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Mother With The Hots

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Mother With The Hots

Chapter 1

The water was slightly above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
She sat in it to her neck, feeling the sensual heat wash about her.Leaning her head back on the deck, her arms up, Marilyn sighed inpleasure.
Around her were the tall pines and the green, rolling hills. There waseven a small stream a few yards away. Birds chirped and sang in the treebranches.
And Marilyn's cunt was hotter than the water.
She was naked as usual. She loved to sit in the hot tub on fine springdays and especially enjoyed being outside without clothes on. It gaveher a sense of freedom and, she admitted to herself, a glorious feelingof wickedness. No one could see her--they were miles from any other homehere in the foothills. No one ever came around, not even hunters. Therewas no game here to attract them and the only road nearby was the oneleading to their home.
Marilyn had gotten this house in her divorce settlement, along withalimony for two years. Also, she had custody of her son, Donny. Herex-husband had not fought very hard and for that she was glad. Thedivorce had been almost friendly. But any love she had for her husbandwas long gone, as his was for her. As usual, they never learned whatwent wrong.
Six months was a long time for Marilyn to do without a cock. If she hadher choice she would fuck every day--morning, noon, and night. But nowshe had no choice. She did, however, have her hands and fingers.
As the early afternoon sun burned down onto her, she shoved a hand alongher swelling, shapely tits just beneath the hot water. Her flesh wasvery smooth, like satin. Cupping her tit for a moment, she squeezed thefirmness, feeling her nipple press into her palm. A tingle of pleasurerippled down her stomach to her cunt and she felt her clitoris swelling.
Moving her hand downward, she ran her fingers through the bushythickness of her cunt hair. Parting her thighs, she probed lightly uponher knotted clitoris, sliding her finger down and into the slipperytightness of her pussy.
Marilyn loved to caress herself this way, outside in the hot tub withthe sun hot enough to make her sweat. She loved feeling and probing herbody with the fresh air around her.
Yet, if she had a choice, she would prefer a man's hands moving abouther sensitive flesh. A man with a beautiful cock she could massage,squeeze, and stroke into lovely hardness; watch the head become round;the piss hole dripping against her palm.
But there was no man here or anyplace else.
The only male around was Donny, but he didn't count. He was too young inthe first place and in the second place, he was her son. That was theorder in which she assigned him--first too young, second being her son.She never thought it strange to think of Donny that way but nothingwould ever happen between them. Donny really was too young to beinterested in girls and he was much too involved with his butterflycollection.
She could sit naked in the hot tub all day and her son would never seeher body, not even if he stood next to her. That is, she didn't thinkso. Not that Marilyn had any intention of doing anything with her son.But if she were so inclined they were certainly in a remote enough areafor it.
She slipped her finger into her cunt and sighed, her eyes closed as sheleaned on the deck. Moving her finger in and out of her tight cunt, shefantasized about a man, any man, coming upon her and fucking her.
From an upstairs window, Donny was peeking down at his mother, unknownto her. Maybe she thought he was too young, not interested in girls, butMarilyn was wrong. Feeling the first stirrings of sexual desire, Donnypeeked at his mother all the time. He enjoyed looking at her, it madehis cock hard.
He could barely see the outline of her tits under the clear water, andhis cock was pressing against his shorts with tingling hardness. Hedidn't know what she was doing with her hand under the water, but heimagined she was sticking a finger into her pussy. He liked to think ofhis mother doing that when he watched her in the tub. When he thought ofhis mother shoving her finger up her cunt, he didn't feel so guiltyabout jacking off. To his way of thinking, if his mother could do it, socould he.
He had never really seen his mother naked. She was always in the waterbefore he saw her. But he knew she was naked though, because he couldalways see her tits shimmering under the surface. Still, no matter howhard he tried, he could never catch her naked.
Donny had seen a girl naked before though. She lived a mile and a halfaway in another house almost as isolated as this one. She enjoyed havinghim look at her body, but they had never had the nerve to touch eachother.
