to central florida after my mom had remarried.It was really cool growing up down south and coming from indiana,i didnt miss the winters.Anyways after step dad got a promotion we moved to a much larger home and a bigger community.The first time i seen valeria,she was outside watering her yard in a tube top with cut off jeans,being 15 at the time i was having a hard time keeping my

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erection down.She ran over to us with those huge breasts just jumping up and down,and i looked over and seen stepdad staring as much as i was. They made small talk and told all about each other and she invited us to come over sometime to jump in the pool and have dinner wit her and her kids.

a few weeks passed and summer was just kicking in and i was looking for small odd jobs around the neighborhood so i could have money to go to beach and what not.Well i knocked on the valeria's door and she answered it with nothing but her bikini on and i got so close to those lovely breasts that i could see she was swimming and being cold and all those nipples where sticking out about 2 inches.Ive seen pictures in magazines on what a woman looked like,but never thought i would see it in person.I glanced down at her bottoms as i was asking her if she had any jobs around here i could do to make some cash.I could make out the lips poking through her bikini.I couldnt understand how a vagina could poke out that far,ive only seen one other vagina in real life and that was with my cousins playng doctor.

She said she had quite a few things i could do for her around the house since she was recently divorced and had her hands full with a little girl  and a baby. valeria told me to come in as she wanted to change real quick and asked if i was thirsty and to grab whatever i wanted out of the fridge. I walked into the kitchen and saw her daughter playing nintendo,so i said hi to her and the lil girl told me her name was heather and asked if i was her new neighbors and would i play with her in the pool.I laughed and said sure if your mommy lets me.Course valeria was standing right behind me and blurted out."he is more then welcome to come over anytime you want to baby" with that said and done she lead me outside and showed me some palm trees and shrubs that needed much trimming away from the pool. I told her no problem,i use to do this all the time in indiana. So i ran back home and grabbed my saw and wheelbarrow and told mom what i was doing. Mom followed me over to talk more to val,to assure her that i was a good worker and doesnt mind getting his hands dirty. I could of swore val had this evil look on her face when mom said that.

I'm about 2 hrs into cutting down this huge palm tree when val comes out and tells me the kids are asleep and would i like something to drink.With it being almost 100 degrees,i was soaked from head to toe and had my shirt off and getting really tan fast. Val and me made small talk and i learned alot from her in just a short amount of time.I didnt think much of the talk,but now that i look back she was seeing just how mature i was in my mind let alone the body.Val also made the comment about how well built i was for just my age,and kinda flushed on that comment.I mean here is this beautiful woman flirting with me and i was dumb struck. I went back to work and val laid out in the sun.I was trying so hard to focus on getting this job done,when i catch a glimpe of something.Val was laying on her stomach and i was just at the right position to look straight at her pussy and ass. I must of been staring for a few minutes,when she started to roll over to see why i got so quiet. I hurried back to work as if nothing was going on,and could feel her staring at my back boring a hole in it.I quickly gathered up the trimmings and yelled out to her that i was done.just at that moment she rolled over without her top done,and i got the full view of those huge breasts.I have never seen areolas that big before,and we both stopped in time and it took her forever to try to cover up. I wanted to keep up with her thinking i was mature and didnt say anything and pretended to blow it off. She gathered her top and quickly put it back on.With money in her hand she said she was thankful and sorry for the "peep show"that she was so use to running in the backyard half naked anyways and needed to keep in mind that she has new neighbors. I'm thinking Oh yea ive hit the lottery on this one big time.

Later that night i couldnt wait to get to bed and jerk off to the images that where burned in my head,imaging myself fucking that pussy and ass.afterwards i opened the window to get some of the florida air in my room when i noticed that my room window looked almost directly into her room and that she had the blinds all the way open.So i sat there for abit to see if i could catch a view of val and sure enogh in she comes with a full robe on.Oh yea,im gonna get a show tonight.She drops her robe and for the first time i see a naked woman in plain view.With the woods behind us i figured nobody sees me or her and this is a real good time to get really close to the view.I jump out of my window and quietly run over to the small bush line that runs between our houses.and get so close i swear she is gonna see me,but she doesnt.Val grabs some lotion and starts to rub it onto those huge tits of hers and all over her body.I see she is also somewhat shaven in the pubic region and she is running her hands up and down the front of herself and onto her pussy.She closes her eyes and she moves her hand back to her lips and starts jerking them up and down there,oh wow,shes to join the fun i pull my already hard cock out and join her in secretcy.She is really getting into it and i can hear her moaning louder and louder as her hands move faster and faster. I cum all over the bushes as she lets out this small whimper and her entire body shivers.I pull up my shorts and run back to my bedroom window. I cant believe i just witness the one thing boys my age will never see,i am truly blessed.

A week or so goes by and i still imagine val and that night hoping to get another view of her playing with herself but no such luck.One night We are all sitting eating dinner and val calls and wonders if i would babysit for her tonight as her other babysitter could not make it.I said sure,and she also asked my mom if i could go ahead and spend the night,just in case she does make it back to late.Val told her she was having a huge bridal party for one of her friends and it would be pobably an all nighter.Mom had no problem with it and with her next door,she could come over in case there was a problem with the baby.But mom knew i could handle it.ive done numerous babysitting jobs for the cousins as well as a few babies. 

So i packed a few books and some vhs movies and headed over.Val answered the door wearing these tight ass jeans that looked like they were spray painted on and i could make out every detail of those perky lips.Her top was a halter top that barely held her breast in and no bra which made the nipples stick out in the cool night air as she opened the door.Val gave me all the emergency numbers of where she would be and told me the baby is asleep and her daughter was getting ready for bed.So i had this huge house to myself.About two hours in i wondered into her room to see if i could make out anyone in the location that i jerked off to her,nope.You would have to put your face to the glass in order to see even the slightest out this window and was glad.Plan on doing more of that when it comes my way.I did alittle noseing and found her special drawer that had just about every dldo and lube you could think of.I grabbed one off the top and smelled it.Yep this is her favorite,i can still smell some of her juices on here,very aromic.uh oh that got me hard,need to head to the bathroom and jerk one off. After reliving myself i popped in a movie and slowly drited off to sleep. Around 4am i hear giggling at the front door and i jump up to see who it is,val is standing there drunk as a skunk trying to get her keys in the door and falls right on top of me.I get my first grope of those enormous tits,oh god were they soft. She was all over the house bumping into things and trying to get somewhere and going nowhere.Val asked for my help to the bedroom and i did. She went straight into the bathroom and i could hear her puking and gagging,i ran in to help out as much as i could but it was too late.She passed out their on the floor and puke ws everywhere,i could of left her but i couldnt.So i did the best i could with cleaning her up and trying to get her up off the floor without slipping.I scooped her up and was suprised on how light she was.I threw her on her bed and went back to cleaning up the mess hoping to make some brownie points with her.I hear her calling my name and i tell her shes alright and that i'll clean this up for her,not to worry.I think at this point she didnt care because the next thing out of her mouth was she needed help out of her clothes.So i jumped right up and nearly tripped over the clean bucket to cause more of a mess. I looked in and she had her top halfway up her head and her breast where in full view.I walked over to help her and kinda snickered at the view.Val laid back down and tried to get her pants off,but couldnt,so grabbed the hip area and proceeded to pull those tight jeans all the way down to her feet and realized she wasnt wearing panties and her pussy was right in my face.I could see and smell that odor i smelled on her dildo and sniffed it all in. I could see she was looking at me and asked me if i have ever been with a woman before.Still staring at what was in front of me,i said no ma'am.Val said well why dont you move closer to it and try a taste.I moved just as her last words left her mouth and had my lips wrapped around her entire pussy sucking in all her juices.I could feel her tense up as i slid my tongue inside her.She tells me to take my finger and work it into her pussy and i did.she was so wet and tight,i never imagined it would be like this,it was like eating a juicy apple and would not stop.her juices flowed down my finger an wrist.She tells me exactly where to go with my finger and my tongue and she grabs the back of my head forcing my mouth harder onto her clit.Val is bucking and screaming,im so afraid my parents are gonna think i'm killing this woman,but wouldnt step dad be so proud. As she is finishing off her orgasm i i look up at her and she tells me to get undressed.I do it as quickly and as fumbling idiot could do.Val asks me how i want to fuck her,i tell her to bend over,and she gets on all fours on the bed.Her ass is way up in the air and her pussy is flowing with my saliva on it.I move closer to her and position my dick at the opening and watch as it slids in oh so slowly.The warmth of her canal envelops my cock and i can feel her heartbeat though her walls.I slid my cock in all the way and she scream louder this time.I stop, thinking something is wrong and she tells me i am filling her up.Which i take as a good thing.I move my hips as the animal instincts and the numerous pornos have taught me.I dont want to cum to quickly and take my time and tease her with me pulling out of her and slamming it back in.This really gets her going and she is yelling at me to fuck her harder and harder.So i let it all go and pump as fast as i can and i can feel it building up inside me.I tell her im gonna cum and Val tells me to cum inside her pussy,i oblige and fill her cavity with my spunk all inside her coating her walls with all that i have.I must of cum for 5 minutes inside her and slowly pulled my cock out as she layed face down into the bed.I moved toward her,wanting to see if she was alright and she had passed out.So i got dressed,slid the cover over her an glancing one more time at that beautiful naked body and kissed her ever so lightly on the forehead whispering in her ear "Good night,val" I could see a small crack of a smile on her face as i walked out of the room.

