I love to eat pussy

My name is Chris. This story took place when I was 15 years old. At the time, my sister, Audrey, was 13 years old. She matured early for her age, already having breasts by this time, and standing a full 6 inches over her classmates. We were from a large family, so of course space was tight. Because of the limited space, my sister and I w... Read More...
My wild overnight in a hotel with Terra....(1st place Story Winner)


I awakened suddenly and blinked, staring at the ceiling. My body lay reclined on the bed.

Hotel. Dark. I’d only left on one light. Air-conditioner humming. A tightn... Read More...

Dare girl goes astray!.....part.1

Cindy was a sweet 24 year old when I first met her. She was the kind of fresh faced girl next door type who was easy to get along with. Her blonde hair and 38D figure gave her a Venus de Milo appearance as she skin was the soft tones of almost pure alabaster marble.

Not long after we began chatting on the internet, I discovered that she ha

...

Halloween Surprise-

Lauren stood on her porch watching her husband drive up the driveway on what she considered a death machine. For him the motorcycle was the freedom he was always wanted one, and now after a year of saving he finale got one. She took in a deep breath as dread filled her while steeping off the porch slowly, putting on a cheerful smile. She had to admit the machine was a ... Read More...

My entry
I apologize for being so late. I had become preoccupied. Since the night is nearly over, I figured I'd at least post something, so here goes:

Just Fuck Me

My attitude
...
Chelsea's Persuasion
This is the final part to Chelsea's Plea. I hope it goes over well.

Chelsea's Persuasion
by hanes_el...

Forever Halloween

 It had been years since Rhea had been trick or treating.  Her girlfriend had talked her into it.  They weren’t actually going for candy but thought that it would be fun to dress up and walk the streets on Halloween.  They were just a couple of country girls so they were going to go for the gothic look and freak their friends out.  &n... Read More...

Southern Comfort
By Badlybent

The construction site was hot and dusty so I stopped by the Brass Tap for a draft to wash away the grit and have a monster grease-burger with the accompanying truck load of fries to refuel.

The Tap is a Honky-Tonk or a Roadhouse depending on what part of the south you’re from. It’s just far enough out
...


In the mid-seventies I was an airline stewardess (back when that was the accepted term) on international flights, stationed in Chicago. Like most of the girls I was never in one place long, so we shared a top-of-the-line condo. There were five of us girls full time and four part time, which meant they only paid when they spent the night. Barbara Ann was one of thos... Read More...

Winner of the 100 Words or Less Story Contest
One hundred words in 15 minutes. By the way, Bent, most sites call this sort of thing flash fiction.

Even while my clothes were being torn away from m... Read More...

Waking up in bed, the first thing I notice is that I am very wet. Did I pee myself out in my sleep? I reach down and touch the sheets under my naked butt, but no, just a tiny spot of wetness… 

My hand goes up to my pussy. Jeez – soaking wet! And not only wet as in horny, I must have had a "wet dream", because this is cum juice – no doubt about that. ... Read More...

Coffee to the Woods
Author’s note: It’s taken a while to get a working idea, but this is what I came up with. You better enjoy it.

It was a stroke of unfathomable luck; how this entire situation occurred. Lying here, think... Read More...

Forum Contest Winner ---Chapter 1 for the rest of the Chapters go to  http://www.sexstoriespost.com/forums/showthread.php?p=130949#post130949


A New Beginning
In...
Time and Tide _chapter 1
...
Let me tell you about this strapping young lad who has just turned 21. His name being Alex Jones and as I just mentioned he has just turned 21. Mr Jones has been attending Marquette University in Milwaukee Wisconsin since he turned 19 two years ago. He wanted to celebrate this coming of age with a little bit of bar hopping with few friends like most 21 year-old Wisconsin residents. Although he w Read More...

Sister / Daughter
Brother -

Mom was away for the night.

His eyes were shivering in fear, or was it anticipation.  He was nervous and for whatever reason, I had little care.  He was a boy, a thirteen year old boy.  You can’t break one of those.

It was dark in his bedroom.  I was sure it was warm but my skin still ... Read More...

Here it is chapter 6, just 2 more chapters to go after this in this little tale and I promise you do not want to miss the next two chapters. In fact I consider this more of a prelude to the final 2. Enjoy!

Chapter 6
Family Values
 Early in the morning the next day I heard mom rattling her keys, I groggily opened and sat up on the couch I was sleeping on.... Read More...

Chapter 5
Grandma Carol

I was the first to notice because they were lost in the passion but they soon were made very aware as dad lets loose a scream of all our names followed by several curses and obvious questions.

“TRACY! What the HELL are you doing?!” Mom looked up and the color drained from her face as she saw Robert Sr.
“Robert….I &hell...

Chapter 4
Paint, Pussy and family fun 

 We had been painting for hours now it was bit after eleven in the morning and the sun was shining brightly through the large living room window making it feel that much hotter in the already sweltering room.
“Goddamnit! I can’t do this much longer, it’s too hot in here.”
“Woohhhhh, you go...

Chapter 3
Old Habits, New Memories
 Early the next day as Jenn and I were taking our routine shower together I was lost in thought as the hot water ran down our naked bodies. Jenn wrapped her arms around me which brought me back to reality.
“Still thinking about what’s in those bags huh Robbie boy?”
“Huh yea I

...

Well I have always wanted to try my hand at writing erotic stories cause they are always baking in the back of my head all the time. So here is one of my first erotic stories I seriously worked on. Its a incest story I came up with. Hope you all like it.


Mom’s Secret Legacy

Chapter 1

Oh my god, she was so hot and tight. Jennifer was mo... Read More...

going hunting with dad....April 2007 Story of the Month
Jenny was totally upset with her father, this was his weekend to have her and she as being dragged along on a hunting trip. There were 5 men and Jenny. The only thing Jenny
...

March 2007 Story of the Month--Kalla Chapters. 1

...
This happened early on in our marriage and it has led up to many fucking's for my wife including anything from threesome's to all out gangbangs. Joy enjoys it all and I am so happy to have such a slut for a wife.

One December my wife went to an office Christmas party, where she works. It was for employees only so I was not invited. I told my wife Joy, that
...
Discovering Cousin Ashley Parts 1-2...April 2007 Story of the Month
Breathing hard, I gulped and grabbed the slick metal bars just before me and tugged myself upward. Aunt Sylvia was saying something to Uncle Jim back there as I dragged my wet body out of the... Read More...