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sharing my wife

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sharing my wife -

I watch as he slowly eases the full length of his cock into her tight pussy, he slowly pulls out till the head is all that is in her and eases back into her as she moans from the feeling of her pussy being filled full of rock hard cock ,feeling a cock touch the bottom of her pussy for the first time in years.

watching my beautiful, sexy wife making love to another man as I watch her. Wow, Some fantasy's do come true.

We went out for a night on the town, dinner and dancing,

we were at this local bar, and this nice looking clean cut kid came up and asked me for permission to ask my wife for a dance, I smiled at her and said yes , Tammy is a great looking lady 5'3 long sandy blond hair, hazel eyes, a tight round ass that looks good in anything, and the most beautiful small breast.

As they went to the dance floor, my fantasy was dancing in my head, I could actually see them, after the dance he walked her to the table and thanked us and asked if he may have another the next round, Tammy said yes and off he went, after a few shots and a couple beer, we were having a good time when Tammy's young dance partner came back by and asked for a dance, as they danced he would move his hand lower and lower till he was holding her ass in his hand, and I knew something was going to happen tonight the thought turned me on, and I could tell Tammy was enjoying the attention, she never once tried to move his hand, I was watching as he gave her a gentle squeeze, when the song was over they walked back to the table and she asked him to sit with us.

turned out his name was Jay he stood about 6'0 had a athletic build and he was in college at the local university.

we were talking and dancing ,and having a few more drinks when he asked if we would like to get out of there to his place for a drink and maybe a smoke.

Tammy looked at me and said sounds cool, so off we went we followed him to his house.

once inside he told us to make ourselves at home and grabbed a few beers from the fridge, he pulled out some stash. we smoked one and talk turned to flirting between them.

the lighting was dim and we all seemed to fade in to a light shadow.

as we talked Tammy had gotten up to go freshen up some and Jay asked if we were cool, I told him that all I was going to do was sit and watch to see where this all goes. he asked me what I meant and I told him that if she was in the mood ,and she would let it happen ,that it was cool with me if he wanted her as long as I was watching and he didn't do anything she didn't want to do and that he never spoke of what happens to anyone. he agreed with a smile.

Tammy was still in the bathroom when he asked if he could try now, he would take her to the bedroom.

so he showed me to the room and I found a place where I could see but she could not see me.(I didn't want her to stop anything cause I was there) Jay met her at the door and they talked for a second and he kissed her, she looked around and I was nowhere to be found she let him kiss her again and he moved his hand down caressing her back.

they were kissing passionately as he picked her up and carried her to the bed , he slowly began to undress her as he undressed himself. He kissed her neck then kissed his way down to her breast's gently sucking on one then the other, he moved in between her legs and licked her pussy ,I could tell he found her clit when she moaned,

Tammy loves to have her pussy eaten, as he ran his tongue along her lips sliding his tongue inside her, licking up to her clit flicking his tongue over it till she was withering and Cumming.

he slid his finger in her pussy circling it around in side her sucking on her clit, as she came again he kissed his way back up her body, as he positioned himself I could see that he looked to have a couple more inches than I did and that he much thicker, he was kissing her as he began to slid the head of his cock up and down her slit getting the head wet, rubbing it around her clit, till she begged him to put it in her.

he shoved the head of his cock into her, she moaned loudly from the feeling of his cock entering her pussy.

he stopped at about half the way in her letting her pussy stretch to accommodate the size of his tool, as he began to pull out and then push in a little more deeper with each motion till she was Cumming again, he wasn't all the way in her yet. I could tell that she was loving the feeling inside her body from having her pussy filled full of hard cock.

he pushed the rest of his huge cock into her body as she came again she was really hot, digging her nails into his back and kissing him hard as he pulled all the way out and pushed his full length back into her pussy hitting the bottom with each thrust,

her amazing tight pussy stretching to fit this monster inside her was a fantasy come true.

I was watching my sexy beautiful wife with another man , she was filled full of hard cock and she was loving it.

his pace picked up as she came again ,he was now pulling all the way out and sliding all the way back in. his balls bouncing off her ass as he hit bottom, Tammy was hissing and moaning as Jay fucked his huge cock in and out of her body.

she came again as he slammed his cock in to her, he pulled out of her and turned her over onto her stomach, he grabbed her hips and pulled her up and put his cock back into her and eased it back into her fully.

He began to slowly fuck in and out till Tammy had gotten used to his huge cock this way.

when she came again, he started to fuck his cock into her pussy faster and harder with each thrust, Until Tammy was screaming with ecstasy from the feeling inside her pussy.

the pounding of this huge cock filling her pussy to its max, she was Cumming almost constantly now.

Jay was pounding away at her, his balls bouncing on her pussy, Jay yelled he was going to cum. he slammed hard in to Tammy's pussy as he pulled out and slapped his cock between her ass cheek and squeezed them together around his cock pumping his load all over Tammy's back.

they collapsed on to the bed.

Jay rolled off of her to the side. I couldn’t help It, I had to feel what she felt like after that.

I stripped off my clothes and climbed onto the bed behind her.

I laid down on top of her and slid my hard cock into her open wet pussy.

the feeling of her opened wide and wet felt so good, knowing that she had just been filled full of another man's huge cock.

I pumped my load in to her amazing hot pussy.

I laid down on top of her kissing her as our juices mixed, my cock still hard.

jay leaned up, he was hard again. I pulled out and he pushed back into her with a long hard thrust.

he pumped a few times and I would enter her ,we traded off pumping her pussy that way for a few minutes.

Tammy was moaning louder as we took turns fucking her open pussy, I pulled out and Jay pulled her on top of him, Tammy climbed on top of his cock and slid down onto him moaning until she had him all the way inside her again.

I was behind her kissing her neck and squeezing her tits,

Tammy was really going crazy as Jay pulled her down and kissed her long and hard.

I pressed the head of my cock against her tight ass, she broke the kiss and told me to go easy,(oh man I was going to live all my fantasy out tonight) another mans huge cock inside Tammy's pussy as my cock entered her ass.

I eased the full length of my cock into her ass as Jay and I pounded away at my wife, the feeling of her ass wrapped tight around my cock as her pussy was filled again to it’s limit.

We fucked her hard and fast. Jay moaned out he was going to cum.

He drove hard and deep inside her causing her to scream out.

I held her down against him. His cock buried deep inside my wife

His moaning told me he was shooting his seed deep inside my wife’s pussy.

The thrill of watching another man pump his seed deep inside my wife’s pussy sent me over the edge.

I pumped another load into Tammy's body, this time deep inside her ass.

Tammy began to shake from another orgasm collapsing onto Jay, our cocks still throbbing inside her hard used body.



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