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Deer Hunters get there Doe.

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I have been married now to my wonderfull husband for over 20 years. Earlier in your married life we did some swinging with other people, but it had been years now. Resently we sat down looking at some pictures and talked about maybe enjoying other people again for sex. A few week ago on sat Nov. 19th we took a little trip over to Lumpkin, Ga. for a picknic, the weather is rather warm for this time of year. We enjoyed ourselfs, had several drinks, then headed home. We desided to take some back roads, and I would say that about 6 miles west of Dawson, Ga. we crosed over two bridges and I turned to my husband and ask him if we could go back. He said sure, so we turned around, and I said lets go skinny dipping.

   We fixed ourselfs another drink out of the trunck, and made our way down the slop to the creek. We striped down naked and endured the rush of cold water, but we quickly got use to it. I`m a warm natured person and I love cold water. After a few minuits we heard a noise and we noticed someone running off threw the woods. We just though someone had simply be spying on us, but we learned diffrently we we got out to leave. Someone had taken our cloths. Our car key was in my husbands pants pocket so we were in quite a fix. Maybe it was the alcohol, but he said lets walk in the direction that the person ran in and see if we can find our cloths. So we did, and some we were hering noise again. This time it was motor of some kind. All of a sudden from over a rise came two 3 wheelers towrord us. I snuggled close to my husband, both of us completly naked, but there wasn`t any thing we could do but just stand there.

  We explaned want had happened, they said don`t worry, that they knew it was there friend who had taken our stuff, and he probably was back at there hunting camp by now. They seemed very nice, even to the point that they had overlooked our nudity. they offered us a ride to ther camp so we didn`t have to walk. My husband helped me get my leg over the back of one of the 3 wheelers, the guy said just hold on. I`m sure that thats every mans dream to have a naked women with there arms around you somewhere in the woods. I must admitt it was kinda exciting to me to know that here are total strangers, I`m naked, drunk, and still horny from our swim. After my husband helped me get on, he turned to walk over to the other 3 wheeler and both speed off with me living my hubby behind. Now at the time I did not no that that had happened, I just figured that he was riding along to. My husband begain walking following the tire tracks, as I raced off to the deer hunters camp.

  Once ariving at camp, they said to come over and set down, where they offered me a beer, I said sure. One told me that my husband desided to walk, so we could talk untill he came. They must have sliped something in my beer, for it did not take long for me to start filling disszy, and to say the lest horny. I had noticed one of the guys had a large swelling in his pants. I was remembering back to our fun days having sex with other people, and that was clouding my mind.

  I was handed several more beers, I had completly forgot about my husband not being with me, and I got up walked over and sat down on the lap of one of the hunters. I was sending a clear measage now that I was horny and they didn`t waist any time helping out a stranger in need. I was asked if I wanted to play the part of a doe in season, not knowing what that meant I said sure. I din`t reilize that I was the doe, had already be caught, so now I had to be cleaned, and prepared, for eating. They picked me up and tied me upside down just like you would tie up a deer, and slowly then progressivly they took turns sliding there fingers into my wet pussy and even into my ass. The guy that had taken our cloths came up with his big hard cock placed it into my mouth, and I begain to enjoy the strangness and horny rush of beeing a doe in heat. I was being used , pleasured, and enjoyed by these hunters. They tryed every thing from beer bottles to smooth sticks to open up my womenhood. After what seemed much longer than it realy was, I was let down where one by one they let me suck them. Then one by one I took there manhood deep inside my pussy, being filled on more than one ocation with hot cum. Only one of them fucked my ass exploding at the end. My dreams of getting back into swinging, was now more of a gangbang, but it satisfided a long over due pleasure.

 I was given another beer, several kisses and huges, and only our car key to leave with. Pointed in the right direction, I cam across my husband, we laghfed about him being left, and now I`m faced with telling him that I had been apart of a gangbang deep in the woods. At this point all I will say is I do hope these hunters will be back next deer season.

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