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The Silken Family Trap Part II

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The Silken Family Trap – Part II


Michele Nylons

"We are in so much trouble now" my sister Eileen said as she walked into my room. I was lying on bed trying to come grips with what I just done; I had raped my sister for all intents and purposes. Sure she liked it in the end, but I had forced myself on her.

"I’m sorry sis," I said. She came over and sat next to me on the bed and smiled.

"Its ok. I have to say I quiet enjoyed it. I can’t believe how much come you shot, my panties are soaked and my pantyhose are ruined."

"Can I have them then?" I smirked.

"God, your just like all my boyfriends; sex, sex, sex, that’s all they think off"


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ot; I said looking down at my crotch. Her eyes followed mine and she smiled when she saw bulge there.

"So soon Mike? God you’ve got a recovery rate most girls would love. But you’re not putting that thing near me again with mom asleep in the next room. Its lucky we weren’t caught just before."

I pouted, "But sis, you turn me on" I said and reached out and stroked her nylon covered thigh. I could see up her shiny legs up her skirt to the wet nylon covering her pussy. Just knowing that it was my sperm there got me even more aroused.

"I know what I can do for you." She smiled "Boys love this." She stood up and left the room. I was so disappointed but she came straight back with sly grin on her face. "You like to look up my skirt and look at my pantyhose and panties, don’t you?" she said. My sister then hopped on the bed and sat directly in front of me. She spread her legs and her white A-line skirt rode up to reveal her silken nylon thighs and come soaked panty crotch that had become almost transparent now it was wet with my semen.

Then she reached down and opened my fly; my hard cock popped straight out. It was red and throbbing and had a smear of pre-come at the tip. "Now I know you’ll like this" she said and bought her hand out from behind her back. In her fist she had a pair of white nylon pantyhose, I recognised them immediately as mom’s, she wore them as part of her nurse’s uniform.

My sister reached out and slowly drew the sheer nylon of my mom’s pantyhose over my cock and pulled it taught just like putting on a stocking. I had done this many times to myself of course, but the feel of my sister’s hand against my nylon-encased cock was exquisite. "Oh yes sis" I moaned.

Eileen had long fingernails, painted slut red of course because she is one. Her long fingers slid lightly up and down my nylon-covered cock; they felt like satin butterflies. I started to moan softly and she took the other leg of the pantyhose, placed her hand inside and began so slowly stroke my balls at the same time. I groaned "Oh sis, that’s lovely. Please don’t stop"

"Why would I stop Mike? You obviously need the relief, it’s the least a girl can do for brother" she smirked and gripped my pantyhosed cock a little tighter and wanked it slowly. "Here is something for you to look at while I make you come" she said and quickly changed position so she was straddling my face. Her silken pantyhosed thighs were right beside my head and I rolled my head to one side and started to lick them.

The feeling of my sister wanking me off with my mom’s pantyhose and the feel of my sister's sheer nyloned legs and ass against my face and tongue sent me into nylon ecstasy. "Imagine they are mom’s thighs you’re rubbing your cock on" she whispered. "They’re her nylons, I took them from the laundry basket, you can probably just still smell her cunt on them"

My sister talking like that caused my cock to become turgid; I was terribly close to coming. "Here Mike, you can definitely smell mine" she laughed and lowered her pantyhose and nylon panty covered snatch on my face. It was lovely, even though my come had soaked the gusset of her nylons and panties, I could feel her hot pussy and taste her juice.

I started to lick my sister’s hot cunt through her nylon panties. I bit into her pantyhose making a small hole for tongue to fit through. I pushed my tongue against the nylon of her panty gusset and moved it back and forth. My sister responded by pushing herself down on my face, and my tongue stated to lap faster at her silken gusset.

We must have looked quiet a sight, my sister crouched over me with her skirt rucked up and her pantyhose legs astride my face and my face buried in her panty covered pussy. My hard cock covered with my mom’s white pantyhose, being wanked by her red fingernailed hand.

I felt the grip on my cock tighten through the sheer nylon, and Eileen’s pace quicken. She pushed her panty-cunt harder against my face and my tongue forced the gossamer thin nylon of her panties inside her whilst by chin was rubbing her clitty. I could feel her really start to wank my cock hard now and my sister sensed my orgasm approaching.

"Come in mom’s nylons Mike! Come on brother of mine, fill your mommies pantyhose with your creamy come!"

I pushed my tongue as far as I could get it inside my sister panty covered cunt and gripped her sheer nyloned thighs, I pushed up and felt her gush of fluid in the crotch of her panties. At the same time she gripped my nylon covered cock as tight as she could and wanked it furiously. "Come in mom’s nylons Mike, let your sister ease your tension, shoot for me brother"

It was too much, the feel of pantyhose thighs in my hands and her sheer panties on my face; the silken caress of my mom’s pantyhose on my cock being wanked by my sister; it was just too much.

I groaned and felt myself release. Come was boiling out of my cock and trapped in the nylon of mommies’ pantyhose. It lubricated the shaft of my cock as my sister continued to wank it. "GOOOOOOD!!!!" I groaned as wave after wave of pleasure exploded inside me. "OHHH sis, that’s just SOOOO good."

Just then the door flew open and there was our mom standing in the doorway, her skirt creased around her thighs; she had obviously just woke up from her nap. She looked in the room and saw her son lying on the bed, with his cock being wanked into her pantyhose by her daughter, who was sitting on her son’s face, her skirt rucked up to display her nyloned legs and panty ass and crotch.

"Just what the fuck do you two think your doing!" she shouted.


To be continued………………….

The Silken Family Trap Part I

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The Silken Family Trap


Michele Nylons


My father was away interstate, had been for six months and would be for another year. As a fifteen-year-old boy, it was hard to come to grips that my father was in prison and I was ‘the man of the house’. Mom was a nurse who worked a long day shift and came from work dog tired most evenings.

She just flopped on the lounge without even removing her uniform, kicked off her white loafers, and crashed. She was a voluptuous woman who filled out her white nurses uniform, it stretched across her bosom and ass and the hemline was short. She wore lots of makeup and had flaming red hair; I had overheard other mothers at school talk about her behind he back; how she dressed like a ‘trollo

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p’; but their husbands eyes found her ass, long legs, and bust, and I could see their lust right there. I think a lot of those mothers were jealous.

My sister Eileen was a trollop, no doubt about it. She was 17 and had inherited mom’s figure and long legs, she wore far too much makeup and her school uniform skirt was far too short. Eileen liked to flaunt the rules, she was always on detention for not conforming to the school dress code but she couldn’t care less.

She wore her skirt as short as she could get away with and instead of wearing the prescribed uniform brown ankle-socks; she wore sheer to the waist pantyhose. The boys loved her and she loved them. She didn’t care about her reputation, as she saw it, at the age of sixteen and in her last year at school, it was more important to be popular than to get an education. Eileen was known as the ‘town bike’ and on parents and teachers day at school, the same fathers that cast their eyes on my mom could not help also glancing at Eileen with the same longing.

Living in the same house as my mom and sister did have advantages. From as long as I could remember I have had a fetish for nylon stockings and pantyhose. Mom wore either white or beige pantyhose with her nurse’s uniform and my sister wore beige to school but sometimes black or other coloured pantyhose with her street clothes. Of course once they were damaged they were discarded, but they did not stay in the trash long before they became part of my collection.

Alone in my room I would enact my pantyhose fantasies. I would wear them, sniff them, and wank in them, all kinds of pantyhose perversion. I loved the sight, feel, and smell of nylons. I could get an erection just rubbing their silken material against my face, and could orgasm by just rubbing my cock against the silky fabric. Yes living with two ladies who wore pantyhose every day had its advantages.

It also had its disadvantages. In the evenings I was constantly surrounded by two sexy women wearing sheer pantyhose and short dresses and skirts. I think because I was a son and a brother to them that both mom and sis just didn’t take any notice me as a man. They both often sat around with their skirts hiked up or legs akimbo and were often in various states of undress in my presence. I was just Mike, the son and brother who was a nice guy, studied hard, had few friends, and kept to himself. I think they actually felt a bit sorry for me, a geeky loner who spent most of his time in his room.

But if only they knew what I got up to in there, with their discarded pantyhose and the odd pair of nylon panties I had stolen. I wore their pantyhose and panties. I knew the sweet yet musky sell of their vaginas intimately; I had put the same silky nylon gusset that had encased their pussies against my penis. In my fantasies my mom and sister would wank me off with their nylon-encased toes. If only they knew…………………..but one day they found out.

Mom had come home about seven thirty, dog-tired from a day at the hospital. She kicked off her white loafers and the pungent yet arousing smell of nylon encased feet that had spent all day in hot shoes hit my nose. She ruffled my hair and kissed my cheek.

"Mom is just going to lie down for a little while son," she said. "Please go and fix me an ice cold Coke". I went into the kitchen and fixed the Coke and returned to the living room to find mom asleep on the lounge.

She was lying on her side and her white nurse’s uniform dress had rucked up around her ass. She was wearing white pantyhose today and pulled on a pair of white nylon panties over them. The crotch of mom’s panties looked hot and stained from her long day at work.

This was not an unusual situation, mom often crashed on the lounge like this and I would steal furtive glances up her skirt until I could take it no more and retire to my room for relief. This evening however, I knew my sister had a hot date with some guy she had been trying to get to take her out for ages. She wouldn’t be home for ages. I had my chance to try something I had wanted to do for a long time.

I put the Coke on the table and sat on the far end of the lounge. The TV was on and deliberately make plenty of noise and movement, I had to be sure mom was sleeping deeply. She didn’t stir at all. I reached out and gently placed my hand on her calf. I caressed the sheer nylon and immediately felt myself get hard in my jeans.

I stroked mom’s nylon calf for a couple of minutes, it felt lovely but it was also my plan to see haw far I could go without waking her up. She remained dead to the world. I took a deep breath and slid my hand up her thigh, the nylon was stretched taught and shiny here and as I stroked mom’s thigh I felt a drop of pre-come drip out of the end of my penis. I reached down and slowly unzipped my fly.

My throbbing hard cock sprang out; it was red and engorged. I continued to caress mom’s pantyhosed thigh and slowly wank my cock. It was nice but I wanted to feel that sheer nylon on my cock; I wanted to touch my mom with it. I re-positioned myself and was now on my knees on the end of the lounge. If mom woke up now I would have no alibi, kneeling there with my cock out of my jeans. I bent down over mom and put my nose next to her nylon covered pussy, I breathed in the heady aroma of mom’s cunt though her panties and hose.

I gently stroked the sheer white nylon of her panty crotch and felt the heat mom’s pussy had generated. I dare not linger in this compromising position any longer; I sat back down on the lounge. Now I eased myself so I was hunched over mom’s legs. I placed my cock against my mother’s pantyhosed calf and began to rub it gently against the sheer nylon. The feeling was exquisite and I became lost in my fantasy come true. I was rubbing my hard cock against my mom’s nyloned leg finally one of my deepest desires had come true. I knew what I was doing was wrong but it felt so good.

Then the door flew open and my sister flew into the room "That cheap, no good asshole" she yelled, then…………… "What the fuck do you think you’re doing?" She hissed at me.

"I, I, I, Shhhhhhhhhh" I hissed back quickly shoving my cock back in my pants.

Mom stirred "What’s up!"

"Nothing mom, just go back to sleep ok," I soothed.

I was glaring at Eileen who was mesmerised with shock at what she had seen. I got up and grabbed my sister and shoved her out of the room, down the hall, and in to my room.

"You, you, you" she stammered "were touching mom with your thing." she was still shocked but now she seemed to be coming around.

"You, you, you………You dirty little bastard." she started to smirk.

"I knew you were a perv, all the time you spend in your room with the door locked. All the times I couldn’t find my pantyhose and panties. And all the times mom and I found those suspicious stains on the pantyhose and panties we had left to hang in the bathroom!"

"You fucking dirty perv!"

"Shut up" I hissed in her face. "Shut up! shut up! shut up!" I pushed her and she fell on my bed, she looked up at me and laughed

"Wait until I tell everyone about my brother the pantyhose pervert," she said vindictively.

She was lying where I had pushed her, propped on her elbows facing me. Her legs were apart and her short white A-line skirt was hiked up to the top of her thighs, her platform high heels swung just off the floor. Her bust heaved with anger and then laughter, straining her breasts against the pink cashmere sweater she was wearing.

Her legs were encased in the shiny gossamer of taupe pantyhose, I could tell they were the expensive, sheer to waist kind she wore for her best dates. With her sluttish makeup and flaming red hair I could understand why the boys all loved her, she was my sister but I felt my erection start to return just looking at her.

"You aren’t telling anyone about anything," I said.

"Like fuck I’m not," she laughed back. "Starting with mom. She will be really keen to know her son was dry humping her leg like some dog on heat I’ll bet"

"You will be lucky if she doesn’t throw you out," she sneered.

"Oh I don’t think you will!" I hissed at her and then I noticed the fear in her face, she knew she had pushed me too far. I knew I was caught dead to rights and the only way I could save myself from a life of blackmail from bitch sister was to make sure I could blackmail her back.

"Yeah, I don’t think you can tell anyone anything about my pantyhose fetish, especially as you are a willing participant." I sneered at my sister.

"What the fuck are you talking about," she just managed to get out when I fell on her. I pushed my face into hers and mashed my lips against hers. She struggled and I followed the movements of her head to keep my mouth over hers to keep her quiet. She was struggling beneath me but even though she was a well-built girl, I easily outweighed her. I reached down and opened fly and pulled out my cock, it was semi-erect.

Eileen could feel me moving on top of her and when she felt my half-hard cock on her pantyhosed thigh she really began to struggle. I began to harden as I felt the silky feel of my sister’s nyloned thighs rubbing my cock. I didn’t have to move because her struggling was making a nice rocking motion that kept my cock rubbing nicely on her hosed thighs.

My sister wasn’t dumb, she was no virgin and figured out what I was doing and stopped struggling. She pulled her head right back and breathed out softly

"But I’m your sister Mike, I’m your sister!"

"I know that. You are my cock teasing, slut sister, who lounges around the house showing off her assets just to tease me. If you suspected I had a pantyhose fetish, then you must have done all that on purpose!"

"But I’m still your sister, we can’t," she sobbed.

"Well I can," I said.

I reached between us and hiked up her skirt all the way over her hips, I positioned my now rock hard cock between her silky nyloned legs and against the gusset of the nylon panties she wore under her pantyhose. Then I began to move slowly back and forth, pushing my cock against her gossamer encased pussy. She had given up the struggle and was quietly sobbing, her head was resting against mine.

"Don’t Mike, please don’t, I’m your sister," she whispered.

"I don’t care," I whispered back. "I have wanted to do this for so long, I don’t care about the consequences." I whimpered and then gently kissed her.

She didn’t respond at first so I kept up the pressure lightly on her lips until I felt the first stirring’s in her. My cock, which was encased in the folds of her pussy but surrounded by the nylon of her panties and hose, suddenly felt sticky warmth against it. Although I was close, I knew I hadn’t come yet, so it could mean only one thing, my sister was getting wet.

Oh my God! I got even more excited now and started a rhythmic humping, that forced the head of my cock to push against where I though her clitty might be under the nylon of her hose and panties. I must have been close because I felt my sister squirm slightly and adjust her ass so that my cock moved a fraction to what must have been the right position for her.

Then I felt my sister start to hump me back, as I pressed my cock against her she pushed back against me. I was in heaven, dry humping my sister like this. I put my hands under her ass and squeezed her buttocks through her sheer hose and nylon panties. It felt wonderful. Then she amazed me! My sister lifted her legs up and rubbed them over my back.

She reached around and pulled my shirt out of my pants and rucked it up my back. I felt her pantyhose legs lock behind my back and rub the sensitive skin there, as she rocked in time with my thrusts. She was now rising up to meet my thrusts and kissing me passionately.

She was breathing hard and fast. The feel of her pantyhose encased legs rubbing my back, her nylon pantied ass in my hands, her soft lips kissing me, her sheer pantyhosed and nylon panty covered cunt pushing against my cock was exquisite and I felt myself about to release.

