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Writers will always tell you to write about something you know, it doesn’t matter on the subject. So for my first story I’ve taken that advice. This is a true story, it took place over three and a half years, but I’ve have shortened it considerably.  My wife and I had reversed rolls, she could earn more than me so she went to work and I looked after the house.  My daughter at the age of 13 for some reason or another started biting her finger nails, everything my wife and I tried couldn’t stop her. Months had passed and we had just about given up, but she bit her nails that bad her fingers bled. She was athletic, so of slim build, long legs that suited her to running, long brown hair with hazel eyes. One Sunday we were playing in the garden and she bit her nails, I hadn’t thought about it and after I had done it I was so scared and shocked with myself, I went up to her and cupped her left tit in my hand and told her, “If you don’t stop biting your nails, I’ll do this for three seconds for each time” as I realised what I had done I rushed  into the house to get away from her, I was expecting her to follow me and tell her mother, but she remained outside playing with her younger brother.  When I had calmed down I went back out and my daughter acted like nothing had happened, I relaxed and joined in the game, about ten minutes later my daughter bit her nails, I gave her a disappointed look, she smiled and bit them again, the next time she bit them I told her, “That’s one”, with a little shrug of her shoulders she bit them again, over the next two hours she bit her nails 30 times, I had no intention of carrying out my threat, it was just scare tactics, and it looked like it wasn’t working. At bed time my daughter liked a cup of drinking chocolate, this night she asked me to make it for her as she was busting for the bathroom, a few minutes later I took it up to her, she was in bed sitting up reading a book, she followed my wife in that, reading for half an hour or so before turning in, she had a shelf at the side of her bed on the wall, taking the cup she put it on the shelf and sat back, as I was about to leave she bit her nails and smiled, I gave her another disappointed look, “I told you what I would do” she smiled “So what”? As I have said, I wasn’t going to do anything, but her attitude did something to me and I reached out and cupped her tits and rubbed and squeezed them for fifteen minutes, she just sat back and did nothing, I pulled back and was leaving when she bit her nails again, I went back and groped her tits for another fifteen minutes.  As I was going down the stairs I was sweating from fear, but then I thought, she hadn’t said anything earlier and she more or less dared me to feel her up just now, so why would she tell her mother now. The next day after school and homework complete she was sat watching the TV with us, I noticed she was biting her nails, she just smiled at me when our eyes meet, she asked me to make her drink again when she went to bed, when I walked in she was sat up reading, after taking the cup she lay back and smiled, I moved in and felt her tits for fifteen minutes, this continued nightly for months. Then she upped the ante, one night when I took her drink up, she was laying down and had the sheets pulled up, I reached over to put the cup on the shelf and knelt beside her bed and with a smile I slipped my hand under the sheet, you can imagine my surprise when my hand came in contact with her naked tit, I gave her a surprised questioning look, she just smiled and turned onto her back to make it easy for me to feel her tits, every night after if she hadn’t removed her T shirt I would slip my hand into it and feel her up, again this went on for a time.  Then one night she was laying on her back and as I walked in she pushed the sheet down, exposing her tit’s, I stood there looking at her firm tits, I already knew they were a good hand full but now seeing them I was amazed at how good they looked, her nipples were surrounded by large dark pink aureoles, we didn’t say anything and this night I sucked and nibbled her tits and nipples, again weeks passed, then one night I don’t know why but I slipped my hand down her stomach and between her legs, she knew what I wanted and opened her legs so I could rub her pussy, over her pyjama trousers, again weeks passed then one night she was naked in bed. i froze as my fingers touched her pussy and she gave a little shiver, I looked into her eyes and she just nodded her head and closed her eyes. I ran my fingers up and down her slit, coating it with the moisture that was already there, with two fingers I opened her a little and slipped my index finger in, to find her clit, as I touched it she gave a soft moan, and went ridged for a second or two, relaxing she opened her legs wide, for ten minutes I played with her clit and slipped my fingers in and out of her pussy, as far as the first knuckle. I felt her shudder and guessed she had orgasmed. She then started coming home for lunch, she said she was fed up with school lunch, as we lived ten minutes’ walk from school this was ok. After a week she asked for some extra pocket money, I refused at first but when she sat on the settee and opened her school shirt and brought her tits into the open, I dived to each nipple in turn sucking and nibbling them, after a week or two, I was fingering her pussy too.  