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Auntie Babs farm part 4

Morgen on Incest Stories

     Abigail smiled, she had seen how flushed her Auntie Babs had looked, when she came downstairs, and Abby wondered if her auntie had been in the shower with Richard, washing his back, and probably doing a lot more. Abby had discovered that she had voyeuristic streak a mile wide. Watching her auntie masturbating, and watching Richard have his way with her at the kitchen

Breakfast with Daddy

anonymous on Incest Stories

Of course, Samantha knew, it had been nothing but a dream.

Still she couldn't help smiling.

Her father, Max, was smiling too when he came down for breakfast. He, too, was thinking about that strangest dream he'd had; and he, too, found himself amused by it rather than appalled, as by rights he should be. But then what he had dreamt about had been so inconceivable, so unbelievable that

Auntie Babs farm part 3

Morgen on Incest Stories

     Abigail's eyes fluttered, she woke up, and looked at the clock, it was a half hour later. She got dressed with a smile on her face, still feeling the pleasure of her orgasmic explosion. She eased open her bedroom door, and heard her Auntie Babs downstairs, working on preparing the evening meal. She crept downstairs, using the back staircase that led to the o

Auntie Babs farm part 2

Morgen on Incest Stories

     "Fuck me, fuck me, oh yes fuck me!"

     Barbara felt his hard, stiff cock against her, then the jarring thrust as Richard rammed it home, in one big thrust. She growled as eight inches of pussy filling pleasure split her open again. They'd been fucking for what seemed like hours, his cock stretching her, filling her to the max over

Auntie Babs farm

Morgen on Incest Stories

     Barbara Lindenwood stood at the kitchen sink, washing the lunch dishes. Her 17 year old nephew Richard, and her 15 year old niece Abigail, could sure pack away the food. She smiled, she didn't mind, having them on the ranch for the summer was a huge help. Richard was young and strong, and had no trouble handling the chores that needed some muscle and brawn, wh

The Tropical Island

sexyboy22 on Incest Stories

    "Look, Daddy, there's another island!" thirteen-year-old Mia said.

    Robert put down his paper and looked out the plane's window. "Yes, yes. Another beautiful island, sweetie."

    "We should go live there. It's so beautiful"

    "Maybe we will someday," Rober

A Mother's Mistake Part 1 (Repost)

CountryGirlJill on Incest Stories

This is a re-post of Part 1 of my story "A Mother's Mistake" from over a year ago about when I had sex with my 23 year old son Mark for the first time. Also the first time I submitted this story it was done as anonymous but it, as well as part 2 and my other story are all really my true stories and not fiction.  

The time I saw my brother jerkin it

incestlove on Incest Stories

I'll never forget the night that I caught my older brother jerkin it. He didn't know that anyone was home so he was in the living room jerkin it. I came home from dance class early and I'm VERY glad that I did. I walked into the house and I saw that my brother was watching some of my dance video's. So I came in and that's when I noticed that he was jerkin it. He was so big and it made me wet k

How It Began 4

Grownupnow on Incest Stories

The rest of that day was spent with me chasing after dad, always looking for a moment to wrap my lips   around his dick and fill my mouth with his delicious juice.  On two occasions that day I was successful.

The first while enjoying a swim in our pool, Dad was standing in the shallow end talking on the p

Saving her from herself - Chapter 2

TelltaleInsanity on Incest Stories

The heady aroma of charred meat greeted Nate as soon as he climbed out of the car. The mouthwatering scent caused his stomach to loudly grumble a complaint at him. The sweet and sour pork he had eaten at lunch left him wanting something more substantial. He waved his friend on and went inside. The door closed nearly silently behind him.  He could hear the

Saving her from herself - Chapter 1

TelltaleInsanity on Incest Stories

It was late and the house was quiet and dark with the exception of one of the upstairs bedrooms. The room was awash in the pale glow from Nate's lit up laptop screen. He had just gotten back from bar and was in need of some relief. He had just logged on to his favorite forum and began to skim through the long list of the latest posts when he saw it. It was a p

Mother With The Hots Part 5

varunpal89 on Incest Stories

Chapter 9

It was late when Marilyn awoke.

She had been sleeping deeply and for a moment failed to understand whatwoke her up. Then she felt it again and smiled.

She was sprawled across the bed, uncovered. Donny was down between herspread thighs, licking and kissing her smooth ass, caressing ittenderly.