I pushed hard against my sister and felt the end of my cock push the fabric of her pantyhose and panties just inside her cunt. It was too much. I shuddered and felt streams and streams of my semen flood into her and soak the material of her panties and hose.

She shuddered back and gripped me with her tight nyloned legs and I felt her orgasm rage through her and her cunt spasm against my nylon covered cock.

We held each other that way for a few minutes, then she lay back and dropped her legs. She smiled up at me through her smeared makeup and said:

"We are in so much trouble now," and giggled.


To be continued.

The Silken Family Trap Part IV

PantyhosePrincess on Incest Stories

The Silken Family Trap – Part IV


Michele Nylons

On the third thrust I pushed in as far as I could and rubbed my balls on her panty-ass and concentrated on the feel of her silken nylon legs against me. I exploded; torrents of come seemed to explode out my cock. The pleasure was so intense that it was almost painful. I shuddered and groaned for what seemed like an eternity as I filled my mother with my hot seed. Eventually I came down from the plateaux of ecstasy and opened my eyes. I found myself looking at my mother’s icy blue eyes; they were devoid of emotion. She just stared up at me…………………..


Part IV


I just lay there, spent. My cock slowly shrivelling insi

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de my Mom’s cunt. Her pantyhosed legs slid down my back and sides, coming to rest on the bed. She lay there now, legs splayed on the bed, with me between them and her skirt rucked up around her waist. I lay there panting, getting my breath. I felt my mother move softly beneath me and she pushed her internal muscles, forcing my now flaccid cock out of her. It came to rest on her sleek nyloned thigh, a rope of sticky come leading from the head of my penis up to my Mom’s cunt. It glistened on her sheer pantyhose.

I looked down again into Mom’s face and saw that she had stopped crying. Her smudged makeup made her look even sexier in my eyes. She has the sultry ‘used’ look I sometimes saw on the ‘Waif’ models in Sis’s magazines. Mom’s eyes locked on mine,

"Are you happy now Mike? Did you get what you wanted son?" she whispered.

"Is the satisfaction of your animal lust worth the ruination of our family?" she asked.

"Mom, you don’t understand," I whispered back.

"You and Eileen have been driving me sexually insane for so long it’s amazing I haven’t done this before. Sitting and lying around in your short skirts, your pantyhosed legs and sexy nylon panties on display; the makeup, the clothes, the nylons, the smell of you both, you drove me mad!" I exclaimed.

"Haven’t you ever wondered about the stains in your panties and nylons? Sis’s too!" I pleaded.

"Of course I knew it was you Mike, who else could it be? But what was I supposed to do, confront you? Hold mine and Eileen’s soiled pantyhose and panties to your face? Ask you to explain?"

"I knew that you would have no answer that made sense. I knew the embarrassment for you would be unbearable, so I decided to let you indulge your fetish and let you use our underwear for your pleasure. I though it might stop eventually, and I hoped your Sister wouldn’t notice. But I never expected this!"

"Get the fuck off me Mike! I’m your Mother for god’s sake!" she hissed.

"I can’t Mom," I whimpered.

"I know you will have to report this. If not to the police, then to your fucking shrink, who will convince you to report me to the police anyway." I said.

"So what are you going to do then Son," Mon spat at me. "Spend the rest of your life with me and Eileen held prisoner in this house. I don’t think so Mike; come on son let me get up," she pleaded.

"I don’t know what I’m going to do Mom," I said. "I really just fucking don’t know," I started to cry.

Then I heard a voice behind me say,

"Then there is only thing for it Mike, we will have to do to her what you did to me."

I turned around shocked. There was my sister Eileen. She was as usual dressed in her parody of the school uniform, the hem of her tunic way too far above her knees, her legs in sheer taupe pantyhose instead of ankle socks, her feet in low heeled court shoes, and with way too much makeup on for a seventeen year old schoolgirl.

"What the fuck, Sis, what are you doing here I stammered."

Mom tried to wriggle free at the sound of Eileen’s voice,

"Call for help Eileen, please, help me!" she pleaded.

"Shut up Mom please," Eileen said matter of factly. "I came home because I forgot my math homework, and I heard the struggle in here. I’ve been at the door the whole time. I saw what Mike did to you Mom, and I have listened to what you have both had to say."

"Then you understand Eileen," Mom pleaded again. "He did the same thing to you, forced himself on you, we have to stop him!" she demanded.

"Well unfortunately for you right now, that’s not how I see it Mom," my Sister said.

"I know if this gets out, the family is ruined. Mike goes to prison or a boys home; at the very least he is kicked out of our home, and I don’t know if I can take that with what has happened to Dad."

"I also know there is no way this can be kept secret if you tell anyone. My life will be worthless around town! Ok, so I’m not the homecoming virgin, I might be a slut but I don’t want to be forever known as the girl that fucks her brother!" she hurled at Mom.

The she grinned wickedly,

"Besides Mom, I have to tell you, I kind of like what Mike and I do. I like the power I have over him with just the flash of my knickers or a display of my pantyhosed thighs. And I have to say, I like what he does to me, sure it’s kinky, but it sure feels good!" she chuckled.

"Oh my God! Not you too!" Mom shrieked from beneath me, and commenced struggling in earnest to get free. I grabbed her wrists and pinned her down again.

"So anyway Mike, as I was saying," Eileen continued matter of factly, "there is only one thing to do. We have to do to her what you did to me. Make her like it!" Eileen said wickedly.

"So lets get started Mike," she smiled at me, "She just lay there before while you had your way, lets see if together we can warm her up!"

"No! No! Fucking No!" Mom started shouting and struggling again.

"Hold her Mike," Eileen ordered, "and shut her up for God’s sake." She added.

I used the easiest method to shut Mom up that came to hand, and that was to crush my lips against hers. I started kissing her with renewed fever whilst watching my Sister Eileen out the corner of my eye.

Eileen approached the bottom of the bed and grabbed Mom’s ankles and pushed them down on the bed to help hold her still. Then she surprised me by climbing on the bottom of the bed herself and she started to kiss and lick Mom’s ankles and calves; her lipstick smeared on Mom’s sheer nylons as she did.

"Hold her Mike!" she ordered, "this is going to get really exciting for us, but I think she will fight like a bitch for a while, at least until I can get her wet," Eileen said.

Eileen started to spin around on the bed easing my body to back along Mom’s body, whilst I kept my grip on Mom’s wrists. She ended up astride Mom with her head near Mom’s calves and her legs straddling Mom’s chest. I had moved back against the bed-head at the top of the bed and was now sitting with Mom’s head between my knees and all my weight on her wrists, facing Eileen’s back as she bent over Mom. Mom could hardly move at all, and again it looked like she was going to resign to her fate. Tears streamed out of her eyes again adding to the watery mascara that was smeared on her face. She whimpered softly,

"Please don’t children," and then became silent and limp.

Eileen now worked her way up Mom’s legs, kissing sucking and licking her diaphanous nyloned legs. I was so turned on, I felt my member once again engorge and it rode to attention, ready for action.

"Come on Mike," Eileen lifted her head, turned, and giggled, "you must get the idea. What about giving your Sister some of what she’s giving Mom?" she laughed, wiggling her ass at me.

Eileen’s skirt just covered her ass, the pleats of her school uniform tunic skirt enticingly close to me. I reached out and lifted my Sister’s skirt and was instantly aroused further. Her thighs were encased in the sheerest of gossamer taupe nylon, and then they disappeared into the flimsiest sheer nylon panties I had ever seen. They were nearly see through and I could see the gusset of her pantyhose moulded snugly against her cunt whilst the sheer nylon of the full cut panties caressed her ass cheeks.

I reached out and stroked the globes of my Sister’s ass checks, my hands stroking her firm buttocks through the flimsy nylon of her panties and hose. Eileen by now had her face buried between Mom’s thighs. Although Mom made no sound she was now trying desperately to close her legs, but it was too late, Eileen’s mouth was firmly clamped on her panty crotch. My Sister used her tongue to ease aside the silken gusset of Mom’s panty crotch and pushed her tongue, snake like, through the hole in Mom’s pantyhose, the same hole through which only a while ago I had raped my Mother with my rampant penis.

I was now so excited my cock was throbbing. Watching my Sister lick my Mom’s cunt through her hose and panties was more than my wildest fantasies could have imagined. I fell forward and buried my face in my Sister’s panty clad ass. I forced my tongue against the sheer nylon encasing her cuntal lips and began to lick. Eileen shuddered and pushed back against my face, I heard a stifled moan from between Mom’s legs where her head was buried lapping at Mom’s cunt. Then I head a sound I hardly believed. Mom gave out a long trembling sigh, and moaned,

"Oh God forgive me that feels so good!"

Mom’s hands went down to Eileen’s head, not to push it away but gently stroke her daughter as she licked her Mom’s cunny through the hole I had torn in her pantyhose. Eileen let go of Mom’s ankles and unbelievably Mom opened her legs further to allow her daughter better access to her cunt. Mom’s silken, nylon encased, legs opened and raised slightly off the bed, her high heels came to rest on the bottom of the bed as she pushed her ass, still clad in her nylon panties, up off the bed to allow her daughter better access to Mommies now sopping cunt. Eileen used her now free hands to push the gusset of Mom’s panties to one side of her cunt, and the other to tear the hole in Mom’s pantyhose even bigger so she could get her lips on Mom’s pussy and work her tongue around her clitty.

Mom was now groaning and moaning, lifting her ass in a steady rhythm to Eileen’s oral invasion of her cunt. I was now furiously licking my Sister’s cunt through her panties and hose but I wanted more. I bought my hand up and dragged the gusset of her nylon knickers across her ass exposing her cunt sheathed in the gauzy nylon of her pantyhose. I put a finger against the nylon and pushed. My finger disappeared inside her cunt sheathed in the nylon of her hose. I immediately realised what I was going to do; my greatest of all fetish fantasies.

I eased myself forward over my Mom who was now steadily groaning in ecstasy underneath me, and positioned my rock hard cock against my Sister’s cuntal lips. I eased forward and the gossamer thin nylon of her pantyhose began to give and to encase my cock as it slowly forced its way inside my Sister. The nylon of the pantyhose encasing my Sister’s lovely big ass began to stretch taught as my cock forced its way deeper into her, taking more of the luxurious silken material with it. The feeling was exquisite, my cock was being gripped by my Sister’s tight cunt and was surrounded by the most glorious soft sheer nylon at the same time. I slowly started to pump in and out of my Sister, one hand on her nyloned buttocks, the other pulling tight on her panty crotch, driving the damp nylon against her hard clit as I fucked her.

Mom was now almost incomprehensible with pleasure. She was groaning whimpering and crying as she maintained her steady thrusting of her ass up from the bed and against my Sister’s face buried in her crotch. This was just amazing, more than any fantasy I could imagine and I knew I couldn’t hold back my orgasm for much longer.

I imagined what we looked like. Mom on her back with her nurses uniform skirt pushed up around her waist, her nyloned legs spread, her ass bucking in the air to meet the tongue of her daughter who is straddling her dressed in her school uniform, her pleated skirt thrown over her waist to expose her pantyhosed thighs and pantied ass, as her cunt is being plundered by her brother, who has his cock driven deep inside her whist he is straddling the upper torso of his Mother.

Eileen was starting to grunt in time with my thrusts as the nylon of her hose was forced against her sensitive clitty. Added to her pleasure was the gusset of her sheer panties rubbing against the nylon hose as I gripped the panties like a horse-rider holding his reins in one hand. Mom was still moaning her pleasure, her grunts getting faster and louder. Then the most amazing thing happened; I felt a tongue on my balls. I looked down and saw that Mom had lifted her head slightly and was licking my balls as I thrusted in and out my sister. She opened her lipstick lips and gently licked and sucked them with her hot wet mouth.

It was all I needed to go over the top, my cock exploded and I pounded it in and out of my Sister, the force of my strokes making her ass cheeks shudder. I felt the hot semen shoot out of my cock, through the sheer nylon encasing it, soaking my Sister’s cunt and further lubricating the pantyhose surrounding my penis. I shot load after load until I was spent.

As my first load exploded deep in my Sister, I felt her cunt walls quiver as her own orgasm erupted. She bucked back against me to meet my thrusts and at the same time increased the frantic lapping at Mom’s cunt. She buried her head deeper inside Mom’s nyloned thighs and pushed her tongue hard against Mom’s clitty.

This had the effect of invoking a shuddering orgasm in Mom. Her whole body quivered and her heels drummed against the bed as she came. Mom’s lips clamped down on my balls and her tongue became frantic as it slobbered around my tight hard testicles.

We were all coming at once. Mother, Brother, Sister, the girls in their sheerest nylon pantyhose and panties, slutty makeup and uniforms. It was certainly a silken family trap!


To be continued………………………………………………………………….

The Silken Family Trap Part V

PantyhosePrincess on Incest Stories

The Silken Family Trap – Part V


Michele Nylons


As my first load exploded deep in my Sister, I felt her cunt walls quiver as her own orgasm erupted. She bucked back against me to meet my thrusts and at the same time increased the frantic lapping at Mom’s cunt. She buried her head deeper inside Mom’s nyloned thighs and pushed her tongue hard against Mom’s clitty.

This had the effect of invoking a shuddering orgasm in Mom. Her whole body quivered and her heels drummed against the bed as she came. Mom’s lips clamped down on my balls and her tongue became frantic as it slobbered around my tight hard testicle

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We were all coming at once. Mother, Brother, Sister, the girls in their sheerest nylon pantyhose and panties, slutty makeup and uniforms. It was certainly a silken family trap……………………………


Part V

An hour later I was on my way to school. I couldn’t help thinking about the exquisite sexual fantasy that I had just lived, fucking my Sister and my Mom. I was semi-hard as I relived the last few hours of the morning. Mom had made me and Eileen go to school, she told us that we should behave as normal so no one would suspect what was going on in the privacy of our house. She gave us both late notes; some bullshit about a sick family member who we had gone to visit in hospital. Mom said we would have to talk about our family secret tonight and decide just how we were going to keep having our family fun and keep it a secret.

All day at school I fantasised about how I had fucked Mom. She, fully clothed with her tight white uniform skirt rucked around her ass as I slammed into her, past her torn hose and panties. By the time I left school at half three I was horny as hell. I knew Mom wouldn’t be home until six but I couldn’t wait, I walked the half dozen blocks to the hospital where she worked.

I sometimes went there to see Mom at work, I love staring at the pretty nurses in their tight white uniforms, silky pantyhose, and cute little hats. A few of the older nurses who knew Mom would often come over and say hello and ruffle my hair. If only they knew I wanted to throw them down on the nearest bed and fuck them in their crisp white uniforms. A nurse named Janet who I guessed to be in her mid 40s came over to me as I sat on the bench near Mom’s workstation at the end of the ward.

"Hi Mike," she said.

"Your Mom is occupied with a patient right now, the ward has been really busy today," Janet said as she rushed past.

"Wait in the Matron’s office out of the way and I’ll tell her you’re here."

I went into the Matrons small office that was next to long counter where Mom did her paperwork when she wasn’t busy in ward. I closed the door behind me and sat in an armchair that was pulled up to the desk. I looked around the office and lazily rubbed my semi-hard cock through my jeans. I wondered what the fuck I was doing here, but I was so horny for Mom. I could go home and probably fuck my sister Eileen, but I was hot for Mom after this morning’s session.

A small rubbish bin in the corner caught my attention. Hanging half out of the bin was the leg of a pair of pantyhose. I checked to make sure the door was closed then wondered over and removed the pantyhose from the bin. They were white, control top and I could see the ladder torn in one leg that was reason Matron had discarded them.

I lifted the gusset of the hose to my face and inhaled the smell of Matrons cunt. The smell was still strong, so the hose must have been discarded not that long ago. I walked over to locker in the corner and opened it. Inside were two white skirts with matching blouses on hangers. Matron was a stout woman looking at the size of them. I found nothing else there to excite me so I returned to the armchair.

I was so horny now that I had to do something about it. I eased my zipper down and freed my hard cock. I slid one leg the silky nylon pantyhose over my cock and started to gently stroke it.

Just then the door flew open and in came Mom. She looked flustered and had obviously been working hard.

"Jesus Mike, why are you here Son, cant whatever it is wait until after………………"

Then she stopped mid sentence as she saw what I was doing.

