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Dad-Daughter Love Story

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Dad-Daughter Love Story

( Story of romance and incest)

Lusting for Dad

Chapter I

Heather was a young girl about age fourteen when she first romanticized about making love with her dad. She imagined him coming into her bedroom at night when she was fast asleep, and....... She dreamed what seemed the impossible dream, it was incest after all.

She spent her days at school, daydreaming about her dad. His name was Markum and she loved his Irish wit and demeanor. She loved how sexy he looked even when dressed in jeans and tee. He was fit, and height-weight appropriate. His hair used to be quite blonde, but now was graying throughout some, particularly on the lower elements, temples and such. He now wore his hair long and kept it a pony tail most of the time. His face was lean and she knew his cock was right sized for her, as she had peaked a time or two. She smiled wickedly, she wanted him badly. She looked around to see if anyone was looking at her, seeming to guess her dirty little secret. Not seeing anyone looking, she continued to daydream about him making love to her. She was quite wet by now.

Heather was barely into her school day and felt self conscious about being so horny for her dad and wet as can be, practically dripping down her hot, flush thighs. She felt herself to see, to make sure she didn't drip for others to see. “Gawd”, she thought, “I so want my dad's cock inside me, fucking my brains out, mmm, mmm!”

Heather was in her math class and wasn't doing too well, but with her mind on her dad's cock, it was no wonder she was damn near failing in every class. “How she would tease and taunt her dad to take her by force, rape her, she hoped, fretfully, would it hurt”, her mind rambled. She wanted her dad to be her lover so bad, she couldn't focus on anything but being fucked, hard and fast, till she passed out, “What a wonderful feeling”, she thought.

Now she was really wet, and just as the class bell rang she ran from her seat to the door, down the hallway till she got to girls bathroom. She yanked down her jeans as she went into a stall, yanked down her cum soaked panties and grabbed her pussy hard, then let out a yelp, “Elp”! It was sort of call for help, but a release of her sexual energy a bit. She took out her vibrator from her purse, jammed it in her pussy and turned it on full blast. She whimpered and let out a muffled scream. She wished the vibrator was her dad's cock splitting her into, she wanted him to rape her, she really did, she wanted him so bad.

Heather came in gushes several times, till she was feeling weak, then just sat there till the next class bell rang. She sat up, startled by the fact that she had to hurry, not to be late for her next class, as if it made a difference. She was only focused on her dad's cock. She wiped her pussy dry, put the vibrator away, the pulled her still wet panties back in place along with her jeans. She now noticed that were a bit wet in the crotch too.

She wondered if her teacher in the next class would see her and wonder about what she had been doing. He was a good looking, male teacher and she wondered if he wanted to fuck her as well. She felt like such a slut, wanting many cocks, but especially her dad's. “Mmm, mmm, mmm”, she murmurred.

She wanted fucked so badly, any cock would do right now, even her dog's. She had sucked it once already and loved the taste of its cum. She wondered what it would be like to be a dog bitch and be dog fucked.

She arrived at her next class right at the final bell. “At least she wasn't late”, she thought.

She walked briskly to her seat, sat down still feeling wet and wanton. She realized how far afield her feelings for her dad's cock had gone, so decided to focus on her studies to break the spell her dad had cast on her unintentionally, or so Heather thought. He wanted to fuck her as well, but she did not know that yet. She opened her text book and began to read. Now the spell was cast aside temporarily, so she focused on her studies the remainder of the day.

Home Bound in Lust

Chapter II

Heather finished her classes and headed home with her book bag on her back and purse in hand. Now she was free to think again, and her mind went directly to her dad's cock. She had only seen it a few times, but it was clearly imprinted on her mind, forever it seemed. The abyss she was falling into felt deep and lonely right now, but her dreams of her dad being her lover kept her hopes alive.

She had usually walked home with a close girl friend who she had made love with some, but wanted solitude at the moment, so she could totally focus on how to get her dad to fuck her. She was almost rabid about it, she wanted to feel his cock inside her so badly. Not only did Heather like the thought of an incestuous relationship with her dad, want to feel his baby inside her, she was also into bestiality and was bi-sexual. She truly wanted to be daddy's sweet cunt, obedient lil bitch, nasty, kinky slut and domination whore. Heather wanted it all, “There is nothing she would refuse her dad if he would only fuck, seed and breed her, lick his cock clean, no matter what fuck hole it had been in, and even lick his ass clean, after he took a dump”, she thought, as she bounced along her titties bouncing up and down.

