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I watched my wife please a black man with her mouth

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I have always fantisized about my wife with another man, particularily a black man.  There is something about her gentle touch on a soft black cock that always makes me insane.  One night, I got my wish.  My wife is brunette, with an awesome set of tits and a nice, soft, round ass.  Her gentle touch with her fingers and her mouth will give you goosebumps.

One night we were at a hotel, drinking heavily at the pool/hot tub area.  It was only us in the hot tub, with a small family in the pool.  In walked a black god, who looked like a football player.  6 foot and cut like a rock, with smooth,  hairless skin.  He climbed into the hot tub and greated us.  My wife started to talk to him while she licked the rim of her beer bottle and I was dizzy.  When my wife got out to use the bathroom, he stared at her ass (which she wiggled accordingly), all the way to bathroom.  He commented to me how pretty she was and what a nice body she had.  I agreed and suggested he flirt with her (I couldn't believe I was saying this, but this was my chance) and that I would leave to go get another drink and he should even move in closer to her.  He agreed and when she came back, I excused myself and watched from the hallway by the bathrooms.

I saw him slide over next to her and talk to her very closely.  She responded by continuing to "play" with her beer bottle.  After a few minutes of this, I came back and sat on the other side of the hot tub.  My wife asked what I was doing over there and I indicated that it looked like they were having a good time, to which she responded "we are." 

Suddenly, he got up and went into the pool.  I asked my wife if she liked him, and she responded yes.  I asked if she wanted to "fool" with him, and she replied that "she couldn't do that."  I told her she could and to head  up to the room and get dried off and I would take care of him.  She asked if I was sure about this and I just said "do it."

I told him to go to his room and shower up and show up in nothing but a pair of shorts and a shirt.  Then I went up to my room and found my wife already in the shower.  While she dried off I nervously asked her what we were going to do and how she wanted to do it.  She firmly told me to take off my cloths and go sit in the chair and I did. 

There was a knock at the door and my wife answered the door wearing nothing but a short silk robe.  It was him at the door.  She didn't say a word and just led him into the room.  She then stood before him, put her arms around him and began to slowly slide her tounge in and out of his mouth, while he reached around and grabbed my wifes round ass through her silky robe.  She stepped back and told him to take his cloths off, which he did.  He stood there naked with a half hard black cock that was a solid 8 or 9 inches.  My wife gently slide her hand across his balls and shaft and just moaned.  She ordered  him to lay down on the bed, and he did.  Then she said, "on your back, I want to play with your ass."  I was in shock.  My cock was rock hard and throbbing, while pre-cum dribbled from the tip. 

With her soft hands and long finger nails, she stroked his back and massive, smooth ass cheeks.  She then gently traced her finger up and down the crack of his ass, stopping just long enough to tease his asshole.  She leaned down and placed gentle kisses on his ass cheeks and ran her tounge all over his bare ass.  I asked her what she was doing and she softly replied, "just playin" while she stroked his ass.  With that she looked a me, smiled, and dropped her head between his ass cheeks and slid her tounge into his asshole.  His head shot up and he began to moan.  She picked her head up and said, "do you like that baby?"  He could only moan. She pulled his cheeks apart and slowly moved her tounge all around his asshole and asscrack.  Here I was watching my wife do something she has barely done to me, and lovinging it.

She pinched his ass and motioned for him to roll over, he was rock hard and throbbing.  She licked his chest and stomach, then carressed and sucked on his big balls.  She took his cock in her hand, moved over so her bare ass was sticking out a me from under her robe, and began to slowly lick his shaft back and forth.  I couldn't see what was going on because her back was to me, but it appeared she was deepthroating him.  He was sitting up with her hand on her head panting like crazy.  She held him down in position with her hand and knee, while the other hand stroked his balls and fingered his ass.  I heard him let out a loud moan and my wife stopped for a second.  I could hear her heaving breathing, so I know he must have been coming and she was swollowing.  Then she slowly kept moving her head up and down until she raised her head and cleared her throat.  He was done.  He had cum a massive load into my wifes mouth and she swallowed it all.  She got off the bed and I could see his cock laying there limp, still covered with siliva.  My wife walked over to me, kissed my on the lips and asked if I enjoyed the show.  I just grabbed her head and kissed her open mouthed so I could taste his cum.  I jerked myself off as I kissed her, while she squeezed my balls.  I came all over myself and her. 

Our visitor quickly got dressed and left without a word.  We fucked passionately all night long, but never spoke of the episode.  I hope to do it again someday.  Everytime I jerk off, I have that vision in my mind and the taste of his come in my mouth.  


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