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My morning "taking pictures" with another bisexual guy

subcalman on Bisexual Stories

This happened a couple of years ago, but worth repeating:
I am 65 bisexual and have wanted to get some pictures taken with my new motorcycle with me nude and wearing some of my leather. I did it myself in my garage several years ago with my previous bike and liked the results, but since my wife and I both retired, I don't have the quality alone time do take the pictures myself.
So, I placed an ad on craigslist in the m4m section, saying I needed someone with a private location to take the pictures and if something happened afterwards, so be it.
I got a response immediately from a younger guy, real buff, and tattoos and the whole nine yards, he is only 37.
I showed up and pulled into his garage, he greeted me naked from the waist down with his 7.5 cock sticking straight out.
We decid

Uncle T

1naughtynephew69 on Bisexual Stories

This is my first time writing. Let me know what you think. If you like I will write part 2... Thanks guys

So lets start off the story with a little bit about myself. My name is Jason and I am 13 years old. I stand about 5'9 and weight about 150. I don't have a six pack by any means but a pretty nice smooth body. I matured pretty early. So have a nice 7 inch cut cock. I have dark hair and piercing light eyes with dark eye lashes. I get lots of compliments on them! Well not only did my body mature early but so did my mind. Many people thought I was older. Well one summer day I was hanging out by the pool when I got called in by my mother. She said my Aunt and Uncle called and needed a babysitter and was wondering if I was interested. They had 2 younger kids, and I got a long pretty wel

What are friends for?

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Everything I've described in this story up until the main character is actually caught, happened. From there, I let my imagination run away with me a little...


The young woman and her friend had been up most of the night talking. Unsatisfied with her husband sexually, she and her friend were having the age old conversation they'd always had about what to do about it. They were having a sleep over, and she was laying in her friend's bed, facing her. They were whispering so as not to wake the others, and their faces were incredibly close.

At the end of their conversation, nothing really resolved, and the young woman feeling just as disappointed and frustrated as ever, the two women get even closer and hug. The young woman buries her face in her friend's chest, as her friend

Life Is Good

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Life Is Good - Chapter 01 - The Capri Theater

feedback greatly appreciated -


Me - Randy
Best friend - Ken
Capri Theater manager - Mr Roache (& wife)
Family priest - Father Michael
Next door neighbor Mr Martin (& wife)
Mom's divorced friend - Dorothy
Ken's sister - Shirley
Mr & Mrs Cameron (Mr & Mrs C) - First apt landlords
Steve - High School football player
Pool Party friends - Me, Ken, Steve and Paul
Andrea, Monica, Beverly, Anne and Shirley
Vick Vapor - Lido Manager
Melissa - Blonde, SheMale, new manager of The Capri
Jerry - local cop at the Capri
Silas - old fart projectionist (seen and done it all)
Don - Cashier/Snack Bar Attendant (probably BI)

First story, poorly written (I do get better!), and way too long, but

Oh To Be Young Again

NDBareBear on Bisexual Stories

Oh To Be Young Again

Randy Rapter (Mr Richard & Mrs Bridget Rapter)
Troy - 16yo at vacant lot in my gym class
Todd - Troy's dad
Jerry - Vacant lot old guy - first bj
Jack - his friend that wants to fuck
Monica - Randy's girl friend
Nancy - Monica's mom

feedback greatly appreciated -

Chapter 1 - My First Blowjob

Why was being naked such a big part of my life? It seems like everywhere I
went I was checking out opportunities to be naked. And, believe me I found
plenty. One of my first, and best, was riding my bike down to the lake. There
was a vacant lot on a hill before you got to the lake, and I saw where cars had
been turning in and driving along the edge of the trees. I didn't see any cars
so I pushed my bike i

Natasha the Shemale (FIXED)

anonymous on Bisexual Stories

Sorry about the mis-post. here is the fixed version. Hope you enjoy.

Her skin was a smooth caramel color, soft and unbroken except by the occasional brown spot. Her curvy waist blended seamlessly with her crotch, no tan line of any kind was visible except on close inspection. Her erect penis was a meaty seven inches ending in a red-peach color head, pushing through her cute foreskin. It was fa

Natasha the Shemale **(FIXED)**

Asterisk on Bisexual Stories

Sorry about the mis-posts. here is the fixed version. Hope you enjoy.

Her skin was a smooth caramel color, soft and unbroken except by the occasional brown spot. Her curvy waist blended seamlessly with her crotch, no tan line of any kind was visible except on close inspection. Her erect penis was a meaty seven inches ending in a red-peach color head, pushing through her cute foreskin. It was

First Opportunity - Part 1 (Almost Happened)

warmingup on Bisexual Stories

I'm 39, he's 55. I've been dreaming for years of sucking my first cock. This morning "almost" happened. This is how we wanted it to go down. I'll post the real life story afterward but thought this was a great start. If you have ideas on making it better please let me know as I may include them as well.
I go over to his house and we exchange the basic pleasantries and knowing that

The Truck

warmingup on Bisexual Stories

For the past week I've emailed, chatted and exchanged pics with a new friend that I found on the Internet. After figuring out that we both were ready to try our first bi experience with each other I started out driving to the neighboring town after scheduling a park and play. He was already there when I arrived and got into my truck. We were using my truck as I had intentionally purchased it with

KOODHI NAASAM - PART 1 (Final Update 2, Part 2 shall continue later)

koodhi55 on Bisexual Stories

Part 1 - அவன் அவளது வழவழத்த இடுப்பை கைகளால் பிடித்து, தடவி தன பக்கம் இழு&

nude beach suck

tennisplayer on Bisexual Stories

Im a divorced 35 year old living in california. I like being naked especially when I can be seen or might be seen. I go to nude beaches and resorts when I get the chance. Sometimes I find secluded areas like wooded areas to tan nude. I enjoy it even if Im alone. I relax in the sun for a while and then jack off before I head home.

