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Home Invasion

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There had been reports of home invasions in town, especially in Asian households.  We are normally very cautious, so we didn’t pay them much mind.


Last week, the phone suddenly stopped working.  Before I got my cell phone to call telephone repair, there was a knock on the door. It was a man in the phone company’s uniform, and he told me that he shorted our wire while working at the junction box.


He came into the house and went straight to work on the phone line, doing whatever they do with their gadgets.  Kumari, who didn’t know anyone was here, came out of the bathroom dressed in her sheer nightdress.  I could tell that she was very surprised to see a strange man in the house.  She was further unsettled by his leering stare.  She started to walk into the bedroom when he told her to stop.  I was surprised, but she did.  He told her to turn around, and she did that also.  I guess that it was something in the tone of his voice that made her do so.


As I watched, he grabbed her arm.  Of course I moved to protest, but he showed me his gun and the tone of his voice left me no doubt that he would use it.  He told me to sit down and shut up, and I hate to admit it, but I did.


She started to scream but was quickly forced against the wall so hard that her breath came out in a whoosh, so all I heard was a little squeal.  He laughed and wrapped his fingers in her shiny black hair and forced her to the middle of the room. He looked at me and viciously pulled her head back and began to kiss her and bite her neck and shoulders, laughing as he did so.  During the commotion, her nightdress had slipped away, revealing the light creamy portion of her breast.


He said that he knew there would be tan lines, because he had been watching Kumari sunbathing in the back yard for most of the summer.  Glancing at our surprised faces, he said, ‘Yes, I have been planning this for a long time.  I love Asian women, and I love raping them.  Give them some cum from a real man!  I even have watched you sticking her through your bedroom window.  Now, you get to watch me fucking your wife!  What’s it feel like?  Aw, don’t know?  You will find out soon!!’


By this time, her protests were weaker and she was only whimpering, now knowing what was to happen to her.  Her eyes were wide with fear, knowing this foul man would have his way with her and there was nothing to stop him. 


He grabbed the exposed breast, roughly squeezing and clawing with his fingernails, finally tweaking the nipple so hard she squealed.  He said, ‘You like that didn’t you?  Think how it will feel with my son or daughter sucking those nipples!’  A look of shock crossed both our faces and he said, ‘You didn’t think I was going to use a rubber did you?’


Tearing the remains of the nightdress from her helpless body, he forced her to her knees, still tightly holding her hair.  He ordered her to unzip him and pull it out.  She refused, so he slapped her hard across the cheek.  He ordered her again, and this time she complied.  As she pulled it out, my spirits sank even lower because his cock was very big.  From the look on her face, I knew the same though was going through her mind.  See, I am only about five inches and not too thick.  His was at least 8, maybe 9 inches long and almost thick as a beer can.  Seeing the look on our faces, he said, ‘Yes, Hindi bitch, I’m gonna put that in you, everywhere in you.  Say, wait a minute, you, boy, stand up and drop your pants.’  As I did so, he sneered, ‘I thought so from the look on her face that she has never seen one this size before!  Much to my embarrassment, he noticed that my cock was hard, and said, ‘maybe I will let you fuck her after I am done, but she may not want your puny Asian dick any more!!’


He pulled her head towards his limp cock, and she opened her mouth without resistance.  As he moved his hips back and forth, he began to get hard – it was even bigger than I thought.  Kumari began to gag as he forced his meat into her throat, but soon learned how to breathe through the nose.  I watched this man throatfucking my wife, watched the spittle drool down her chin, and the look of cruel pleasure on his face.  I also noticed the drops of precum forming at the tip of my own cock. 


I guess we were both aroused from this violation because I noticed the hair around her pussy was wet.  I guess he did too, ‘I’m tired of your teeth scratching my cock, Hindi bitch; let’s see if you’re ready for some real man-meat!’  With that he reach down and found her pussy very wet, and said, ‘I knew you would like this, you little slut!  Now you’re gonna get what you have been waiting all your life for!’ 