Marilyn wiggled her ass against his lips and tongue. "Mmmm

Mother With The Hots Part 4

varunpal89 on Incest Stories

Chapter 7

"I would say we've been caught." Marilyn smiled.
Sally, looking up at Donny, giggled cutely.
Donny didn't know what to make of this. He stood at the glass doors forsome time looking at his mother and Sally as they sat in the hot tub,the water up to their necks. His surprise though, was pleasant.
"Caught?" he asked. "Mom, what are you ta

Mother With The Hots Part 3

varunpal89 on Incest Stories

Chapter 5

When Sally returned, both Marilyn and Donny were dressed.
As had been his habit during the hotter days, Donny wore his shorts.Marilyn liked that, because there was always the possibility the head ofhis cock would sneak into view. She had selected a wrap-around skirt andcotton blouse. She felt deliciously naked under it, having deliberatelyleft her panties and bra off. Th

Mother With The Hots Part 2

varunpal89 on Incest Stories

Chapter 3

Later that afternoon while the sun was still high, Marilyn and Donnyrode their bicycles through the pines.
It was something they had done often shortly after her divorce. Theyhadn't done it much lately but today the wonders of nature drew theminto the woods.
Donny still wore his shorts, but Marilyn had put on a short tennis-typedress and blouse. Beneath the skirt sh

How it Began (Revised)

Grownupnow on Incest Stories

I’m guessing my parents were quite a sexual couple, as a young child climbing in bed with them it was very evident that they never wore clothes to bed. Whether it was a stormy night or a weekend morning when we would sneak in to tickle them awake, they were always in bed naked.   Around the age of 7 wanting to be just like mom I slept naked also

Judit grows up

anonymous on Incest Stories

I don't know if this is the right place for this, but I just have to share something now. When I was screwing my daughter the other night, she did something so completely unexpected that I was totally baffled at first, and later figured she'd just taught me something about female (or at least female-teen) sexuality I hadn't known before.

You see with us it usually goes like this.

Mother With The Hots

varunpal89 on Incest Stories

Mother With The Hots

Chapter 1

The water was slightly above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
She sat in it to her neck, feeling the sensual heat wash about her.Leaning her head back on the deck, her arms up, Marilyn sighed inpleasure.
Around her were the tall pines and the green, rolling hills. There waseven a small stream a few yards away. Birds chirped and sang in the tre

Sexy Stepmom lends a hand part 4

Morgen on Incest Stories

     Danielle was sitting in front of the computer screen, smiling. It was Friday, early afternoon, and her husband was due to arrive home very soon. Jake had been a great step-son, he had agreed to make himself scarce for rest of the day, and stay overnight at a friend's place, so that Danielle and his Dad could have some loud, passionate energetic homecoming fucking.

     As she worked, her mind drifted back to yesterday, it had been glorious....

     After lunch yesterday, Danielle had introduced Jake to the glory of a 69. Entwined in that well known number, Jake had gotten a full taste of Danielle, her juices had a tart flavor that Jake relished, and after the first tentative licks, he couldn't get

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enough. Danielle hot mouth was wrapped around Jake's cock, her hot, wet mouth sliding up and down Jake's throbbing pole. What Jake lacked in oral sex skill, he more than made up for in enthusiasm, eagerly licking at her, wanting every drop of her juices. Danielle decided to give him some help. She lifted up slightly, then positioned her stiff, hard clit, swollen with blood, a deep pink color, right over Jake's mouth.

     "Don't neglect my clit, Jake, lick your sexy step-Mommy right there, and let me cum of your face!"

     As Jake did as he was told, Danielle squealed with pleasure as she felt his mouth surround her, tongue starting to swipe at it. She returned her mouth to its previous task, sliding her lips down, swallowing Jake's cock right to the balls, she knew that her orgasm was very close, and she wanted Jake to fill her mouth as she came. Jake could feel his cock surging, Danielle's full, crimson lips milking at him, wildly sucking his cock. He concentrated on giving Danielle the best pussy licking he could, he wrapped his tongue around Danielle's hard, bulging clit, pulling at the stem with his tongue, and tugging gently on it, letting his tongue slide along the length of her straining clit. That gave Danielle the push she needed, and her orgasm roared at her.