I had never done anything with a guy as yet. More and m

More with my new friends..

blueshark on Bisexual Stories

My head was full of mixed messages as Randy continued to give my cock as much pleasure as it had ever felt. Kathy ran her hands through my hair and asked me, "Do you like his mouth? Isin't he a bad little boy?" I did like his mouth and he was a bad little boy, but what did that make me? Was I bisexual, I guess the rest of the night might tell me that. I continued to suck Kathy's swolen pussy and tried to put the conversation out of my head. As my tongue pressed into her soft meat, I could feel the wet trickle of her juices begin to flow. Her muscles were contracting and her moans turned into squeaks and squeals. She was going to cum on my face and I could feel it was going to be hard. Her thighs gripped my head so tightly that I could not hear what I was being asked by Randy so I
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nodded and did my best to say yes. When she shifted her body so I had full access to her puffy clitty, she noticed my nodding and told Randy to go ahead. My breath came back to me as her body moved and her pussy lifted from my mouth. I concentrated my tongue on her clit and felt her hands grip mine with such passion. Our fingers were locked together as her pussy spasmed under the pressure of my tongue on her clit. I parted my lips and began to suck her to orgasm when I felt my leg being lifted straight up into the air. The timing was perfect for Randy as I wasn't about to move or object. I was bringing his wife off with my tonge which was a total turn on to me and I wasn't about to move yet. His head nuzzled my groin as his strong hands gripped my calf and pushed harder towards the sky. I felt his firm lips kiss my thigh which was a new experience for me. I had been given head before, but never by someone that liked doing it so much. He kissed back and forth from the inside of my muscular thigh to my puffy sack, lingering soft licks on my flesh. I felt his tongue caress the base of my sack and slowly slide lower. I think I tensed up because I heard him say, "Relax, you are fine." I lapped up the remainder of her pussy juices as Kathy slowly slid off of my face. As she moved beside me to gain access to the both of us, I could see Randy's head in my groin for the first time, and I didn't freak out. In fact it felt quite natural. Kathy leaned in and kissed me deeply, tasting her juices and caressing my nipples. She kissed my neck and kissed down my body. I felt her wet mouth on my nipples as her hands explored my hot flesh. Randy explored further until his tongue found my virgin ass hole. When Kathy pulled Randy's head up to kiss him, I felt a twinge of dissapointment. His tongue felt so good reaming my ass. They kissed and stroked my hard cock in rhythm. When the kiss broke, their heads both returned to my body. Randy now pushed both of my legs apart and began to probe my body with his tongue. Kathy took the head of my cock into her mouth and began to suck with a purpose. Their instincts were correct, I wanted to cum. They proceeded to work my body and I was in heaven. The attention, wetness and passion drove me over the top and I came hard into the back of Kathy's throat. Randy had a difficult time removing his tongue from my now open ass hole but with some urging from Kathy, he came up for air. They kissed over my now spent member and commented on how sweet I tasted. After some giggles and some fresh drinks, it appeard we were on for more. Kathy on her knees, pulled me behind her and pulled Randy to her mouth. God they loved to kiss. She caressed my ass while I kissed the back of her neck and around her ears. Randy's tongue was deep in her mouth as her hand brough his hard on to full strength. She broke their kiss and told him, "Your turn my love." Kathy guided me to her side as she lay on her back near the edge of the bed. Telling Randy how she wanted him deep, she slid her ass to the edge and put her feet on each side of her now spread body. She took me by the arm and led me to her hard nipples as Randy pushed her slippery pussy apart with the head of his cock. He slowly slid inside her and she purred like a kitten. Pulling my head against her breast, I could feel her hips attempt to meet him thrust for thrust. She began talking to us and directing our moves. "Bite my nipple.....bit it hard. Fuck me Randy.... harder, Yes YES! Rub my clitty Mitch. Yes there....." Randy was fucking her but I was bring her to orgasm again. I was kissing her neck, sucking her tits and biting her nipples, rubbing her clit. She was sweatting and writhing and loving it. "Suck his nipples Mitch, I want to see. Slow down Randy he is into it." Randy slowed his thrusts and buried his cock deep into her as my mouth touched a man's nipple for the first time. It felt like tasting a small breasted woman. Randy didn't have a hairy chest like I do and I was surprised how much like a woman's body his felt. I began to squeeze his body and pull him by his back to my mouth. "Yeah baby, work him down", was the comment from Kathy. My mouth began to work down his musclar body with kisses towards his stomach. I could see out of the corner of my eye, his cock pumping in and out of a very wet pussy. What a turn on, then thoughs came back to my head.... Did I like the sight of his cock or her pussy or both. With my mouth inches from his cock, how far would I take this and on and on the thought ran. Following my instincts, I planted my mouth on her clit again. Randy's cock was again pounding full in and fulll out of her as his six pack stomach brushed my face with each stroke. They both were moaning gutteral sounds and the three of us were moving like a finely tuned flesh machine. I ventured towards her pussy lips and 'accidentally' found the soft skin of Randy's shaft. I placed my tongue exactly at the spot where Randy's cock met her pussy. Randy noticed and held my head in the spot. He continued to fuck her while I began to tongue them both. Kathy's hand found my cock and began to stroke me. Randy pulled fully out and pushed right back in to her, brushing the head of his cock against my tongue. He pulled out and in and with each stroke my tongue found his purple head. I was in forbidden territory and loving every second of it. With a bold choice, I blocked the enterance of her pussy with my mouth and took his cock into it. I sucked him for a second or two and moved so he could fuck her to orgasm. I had crossed the line. I had sucked a dick and didn't find it repulsive. What would I become? Only time would tell . We continued to pleasure each other for a couple more hours and then fell asleep. I woke in a sticky daze and tried to gather my thoughts. I was torn, feeling dirty but satisfied. I kissed Randy on the forhead, and Kathy on the lips. I was proud that I was still mostly straight. I grabed my clothes and got the hell out of there. The drive home was around sunrise and I knew the new day would bring a new me. I mused on the question if I would like the new me. And I hoped the next few days would show me that I still had my new friends.

My First Bi experience (the long awaited part3)

VampirePrince on Bisexual Stories

Part 3.

I arrived at Mick’s as arranged at 7.30pm, I thought he was out, the house was in darkness, my heart sunk, my cock was ready to explode, my mind was swimming with all the thoughts as to what we would get up to, maybe he had to go out for his dad…

I knocked at the door and waited, Mick said “who is it” I said its me, so he opened the door and let me in, he was stood there completely naked, his cock pointing skyward.
As soon as I was in t
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he door he started ripping my clothes off, within seconds I was naked, he knelt down in front of me and licked my cock all over, his tongue was so wet my cock was dripping, as I looked down he was looking up at me with the tip of my cock at his closed lips, he took hold of my hips and slowly slid my cock all the way down his throat until my balls where touching his chin, fuck it felt awesome!, he held it there, then pulled back slightly and then rammed it back in, the end of my cock didn’t leave his throat, he fucked it back and forth with his throat, just as I thought I was going to explode he pulled it out and gasped for air, he told me to bring my clothes and follow him to his room.
I picked them up and quickly followed him, my rock hard cock bouncing as I walked up stairs.
As soon as we got in his room he knelt down again and took me in his mouth, fuck he was some cock sucker, he sucked and licked my cock for about 20 mins, every time I was about to cum he would stop and squeeze my cock, my head was swimming, I felt so horny, I needed to cum so bad I would have done anything.
Then he squeezed my dick really hard and wanked it so slowly, teasing me again, he said I bet you would like to spunk all over me, Ho god yes, I needed it so bad, he said he wanted to tie me up and spunk all over me first, just the vision of that was so hot, I wanted to get so dirty, I would have agreed to anything, Yes I said, tie me up and use me, he led me into his dads room by my cock, I said is it safe, and he assured me his dad wont be home till after 2am.
He pushed me on the bed and went for some rope; I laid there with my cock stood straight up, imagining what he was going to do to me.