"For fuck sake Mike, if you get caught doing that here they’ll lock you up and fire me. Can’t you at least leave yourself alone until you get home?" Mom said sounding exasperated.

"Well no Mom," I said getting up out of the chair.

"I just can’t stop thinking about what we did today."

"Well Son, there is a time and place for that. What we did this morning and last night is illegal; so at least lets leave that behaviour at home," Mom said, sounding cross.

I took a step towards her; I would have looked a real sight with the stocking hanging off my cock if anyone walked in.

"Please Mom," I pleaded and put my arms around her. I crushed my lips against hers, tasting the lipstick as it smeared on my lips. I pulled her close to me and I felt her move against me as my hard cock pushed against her leg through her skirt. She rubbed her lower body against me, dry humping me through her skirt.

"Ok Mike, I’ll let you have something quick, but then you must leave ok?" Mom said, reaching behind herself to engage the lock on the door.

"Matron is gone for the day, but I can only spare a few minutes so it will have to be very quick Mike."

Mom eased herself out my grasp and went to the desk where she bent over. She reached back and lifted her skirt and pushed her lovely round ass towards me.

"Help yourself to Mommy Mike," she said seductively as she looked around me and smiled.

I needed no further invitation. I pulled the flimsy stockings off my cock and threw them back towards the bin where I had found them and stepped behind my mother. Her ass was raised towards me, the firm cheeks glimmering in the sheen of her pantyhose. I noticed that today she was just wearing a white nylon thong, the thin strand of silky white material running up the crack of her ass, visible through the nylon gusset of her hose.

"Come on Son, give Mommy a quickie, you started it, now hurry up and finish," she panted, and wiggled her ass at me.

I stepped between her parted legs, the rough material of my denim jeans whispering on the nylons that encased her legs. I reached out and placed one hand on each of the globes of her ass and pushed my cock into the crack. As I rubbed my cock up and down the crack of my Mother’s ass, my penis was stimulated by the feel of her pantyhose, Mom started to push back on me and gently rotate her ass.

"Mikey, you have to be quick Son," she panted again.

"I’m enjoying this as much you are now, but we might get caught if you don’t hurry."

I needed no further urging; I pushed a finger into the crotch of Mom’s pantyhose and popped it through the sheer nylon. Then I put both hands into the small hole I had made and tore the hole in the pantyhose covering Mom’s cunt until it was big enough for my purpose. I eased the thin strip of material covering her cunt to one side and slid myself inside my Mother until I was buried to the hilt.

"Oh Mom," I gasped.

"This feels so good."

"Oh do me Mike, do me son." Mom panted.

I started a steady thrusting, pushing my cock in and out of Mom’s cunt. Mom pushed back with each thrust, burying my cock deep inside her and rubbing her sweet nyloned ass against my balls. Mom was panting now.

"Do me Mike, give your Mom a good fucking, push that young cock of yours in and out of Mommies pussy," she chanted.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," she hissed, and I felt her cunt spasm around my cock.

I was making my Mom come. Her tight cunt gripped my cock and she pushed back against me, forcing her clitty against me as I humped. My cock expanded and blew its load. A torrent of hot semen washed into my Mom’s cunt and she gasped and shuddered again.

I nearly fell over as I leaned over my her, grabbing her stockinged thighs and pulling her back on me, impaling my Mommy as I shot my sticky gism deep inside her.

Just then the door rattled,

"Jean? Jean? Are you in there," I heard one of the nurses saying. Mom answered,

"Just a minute Carol. I’ll be out soon. I’m changing my nylons because I caught them on Mister Simpson’s bed."

Mom was cool as cucumber; bent over the desk with my cock buried in her she told lies as easy as pie. I felt Mom squeeze her cuntal muscles and push my deflating penis out on her. She turned around and took a handkerchief from her pocket and took hold of my flaccid penis and wiped it. She zipped my fly and patted it then leaned forward and gently kissed my lips. She bought her finger up to her lips,

"Shhhh," she whispered. And began to wipe the hankie between her thighs, soaking up my come.

"Well Mister Simpson needs his five o’clock meds Jean, torn nylons or no torn nylons. Please hurry," nurse Carol said through the door.

"On my way Carol," Mom said and smoothed down her skirt. She pointed to the corner of the room that would be in the blind spot from the door and I tip toed over there. Mom opened the door,

"There, that’s better," she said motioning to her legs to Carol to continue the charade of the torn nylons. She quickly glanced my way and winked as Carol turned away. Mom quickly flicked the back of her skirt up exposing her gauzy nyloned thighs and ass, she tipped me another wink and walked off.

I waited for about two minutes and was about to leave when a large woman who I estimated to be in her mid forties entered the room. It had to be Matron!

"Who are you sonny," she asked in a not too friendly manner.

"I’m Mike. My Mom is a nurse here, Jean." I stammered. The room reeked of sex; she must have been able to smell it.

"Well what are you doing in my office Mike," she asked.

"I was doing my homework waiting for Mom," I lied. It was a stupid lie because I had no books with me. Matron looked at me quizzically and said,

"Well I have work to do Mike, best you wait for your Mom outside," she said.

"Ok Ma'am, I will." I said and squeezed past her towards the door. Up close she was quite pretty, as some larger women are. She had a round open face framed with red hair worn in a loose bob. Her eyes were huge and a deep blue. She too obviously believed like Mom, that more was better when it came to makeup because her eyes were painted and heavily mascaraed and her lips were a cherry red. She was just the sort of woman I fantasised about when I wanked.

I had to look down of course. Yes! Glimmering taupe pantyhose encased her legs that were large but well shaped. They were long and tapered out of her tight, dark blue, business suit skirt. I saw that she saw me looking at her legs and she smiled. She reached in the bin next to her desk,

"Here Mike," she smirked and handed the pantyhose that only minutes before had been stretched around my cock.

"You might as well keep them, by the look of the that little wet patch and the smell of semen, you were been busy with them before I came in," Matron said, a smile on her face.

"Maybe next time you visit I’ll let you take these off," she said pulling on the gossamer sheer nylons on her legs.

I was just flabbergasted and almost beyond speech.

"Thanks Ma’am, I would love to," I stammered and walked out the door my head spinning. I heard her laughing to herself as I walked away stuffing her pantyhose into my pocket.

"But I bet you are the sort of lad who would have more fun If I left them on," she chuckled after me.

The Silken Family Trap Part III

PantyhosePrincess on Incest Stories

The Silken Family Trap – Part III


Michele Nylons

Just then the door flew open and there was our mom standing in the doorway, her skirt creased around her thighs; she had obviously just woke up from her nap. She looked in the room and saw her son lying on the bed, with his cock being wanked into her own pantyhose by her daughter. The same daughter who was sitting on her son’s face, with her skirt rucked up to display her nyloned legs, silken panty ass and crotch.

"Just what the fuck do you two think your doing!" she shouted.

"Eileen get to your room!"

"Right now!"

My sister quickly leapt to her feet, smoothed her skirt and turned to mom, "Mom, I’m so sorry, I donâ€â

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„¢t know what came over us," she mumbled.

"Just leave Eileen ok, I just can’t talk to you right now," Mom scowled. I had never seen her so angry.

My sister Eileen slunk out of the room and I heard her bedroom door close shortly after.

"And you, you, I don’t know what to call you Mike, I just can’t talk to you either right now, I’ll just lose it!"

Mom turned away and slammed the door as she left, but even then I couldn’t help looking at where my mom’s skirt had rucked up to display her silken thighs.

I rolled over and started to whimper. I felt disgusted with myself, but at the same time so sexually sated that I was exhausted. I fell asleep that way, my mind spinning with what I had just done with my sister and what the consequences may.

I awoke the next morning surprised to find myself still fully dressed, and a pair of come stained pantyhose beside me on the bed; mom’s pantyhose. Then the events of last night all came flooding back to me; oh my god, what had I done?

I snuck out of my room to shower, hoping like hell not run into my mom or sister; I was so confused and apprehensive, I just couldn’t face either of them. I made a plan to stay in my room until sis left for school and mom left for work, it would be better that way, more time to think.

The minutes seemed like hours until Eileen left for school, I watched at the window until I saw her leave. Even though I knew my sister and I had committed the gravest of sins, as my sister walked down the path, head down, my eyes could not help focussing on her sexy pantyhosed legs on display beneath her short skirt. I knew I had caused her a terrible dilemma that could break our already fractured family apart, yet I still fanaticised about our sexual encounters last night. I started rationalising to myself. We hadn’t really committed incest (yes I was now admitting to myself the nature of our sin), as I hadn’t actually entered her with my naked penis; we hadn’t ‘fucked’ in the true sense of the word, had we?

The dreaded knock came on bedroom door about fifteen minutes after Eileen had left for school. I was in a cold sweat, hoping my mother would at least give me the day to prepare for our encounter. I had fantasised about leaving home, running away, and never coming back to face my mom and have to explain my perversions. I just felt so ashamed and unable to explain the lust that had lead to last night’s abhorrent behaviour. But deep inside I was still seething with the ecstasy that I had experienced; the exquisite feel of my cock on my mom’s nyloned legs and the aftermath of sexual frenzy that I had experienced with my sister as she at first resisted, then capitulated to my base desires.

"Mike, It’s mom, we really need to talk," she called to me through the door.

"Mom, I’m just so sorry, I can’t talk to you, I’m such a bad son and a worthless brother," I croaked.

"Let me in Mike, we need to talk son," my mom insisted.

I dragged myself away from the chair by the window on leaden feet, dreading this encounter. I unlatched and open the door. Mom was dressed for work, her pristine white nurse’s uniform complemented by her white nylons and white nurse’s shoes. Although her shoes were ‘flats’, they somehow helped define her thighs and the calves that were on display below the hem of the skirt that came to just above her knees. I couldn’t help but admire her, she was stunning in my eyes, her makeup as usual was heavier than expected of someone in her profession, but it accentuated her sexiness, almost making her a caricature of the nurses seen in porno magazines and movies.

"Mom, I’m so sorry," I whispered as she entered.

"I just, I just," I couldn’t finish the sentence.

"We need to talk Mike," she half whispered, she started to cry and led me to the chair that was next to my study table.

I sat down and I felt all of my energy drain from me. I felt depleted of all energy and will. I was determined however to take full responsibility for my actions and tell mom everything. I would not let my sister take any blame for what I had done. Sure she had become a willing participant in our deviant encounter, but only after I had forced her.

Mom remained standing in front of me, and still my eyes drifted to her silken nyloned calves and then up to her thighs. I felt a further disgust directed at my wanton lust. I cleared my head and began:

"It was all my fault mom,"

"I forced Eileen to do what you saw. It’s all my fault and I won’t blame you if throw me out on the street."

"I let you down," I sobbed.

"Dad is in jail, I’m the ‘man of the house’ and now I fucked it all up by doing what I did to my sister."

"I’m so sorry," I sobbed.

"But it wasn’t just your sister was it?" mom stated in a firm voice.

"Eileen told me what she saw when she came home," she said.

"You were doing things to me while I was asleep, weren’t you?"

"Oh mom I’m so sorry," I whispered, "I, I, I, Just couldn’t help myself."

"Well son, can you explain to me why you did what you did?" mom asked sounding genuinely concerned.

I told her, I let it all out. I went on to explain my sexual desires and fetish. How, for as long as I could remember, I have had a fetish for nylon stockings and pantyhose. How once she and my sister had damaged and discarded their nylons I would retrieve them from the trash and alone in my room I would enact my pantyhose fantasies. How I would wear them, sniff them, and wank in them, all of my panty and pantyhose perversions. I told my mom that I could not resist the sight, feel, and smell of nylons.

I then told my mother how I felt being constantly surrounded by two sexy women wearing sheer pantyhose and short dresses or skirts. That when they sat around the house with their skirts hiked up or legs akimbo that I just had to retire to my room to take my pleasure with a pair of their discarded pantyhose or nylon panties that I had stolen from the wash-basket.

"Oh Mike, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise you had these feelings for your sister and me. I’ll talk to Eileen tonight and explain it all. I don’t know what I’m going to do about what happened between you and her though; you know what you did was not only morally wrong, It was illegal."

"There is only one thing for it. It will have to be our family secret; you must never tell anyone, ever, ok?"

"Of course mom, I promise," I whispered.

"And Eileen will have to be convinced of the same. That only leaves me, and of course I’m not going to say anything. I will not have my family split up"

"So there Mike, we can just put this nasty episode behind us ok?"

My mom smiled sweetly and I realised how much I loved her. But even then, with al this going on my eyes drifted to the hem of her skirt and her silken thighs. My mom’s eyes followed mine and I knew she had seen what I was looking at. She frowned.

"Take a shower Mike, get ready for school. I’ve a phone call to make then I’ll drive you, ok son?" she smiled.

"Ok mom," I said, and bounded off the bed and down the hall to the bathroom.

Everything was going to be ok, I thought to myself. We just won’t talk about what happened last night and things will return back to normal. I stripped off and got under a warm shower. As I soaped my cock and balls a tingle started and I couldn’t help but stroke my hardening cock I was thinking about how I had climbed on my sister and dry fucked her through her pantyhose and panties.

I couldn’t help myself I still had my fetish. I turned off the water and climbed out the shower, drying myself on the towel. Then I went exploring in the washing basket. Bingo! I found the pantyhose mom had been wearing last night. I pulled them out of the basket and put them to my face. I felt the sheer nylon caress my face and smelt the faint aroma of my mother’s vagina in the crotch of the hose.

My cock was now hard and I lowered the pantyhose down to it. I opened the hose and pulled one leg over my cock and started to wank slowly. The feeling of the sheer nylon of my mother’s pantyhose on the nerve endings of my erect member was exquisite. I forced myself not to speed up the slow, deliberate, movements of my right hand wanking my hardon. With my left hand I gathered up the rest of the silky garment and began to slowly massage my balls. My thoughts now were of the earlier part of last night, how I had slid my cock up and down my mother’s silken calves, clad in these very silken sheer pantyhose.

Then I heard my mother’s voice, distant but loud enough to bring me out of my reverie. She was on the phone in her bedroom, I decided I better stop my wanton pleasure and get ready for school or mom would be suspicious. That wouldn’t do now that It looked like I was going to get away with what was virtually the rape of my sister, and certainly incest with both her and mom, (even though mom didn’t know what I had done to her).

I threw my discarded clothes into the wash basket on top of the pantyhose I had been wanking into. After years of masturbating with my mom’s and sister’s nylon panties and pantyhose, I knew how to replace the garments so that they would not be suspicious. Although my sister Eileen had said she had noticed come stains in hers. I would have to be careful in future I though. I may have agreed not to engage in incest but I had no intention of giving up my fetish.

I left the bathroom doing up my shave coat, a ratty robe I only wore to and from the bathroom for the sake of modesty. As I passed mother’s room I overheard her talking softly into the phone,

"He’s only 15 doctor but he’s maturing so fast. No I can’t tell you about it on the phone that’s why I want to make an appointment for me and him to see you as soon as possible!"

"Look you worked wonders with my depression when my husband went into prison, now I need you to help with a family crisis."

"No it’s mainly Mike and these depraved sexual urges he is having. I’ll explain it all to you before he goes in to see you, but you must keep it to yourself!"

"I know I have your word as my doctor, but what Mike’s been doing is pretty debauched. Ok then, we’ll be there in an hour, Mike thinks I’m taking him to school. Bye."

The fucking bitch! My mother the fucking bitch! My blood was boiling at this betrayal. I flung open the door just as my mom was hanging up. She was sitting on the bed next to the telephone on the nightstand. I stormed into the room and pushed her hard on her shoulders forcing her to fall back on the bed.

"You fucking bitch mom! You swore we would tell no one!"

She whimpered, I could see the fear in her face, "Mike its for the best. I have to get you some help if you are going to stay in same house with me and your sister."

"But you promised! We would all just say nothing, tell no one, and that would be it!"

"But Mike you need help!" she cried again.

