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My sister and our dog

macmmot on Taboo Stories

One day I came home from school early and I thought no one else was home. I heard noises coming from my sister's bedroom so I went by her bedroom door and peeked in. I was shocked to see her and our family dog together on the floor. My sister was nude and she had her legs wide open and the dog was licking her between her legs. She was moaning and saying good boy you are such a good boy while rubbing his head which was between her legs. I decided to walk in and confront her. When I opened the door she looked up at me and tried to push the dog away leaving her sitting there in front of me totally nude with her legs wide open. I said how long have you been doing this? She yelled for me to get out. I laughed at her and said okay but Mom and Dad are going to love to hear about this. She said p

My cousin sister and her friend banged

ananthanni on Threesome Stories

Hi readers, I’m a regular visiter of sex stories and I’m a huge fan of these.
I’m ananth, 27 living in Bangalore. I’m a lecturer working in a premier institute in bengaluru.
Today I would like to write a true story of my life happened during lockdown..before I begin, please excuse me for any spelling mistakes or way of narration. This is a new experience for me.
Females, you will be wet by reading this story and guys I’m sure your penis would definitely throw sperm out.

Coming to story, I’m ananth (Real name) and I’m not that good looking, but pretty sure that I can seduce girls with my extraordinary skills.
The heroins of my story are my cousin sister rashmi and her friend deepa. (real names only).
Since I’m not a resident of Bangalore, I stay in a well furnished flat in a lexur

Become Berry, Or, How Alice McMahon Became Her Husband's Favourite Slut, Pt 1

FreshKid14011991 on Wife Stories

This story is a work of fiction.

Hey folks. First post here on sex stories post, and it's the first part of a series. For those of you wanting more of the husband dominating the wife, don't worry, we'll get to it. Also, yes, they will get married. Just not quite the way Alice thought.


I knew I’d fucked up.

That was really the core of everything that happened after. Knowing, right down to the bone, that everything was totally my fault. Me and Todd had had a good thing going; good marriage, nice house, decent money… everything we could really look for. There were people our age who’d have killed for what we had. But I went ahead and ruined it anyway.

But if I’m going to tell you all this, then I should explain a little better. My name’s Alice McMahon. Some of you may alre

My drunk mother

macmmot on Incest Stories

When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom started to drink a lot. I would find her around the house half undressed or completely naked drunk passed out cold sleeping. This is the first time I've ever seen a grown up woman nude. The first time I tried to wake her up and tell her to go to bed but Mom never woke up or moved a muscle. I went back to bed but couldn't sleep thinking about how much different her body was from my little sisters. I got back up and went to the living room to see if Mom was awake. She hadn't moved at all and was snoring away. I got my car and took some nude pictures of Mom. I realized that I was sexually excited for the first time in my life and had an erection from looking at her nude body. After I got up the nerve I slowly reached out and touched her boob

Kidnapped into BDSM submission

OTBottom on Femdom Stories

Of course, it happened again. Another breakup with another girlfriend only this time it was quicker than usual. At 35 years old I still couldn’t keep from getting bored with the same old relationships. This time though it cost me. We scheduled a mountain getaway and I could not cancel in time to get a refund. What the hell I had the time off and I could use some alone time and relax for a long weekend. I just bought a new mountain bike and there were some awesome trails there.
I checked in Friday night and found the resort near capacity. I stopped at the bar for a drink and bar was almost empty except for a few couples. I felt out of place as the bar tender explained this was mostly a couple’s resort. Just my luck, no action for me this week. Just as well I planned on an early rise for a

Pretending to be drunk for Dad

Tina40 on Incest Stories

I had just graduated high school. A
Month or so before I had came home drunk and couldn’t even remember getting in bed. I woke the next morning naked in bed and had a feeling my dad had I undressed me.
So I came home early one night not planning this but when I came in I knew mom was at work so a pretended to be drunk all at once. I had thought about doing it before but never had the nerve to try it but out of nowhere the idea came to me so I went with it.
Immediately dad as helping me upstairs. To my room. I basically was helpless acting like I couldn’t stand on my own.
Dad never hesitated and was undressing me. I was trying not to laugh but niece as I was I let him take my panties off and quickly like a child he was fingering me. I pretended to be passed out and he was breathing ex