The next morning,or actually afternoon,i woke up with a whole new look on life and it showed on my face as i entered the kitchen for something to drink.Mom and stepdad was in the kitchen smiling at said i looked like i was rode hard and put away wet.Mom looked at me and said she heard me come in real late and wondered how the kids did."they did great,no problems" about that time the phone rings, i answer it and its val.she sounds very giddy and wants me to come over so she can pay me for last night. I hang up the phone and tell the parents im running next door to get money.Dad makes a comment about yea i bet she wants to pay you,is that in cash or ass? I hear a slap as mom does to dads arm and he laughs.i blow it off and say yea right,whatever.But little do they now.

So i head over and knock on the door and val answers with the kids playing in the backyard,she looks somehwhat haggerd and throws me a smile.She invites me in and i walk right into the kitchen expecting a lecture on what happen last night.On the counter i see about 400 dollars,and figure shes paying bills.she brushes past me and tells me" theirs your money for last night" I was shocked,i said for what? Val turns and says "for taking such good care of me last night and for giving me the best time i have had in years"I must of turned 8 shades of red when she said that and she could tell i was embarressed by it and leaned in to give me a kiss right on the lips.She whispers in my ear"i want another crack at the huge cock of yours and i want to be sober when it happens. I was happy to oblige her and told her so,anytime day or night.

That is how i lost my virginity to an older and experienced woman.She showed me alot more things as the years passed on as well as my first threesome.Stick around for that story.

Until then


A gymnasts first time (part 1)

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This is my first story. I hope you like. sorry its a slow starter.

Hi. My name is Hannah. I'm a gymnast and have travelled all over the w

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orld with my gymnastics team for competitions against some amazing gymnasts. This story takes place when I was 14 and travelling to Spain with the rest of my team and my 2 coaches Jason and Fiona.

Maybe I should describe myself to you. I'm 5 foot 4 with blonde hair that comes down just past my shoulders. I have tanned skin and a toned stomach with a pierced belly button and B cup breasts. I'm in great shape because I've done gymnastics since I was 3.

This whole sotry starts just after my team was told we would be going away for another competition. My friend Jess was also a gymnast on my team. We went to my house to pack becuase we were leaving early the next moring.

"So... can I ask you a question Han?" Jess asked me.


"Okay well... Have you.. done it?"



"no.. have you?"

"yes! you so have to! no wonder your so uptight. SEXUAL TENSION! you need to be fucked girl. you'll love it!"

"yeah when i'm training 15 hours a day i really have time to find a boyfriend and do it."

"stop saying "do it" call it fucking. you sound like such a virgin."

"i AM a virgin!"

"whatever. Here... i was gonna give this to you when we got there but i think you should try it tonight." she said handing me a present.

I slowly unwrapped her gift. As i opened it I revealed a black lace thong and matching bra and a 6 inch slim pink dildo.

"JESS! what the heck?"

"go try it on!!!" she said pushing me intot he bathroom.

I stood in front of the mirror and got changed. I had to admit it, i did look pretty sexy. and the bra seemed to make my boobs look GREAT! I walked out of the bathroom shyly covering my stomach with my arms.

"come on put your arms down" jess said grabbing my arms and moving them away. "you look so sexy, OG MY GOD! i know who you have to fuck for your first time!"

"im scared now." i said laughing.

"Jason!" she screamed.

"what? i cant ...fuck... my coach."

"yes you can think about it. hes 22, great hair amazing smile, strong, hot body...huge cock.. what else could you want?"

"wait... have you ...fucked him?"

"of course, he was my first. anyway we better go to bed we have an early flight. oh and if i were you, pack the viabrator and underwear in you carry on luggage, its a long flight you might want to go try it out in the bathroom while everyones asleep." Jess crawled into my bed and fell asleep almost straight away. I got changed into my pjs and decided to pack the viabrator and underwear in my carry on luggage as she suggested and crawled into bed next to my friend.

we arrived in Spain many hours later. "alright girls get into pairs and ill give you all your room keys" Jason said as he tried to clam us down. what can i say a group of 6 excited girls could be loud.

"so who are you rooming with hey Jase?" Jess said with a wink.

"none of your business. he said giving her a quick squeeze on the ass as she walked past him.

Jess and I paired up together, got our keys and went to our room to unpack.

"so... did you try my little tip for the plane ride?"

"no i got to scarred to put the viabrator in all the way. and i thought about what you said about me needing to be...fucked... and i really dont know how i'm ment to go about it"

"oh dont worry ive got it all set up. go to room 204 tonight at 9pm while everyone is stilla t dinner. tell everyone you have a headache and are going to go to bed early. come up here get changed into the underwear i got you and take your viabrator with you to room 204, Jason will be waiting for you."

"WHAT?!?!?! no way! i cant do that!"

"yes you can, dont worry hes totally into it."

i agreed cause to tell you the truth i kinda wanted to feel a cock in my pussy. i let Jess pick out my outfit for dinner ( a short plaid skirt with strappy black heels to show off my legs and a tight fitting white singlet) and headed down to dinner.

it was nearing 9pm and i was thinking about if i should go or not.

"well ladies if you will excuse me i think im going to have an early night" Jason said getting up leaving the table and winking at me.

"um.. yeah i think i might to i have a bit of a head ache." i dont know why i said it but it just came out. i got up and headed to my room. i got change and stood in front of the mirror looking at myself. i had on the black lacy thong and bra and held the pik viabrator in my hand. i switch on the viabrator. it started pulsing in my hand. I let out a small gasp and started to feel the heat between my legs. i started to get wet thinking about having it put in my pussy, but i was still scarred cause id never done it before. i pulled on a pair ofbaggy pj pants and a big baggy hoodie hoping to cover the lacy parts so no one else could see them and tried not to make anyone suspicious of what was going on. i walked to room 204 and knocked on the door. Jason opened it and stood in front of me in a pair of jeans slung low around his hips with his calvin klien boxer briefs peeking out above the top of his jeans. all i could focus on was his 6-pack abs and the "v" shape that seemed to be pointing me to his cock.

"come on in" he siad taking my hand. "theres just one rule, do as your told. wheres the pretty pink pressie jess gave you.?" i pull it from the elastic waist band of my pj pants where i had wedged it on the walk to his room."nice." he pulled me close to him and shut the door behind me. he pulled the hoodie up over my head and pulled down my pj pants and left them by the door. he took my hand and lead me over to his queens size bed and sat me down then sat down next to me.

"so. Jess told me you needed to be fucked. revleave some of that sexual tension." i remained silent. "its a good idea you know. going into big competitions is could help you loosen up alot. it could make your routine better." he lent over a pressed his lips againt mine. "how far have you ever been with a guy?"

"nothing." i said quietly. the truth was i had never even kissed a boy before.

"well this is deffinately a night your not going to forget." he said leaning in and kissing me again. he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled my mouth deeper into his. i began to get the idea and kissed him back, then he slipped his tounge into my mouth and teased my tounge with his. i lert out a small moan. " seems like your enjoying that" he said laughing. i could feel myself turn bright red but i didnt care, i wanted more.

Jason stood up and told me to lay down on the bed. i shifted back and put my head on the pillow. Jason crawled on top of me and started to kiss me again. he slowly moved to kissing my neck then down between my boobs and down my toned stomach. he bagan to get lower and lingered for a little just above the waistband of my thong. he looked up to me as if to ask if i wanted him to keep going. i nodded. his slipped his thumbs on each side of the waistband and slowly pulled my thong down along my legs and them off. "looks like someone is a little wet" he said laughing. he picked up the viabrator and turned it on. i could hear it begin to hum. "close your eyes" jason instructed me. i did as he told me to. all of a sudden i could feel the viabrator on my clit. i jumped a little but jason reassued me it would feel good and to calm down. he placed the viabrator back on my clit and rubbed it in little circles. i started to moan and could feel myself getting wetter and wetter with every circle. i instinctivley began to rock my hips into the viabrator and started to moan louder and louder, just when i thought i was going to burst Jason took the viabrator off my clit.