One day she sat on my lap and opened her school shirt as before, as I slipped my hand between her legs and clamped my mouth on a nipple I felt her fumbling with the zip on my trousers, I moved back so she could open it and slip her hand into them and feel my cock, the next day I wore track suit trousers so it was easier for her to feel me up. I surprised her one day, when she came home for lunch, she found me naked on the settee, she didn’t waist any time in removing her knickers and freeing her tits, as I sucked and fingered her she jacked me off, I came all over her hands and legs, giggling she went to the bathroom to clean up, I wasn’t naked every day, and when I wasn’t she looked disappointed, but she still played with my cock. A week or so later I was sucking on her nipples and fingering her when she asked if she could have more than a pound, I hadn’t thought about her asking this, so I hadn’t given it any thought, I gave it a minute or two then dropped to my knees between her legs, I reached under her skirt and pulled her knickers down, she opened her legs, pulling her forwards a little, I put her legs over my shoulders and I dived in and buried my face in her pussy, I sucked and licked her for a few minutes then sat back, “Three pounds” “What if I want more”? I was now thinking about things and told her if she sucked my cock she could have four pounds” “What fi I want more”? she asked, I pushed my trousers down and freed my cock, moving in close I ran it up and down her pussy and just popped the head between her labia lips, “Six pounds”   we both jumped at hearing the front door bell, I knelt on the settee and looked out of the window, “It’s Jenny” “Let her in while I get dressed” wearing tracksuit trousers I was able to quickly pull these up, my daughter grabbed her discarded clothes and ran to the kitchen, I let Jenny in and my daughter called from the kitchen saying she wouldn’t be long. Things eased for a while, I still felt and sucked her tits each nigh but the lunch time fun stopped. Then about two months later I was still in bed when my wife got up, she would get the kids ready for school and take them, as she went that way to work, she came up and told me our daughter wasn’t feeling too good and was staying home, I grunted a reply and turned over in my bed for another half hour sleep.  I heard the front door open and my son and wife called up that they were going, ten minutes later I heard the door bell, then footsteps on the stairs, I heard my daughter speaking, it must be Jenny at the door, after about five minutes the door closed, I rolled onto my back and checked the time, OH well I better get up, the shopping won’t do itself, I was just moving to the side of the bed when the door opened and my daughter stepped in, she smiled and asked “Can I have Six pounds please”? “You’re a little over dressed aren’t you”? as she walked towards my bed she giggled and pulled her long T shirt up and off her head, she was naked, I had seen her tits and pussy before but I hadn’t seen her naked like this, my eyes wondered over her tits, they had grown since I had started sucking them, down over her flat smooth stomach to the mound between her legs, there was a little hair covering her pussy, this I already knew but seeing now was such a turn on, I eased the sheet back and she slipped in bed beside me, rolling into my arms her hand went to my cock, giggling she said “Can I suck it daddy”? “If you want to” she went to slip down the bed but I suggested she straddle my face so I could eat her out too, she giggled and got in position, as her mouth kissed up and down my cock, my tongue ran up and down her slit, after a while she was bobbing her head up and down my length, I slipped my tongue into her pussy and gave her two orgasms, for her first time she wasn’t too bad,  when I felt the time was right I stopped her, I turned her around and laid her back, moving between her legs I looked into her eyes, there was nothing but love in them. Moving my hips up my cock pressed against her pussy, “Are you sure” she nodded her head, “Yes daddy, do it, I want your cock in my cunt” I wasn’t as shocked as I should have been hearing her say cock and  cunt, it wasn’t like she had heard my wife or I say it as we didn’t swear. I pushed a little harder then stopped, I kissed her nose and asked “Are you a virgin”? “For a cock daddy, but I have fucked myself with my hairbrush”, with a little more force I felt her lips opening and my cock slipping into her warmth, moist pussy,  “OH daddy, your cock feels so nice in my cunt” I pushed more into her, “Oh daddy, Oh daddy” slowly I slipped more and more into her, until I was ball deep, “Daddyyyyyyyyyyy” I paused for a few minutes, waiting for her pussy to get used to the feel of my cock, she was so warm I could have stayed there forever, but she wanted something and moved her hips, I came out of my trance and started pulling out, with just the head in her pussy I stopped, she opened her eyes and looked into mine, “Fuck me daddy, fuck me” I thrust back in and felt the head of my cock hit the back of her womb, her eyes opened in surprise and she gave a moan, I pumped my cock into her with a steady pace, I wanted this to last as long as it could, after all I didn’t know if this was going to be a one off. For ten minutes I pumped her pussy with my cock, she had several mini orgasms and soft squelching noises filled the room, making her giggle, I was fast approaching