Now I noticed how she had landed when I pushed her back on the bed. The hem of her white nurse’s uniform had ridden up and her legs were slightly parted. I could see her sexy sheer pantyhosed thighs tightly stretching the white cotton skirt. I felt my cock begin to harden and I looked into her face. Her makeup had started to smear because she was crying, the mascara darkening her eyes even more. My god she looked even sexier, sluttish in her pose, with her piled on makeup, dishevelled, and her skirt rucked up; she looked vulnerable. She looked fuckable !

"Oh I need help alright mom," I hissed.

"I need fucking help, the same kind of help sis gave me last night."

"So mommy are you going to help your son with this problem," I whispered harshly and opened my shave coat to reveal my hard throbbing cock to my mother.

"Mike! Son! No!" she screamed. "You can’t, please, cover yourself; I’m your mother for god sake!"

I was through talking; looking at her lying helpless on her bed only made me more aroused. As I leapt on her, my shave coat flew open, and I landed on top of her. I stretched her arms out and pinned her beneath me. I had landed directly on top of her with my legs between hers; my erect penis pushed against the cotton hem of her skirt and my face hovered over hers.

"Please Mike, stop this now, please have some respect for your mother," she whispered into my face only inches from hers.

Her breath was sweet, and looking into her sexy blue eyes and ruby lipsticked lips, I knew I couldn’t stop myself. I lowered my face onto hers and kissed her lips. She kept them tightly closed, but the taste of her lipstick and the feel of her fully clothed body against my almost naked body only inflamed my passions. I sighed and tried to force my tongue between her lips. My mother responded by squirming beneath me and wriggling to get free.

This was a disastrous mistake for my mother as her writhing caused her skirt to ride up further and my hard cock to come into contact with her pantyhosed thigh. I hung on to her, allowing her to move beneath me thus causing her nyloned leg to rub against my turgid penis. The feeling of her gossamer nylons on my cock was electrifying; along with the feel of her breasts inside her crisp white nurse’s uniform rubbing on my chest I was intoxicated with passion. The thought of finally consummating my deeply held secret passions for my mom in her uniform and pantyhose drove me to the peak of my desires.

"That’s it mommy, fight me if you want. You know my sister did at first, but she soon changed her mind," I whispered in her ear.

Then my mother realised what I was doing, holding on to her and allowing her struggle to inflame my passion. She lay still and looked me in the eyes.

"Well take what you want Mike. I won’t fight any more because I think that’s what you want. But remember you will have to live with consequences after," she whimpered.

I lowered my lips to hers and as they touched I whispered, "Fuck the consequences!"

I mashed my lips on hers and forced my tongue into her mouth. She didn’t respond but she didn’t fight either. Her lying prone and not offering any response at all only served to inflame me to greater passions. I put my hand between her legs and positioned my cock over her panty and pantyhose covered pussy and started to thrust slowly against her. I then eased my cock between the nylon gusset of her panties and the gossamer thin nylon of her sheer to the waist pantyhose covering her pussy. My cock was in a silken trap, caressed between her nylon panties and her hot cunt covered by her pantyhose.

I continued to kiss my mother as I humped her panty crotch, my cock was like a living thing, the sensation was so magnificent, better than anything I ever felt when masturbating, or even with my sister last night. I could feel the outline of my mom’s pussy lips through the hose and adjusted myself so my cock was between them. My precum was lubricating the nylon so I couldn’t tell if mom was aroused but she continued to lie there unresponsive.

I reached down with my hand and put a fingernail against the nylon covering her cunt and pushed until I felt the pantyhose tear. Still my mother didn’t move so I pushed forward with my hips. The tip of my cock forced its way through the hole in her pantyhose and was nestled in her pussy lips against the entrance to her cunt. I pushed forward again slowly but firmly and felt the head of my cock enter her. My mother grunted as my cock went inside her, but other than a flinch she made no effort to stop me. My mind was racing. I was fucking my mom! NO! I was raping my mom!

I pushed in further and found resistance. She was dry! It was obvious my mom was not going to capitulate and become a willing participant. I started a slow thrusting movement hardly moving my cock at all, just enough to get my precum lubricating my cock as I entered her further, millimetre by millimetre. We must have looked a sight, my mom lying on the bed her legs apart and her arms above her head held there by my free hand. Her skirt rucked up around her waist and her sheer nylon encased legs wide with me between them slowly humping and forcing my kisses on her, her heavy makeup smeared making her look like a whore.

Eventually I was fully inside her and my balls came to rest against the silken gusset of her panties that had been pushed aside to allow my entry. I was fighting off my orgasm; having to enter her slowly had helped. My precum had lubricated my mom’s cunt enough to enable my cock to fully penetrate her, but she was still very tight. My head was spinning with desire now and I knew the inevitable would happen soon, regardless of how slowly I fucked her.

I released the hold on her hands and lifted her silken pantyhosed legs up and around me. Mom didn’t fight; she hadn’t said a word other than the grunt as I entered her. She was just like a rag doll. Tears streamed slowly down her face and her eyes were closed. I shucked off the shave coat all the way so that I was fully naked and could feel the gauzy nylon of her pantyhose legs on my back and thighs. I pulled back my throbbing cock all the way and thrusted deeply into her, once, twice, three times. Each time I did, she grunted with the force of my thrusts. On the third thrust I pushed in as far as I could and rubbed my balls on her panty-ass and concentrated on the feel of her silken nylon legs against me. I exploded; torrents of come seemed to explode out my cock. The pleasure was so intense that it was almost painful.

I shuddered and groaned for what seemed like an eternity as I filled my mother with my hot seed. Eventually I came down from the plateaux of ecstasy and opened my eyes. I found myself looking at my mother’s icy blue eyes; they were devoid of emotion. She just stared up at me.



To be continued………………….

Lady In The House - Part I

PantyhosePrincess on Transgender Stories

Lady in the House – Part I


Michele Nylons

How had it come to this?  I was dressed as a woman and standing in the far corner of a darkened cell on E Block of Chelmsford Correction Facility for Men, and waiting for the most dangerous inmate in the jail. How had a mild mannered, and diminutive but highly successful accountant in his 30s ended up in one the States high security prison?

Well it had a lot to do with a bottle of scotch, a fast car, and a dead little girl.  The magistrate decided I was to be made an example of; five years for manslaughter, no parole.  How did I end up ‘belonging’ to Eddie McManus, the Facility’s most notorious inmate?  I thought back to six months ago about when I arrived at the prison.ÂÂ

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  It was obvious I was grist for the mill, the inmates jeered and cat called as I walked down the centre aisle past all the cells.

“Your mine sugar,” 

“Shake that arse for me baby,” and other demeaning harangues were yelled my way.  I was so scared about what would happen to someone like me in here.

One of the guards laughed “I’d get a big bad friend if I were you,”

His mate retorted “I’d get two big friends.”

I spent first night in Chelmsford alone in a cell, scared to death and didn’t sleep a wink.  The next day I was assigned a cell in the general population wing and my cellmate was ‘Big Bill Stevens’.  He gave me the some advice.

“Mike, you need a really, really big friend or two, otherwise those lads will eat you alive. Or should I say you will spend your life eating them!” he laughed.

Bill went on to explain prison life to me; how there were two types of inmates really; the hunters and the hunted.  With my small stature and my soft body, unused to any physical work, I was a sitting duck for the freaks.  I explained my background to Bill, about how I was a successful businessman who had the misfortune to drive home after consuming nearly a bottle of scotch.  About how I didn’t even remember hitting the girl.

“We all have our stories to tell,” said Bill, “and yours don’t mean shite in here.” He added callously.

“However,” said Bill, “there is another class of inmate.  The kind like you that has a lot of money on the outside; the kind that can buy protection; the kind that can get a get a guard or two in his hip pocket. Your kind.” He half laughed.

And that was it, the deal was struck. Big Bill Stevens became my minder.  With a liberal sprinkling of cash, which was provided by a bent guard to whom I set up a special account to access to my money outside, (and who took twenty five percent of every penny I had him withdraw); I was assigned to a larger more comfortable cell with Bill. We lived like kings; special food, special privileges, special packages from the outside containing booze, cigarettes, pornography, anything to make life more comfortable or anything that could be used for trade inside the nick.

I figured it was costing me more to live in jail than it was to live the high life outside, but I was locked up for five years with no hope of release, and without Bill as my minder, a few guards in my pocket, and the influence and protection of my money, life would be hell.

Then about three months ago, it all went to shit.  I found out there was another class of prisoner, a very special class of inmate who was so unique that there could be only one in each jail, the kind of inmate that ate the hunters just as easily as the hunted.  The kind of hard man that had nothing to lose, and was so hard the other kingpins in the nick paid him tribute and did his bidding without question.  The kind of inmate who didn’t need to bribe guards (although he kept them well paid anyway), because with one phone call to the outside he could have any guard’s family battered or worse.  The real boss of Chelmsford prison was not the Governor, It was Eddie McGuire, or actually, Mister McGuire to anyone but his closest confidants.

Eddie was in for life, but Eddie still ran one of the most successful criminal gangs on the outside.  Eddie wanted for nothing on the inside, the only thing he couldn’t have was freedom. And now Eddie had me!

Four month’s ago Eddie approached me and said he was impressed with how a faggot little man like me had set myself up.  He said he had no problems with the way I lived, as long as I bought my ‘special concessions’ from him, and as long as he got ten percent of any cash that I had smuggled inside.  From the look on Bill’s face I knew I had choice but to comply.  I figured it was just life in the nick and what the hell I had plenty of money working for me outside.

Then about a month after that I was sitting in the cell I shared with Bill wondering what was taking him so long to do the daily rounds of bribes and trading when I had an unexpected visitor.  One of Eddie’s minders came in to the cell and said,

“Bill won’t be back.  In fact he ain’t going anywhere any more.  When the fracas is over, you get your ass down to Eddie’s you little toerag.”

I wondered what the fuck he was on about, but next minute 2 prison officers came in and turfed me out. They searched the cell from top to bottom removing all my contraband and luxuries.

“You can go back in now arsehole.” One of the guards sneered. “Bill has had an accident and won’t be back.  You’re on your own until we re-assign you to another cell.  Sleep well sweetie!” The guard crooned and sauntered off.

I was scared shitless but knew better than to ignore the summons to Eddie’s cell.  I hurried down, minder-less for the first time since my arrival.  Eddie was waiting for me.  He was a slim man in his fifties, but sinewy with muscle.  I had heard he had choked more than one man to death with his bare hands.

Eddie wasted no time explaining the situation; Bill had been withholding some of the money I was supposed to pay Eddie.  Bill was now a permanent guest of the hospital and would never walk again.  Bill had fucked up big time.  And more importantly, Bill was my minder so I was responsible for his actions.  I tried to explain the situation; that I didn’t know Bill was skimming from the tribute I was supposed to pay.  Eddie quickly went on to explain that he didn’t give a fuck, that my girly ass belonged to him now.  I was going to become his accountant, his financial adviser, and I was going to pay him for the privilege of his protection.

I was moved into a cell next to Eddie that evening. What could I do? I had to have a minder otherwise I would be every hard man’s toy. I complied with Eddie’s wishes. I managed his funds and barter inside and I paid my tribute. After a couple of weeks I though I had nearly a better set up than before. Then some changes started to happen and at first I didn’t realise how drastically they would affect me.

Eddie had me organise some women’s clothing be bought in.  We had become sort of friendly; well as friendly as you could get as an underling; probably because a little chap like me was no threat to him.  He showed me some fashion magazines that he had bought in and pointed out some skirts, blouses, suits, and lingerie.  I have to say I was not suspicious at this stage, fashion mags in jail were poor mans porn that you didn’t have to hide them from the guards. I had also come to find out that some of the other effeminate inmates dressed as women and performed sexual favours for money. I also knew some of the more powerful prisoners had ‘wives’, crossdressed men who lived with them in their cells in homosexual relationships, either for protection or because they were just queer.  The guards turned a blind eye or took part of their take from the ‘working girls’; either way, I wasn’t really interested. 

I figured Eddie had me order in the clothing either to sell to the ‘working girls’ or he had his own ‘wife’ hidden away somewhere discrete in the jail.  I was really puzzled at how much interest he had me show in ordering the lingerie and shoes. He took special care in selecting sizes. Together we poured over the catalogues and I feigned interest as much as I could. I agreed with him that high heels looked lovely on a nice set of legs, but were hardly practical for a crossdressed inmate to get around the jail.

“You fucking nonce!” He laughed, his voice roughened from forty cigarettes a day. “She won’t be wearing them around the nick, just in my cell, and mainly on my cot.” He laughed again.

We spent ages looking at stockings and pantyhose.  He told me how much he loved nylons on a shapely leg and had me order in large quantities of fully-fashioned stockings and sheer to the waist pantyhose in many different shades.  I explained to Eddie that they would cost a fortune, as even the guards who were on the pad didn’t like prisoners having nylons because they were an ideal medium for suicide by hanging.  One or two inmates in the past had suicided by hanging themselves with a stocking.

“Just get on with the order, secretary!” he scowled.  “Just fucking pay the price! Just fucking do what your told!” 

I hated upsetting Eddie in any way as he scared me to death, and now I leapt to my feet to make the deal with the bent guards and pay their ridiculous prices for the smuggled in lingerie and other girly items.  Another thing I didn’t like was that for a week or so Eddie kept calling me his ‘secretary’ for some reason. I figured it related in some way to me being his accountant. 

Then the fateful day happened. Today!

I could walk around the jail with immunity now that I was ‘one of Eddie’s’.  I had sometimes seen other inmates point to me and I overheard them referring to me as ‘Eddie’s new secretary’.

“Oh yes, I can see what he sees in her.” One ‘noncer’ said, which I found puzzling.

It was just after dinner when I returned to my cell to find one of the prison ‘wives’ waiting for me.  I had seen him before and knew him as Craig, one of Eddie’s underlings.  I only just recognised him though as he made a quite attractive and convincing woman.

“Fuck off you poofter!” I shouted at him, her, It!  “Don’t you know who I work for!”

“Oh I know darling,” she cooed at me. “ And Eddie said it’s time.  You’re coming with me honey.   I’m going to prepare you for him.”

“What the fuck are you talking about,” I said.

“Look honey, my name is Carmel and I work for Eddie.  And you’re coming with me and I’m going to show you how to transform yourself for Eddie.” Carmel said calmly.

“I still don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.” I said

“Well honey is you look over your shoulder you will see ‘Iron Bar’ Steve.  You can either be transformed by him or by me ok?” Carmel crooned.

I turned around, and sure enough, there was ‘Iron Bar’, Eddies enforcer. He was grinning at me and slapping a piece of steel pipe in the palm of his hand.  I made my decision and nodded to Carmel who led me out of my cell down into E Block.  E Block was pretty much deserted and I had heard rumours that it was a part of the prison used by prisoners and guards alike for activities the general population didn’t need to know about.

Carmel led me into one of the bathrooms in block and turned into the small room where a big old white bath sat.  It was full of steaming soapy water.

“Strip and get in sugar,” Carmel said.

I looked around saw all manner of soaps, shampoos, razors and such.

“Fuck off hag fag,” I sneered at Carmel.

“Steve, she wants you!” Carmel yelled out the door, and sure enough there was ‘Iron Bar’ with a smirk on his face, smacking his trusty pipe into the other palm. Carmel pushed her face right into mine.

“You don’t seem to understand do you Mike? You either do exactly as I say, which is what Eddie wants; or, I let Steve there take you for the last walk you’ll ever have!”

I now realised the severity of the situation but was still confused. Although enough to do exactly what Carmel said or I would have my legs broken in such a way they would never mend.  I shucked off my clothes and lowered myself into the bath.  Carmel threw me a loofah and said “Scrub!” So I did.  Then she sat on the edge of the bath and took one of the disposable razors from a pack.  I was not surprised that one of Eddie’s ‘girls’ would access to an item that anyone else in the prison population could never get.

Carmel lifted my leg and stated shaving it.  I tried to pull my leg away and she held it tight, gave me a stern look, then glanced towards the door where Steve was lounging outside. I surrendered.

“Watch how I do this hon,” Carmel said,  “you doing this shit yourself from now on.”

