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Laugh at the Naked Fat Slut Avatar

Laugh at the Naked Fat Slut

Created by FatVicki on with 3 Members

This is where you can come and read my true life stories and get as big a laugh as those who were there watching me parade my fat naked ass around in public. I live to expose my naked body to strangers, and be laughed at and humiliated for it. I'm for real, and want you to know all about how slutty I am and hear you make fun of me.

MOM is A Sexy goddess... mom- son stories Avatar

MOM is A Sexy goddess... mom- son stories

Created by devilLogan on with 23 Members

guys and girls ... it is said tht mom shows the ultimate love . now let us find how a person fills up the same hole with the juice of love... through which he once came to this earth ..and what a girl does to keep mom happy

fucking brothers wife Avatar

fucking brothers wife

Created by dilshad on with 9 Members

this group post stories of fucking brothers wife. and seduction tips

-braSteel Avatar


Created by panty20110302 on with 1 Members

BraDo you like the steel Bra?

maleSex w anything  Avatar

maleSex w anything

Created by bttm4u2 on with 2 Members

maleA group for anyone who likes being used by anyone or anything male for sexual fun and pleasure as

ringWife Sha Avatar

ringWife Sha

Created by letsdoit on with 1 Members

ringThere is nothing more erotic than a woman being pleasured or servicing two or more men at the same time. Two women pleasuring a single guy comes a very very close sec

-funOrange County Avatar

-funOrange County

Created by oc_perv on with 1 Members

FunFor anybody who wants to share sexy photos or stories; who wants to chat and/or role play; and for people who want to get together in Orange County,

orldIncest w Avatar

orldIncest w

Created by ram4hot on with 8 Members

orldShare about the hot and horny experiences that had occured in the family.for anyone who has been in incest or who wants to try incest,then come and tell about your stories to the member

tt--Family incest hotttt Avatar

tt--Family incest hotttt

Created by ram4you9876 on with 6 Members

t...Share about the hot and horny experiences that had occured in the family.for anyone who has been in incest or who wants to try incest,then come and tell about your stories to the members... pe

sectIn Avatar


Created by Neshh on with 1 Members

sectBoy fuck his aunty p

appySlap H Avatar

appySlap H

Created by RedHotisready on with 1 Members

appyFor women that like rough sex. Do you like to have your hair pulled/ how about getting slapped or spanked? If so then come join

hottAnimal sex is  Avatar

hottAnimal sex is

Created by ilovehorsesex145 on with 338 Members

hottWe talk about sex with animals of coarse. Share your experiences with dogs, horses and other animals. If you have any show pictures of you or someone else having sex with animals. NO FAKES THOUGH OR PICTURES FROM BEASTIALITY SITES. They need to be ones that you took. So if you get turned on by animal sex then come in and have some

-sexmom son Avatar

-sexmom son

Created by Raju4ever on with 14 Members

sexHi... Its all bout lov between mmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmm & ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

ssesHot Waitre Avatar

ssesHot Waitre

Created by Dee21f on with 3 Members

ssesHave you ever hooked up with a waitress? Share your ti

versincest lo Avatar

versincest lo

Created by cambo on with 245 Members

versfor anyone who has been in incest or wants to try,,come tell yor stories to like minded pe

analgay  Avatar


Created by scoty7 on with 25 Members

analjoin who ever loves to take and give up tight male/shemale as

versFemale /women girl lo Avatar

versFemale /women girl lo

Created by tomfrom7 on with 68 Members

versA group for women to post and discuss their sexy young girls/daughters/grand daughters/nieces true stories, fantasies and experien

on-2Mom and Avatar

on-2Mom and

Created by Milf-Lover40 on with 77 Members

SonAnyone know of any published stories involving a mom and her son ... but from the point of view of the mother ... such a better a

versIndian Incest Lo Avatar

versIndian Incest Lo

Created by Wolf_man_Rex on with 65 Members

versA group for all the Indian Incest lovers. Chat, discuss, share experiences, do whatever you wan

nginTucson Swin Avatar

nginTucson Swin

Created by leondrecori on with 9 Members

gin'This group is for local Tucson couples/singles/groups that are interested in seeing their partner (or themselves) caress/suck/fuck another person. I am a local Tucson resident and I am appauled by the lack of swinger activity in the area. Let's change that you and I. I hope to have a local following that will change this city up a bit.

irlsDaddys and their lil-g Avatar

irlsDaddys and their lil-g

Created by DaddysWhip on with 296 Members

irlsA lil-girl is lost without her daddy to guide, care and protect her. A Daddy is lost without his pumpkin whom completes