With the desire to see his mother's body, Donny went downstairs and outonto the redwood deck. He sprawled into one of the chairs near a table,looking at his mother.
Hearing her son come out, Marilyn quickly removed her finger from hergripping cunt and smiled up at him. He sat with his legs wide, his assshoved down on the chair. Marilyn almost asked her son to get into thehot tub with her before she remembered she was naked.
It had become a habit not to wear any clothes and a few times she hadcompletely forgotten about it.
She smiled at him, her eyes seeing his young, handsome face with thedeep brown eyes. As young as he was, he was tall and had a good body.His shorts, the loose-legged type, rode low on his stomach. As shelooked at him, she allowed herself a tantalizing peek between histhighs. A light glowed in her eyes as she thought she could see the tipof his cock. She strained here eyes, and a soft gasp bubbled from her.
That was his cock she could see!
Her eyes unfocused for a moment as a tingle rippled up and down herbody. When her vision cleared she gazed at her son, seeing the head ofhis cock clearly. She wondered if Donny knew what she could see, if hehad sat that way deliberately. He had his hands behind his head and facewas turned into the sun, eyes close. But they weren't closed all theway, he was peeking at his mother from slitted eyes, and he knew whereshe was looking.
Marilyn gazed at the head of her son's cock, believing his eyes wereclosed. She looked openly, desire coming into her eyes. She gasped againas she saw his cock starting to swell. The head seemed to poke out a bitfarther until she saw every smooth bit of it. There was a churningsensation between her thighs and she moved her hand back under the hotwater and to her cunt. Gazing at the head of her son's cock, she beganto rub her hand up and down her cunt.
Marilyn began to experience small but very pleasurable orgasms as shepeered at Donny's cock. She could see one of his precious balls theretoo and this increased her burning desire. A finger slipped into hercunt and she hid to stifle a groan of delight.
After a few minutes she thought Donny had fallen asleep. He had oftendozed out here, and the way his chest rose and fell evenly now she wassure he was sleeping. She wanted to get out of the tub for a while, butas long as Donny was there she couldn't. She had not brought her robeout with her, and her large towel was on the table at his side. Shecouldn't possibly get to it before he woke up.
Suddenly, with a silent giggle of wicked pleasure, Marilyn decided totake the chance. Even if Donny wasn't sleeping, it wouldn't matter. Ifhe saw her naked body, it would make no difference. He was still almosta baby, she thought. Even if his cock was almost hard, he was still ababy to her.
Being as quiet as she could; not splashing any water; Marilyn liftedherself from the tub.
From his slitted eyes, Donny saw his mother's tits. They were so fulland tight, there was hardly any movement to them. Her nipples were veryhard and long, he saw. As she stood up, his slitted eyes gazed at herflat stomach--then fixed upon that thick patch of hair. The hair wasdark and curly, and he was disappointed that her cunt was so wellconcealed.
Reaching for the towel, Marilyn turned her back to her son before shewrapped it about her. Donny saw his mother's swelling, shapely asscheeks, and the first word that came to his mind was "bubble". Her asswas like two beautiful bubbles, he though. There was a tingling in hisballs and his cock arched up into full hardness. He watched his motherwrap the towel around her body and start into the house. Her legs werevery long and smooth, and they excited him very much.
Donny was young, certainly, but he knew all about putting his cock intoa girl's cunt. Like most boys, he had learned about that in school fromhis friends. He wondered what it would be like to have his cock insidehis mother's cunt.
Inside the house, Marilyn felt deliciously warm and all tingly. She hadbeen naked and close enough to her son to touch him. And his cock--Ohhis cock! It had been almost hard, she thought as she walked up thestairs to her bedroom. It was amazing to her that Donny's cock was sobig. "How could a boy as young as he was have such a large cock?" shewondered.
In her room she dropped the towel and faced herself in the mirroredwall. There was nothing about her that would prevent a man from making apass. She was quite beautiful, with large, green eyes and very dark,auburn hair--the color of a well-worn penny. Her body was still firm andtight, with beautifully shaped tits, a small waist, flaring hips andexquisitely long thighs. There certainly wasn't anything wrong with herass, she noted as she twisted about and looked over her shoulder.