my orgasm and was wondering if I should pull out or not, but then I thought, “You’ve been done so she can’t get pregnant” then with one hard push my cock sprayed her inside’s, “Yes Daddy, Yes, Yes, Yes” she experienced another orgasm, her pussy clamping around my cock like a vice, we twitched and shook together for a few minutes, hardly breathing, not saying a word. Coming down I was about to roll off her when I realised I was still hard and held tight in her pussy, I rolled us over so now she was on top, she pushed herself up on her hands, “Daddy, that was just so” I pulled her down and kissed her passionately, letting her go I said “I know Pumpkin” she lay on my chest and slowly gyrated her hips, “Can I have some more daddy”? “You can have as much as you want, any time” her movements were getting faster and my cock was starting to throb again, she came before I did and as she pushed down hard I gave her a second load of spunk. We lay together for an hour then with a gentle slap on her ass I told her we should get up so I could make us something to eat, reluctantly she agree, but only if we didn’t get dressed, I agreed and we went down to the kitchen together, we made toast and a drink, after which she sat up on the kitchen table and pulled me to her, “Daddy, you don’t  have to give me any money, I only said that to get you to fuck me” after a pause she asked, “are you angry with me” “Why should I be angry” “And did you mean it when you said you would fuck me any time I wanted”?  “Of course, but only when were on our own” “I know that daddy, I’m not daft” her hand was now stroking my growing cock, “Fuck me daddy, fuck me right here” I wasn’t going to let my baby down and slipped into her, she lay back on the table as I pumped her pussy full of spunk again. We hadn’t noticed the time and we jumped as the door bell rung, I went to have a look to see who it was, “Quick, it’s Jenny” my daughter grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her and answered the door, “Mr Smith has sent some home work for you” “OK thanks” “Will you be in tomorrow”? “I don’t know I still feel weak” “Ok bye”, when my daughter came back into the kitchen she dropped the towel and looked down, I followed her gaze, my spunk was running down her legs, she giggled, “I could feel it running down my legs while talking to Jenny and thought if only she knew” she looked at me, “I know I can’t tell her” I reached for her and held her in an embrace as I kissed her. We went into the lounge and settled on the settee watching the TV, she was holding my cock and I was fingering her pussy and now and again sucking her tits.  We had many a day like this and even fucked a few lunch times, she thought it so naughty going back to school with her pussy full of my spunk, and only her knickers stopping it from running down her legs. We even had a few nights together when my wife stayed over at her sisters. With my daughters 17th birthday coming up she started seeing a lad from college and this ended our naughty goings on. They split after 18 months but my daughter didn’t want to go back to how we were, I respected her for that. She meest another and they stayed together for three years, this ended and she was alone again for six months, meeting another they were serious and married.   Two nights before her wedding she came to see me, “Daddy, it’s no good, I’ve tried to keep away but I miss you fucking me like you’ll never know, I’ve wanted to come and drag you to bed, but I’ve fought it off, but now I need you once more before I’m a married woman” she held out her hand to me, which I took, minutes later we were in bed getting to know each other again,  she told me no other had pleased her like I had, not even the chap she was marrying. Three months into her marriage I had a call from her asking me to go over and lay a path in the garden for her, I did do some laying, not slabs, I laid my daughter, she had tried to settle with her husband but he just couldn’t do for her as I did, she then found all sort of jobs for me to do so I could go over. They have made a go of it, she had me for the good sex and her husband for starting a family, they have given us three grandchildren, two daughter and a son, 13, 10 and 8. Nothing has been said right out, but by reading between the lines, I think my daughter wants me to give the eldest sex lessons, for a 56 year old I feel I could show her a good time if asked, I will just have to wait and see. 



It is a good story. But I would take out the part about it being true, because what you have done is made yourself vulnerable with authorities if they should ever read the story. You always have to be aware that Big Brother can read this as well as anybody!



I took the 4200 characters of your story between 'One Sunday we were playing in the garden' to ' guessed she had orgasmed' and filled it in with much hotter sex and quite enjoyable. Should you want it, it's yours to own, to post or whatever you choose. Even if you don't want to do that, it may give you some guidance for future stories. Let me know at yahoo, yeah, dot com. That's purvvauthor before the at sign.



I love how you fucked your 13 year old daughter. I wish I could have fucked my daughter at that age. My daughter is now 27 and she likes to talk to me about all the guys that fuck her pussy, she just finally told me that she wants me to fuck her. I can't wait.

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