He came back and secured my arms and legs to the corners of the bed, then he swallowed my cock, fucking it hard with his throat, I couldn’t stand it any longer and as I exploded in his mouth he pulled my cock out and I shot my cum all over my belly.
He immediately massaged all my cum into my cock and balls, it felt fantastic.
He kept squeezing my cock so hard, it didn’t go soft, he wanked and sucked the cum on my dick, then he said, its my turn, he said he was going to fuck my mouth, he straddled my face and teased me with the tip of his cock, I wanted it in my mouth so bad, he kept pulling it back, finally he slipped it between my hot wet lips and slid it all the way in and down my throat, he paused a second, then pulled it out and slid it back down my throat, he continued fucking my mouth for what seemed like ages, then his breathing quickened, he started banging his cock in my mouth, is balls slapping my chin, just as he was about to cum he pulled out and shot is hot cum all over my face and in my mouth, I was covered with is spunk, all over my face, dribbling down my chin, it was fantastic, I laid there covered in spunk, my cock was still hard  and Mick laid between my legs and licked my cock, I was so horny, he put my knob end in his mouth and sucked hard, moving his head up and down, I was so close to Cumming again, then he got up and disappeared, I wondered where he had gone, he returned with a pair of his 12yr old sisters knickers.

He put them to my face and said smell Lucy’s sweet pussy, I could smell the sweet musky smell, it drove me wild, he left the knickers on my face and returned to sucking me, I didn’t last long, I spunked everywhere, my cock and balls where covered in spunk, Mick took Lucy’s knickers and whipped my cock with them, they where full of my sticky cum.

Mick laid his head on my tummy and slowly wanked my soft cock, I was exusted, I drifted off to sleep.

I don’t know how long I was asleep, but when I awake I got the shock of my life!

Standing there with an angry look on his face was Mick’s dad.
Mick was no where to be seen, I just died a million deaths, there I was laid on his bed, tied up, spunk all over my face, neck, chest, and cock, his daughters spunk stained knickers on my cock, I couldn’t talk my way out of this one.

He just stood there, “What the fuck is going on” he said, I said I’m sorry Mr Williams, me and Mick must have got drunk; it was all I could think of.
Got fucking drunk, what on, spunk you dirty bastards, he said.
I started crying, my life was over, if he told my parents how would I ever be able to look them in the eye.
Then he started taking photos with a Polaroid camera, the thought of my parents seeing them was catastrophic. I tried in vain to get loos, he just kept taking photos, getting close ups of my spunk covered face and cock, I pleaded with him to stop and let me go, please don’t tell my parents, Ill do anything! I have £300 in my bank account, Ill give you that, I said, but he just kept clicking away..

When he had run out of film, he put the camera down and said, well my lad, we can do this two ways. We can call your parents and show them the evidence, please no, I said, Ill do anything, don’t call my parents.
Well, the other option is you can become my personal little cock sucker, I was shocked, I had no idea, but anything was better than my parents finding out.
Yes I said, Ill suck your cock Mr Williams, ho you will have to do better than that, you will do exactly what I say when I say it, if I want pleasure I expect you to be there and ready for whatever I want, Ill keep these photos in my safe just in case you change your mind, I wont, Ill do whatever you want, just please don’t let anyone see the photos.
With that, he went to the small safe in his wardrobe, unlocked it and put the photos in. The sound of it banging closed was like my fate being sealed.

Right then, let’s have some fun he said, he untied my hands and feet, I was so relieved to be free, can I take a shower Mr Williams? No you can’t, he said, I want my little cum slut covered in cum.
Now come here and take my trousers off, I went over to him and un-buttoned his trousers, they fell to the ground, I knelt down and took hold of his briefs, I could see his cock straining inside, as I slid them down his cock sprung free, it was massive, about 7 inches, he stepped out of is clothes and moved right up close to me, his cock was touching my face, he took hold of my head, now take it down your throat boy, he said.
I took hold of it and slid it into my mouth, as I took it right to the back of my throat and stopped, he forced my head right down onto it, I choked and gagged, you will have to do better than that he said.
He started sliding it in, back and forth, going a little deeper each time, I relaxed my throat, he rammed his cock all the way in, it filled my throat, then he pulled out, That’s better he said, all the time I was sucking hard.
He would slide it in 3 or 4 times, then right down my throat, then he would push it down my throat ever other time, until he was sliding it right down my throat every time, he now had hold of my head firmly and was fucking my throat, every thrust went all the way down.
He fucked my throat for what seemed like hours, fucking me slow and hard, then every so often he would slow right down and just slide the tip in and out, then he would start again.
Then he started fucking me harder and faster, he had his hands at the back of my head and rammed it in so hard, it seemed to go even deeper, then his legs started shaking, he slowed is thrusts, and as he rammed it in the final time, he held it there as he exploded down my throat, I could feel his cock pumping gush after gush of hot spunk down my throat, just as I thought I would pass out, he pulled me off his cock, as his cock came out of my throat it brought with it what seemed like gallons of spunk, I tried to swallow it all, but it run from the corners of my mouth and dripped on to my own hard cock.

Fuck I enjoyed that he said, not bad for a first attempt, you will make a good little cock sucker.