Since the day was hot, she selected a pair of very tight, white shortsand a matching sleeveless blouse. On her feet she strapped on sandals.Going back downstairs, she moved behind the wet bar and mixed herself amild drink. Marilyn seldom drank, but right now her nerves were givingher a difficult time.
She could not rid herself of the image of her son's cock and thesurprising size of it. Her cunt still had that deep, burning, delicioussensation as if she were on the very brink of a tremendous orgasm. Itwas a fantastic feeling and she had not felt that way for many, manymonths.
Taking her drink with her, she stepped out the sliding doors and back onthe patio. Her son, she saw, was awake and sitting in the hot tub now.She sat in the chair he had occupied earlier and sipped her drink,watching him.
"Feels good. Doesn't it, honey?" she said, her voice low and she knew,throaty.
"Sure does, Mom," he replied. His cock was still very hard, but it wasfar under the water and his mother couldn't see it. "I should havegotten in with you."
"Mmmmmm, perhaps," she murmured, wondering what would have happened whenhe discovered her naked in the tub. If only Donny were a few yearsolder. The thought startled her and she almost spilled her drink. Shecrossed her legs and Donny gazed at them. Marilyn was aware of himlooking at her and she was starting to think she was wrong about Donnyhaving no interest in girls. He was certainly looking at her legs withinterest, she noted. Maybe he wasn't too young, after all.
"Donny," she asked in a low voice, "do you have a girlfriend?"
"Yes," he replied, his eyes still on her thighs. "Well, sort of."
"Sort of? What does that mean, baby?"
"Just sort of, Mom."
"That doesn't make any sense. Either you have one or you don't. Which isit?"
"Sort of," he insisted.
"What's her name?" Marilyn wanted to know.
"Oh, that little girl down there," she replied, waving her hand in thedirection of the hills. "Does she ride the school bus with you?"
Donny nodded, his cock throbbing powerfully. His mother had uncrossedher legs and sat with her knees apart now. He could see the tight crotchof her shorts and when he looked closely, he was sure he saw the outlineof her cunt.
"She's a lovely, little girl." Marilyn said. "You don't see much of herexcept on the bus, do you?"
Donny shook his head. He was excited by what he was looking at. His cockwas almost hurting from the hardness, and his balls had a very hotsensation in them. He wondered if he was about to come.
Unable to stop the feelings within her, Marilyn moved her thighs fartherapart. Donny, she noted, gazed between her legs with unabashed heat inhis eyes. But it was no surprise to her that he was excited. She wasstarting to think he wasn't too young after all. Surely it wouldn't doany harm to tease a little, to make her son feel good.
She twisted her ass on the chair as she sipped her drink, watching herson's eyes widen. Her movement had been deliberately erotic, and she waspleased with his response. She began thinking of his cock as she hadseen it earlier, and hoped her son could see enough between her thighs.She knew what she was doing could lead to other things, and at themoment, with her pussy boiling, she hoped it would.
Holding her glass up, she said softly, "I think I need another one ofthese."
She got up from the chair then, with her back to her son, gave a softcry and leaned over to look at her toes. Donny stared at his mother'sass as she leaned over. The tight shorts molded her lovely ass and theback of them lifted. He gazed at the whiter flesh above her thighs, andhis cock jerked about wildly. The feeling was so good he moaned.
"Anything wrong, baby?" she asked, standing up and looking over hershoulder at him.
A slow smile came to her when she saw his glassy eyes still looking ather ass. When Donny failed to answer, she walked slowly across theredwood deck toward the sliding glass doors, her ass gently swayingwith, she knew, open invitation.
Behind the wet bar she prepared herself another drink, milder than thelast one. Her mind was going swiftly, thinking about Donny. She knew,without any feelings of guilt, that she wanted her son ... wanted tofeel his surprisingly large cock plunging into her cunt.