"we dont want to peek to early" Jason said. he stood up and i heard him unzip his jeans. i opened my eyes and watched as he slid them down to his ankles and kicked them off.i could see his rock hard cock through his boxer briefs. he pulled me down to the edge of the bed and spread my legs wide. "come on you can do the splitz you can go wider then that"nd he pushed them wider. he moved his mouth closer to my pussy and i could feel his hot breath near my clit. i felt his tounge lick all the way up my slit and stop on my clit, he started to suck. "oh my god!" i screamed bucking my hips into his face. all of a sudden he slipped a finger into my pussy. he began to massage the inside of my pussy. i was rocking hard when he slipped a second finger in. but then he stopped.

"okay, ive givven you some now you have to return the favour."


"kneel on the groud hear in front of me." i did as i was told. "pull down my underwear" once again i did as he said. as i pulled down his boxer briefs his huge 9 inch cock sprung up in front of me. it looked so enticing. a huge purple head and a pulsating vein running all the way down the shaft. "now open your mouth and lick the head of my cock."

i opened my mouth and licked the head of his cock, i could taste his precum seeping out of his cock, i took hold of his cock at the base and continued to lick his cock slowly. "now lick it all the way up and down" i did what he said. then he told me to put his cock in my mouth and start to suck, so i did. id seen this kinda thing done in pornos before so i started to bob my head up and down slowly taking more and more of his huge 9 inch cock in my mouth. i knew i couldnt take it all but then all of a sudden i pushed it into my throat.

"holy shit! are you sure you havent done this before?" jason said in shock. i slid his cock out of my mouth. "no never." and i put his cock back in an imediately took it all back in and down my throat.

"trust me i dont want to cum before i get in your pussy. get back on the bed and lay down."

he climbed on top of me and looked me in the eyes. "are you ready to not be a virgin any more?"

i nodded.

"if you want me to stop at anytime just say so okay?"

i nodded again.

"ojay here we go." he said. i could feel his cock enter my pussy, then i felt it reach my cherry.

"1...2...3" he said and thrust his huge cock hard and fast into my pussy. he kissed me to mute the scream i let out. he stopped once his cock was deep inside me. it wasnt easy, a virgin with a tight pussy having a huge 9 inch cock thrust deep inside me. "please, just wait a minute."

"dont worry, i will. tell me when your ready."

after a few minutes i told him to keep going. he began to slowly slid his cock in and out of my pussy making me moan so loud i thought everyone in the hotel would hear, but i didnt care. "Fuck me harder jason!!!!!!!!" i screamed, this time he was the one who did as he was told and i was in control. he started to get rough and it felt amazing. becuase i was so tight i could feel the vein on his cock rubbing agiant the inside of my pussy. "oh my god i feel like im going to pee."

"just relax and do it. youre going to cum" he said he started to fuck me faster and deeper then he already was. a few moments later and i was screaming as his cum filled my pussy, at the same time as he cummed inside me i had my first and best orgasm ever. "HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!" i screamed.

15 minutes later and he was kissing me as i was about to leave his room. "pretend to still be sick in the morning and stay behind from sightseeing, ill stay to and "take care" of you." he said winking as i opened the door.

i walked back to my room. it was 3 am by now. i opened the door and waiting for me was jess.

"how was it?" she asked.

i ran in and jmped onto her bed. i pinned her down to her bed and started to make out with her. "it was amazing, thankyou. know i wanna practise with you."

please let me know what you think. be honest. i know it was a slow starter. if i get some feed back ill write part 2. email me your thoughts.

a few moments later he told me to stop.

Ashley...My first time with a stranger!

ashley_teenslut on Virgin Stories

It all started when I was interest in sex, that is! One day I was home sick from school and I decided to do some snooping in daddy's closet. I don't know what I expected to find, but I knew i was being naughty. It didn't take me long before I found a stack of magazines with naked girls on the covers. I had already discovered the fun of rubbing my little pussy and making it feel good, an

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d when i started flipping throgh the magazines I began to feel that familiar wetness between my legs. 

I went and laid on daddy's bed with a couple of the magazines. I was surprised to see that not only were the girls in the magazines doing all kinds of nasty, dirty things, but they all looked,really young. Not only that, there were tons of pictures of really young girls posed naked with much older men...sometimes they were sucking on their cocks, and sometimes they had the men's cocks inside of their little pussies. One picture even had a little blonde girl with pigtails smiling for the camera and sticking her fingers inside her little cunthole while a man who looked like he was about 50 stuffed his big penis into her asshole! I could feel my little pussy getting wet, and when I looked down I saw that my thin white panties had soaked through completely with my juices. I slid my finger inside my panties and started rubbing it up and down my pink slit, imagining what it would be like to be one of these girls, doing all sorts of nasty things for the camera...I was so wet now, I stuck a finger into my little pussy, imagining that some dirty older guy was touching my little cunt. Just as I was cumming, I heard the front door slam! Shit, my daddy was home!!! I quickly stuffed the magazines back into the box they came from, then thought about it for a minute and grabbed one, thinking he wouldn't miss it, he had so many...I ran to my room and hid it under my mattress.

Ever since that day, I couldn't get the thought of those girls in the magazines out of my head. At night, I would look at the dirty pictures and think about what it would be like to be one of those girls, to be doing such naughty things with such an older man. I couldn't get it out of my head! I had fooled around with a couple guys at school,and from what I had seen, I knew that guys my age could not compare to the studs in the magazines. The onlytime I had ever sucked a cock, it was a guy in the tenth grade,and he came like 30 seconds, pus his dick tiny was compared to the guys in the magazine. The more I thought about being with an older man, the more excited I got. I knew I wanted my first time to be with a sexy older guy who could teach me all the filthy,nasty things I wanted to know. I couldn't wait any little cunny was always wet thinking about it...I had to make it happen!

How was I gonna find the right guy? I thought about the guys I knew...I had to make sure my daddy never found out, or he would kill me, and the guy!!! Of course, there were my teachers, but that seemed risky. I had always though my friend Cassie's dad was hot...I though about seducing him for a while, but the more I fantasized about my first time, the more and more tunred on i got at the idea of fucking a stranger! Letting some dirty old perv pick me up off the street, take me home and have his way with me! Yes, I decided, that it what I'm gonna do...I'm gonna find a stranger to fuck this little virgin cunt!

On Wednesday morning my parents both left early for work, so i decided today was the day. No one was home to approve what I was wearing or make sure that I went to school, so it was perfect. I took my time getting ready, pausing to finger my little horny cunt to a delicious orgasm while thinking about what I was gonna do today...

In the shower, I used my razor to shave off the thin little patch of hair on my pussy so it was completely smooth and hairless. I put on my shortest little cutoff denim skirt, the one thatdaddy says leaves nothng to the imagination, with a little pink shirt that tied in a knot underneath my braless C cup tits. I couldn't decide if I should wear panties or not, but I decided on a pair of thin white cotton ones with little pink hearts, wanting to look like an innocent little tease...since I was going for the naughty but nice look,i put my blonde hair into two pigtails. I decided that the first place I would go was the mall...I had seen all the older guys staring at the little teen girls going by and I was pretty sure it wasn't innocent!

When i got there, I immediately attracted the attention of guys of all ages. People were whisting at me as i walked by...I just giggled and kept on going, thinking about finding the perfect guy and how I would tease him. I sat down on the edge of the water fountain with my legs spread a little...knowing full well that I was giving anyone who wanted to see a free look at my little panty covered pussy. Soon, a gentleman who looked like he was in his late forties or early fifties sat down on the bench across from me. even though his hair was graying, he had a great body, and a great smile I noticed as he grinned at me. He looked at me smiling, and then said, in a fake stern voice, "Why aren't you in school today, young lady?" "Well, to tell you the truth," I say, "I just wasn't in the mood for daddy just gave me some money for new clothes and I couldn;t wait to spend it! You're not gonna get me in trouble, are you??" "No, don't worry", he said, "I won't tell anyone." I could see hi hecking me out and I decided it was time to start playing with this older gentleman...

"Unfortunately I am all alone so I have no one to help me pick things out...How will I know what looks good on me?", I say, looking up into his eyes. I can tell from the look on his face that he is definitley turned on by this hot young girl flirting with him. "Hmm", he says, looking over my young body, "From the looks of it, everything must look great on you!" i giggle and thank him for the compliment....then i say to him, "maybe if you're not too busy you could come shopping with me and tell me what you like!" ...I can see that he is surprised by my request, but also very willing..."I'd love to," he stammers..."anything I can do to help!"