     She lifted her head, cried out, "Fuck, oh fuck YES!" then plunged down his swollen cock again, as she felt the burst of her orgasm, the wonderful release, her pussy turning into a gushing stream, eagerly pumping out her churning juices over Jake's face. That did it, and Jake's cock started to pulse, he let out a growl, and his cock started spitting his load into Danielle's eager mouth, the streams coating her tongue, giving her orgasm an extra lust boost, as their bodies shook and shuddered together in shared climactic ecstasy.

     Her pussy was turning into a hot, wet furnace of heated lust, as she recalled what happened last night...

     Jake had gone to bed, he was unsure of whether Danielle wanted more, and he was afraid of asking her. She did want more, she slipped on a totally opaque negligee, and opened his bedroom door. He was in bed, she knew that he could see her body clearly through the negligee, and she saw his cock tent up. She quickly joined him, and soon she was lying back, her legs spread wide, ankles around Jake's waist as Jake pounded his rampant cock into his sexy step-Mom's churning heat.

     "Yeah, yeah, love it, give it to me good Jake, your step-Mommy's such a horny little bitch, and I need my step-Son to put out the fire of lust. Drive it in, and flood my horny cunt!"

     Jake was happy to do so, roaring like a bull as his prick went off, the explosion of cum gushing wildly, Danielle felt the heat of his load filling her, and she let out squeals of orgasm as her cunt dissolved in a wash of hot juices, her inner muscles milking at his prick, sucking out every drop.

     Danielle stayed that night in Jake's bed, and with him being a horny teen, it was easy to bring him back up after a short rest, and Danielle put herself on her hands and knees, and Jake eagerly plunged into her doggy style. Her pussy exploded again and again as Jake drove into her, working on building up another orgasm.

     They tumbled apart, and Danielle had Jake lay back, then she mounted his cock in reverse cowgirl style. Danielle gave Jake a wild midnight ride, her hips pumping up and down, eager to bring Jake off to a gushing conclusion.

     Jake was watching the symmetry of her naked back, sloping down to that wonderful ass, god, females asses were so damn sexy. Watching that sexy ass rising and falling as she rode him, sliding her fiery tightness up and down on him again and again, he could feel the orgasm building, oh fuck, it felt incredible, her inner pussy muscles were again stroking and milking at him, fuck, her muscle control was nothing short of amazing. Danielle tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed. Jake had never felt such exquisite tightness, her pussy was the ultimate gripping receptacle, fiery hot, moist and oh so tight, it sucked and milked greedily at his throbbing shaft, demanding every drop he had.

     Danielle let out a shriek of pleasure, as she shuddered in climax above him, Jake felt a warm hand wrap around his balls, and start squeezing gently.

     "Give your horny step-Mommy every drop, shoot your thick creamy load baby, fill my burning fuck-hole, cum in me NOW!" Danielle growled huskily.

     Jake was happy to do so, with a wild groan of pure pleasure, he felt the sudden explosion of cum from his cock, squirting his load inside her hot tunnel. Her talented muscles greedily milked his cock, draining his balls of every drop.

     Jake's climax seemed to drain all the energy out of him, and Danielle fell, sweaty and very satisfied, into his arms as he quickly raced towards sleep. Just before sleep overtook him, he was conscious of the nubile body of his sexy step-Mom in his arms, his Dad's wife had fucked everything out of him, and she was going to spend the night in his bed with him.

     When Jake opened his eyes, he felt the hot, wet mouth of Danielle around his cock, eager to suck him up to full glory again. His cock quickly jumped to attention, Danielle's eyes flashed desire at him as she and told him what to do.

     "Lay back Jake, I want it to be just like the first time, your horny step-Mommy is going to ride your stiff cock, give my hungry cunt the filling I need, I'm such a horny slut, and I need it every day, I'm going to ram you deep inside me!"

     Jake quickly did so, his cock pointing skyward, Danielle swinging into position above him, her hands stoking and caressing his eager prick, she notched her creamy entrance above his cock head, and grinned at him.

     "Remember what it was like, as I move up over top of you?"

     As she started to push her hips down, Jake's morning stiff cock starting to slide into that hot, wet, tunnel of lust, Danielle, her eyes locked on his, continued, "I look into your eyes as I slide my hot, wet pussy down over your thick, stiff cock. Ummm, oh yes, I can feel your stiff hard cock stretching open the tight walls of my pussy, can you feel the grip of my hot pussy?"

