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the day that change me life

petite_ana on Extreme Stories

Hi I am ana, I am Thai. Was born male, begin stealing hormones at 12, now I 19. and me 5' tall natural breast kk smallish but almost a "b" cup. I was happy to be Thai Lady Boy. so very very happy. this story is true, but not right names, and it made a choice ffor me, but I not want that choice.

I was new to area I moved to. someone at my work tell me bout a nice young people club no alcohol. Friday nite came, and I went to club. ooked nice outside. inside was too. a pretty american girl behind bar, very tall very nice body, she smile at me and ask what I would like, i order ice tea. we talk a bit, pretty much bout nothing important. she ask where I from, I tell her I am Thai. She remark that they have alot of very pretty ady boys there. i ask how she knew and she say internet, she like

The Violation and Domination of Valerie Miles: Part IX

msatyr on Extreme Stories

     Ramon made a deal with the Zeta drug cartel leader who agreed to finance the third porn film entitled "Lust Crazed Pirates" and even provided a young beauty. In return for financing the feature, the cartel leader would recieve 60% of the film's profit and would also be allowed to have his way with lovely Valerie for a weekend after the film was completed.

Wild Adventure

Joshuaing on Extreme Stories

Chapter 1

I creeping the house in the afternoon. from the back entrance, I was naked except for  my soiled chuddi – I was covered in cum and all kinds of filth. Inside the house – Ravi the cook’s assistant, wearing goggles pealing onions, he had tied his lungi from the front I could see his shrunk brown dick resting on hi

Mad sex orgy at work

thenewone on Extreme Stories

My first attempt at a sex story, typed at work after being bored at work with nothing to do then getting interested in a very hot slim leggy blond girl. Half way though writing it I was off to the toilet for a gets a bit depraved as it goes but that's my mind with no stops, should I been worried, na


Taken - Chapter 1: So It Begins

Aleksandra on Extreme Stories

Lately some of my friends have started blogging and those that know me know that I’m not a blogger. I prefer to think of my self as a chatter and a tweeter but some of my friends stories have been interesting to read and after being challenged to write out our “first time” I thought I would give it a try so hear goes. If I get good feedback from the first, who knows, I might try writing a second