First I lead him into a dress store, and ask if he can help me decide between these two dresses I've been eyeing. he says sure. The first is strapless and hugs all the curves of my little body so that i have to take off my panties when I try it on. I can tell he likes it when I come outof the changeroom and do a little twirl. the second one is low cut, exposing alot of cleavage and the short flared skirt just skims the bottom of my ass. I tell him I am not sure if i like it and ask him to come into the dressing room to see it. When I open the door, he slips in and tells me it looks great. it is such a tiny space, he is pressed up against me and I can feel that his cock is rock hard in his pants. Feeling satisfied, I tell him to let me change and we will keep shopping. I decide to buy both dresses and we leave the store. Now i really wanna tease this guy. I tell him I have to get some new panties and I hope he doesn't mind going into such a girlie store. I start browsing through the tables of sexy, lacy things...I think the salespeople all think this man is my father as he follows me around. "Why don't u pick out some u like," i say. He can't believ this sexy little girl is asking him to pick out panties for her, but there's no way he is gonna say no. His cock is about to burst through his pants and all he can think about is fucking this little teen cocktease! He gathers the sexiest panties he can find, lacy little thongs, completely see through bikinis, even a pair of crotchless panties. At first, as I try them on, I open the door, lifting my skirt and doing a little spin to show off my ass before asking what he thinks. Each pair gets tinier and tiner and shows off more and more of my sexy body. Finall, when no one is looking, he slips inside the dressing room with me. "put on these ones you naughty girl," he demands, holding up the crotchless pair. I know my teasing has gotten the best of him and it won't be long before he is giving me my first cock!

 I slip them on under myskirt. "Now take your skirt off, sexy, so I can really see how nice those panties look on you!", he says. I doas I'm told. there is a bench in the dressing room and he orders me to sit down, so I can show off the slit in those panties. I sit down and he spreads my legs wide, making the panties open up and expose my shiny little pink teen slit. "MMM look how wet you are, slut", he says..."all that cockteasing make your little cunt horny?" "MMM yes" I say. He runs a rough finger up and down my slit and then without warning shoves it inside my horny little hole! I start to moan, but me puts his hand over my mouth and tells me to be quiet. "The people in the store think I'm your daddy...what would they think if they heard u being daddy's slut in the dressing room?", he asks. the though makes me even more horny and I start grinding my hot little cunt on his finger, begin for more."MMM u are a little slut, aren't you?', he says, as he takes out his big throbbing cock. It is bigger than I ever imagined, as big a even the biggest cock in daddy's porno mags! Probably 10 or 11 inches and as fat as my little arm! "Is this what u want, u little slut?", he asked, "A great big man dick to fill up that horny little teen cunt of yours?" He grabbed his dick and started slapping the big fat head against my dripping wet cunthole. "Mmmmmmm yeah," I said,"I want you to fuck my horny virgin pussy and make me into the little fuckslut that I am," I begged, sohorny that I would do anything for this sexy older man. As he heard that I was a virgin, his dick jumped and swelled even more, though I didn't know that was possible. "You filthy girl, "he said, "You came to the mall just looking for a hung older stud to fuck that horny virgin cunt, didn't you?" "Yeah", i admitted, "I have been thinkin about it forever,ever sinceI found my daddy's nasty magazines!" "MM well I am gonna give u a fucking u will never forget!", he said, "now get on your kneew and get this dick nice and wet and ready!"

I was on my knees in seconds. I couldn't wait to see what it felt like to have a real cock in my mouth,not some little boy's dick. And it felt great! Even though I could barely fit the head into my mouth! As soon as I did, he grabbed my pigtails and forced his whole huge fuckpole down my throat, making me gag. I was tryingso hard to be quiet but it was hard when I was choking on this big fat cock! As soon as he had had his fill of that, he was ready to split open my little cunnie! He laid me back on the nech,spread my legs, and started rubbin his cockhead on my tiny snatch. "Give it to me!", I whispered, "I need that dick breakin' me in!!" With that, he grabbed my round lil asscheeks and rammed it in me so hard I thought I would pass out! I didn't even have a chance to get used to it stretching me out before he started jackhammering it into me as hard as he could, pulling it all the way out the shoving it with such force his heavy balls made a slapping noise on my ass! He was sucking on my hard little titties, teling me what a hot little nasty fuck I was! It hurt real bad, but all I could think about was how many times I had imagined this, and now here i was, in a dressing room at the mall, getting my slut pussy stuffed full of an older man's cock, a complete stranger no less! Just thinking about it made me cum, and I had to bite his shoulder to keep from screaming as my little cunt exploded into the most insane orgasm I had ever felt! Feeling my tight fuckhole contracting around his monster cock was more than he could take and he whisperedin my ear "Where do u want this hot cum, you filthy little bitch?" "Cum inside my sweet little virgin cunt," I panted, "Fill my fuckhole up with cum for the first time, mister!" With that, he exploded and what felt like gallons of hot sticky cum filled up my he slid his cock out, my stretched out cunt hole started to leak cum everywhere. He told me to push it all out of my fuckhole and swallow it like a good whore. After I licked up all the cum, he took me home. As I lay in bed that night fingering my freshly fucked pussy, i coulnd't wait to have more nasty adventures...

Step Uncle Does Me

Redriver on Virgin Stories


"Daddy your step brother is in town!"

Wait, i didn't know my dad has a step brother. how did this happen? In my 14 years of existence I always thought my dad's side of the family was an almost perfect family. It was one ordinary afternoon that my mom came running from her mom's house for a gossip or maybe just visiting.

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justify">"Who told you he's here?" my dad asked and before mom could answer he walked from behind her with a serious face. He was younger than my dad and smaller than him too. I do not know what to expect on how he would react to him. Daddy just have a gentle heart and is ok with almost evrything, he is a cool type of dad. But this is something way out of the meaning of almost everything. I was expecting him to be so mad and punch the person in front of my mom. It would be be wat i'd do if i learned something like a stepbrother just showing up out of no where and surely would bother a peaceful family. And when i got a nice view  of him i saw the same gentleness that my dad has. they were so much alike its just that there was something not right about him.

 "What are you doing here? Dad died a couple of months ago! Are you here to bother my mom?"

He didnt answer just yet and was just looking in the floor.

"Come on Jay! mom will be devastated if she'll see you, i suggest you leave town right away!"

"Joe, i have no intentions of causing any harm to your family" he said still satring at the floor, then he slowly looked up and there i saw his face. he was more goodlooking than my dad and if i'd guess his age,he must be between 19-23. Then our eyes met and he smiled a little at me. "i'm just asking if i could stay here for a night or two. i an heading for the north and waiting for my ride"

Knowing my dad, i knew what he was about to say "you can stay for a night and that's it you have to leave before my mother find's out you're here"

"Thank you so much. I know i dont deserve this, but i really appreaciate everything, i will repay you in any way i can soon!" Jay answered and then looked at me and smiled. my dad saw that and he introduced us.

"Kathe this is Jay my step brother" he said looking at me with those sincere eyes knowing that this was new to me,"Honey, i know this is quite weird but i also know that your old enough to understand mommy and I will be going to your granma's house to see if she already knew. Why dont you show uncle Jay around the house and lend him a pillow and blanket for tonight." and they left in a hurry.

"Hi Kathe, I didnt know Joe's eldest daughter is all grown up! Nice meeting you"

"Yeah, I just turned 14 an--"

"Beautiful" he cut me off

"Whatever, come,i'll show you around"

We went to the kitchen and i asked if he was hungry, he said, "I am but not for food" i pretended not to hear it and i asked "Come again?" and i cought him staring at my boobs with that look that sent shivers on my spine.."nothin, i just have a lot in my head right now, where will i be staying?" I turned turned about face so he'd stop staring at my boobs and told him, he'd be staying in the living room sofa s he'll not be able to sleep until everybody's gone to bed and nobody's watching tv. and when i looked back at him, he was still staring... at my behind and seem to have been lost in thought. I faced him and when he was back from his deeptought, he asked. " Is there a place where i can at least lie down for a while?, i had a long and tiring day i'd like to get some rest for a while" I thought for a while, there was no other roomin the house, if i let him on the couch at this time, there would might be poeple coming and find out about him and the secret frommy grand mother may not be kept that long. so i decided to send him outside by my brother's tree house. there's a matress there, and he went.