Then it dawned on me what was happening, the significance of the word ‘transform’; the reason Carmel was shaving my legs.  I felt numb.  I couldn’t comprehend why Eddie would do this to me.  I was in a trance as Carmel fished shaving my legs and then the soft down on my arms.  She shaved my face and rubbed moisturiser onto it.  Then she led me out of the bath and dried me off.  I was just like a mannequin that Carmel could move around and pose as she liked.  Carmel led me to the part of the bathroom that had about ten sinks and mirrors lined up along the wall. It wasn’t until later that I took notice that the usual stainless steel mirrors had been replaced with glass and that each of the mirrors had a bright light over it.  One of the sinks had a high stool set up in front of it and Carmel sat me on it.

“Now pay attention honey, you need to learn how to do this,” she said.

I noticed that on the shelf below the mirror was a large assortment of makeup.  Carmel took a damp sponge and applied generous amounts of foundation to my face, cooing at how lovely my skin was and that I didn’t need to use 'dermablend' or other such heavy-duty foundation.  After she had applied the foundation to my face and neck she picked up brush and applied a slightly lighter coloured powder to set my face.  She rouged my cheeks, accenting my high feminine cheekbones.  She fussed around my eyes applying liberal amounts of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. She then finished with another light dusting of powder. All the time Carmel was explaining to me how I would need to learn how to apply my own makeup. I was still too dazed to really accept what was happening. The final touch was the application of a bright red nail polish to my toe and fingernails.

Then Carmel reached under the sink and opened a cupboard.  She pulled out three wigs sitting on wig stands and I noticed there were a lot more in there.  Carmel looked at me seriously for awhile then selected a blonde bob and pilled it on my head.  She turned me towards the mirror and made some adjustments.  I was shocked as I looked at myself; I looked stunning.  I couldn’t believe the transformation to my face.  I looked like a sexy, mid thirties, over made-up, slut.

“You like?” Carmel smiled at me.

“I look like a fucking woman!” I shrieked.

“Well that’s the idea stupid,” Carmel Laughed. “Follow me.”

I followed her out of the bathroom, stark naked and with my face made up to look like a whore. ‘Iron Bar’ Steve followed at a menacing distance.  Carmel led me into a cell in a set of six on the next level up.  The five others around it were all deserted but the cots were made up with what looked like satin sheets and comforters.

“This is your workroom honey, hope you like it,” Carmel said as she led me inside the cell.

I couldn’t believe it, the oversized cot was made up with satin sheets and a full sized wardrobe was open and hanging there were the clothes that Eddie had made me help him pick out.  Four pairs of different coloured high heels were arranged on the bottom of the wardrobe and in the drawers that were pulled open was the lingerie Eddie had spent so much time selecting with me. Now I knew why! Carmel led me over to the bed and sat me down.

“Well I guess I better show you how to dress too,” she said.  “Eddie was quite specific about what you were to wear for him tonight.”

Carmel selected a pair of shiny, sheer to the waist taupe pantyhose and rolled them up my legs. She stood me up and showed me how to pull them tight around my arse.  The nylon felt cool and slippery on my legs, not unpleasant. I had always loved to run my hands up a nyloned thigh but had never imagined what it would be like to wears them.  I nearly died when Carmel put her hands inside the gusset of the hose and grabbed my cock and pushed back between my legs. The tight nylon held it snugly against my ass.

“There,” Carmel said, “lets get that little thing out of the way shall we?” she laughed.

I heard Steve laugh at the door and realised to my humiliation that he was watching the proceedings. Next Carmel pulled a pair of silky nylon peach coloured full cut panties from the drawer with a matching bra.

“Here,” she said, handing me the panties, “put these on while I get the breastforms”.

I didn’t know what the fuck she was talking about, Breastforms?  I slid into the panties, the silky nylon of the panties created little electric shocks of pleasure as they rubbed against the sheer nylons as they slid up my legs.  Carmel turned around and was holding two perfectly formed small breasts, one in each hand.  She put them down and put the bra on me then placed each of the plastic breasts in each cup.

“There is some adhesive in the dresser draw that has instructions on how to adhere the breastforms to your chest. You can learn to do that later.  The way I’m dressing you tonight it won’t matter you just need the shape.” Carmel said, sounding serious about subject totally alien to me.

I was still in shock as to what was happening to me when Carmel sat me down again and lifted my feet one by one and placed a back shiny high heel on each one.  She pulled out a little jewellery box from out of a draw in the base of the oversize cot. 

“For fuck sake keep this locked away from now on and never lend your jewellery to any of the other girls.” Carmel said very seriously.

‘My jewellery!’ ‘Other girls!’ ‘My workroom!’ What the fuck is happening to me I wanted to scream.  I kept my cool though, I realised I had no choice but to succumb to the ministrations of this freak man/women who was dressing me or have ‘Iron Bar’ Steve cripple me for life.  One I saw Eddie I knew I could convince him that he had his little joke and that I would make up for what ever mistake I had made as soon as I got back to work as his finance manager, back in the general population of the jail.

Carmel selected a simple gold ankle chain and fastened it around my slim ankle.  The gold twinkled in the light against the sheen of the sheer nylon. Carmel put two gold bands around my right wrist, and a simple but elegant, gold ladies watch on my left.  She placed another simple gold chain around my neck, for which hung a black onyx stone set in gold.  She clipped matching earrings to my ears.

“We’ll pierce your ears tomorrow hon,” she said humming away as she worked.

Like fuck you will, I though to myself.  Next Carmel had me stand and I teetered on the high heels, steadying myself by holding on to her. 

She smiled, “You’ll soon get used to them.”

I thought again, like fuck I would because after tonight I’ll never need to wear them.  Eddie will see this is a mistake. Carmel selected a satin waist-cincher that matched my bra and panties and pulled it tight around my waist.  My already un-masculine body was now positively effeminate.  My smooth long legs enhanced by the sheer hose, my arse had been pushed out slightly by the squeeze of the cincher, my false tits that just proportional to my small build, and my little waist. I looked like a well looked after thirty-year-old woman.

Next Carmel took a cream coloured silk blouse and pulled it up my arms and buttoned up the front.  It was open down to the second button and showed a hint of my peach bra.  Next she had me step into a peach nylon half slip, that again matched my bra and panties.  It too gave me little electric shocks of pleasure as it slid up my nyloned legs. Carmel reached into the wardrobe and pulled out a hanger on which there was a bark blue women’s business suit.  I remember Eddie picking it out of a catalogue and wondered at the time why his ‘working girls’ would need something so sophisticated.  But along with nurse’s uniforms and other fetish clothing I figured it was just to pander to some expensive punter’s peccadilloes.

Carmel had me step into the skirt and pulled it up my legs and fastened it around my waist. She straightened my blouse, ensuring it was tucked in and then surprised me as reached under the skirt and pulled the half-slip that had become rucked up when I donned the skirt.  I got another of those little electric shocks of pleasure form her hands straightening the slip and touching my stocking legs.  I looked down and was surprised to see a pair of sexy pantyhosed legs showing from below the hem of a navy blue skirt that was six inches above my knee.  Attached to those legs were a pair of sexy nylon encased feet, the red toenails showing though the gossamer nylon.  Around one slim ankle a gold bracelet reflected a glint of light.

Finally Carmel helped me into the matching jacket and led me over to a full-length mirror that was attached to the wardrobe door.  I was amazed! Staring back at me was a gorgeous woman in her mid thirties. Her bottle – blonde hair and over made-up face atop the cream blouse and navy blue power suit made her look sophisticated but strumpet like.  Carmel spun me around so I could see my side and rear.  My ass stuck out provocatively and stretched the material of the skirt taught against my arse. It was forced that way by the pull of cincher and stance I had to adopt to remain on feet in the high heels. The rear of the skirt had a small split that showed about another six inches of the back of my nyloned thighs.

Just then I saw hand reflected in the mirror as it grabbed my arse.  It was Steve.

“You look great,” he growled as he pawed my arse and legs.

“Get the fuck off her Steve or I’ll tell Eddie,” Carmel screamed smacking Steve’s hand away.

Steve retired to the door sheepishly.

“You know Eddie always gets them first!” she yelled after him.

Then the full light of the situation dawned on me.  As I looked at the reflection of the trampy woman in the business suit I realised she looked just like a caricature of the ‘sexy secretaries’ I had seen posing in porn magazines just before they stripped off their clothes, page by page.

Now I knew why Eddie had called me his secretary! Oh my god! He had been planning this for weeks, having me help him pick out clothes, obviously getting his ‘girls’ to find out my sizes for clothes and shoes.  And now I had no choice but to be Eddie’s ‘sexy secretary’ or suffer an agonising beating and the loss of my limbs!

“Mike, now you are Michele, you look beautiful. I hope you enjoy your first time as much as I did,” said Carmel as she slid past me and out the door.

And that is how I became to be dressed as a woman and standing in the far corner of a darkened cell on E Block of Chelmsford Correction Facility for Men, and waiting for the most dangerous inmate in the jail.

To be continued………………………………..

The Silken Family Trap Part VII

PantyhosePrincess on Incest Stories

The Silken Family Trap – Part VII


Michele Nylons


From Part VI

We both slowly came back to earth from our shattering orgasms and Matron went limp, whimpering in the last throes of her climax. I eased back and my now deflating penis popped out of Matron's asshole; my semen began to mix with her cunt juices and ran down through the folds of her pussy and on to her smoky grey nylons, staining them with our combined come. She turned around and pulled herself upright off the desk, her heavy makeup ruined by the face fucking she had given my Sister and by the exertion of our frantic fuck. I could smell my Sisters cunt on her breat

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h as she wrapped her arms around me and pulled my face to hers and gave a hard sloppy kiss, thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth. She pulled back and smiled at me.


Part VII

And so it was for the next six months. I engaged in all the nylon fetish sex I could possibly want. I had my Mom, my Sister, and Matron wrapped around my fingers. They enjoyed our sexcapades, sure, but beneath it all was the undercurrent of incest and forced sex; after all I had raped all of my now willing participants to begin with.

I had the company of my three nylon queens individually, Mom and Sis together, and occasionally all three of them together; and of course they always wore nice sexy outfits, often their respective uniforms, and always pantyhose or stockings and nylon panties; my fetish dominating our incestuous relationship.

Mom was at first quiet shocked when she found out Eileen and I had blackmailed Matron into our 'silken family trap', but quickly submitted to the new rules of my game. She eventually capitulated to a foursome when we invited Matron around home for dinner, followed by lashings of sex for desert. I had the pleasure of watching Mom and Matron sixty nine each other fully clothed, their heads buried under each other's skirts as they pleasured each other lying on the couch in the lounge whilst Sis stroked me off into a sheer stocking. I managed to fuck all three of them that night but was so tired I had to take the next day off school.

And then things took a strange turn that I never would have expected nor ever dreamed could happen.

It was a cool sunny winter afternoon when Mom came into the house excited.

"Look kids, we've been invited to fancy dress party by the girls on my shift at the Ward," she beamed.

"Not fucking likely!" I responded. "That sounds like girls fun to me."

"Oh come on Mike, it sounds like fun, it's a 'Whores and Pimps' night," she said.

"What's a 'Whores and Pimps' night?" Eileen asked.

"Well obviously the girls go to the party dressed as whores and the guys dress as pimps; you know the sort of thing," Mom explained.

"Well Mike, if me and Mom dress as whores, you know what that means don't you? Short skirts, high heels, sheer nylons, pretty panties, lots of slutty makeup, all the things you hate." Eileen teased.

"Now that you put it that way, it sounds like it could be fun, especially on the way home in the car after you girls have had all night to tease me, not to mention the other 'whores' who will be at the party. Ok, count me in," I said.

"Well its three o'clock now and we've to be there by seven, if you get showered and changed by five Mike, that leaves your Sister and I plenty of time to find suitable costumes and prepare ourselves for the evening. If you behave we might even give you something before we go," she winked.

"Well Mom, having an intimate knowledge of yours and Sis's wardrobe, neither of you will have problems dressing up as whores," I taunted.

"Hey!!!!!!" they both chimed in together; but it was too late I was of to my room to see what I could throw together for fancy dress.

'What the fuck does a pimp wear?' I wondered.

As I shaved, showered and dried myself off, I fantasised about the evening to come; lots of women and girls dressed up as whores. They were all bound to wear revealing clothing, miniskirts, hot pants, that sort of thing; and all whores wore nylons didn't they? I could hardly wait!

I wondered into the lounge room about six o'clock looking despondent. As a teenage lad I had no idea what a pimp wore and the best I could muster was a wrinkled suit that I had almost outgrown, and a cowboy hat.

Both the girls burst into laughter when I entered.

"Oh fuck Mike, you look like a dickhead," Eileen chortled.

"Hey, that’s not fair. He looks like a kid who hasn't a clue how to dress," Mom laughed in time with my Sister.

"Oh cut it out you two. It's easy for you, your costumes are just the sort of thing you wear for me around the house anyway, and I must say you both look like eminently fuckable whores," I retorted.

Mom was wearing her shortest black leather miniskirt, a black low cut short sleeved blouse, matching black patent leather, six inch high heeled 'fuck me' pumps, and sheer black seamed stockings. Her reinforced stocking tops were easily visible at the hem of the miniskirt and they were clasped into bright red garter straps that disappeared under her skirt and led up to her garter belt. The crotch of her matching gauzy red nylon panties was just visible whenever she made the slightest move and her identical red bra was on display for all to see, pushing up her tits and hardly covered at all by her blouse. Her flaming red hair was worn frizzed and big, framing her heavily made-up face; lashings of black mascara, mauve eyeshadow, blushed cheeks and ruby red lips. The outfit was completed with a gold necklace, gold bangles on her wrists, gold teardrop earings dangling from her ears, and a matching anklet glittered on her sheer stocking encased ankle. She looked just like an eighties whore!

My Sister was wearing white skin tight nylon bustier, her lovely adolescent tits on display. She had squeezed into the tightest hotpants I have ever seen. The taut red lycra hotpants were moulded to her ass and emphasised her pubic mound; there was no visible panty line meaning that the glossy taupe pantyhose that glittered on her long legs was the only underwear she was wearing. The ensemble was completed with white platform shoes. She wore her red hair in a similar style to Mom; her makeup was also identical, although her selection of jewellery was gaudy and ornamental. The single exception being the gold ankle bracelet, identical to Mom's, sparkling on her gossamer encased ankle. She looked like a seventies whore!

I was enamoured with my pair of whores from decades past and could hardly wait to get my hands on them.

"Well come on Mike, cant you do better than that for a costume, look at the effort me and Mom have put in," Eileen complained.

"Leave him alone," Mom replied, "Let me look in you wardrobe Mike and see if we can't find some thing more pimp like shall we?"

Mom led the way to my room and I couldn't take my eyes of her ass and legs. Her pert buttocks, encased in her sheer red panties peeked below the hem of her skirt, and her legs looked so long, accentuated by the seamed nylons and high-heeled pumps. We rummaged around in my wardrobe and found nothing suitable for me to wear. Returning to the lounge we I sat down next to Eileen and Mom went to the kitchen and returned with drinks. Mom figured that as been as we were all fucking each other and breaking the incest taboo, what difference would a little under age drinking make? Mom handed me my favourite drink, a rum and coke.

"Well I do have one idea Mike," she said coyly, a cheeky grin on her face, "but I'm not sure you would be up for it?"

"What?" I asked.

"Well……….what if you come along as a whore too!" she exclaimed.

"FUCK OFF!" I responded immediately; but then Eileen piped straight in,

"Great idea Mom, I bet we can make him look a proper trollop; come on Mike it'll be fun."

"No fucking way!" I again replied, "You are not dressing me in drag!"

"Come on," the girls chimed together.

"Think of it this way Mike," Eileen said smugly, "You are always getting into our pantyhose and knickers, now it will be our chance to get into yours."

I thought back to the time a few months ago, before I had 'tamed' my Mom and Sis: 'Alone in my room I would enact my pantyhose fantasies. I would wear them, sniff them, and wank in them, all kinds of pantyhose perversion. I loved the sight, feel, and smell of nylons. I could get an erection just rubbing their silken material against my face, and could orgasm by just rubbing my cock against the silky fabric. Yes living with two ladies who wore pantyhose every day had its advantages'.