She was very excited, thinking about what might happen, she hoped anyway, when she got home to her dad. He worked at home, as it was easier to take care of Heather that way and he had that option where he worked. Her mom had no idea how she felt about her dad and she didn't want her to find out, as she didn't know how her mom would feel about Markum fucking his daughter, Heather. Her mom worked outside the home at a convenience store. As Heather approached her house, she suddenly felt pangs of guilt about feeling so lustful for her dad. “What is wrong with me”, she thought.

She opened the door and bounced up the stairs to her room, not wanting her dad to see her right then. She wanted to prep herself for him and relax a bit, maybe masturbate to relieve some of her stresses first as well. She closed her door so she would not be disturbed, took off all her clothes and crawled into bed under the covers along with her vibrator and a hand towel to catch her cum. Heather masturbated for good while an came in gushes again, the hand towel was soaked by the time she got done. She was a teen after all and a very horny one to say the least. She dreamed her vibrator was her dad's cock and wanted it now more than ever. “If only he would fuck the daylights out of her”, she thought hopefully.

She laid naked in her bed, dreaming of her dad for a while, then got up, showered and toweled dry, leaving the towel wrapped around her long dark hair to dry further. She went to her dresser and looked for her sexiest panties and bra to put on. At age fourteen, she had a nice set of knockers and her dad knew that as well. She put on her sexiest undies, then went to her closet to pick out sexy outfit, but not a slutty one as she didn't want to risk making her dad upset, just sexy enough to get him turned on hopefully. She then removed the towel from her head, blew it dry, then combed some conditioner into her hair to make it look nice and smooth. All the while her thoughts were mainly on her dad. She said his name over and over, “Markum, Markum, Markum!” Be my master, my lover forever more, I love you so much!” she thought.

She put a dark pair of tight slacks that showed off her sweet ass well, then pulled on a sexy pull over that accentuated her breasts in a very sexy way. She admired herself in the mirror for a while, hoping she was perfect for her dad. Then she slipped on a sheer pair of knee highs and a pair of loafers, so she looked more relaxed. She didn't want her dad to know how much she wanted to run into his arms, naked as the day she was born and have him grab her, though her down and fuck her brains to mush. She wanted to feel ecstasy so bad!

Heather caught her breath, inhaled and exhaled a couple of times, before heading downstairs. She walked slowly down the stairs peaking to see her dad still working as she neared the bottom of the stairs. He was there, his back to her, busy with some paperwork.

So Heather walked into the family room nearby and sat down where her dad could see her on a small sofa. She hoped he would come in to see about her soon, then she would give him her sexiest smile. Her mom wouldn't be home for a couple of hours, “so there was time for her and dad to make love”, she thought, as she smiled, which turned into an evil grin.

She stared at the television for a good while, which was not turned on, as she wanted the silence to perpetuate her feelings of lust for her dad. Now she must wait and see if her wiles would work.

Lusting in Silence

Chapter III

Heather's dad had been peeking at her from time to time unbeknownst to her. He wanted to fuck her so bad he could almost taste her in his mind. He too wondered how his wife would feel about it, she had been pretty kinky when they first got married, so, “Maybe, hopefully”, he thought. Markum's cock was rock hard and seeping precum for his daughter, Heather. Right now he wished she was his wife, so he didn't have to hold back his urges. His thirst for Heather was almost more than he could stand. Suddenly, Markum stood up and spoke for the first time to Heather since she had come home from school, “I need to use the bathroom, darling, (abruptly stopping in mid-sentence) I mean honey, be back in a few minutes.”

Markum had never called her darling before, it had always been Heather, sweetie or honey. Darling was something he had reserved for his wife until now. Heather sensed the difference immediately and she felt a pang of hope welling up in her soul, her heart, her loins and her throat for her dad to make love to her – finally! She wanted his cock deep inside of her soul and all of her fuck holes. “I need my dad's cock so bad”, she murmured under breath, both wanting and not wanting the world to hear her yearning for him.

Markum came back from the bathroom, but not before masturbating for want of Heather. He wanted to bed her so bad, it was all that was on his mind while in the bathroom, he yielded the biggest burst of cum in his life. He knew in the back of his mind that he would fuck his own daughter unless she said, “No way!”

How was he to know she felt the same way. He went straight back to his desk, looked Heather's way and simply said, “I'm back sweetheart.”

Heather felt uncomfortable, but only said, “I noticed, dad.”

He kept his eyes on the paperwork now to try and avoid thinking about what he wanted to do to his own daughter. Heather peered up at her dad and whispered to herself, “Fuck me, daddy!”