Neighbor affair

Tina40 on Cheating Stories

Hello this happened back when I was in my early twenties.
My husband and I had just gotten married. I was out sun bathing while my husband was asleep he worked nights at the time.
I noticed my neighbor Jack was out weeding his garden. Watching him I noticed he kept looking my way. Well I was in my swim suit I thought maybe he was checking me out. I lay there half asleep thinking about him checking me out I started getting horny at the thought . Jack is about 50 I guessed at time. Older than my own dad.
I finally got up to go in and I glanced at Jack and he waved at me. I put my towel around my waist and walked over just to talk and see if I could make him uncomfortable his wife had to be somewhere around.
We did small talk and I saw his eyes kept scanning up and down my body.
I a

George's MILF Whores - Deanna 6

WildWest on MILF Stories

Howard had sent Scott out of town, and it was a Monday morning, Deanna walked into Howard’s office and he had Suki, laid across his desk as he was thrusting his massive cock in and out of her pussy as she was screaming. Suki was the new Korean wife that was married to a young attorney named Peterson that she had met on the airplane as she was getting off. Howard was saying out loud, oh yeah, “Stan told me you craved black cock after all the boys got done with you on the airplane”. Howard pulled her up and walked around with his massive tool up her pussy as he lifted her up on down ramming her pussy hard, he handled her like a rag doll. Howard was asking her out loud, “you like my big black dick”? She screamed out, “yes Howard, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder, harder”, Howard was slammi

I got fucked by a big cock while my wife watched

FastGlass on Forced Stories

My wife has been pegging me wither strap on for some time now typically when she’s in one of her Dominant moods, she called me and asked if I was anywhere near her office, she had something to show me. So, I swung by and she told me to come into her office and she closed the door behind her and locked it. She went to her bag and pulled out the most realistic dildo I have ever seen. She had this wicked look in her eyes telling me to feel it. I must have had this look of amazement; doesn’t it feel real she asked. Not felling any cock but my own I said yes its really does not hard plastic it had foreskin and it bent but still had some rigidity to it, she said look at this extra bonus turning it around showing me the base it had a reservoir that could be filled with whatever and it also vibr

The Glazed Donut

Steelman on Sex Stories

The Glazed Donut

It all started when I was 16 years old and working the midnight shift at a restaurant on the Ohio turnpike.

There was usually three of us on duty and this particular night was no exception other than the business was extremely slow.

My position was what they called the porter or janitor, dishwasher, toilet scrubber, garbage can emptier you get the idea.

It was probably one in the morning when I was sitting down in what we called the overflow dining room which was always closed unless we were very busy.

I was sipping on a cola when donna came in, she was thirty five years old five feet and a little change tall, petite around 105 lbs sopping wet. We were friends but this would all change that night.

She came in and pulled a chair out from underneath the

Exhibition punished by stranger

rar1955 on Forced Stories

Forced by a Stranger

The following is not real but, in my mind, sometimes I wish it were:
I’ve always been an exhibitionist; I just enjoy being naked in the great outdoors. I am a well built man and have always been a little by-curious. To try to stay healthy I try to take hour long walks every morning and sometimes again in the evenings.
One day as I was walking down the road, I noticed a patch of tall grass on the side of the road. It came to me that I could lie down in the grass naked and listen to the cars pass down the road without being noticed. I thought that I’d give it a try, so I waited until there wasn’t any traffic around and walked over and laid down in the tall grass and waited for a car to pass. After a couple of cars passed, I was convinced that they couldn’t see me,

First time sharing my teen girlfriend

Whynot27 on Sex Stories

Me 20 and my girlfriend 18 had been together for about 3/4 months and had tried a few drugs before, when one day my uncle asked if we fancied trying some mdma as he had some we had never done it before and thought we would go and give it a try I said to him give us 2 hours, so she can get ready she went and got a shower can down and was wearing a shortish brown dress and black leggings.

he came to pick us up and took us to his house which is about 30 minute drive from mine, when we got there we was talking for a little while and had a smoke and some food before he got out the mdma and we all had a bit for now to see what it was like, we was sat talking for a while and started feeling the affects of the mdma, a short time later i felt liked i needed to go to toilet and left the room i w

Cummers and lickers (The Orgasmic Adventures Of Jessica Cardigan)

PunkMaister on Lesbian Stories

Cummers and lickers.
(The Orgasmic Adventures Of Jessica Cardigan)

An L Word Universe story
Set in the same universe but in a far fling post apocalypse future.