Lay on the bed he said, its time to show you what real pleasure is.
I did as I was told and he came over and started licking my cock, his tongue was so hot, he was an expert, he licked up and down my shaft making my cock twitch, then he would lick it right to top and just take the head of my cock into his mouth and suck hard, it was amazing, then he gripped my hips and took me in his mouth, all the time he was sucking me his tong was swirling round the head of my cock, it was heaven.
Every time I was about to cum he would slow right down and just lick the head, then he would start again, my cock was so fucking hard, it had never been so hard, I ached to cum.
Finally after about 45 minutes (and I mean 45 minutes) he took the head of my cock down his throat and kept it there, just moving his head up and down, my cock never leaving his throat, I couldn’t take it any longer my whole body was shaking, I exploded down his throat, my hips bucking in spasms as I shot load after load of spunk down his eager throat.
As my orgasm subsided I lay there totally spent, it was the best orgasm of my life, but I was fucked, my whole body felt like jelly.
He lit us both a cigarette and lay at side of me on his bed.
Did you enjoy that he said, it was fantastic I said.
Then he said, I meant what I said earlier, I expect you to do what ever I tell you, and if you tell anyone about this, Ill send your parents the photos and Ill send some round school so they all know what a good little cock sucker you are.
Please no, I said, I will do as I’m told, and no one will ever know.
Good lad he said.

Now I few ground rules he said, when ever you’re here, if Lucy is out I expect you and Mick to be totally naked, you will help Mick with his chores, that way you are both done sooner so we have more time for fun.
When Lucy is home, you will behave as normal, but you will still help Mick with his chores. I agreed of course.
You best get off to bed, its 5am, in the morning I want you and Mick to make me breakfast in bed, served naked, Lucy wont be home till tea time, she is staying at her friends, but lock the front door just to be safe he said.

Well, there it his! That’s why Mick was so good, he had been taught by a professional, his dad.

As usual your comments and feedback are welcome, if enough people are interested Ill tell you what happened the following morning.

bi-sexual Husband & wife part 2

Anne48 on Bisexual Stories

I learned John has always fantasized being with another man, however I knew very little of this, with my sticking a finger up his ass about as close as he have got. John is 6’ 3”. I am Cheryl and 5’ 3” with firm boobs. One day we got home from work and had eaten dinner before settling in front of TV.

I changed into my mini skirt that hardly covers my ass and a tight fitting top that with no bra John could see the outline of my hot nipples. The doorbell rang. I jumped to answer the door. It was a student, Brent from school who I had invited to lend him a book, or so I told John. Brent is shorter than John, around 6’ tall. John has heard stories about how Brent, who is 17 years old, is sexy looking and has a way with the ladies.

John c
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ould tell Brent was excited to see my nipples protruding from my top. Just as we were starting to talk John’s phone rang and he was called away. It was a job so he left Brent and me in the house. He was return in an hour. It was annoying being on call but an hour’s work was too good to turn down. He knew I appreciated the money. When John returned all was quiet, with the living room empty. I appeared behind him, now in a pink sexy shirt.

I had a reward for John. He thought Brent must have his book and left. I led him to the bedroom. I asked. “How much do you want a blow job John? John will you please me first?” He smiled as I kissed him passionately on the lips, before putting my finger on his mouth and opening the bedroom door. He wasn't expecting what came next! On our bed was young Brent, handcuffed, blindfolded with an erection that had to be at least 7" long. I found out John wanted to masturbate him for me. I didn’t know he fantasized sex with a guy.

I looked at Brent, smiled and said, “You have waited patiently, now for the blow-job I promised you.” Brent's prick bounced in anticipation. His prick glistened with pre-cum. I said, “You said you’d do anything, go-ahead John please me to earn your reward.” With this I took John’s hand and placed it on Brent’s prick, and started to slowly move it up and down his hard young prick, now pointing straight upwards.

After 30 seconds or so I left John masturbating Brent’s prick and put my hands on the back on John’s neck and pushed him down towards his erect young prick. I sucked John’s prick into my mouth, with the taste of his pre-cum spreading around my mouth. I often had John taste his pre-cum by licking the tip of his prick and then sticking my tongue into his mouth.

He sometimes tasted it after a blowjob or sucked it out of my cunt. John has never tasted another man’s sperm. I liked it. I didn’t have to force John to suck Brent’s prick. I sat next to the bed, smiling at John as he sucked this young prick. John’s prick stiffened in his pants.

My robe was parted and I had 2 fingers inside my cunt as John licked up and down Brent's young erect prick. John obviously enjoyed the taste of Brent’s prick. His hips rose as he thrust his prick into John’s mouth. I knew he was close to ejaculating. John took Brent’s prick out of his mouth and went down to his balls, taking each one into his mouth and sucking his testicles that is one of my favorites things to do to John. Brent moaned, his pleasure mounting. John got both balls into his mouth, which I could see tightening. I had my dildo out plunging in into my cunt. I tried to be as quiet as possible, biting my lip to stop the moans. This was too much for John. He took Brent's prick back into his mouth and sucked harder.

John seemed to enjoy the taste of pre-cum from Brent’s prick. I want John to taste Brent’s sperm. John sucked Brent’s young prick back into his mouth. Suddenly Brent’s hips rose. He moaned and ejaculated in John’s mouth. His sperm hit the back of John’s throat and kept spewing as he tried to swallow all he could of Brent’s hot sperm. Sperm started to overflow and flow down his prick and Johns chin, there was no way he could swallow this torrent of warm sperm.

John took Brent’s prick out of his mouth and started to clean his soft prick. I had an intense orgasm, silencing myself on a cushion as my body quivered. My toy penetrated my cunt. With Brent's prick now limp, I stood and motioned for John to wait in the other bedroom. I got rid of Brent so John could get his reward. John left the room, catching a last glimpse of Brent's young prick.

John had his prick hard for my return to fulfill my duty. I returned, minus the robe, and gave John my best blowjob ever. I milked his prick dry. As John drifted off, I whispered in his ear, “Next time Brent will want sex with you. Will you please me John?”

We kissed tasting John’s sperm. We couldn’t wait for Brent’s return. My surprise making John blow my student, I decided it was time John slept with a man. I’ve often thought about this. I never imagined I’d be the one to encourage him. I love seeing John suck Brent's young prick and sperm. I had huge orgasms thinking about John sucking another man’s prick, drinking his sperm and loving it. We talked about John getting fucked by Brent.

We couldn't see this happening so I made excuses to Brent and he didn't return, or he wouldn't until John wanted to suck his prick again! We searched online and found Brad, who was 5’ 8” and 17 years old, although his prick is not as big as Brent's, but at 51/2” it wasn't too small either.

We agreed to meet Thursday, and being Tuesday this didn't leave us time to prepare. I could tell by the look on John’s face I wouldn't get rest tonight! I took John to the bedroom and he stripped me, his prick starting to stiffen. I pushed him on the bed and told John to close his eyes while I changed. John didn't see why but he didn’t argue. He couldn’t wait to see what I planned for him to do with another boy.