He pushed her down over the arm of the couch, so her hips were elevated.  He began raking her body with his fingernails, eliciting squeals of pain from her.  He then stuck his finger in her pussy and began moving it in and out.  By this time, Kumari’s hips were moving in time with his strokes, and I knew she was close to Cumming.


Not wanting her to have too much pleasure, he stuck another finger into her virgin asshole, moving both fingers faster and faster, while she moaned louder and louder.  Now she came in a wave of convulsions that lasted for several minutes.  He said, ‘Now, it is my turn!’


He moved his hips online with hers and guided the tip of his cock into my wife’s pussy, a pussy that had never known another man except me…  Her eyes widened at his invasion, but he merely wiped her juices around his cock and plunged inside her with one stroke.  She screamed at this violent stretching of her womanhood and kept squealing as he relentlessly pounded her.  ‘Feels good, doesn’t it?  You Asian sluts have the tightest pussies, I think.  Hey man!  You ever felt anything this tight?  Naw, I guess not, Mr LittleDick.’  In and out he moved in her, and then he moved her legs over his shoulders, in order to punish her more.  Again, she screamed with the deeper penetration, but soon began to moan with orgasm.  I watched her holding his ass cheeks, her fingernails digging into them.  I watched her body tremble and shake with her impending orgasm, and I watched my hand moving up and down the shaft of my cock.  She screamed again, this time in orgasm as my own juices spilled over my hand and onto the floor.


He said, ‘ MMmmmmm open up your pussy wide for my cock now slut! I am going to fill all of your hole with my cum, until it can hold no more."  She gasped, ‘Please, no, don’t do that!  How could you?’  He said, ‘Because I am a mean man and love breeding Asians.  When I leave I am leaving all of that seed in you so you can remember this time for the rest of your life.  Soon your tits will ache and fill with milk and you will feel the growing seed deep in your pussy – my seed, a seed worthy of growing – not his!


He continues to move and with one hard and deep thrust, his cum begins to spew into her, filling her until it runs down her ass.  He keeps pounding her, ensuring that his cum reaches her cervix and the sperm moves inside.  Finally, he stops with his cock plugging her invaded pussy, keeping his vile juices inside her to make sure she gets pregnant.


Yet, he is not finished.  He said, ‘I did say she was going to get it everywhere, didn’t I?’  Kumari starts to beg and plead, but to no avail.  He roughly flips her over and positions himself to fuck her virginal ass.  As he put himself in the very opening, she screams in pain, he smiles and laughs and plunges deep inside!  She faints from the pain and I can’t bear to watch, but I see the length of his cock, then it disappears inside… I see the flesh on her ass cheeks bobbing and rippling with his movements, and I see the cruel look upon his face.  Finally, he shudders, and it is over.  He looks at me and says, ‘This was a real tight asshole.  The tightest one I have raped.  You should try it sometime, if she lets you.’


Not content with the damage he has inflicted upon this poor woman, He slaps her awake.  ‘Clean me up, bitch!  I think I want some more of that pussy!  Grabbing her hair, he brings her head online with his meat and again forces himself inside her mouth, moving back and forth until he was again hard.  He pushed her back down on the couch and fucks her again, this time holding her ass and moving her pussy to meet his thrusts.  Soon, again, she was moaning in orgasm and soon, I was also.


After he finished, he stood by the door looking at her mass of dark hair framing her puffy eyes, her bruised and swollen tits,  her legs wide apart showing once pink flesh that was now deep red and coated with his white cum.  He said, ‘Now I am done.  I will be back in a few months to check on my baby’s progress.’  Pointing to his gun he said, ‘don’t get any ideas about stopping this breeding or calling the police – you never know when I will visit!’


Seven months later, as I watch Kumari sitting on that same sofa, I wonder what she is thinking.  On the end table there is a package of baby clothes that he brought by one day.  Of course, he had to again make love with my wife.  It was now lovemaking because she enjoyed it.  Looking at the bulge of her stomach and the milk swollen breasts, I know what I am thinking – and remembering…


Don’t open the door to anyone

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