I made my way upstairs to get a pillow and thought of getting him a blanket also, he might stay asleep throughout the night if he's that tired. It tool me quite a while to find the thing i need and when i got to the tree house i was shocked to see him holding his cock and slowly jerking it with his right hand and the other arm on top of his eyes as if he was asleep. It was the first time I saw something like that. I felt something unusual and i didnt know how to react. I had my jaw dropped and before i realized it he was already staring at me and our eyes met. I dropped the quilt and the pillow. I was ready to make a run for it but i didnt know why i didnt. and he was about to stand up and i made a move to go down the tree house but i was too late. he was able to grab my arm and turned me around and he kissed me, he wraped his arms around me and i felt his hard on pushing my belly. I could feel the warm rod against my tummy and he broke the kiss looked down on me. "Haven't you seen anything like this?" i shook my head and he released me. I was about to pull away and leave but he dragged me to the matress. I asked "What are you doing?My dad will be angry!" i was about to cry but he kissed me again "He doesnt have to know" he told me"This is wrong. stop this right now!" i begged and he took my hand and placed it on his errection, i didnt know what to do and that weird unusual feeling was intensified. the tingling sensation from my cunt was really sending more of that feeling all over my body. I looked up at him and i was really about to cry, i did not understand what was happening. He guided my hand up and down his shaft and i could feel him growing i my palms. with the arm wrapped around me, he slowly reached for my boobs. "I have been dying to feel at least one of this" then he was there squeezing my boob and then he brushed his rough thumb through my nipples and that just gave me a weird pleasing feeling."You liked that didnt you?" He asked then he let go of my hand and this time i was unconsciously jerking him, with my thoughts distracted by what he was doing with my boobs. His now free hand, slipped in the leg of my shorts and he caressed my now soaking panty. He was litle by little increasing the pressure of his caresses and he was begining to breathe heavily. He then slowly layed me on the bed. he kissed me again. took all of his hands to undo his pants totally and pulling them down along with his underwear.

"We have to stop" i said. they may be heading home by now.

"We cant stop right dow kathe, ive been starving for this for a long time"

He kissed me again grabbed the hem of my shirt and took it off exposing my boobs, he licked them and he took my hand again and guided them to his rock hard penis. then he lowered my gartered shorts and slipped his hand inside my panty "You are so wet" and he brushed finger in between my crack and that jsut gave me an instant ecstatic feeling then he slowly inserted a finger in me but he was not able to even stick a centeimeter in. "You are so tight as well" he then slowly took my underwear off. i am now completely naked and he continued rubbing his fingers in my cunt. "I dont know if this might help but we'll have to see" he lowered himself down and he's now facing my pussy "that's just the sweetest thing i'd seen" then he started kissing my mons teasing my clit with his tongue and little by little he went lower and lower until he is now eating my pussy. He was circling his tongue and going side by side and before i knew it, he was able to insert the tip of his tongue in me. he continued there and i was grabbing his hair and was pulling him closer to me. "Just as i thought, you'd be loving this" he said cutting off what he was doing "Dont stop what you are doing!" i said then he continued and there i was building  and building up. until i was not able to breathe anymore and i held my air and in one exhalation i shuddered and felt fluid in my vagina flowing and wetting me. I almost forgot about my uncle, when i looked down on him. he took out his fingers, two large fingers out from my vagina and licked it " you enjoyed that didn't you?"




Pool Party, Parts 1 and 2

mkirros on Virgin Stories

Part 1

Gail was my best friend's little sister, just 13 years old. Not really super-hot, but kind of cute, with long brown hair, and brown eyes. I'd never really noticed her body before, but in a bikini at the pool it looked pretty good.

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e="margin-bottom: 0in">I was 17 myself, horny as hell, and not feeling too particular about where I found some pussy. I'd wandered away from the main party to the supply shed to toke in privacy and found Gail there sitting on a bench. On a whim I sat down next to her and slipped my arm around her to see what would happen. She wriggled a little closer, and when I looked at her, she licked her lips. That was an invitation I wasn't about to pass up. I leaned toward her and kissed her, shoving my tongue into her mouth. While our tongues wrapped around each other I pulled her closer to me. I could feel my dick getting hard in my swim trunks. I guess Gail could, too, because her hand snaked into my trunks and wrapped around my cock. I groaned, broke off the kiss, and lowered my face to her chest. I pulled her top away from her tits and started sucking on the left one. Gail gasped, then moaned, “Oh God yeah!!!” I bit her nipple, and she nearly shrieked, then I moved my face to her other tit so it wouldn't feel neglected. By now Gail was purring, and her hand was sliding up and down my stiff cock.

Suddenly, Gail said, “Put it in my mouth. Please!” I wasn't going to wait for her to change her mind. I was on my feet with my trunks down around my ankles in a flash, and pushed the head of my cock between her lips. As I started to hump her face, she was sucking for all she was worth and rolling her tongue around my cock. It was as good a blow job as I'd ever had, and I was grunting, straining to push my cock all the way down Gail's throat. It only took a few seconds before I could feel my load start to push out of my balls. I grabbed Gail's head, and shoved my cock as deep into her mouth as I could. I felt her gag as the head of my cock hit the back of her throat, and then my cum shot out into her mouth – she started gulping it down as I gasped.

After I finished shooting my load and let go of her head, Gail choked, then gasped out, “I never had anybody shoot it in my mouth like that! That was cool!” I laughed and said, “It was more than cool – that was the best blow job I ever had! Come here!” I dragged her to her feet and kissed her. Once my tongue was in her mouth, I slid my hand inside her bikini bottom, and rubbed my fingers over her pussy lips. She was already wet, and spread her legs apart so I could get to her cunt easier. I curled my middle finger and let it slip between her pussy lips. As I wiggled my finger inside her, Gail moaned, “Shit yeah, that feels so good!” My finger rubbed against her clit, and Gail whimpered. “Yeah, right there. Rub it right there!”

I pulled my finger out of Gail's pussy, and she groaned and almost yelled, “Don't stop! Put your finger back in me! I want it!” Chuckling, I replied, “Don't worry, I'm not going to leave you hanging.” I pushed her back so she sat down hard on the bench, and stripped off her bikini bottoms. “What are you going to do?” “You'll see, just hold on!” I dropped to my knees in front of her and buried my face between her legs. I spread her pussy lips apart and shoved my tongue inside her where my finger had been seconds before. “” I pulled my tongue out and licked up the length of her slit, finishing by flicking my tongue over her clit. “Aaaaah...yeah...yeah...” She was holding my head the way I had held hers when she sucked my cock. I pulled back slightly and moved my mouth to her clit. I fastened my lips on her bud and began sucking, and shoved two fingers inside her cunt to finger fuck her. “Oh shit! Oh fuck! Aaaaahhhhh!” Gail was gasping and her body was shaking, and I figured she was close to cumming. After sucking on her clit for a few more seconds, I gave it a bite and shoved my fingers as deep into her as I could. “Aaaaaaiiiiieeeee.” Gail's body went stiff, then began to shake, and I could feel her pussy clamp around my fingers. She shuddered for about 15 seconds, then went limp, breathing heavily. After she caught her breath she

croaked out, “Wow! That never happened to me before!” I smiled and said, “I made you cum. You had an orgasm.”

By now my cock was hard as a rock again, and I scooted up closer to where she was perched on the edge of the bench. I moved the head of my cock against the lips of her pussy and rubbed it up and down. Gail whimpered, then gasped, “God, are you going to fuck me?” “Yeah, baby, I'm going to fuck you, right now!” I slipped the head of my dick between Gail's pussy lips, then slammed forward and buried my cock in her 13-year-old cunt. Gail screamed, “GOD, IT HURTS!!!” as my dick shredded her cherry. If I'd been more experienced I probably would have been more gentle, but I was too horny to worry about that, and I simply started pumping my cock in an out of her as hard and fast as I could. I don't think Gail even minded the pain – she actually seemed to enjoy it, and within a few thrusts was moving her hips against me in rhythm. Soon Gail was moaning, “God, yes, fuck me...fuck me harder!” Her breath was coming in ragged gasps; I could feel the head of my cock hitting her cervix, and when it did she squealed. I was pretty sure she was getting close to cumming again, and I knew I was. Gail pulled me as close to her as she could, and wrapped her legs around my back, and I felt her body start to spasm. As the muscles of her cunt squeezed my cock, I drove into her as deep as I could and felt myself slam against her cervix again. As Gail squealed “Yes, God, I'm cumming again!” my balls emptied themselves and I shot a huge load of cum into Gail's pussy. I thought I'd never stop squirting inside her. When I finally did, I sort of collapsed against her. I looked at her smiling face for a few seconds, then said, “Well, we better get back to the party before somebody comes looking for us.”