She stood behind the wet bar, her eyes with a faraway expression inthem, sparkling with an erotic fantasy. Her cunt was pulsating hotly andher nipples strained against the cotton blouse.

Chapter 2

She was standing behind the wet bar when Donny came in.
He was still wet, dripping water on the carpet. Usually she would havesaid something to him, but not today. He stood just inside the slidingdoors, and her eyes went immediately to the front of his shorts. Therewas a most delicious-looking bulge there, and Donny was looking back ather with hot, unashamed eyes.
"I've been looking at you, Mom," he said in an unusually low voice.
A faint flush crept over her cheeks, but it was not of embarrassment, itwas of pleasure. Gazing directly at the bulge in his shorts, she nodded,saying in a whispery voice, "I thought so, Donny."
"I mean out there," he pointed onto the deck. "I had my eyes closed, butI wasn't asleep. I saw you ... naked."
"You did," she said, her voice quivering with emotion. "What did yousee, honey?"
"Everything." he replied.
"And you enjoyed seeing me," she said, a simple statement not aquestion.
Her son nodded.
Marilyn placed her drink on the bar and stepped out from behind it. Shewalked toward her son slowly, her eyes riveted upon his bulging cock.She stopped a foot from him, her eyes still down. Donny was the sameheight as she was, and his eyes were on her tits. For just a moment,Marilyn felt a shudder move through her. Then, excruciatingly slow, shemoved a hand toward him. Very lightly, she placed her palm against hiscock, and felt it throbbing hot. Donny sucked in a breath of air,arching his hips forward to press his cock into his mother's hand.
Very slowly, they came together. Marilyn pressed her tits against herson's chest, feeling them flatten out. She brought bother hands to hischeeks, holding his face and gazing into his eyes. Then her lips closedon his and they kissed long and hard.
The searing contact of their lips made them both moan.
Marilyn felt her son's arms wrap about her waist and he hugged hertightly, his cock pressing against the mound of her bubbling cunt. Shewrithed her hips against him, holding his face tightly. Then he slowlypressed her tongue between his lips.
Marilyn sighed in delight when her son began to suck on her tongue. Theharder he sucked, the more she whimpered with pleasure. When she beganto dart her tongue back and forth into his mouth, she could into resistsliding her hands down, around his waist, lowering them to his ass. Withher fingers squeezing at the cheeks of her son's ass, she twisted herpelvis into his throbbing hard-on.
Donny, encouraged by his mother's hands on his ass pulling his cocktightly against her twisting cunt, moved his own hands down her back.When he clutched her ass cheeks, Marilyn whimpered into his mouth,moving even tighter against him. There was a hot, sparkling feelingracing up and down her body, swelling hotly between her thighs. Her cuntbubbled and steamed, and Marilyn softly convulsed with orgasm. Her bodytrembled against her son as she came, and her tongue snaked in and outof his mouth wetly. The hardness of his cock against her felt so goodshe rubbed harder, wondering if Donny would come too.
She didn't have the chance to find out.
Donny pulled away from his mother.
"What's wrong, honey?" she whispered, alarmed.
"Nothing. Mom." he said in a husky voice.
Then she saw him hooking his fingers into his wet shorts. She gaspedwhen she shoved them down, his cock springing free. His prick stood outa good five or six inches, thick and hard. The head was swollen and shesaw the silvery bubbles dripping from the piss hole.
Donny stepped out of his shorts, standing naked before his mother, proudand anxious.
Marilyn gazed with heat in her eyes at his cock. She was surprised tosee thick hair at the base, and his balls appeared to be very full. Herpalms itched to take his balls and cock in her hands, to stroke them,fondle them, jack on him.
"Beautiful," she whispered. "So beautiful, Donny."
"Let me see you, Mom," he groaned, "let me look at you, too."
"Oh, yes!" Marilyn squealed, unbuttoning her cotton blouse with shakingfingers.