I told him to keep his eyes closed. “Open your mouth John,” I ordered. When he opened his eyes and what a sight showed up for him! There were my exposed perfect pert breasts, completely naked on top of him with a strap-on around my waist, and the other end in his mouth. “You enjoyed sucking prick so much I thought I'd better get one for myself for you to suck,” I exclaimed as I thrust more of my prick into his mouth. This wasn't as big as Brent's prick. I took the prick out of his mouth and moved to his waist.

I sucked John’s prick. I slowly licked my way down him, drooling slightly. I moved my hand up and started rubbing his balls. Boy did this feel hot. He jerked but the pleasure of my mouth around his prick kept me hot. I felt him stiffen. Before John knew what was happening, my hips neared his. “Lets get you some practice for next week,” I instructed as I pushed the tip of my dildo into John’s asshole. It hurt and he yelled out for me to stop, but I was determined. “John get used to this because you will be fucked with a real prick later,” I screamed, and pushed my fake prick deep into his asshole.

The pain sub-sided as his prick grew harder. I felt me push into me. I took this as a sign and picked up the pace, ramming all 7” into John’s ass. After what felt like forever I pulled out, lifting John’s legs I entered him again. I had access to his prick. John supported me by massaging my breasts. I began masturbating him. Deeper and deeper I kept going, before I felt him stiffen and explode all over himself. The first spurt of sperm hit John in his face.

Streams of sperm covered him as I continued to fuck him. I pulled my fake prick out of him and started rubbing my fake prick all over him. I gathered John’s sperm on it before straddling his face and making him clean my toy. He sucked my toy clean, again having a prick and sperm in his mouth.

He held me. “Tomorrow,” I said, “will be for real.” Work passed quickly. When John got home I was already home, and had changed into my white robe.

The excitement on my face is clear. I bounced at the idea of seeing John fucked by another guy. He went to the bedroom and I followed him. As he entered the bedroom there was Brad, naked on our bed. “John I hope you don't mind but I arranged for Brad to come early so I could warm him up.” I took off my robe and revealed my cunt. I had been fucked and sperm dripped. I wasted no time undoing John’s pants releasing his prick.

Brad looked on in anticipation. John was erect in seconds, at which point I got up and took him to the bed, laying him down next to a naked young Brad. John’s hand reached over and rubbed his prick. It may have been shorter than Brent's but it was thicker and felt like a brick. It was so hard. Brad’s sucked my breast and I moaned, approaching an orgasm as my mind was in overtime. John moved to get a closer look at Brad's prick.

He took the tip into his mouth, tasting my juices on it. “That’s not what we are here for,” I said as I motioned for Brad to get into position.

John could feel Brad’s prick pushing in him. He pushed forward and John had his first prick inside him. His ass was stretched but my cunt distracted this pain. More of Brad's prick entered John before he felt the whole length of his prick in him. Then Brad started to pick up a rhythm and was fucking John’s ass. John’s prick bounced against the sheets as I moaned and released a torrent of my cum into his mouth. I begged for a prick to fill me. John moved me underneath him and put his prick into me, with Brad still fucking him from behind. It was difficult but we managed to get the hang of it.

All 3 of us were as one, Brad fucking John, John fucking me. The pleasure was immense and after no time at all I felt John ejaculating in me. He filled my cunt while I moaned harder than before, shaking in ecstasy. John and I finished, but Brad was still as hard as a rock in John’s ass.

Brad turned John over and lifted his legs, raising his ass for his pleasure, before moving me over John’s mouth. John sucked his sperm out of me. Brad continued to fuck John’s ass like a machine. I could feel John’s prick begin to stiffen again as sperm trickled out of my cunt into his mouth. Brad's motion changed. A torrent of sperm rushed up inside John, load after load of sperm filling his ass, as Brad slowed and collapsed on top of John.

Now it was John’s turn, so he rolled Brad onto his back and fucked him hard until he ejaculated into his young tight ass while I collapsed from exhaustion. I promised John that we would find other boys for us to have sex with. I will write about our adventures in another segment of our bi-sexual times.

Wife entroduces me to 1st MMF experiencee

JJhotwire on Bisexual Stories

This spring a buddy of mine and me planned to cruise up the coast to go ab diving for the weekend. We decided to head out Friday afternoon, camp on the beach that evening and dive early the next morning when the pacific would be a little calmer.  Although my wife is a certified diver, she normally only dives on our warm water vacations to Hawaii or the Caribbean.  She never expressed any interest in diving the cold waters of northern California.  But, this time she said she wanted to tag along, which was great.

We put in about noon that Friday and headed out of the harbor.  It was a beautiful, warm day.  However, as soon as we were out of the harbor we encountered three foot swells.  My boat’s a thirty-foot

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SeaRay with dual 350 Mercruisers, so that was not problem though.  As we cruised along at about 30 knots the bow would pitch up and over each swell and pound into the next wave.  I love that feeling. It’s what I imagine is like riding a bucking bronco.

My wife was standing next to me at the helm looking over the bow.  Greg was standing behind her trying to hold on as we pitched up and down through each set of waves.  “It’s just like fucking”, Greg yelled as we rocked through wave after wave.  I looked over at Greg.  Greg was behind my wife with his hands on either side of her holding on to the transom.  As we pitched into the next wave I noticed Greg pitch forward, his crotch thrusting against my wife’s ass, and then on the up-swell I noticed my wife pushing her ass back against him.  Wave after wave, as we pitched down into the tough, he would thrust into her.  And wave after wave, as we road up the crest, she would push her ass back against him.  This carried on for quite awhile until we rounded the head and pulled up onto the beach in the protected cove we were going to camp at that night.

After pitching all the gear out of the boat and setting up camp, Mary and I sat in the rear of boat with a couple of drinks.  Mary had shed her cover-up and looked hot sitting there in her bikini.  We started making out and my hands roamed all over her body.  I told her I had seen her and Greg carrying on on the boat ride over.  She turned beat red and pulled back, and looked dumbfounded about what to say.  I told her not to worry, that I thought it was erotic and that seeing her getting so horny turned me on too.

I pulled down her bikini top, exposing her big tits and started sucking on her stiffening nipples as she proceeded to tell me how fantastic it made her feel.  She said at first she was put off when she noticed that Greg was pressing himself up against her, but how strangely it started to make her horny as she noticed his cock getting harder.  “Soon” she said “I could feel his hard dick pressed up against my ass, and with each wave it felt like has was bending be over and ramming it into me.”  She went on to say it made it even more erotic that I was standing right next to her as our good friend dry humped her.  “It made me so fucking wet”, she said.