I had loved the feel of nylon on my legs and balls, and this would be one way to experience that lovely feeling again, and maybe I could enact my ultimate fantasy after the party; fucking a girl in nylons while I was wearing them too! Maybe I should go along with their harebrained scheme to please my own appetites. Besides, the drink was starting to kick in, I felt relaxed and uninhibited.

"Ok," I found myself saying, "you can dress me like a whore, but you girls are really going to have to put out to repay me for this little party trick."

"Oh you will get repaid Mike," Mom said, "you will get repaid."

Eileen bought me another rum and coke, "Here Mike," she offered, "drink up, we're going to a party remember?"

"Ok Sis, you bet, these drinks are great."

I was really starting to feel woozy as I gulped at the second drink, I can usually hold my liquor pretty well, even for a teenager, but this evening it was going straight to my head. I vaguely remember being led to the bathroom and the girls running me a bath. They gave me another drink while they ministered to me.

"I have already had a shower," I said, my voice sounding like it was coming from a long way off.

"Silly, we're shaving your legs Mike, you can't be a sexy whore with hairy legs," Mom laughed.

"Fuck off, you can't do that," I tried to get up, but it was no use; I fell back in the tub and started giggling.

Eileen helped me drink my drink by holding it up to my mouth. The rest of the evening was blur. I can remember little episodes of clarity, the girls drying me, dressing me in lingerie, helping me into a skirt and blouse, Eileen holding my head still while Mom applied makeup and pulled a wig over my head, Eileen bending down and buckling shoes on my feet. Shoes that I couldn't stand up in when they finally got me to my feet. After that I don't remember a thing, the world became one big blur, then it was dark.



SNAP!!! I felt this tremendous rush as I breathed in the fumes from under my nose. Mom was standing in front of me waving a phial of something in my face, the vapours of which instantly sobered me up, and made me wide awake.

I knew something was terribly wrong. I was standing but my arms were extended above my head, my wrists clamped into what could only be cuffs. The weight of my body was suspended from my wrists and I struggled to take my weight on my feet. Then I realised that my feet were in some kind of strange shoes that made it hard for me to get my balance. Then I remembered my sister strapping me into a pair of Mom's high-heels. I also realised that my legs were held apart about a metre and no matter what I tried I couldn't close them.

Mom moved away from me and I looked down and was shocked. On my feet was indeed a pair of Mom's black high-heeled open toe pumps. I could see that my toenails were painted bright red through the opaque reinforced toe seam of the fully-fashioned smoky grey nylon stockings I was wearing. ( Similar to Matron's favourites I though somewhere in the recesses of my mind. ) I remembered vaguely about volunteering to dress in drag for a party, that explained the shoes and stockings; but I couldn't understand why there was a metre long stainless steel bar clamped above each ankle with a leather cuff holding my legs apart.

My eyes continued looking up my body. About mid thigh began the hem a black miniskirt made of some silky material, my other senses were awakening now and I could feel the luxurious feeling of the nylon stockings on my legs. The hem of the skirt sent little electric shocks along my thighs as the material stroked against my stockings. I was wearing a pink nylon blouse that felt so light and sexy against my back and chest; but I noticed I had false breasts and felt what could only be a bra around me. I followed the sleeves of the blouse up and saw my wrists clamped securely in the cuffs, my fingernails were painted red and my hands had been shaved; they looked positively feminine.

Ok, I figured out that the girls had dressed me as a woman for the party as I had agreed to, but why was I in captivity? I noticed some other things too, I was obviously wearing nylon panties, as I could feel the sensuous material against my balls and cock, and snug against my ass cheeks. I could discern a silken garment tight against and just over my panties, a suspender belt; I realised as I sensed the silken garters extending to the tops of my thighs. I could feel the little clips of the garter snaps on my thighs where they were attached to my stockings.

Mom stepped in front of me and held up a large mirror. I looked at her confused but she just held the mirror up to me. I saw a tawdry whore looking back at me. She was quite attractive in a cheap fuckable way. Framed in a blonde bob, was a face that had been heavily made up complete with lashings of mascara, eye shadow, rouge and lipstick. I realised it was me!

Mom smiled at me as saw the realisation on my face.

"Mike, we've turned you into Michele. Don't you like her?"

"Why?" I asked. "Why am I handcuffed like this Mom."

"Well Mike, er Michele, I spiked your drinks, being a Nurse I can get all kinds of drugs you know. Then your Sister and I shaved you all over and dressed you just like you are now. We applied that makeup and wig and then strung you up. Finally we put that restraining bar between your legs."

"Of course even me and Eileen had to have help to drag you down here to the basement and truss you up; so Matron helped."

Matron stepped into my sight. She was dressed in a black full body corset and waist cincher, her tits pushed up and out. From the bodice of her waist cincher, suspenders ran down her legs to her favourite smoky grey fully-fashioned nylon stockings. She had on a pair of the highest heels I had ever seen; black of course. She too was heavily made up.

"Hi Michele," she smiled at me and winked.

"But why?" I pleaded again.

"Because Mike, you need to be taught a lesson. Although we enjoy having sex with you and each other, and really get off on your nylon fetish, you did rape us!"

"What?!?" I asked amazed.

"All of us Mike, you forced yourself on all of us to begin with. So now you are going to see and feel what it's like to have someone force themselves on you. We have turned you into a girl; and now we are going to rape you!" Mom said viciously, her heavily made up face angry but so sexy.

"See! I knew you were the sort of lad who would have more fun if I left my nylons on," she said.

My Pantyhose Awakening

PantyhosePrincess on Fetish Stories

I haven’t always been a crossdresser, when I was very young (about 9 is the earliest) I remember being fascinated by women’s legs in nylon stockings (they still wore stockings in those days). I remember being at a friends house, and his mom used to put her son over her lap and rub his back with a soft brush as form of reward, it was like a soft back-scratch if u like. One day she asked me if I would like a 'rubbing' and of course I said yes. She always wore skirts just above her knee and I noticed she always wore sheer fully-fashioned nylons (of course I was too young to know what FF nylons were). She put me over her knee and rubbed my back which was nice, but better was the feeling of my bare legs (I was in shorts) against her slinky nylons. That was the fi

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rst time ever I remember getting an erection. I don’t think she noticed my little stiffy, but I knew then that I was fascinated by not only the touch but also the feel of nylons.

By the time I was in my teens I had a full-blown nylon fetish, by now women were wearing pantyhose instead of stockings but I still loved nylon encased legs. I had quite a collection of nylons most of which I got when Mom or my sister discarded theirs; I would wait until no one noticed then take them out of the bin. I was also wearing nylons a lot when no one was around or I was in bed and masturbated while wearing a pair of pantyhose and then placing a nylon on my cock. One of my favourite pastimes was visiting my Aunt Mary, she was a single mom who lived alone with two daughters, and they all wore pantyhose. While my sister was playing with the two girls I would rummage in their bins for discarded hose and rifle their laundry basket. Then one day I got caught.

I was 15 and Abegail, my eldest cousin was 18, and she was the one that caught me. The three girls had supposedly gone shopping with Aunt Mary, leaving me to my carnal pantyhose pleasures while they were gone. What I didn’t know was that Abby had left the others to return home, feigning a stomach upset. But I found out later that she suspected I was tampering with her lingerie and she intended to catch me. She told me later that she had noticed stains on her pantyhose when she washed them and as she was 18 and sexually active, she had good idea what those stains were. I was by this time, oblivious to the world, hiding in their bathroom wearing a pair of sheer pantyhose and stroking myself through the sheer nylon gusset. Abegail burst through the door and shouted "I knew it, you pervert, I knew you were wanking in my lingerie, you fucking little pervert". I was so scared and embarrassed; here I was standing in her bathroom wearing nothing but a pair of her pantyhose and a hard-on, which by now was quickly deflating. I lost control of my legs and sat down heavily on the toilet seat.

"You fucking Nancy boy" she said, "wait until I tell your mom, my mom, your sister, every fucking one that you’re a Nancy-boy, pantyhose wearing, pervert!" I was so scared and started begging her, "please Abby, don’t tell anyone, I’ll do anything you say, I’ll stop doing this, I promise!" I was a pathetic sight standing in front of her naked, grovelling to her. She was standing over me fully dressed, she was wearing a cute little purple mini-skirt, white blouse and platform heels (this was the 70s remember) and of course, beige pantyhose (beige and white were the mainstay of 70s hosiery). "You bet you’ll do anything ‘pantyboy’" she said, "You’ll do whatever I fucking well say or everyone will know about your little pantyhose perversion!" By now the initial shock had worn off and couldn’t help noticing her legs showing nicely below her mini, she had one foot forward and her hands on her hips in a dominating pose, she was a little chubby but had nice legs and a pretty face. Of course her standing like that with her silken hose covered legs at eye level had an obvious effect on my penis. Abby had never particularly liked me and had teased me a lot when I was younger, her being three years older she was always dominant, now she noticed my gradually stiffening penis. "You fucking freak, you can’t help yourself can you?" she said pointing at my nylon-covered appendage, "well now that horrible thing is sticking out, you humiliation starts now pantyboy". "Stand up pantyboy" she said, "lets see what that pathetic little dicky looks like". I knew Abby had had a few boyfriends and guessed she was no stranger to male anatomy, and I definitely knew she was certainly not going to miss the chance to humiliate as much as she could, but standing there, her tight sheer pantyhose encasing my lower body, and her being fully dressed somehow excited me.

I stood up and my now erect penis was pushing out the gusset of the hose, there was a small pool of clear pre-come forming at the end of my penis and soaking into the nylon. "Well you are the panty-boy, aren’t you, now I know why those stains were appearing my pantyhose every time you visited, you disgusting little pervert. Go on, show me what you do when your wearing my nylons." I stammered, "what do you mean?" "You know what I mean pantyboy, wank that disgusting little cock!" She started to laugh as I took my cock in my hand and started to stroke it through the nylon, "you really are pathetic you know" she said, "I’ll bet you’ve never even been with a girl before have you!" "No" I answered looking down at my pathetic nylon covered toes, tears were starting to form in my eyes and I didn’t want her to see me cry. She stepped forward and lifted my chin, "stop that you pathetic pantyboy, I don’t want you simmering away, now stroke that fucking cock! Show me what you do in my hose or the whole world will know!"

I put everything else out of my mind and just stared at the little purple mini and her thighs below the hem. I started to stroke my hosed member again. It started to feel nice and I could feel really myself engorge at the thrill of what I was doing, wanking off in front of Abby. I have to admit it was a fantasy I had had previously when I masturbated while wearing her pantyhose. I stroked it faster, rubbing the sleek nylon gusset against my turgid member and staring at her legs, imagining my cock rubbing against them. "You fucking pervert!" she hissed, "your really enjoying that aren’t you! Well I’ll put a stop to that!" She reached out and slapped my hand away from my cock. "Leave it alone pantyboy" she said, I looked down again at my toes, humiliated again. "Don’t look down, look at me! And leave that alone!" she said pointing to my hard cock poking out the front of her pantyhose. Its disgusting she said and all of a sudden reached out and grabbed it to make her point. It was too much, I was close to coming before, but the feel of a girl’s hand holding my cock while it was encased in sheer nylon was a sensory overload. I shuddered and groaned as I spent my seed. The ejaculation pulsed out of my throbbing penis and poured through the nylon gusset into Abby’s hand.

Abbey of course was disgusted and wiped her hand on my body, covering me with my own semen. "Now fuck off out of here pantyboy," she said, "and never touch my underwear ever again". I heard her mocking laughter as I ran down the hall the bedroom in which I was staying. To say I was terrified was an understatement; I was so scared she would tell everyone about my perversion. Days, then weeks passed and nothing happened. Whenever I met Abbey she would snigger at me but never bought up the day she caught me. I wondered why she had the ultimate degradation to inflict on me but didn’t. Then it dawned on me, she was older that me, she had humiliated me, she should have known better and more importantly, what she did to me was wrong.

It was then I hatched my plan. Next time we visited Aunt Mary, I confronted Abbey in her bedroom "what do you want pantyboy" she sneered. I told her what I had been thinking about what happened "well what the fuck you going to do about it pantyboy, you can’t tell anyone otherwise they will know you are a pervert". I was really angry now and answered "I am going to tell mom, she wont care about what I was doing, just what you did to me, your older and should know better, she will tell your mom for sure!" I could see she was starting to sweat, her bluff had been called. "Please don’t tell" she said, "I’m sorry, I take back what I did." Not good enough I said as my plan formulated further in my mind. "You have to be punished for humiliating me," I said. "Whhhhhhhhhat do u mean?" Abbey looked flabbergasted. "You have to make it up to me" I said, "or I just leave right now and tell mom and Aunt Mary what happened!" "Ok, ok, ok" she said cutting me off as I headed for the door, she closed the door and locked it. "What do you want from me?" she asked. "Well’ I said, "I know that you have had boy friends so I figure you must know all about sex." She looked shocked "so!" she said. "Well now your going to let me do some things to you that you have probably done before anyway, so you shouldn’t mind" I grinned evilly at her. "No fucking way!" she exclaimed. "Ok then" I said and started to unlock the door. "Alright!" she sighed disgustedly. "Sit on the bed and don’t say another word" I said, "now its time for to pay". She sat demurely on the edge of the bed. She was wearing another A-line mini, white this time, a pink blouse, platform shoes, and of course, my favourite beige pantyhose. I sat down beside her and placed my hand on her knee, the nylon felt silky against my fingers and immediately began to stiffen. I stroked her leg up and down from the top of her thigh to her ankle. She just sat there and stared up at the ceiling, enduring my molestation. She stiffened as I my hand went under her skirt and rested on her silky nylon panties. They were full cut sheer white nylon. Her hand went on mine and tried to push me away, "Mom" I yelled, but not loud enough for anyone outside the room to hear. She understood the threat and took her hand away. Now I stroked her through her panties, feeling the nylon of the panties rubbing on the nylon of her pantyhose gusset was making me extremely aroused. I noticed her breathing was deeper and quicker and her eyes were closed. I eased my hand down to my shorts and freed my erect member. I leaned over and began to rub it on her pantyhosed leg as I continued to stroke her panties. We were now both breathing deeply and heavily and I could feel her panties becoming moist to my touch. I was so excited, the first time I touched a girl there and she was enjoying it, even if she was being forced to do so. I gently pushed her back on the bed and climbed over her, she whimpered "nhhoo", but her heart wasn’t in it. I pushed her skirt up to her waist and lay on top of her. My throbbing penis was pushing against the nylon of her panties and as I began to grind it back and forth, I felt it rubbing against her panty and pantyhose covered pussy. Amazingly she began to push back against me, matching my thrusts with her own. I put my hand down and moved her panty crotch to one side and tried to push my member through the hose; "NO, NO, NO, NO!" she whispered in my ear, "you cant do that, you can’t fuck me". She reached down and placed my penis in the folds of her pussy, but still protected by the sheer nylon of her pantyhose, then she eased the silky gusset of her panties over the top of my penis. It was exquisite, my penis in a nylon trap, the sheer hose covering her pussy was pushing against the base of my penis and the silky gusset of her panties was pushing against the top of it as we thrust against each other. We ground against each other, panting and sighing, but I felt myself ready to come. She felt it as well and wrapped her nylon-encased legs around me and held me to her as she pushed her silky gusseted pussy against my penis. Then she kissed me thrusting her tongue deeply inside my mouth as I exploded against my cousin. I could feel my semen saturating her pantyhosed pussy and legs and soaking her panties. She was pushing against me so hard and she groaned "Goooooooooooodddd" into my mouth as she was kissing me and shuddering with her own orgasm.

I enjoyed Abbey’s pleasure many times over the next few months; she always kept her pantyhose on to prevent me from entering her. She explained that, as I wasn’t actually fucking her, in her mind, we were not really breaking a family taboo. We were exploring new ways to pleasure ourselves, she knew I loved the feel of nylon against my cock because she had caught me wearing her pantyhose. So it did not take long before I was wearing her pantyhose during our ‘sessions’. One day she had me wear a pair of her nylon panties over sheer to the waist pantyhose whilst she was dressed the same. The feeling of our highly aroused sexual organs rubbing together encased in folds of nylon from the panties, straining against the sheer nylon gussets of the pantyhose was wondrous.