She hoped he would sense it but not hear her. Both Markum and Heather were hot and bothered. It was almost time for Heather's mom to get home, so she bounced up the stairs again, slipped out of her clothes and into a slip with bunny slippers to wear around the house, which she often did. In this way she would arouse no suspicion but try to keep her dad aroused. She felt evil and devilish. She almost wanted her Mother to tell her dad, “Fuck the little cunt's brains out, the little slut wants it so bad!”

She walked slowly down the stairs to try and be a bit sensual, “but not noticeably so”, she thought.. Her dad caught a glimpse of her coming slowly down the stairs, he wanted to grab his daughter in his arms, then throw her down and fuck her to death, not literally, but as close as possible without it actually happening.

Just then Heather's mom opened the front door, poked her head in and said, “I'm home my lovelies.”

She walked in, smiled a big smile and went directly into the kitchen. She was reminiscing about the time that Markum had grabbed her while she was preparing a meal, dragged her like his slut into the bedroom, tore off her good work clothes and damn near raped her. It was the kinkiest sex she had ever felt and she wanted it again.

The Family “Orgy”

Chapter IV

Well this was not really an orgy, but the sexual thoughts flying around seemed like a full blown family orgy to the casual observer, were there one to follow all the thought patterns. It had the makings of a complete family disaster with only one possible solution to avoid disaster, that both Heather and her Mother share her husband, Markum as their Master and lover extraordinaire. A poly-amorous relationship that had the most benefits for Markum. He'd be licking, fucking and sucking with both his wife and oh so sexy daughter. It had the makings of a situation where the girls would need to hold each other tight to make it work, that would turn them both into bi-sexual playmates for their Master, Markum, eventually. None of them sensed the full calamity of their en-amorous relationship.

Heather was quite young and was into anything sexual as were her girlfriends. They were all bi-sexual and hungered for each other when they weren't thinking about sex with their dads. Incest was a big turn on for them, but any sex was good when they couldn't have exactly what they wanted, as they needed relief from their strong sexual urges and desires to make babies. They all loved to get naked and do anything nasty and kinky, including using a strap-on to fuck each other as hard as they could. Spankings were what they all wanted and needed a lot of as well. Heather wanted her dad to beat her soft, but firm ass cheeks good, then fuck her to death, though not literally!

Heather's mom was horny as could be, so since Markum was busy working, she went up to her bedroom, stripped down and felt her titties and wet pussy, she wanted fucked badly too.

She got into the shower and masturbated till she came hard, but not like she wanted. She knew only Markum could do that to her. “Gawd, fuck me!”, she yelled, but then muffled her mouth wondering if anyone had heard her plea.

Heather had heard her and went upstairs to look in on her Mother, hoping she was wet and naked, as she was, now lying on her bed, her eyes covered in hopes that Markum would see her, grab her and fuck the daylights out of her, she want it so bad. Heather walked over and touched her mom's thighs, pressing her hands into with a pressure that caused her mom to again yell, “Yes, fuck me, daddy!”

Heather bent over her Mother and licked her pussy hard, while her Mother moaned for more, “Please fuck me daddy”, she begged.

Heather squeezed her mom's titties hard and that made her mom remove the towel so she could grab her husband, only to see her daughter making love to her. “Oh”, she squealed, “I love you so much Heather, I didn't know you loved me this way as well, let me eat you too babygirl!”

Heather let her mom loose and they did a sixty-nine as fast as they could, licking, sucking, squeezing, kissing each other all over till they were cumming all over her mom's bed. Markum had heard the commotion and walked quietly up the stairs to see both his wife and daughter making love. “ May daddy join in”, he asked?

Heather and his wife both looked up and said in unison, “Please, daddy do, fuck us good, mmm!”

Markum stripped out of his clothes and jumped into bed with both his wife and for the first time with his own daughter who was a gorgeous, ripe piece of fuck meat ready to be used and abused in ways she wanted so bad. He grabbed his flogger, tied them both spread eagle across the bed and started working both his wife and daughter over good and proper to wake their submissive souls to what was to come next.

He grabbed his paddle, spanked both their sweet asses good till they were blushing red. Then he took Heather for the first time. He shoved his cock into her Vagina bare back and began to fuck her, saying to he, “You are daddy's lil slut aren't you Heather and you need daddy's cock to be happy don't you?” he snapped at her.

Heather moaned and screamed, “Yes, daddy, I have wanted you inside me for so long, please fuck me and do as you please, I want to make you so happy. I do so love you daddy, Markum, please love me this way always, please!

Markum's wife was mesmerized by Markum making love to their daughter, and wondered if he would impregnate her as he did her. She almost hoped he would. “Their love would be complete and seem so pure”, she thought.


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