Sitting down next to Mary I pulled her on top of me.  We were kissing madly as I felt her reach into my shorts and pull out my stiffening cock.  She bent down and started teasing my nipples with her tongue and biting them until they were as hard as my cock.  Still stroking me she looked up at me and asked if it had really turned me on.  I told her it was the sexiest thing I had seen.

“You know”, she said pausing “your little threesome fantasy; does it have to be with two women, or would it also turn you on if it was with another man and me?”  I couldn’t believe what she just said.  She always went along with the idea of my threesome fantasy of her and another woman pleasuring me at the same time as a way of getting me off, but I could always tell she was just humoring me.  But, here she was asking if I would consider having a threesome with her and another man.  As I was thinking about what she was saying, she slid down my body until she was kneeling on the deck.  She pulled down my shorts and engulfed my cock with her mouth.  It was then that I noticed that Greg was standing there watching us.  I don’t know how long he had been watching, but I did notice his cock was already stiff as he watched Mary bobbing up and down on my cock.

It was turning me on having my wife kneeling in front of me sucking my dick and licking my balls as one of my best friends watched.  So, I decided to play along. “So you liked feeling Greg’s cock pressed up against your ass huh?  Is his cock pretty big?”  She responded with a muffled “a, huh.”  I noticed she was right as Greg now had his cock out and was stoking it as he continued to watch us.  “You like the idea of having two cocks to play with at the same time? How would like to be sucking on a nice big dick will being fucked from behind?”, I asked.  Again, she responded with a muffled “a, huh.”  So, I motioned to Greg to join us.

Greg now had his shorts off, knelt down behind Mary and again pressed himself against her ass.  She looked up at me with my cock still in her mouth with a surprised, but resigned look on her face.

Greg pulled down her bikini bottoms and she rose up to allow him to pull them off her. She then spread her legs a little to give him better access to her engorged pussy.  I watched as Greag stuck first one, then another and then a third finger into her cunt.  Each time she gave a muffled cry.  And when she couldn’t stand it any more she broke her mouth away from my cock and turned her head back to look at Greg.  “Oh please.  Aw, come on Greg.  Fuck me.  Please, fuck me.” She begged.  And with that, Greg thrust his hard cock into my wife’s pussy from behind and Mary let out a cry of pleasure as, for the first time since we were married, she accepted another man’s cock into her pussy.

Greg grabbed her hips and forced himself deep into her cunt.  In and out he thrust as Mary bucked against him.  It was very erotic seeing his hard cock sliding in and out of my wife.  Every time he pulled out, his dick was gleaming with more and more of Mary’s juices and she would let out a sigh of pleasure.  Soon, she was screaming as her first orgasm rocked her body, wave after wave until it subsided.  But, this sent Greg over the top, and as I watched, he thrust deep into her and held there.  His throbbing cock was buried deep in her pussy as he filled my wife with his cum.  This in turn set Mary off again as another orgasm racked her body.

As Greg’s cock pulsed in her pussy she violently grabbed my cock in her hands and sucked on it hard.  “That’s it.  Suck my cock, bitch.  Suck my cock while Greg fucks you. You little slut.” I yelled out as my own orgasm came over me and I filled her mouth with cum all the while looking directly into her eyes.

As soon as my cock stopped pulsating Mary let it slip from her mouth and turned and embraced Greg, kissing him passionately and then she collapsed back into my lap.  The three of us just lay there in a heap of tangled bodies for a while until Greg got up “to fix some more drinks” he said. But it was more to leave Mary and I alone for awhile to discuss what had just happened.

Mary was still excited, but a little apprehensive. “So?  I know it wasn’t exactly what you’ve fantasized about.  But, how was your first threesome?” she asked.  “It was, different” I replied hesitantly.  “But, you looked so fucking sexy. How about you?  Did you enjoy your first threesome?”.  “Hell, yes.  And I’m still excited.” she replied as she grabbed my head and pulled it to her breast.

As I licked and sucked her nipples she proceeded to relate to me how it felt when, while giving me head, Greg had come up behind her and rubbed his cock along her ass and pussy.  “At first I was scared.” she said “until I looked up at you and you just smiled at me encouragingly.”  Mary’s hands were holding my head against her breast, and with this confession she pressured me to go lower.  “But you know,” she said, “I don’t think this was Greg’s first threesome.  After Greg and I came, I was focused on you.  I wanted to make you cum in my mouth so bad.  I tried to catch all your cum in my mouth.  But, I didn’t swallow.  And when I turned around and kissed Greg I shared your cum with him.  He didn’t even hesitate when tasting your cum on my lips.  He just kissed me back – hard.  I think he liked the taste of your cum.  So how about you, do you like the taste of Greg’s come?”

It was then that I realized that Mary had pushed my head down to lick her freshly fucked pussy and that I was licking her cunt filled with Greg’s cum.  “That’s right, Jack.” Mary said sarcastically as she sensed I was coming to this realization. Holding my head firmly between her legs, she directed me, “Lick Greg’s cum from my pussy.”

I continued licking her from her ass to her clit as Greg’s cum seeped from her cunt.  “I knew you would like this.” She said.  ‘You always fantasize about going down on me, and licking me to another orgasm after we’ve fucked.  But, I always suspected that what really turned you on was the thought of licking my pussy full of cum.  So how do you like it now?  How do like the taste of your wife’s pussy filled with another man’s cum?”

Mary pushed me onto my back and lowered her pussy to my mouth.  Facing towards my feet she gripped my cock and was stroking it up and down.  “Come on Jack, lick it good.  Fuck me with your tongue.” She repeated as she continued to stroke my cock.

When we had changed positions, I noticed that Greg was again watching us.  “I bet Greg loves the taste of cock as much as I do, don’t you Greg?” she asked, pointing my cock at him.  Offering it to him.  As Greg knelt down next to us Mary released my cock and Greg took my dick in his hands and started stroking it.  “Come on Greg, suck Jack’s cock for me.  I want to see you take him in your mouth.  I know you want it.” I heard her say.  “Go on.”  Then I felt a warm, moist mouth envelop my cock and I realized that Greg, my best friend, was giving me head as Mary continued to ride my face through yet another orgasm.

“You know Jack, you also always fantasize about me slipping a finger up your ass while I suck you off, don’t you?”  Greg took the cue and I felt him probing my ass with his finger as he continued to lick my cock up and down.  I felt him slide his finger into me as his mouth again enveloped my cock.  It felt great.  Here I was lying on my back with my wife sitting on my face feeding me her cum filled pussy, and my best friend was sucking me off while playing with my ass.