But then as suddenly as our sexual encounters started they came to a screaming halt. It did not take too long for 18 year old Abegail to acquire a new boyfriend, a new jealous boyfriend. Besides the fact that she now hardly had any spare time at all when I visited, she explained to me that if we continued what we were doing she would be cheating on him. Also she said she believed what we doing was very close to incest; she could not continue our sessions any longer but had enjoyed what we had done in the past. She asked me not to be jealous of her boyfriend but to remember fondly our lovely encounters. Abbey gave me two pairs of her pantyhose and a pair of her sheerest panties as a ‘farewell present’.

My passion for nylons and nylon panties continued on through my teens and into my twenties. I still wore pantyhose and whenever possible nylon panties to bed and to masturbate. I liked to wrap a sheer stocking around my cock whenever I wanked. I managed to get myself girlfriends, (always girls that wore pantyhose often), lose my virginity, and on the odd occasion find a girl that would share my nylon fetish. A couple of my girlfriends let me fuck them while they still wore their stockings or pantyhose and one girlfriend I had when I was 25 would let me wear pantyhose as well.

One afternoon my girlfriend Eileen and I were in the bedroom of my flat lying on the bed. I had my hand under her skirt, stroking her pantyhosed thighs. My hand would wonder across her crotch, pushing against her nylon encased mound; she was moaning and pushing against my hand. "That feels so good" she whispered. "I know" I said, "I just love the feel of nylon against me too". She giggled, "go on then – get dressed, I know you want too". I quickly discarded my clothes and slipped on a pair of sheer pantyhose. Eileen was hip to my fetish by now and we had often fucked whilst both wearing hose. Her hand slipped up my nylon legs and lightly caressed my balls. I was in heaven as I maintained my pressure on her silken clad mound. I pushed her back on the bed; she looked magnificent, fully clothed with her red miniskirt hiked up around her waist, sheer taupe pantyhose, white nylon panties, and red high heels. I climbed on her and ground my hard member against her mound. My cock and balls encased in the fabric of my pantyhose was rubbing against her pussy covered in the sheer nylon of her pantyhose and panties. I reached down and with my fingernail I made a small hole in the front of my pantyhose and let my dick poke through. I now had my cock rubbing and pushing into her pussy. I could feel her outer pussy lips against my cock head through the nylon of her hose and panties. I again reached down and this time made a small hole in the gusset of her pantyhose. "Oh Dear! I ruin more nylons this way" she giggled and wrapped her sheer nyloned legs around by back as my penis pushed aside the fabric of her panties and slid into her. I was so excited and was already close to coming. "You really do love nylons don’t you darling" she whispered in my ear as she thrust up against me slowly. "Oh my God yes" I whimpered, on the verge of orgasm. "I have an idea," she said, and to my despair she eased me out of her glistening pussy. "What are you doing" I begged. "I’m so close." Again she giggled and to my surprise she reached over to the bedside table and dipped her hand into the drawer where I kept my pantyhose, stockings, and panties. She drew out a sheer nylon stocking and to my utter amazement and delight, slipped it over my hard penis. She slowly stroked my throbbing member through the nylon of the sheer stocking. "Christ I’m going to come!" I shouted. "Not yet" she whispered into my ear as she slid back under me and positioned my stocking encased member against the entry to her soaking pussy. She then pushed slowly but firmly against me, sliding the nylon covered cock into her cunt. I was in heaven. Her hot wet pussy was gripping my stocking covered cock like a silken glove. At the same time my pantyhosed balls and legs were rubbing against her pantyhosed legs and sheer pantied arse. I couldn’t hold it any longer; I exploded deep inside her. Needless to say I married Eileen.

My Brother, My Sister Part I

PantyhosePrincess on Incest Stories

My Brother, My Sister – Part I


Michele Nylons


I wrote this story originally under the title "Be Careful In the Park" about an older crossdresser who meets a street gang in a park and gets more than she bargained for. There was no incest in the original version. I like this version better as it includes all my peccadillos: incest, crossdressing, nylon fetish, and forced sex. A warning to those who find those subjects not to their taste.

My God! I was going to get raped by the members of a local street gang of which my brother Tom was a member. I could just make him out in the dim light from the moon. He was not aware of who I was, and that’s understandable given the way I was dressed and behaving. I supp

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ose I had better give you the background so that this story makes sense.

I am a 20-year-old crossdresser. I have been dressing as a woman for five years without my family knowing. There is certainly no way I was going to tell my now 16-year-old brother Tom what I did for kicks. He had grown up rough, and unlike me, who enjoyed a serene, some would say sissy lifestyle, Tom couldn’t wait to join a street gang. While I locked myself in my room trying on makeup and sexy women’s clothes, my younger brother was playing football, sneaking beers, and committing petty crimes with his pals.

I had been sneaking out of the house dressed as woman for about 3 months now, and I always headed to the local park where I was guaranteed of picking up some rough trade; usually older men who would take me in the toilets for a quick blowjob or a quick fuck against the cubicle wall.

Tonight I had walked down to the local park and was sitting in my favourite dark corner, looking for punters who occasionally cruised the park looking for action. I was certainly dressed for action; red Lycra miniskirt, blue and black sequined top, sheer black nylon stockings, sheer red nylon panties, garter belt and black ‘fuck me’ high heels. I had put on my trademark ‘slutty make-up’ and my favourite blonde wig. I looked nothing like my male self, and was confident that I would not be recognised by anyone who knew me casually. I was having a chat with an older man I'd met before, the memories of an earlier visit we had made to the toilet block quite turning me on and hoping we were going to get it on.

Then I saw them, a street gang I had never seen around my ‘patch’ before, but I instantly recognised Tom amongst them. There were six of them and they were all young, fit and no doubt full of the beer they'd obviously been drinking that evening. But I hadn't come out looking for trouble that evening, that wasn't my scene at all, even so I knew I only had myself to blame for the fix I was in. I deliberately hung around this park because I knew Tom’s gang never came here and now my luck had run out.

Unfortunately the street gang now entered the park and my ‘older friend’ just turned and ran. The gang swaggered towards me. I knew I had a few options: identify myself to Tom and live in ridicule for the rest of my life, or chill out and hope they passed and left me alone. Possibly stupidly I lit a cigarette to still my nerves as they approached and instead of passing, the gang veered over to my seat, a voice asking,

"Can you spare a couple of cigs?"

These boys all appeared to be in their teens or early twenties and I knew from talking to Tom that they had a reputation for trouble. As I said, obviously they'd had more than a couple of beers apiece but they did not appear to be over the top pissed. Maybe they would take my smokes and move on. As they came closer I prayed they, and particularly Tom, would not recognise me in the dim light.

One was jet black; he looked the oldest, wearing white rugby style shorts and a black T. The youngest looking was also coloured, more a coffee colour, in his case wearing denim shorts and a polo shirt. The others were white but standing more in the shadow so I couldn't make them out so clearly at that time, but I knew one had to be Tom. I handed over a couple of cigarettes saying I couldn't spare any more and was told.

"No problem."

They stood around to light them and the thought had just crossed my mind that I wouldn't mind meeting one or two of them at a time down here if only they weren’t Tom’s friends Then the oldest asked, out of the blue,

"Do you suck cock u dirty Tranny?" I was taken aback, but it was obvious they recognised me for what I was, a crossdresser or transvestite if you like, and without really thinking I replied,

"It has been known."

There must have been some sort of pre-arrangement between them because the leader pushed a younger coloured boy toward me laughing and saying,

"Well let’s see you then. My friend here has been sporting a hard on all night and he says he will even stick it in a slutty looking tranny like you to get relief."

The young man pushed me to gently my knees, I knew resistance would be futile, my face was just level with his denim shorts, the front of which he was massaging slowly. Judging by the bulge in his shorts I hadn't heard a lie, he had been sporting a hard on all night. As he was pushed even closer he asked,

"Are you sure you don't mind honey?" and turned and laughed to his pals.

Normally I wouldn’t mind at all! It was what I'd come down here for, even though I'd not expected an audience. The other males would be no problem if they wanted to watch; it would just turn me on more. In reply I just licked my lipstick lips nervously.

That was all the encouragement he required and pulling down the zip on his shorts, he pulled out a nice looking weapon, already more than half hard. It was a nice size and shape, cut, about six inches long and the girth was in proportion, nicely coloured to match his skin tone.

He used his hand to move his cock tentatively to my red painted lips where his courage failed and I could see it just start to wilt. My instincts took over and I moved my head forward and grasped an inch or so between my lips, using my tongue to wash round the end. He gasped and he immediately became fully hard, his animal desire taking over as he moved forward, plunging the whole six inches down my throat without warning.

I managed to hold tight as he placed his hands on my head and started rocking back and forth. He must have been playing with it, or talking about it, most of the night as I was only just getting used to it when he pulled out, yelling "I'm cumming," and proceeded to jack off rapidly, shooting over my face, the semen running down on to my blouse. That seemed to decide it for the rest as they all moved forward and one of the white boys dropped his shorts to display a fully hard, slightly larger cut cock, which he poked out at my face.

I was hoping now that maybe all they would do was demand a blowjob each and go on their way. In the dark corner of the park maybe I could get away with that and then make some sort of excuse when Tom came to take his turn. As much as I loved sucking cock there was no way I was going to fellate my own brother.

Normally I do love a cut cock and would need no further bidding to wrap my lips around the cock in front of me and work it, but now I was scared. They were drunk, horny, and trouble. This seemed to settle it for them and I became aware the other lads all had their cocks out, rubbing them excitedly. An older coloured boy made his way forward and pointed his groin at my face.

"How about this then? You fucking tranny slut," he asked.

This when I realised I was in serious trouble. I gasped,

"My God! No!"

His cock was huge, it had to be a eight inches long and possibly two inches across.

"I can’t take that," I gasped.

"Well your going to," he growled.

Without further ado the lads pulled me up and hustled me over to the children's roundabout in the play area. That was all the leader said to me directly for some time, giving others instructions as to what they should do to me, how to place me, how to hold me. The roundabout was one of the old style, solid wood planks, well worn, with a small running board and four metal handles crossing over the top. It was located in an area of the park where the streetlights had been broken and whilst it gave them the privacy they wanted to go about their ravaging of me, I dismally hoped it would assist my disguise and help keep my true identity from Tom and his friends.

Under their leader’s instructions they soon had me spread out on my back between two of the roundabout handles, they pulled my panties to one side and exposed my puckered ass, my sheer stockinged legs where spread wide and my high heeled feet where lifted high in the air. The white boy who'd just fucked my face knelt behind me holding my head up and cushioning it somewhat from the bars. Some of the lads had stripped off their pants by now and it was obvious that they weren't going to leave me alone until they had all had their way with me. I tried to look around to see where Tom was, I just hoped he wouldn’t join in,

One of the boys climbed on the roundabout and knelt with his cock pointing at my face. He was quite dark, only about eighteen but already with a hairy manly chest. He just knelt there masturbating for a while and then I felt a pair of hands start to feel my arse, first gently and then with more vigour. One, then two fingers inserting themselves up my passage. I couldn't see who it was but I prayed it wasn’t Tom. As my arse muscles started to spasm as the fingers withdrew and a voice said "Now!" and I heard and felt someone spit on my ass-bud.

"Natural lubricant," a sleazy voice laughed. I recognised the feeling of what entered me next, a medium sized cock was pushed deep inside me, and it wasted no time, but started to attack me straight away. In, out, in, out. He was reaching my prostate without any problem. Even though I was being raped, I was going to cum soon if not very careful. I managed to mumble something along those lines in between loosing my breath each time I gasped he rammed his cock in and out of me. I just hoped it wasn’t Tom, ‘please god don’t let it be my brother fucking me,’ I prayed, even though I was now thoroughly enjoying the fucking I was receiving.

"Oh God, I’m going to come," I uttered, as the intense fucking I was receiving took me over the top.

"That's OK. So am I," laughed the lad kneeling over my face as he sped up the speed of his wrist and with a series of soft yells shot over my painted face and lipstick lips.

All this time the attack on my arse had continued. I heard,

"I'm cumming. God I’m cumming. Here we go!"

I was thankful the voice I heard was not Tom’s, but the attack intensified and with half a dozen sharp thrusts as I felt the cock in my arse shoot inside me. The boy that was raping my arse shuddered a couple of times and pulled out. Lying there catching my breath I was hardly aware as the lads changed places.

Now my head was being clenched more tightly, one lad was standing each side of me holding my now laddered, stocking clad legs back in position and a new weapon was rubbing against my panties that had slid back, and now covered the entrance to my arse. I looked up to see the leader with his huge cock in his hand pointed at my arse, from which his mate’s semen was leaking and staining the crotch of my panties. I started to struggle,

"No, I can't," I said.

"Yes you will, your arse is well and truly lubricated now" he snarled.

I struggled but someone grabbed my high-heeled feet and pulled my legs high over my head exposing my come-soaked panty-clad arse. The lad kneeling at my arse pulled the soaked, slinky fabric to one side and positioned his manhood at the puckered flower. Amazingly, the usual flush of expectation of a good fucking flowed over me and I felt myself relax against my own will. I know what I'd said, but there was no way I could take him. He had to be a ten inches and at least three inches across. A solid black ebony shaft. As his cock demanded access to my hole it seemed to glisten and gleam in the moonlight.

"Right?" was all he said.

"No!" I managed to reply.

It didn't matter. Whatever I said, it didn't matter. He was going to fuck me. He was going to rape me. No one was going to do a thing about it, including my brother who was oblivious to my fate. The other lads that were holding me in position were getting excited now. I could see hands moving, two bodies kneeled beside me, hard cocks were being readied for an assault on my body, but they were all watching the weapon that probed my entrance. He was slow; at least I'll give him that.

He stopped for a moment as soon as he forced it into my entrance, but only to allow me another gasp before starting again on a slow but inexorable voyage of discovery inside me. It never seemed to stop, a little push, stop, pull back, and push again. Each time a greater violation. He punched past my prostate almost without my being aware and still the exploration continued. Deeper than I'd ever been violated before. If I'd not been so excited and scared at the same time, and held so tightly, there wasn't any way I could have withstood the punishment.

I could hear myself letting out little yelps and groans whenever I had the breath, which wasn't very often. Each time I gasped in order to keep breathing, he forced his cock in again before I had time to fill my lungs. It felt as if that monster penis of his was splitting me apart. It wasn't a cock, it was a weapon he was using on me! It stopped. I managed to take a clean breath, open my eyes and look up. The leader was looking down on me his face covered in sweat from his exsertion in my arse.

"I've never had it in a tranny’s arse before. You are one tight bitch!" he laughed.

I was in pain, but such glorious pain. I'd never been so thoroughly possessed before. I knew he was raping me. No way could it be called regular sex. He might damage me but deep inside was a feeling that I wanted more. I just had to have more.

"Get on with it," was all I replied.

With an even bigger grin he pulled back slowly, and that was all my body needed to move on to a higher plane of sexual ecstasy. I must have been a quite a sight, my skirt rucked up, sheer nylons laddered, legs held spread, panties pushed to one side of my open arse that was impaled by a huge black cock.

The two lads who were holding my legs with one hand and their hard cocks with the other decided it was time to get in on the action. One crammed his engorged penis past my lipstick lips and into my mouth, the other was busy stroking his cock and alternately rubbing it on my cheek and in my hair. Someone grabbed hold of my cock and was squeezing it hard each time the unknown assailant rammed his cock in me. ‘Not my brother Tom, please,’ I hoped.

That seemed to be a general signal for the other lads and I felt other hands moving over my body, rubbing cocks on my stocking legs, wanking over my face, and then my hands were grabbed and wrapped around two more throbbing penises. Was everyone going to use me tonight? Which cock belonged to my brother? I was aware of the weapon up my arse as it started to swell and judder, and as it started to shoot I felt the cock in my mouth explode and come filled my throat. I had no choice but to swallow.

The two cocks that I had been forced to wank also ejected their loads, I felt the sticky come saturate my hands. The other lad rubbing his cock on my face shot a stream of come over my eyes, adding to the come already there expelled from the first boy who used me. My mascara was running down my face in a stream of hot semen. The lad who was dry humping my sheer stocking leg groaned at this sight and I felt his cock pulse against my stocking thigh and I then the warm wet feel of come through my laddered nylon encased calf. Finally the young black man that was raping my arse stopped; he withdrew his flaccid penis and looked over his shoulder, smiled an evil smile, and said,

"Here, you can have what’s left of this bitch now." I looked up in horror realised it was my brother Tom he was talking to.