     With a final push, she drove down onto his prick, taking him in right to the balls. Both of them let out grunts of pleasure, Jake's cock was sizzling already from the heated tightness surrounding him, Danielle could feel the twinges of orgasm stirring already, she loved the feeling of being split open, her tight walls forced apart by a thick, hard cock, eagerly driving into her, fucking her again and again. Oh fuck, her orgasm was really building speed, she gently grabbed Jake's head.

     "Look at me again baby, can you feel the tight grip?" and she used her muscle control to really grab at Jake's cock, she enjoyed his growl of pleasure as she gripped so tightly at his surging cock, and she started to ride him, the pumping of her hips picking up speed, oh yeah, she was fast approaching the brink.

     She continued, her voice a husky growl, "I'm sliding my throbbing, fiery pussy up and down, faster and faster. Fuck me hard and fast, I want it now! I want you to cum for your step Mommy, feel my tight pussy fucking your cock, and cum for me NOW! Fill me Jake, pump every drop deep inside step Mommy's cunt, yes, oh fuck yes, I'm cumming, do it, do it, do it, yes, yes, FFUUUCCKKK!"

     She let out a blissful shriek of pleasure as she tumbled into orgasm, her pussy walls became the ultimate in pleasure sucking tightness, and Jake growled as she felt the sudden explosion, their cries of orgasm mingling as Jake grabbed Danielle's hips, pulled her down tightly against his groin, and started pumping rapidly, his cock spewing crazily, pumping thick streams of cum deep inside her, Danielle's wildly quivering heat eagerly milking and sucking every drop out of her step-son's hard cock.

     After a while of just laying back, and enjoying the afterglow, Danielle pulled Jake to his feet, and took him into the shower. Danielle's hands, lips and mouth worked him over, and being 16, he quickly recovered, and back in his bed, she lay back, spread eagled for him, and Jake quickly notched his cock against her, and drove in his renewed hard on, he was back into a hard on fever, powerfucking his sexy step-Mom's cunt, Danielle's cries of pleasure, and her urgings to fill his step-Mommy's cunt, to blow his load deep into her burning fuck-hole, took him to the edge, he saw Danielle's wicked smile as her muscles again clamped at him, and with Danielle drawn out wail of pleasure, he let himself go, the jetting streams pouring into her, the tight grip again milking every drop out of him.

     Danielle smiled at the remembrance, she could still feel a hot trickle of Jake's cum deep inside her, as she got the program ready. She stripped down, went to her dresser and took out her "come-fuck-me" racy undies that she had bought for Don's return today. She put on a flame red tanga style panty, that had a sheer, see-thru tanga style bottom that didn't even cover half her ass. The waistband was merely a fine ribbon of red, that laced at the side, undo the bows, and it would just fall away. Her pussy would be just barely covered by a thin panel of see-thru red fabric. Danielle had also got the matching flame red garter belt, matching bra, that was in a demi-cup style, leaving the tops of her breasts, down to her nipples, uncovered, and a pair of jet black stockings. She looked at her reflection, she pulled out the pins from her hair, and let it tumble to her shoulders. Right at that moment, she heard the key in the front door lock. She hurried to the top of the stairs, as soon as her came in, he would look up and see her, her body displayed for his pleasure, ready and eager for more heated fucking.

     Don entered, looked up, and she could see the heated lust cross his face, knowing what she looked like in her racy undies, seeing the heat she was feeling reflected in his eyes, made her pussy creamy slick with her juices. He dashed up the stairs, grabbed her and their lips were together, kissing wildly, urgently, she could feel his stiff cock pressing against her.

     "It worked baby, come see what Jake's step-Mommy has been up to!"

     In their bedroom, she had him face the computer monitor, and started the program going. The screen filled with an image of Jake's bedroom, Danielle started to slowly strip her husband. Don watched as Danielle entered Jake's bedroom, murmuring "Oh my god" as he watched her sexy young wife drop her robe, she was wearing a black garter belt, long black stockings hugged her legs, a set of sheer black, see-thru crotch-less panties, and a demi-cup bra that just cradled her breasts from below, leaving the top 3/4 of those luscious melons naked to Jake's eyes.
     Danielle was smiling, Don grabbed her, pulled her on top of him, and growled "Do me like my son!"

     She did indeed, letting out a low growl of pleasure as she notched his eager cock against her, and pushed down, impaling herself in one smooth stroke. Both of them were watching the action on the screen, as Danielle started to ride Don's cock, she saw herself, riding her step-son, sliding her fiery tightness up and down on him, she tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed.
     Danielle heard her voice whisper huskily from the speakers, "Look at me Jake, I'm looking into your eyes as I slide my hot, wet pussy down over your thick, stiff cock. Ummm, oh yes, I can feel your stiff hard cock stretching open the tight walls of my pussy, again and again, can you feel the grip of my hot pussy?"