“Oh, yea.  That’s right Greg.  Suck Jack’s cock.  You know you like it.  Suck my husbands big fat dick.”  Mary said continuing to urge him on.  “Do, you like that Jack?  You like having a finger up your ass while Greg sucks your cock.  Maybe you’d like to have something bigger up your ass, wouldn’t you.” Mary said, more statement than question.

So far Mary had been right.  I had often fantasized about licking her cunt full of my cum, and I did like it when she slid her finger up my ass while giving me head.  But, this was more than I had signed on for.  I never even thought of some guy fucking me.  But, I also didn’t put up any resistance as I felt Greg lift my legs up over my head and his dick sliding up and down the crack of my ass.  Mary, who still had me pinned down with her legs on either side of my head, grabbed a bottle of baby oil we kept in the boat for sun tanning and poured it all over my ass and Greg’s cock.  She then grabbed his cock and guided it into me as Greg thrust forward.  “Oh yea baby. Shove your cock up his ass and fuck him.  Fuck my husband.” Mary ordered Greg.

Mary then bent over and took my cock into her mouth while Greg held my legs up and slid his dick in and out of my ass.  Pounding away I could feel his balls slapping against me.  The sensation was so intense.  I was near cumming and as I was about to explode Greg grabbed my cock and started jacking me off with Mary’s face inches away urging him on. “Come on.  Cum baby.” she urged as Greg jerked me off into her face while riding my ass.  I let go with the most intense orgasm I had ever felt.  I shot load after load all over Mary’s face as she tried to catch some of my cum in her mouth, just as I felt Greg cumming.  His cock pulsed in my ass as he filled me with his cum.

I never dreamed my first threesome was going to be with another guy and my wife.  I always envisioned me being pleasured by my wife and one of HER friends.  But I have to admit; it was a real turn on to be taken by my wife and one of MY friends.

The Stall

brinorwood on Bisexual Stories

To start. I am a truck driver. Married and team with the wife.

We were hauling a load across country. It was around 2:00 am.

My eyes needed a break and so did my bladder. I pulled into a rest stop and parked. The wife was a sleep so I got out and went into the men’s room. Just as a started to piss someone else came in. He was a black man, about six feet tall and middle age. Guess he had to piss bad, because he had his dick out before he got to the stall.

Now like a lot of men. I had the normal jerk offs with buddies in my early teens, and even got drunk and let a friend suck me off, BUT consider myself straight.

I was about done myself, But could not seem to stop looking at this guys cock. It was at least 7 inches soft and as big around a

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s a 16 oz. drink bottle.

Guess I watched to long. With out a word he turned to me and started stroking his cock. All I could do was stare at it as it got even bigger.

I felt my cock start to grow all 6 inches of it. I never looked him in the face until he moaned. When I looked up, He smiled and said. Get into the stall. I don’t know what came over me. I ran into the stall, He came in and shut and locked the door. I watched as he took his pants off and stood with his cock sticking straight out at me. Then I did it, With out thinking I got on my knees and grabbed his cock. I felt his hands on my head as he pushed forward and my lips parted as if he had pushed a button to open them. I could not help myself, His pre cum soaked cock tasted great. He started slowly pumping my face like a cunt. I was taken it like a pro. He got most all his dick down my throat.

I could feel my dick leaking cum as well, so I started stroking it, as his black cock pounded my face.

Next thing I knew he pulled out. I was waiting to see cum shooting out towards my face and wanting it. Then he helped me stand and he removed my pants and started sucking me. This guy was great. It was all I could do not to cum. Then a felt him slid a finger between my ass cheeks and start working on pushing it in. He let go of my cock and told me to relax, As he tried to work it in. He told me to turn around so I stepped out of my pants and did as I was told. He placed a hand on my back and pushed me forward. I bent over grabbing to back of the toilet . I felt his tongue as he started eating my asshole. It felt great, I had never had this done before and now know why my wife likes it. After he lubed my ass I felt his finger slid in. It felt strange at first , But as he worked it faster and faster. I found myself pushing back with each stroke. I then felt his cock bump my ass cheek and knew what was coming next. I tried to tell him no, But I could not get the words out as I felt the head of his large cock push at my tight asshole. And with a painful pop I felt the head go in. And with a slow steady struck he sank it all in and stopped. It felt like minutes as he rubbed my as and moaned, Telling me he had never had anything as tight as my ass before and he may have to find him a male slut for keeps. I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I started rocking back and forth trying to kill the pain. This got him started as he began to pump slowly at first , Then started slamming my sore asshole for all he was worth. I couldn’t believe it, But It started feeling good, Hell feeling great. I started moaning as load as he was, Telling him to fuck me like a bitch. And he was glad to. Then it happened, My asshole tighten and I had a shock run all over me , And I knew I was Cumming, Not my cock , But my ass was Cuming, Guess he could tell, Because he moaned loudly and slammed me harder. Just as my orgasm was about over I felt him start to grab my ass harder and new he was about to cum. Fuck me, Fuck me, That’s all I could say. And with that, I felt him pull his cock out , He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me to the floor, I grabbed his cock and started stroking it as his cum shot like a canyon into my open month. I took his cock and sucked the anal Cum socked cock dry.

He got on his knees and sucked my cock, It didn’t take but a second and I shot my load deep down his throat. He got up dressed and left me and my well fucked ass in the floor. It took me an hour to clean up and get my legs back under me enough to walk back to my truck.. After telling the wife about this, She decided a needed to be her bitch as well. And ordered a strap on. It should be here this week..


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Weekend Experiments

bigjn on Bisexual Stories

I was 14 and summer was here, school had just let out and I decided to go camping with my two friends Jeff and Steve. Jeff was athletic and loved anything outdoors; Steve was the popular guy at school and in our little neighborhood. He had blonde hair, muscular body, and all the girls wanted him.

 The three of us would go camping all the time up at my family’s lake, which was on the backside of my grandpa’s tree farm. It usually took us a half hour to walk through the woods to the campsite, from my grandpa’s hou

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se. He would check in on us periodically to report back to our parent’s that everything was o.k. and we would have fun fishing and hiking around the lake just having fun.

 Well to keep it short, we were suppose to go camping for a week or so as soon as school let out, but Jeff’s older sister was getting married that weekend and couldn’t get free until that Monday. Steve and I decided we would go ahead on Saturday and setup camp, When Jeff got away he would just meet us there. Well everything went as planned Steve and I got there early Saturday morning and grandpa came along and helped us setup camp.