When one has to make a living including buying goods by cumming as hard and repeatedly as possible and for just about anyone you meet on the street your whole life is an adventure and hers is just beginning…

In a post apocalyptic all female lesbian society they are now 2 casts the cummers and the lickers.

The cummers are determined by how orgasmic they tend to be. Their pussies are generally the better tasting ones.

The lickers are very proficient and apt at making other women cum.

Cummers unless its cold walk around with little to no clothes and their tits and pussy always exposed, their duty is to cum hard

Mom and daughter travel abroad, and moms secret wish gets true

ManOfLux on Incest Stories

I've been in the US my whole life but always wanted to see the world.
So one day I searched the internet for someone exciting, (and oh.. Exciting he was..)
I found him on a regular board online, he came from Eu, a place I would be more then happy to visit.
As the day passed with fun conversations we noticed we had just more and more in common.
I even opened up about my secret crush I had as a little kid on my dad. I never got him in to bed, but I wish I did..
And he understood me. Actually, he seemed to like it.
I then told him that I was a single mom with a daughter, and I could tell on his response he got nervous.
He asked a little bit about her, then he became to nervous, and something in the back of my mind liked it.
So I started to send normal pictures of us, and every time h

Story for fricker.

HORNYKiwi on Wife Stories

One thing of so so many things I would do to you.... I would tie you to my bed completely naked, I would start off by kissing your lips, slow but passionately, then after a few mins I would start slowly kissing down your body, starting off by kiss you neck, down your chest till I get to your boobs, I would spend a few mins on them swapping between the 2, teasing your nipples by kissing, sucking and licking them.

After that I would kiss down your tummy, the down one of your thighs, then back up the inside of that leg stopping just before I get to your fun box, I would then kiss down your other leg and back up the inside of it again stopping just before I get to the fun part, I would then kiss all around your clit with out actually touching. Teasing you by getting closer and closer but

George's MILF Whores-Deanna 4

WildWest on Wife Stories

Deanna arrived at work, she really felt horrible what she was doing, but she knew she loved black men’s dicks plowing deep in her pussy and ass, she couldn’t herself, she loved big cocks in her mouth and feel the hot cum rush down her throat. As she walked to Howard’s office, her pussy got wet thinking how Troy and Lloyd had pummeled her pussy and ass the night before. Deanna knocked on Howard’s door, he replied come in and she walked in.

Howard said, good, it’s you, Troy and Lloyd called me earlier, the were really pleased with their reward after they signed their contract with our law firm. They both said they have fucked lots of the white wives that work for, but you’re the best black cock sucker around and the best white pussy around. They both said, they’re probably going to start

George's MILF Whores-Deanna 5

WildWest on MILF Stories

Stan announced were going to be touching down in about ten minutes, Deanna stood by Stan as cum was flowing out of her pussy and ass rolling down her legs. Stan turned facing her and go wash all the dry cum off your face, there is set of fresh cloths in the room also. As Deanna walked towards the room at the back of the plane, the men were fingering her pussy, she felt loads of cum oozing out her pussy and down her legs, as one guy yelled, hey Stan, this bitch is the best one yet, that white girl is the best black cock sucker around and she likes to black cock deep in her pussy. Stan yelled back, we like to keep our clients happy with the best pussy around and married white pussy was made for black cock, everybody started laughing out loud as they high fived each other. As Deanna walked

Crazy Night in Berlin (True Story)

AdamW92 on Threesome Stories

A little about me: My name is Adam. I’m in my late twenties, 6’1 and well-muscled. I’ve got hard pecs, abs, and big biceps, but I’m lean, coming in at around 230 lbs. My dad is a massive black dude and my mom is a fiery Latina. I’m the youngest of four boys so I’m very competitive and grew up on a farm before moving to a city for college. Not to sound conceited, but I’m classically very handsome and clean cut with a short, tidy beard. My dick is just over 7 inches and thick. Basically, I consider myself a 10 and I’ve never had a problem getting girls. In university I started to get more and more experimental with sex. In my later university years, I started doing trips to Europe almost entirely for the sexual experiences and eventually got way into group sex. This is my first time posting