Part 2

After taking Gail's virginity at the pool party, I wanted to see her again, but wasn't sure how to go about it. First off, I didn't even know if she wanted to see me or not. Once we'd gone back to the party after our hot sex, she'd pretty much ignored me. I couldn't tell if she didn't want anyone to get suspicious, or if she just wasn't interested in anything else. Besides that, I knew her parents pretty well, and I was fairly sure that they wouldn't be very happy about their 13-year-old daughter going out with a horny 17-year-old. All in all, calling her didn't seem like a viable option.

It turned out that I didn't have to worry. It was a little over a week later when my phone rang.


"Mike, it's Gail."

"Hey, girl, how are you doing? I've been thinking about you."

"I've been thinking about you, too. Do you want to see me?"

"Oh, yeah! As long as your parents don't know about it."

"I'll tell them I'm going to see Christy. They trust her. I'll walk over the school, and you can pick me up there."

"OK, see you in a few minutes!"

I tried to sound nonchalant about it, but I was really excited about seeing Gail again. I'd been trying to pay attention to other girls in the time since the pool party, but none of them really held my attention. Gail was the one I wanted.

I had the perfect set-up for somebody my age. I'd just graduated from high school, and lived alone in a house that my parents owned which was near where I'd be starting college in the fall. Now I was going to take advantage of the situation.

When I pulled up to the school, Gail was standing by the curb, wearing a loose, very short top that barely covered her breasts and a pair of tight, low-cut jeans. She climbed into the car and immediately had her arms around me and her tongue in my mouth. I kissed her intensely for a few seconds, then pulled back and said, "Hey, let's get to someplace where we can do more than just kiss!"

We pulled up to my house a few minutes later, and, as we got out of the car, I heard a female voice. "Gail! What are you doing here?" It was my neighbor, Cindy. I'd never really thought about it, but Cindy was the same age as Gail - they were in the same class together in school. Gail walked over to Cindy, they talked for a couple of minutes, and when Gail walked back, Cindy was with her.

"Let's go inside," Gail said.

Cindy walked over to the house with us. I wasn't really happy about that development. Nothing against Cindy, she was a nice kid and actually hotter than Gail. Cindy had long blond hair, and an oval-shaped, beautiful face, with blue eyes and a bare dusting of freckles across her nose. As for her body, well, she was 13, you couldn't expect too much, but the small tank top and tight jeans she was wearing made the most of what she had. No, the problem wasn't Cindy, it was that I'd been planning to get Gail into bed as soon as we went inside, and that probably wasn't going to work very well with Cindy there.

I asked if anybody wanted something to drink, and Gail said, "Got any beer?"

"No, and that'd be all I'd need anyway, to take you home drunk!"

I wound up getting Cokes for everybody, and we all settled in on the couch, me in the middle with Gail on my left and Cindy on my right. I leaned back and relaxed. Sitting between two hot 13-year-olds wasn't a bad situation, and I might wind up getting something out of this yet.

We talked about nothing in particular for a few minutes, then Gail leaned against me and turned her face to mine in an obvious invitation. I wasn't sure what Cindy was going to think, but I didn't really care. I put my tongue in Gail's mouth and slipped my hand up under her blouse to cup her breast. Gail's hand immediately went to the front of my jeans and began rubbing my fast-rising dick. I wished that I could see Cindy, but she was behind me the way I was facing. But then Cindy appeared in front of us, having decided to move off the couch to get a better look at what was going on. She had a look on her face that was a mixture of desire, curiosity, and horror.

Gail pulled away from the kiss and said, "Let's go into the bedroom!" I wasn't about to argue. I had no idea what Cindy might do when we headed for my bedroom, but she followed us down the hall.

When we got to the bedroom, Gail and I faced each other, standing next to my bed, and simply started to strip each other. Neither of us was thinking about foreplay or about being gentle, we simply wanted to get it on. Cindy stood a couple of feet away, watching us, her expression still showing that she wasn't quite sure what she thought about all of this.

When Gail and I were both naked, I stared at her tight little body for a few seconds, then pretty much just threw her onto the bed and climbed on top of her. My dick was practically screaming. I entered Gail's mouth with my tongue and her pussy with my cock at the same time. I was slamming into her hard and fast, grunting as she moaned into my mouth. After I'd fucked her for a couple of minutes, I had a sudden idea. I grabbed Gail's hips with my hands and held her against me as I rolled over onto my back, pulling swinging her up on top of me.

Gail sat stock-still on me for a moment, then began grinding her pelvis on my cock. It felt amazing to have this hot 13-year-old impaled on my dick, and judging by her moans and grunts, Gail didn't have any complaints about it either. Gail leaned down slightly, put her hands on my chest, and began massaging me, driving me into even more of a frenzy. I reached up and squeezed her small breasts together, then pinched her nipples, which had a similar affect on her.

I'd almost forgotten that Cindy was in the room, but now I glanced over and saw her standing next to the bed, and what I say nearly caused me to come right there. Cindy had pulled up her tank top and was feeling her tiny breasts with her left hand. Her right hand was between her legs, rubbing the crotch of her jeans. Her expression was no longer ambivalent; now it was pure lust as she stared at Gail and me on the bed. Her tongue was running over lips, and she was starting to breathe deeply.

"Hey, Cindy, if you want some get your clothes off and get up here." I wasn't sure if she was quite ready for that yet, but I sure wanted to find out. Cindy didn't hesitate. She started stripping, her tongue running lustful circles around her lips. I looked up at Gail, still grinding on my cock, and could see that she was watching Cindy as intently as I was. We both stared at Cindy's pale skin, small, cone shaped breasts, and the sparse blond hair between her legs. This could get interesting.

Once Cindy had stripped down to bare skin, she climbed up onto the bed, although she seemed a little unsure about what to do once she got there. I said, "Come here, baby," reached over and placed my hands on her hips, and guided her to my head. It took a little coaxing, but I slowly maneuvered Cindy so that she was on her knees with her legs straddling my face, facing Gail. I craned my head up a little, and snaked my tongue and flicked the tip against Cindy's pussy lips. "Eeeee!" Yes, she actually squealed when my tongue first touched her, and she lifted up, away from my face. I reached up, put my hands on her thighs, and pulled her back down so her crotch was just above my face. This time my tongue ran the length of her slit, from front to back, then squeezed between her lips and entered her pussy.

"Oooohhhh. WOW!" Cindy settled her pussy down onto my mouth and I started licking in earnest, driving my tongue as deep into her as I could, and making sure I licked far enough forward to hit her clit at least part of the time. Meanwhile, Gail was still going at it on my cock, which showing amazing stamina. It occurred to me that I might just be the luckiest teenage bastard on the planet, with one 13-year-old girl perched on my cock and another of the same age on my face.

I couldn't see much from my current vantage point except my nose and Cindy's ass, but I was pretty sure from the angles at which they were sitting, and the muffled moans I kept hearing from both of them, that Gail and Cindy had leaned in and were kissing each other, and probably letting their hands wander as well. I spread Cindy's ass cheeks slightly, and touched her anus with the tip of one finger. Cindy jerked upward pulling away from my face and fingers. With my mouth free I said, "Don't worry, Cindy, I'm not going to hurt you," and again pulled her back down to me. She didn't say anything, but seemed to trust me, as she settled back down on my face. I picked back up with tongue-lashing her pussy, and this time when I pressed a fingertip against her anus she twitched slightly, but didn't pull away. I began pressing my finger against Cindy's anus then pulling back, using just enough pressure to make her sphincter clench, but not enough to actually shove my finger into her ass. Cindy was now rocking herself back and forth on my mouth and finger the way Gail was on my cock. I was in heaven, and I was pretty sure that both girls had accompanied me.

Gail suddenly gasped. "Oooohhhh. Fuck. Aaaahhhh!" I felt her pussy muscles clamp down on my cock and she jerked, then relaxed. As her orgasm subsided, she rolled off my cock, which was still somehow as hard as ever. I still hadn't gotten off, and I was thinking it was about time.

Cindy's breath was now coming in short gasps. She was getting close, and I wanted to make sure she had an orgasm, which I was certain would be her first. Gail seemed to have the same idea. She was now on her knees next to me on the bed, and as I licked Cindy, I could feel that Gail had a finger on Cindy's clit and was rubbing it, hard. I reached up around Cindy with my free hand and began stroking up and down her belly, from the edge of her pubic hair to the base of her breasts.

I felt the muscles in Cindy's belly begin to flex and relax quickly. She moaned, "Ohhh, god. What...Uuuuhhhhnnnn!" She leaned over, trying to brace herself; I felt her long hair cascade around my still stiff cock. I finally jabbed my finger up inside her ass, and felt it grip me as I entered her. "Uh, uh, uh, uh." Her whole body spasmed, then she collapsed on top of me, her face landing on my hip next to my cock.