Sliding the blouse from her shoulders, she arched her tits out. Theyswelled and lifted, her nipples throbbing with hardness, the pebbleddiscs looking swollen too. Moving her hands behind her, she located thezipper of her tight shorts. Her eyes left her son's cock.
Her shorts were very tight, and as she began to peel them down, she hadto wiggle her hips. She saw her son's cock jerk up and down as hewatched her shove the shorts down. Kicking them from her feet, she stoodup. Her tits seemed to jiggle tightly as she watched her son's eyes movefrom her tits down, then stop at the triangle of dark pussy hair.
Without him saying anything she saw her son's hand come toward her. Sheshoved her hips out to meet him and he touched her cunt. A shiver ofpleasure went through her as his other hand came up to close about onespongy tit. As he slipped his hand between her hot, velvety thighs,Marilyn's hand moved. She clutched her son's hard cock tightly, feelingthe power there. She mewled with delight and began moving her fist backand forth. She pulled the head of his cock against her flesh and feltthe searing moisture his piss hole left.
The only sound they made was heavy, hot breathing. Both were shakingwith excited anticipation. Marilyn's cunt was pulsating hotly and wetlyagainst her son's palm as he rubbed it, and she felt as if she wouldcome again. Unable to bear the tension any longer, she slowly sankdownward, drawing her son with her. They knelt, facing each other,gazing into each other's eyes as they felt about their naked bodies.
Slowly, Marilyn lay back on the carpet, looking up at her son withsmoldering eyes. She spread her legs wide, holding her arms up for him.
But Donny didn't go into them right away. He was staring between hismother's thighs, seeing her pink, wet cunt lips through the dark curls.His cock was jerking about and, with a low groan, he fell into hismother's arms.
Marilyn pulled her son on top of her, feeling his hard cock brushing herthighs. She moved and twisted her hips until she felt the swollen headof his prick pressing against the slippery wetness of her cunt. Shelifted her hips and a sob of delight burst from her as her cunt opened,stretching around the swollen head of her son's cock.
Donny groaned and shoved his face onto his mother's tits. With whimpersof ecstasy, Marilyn ran her hands down his back and over his naked ass.Holding his ass cheeks tightly, she scissored her hot, velvety thighsabout his hips. She only had the head of his cock inside her cunt, andalready there was a spasm of orgasm burning through her.
Thinking her son was holding his cock from her, she suddenly slammedupwards. She squealed softly as her pussy engulfed Donny's cock all theway. She smashed the tender, sensitive lips of her cunt against the baseof his cock and heard him grunt as her cunt began to flex around hisprick. His balls rested upon her uplifted ass, and Marilyn began to sobwith pleasure.
While Donny held himself stiffly, Marilyn could not hold still. Shebegan to move her ass slowly, fucking her son with her hairy, tightcunt. His breath came in hoarse, hot gasps as she moved her cunt backand forth on his throbbing cock, and she gurgled when he finally startedplunging up and down. His cock seemed to go deep into her burning pussy,thrilling her, exciting her.
Donny lifted himself and stared into his mother's eyes, his cockthrusting in and out. Marilyn gazed up at her son as she pumped on hisprick, a smile on her face. She clung to his tightening ass cheeks as ifafraid he would pull that sweet hardness out of her.
For what seemed to be along time, they fucked slowly. But the ecstasygrew hotter within both of them. Marilyn could not keep this slownessup. She began to pump faster, slamming her cunt up and down on his cockwith gurgling ecstasy. Her fingers dug into his tight ass cheeks andDonny was now holding her hips, again resting his face on her springytits.
"Ohhh, so good, darling." she murmured against the top of his head. "Sogood! Do it faster, baby! Ohhh, please go faster and harder!"
Donny complied, not so much to please his mother, but because his cockdemanded it.
The increasing power and speed of his plunging cock caused Marilyn tocoo and sigh. Her cunt was gripping her son's cock very tightly, theslippery wetness making a sheath of intense pleasure for him.Feverishly, Marilyn stroked her hands up and down his back, caressinghis bouncing ass, churning her cunt into his throbbing cock with sobs ofecstasy.