sexual encounters with a widow and her three daughters

dickatool on Indian Stories

A reminder for all the readers, this is a part true and part fiction story…names and places have been changed without deviating from the main plot…this story contains a lot of sexual encounters and I have taken time and words to build up that suspense and give u the utmost jerking thrill possible….its not the usual story wher the main character sees the right opportunity and bounces on its subject and everything happens and ends in a flash…I want to build up the anticipation…the lust…the trust…and grip you to the encounters, you have never experienced…its like virtual reality!! Believe me!
If you like arousing stories that have plot and character development too, you don't want to miss it.
It takes some time at the start of the story to develop the characters and plot, but the payoff

family has a fuck guest...part-1

dickatool on Incest Stories

A reminder for all the readers, this is a part true and part fiction story…names and places have been changed without deviating from the main plot…this story contains a lot of sexual encounters and I have taken time and words to build up that suspense and give u the utmost jerking thrill possible….its not the usual story wher the main character sees the right opportunity and bounces on its subject and everything happens and ends in a flash…I want to build up the anticipation…the lust…the trust…and grip you to the encounters, you have never experienced…its like virtual reality!! Believe me!
If you like arousing stories that have plot and character development too, you don't want to miss it.
It takes some time at the start of the story to develop the characters and plot, but the payoff

Daddy Gets Whatever He Wants

kimfinlan on BDSM Stories

She was on her knees before him, hands not bound, but behind her back, just as he liked her. Long blonde hair did not cascade down her back as it normally would have. No, now it was tied up tight and high in a bun, stray strands flying loose around her face from where his fingers had taken hold of her head. Her lips were parted, mouth open and waiting. Her eyes, a gentle blue hue with yellow flecks, looked up at him. Her face was flush, cheeks pink, as she regained her breath, her Master was giving her a moment's reprieve while he stared down at her.

"Have you been a good girl today?" His rich, baritone voice rumbled from his chest. It was the first thing he said since he walked into the room, as she had already been in position when he entered. Chest bare, only a black lacy thong cov

Paid to Punish Mr. Wilson

sexysnippet on Femdom Stories

I smacked my lips, turning my head from side-to-side, inspecting for any flaws in my makeup I should fix. My lipstick tonight was a bold, sensual red. The usual rule for a bold lip is lighter makeup on the eyes, but I knew what he liked. and that certainly was not a subtle eye. Thick winged liner framed my hazel eyes, with a shimmery, dark-gray smoky eye smudged around them, which shimmered gently in the low, warm lighting of the hotel bathroom. Sometimes I wished they put better lighting in these bathrooms, which would make it easier to fix my makeup, but I could understand why they kept it dim. The gold-framed mirrors and bowl-shaped crystal sinks would't have the same charm under the cool, bland flood that makeup lighting would have produced.

The target was staying on the forty-eigh

A Monster Takes Patricia's Virginity at 40

sexysnippet on Supernatural Stories

The office was starting to get hot and stuffy, as it always did in the later part of the work day. She tugged open the top button of her tan park ranger uniform, wishing the stiff cloth were made of something thinner and more breathable. She lifted the next leaf of paper from the enormous basket of park passes she was processing-- Entering them into the database to store them electronically. The basket still looked just as full as it had been this morning. The writing on the paper blurred a little as she yawned widely. She needed coffee.

She pushed her chair back from the desk, getting slowly to her feet, eyes on the grainy, gray-green carpet. The familiar gray stain in a sloppy splotch greeted her from beneath her right boot. The ranger's office wasn't the nicest cabin in the woods, a

George's MILF Whores-Deanna 2

WildWest on Wife Stories

Lee said, hold this slut tight, cause I’m going to cause I’m going to split the pussy in half. Lee put his huge cock head in Deanna’s pussy and she began screaming, aah, aah, please no, it’s too big, please stop. Lee didn’t give a shit, he kept driving more of his huge monster deeper in her pussy, her vagina walls could be heard tearing up as Lee was stretching her pussy wide open, she kept on screaming, aah, aah. Lee blurted out, scream all you want slut, cause your pussy is going to be for black men to use anyway they want. Lee huge cock was in half-way, he didn’t even know if Deanna could take it all, so he began to thrust back and forth saying, I’m going to make this white slut mine, I’m going to own this fucking pussy. As Lee thrust back and forth, he started slapping her ass, she be

George's MILF Whores-Deanna

WildWest on MILF Stories

Howard was a black man with two successful careers, he was a successful owner of law firm, but also had a dark side which enabled to run his second business very successfully also. In his underground career his was known as George a very successful pimp and bookie. Unknowing to lots of people he and his four black senior law firm partners, used their positions to get what ever they wanted, which was plenty of white pussy from the white wives married to the young lawyers they employed.