Gail stroked Cindy's hair and asked, "Was that good, baby?"

Cindy could only pant, ""

Gail told her, "You're not done yet, girl. Mike's still got a hard cock, and you need to find out what it feels like." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It sounded like my new girlfriend wanted to help me take another girl's virginity. Shit, I really had died and gone to heaven!

Gail pulled Cindy with her as she moved toward the head of the bed. Gail leaned back against the headboard, with her legs spread out along the bed. She positioned Cindy in front of her, so that Cindy's back was lying against Gail's chest and belly. Gail wrapped her arms around Cindy from behind and cupped Cindy's breasts in her hands, squeezing them and pinching the nipples. Cindy was breathing hard again already, but as I moved toward her on the bed, she still was thinking enough to say, "Wha...What are you going to do?" She was looking a bit scared again.

Gail answered for me. "He's gonna fuck you Cindy. He's gonna put his dick in you and fuck you."

I was right in front of Cindy now, moving my cock toward her pussy. She still looked scared, but at that point there was no way I was going to stop. I had learned something from the first time I'd fucked Gail, though, and now I warned Cindy, "When I first put it in it's going to hurt. Maybe a lot. But it'll get better after a couple of minutes." I actually sounded like I knew what I was talking about.

I pushed Cindy's knees up toward her chest, spreading them apart so her feet were outside of Gail's legs. Her wet pussy was open wide. I moved up against her, and set the tip of my cock against Cindy's pussy lips. She squirmed a little, but didn't tell me to stop. I ran my cock up and down her slit. Cindy moaned softly, and moved her hips to follow my cock. I pushed in slightly, so that just the head of my cock popped inside her.

"Aaahh. Are you going to put the whole thing in me?" There was still some fear on her face, but it was slowly being replaced by lust as I felt her pussy lips pulsing around the head of my cock.

"Yeah, honey, pretty soon."

I pushed forward, running about an inch of my shaft inside her. Cindy's eyes opened wide and she let out a huge breath that made her shudder. I slowly pulled back until just the head was inside her again, then moved forward, still slow, just a little further than before. I glanced up at Gail, who was now running her hands over Cindy's entire body, and saw on her face absolute pure lust. She was enjoying this even more than I was.

With no more warning I rammed my cock into Cindy as hard as I could. I tore through her cherry and plunged all the way into her, the tip of cock buried in her cervix.

"AAAAAIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!" Cindy's scream was piercing. Her pelvis jerked against mine in pain.

"Are you OK, Cindy?" I hadn't expected quite that much of a reaction. Gail had screamed, but almost immediately started enjoying it.

"It...hurts..." Cindy's eyes were closed, and she was biting her lower lip.

Gail said, "Don't worry baby, it'll be all right. It'll only hurt for a couple of minutes. I know."

I asked, "Do you want me to take it out?"

"NO! Don't do that. I'll be OK. I...I want"

I decided to move slowly with Cindy, unlike with Gail.. Still shocked that my cock held its load, I pulled back slowly until I almost popped out of Cindy, then moved back in again, still slow, until I was buried all the way inside her.

"Unnn...Unnn...Unnn..." At first it was hard to tell if Cindy's groans were more pain or pleasure. but after a couple of minutes there was no doubt. Cindy had her eyes closed, her head resting back on Gail's breasts, and her hips had started to move in time with mine. I was moving in and out of her faster now, and knew that I wasn't going to last much longer. I was trying to hold back, hoping to give Cindy another orgasm with my cock inside her, but it didn't look like I was going to make it. I felt my balls twitch, and shoved myself as far inside Cindy as I could as my cum started streaming into her.

Maybe it was feeling my semen flowing inside her, maybe it was how I banged against her on the last thrust. Maybe she was just ready. As I shot my load into her, I felt Cindy's pussy muscles twitch, followed by the rest of her body.

"Aaaahhhh...god...yeah...yeah" It felt like Cindy's orgasm shook her for five minutes before she relaxed back against Gail, still breathing heavily. I had collapsed on top of Cindy, too spent after what I'd been through to even pull my cock out of her. I just let it slowly shrink, and felt my semen, mixed with her pussy juices seeping out around it onto the bed.

After giving us a minute or so to recover, Gail asked, "So. What are we going to do for the rest of the day?"

A Night Of Firsts

ddn2003 on Virgin Stories

Life was good.  I had just turned the big 3-0.  I finally had a great job, a place of my own, great friends and an amazing girlfriend.  I still don’t know how I got Allison.  She’s an elementary school French teacher.  We met in her class.  I was invited by the vice-principal to talk to the French clas
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ses about my hometown of Montreal.  We went to lunch and seemed to hit it off.  I guess she looked past my physical features and saw the real me.  I’m 6 feet, 300 pounds, steadily losing the weight, but still a big guy.  Ally, on the other hand, is 5’4”, gorgeous with beautiful full breasts.  Guys hit on her all the time, thinking I’m the male best friend.  As much as I want to stand up and say or do something, she won’t let me.  She just politely declines their advances, saying that she’s out with her boyfriend.  Ally is truly amazing!

We made around a bit, but we were both conservative people.  I had been with a few other girls before, but Ally had admitted to being a virgin.  She told me that she was waiting for her “one and only”.  I could respect that.  Ally being very conservative, we never got naked or even semi-naked, but our hands would stray under each others clothes.  We didn’t get to be alone that much.  Her father made sure of that.

Her father was a little bit controlling.  Even at 25, Ally went with it.  She was still a daddy’s girl.  She still lived at home, having just started her teaching career.  The most insane thing was that even at her age, she still had a curfew and wasn’t allowed to stay over at my place ever!  It was almost like he didn’t like or trust me at all.  I know I’m a man, but I was and still am, a very respectful and conservative person.

My girlfriend and I had just celebrated our one year anniversary on Thursday.  I showed up at her parents’ house in a nice suit with a single rose, to mark our one year together.  I took her to a fancy restaurant.  We sat in a private area on the patio, where the string quartet played her favourite songs and melodies.  She even got them to play one of my favourites.  Who knew they knew Metallica!  For those who want to know, my favourite is Fade to Black.  We ended the night with a stroll on the Toronto harbourfront, looking out at waves.  I know, I know!  What can I say?  I’m a romantic.

Two days later, we were hanging at my place with our friends.  There was my best friend, Mike, his fiancée Rebecca, Hillary, an ex-girlfriend turned close friend, her husband Will, Ally’s friend Paul, his high school sweetheart Trish, Ally’s best friend Lyndsey and her boy toy of the week.  I forget his name.  While we were all in committed relationships, Lyndsey was slutty to say the least.  She always had a new boy toy almost every week.  We had fun watching a couple movies.  At least, most of us were.  Lyndsey was making out with her boy toy.  We played some games and drank lots of alcohol!

It was getting late and everyone started to leave.  Allison was looking tired and kind of drunk.  Since she drove over, I wasn’t about to let her drive home.  I offer to drive her home, knowing that her dad would be super pissed if she didn’t come home, but we couldn’t even make it to the door without her passing out.  I took her back to the sofa, grabbed her phone from her purse and called her parents.  Luckily, I got her mom.  Thank God her mom liked me!  I explained the situation and told her that Allison was going to sleep in my room and I was going to take the hide-a-bed.  Her mom knew that her husband was not going to be happy, so she didn’t say anything.  Once again, Thank God!

I picked Allison up and carried her to my room.  I gently put her down on the bed.  She sat up.  She wasn’t even drunk or tired.  She staged the whole thing so she could stay the night!  She knew I would NEVER cross her father, so she and Lyndsey planned the whole thing.  Wow!  I never knew she had it in her!  I wasn’t sure what to make of the situation.  She got up and kissed me.  Her kisses always seemed to make me forget about everything else.  She grabbed her purse and pulled out a small bag.  I had noticed it earlier.  Ally told me that she and Lyndsey had picked out something special for the night.

Ally told me to get into bed and went to the bathroom to change.  About five minutes later, she came back to the bedroom and I nearly fell out of the bed!  Allison stood there wearing a see-through black lace bra, matching thong panties and garter belt with shear black stockings!  In the back of my mind, I knew I had to thank Lyndsey for being so slutty!  I think she was waiting for me to say something.  The only thing I was able to mutter was “WOW!  You look… WOW!”  She walked over to the bed.  I was so distracted by her that I didn’t notice she pulled the sheets off me.  I was lying there in only my underwear.  She grabbed my crotch and said “You’re so predictable!  I love that about you!”