     Danielle could feel the rise, her orgasm was getting ready to let go.
     Danielle's voice growled from the speakers, "I'm sliding my throbbing, fiery pussy up and down, faster and faster. Fuck me hard and fast Jake, I want it now! I want you to cum for your step Mommy, feel my tight pussy fucking your cock, and cum for me NOW! Fill me Jake, pump every drop deep inside step Mommy's cunt, do it, do it, do it, yes, yes, YEEESSS!"

     As Danielle's heard her low pitched wail from yesterday, she heard Don roar like a lion, he grabbed her hips and pulled her tightly against him, the spasms of her orgasm started to quiver, and as Don's cock exploded, his load pouring hotly into her, it shoved her into her own climax, and she let out a shriek of joy as she felt the glorious burst deep inside, her pleasure rippling through her, her talented inner muscles clamping at her, eager to suck out every drop of Don's sperm. She flopped down next to him, feeling the hot, sexy trickle of his load deep inside her, it always made her feel so damn sexy to have a lover's thick juicy load of cum deep inside her.
     They had been sharing fantasies just a few weeks earlier, and Don admitted that he thought how hot it would be if Danielle introduced Jake to the ways of sexual pleasure. She had felt a zing, and she told Don about how she had stroked, and sucked, and then fucked her brother back when she was still a horny teen girl living at home. That had driven Don wild, and he had fucked her wildly while she told him about going from stroking, to sucking, to then having her own brother's cock deep inside her. Remembering, and telling her horny hubby what it was like, the ripping away as he pierced her virgin barrier, the small zings of pain quickly fading, and the explosion of pleasure she had felt as she got into the rhythm, it made her lust go crazy, she was humping her hips up madly at his cock, both back then, and in real life, Don's rampant cock had reached the limit, and Danielle felt the hard jetting thrusts, just like her brother's throbbing cock had filled her that first time, it propelled her into her own climax, and she screamed with pleasure as her overheated cunt burst apart, the pleasure filling her entire being, Don's cock pumping an absolute flood deep inside her. Don had come up with the idea of planting a small camera in Jake's room, that would save the action to their computer.
     Danielle had turned her husband into a randy man, watching his sexy wife stroking Jake's cock, then sucking him, then full on fucking her step-son. After a few minutes rest, and her hands and mouth bringing him back, Danielle arranged herself on hands and knees, and started the program again.

     "Fuck me from behind Jake. I love it, getting fucked doggy style, it's so fucking hot, fuck your step Mommy just like a dog would!" her voice came out from the speakers.

     Watching herself get penetrated by Jake's cock just as Don slid into her doggy style, just made it doubly good, the feeling was massive pleasure, watching Jake do her just as Don was riding her in the same way. She could feel her orgasm racing back at her, she was right on the edge.

     "Yeah, let it go, Jake, let me have it! Shoot off that thick load, flood your step Mommy's horny cunt with that thick juicy load of spunk you have for me, cum in me, cum in me NOW!" she heard her voice gasp from the speakers.

     That did it, and she tumbled into climax, her cunt roaring, her voice shrieking, my god, it felt like she was going to explode from the pleasure. Don roared, his cock starting to pulse, gushing another volley of thick spunk into her needy, greedy fuck-hole.

     They tumbled together in a well satisfied heap, Danielle was smiling, she knew that there was more sexy scenes for her husband to see, and later tonight, after they'd both had some time to recharge their sexual batteries, Don would be watching her in action while fucking her wildly again. There was nothing like watching his sexy wife fuck his son that got Don's cock harder than ever for his wife's eager fuck-hole.

Respecting Mom

Esmeralda_Greene on Incest Stories

After Madeline catches her son in bed with his girlfriend, the sexual heat between mother and son reaches a boiling point. At first Madeline yields to her desires, but she becomes fearful that her son will lose his respect for her if they continue their sexual relationship. Will lust win out over her need for respect?

Only for you, My Brother

SueBrasil on Incest Stories

I checked my hair one last time. I had a few butterflies in my stomach, but mostly was just jittery with anticipation. It wasn't unusual for me to be nervous before performing, but this wasn't my normal dance, or the normal person before which I'd be dancing.