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Forty years ago, two young girls met each other. They were about three months apart in age, and they were in the same first grade class. They became inseparable, joined at the hip, basically. They did everything together, went to the prom, met boyfriends, got married, got pregnant, went into labor, and gave birth.

Two girls were born to these friends on the same exact day, only twenty-two minutes apart. The younger was myself, Emma Raddison. The older was Jessica Kerr. We weighed the same, were the same size, and looked almost exactly the same.

As we grew up, it was only natural we became best friends like our mothers. Jessica, though looking exactly like me, had dark brown hair like her mother, and slightly darker skin tone. Me, I had bright red curly hair like my mother, and a light complexion. This was basically the only way to tell us apart.

Jessica - Jessie, as she likes to be called, and is currently reminding me - and I often slept over at each others' houses. It was a given knowledge that if I wasn't at home before dinner time, I was over at Jessie's. Same thing with her.

Jessie told me and taught me many things that I was just a little too naiive to understand. When we were 15, I wanted to ask out the token cute guy in class, but long story short, he broke my heart and humiliated me. I ran crying to my mother after school, and she tried to console me, but was unable to.

Thinking it better to get another 15 year old's point of view on the matter, I went to stay the night at Jessie's. I went up to her bedroom and sat on the bed, crying my tears of embarrassment. Jessie scooted up next to me, pulled my head over onto her chest, rubbed my hair back and said, "Don't worry about that jerk. You're loved enough." And she softly kissed me, right on the lips. The action was just so innocent, but spoke volumes. I'll never forget it, to be honest, but it wasn't for another few years that Jessie truly taught me love.

A couple days after we turned 17, my mother had to leave town. My uncle had a bad illness, and my mother went to go take care of him. My father, by the way, had divorced my mom long before this - I forgot to mention it. My mother trusted me to stay alone, but I wasn't content with that. I invited Jessie over for an unsupervised sleepover.

She came around 10:00, and we stayed up a couple hours talking about typical 17 year old stuff, boys, school, movies, whatever. It was late, I was sleepy, but I didn't want to sleep. Jessie climbed up into my bed and snuggled up against me, one of the first times she'd been this cuddly. "Hey, Jess... you're being really sweet right now."

"So? I just want to show you how much I really love being with you." She slid her arm around me, and pulled me against her. I felt my heart beating rapidly, as she put her other arm on my thigh.

I hadn't really seen it before, but now I knew the looks that Jessie had been giving me for a while now weren't those of two basically sisters. She was giving me looks of love, of real love. She lifted my chin, and pressed her lips fondly to mine, a deep, soft kiss - though between us, it felt perfect.

I felt her start to pull down my jammie pants, sliding them off my legs, revealing my soft panties. It was only a moment later when she placed her hand flat against them, rubbing softly. The motions grinding the fabric against the sensitive lips of my sex - which hadn't been touched by anyone save myself. I let out a breath of pleasure, as she pulled her hand away, and started to tug my shirt over my head.

Jessie and I, as I mentioned, were almost exactly identitical, save our skin tone and hair color, and a few muscular structures. She pulled my clothes off, revealing what I had seen in the shower many times; nicely formed breasts, a soft, curving body, with an athletic build - my having been in the school track team since starting high school. She slid my panties down past my feet, revealing the bush of hair there.

In reaction to that, she pulled her own clothes off. She looked much like me, the soft curves, the nice breasts, except where I had a bush of hair at my crotch, she had gently trimmed it, so there was not much but the slightest traces of hair remaining. I had never been naked with her before, and the sight of her wonderfully beautiful body sent me into a euphoria, a wonderful feeling.

Jessie moved forward and kissed me again, while her hand slid up to one of my nipples. She tenderly stroked it, causing the nub to harden in response to the stimulation. She pulled from the kiss and smiled softly. "Sit back, and I'll show you how to care for someone you love."

She pushed me back slightly, laying me flat on the bed, and started to softly trace down my body with kisses. She went down the side of my neck, along my collarbone, towards my breasts, where she then slid to my nipple, flicking it with her tongue, and pulling it into her mouth to gently nibble and suck on. The feelings were intense, I had never felt anything like it before. As I felt ready to already climax, she pulled back, leaving me with the feeling of slight disappointment, but that was soon remedied.

Jessie slid downwards more, kissing my belly button, then starting down to my crotch. My sex had already become hot and wet from her pleasing on my nipples, so it took her barely a couple motions to make me hit my first non-self-given orgasm. I felt a heady rush of excitement as I hit the dizzying high of gaining my climax. Jessie, though, wasn't quite finished.

She lowered her lips to my slit, and after licking away the juices I had leaked out, spread my legs apart. Her fingers ever so gently spread open my sexlips, revealing my moist inner walls to the air. Her gentle breath flooded over them, sending me back towards another dizzying orgasm. It would come much quicker than that, as her tongue slid into my warmth, lapping at the moistness. She worked expertly, swirling around a bit, going deeply in, pulling back out to gently grip my clit between her lips. She rubbed my clit between her beautiful soft lips, back and forth a little.

I moaned gently, reaching downwards to grip her back, never had I felt this good, and never had I ever imagined that Jessie would do this for me, or that she even felt this way. I imagined it had been for years, but couldn't fathom it.

As I pondered this all, I felt her return to the gentle licking, driving me up towards my third climax. I had always been a quick orgasm, I wasn't hardly able to last, but I didn't mind, and neither did she it seemed. My third orgasm that short couple minutes was my best. I felt a rush of pleasure, a swirl of intense emotion and excitement as my body released its juices, flooding Jessie's tongue with them.

Jessie and I didn't stop that night. After I calmed down, it was my turn to do the same to her. I began to trim like she had, and she made sure to commend me on it. Throughout high school, regardless of whether we had any boyfriends, we continued our activities, sometimes allowing one or the other, or both, to join in with us. College came around, and we went to different universities. It's only now, during the summer months that we can see each other.

Now, if you'll pardon me - my angel is ready for me to take her to Heaven.

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