"No, no more please, I can’t take it," I whimpered in attempt to put him off .

What could I do, If I exposed my real identity there was a good chance the gang would beat me up and Tom would know my secret and tell everyone. I decided to meekly accept whatever my brother decided to do to me, and hope he didn’t notice who I was under the smeared makeup and ripped women’s clothes.

My brother Tom took his place and lay on top of me.

He didn’t seem to care that my face was covered in come and that I was leaking sticky white semen from my arse. He leaned down and kissed my smudged lipstick lips. I felt his cock stiffen as he pressed against the nylon panties covering my penis. The lads holding my legs, having achieved their orgasms and having no further use for this ‘tranny slut’, had let go of my legs and were stuffing their sticky cocks back into their shorts as they dressed.

Tom reached down and placed his turgid penis against the bulge of my soft cock encased in my nylon panties, oblivious that his was older brother underneath him. He was humping it against my panty cock, obviously too aroused and too inexperienced to try to enter me, he had decided to come quickly against me. I thanked god that it looked like he was not going to fuck me or make me suck him. I had guessed that Tom was still a virgin, and his inexperience and excitement meant he wanted to quickly release his seed and move on.

I realised he was the last in the long procession of rapists that were using my body for their own pleasure, taking what they wanted by force, even though I would have given it gladly one at a time in if my brother wasn’t there. I decided that I could take no more, I was now fully aroused by my brother’s thrusting penis, even though I had been raped in every orifice, was covered in come, my make-up smeared, my nylons ruined, my clothes ripped. I decided to help Tom achieve his orgasm as quickly as possible before he changed his mind and wanted to fuck me properly or worse still he recognised me in the dim light.

I lifted my legs and wrapped them around my brother’s back as he dry humped me through my panties. I pushed up and met his thrusts as his cock pressed against mine through the sheer nylon of my panties. I lifted my head, covered in come and smeared make-up and pushed my lipstick smudged, recently raped mouth against his. I rammed my tongue down his throat and started to dry fuck him earnestly.

Tom’s inexperience was obvious and my brother started to squeal as his cock spasmed against mine, drenching my panties, soaking through to my now throbbing penis, which erupted in unison. I gripped my brother in my embrace tighter as our cocks continued to jet come against each other. Finally Tom lay still, and then pushed himself off me and joined the circle of rapists standing around me.

They were all laughing and looking down at me. There I was, my skirt hiked up, my penis slowly deflating, covered in semen, my clothes ruined. I was well and truly raped by the gang, which had included my brother. The leader of the street gang, the one who had raped my arse with his enormous cock, spoke.

"Come around here again you fag tranny bitch you’re going to get the same!"

He turned his back to me and started walking away with the rest of his gang slowly following laughing and jeering amongst themselves. Tom, my brother the rapist, who had used me last, suddenly broke away from the gang and ran back to me.

‘What now’, I thought. My younger brother knelt beside me, lifted my head and gave me a soft passionate kiss. He whispered in my ear,

"Thanks most exciting experience of my life Sis," he whispered.

I lay there and couldn’t believe what I had heard. He knew who I was! He called me ‘Sis’!

"Well I guess you are now my older sister now, instead of my older brother; tomorrow you can you can show me what a blow jobs feels like, either that or I can just tell Mom and Dad about your secret. See ya’ later Sis," he laughed.

His lips brushed mine again and he shot up and sprinted after his friends laughing out loud.


To be continued...........

My Brother, My Sister Part III

PantyhosePrincess on Incest Stories

My Brother, My Sister Part III


Michele Nylons

From Part II

It was too much for me and I started to squirt hot semen, drenching my panties as he squeezed me harder. Tom grunted and pushed himself into me as far as he could, I was pushed hard against the kitchen counter as my brother's throbbing cock exploded deep in my ass. I felt the head of his penis pulsate against my prostate as he shot stream after stream of hot semen deep inside me. I continued to eject jets of come as his hand squeezed my penis harder through my silky nylon panties.

I moaned and squirmed my ass back against him to drain the last droplets of come from him. He groaned and collapsed against me, sated.

"OOOOOhhhhhh Sis, that was just so fucking good," my brother whisper

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ed in my ear and kissed my earlobe.


Part III

Tom eased back and his long thick cock slid out of my ass; he slid my panties back into place, pulled my skirt back down, and patted my ass.

"Well done Sis," he laughed.

"I really need to empty the old ball sack, and your ass was just the place to do it. Now cook my fucking breakfast bitch!" he scolded; any form of tenderness gone from his voice.

I sheepishly turned back to my chores as I felt my brother's semen oozing from ass and mix with my own semen pooled in the crotch of my nylon panties as it start to cool off and congeal.

"Tom, can I please change my underwear?" I asked, using a pleading, subordinate tone.

"I don't think so Mike, I mean Michele. When you have served my breakfast we might go back upstairs to where you keep your girly clothes and pick out something more suitable for company; but for now you'll do fine as you are" Tom answered.

'Company, Oh my God, what is my brother thinking of getting up to next,' I thought to myself.

I decided to shut up and get on with Tom's breakfast. As I laid the plate before him, Tom slid his hand up my sheer stockinged leg and stoked my thigh. I didn't move, I decided to let Tom have everything his way for now; after all he held all the aces.

Tom continued to play with my stocking tops as shovelled food into his mouth with his other hand. Then his hand slid up to my soaked panties.

"Oh fuck Sis, you're sopping wet. I must have come a torrent in your ass, and you're soaked in the front too," he laughed as his hand slid around and stroked my cock through the nylon panty.

"Well I'm glad that you liked that I gave you a 'reach around' but for fuck sake all that come in your knickers is disgusting!" Tom laughed evilly and then removed his hand and wiped it on the front of my black miniskirt.

"You fucking arsehole!" I yelled and made to slap his face.

Tom was too quick for me and grabbed my hand in mid air as he stood up and pushed me back hard. I tottered back on my high heels and fell flat on my ass on the kitchen floor, winded. I must of looked a sight, my legs spread, skirt rucked up to expose my stocking tops and soaked white nylon panties, and my thick makeup starting to run as I tried to hold back tears.

"You fucking well are a girl Mike!" Tom spat contemptuously.

"Now get your fucking faggot, girly ass into the shower and clean yourself up. And don't think this is over, I've just started having fun. When you've cleaned my 'man fat' from your ass and made up your slutty face for me again, I'll help you pick out the wardrobe for this afternoon's entertainment. Now fuck off and let me finish my breakfast you freak!" my Brother said, dismissing me from the room.

I skittered up onto my heels and slunk off to the shower. I had never felt so humiliated. Even the raping I had received from the street gang last night had some semblance of respect and tenderness. My Brother Tom was treating me like a two-dollar whore this morning!

I removed my come stained panties, garters, stockings and skirt then gathered up the soiled clothing from last night's 'adventures' and put them in the washer while I showered. I spent at least half an hour washing myself and gave myself a quick enema to clean out my brother's come from inside me. I vaguely heard the phone ringing and Tom answering during this period, but paid scant attention.

After three-quarters of an hour I retrieved my now clean clothes from the washer and placed them in the dryer. I felt refreshed enough to go to my room and get dressed. As I entered Tom was sitting on the bed surrounded by a selection of my girl clothes he had obviously taken from my secret hiding place at the back of the wardrobe.

Tom had laid out my red Lycra miniskirt, a black sheer blouse, black nylon panties and matching bra, and a pair of my sheerest black seamed nylon stockings. On the floor were my high heeled, patent leather, open toe, sandals. My blonde wig was sitting on the dresser amongst the makeup scattered there from this morning.

"Get dressed, Sis," Tom ordered.

"And put on lots of that slutty makeup you wear, just like last night. And…fucking get a move on; we've got company coming."

"What are you on about Tom?"

"Who have we got coming?" I sounded alarmed.

Tom grabbed me and threw me on the bed.

"Just do what you're told 'big Sister', unless of course you want our family and the whole neighbourhood to know about you perversion!" Tom yelled into my face. He stormed out the room and left me to dress.

I knew I had no choice but to comply as I plied on my makeup, making my self look like a cheap whore with heavily mascaraed eyes, ruby red lips, and rouged cheeks. I fitted the wig, slid into the bra and panty set, pulled my matching black garter belt over my panties and squeezed into the tight red mini. I eased the slinky nylon blouse over my shoulders and bent down to glide the diaphanous, black nylons up my legs and attached them to the garters. I buckled the high heels and bent down to straighten the seams of my stockings.

As I was I stood up and turned my back to the mirror to check my stocking seams were straight, the door had opened silently.

"My fucking oath Tom, she looks even better than last night, I can't wait to get my hands on her!" a voice I remembered from last night exclaimed.

I turned around and saw a jet-black youth that I identified as being the leader of the gang that had forced their way on me last night in the park.

"Well don't wait Tone," by Brother Tom, said matter of factly.

"Help yourself. Tony, this is my Sister Michele; Michele this is Tony. But what the fuck, you two met on a more than personal level last night didn't you. So, no need for formal introductions," he laughed.

"Go for it Tone!"

The black, heavily muscled youth sprang forward and wrapped me in his huge arms. He pulled me forward and I collapsed against him. He looked me in the eyes and then pulled my face towards his.

"Hello Michele," he whispered.

"Remember me?"

Just before his lips crushed mine I tried to scream.


But his lips mashed against mine and my scream was stifled. Tony forced his tongue into my mouth and began to rape my mouth. He pulled me hard against him and I felt the growing bulge in his jeans as he kissed me. Tony's right hand released its grip from around me and went to my ass and began squeezing my cheeks through my skirt and panties. He rubbed first one cheek of my ass then the other as he continued to French kiss me.

I tried to struggle, but his grip was too tight and all I succeeded in doing was moving my lower body against him and arousing him further. His cock now felt like an iron bar against me. Tony's hand now reached under my skirt and started to caress my stockinged thighs. I was so breathless I thought I would pass out.

"Oh fuck yes, Michele," Tony whispered as his lips left mine briefly.

"God you are one sexy little girly-boy!"

He then proceeded to kiss me again and steadily force me back towards the bed. I had no control over the situation and as my legs came into contact with the end of my bed I fell backwards with Tony on top of me. He reached under my arms and dragged me up the bed so I was prone underneath him; all the time his lips were locked on mine. The only thing I could think to do was slam my legs shut in protest.

Tony broke the kiss and as I lay there panting he straddled me. He was sweating and breathing hard himself. He tore off his T-shirt and unbuckled his belt; he pushed his jeans down and lifted each leg to shed himself of the garment. He wore no underwear and I caught sight of his huge erect organ. It looked even bigger than the monster he had forced into me last night.

I prayed that this would end soon. Maybe Mom and Dad would come home, maybe Tom would take pity on me, maybe the world would end; what chance did I have?

Tony now lay on top of me, taking his weight on his elbows and began a series of passionate kisses. His hands roamed over my body, stroking and caressing. Eventually one hand reached under my skirt and began to stroke my thighs again. I felt him squirm on top of me and realised what he was doing. Tony was working his cock between my locked, stocking encased thighs. He started a slow steady rhythm as he dry humped my thighs, his cock trapped between them.

I felt him get further excited now and his kisses became even more passionate as his rock hard cock continued its steady fucking motion between my nyloned legs. I made a mistake. I opened my legs slightly to try and thwart his pleasure, and Tony immediately seized the opportunity. He dropped one leg between mine and forced them further apart. He pushed up with his hips and his iron hard cock came into contact with mine through the gauzy nylon of my panties. Tony immediately began dry fucking me through my panties, his hard member pressed against mine, only the thin translucent nylon between them.

I couldn't help myself. My cock began to harden and I started to push up to meet his thrusts. I responded to his kisses, driving my tongue deep into his mouth and mashing my lipsticked lips against his. The feeling of our cocks rubbing together with only the thin nylon panty between them was exquisite. Again I had gone from being the victim of a rape to willing participant, only because of my inability to control my arousal.

I was enjoying the dry fucking so much that I pushed my heels into the bed to force my crotch higher and harder to meet Tony's thrusts. I locked my arms around him and began to groan. I then felt the bed shift as a weight was added just near my head. I turned to the right and opened eyes and saw my brother's engorged member level with my face. I guess it was just instinct, but I opened my mouth and sucked the proffered appendage into my mouth, my lipstick leaving a red trail along the shaft as it slid over my lips.

I began to move my tongue around the throbbing head of Tom's cock, licking under the glands whilst keeping it trapped in my mouth, my lips clamped on the shaft. I heard my brother groan.

"Oh Sis, yeah sweets, that what I wanted."

Tony stopped thrusting against me and I writhed on the bed to indicate my disappointment, but he was only adjusting his position. He put his knees between mine and grabbed my silky, stockinged calves and lifted my legs up and locked them under his arms. I felt his cock prodding against the leg opening of my knickers and then felt it slide inside my panties and rest against my ass bud.

I was now getting exceptionally randy and began a steady long slow blowjob on my brother Tom. I kept his shaft clamped between my lips and moved my head up and down his shaft as my tongue continued to lash his tender glans. My own cock was rock hard and the tip had forced its way out of my panty waistband and was so sensitive, the friction of it rubbing on my skirt was painful. I reached down and pulled up my lycra skirt around my waist, fully exposing my panty clad ass and balls, my glans were now exposed and my cock was pushed flat against my stomach by the waistband of my panties.

Tony started to push forward with his hips, and his penis, lubricated by our 'cock-kissing' session, slid slowly into my ass. I relaxed my inner muscles and allowed him to enter me until his balls rested snugly against my ass cheeks. Tony then lifted my legs higher and placed my high-heeled feet over his shoulders, he was kissing my stocking legs, bending forward and moving his kisses up my legs as his cock started its outstroke.

I clenched my lower muscles tight and my ass gripped his cock as it started a steady in and out rhythm, on the in stroke his body rubbed against my cock adding to my pleasure. I was sucking Tom's cock to the same rhythm, his cock being swallowed deep into my throat as Tony's shaft pumped into my ass.

"Oh fuck Sis, this is just so good! Suck that cock honey!" my brother groaned.

"And take me deep inside you sugar," breathed Tony.

The pace gradually increased as Tony started to fuck me hard. He was no longer gentle, but was pounding his hard, fat cock in and out of me faster and harder, his balls slamming into my panty ass and grinding himself against me at the top of his in stroke. Tom was keeping pace and was now holding my head as he fucked my mouth, I was breathing heavily through my nose trying not to choke when his cock was fully inserted into my mouth, his balls banging against my chin.

And me, the poor little girl being raped? I was enjoying every second! I was sucking and licking my brother's cock, and rising to meet Tony's thrusts as I concentrated on squeezing his cock tight inside me.

The pace was now at a crescendo and both of the boys where groaning as they approached orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuck honey I'm gonna' come, I can feel it," groaned Tony.

"Ohhhhhhhh me too!" screamed Tom.

"Take it! Take it! Take it, sugar!" Screamed Tom, as I felt him push forward with a mighty thrust. He buried his face in my nyloned thigh and kissed me there as his cock started to spasm deep in my ass. He was pushing his cock into me as deep as he could, and grinding his balls against my panty ass to increase the sensation of his orgasm. I felt my ass flood with hot semen.

At the same time Tony groaned,

"Here Michele, take my load!" And he too pushed his cock deep inside my mouth down to the back of my throat, his hands forcing my head hard against his crotch. Hot salty sperm started to boil from his throbbing penis and fill my mouth. As much I sucked I couldn't swallow it all and I pulled my head back. Tom pulled his cock from my mouth and rubbed it all over my face as the last of his seed ejaculated over my face. The hot, sticky come was in my eyes, my hair, and all over my cheeks. My makeup was running as semen was smeared all over my face by my Brother's hot, jerking cock.

I felt the last spasms of Tony's orgasm deep in my ass, and my bother's hand squeeze my cock and stroke it in a tight grip. I ejaculated against my belly; I felt the hot come pool there as my dick throbbed in my brother's hand.