She felt every throb of her son's cock with the sensitive lips of herclinging cunt. The feeling increased her own boiling desire, and themild orgasms began swelling like a bursting balloon within her ripplingstomach. The waves of orgasms caused her cunt to grip and flex aroundDonny's cock in a sucking sensation.
She felt her son speed up, his cock moving hard and fast into her cuntnow. His balls slapped at her ass, and she writhed and twisted, archedand banged into him. They were both grunting with intense ecstasy now.
With a shout, Donny's body became stiff, his cock buried deep inside hercunt. Knowing he was about to come, Marilyn clung to his ass cheeks,keeping his cock deep inside her pussy.
"Come, darling!" she hissed throatily. "Oh, God ... come!"
Donny's cock pulsated, then she felt the hot gush of his come juice washabout her cunt. Each spurt seemed to splash along the satiny walls ofher heated cunt like the crash of waves upon a rocky beach. Her clitoriswas tightly knotted, and she came again, a powerful convulsion thatcaused her back to bow, and her cunt to ache. She screamed a low butvery loud wail of mindless ecstasy.
Donny rested on top of his mother's naked body, breathing hard. She heldhim tightly, her hands fondling his back and quivering ass cheeks. Hiscock was captured by the wet tightness of her cunt and she luxuriated inthe sensations still heating her body.
Finally, Donny moved. He crawled from between his mother's thighs andsat next to her. She looked up at him with slitted, steamy eyes. Her sonwas grinning with delight, and he stroked her tits gently with one hand.
"You're not ashamed?" she whispered.
"Not at all, Mom," he said. "I'm glad we did that."
He squeezed her tit with both hands, making her succulent nipple rise upsharply. "Mom, I've been peeking at you every chance I get. You don'tknow how glad I am we did this."
Marilyn giggled. "And I though you were interested only in yourbutterfly collection. When did you develop this interest in girls,darling?"
Donny leaned over and ran his tongue about his mother's sweet nipple,then said. "When I met Sally."
"What has she got to do with it?"
Donny told her about how the girl had teased him by lifting her dressand showing him her pussy, and how hard his cock had become. He told hismother how excited Sally was to look at his cock. These revelationsexcited Marilyn more than she would have suspected. Boys and girls didsuch things she knew, she had done them when she was Donny's age.
"Mmmm, lick my nipples again, darling," she murmured, drawing his mouthto her tit. "Your tongue makes them tingle."
She trembled as he ran his tongue about her nipple, making it stand upvery hard. While he sucked her nipple into his hot mouth, Marilynslipped her hand to his cock and balls. She cradled Donny's balls in herpalm, enjoying the feeling. She felt his cock swelling along her wrists,and moved her fingers about it.
She pumped his prick slowly and firmly, thrilled when it throbbed in herfist. She used her other hand to hold his mouth tight on her tit, hishot breath fanning her flesh. She squeezed his cock, mewling inpleasure. Her son grunted when her fingers tightened about his prick andshe felt him moving his hips, pumping with her fist.
"Do you want to do it again, Donny?" she asked in a breathless voice,squeezing his cock harder. "Do you want to do it to me again?"
Donny lifted his mouth from her nipple, his eyes gleaming witheagerness. "Can we, Mom? I sure would like to."
"What about your 'sort of' girlfriend?" she teased.
"Who needs her?" Donny mumbled, sliding his hands down to the bush ofher cunt. "I've got you."
With a low laugh of delight, Marilyn rolled onto her stomach, shakingher naked ass. Donny gripped his mother's ass with both hands, digginginto the firm cheeks and making Marilyn coo with pleasure. She wiggledher ass up into his hands, then drew her knees beneath her body.
"Do it this way, baby," she urged hotly, shaking her uplifted asswickedly. "Do it to me this way, honey."
Marilyn arched her creamy, shapely ass high into the air, resting herhead on the carpet, arms above her head. She parted her knees for him.Lifting her head, she looked over her shoulder as her son knelt behindher ass.