Howard’s liked to employ only recent graduates that were brand new male lawyers, he saw these new category of lawyers as needing money, so they were easy marks to talk them into his and his partner’s plans. All the partners had the same plan, start them with meager salary, if they worked out, there would

George's MILF Whores-Deanna 3

WildWest on MILF Stories

Deanna arrived at work and felt bad about her relationship with her husband Scott, they had sex last night and she barely felt his 5-inch dick, she even had to fake her orgasm. She thought her husband was a wonderful man, he also had been her first and only lover, but after what she had experienced with Howard, was totally foreign to her. The sex was hot but she didn’t want to hurt her husband. Deanna decided she was going to Howard’s office and tell him, it was great, but no thank you, she was going to be as loyal she could to her husband Scott.

Deanna knocked on Howard’s door, he answered come in. Howard stared at her and blurted out, what are you doing dressed in the office shit, I was fucking clear yesterday how I want my whores dress. Deanna started saying, Howard, as he rapidly w

Abused by 2 men on the subway

Jenncarcione on Forced Stories

Its 11:45pm on a Friday night and I’m sooo disappointed! I’ve been looking forward to tonight’s date all week and it was a total bust. John looked so cute in his picture. He has a deep strong voice and we totally vibed on the phone. I spent 2 hours getting ready for tonight. Perfect hair, mani, pedi, my short black skirt, just tight enough white top and my new open toe 3 inch stiletto’s.
I walked into the bar for our 9:30pm date and sat next to him not realizing it was him. When he nervously said my name, I looked over and forced a fake smile and sign of appreciation. He’s clearly a decade older and a dozen pounds on top of his picture. Conversation was forced and his sloppy presentation was embarrassing. After three strong cosmos he went to the bathroom. Finally an opportunit

MILF Contract Closer 2

WildWest on Incest Stories

I heard the sound of our kitchen door shut and I reached out to see what time it was, it was 8:00 AM and my father was heading out to the golf course with his buddies, it was summer so he normally stayed out playing golf on Saturdays all until 7:00 PM. I laid in my bed thinking if I had a dream or had I gotten the best blow job ever from my mother last night.

It was 8:45 when my bedroom door was slowly pushed open and my mother walked in. I could hardly believe what I was seeing, she had on black very short nightie with heels and stockings on, my dick quickly got hard and it was so obvious my bedsheet looked like a tent. My mother stood beside my bed looking like a French whore and said, well isn’t this what you wanted? She pulled the sheets of me and quickly went down on my dick and

Fucking Crazy Sex - Part One

Tonyen31 on BDSM Stories

Hearing your voice as you walk through the door is the highlight of my day, every day. The hours away from you are tortuous and I can't keep from counting the minutes until I hear you call my name.

You have many names for me and I love the way you say each one.

I have been home for a few hours, long enough to soak in the tub and let the day's stress ebb away. Frank was more trying than usual today. He hates my guts and I can't wait to get off his division. I'm this close to quitting altogether. I know you'll tell me I shouldn't be working anyway.

I have also napped but the bed, big enough for four, is too empty without you, even if your cologne lingers on the white sheets and pillows. You're not good for my sleep. Not during the day and certainly not at night.


Stranger I know all to well

rudown on Incest Stories

Charlie was sound asleep, dreaming about crazy stories. He was mid dream when he began to feel kisses on his body. Up his torso to his chest , up his neck and back down he felt these soft lips. His eyes clinched tight to bring climax to this pleasure. Slowly he felt a hand reach down to his slowly expanding cock. It grasped around it squeezing, tugging, stroking up and down. As this set of lips made its way down. His cock began to pulsate at the thought of getting blown.

Charlie scooted down laying flat on the bed. He was in position to fully enjoy this experience. He then felt a mouth sliding along his shaft, accompanied by a hand rhythmically stroking up and down. His cock was fully erect and ready to burst.

But who could these be he thought. Was it my ex Marie. No this was not