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Mom's New Start and My New Dog: Chapter One

mona_tunight on Animal Stories

I was 12 years old when my Mom left my Dad and moved from our home in Hilton Head, SC to our new home in Atlanta, GA She was tired of all the fighting and to be honest, so was I. My Dad always had something to say about everything and he was always mean to my Mom. My Mom also got this new job with some big company and said we wouldn’t have to struggle for money like we use to.


When we moved into our big apartment downtown on Peachtree Street, she knew that I would be very lonely without all my old friends back home. So she got me a dog, a golden retriever to be exact. He was wonderful and I fell in love with my new best friend the moment she brought him home. What Mom didn’t know was that I didn’t have many friends at all back home to miss. I was always the real quiet and shy one in school who wouldn’t talk to anyone. There were a lot of days where I wouldn’t say one word to anyone until I got home and saw my parents.


It was the summer when we moved in. The first of April and I had all summer with my new dog. Mom trusted me to be home alone when she was at work, especially since we had very nice security in our building we were in.   So I always had plenty of time with my new dog. We named him Taylor, named after the street we use to live on back home. Taylor was already a year old when we got him. Mom was at the store getting some stuff for dinner one night when she saw a young lady trying to find a good home for her dog. She thought it was almost fate. Knowing how lonely I would be in this new big city we now call home.


After several months Mom finally brought home a man friend from work she met. We all had dinner together one evening. He was a very nice guy too, and very cute. He was probably about 6ft tall, short brown hair with these gorgeous hazel brown eyes. He was very built and obviously loved to work out. He had a gorgeous smile and very bright white teeth to show off.


After dinner I went in my room to watch TV with Taylor to give them some time alone. Mom didn’t really tell me to do all this but I wanted to. I actually liked this guy a lot more than dad and besides; it was easy to figure out that Mom really liked him too. She laughed and smiled more with him than she had in a long time. It was so nice to see her so happy for once. I couldn’t remember the last time she was as happy as she was that night.


After all the good shows on TV were done I turned off the lights and tried to go to sleep. I heard Mom peak in to see Taylor lay across the bed beside me as I lay there beside him under the covers. After 15-20 minutes of lying there, I was still wide-awake. It was so excited to know how happy my Mom was. Especially with this gorgeous guy she brought home to have dinner and a few drinks with.


I finally got out of bed and slowly crept over to the door and peaked out. I was shocked to see what I saw next. The man, I think his name was Joe, was sitting on the couch leaning back as far as possible with my Mom on her knees under him sucking on his big penis. Her head just bopped up and down making sucking noises as I heard Joe moan softly as he held her long blonde hair. I was in a trance watching this. I also felt myself get hot in between my legs, something I have never felt before. I actually was getting turned on. It was a wonderful feeling. My nipples were getting hard. I was hot and getting a wonderful sensation between my legs. I almost panicked feeling all this but I knew I couldn’t otherwise they we hear me and Mom would be so mad at me. As I stood there, peaking out, watching mom, I wondered how that felt, to suck on a nice dick. Wondering what my Mom was feeling right then. Then I saw them move around. I almost got upset, why are they stopping? Joe stood up and Mom stayed on her knees and moved closer to the couch. She held her ass in the air as Joe got on his knees behind her and stuck his penis in my Mom’s pussy. Mom moaned loud, obviously forgetting that her daughter was suppose to be asleep in just the next room. She was taken away and the reactions on her face showed how incredibly wonderful the feeling was. My panties were getting wet. A sensation I didn’t know was possible. I stunk my hand down my panties to feel how truly wet I was. I was soaked and I was so turned on it wasn’t funny. I wanted to know what that felt like. I just stood there, watching Joe go in and out of Mom’s pussy from behind her as she moaned and enjoyed how truly incredible it felt. All of the sudden Joe looked out of the corner of his eye and saw me. I didn’t see him looking at me for several minutes as I kept my eyes on how much Mom was enjoying this. He saw me with my hand in my panties watching. Then I finally saw him and I must have looked like a deer in headlights. He smiled at me and winked and brought his finger to his lips as if to say, “Shh, I won’t tell”. I stopped frozen. Not knowing what to do. I finally jumped back and closed my door quietly. I was terrified but I still couldn’t help but imagine how wonderful that would feel like. I went to my dresser to get a clean pair of panties since mine we so soaked and started to change. I stopped and looked in the mirror. Seeing myself with fluids dripping down my leg. I took off my tank top to reveal my small breasts that were starting to grow here recently. I stuck my finger down to my pussy again and started to rub around. It actually felt incredible. I rubbed harder and all around. Oh wow, it felt so good.