"Oooo, Donny," she gurgled hotly, "put it in me! Ohhh, put yourbeautiful hard-on in me! Do it to me, baby! Do it to me!"
She felt the head of her son's cock pressing into her soaked cunt, andwailed in delight. His hands held her hips tightly as he thrust his cockdeeply. Marilyn's pussy closed around Donny's cock, holding him withthat wet heat. She moved a hand between her thighs and caught his balls,twisting them gently, holding his cock for a long time between herpulsating, stretching cunt lips.
Moving her ass, Marilyn began to hump on his cock, soft sounds bubbledfrom her constricted throat. When Donny started thrusting with her, shebegan to whimper. Turning loose his balls, she shivered as they bangedto and fro, hitting her distended clitoris softly. The grunts her sonmade were loud, and she increased the motion of her smooth ass. WhenDonny banged furiously into her, she felt her tits scrape on the roughpile of the carpet. The touch was light, but enough to increase the firegrowing hotly in her cunt.
"Hard and fast this time, Donny!" she sobbed. "Oh, please fuck me hardand fast! I want it hard, baby, real hard! Fuck me, darling! Please fuckme hard!"
The words from his mother inflamed his erotic senses and Donny poundedinto his mother's slippery pussy. His fingers dug into her hipsbrutally. With every throb of his cock, Marilyn's cunt sucked andsqueezed. Once again a series of explosions burned through her, her cuntconvulsing in tight wetness around his prick. The orgasms grew inintensity, making her squeal and shake her ass in a frenzy against hisdriving cock.
With her ass high in the air, her ass cheek parted, she could feel hisstomach smacking upon the pucker of her asshole. That served to sendwaves of orgasms crashing through her with frantic ecstasy. Moaningloudly, she shook and twisted her uplifted naked ass while he plungedfaster and harder into her clinging cunt. The first fuck had been slow,not half as frenzied as this one. But now Marilyn wasn't concerned aboutbeing erotic with her son. His cock thrusting into her cunt created sucha storm of ecstasy, loud wails escaped her lips as he slammed againsther creamy ass.
"Ohhh, that's so good, Donny!" she whined with a thick voice. "Oh God,baby! So good! Fuck me, darling! Fuck my pussy! Ahhh, you have abeautiful cock, Donny! So hard ... so very hard! I love it. I love it!"
Donny was grunting swiftly now, listening to his mother using thoseexciting words openly. He gazed with glassy eyes at the way she wiggledher ass, seeing the tightness of her asshole. The cheeks of her ass werevery smooth, white and creamy. He stopped plunging his cock into hercunt and fondled the ass cheeks, and his mother continued her back andforth motions, fucking him in mindless delight. He saw his cock sink in,then withdraw, her pink cunt lips sucking on his prick.
The wetness, the intense heat, and the exciting tightness of hismother's cunt became too much, as did the sight of her ass fucking him.Once more Donny's young body went stiff and Marilyn felt his cockjerking about deep inside her clamping cunt. As the roar of a fantasticorgasm whipped through her, she still felt her son's cock as it suddenlygushed, flooding her cunt with that sweet, thick, creamy come juice. Forthe second time in less than an hour her son was fucking her, spurtingthat precious come juice into her greedy pussy.
Marilyn sprawled onto the carpet, her body shivering as the glow ofecstasy continued through her. She felt her son caressing and fondlingthe trembling cheeks of her ass.
There was no feeling of remorse. All she felt at this moment waspleasure. She knew there would be no sense in maintaining a modestappearance with her son any longer. She knew, without any doubt, thather body would be available to Donny any time he wanted it. He couldbring his beautiful, young cock to her and fuck her any time the moodstruck him.
If being fucked by him twice in less than an hour was any indication,Marilyn knew she was going to be fucked frequently and fuckedbeautifully.
After a while she struggled up. "Why don't we take a shower together,Donny?"
"That would be fun, Mom." he agreed.
He jumped to his feet and she watched his cock swing about as he startedup the stairs. She followed a few feet behind him, watching his nakedass happily.


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