I finally was coming out of my daze.  Ally was trying to take off my underwear.  Still being the guy I am, I said “Before we go there, you’re a little overdressed.  Come lay down first.”  She got on the bed.  I unclipped the stocking on her right leg and slowly rolled it off.  I kissed her leg all the way to her inner thigh.  This was the closest my face had ever come to her pussy.  I repeated the process with her left leg and removed the garter belt too.  She must have liked it, because she let out a little moan.

I moved up between her legs and looking her in the eyes said “I love you” and french kissed her.  I rolled us over, so she was on top of me.  I looked up at this goddess on me.  Ally leaned down and we started kissing again.  After a few minutes of making out, I reach behind her and unclasped her bra and she responded by breaking the kiss to remove it.  I had fondled her breast before, but this was another first for us.  She had toonie ($2 Canadian coin) areolas and perfectly erect nipples.  I took them in my hands and started messaging them.  Ally was moaning softly.  I pulled her right breast to my mouth.  I randomly alternated between sucking her nipple, gently biting it and taking as much as I could in my mouth.  I would repeat this on her left breast.  She was now moaning loudly and saying how much she liked it   I continued for a few minutes before she raised up.

She pulled the drawstring on each side of her panties and pulled them off.  Ally waved them in front of my face before throwing them on the floor.  There was a definite and distinct odour!  She looked down at me and asked “Now who’s overdressed?”  She got off me and tugged at my underwear until they were off and on the floor.  We were now both naked.  By this time I was so hard that my dick was pointing straight up.  I’m not huge.  I’m a decent 6 inches, but thick.  “Oooooo!” was all she said before grabbing my dick with her petite hand and stroking it slowly.  I put my head back on the pillow, closed my eyes, enjoying the handjob.

Not more than a minute later, I felt something hot and wet wrap around my dick.  I looked down to see my goddess girlfriend sucking my dick!  What a sight!  What an amazing feeling!  It had been more than a year since a girl had given me a blowjob and Allison was doing a much better job!  I knew she must have learned from Lyndsey.  I really needed to thank Lyndsey!  Ally looked up at me while sucking on the head.  I smiled at her.  She smiled devilishly back and picked up the pace.  I told Allison that I was close to cumming, but that only seemed to make her more determined.  I felt my balls tighten up and warned her again.  Not two seconds later, I came hard in her mouth.  She did her best to take it all.  She cleaned off my dick and asked “How was that?  Was I good?”  My only response was shaking my head up and down.

I recovered my senses.  Allison told me that she had done that once to an old boyfriend, but she broke up with him because he tried to push her to do more than she wanted to.  That was the last time she ever went that far, until now.  I grabbed her hand and pulled her close to me.  We started kissing again.  My hand strayed down between her legs.  She was very wet.  I started rubbing her clit.  She moved her right leg on top on my legs to give me better access.  I started dipping my fingers into her pussy.  She was really tight.  I felt her hymen and stopped there.  I didn’t want to break it.

I broke our kissing and moved my mouth to her right breast.  Allison was breathing heavily and started rocking her hips to the rhythm.  She tried to say something.  All I made out was “Cu……mng”.  And with that, her pussy clamped down on my fingers.  When she stopped cumming, I got between her legs.  I began kissing her from her lips down her body.  I kissed all the way to her pussy.  I looked up and she gave the sign to continue.  I started eating her out.  From time to time, I would push my tongue in her pussy as far as possible or suck on her clit. She was moaning loudly and shifting a little.  I happily continued.

A few minutes later, she locked her legs tightly around my head.  From her moaning and actions, I knew Ally was going to orgasm soon, so I doubled my efforts.  I continued for another minute or two before she went stiff and starting to cum.  A rush of her cum splashed my face.  I just continued.  Just as she was coming down from her orgasm, another hit her harder.  Once again, I just continued.  My previous girlfriends always said if nothing else, I was best pussy eater they ever had!  I stopped after her 3rd orgasm (4th of the night!).  I began retracing my kisses back up to her lips, taking extra time on her breasts.

I was hard again and Allison could feel my dick pressing against her pussy.  She stopped kissing me, looked me in the eyes and said “Take me.”  I was happy we got this far, but I remembered her saying that she was waiting for her “one and only”.  To her that meant marriage.  I asked her if she was sure about that.  She responded with “I love you Dan!  I know you are my one and only.”  My conservative mind kicked in again.  I said “I love you too, but are you really sure you want to do this?”  “100%” was her answer.  Not having any condoms (never thought this would actually happen), I asked her if she was on the pill.  She said yes.  I raised myself up and grabbed my dick.  I lined it up with her pussy and slowly started to push in.  Even with all the lubrication, she was still incredibly tight.  I got the head in and just stayed there for a minute.  I looked down at her.  She was so beautiful.  I’m still not sure what she saw in a shlub like me, but that’s a different story.

I started moving in and out in a steady rhythm, each time pushing a little bit further in.  I reached her hymen and stopped again.  Last chance to save her virginity.  I looked deep into her eyes.  Ally shook her head up and down.  I started the rhythm again, pushing against her hymen.  After a few strokes, I pushed through and was all the in.  She was grimacing in pain and tears were dripping down her face.  I leaned down, kissed her and said “The worst is over.  Tell me when you want me to continue.”  A couple minutes later, she looked up and told me to continue.  I pulled all the way out, until only the tip of my head was in and slowly pushed all the way back in.  She commented on feeling so full and how this was the first time anything was in her pussy.  She never even used a dildo.  Like I said before, Allison was very conservative.

I continued my rhythm and started to pick up the pace with each stroke.  She started to move her hips to my rhythm.  Allison was again breathing heavily and moaning.  We had been going for some time.  Must have been at least 20 or 30 minutes.  She was loving it!  I was loving it!  She came at least a couple more times, maybe more.  After the last orgasm, I was ready to cum.  I again asked if she wanted me to pull out.  She shook her head no.  A few strokes later, I pushed deep inside her and came hard.  Spurt after spurt after spurt.  It felt like forever!  I pulled out and rolled off her.  Cum was dripping out her pussy.  Allison cuddled up to me and said “Thank you.  That was amazing!”  Being her first time, she was a little sore.  It was understandable.  We fell asleep cuddled together.

The next morning, I awoke to a new, yet familiar sensation.  Allison was back at it, giving me a blowjob!  Had she gone from conservative to nymph?  She noticed that I was awake.  She took her mouth off my dick and said “Ah… I’m glad you’re awake!  Ready for more?”  I answered “Of course.  What do you have in mind?”  Allison crawled up and straddled my waist.  She leaned down and kissed me.  My dick was right at her pussy.  She just pushed back and impaled herself on it.  “My turn!”  I didn’t have any objections.  She started to move up and down, slowly at first.  As we got more and more into it, I started playing with her nipples.  She was going faster and faster, as if it was the end of the world.

Ally started to cum.  Her orgasm put me other the top.  I started cumming in her again!  She got off quickly and tried to get as much as possible in her mouth.  She started licking the rest off me.  When Ally was finished, I slapped her ass and told her to go shower.  Too bad my shower was small.  Not enough room for the two of us.  We both showered and got dressed.  We drove back to her parents’ house in separate cars.  I wasn’t about to let her take her father’s tirade.  I was prepared to take the brunt of it.  Boy was I in for it!

When we got there, her dad was mad.  He demanded that I talk with him in his study.  He asked me what happened.  I repeated the story.  She was too tired and drunk.  She slept in my bed and I slept on the hide-a-bed.  I assured him nothing happened.  I wouldn’t take advantage of his daughter in the state she was in.  I loved her.  He accepted what I told him.  As he was about to usher me out, I told him that I had something to ask him.  He invited me to sit down.  He said “What’s on you’re mind?”  I told him that Allison and I had been dating for a year.  We love each other very much.  I proceeded to ask him for permission to marry his daughter.

He just sat there… silent.  For an outspoken man, the silence was eerie.  After an agonizing minute or two, he finally responded with “If she says yes, I will give you my blessing.”  As we got up and headed to the door, he said “Ever since I met you, I was always wondering if you had the balls to ask me that!”  He was suddenly a different man.  He was… nice to me!  Was kind of creepy, but he was being nice to me.  I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth!

We walked back to the living room, where Ally, her mom and sisters (one older, one younger) were sitting.  Allison got up and asked if everything was ok.  I told her yes and that I had some things to do today.  She was relieved.  I kissed her and told her that I’d call her later.  When I got to my car, I grabbed my phone and called Mike and Hillary.  I told them I needed their help and asked if I could pick them up.  Being my two closest friends, they of course said yes.  They were curious what I needed help with.  I told them ring shopping.