Finally I decided to sit down and do this. Maybe lie in bed and keep doing this. I was obviously way to worked up to actually go to sleep tonight. So I saw down on the edge of the bed to give my dog a quick kiss on the nose, he loves it when I do that. He was asleep. Sometimes I wondered what a dog could be dreaming about when they sleep. Tonight he was obviously dreaming of something, he was shaking very slightly and moaning under his breath. I patted him down his back and scratched his belly where he loves to be scratched. When I reached under his belly I felt something hard and slightly wet. I went around to the other side of the bed to see that Taylor had a full erection. I’ve never seen a penis in my life so up close, much less a dog penis. Although at first I was scared to touch it, but then I thought of Mom and how she looked while sucking down Joe’s big cock. I finally touched it again and wrapped my hands around it. Feeling how hard and warm it was. It was amazing the feeling I had inside of me. I finally reached down, just like I saw my Mom do just a little earlier, and licked the head with my tongue. Just for a slight taste. It didn’t taste bad, not at all. Not a big taste of anything really. So I then wrapped my mouth around the head and felt Taylor jump a little. I think he woke up but didn’t want to move. I circled the head of the penis with my tongue and heard him whimper. This was actually really exciting for me. I loved my dog Taylor and now I get to do something to really please him. I went down on the shaft with my mouth as far as I could and came back up. Then up and down I went for several minutes, feeling myself get wet again between my legs. I thought about what Mom felt like when Joe started to fuck her from behind. She looked like she enjoyed that more than anything. Just then the dog got up and jumped to the floor. I stayed beside the bed wondering when Taylor was going. He went behind me and started to lick me in between my legs. Where I was so wet. His rough tongue felt so good up against my pussy I almost couldn’t take it. I wanted to scream in pleasure but I knew I couldn’t with Mom and Joe just in the next room. Finally Taylor stopped and then he jumped up on top of me from behind. Oh God, what is he doing? I felt his large dog penis poke around between my legs and around my pussy. I was scared as to what was going to come next. Just then, he finally found his hole and rammed his large doggie dick inside me. I wanted to scream and I grabbed my pillow and screamed into it to muffle the noise. It hurt so bad I wanted to stop. My poor pussy was stretched out and I just wanted it to all stop. “Oh please, get down and stop, please” I wanted to say. I didn’t though, I kept as quiet as possible. Tears started to form in my eyes and pain was immense. But as he continued I started to feel more pleasure than the pain. He kept ramming and ramming. Going so fast I couldn’t keep up with his rhythm. I started to feel this big lump in his dick poking at my pussy. He kept ramming harder and harder and he panted above me with a little drool fell onto my back. The large cock inside me felt great. I finally knew what Mom was truly enjoying. Finally Taylor rammed harder and this big lump knot shot into my pussy. It was even bigger than his already large dick. The pain struck my whole body but I couldn’t get away. He kept himself inside me and kept fucking me as best he could. I tried to pull away a little but couldn’t. Taylor had me. He kept himself inside me, his new fuck buddy. Finally he started to moan a little within his panting and I could tell he was getting close. I closed my eyes and was ready for whatever happened next. Finally his body jerked around a little and his massive load shot inside my pussy. His hot creamy load shot against the back of my pussy and filled the inside of me. Juices started to leak out of me but he kept inside of me. We were locked together; he totally had control over me at this moment. Then after a minute or so he went back to fucking me. After about 20 minutes my pussy was so sore. And then finally, he shot another load deep inside of me and it poured out of me like a fountain. Then after a long hard fuck, he pulled himself out of me with a wet pop sound and got off from on top of me. After that he smelled around my pussy at what a wet mess he left me and then licked it clean for me.


After several minutes I got up. I was so sore and tired from this long hard fuck that it took me forever to get myself going again. I turned around to see Taylor leave and walk towards the door to the living room. I looked at him walk out of my room and noticed my door was open. I panicked. I knew that I had closed it. Well, I thought I did. Then I turned back around and when I did I saw my Mom and Mike in the corner of my room. They must have snuck in while Taylor was fucking me and I didn’t know it. Mom and Mike just stared at me and I didn’t know what to say.


“Oh shit, Mom! I, um, I can explain. It didn’t mean to happen, I’m sorry.” I tried to say to them. Mom didn’t say a word to me. She stood there and finally after a long and very uncomfortable silence they both walked over to me


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