    After an hour of fishless fishing we got bored and decided to walk around the lake to a nearby cove where the hippies would swim nude. Last time we were there, two older ladies had been taking baths in the cove and we spied on them. Wasn’t much to see, but at 14 all naked woman were interesting. So we headed off through the dense path to the cove, not knowing what we were about to see would bring on things that neither one could ever imagine we were capable of doing.

    We quietly crept through the thick brush to our peeping area and caught site of some teenagers on the opposite side skinny dipping. Steve recognized one of them as his older brother’s friend Josh, he was about 19, tall and slim. They were all drinking and jumping off a large rock on the far side, as we watched, josh suddenly starting swimming to our side of the cove and from the brush next to us we heard footsteps approach. Steve just looked at me in horror as the footsteps got closer.

  He walked within inches to my right and jumped into the water with Josh. They started to kiss and Steve just laid there with this look of disbelief on his face.

  I didn’t know if we should leave or not, so I just waited for Steve to move. Instead of moving away he positioned himself a little closer to the edge so he could get a better look. I in my infinite curiosity followed right beside him.

    As we watched them kiss and fondle each other’s naked bodies I felt that familiar warm hard feeling in my shorts coming on. They kissed for a few then joshed propped the other boy onto a nearby rock and began to stroke his now erect penis. We were in awe and as still as the trees around us as we watched josh give this boy a blowjob no more than twenty feet from us. After several minutes of bobbing up and down on him the boy grabbed the back of josh’s head and pushed down hard as he moaned and sighed.

  Josh pulled up off him a few seconds later and I could smell something strange, but I knew that smell from when I masturbated. As we watched the other boy grabbed josh’s dick and started to stroke it, Josh pushed him away and the grabbed him by the waist. He turned him over to lay face down on the rock with his ass up in the air. We then saw him put two fingers in the boy’s ass and start to move them in and out slowly as the boy moaned again and lifted his butt to meet Josh’s fingers.

      I could not believe what I was seeing, why was he doing this. The blowjob I could understand, as I have gotten a couple from the girl down the street and it was mind boggling the way she could use her tongue. As I watched, he pulled out his fingers and spit into them then rubbed his dick with the spit and slowly pushed it into the boy’s ass. They laid on the rock perfectly still for a moment then josh began to move his body very gently pumping the firm ass beneath him. After several moans and deep thrusts josh rolled off and they changed positions. This went on for what seemed forever.

   After they left we got up slowly and walked back to our camp, not saying anything about what we had just seen.

Tash and I (part 1)

ash_dawson on Bisexual Stories

 Hi, my name is Ash, i am your typical 16 yr old teenager. i have dirty blonde hair, tan skin, slender body(like to keep fit) about 5"3, 34 C, shaven

Tash- slightly tanned(not as much as me) brunette, slim, 5"7, 36 D, shaven but with landing strip

it was a hot summers day, the sun was shining, the air was fresh and i was home alone! normally this wouldn't be the case. Being only 16 i would usually be surrounded by the annoyance of my parents. Lucky for me they had decided to go away for the weekend for some "us" time. Naturally as any teenager would do being home all by themselves i decided to invite some friends over just to relax and have some drinks. The only problem with this was that they weren't going to be here until tonight and i had still ha

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d a whole day to kill.

So i decided to kill sometime watching a little bit of tv. It was around 12:30 when my friend Tash called telling me all about just how horrible her parents were and that she is currently on her way to my house to cool off. By the time she had arrived the heat of the summer day was at its worst. lucky for us though my pool was only a couple of footsteps away. it didn't take long before we had stripped down to our swimmers and jumped in the pool. The sensation of the water hitting my body was amazing! After about 10 minutes of swimming around we both jumped out and took up positions on the sun lounges i had next to the pool. 

We had decided to lay their ad take in some rays. The lucky thing for me is that i tend not to burn but rather Tan very easily. Unfortunately for Tash this was not the case. After drying off Tash quickly jumped up and ran to get the sunscreen. upon return she started to apply the sunscreen to her body. insuring not to miss a bit. Tash had nearly managed to get the whole body but naturally couldN't get the back. She quickly asked for assistance which i accepted. Tash handed me the bottle of sunscreen but before turning around she asked if i could hang on a second. with that she quickly reached behind and undid her bikini top allowing her beautiful 36 Ds hang out. now this is not uncommon, Tash and i tend to change together all the time and have on occasions hooked up at parties hehe it drives the boys crazy and you can't match the beauty of a females kiss.

Anyway Tash lay down on the lounge while i lathered her back up. after finishing i decided what the hell and removed my top too allowing my not as big but very perky 34 C breasts to hang freely. The benefits of living in the Suburbs is you can be has private or as open as you like and it doesn't matter. Lucky for me my mother and father like their privacy which meant that on our rather large block we had numerous large pines to cover our backyard from prying eyes.

About an hour passed since the tops came off and very little conversation had arisen. it was about this time that Tash rolled over a decided to hype up the conversation. being as close as we were we were not scared of talking about anything. it also helped that we both were highly experienced when it came to the matter of sex and all things alike. we chatted for a bit before Tash brought up the conversation of masturbation and the vibrators that we had brought on one of our drunken travels home one night back from the city.(why does i alway seem that sex stores and alike always stick together in one area in the city?)

"Please tell me you have used it since we got them!" Tash exclaimed 

"yer i have once of twice, i like it but its not as good as the real thing!" truth be told the feeling of it on my clit compared to nothing else. IT WAS AMAZING!

"hehe yer i know but still i can't get over just how good it feels!"

The thing about Tash is she is not shy and will use anything of yours at a whim

"You better not go using mine tonight then you little whore you! hehe"

"Of course not....hehe" with that we decided to take one last swim and then head inside. We had decided to leave the tops behind as the heat in the air was still hot and but rather ice against the naked flesh

As the afternoon pressed on Tash and i decided to hit the drinks early. Being the trusted little girl i was daddy had brought us some alcohol. it wasn't uncommon, he knew that is we didn't get it from him we could easily get it from someone else. so as we walked around in our shorts with a drink in hand we decided its time to get ready. we both headed for the bathroom. i told Tash she could have the shower first. Quickly she obliged and jumped to it. she stripped down completely! This hit me, i just realized that out of all these years i still had not seen her completely nude. sure the occasional share of bathroom but she was always behind some distorted glass. However on this occasion she was in plain sight and behind a clear panel. (my old house had curtain her house has distorted glass) The beauty of her body was amazing. As i looked up and down her body i was amazed to see the small landing patch above her vagina. as the water trickled down her body i realized how much this turned me on. What the hell was happening! all of a sudden my concentration was broken my the sound of my cell. it was the friend telling me how they are going to be early! SHIT how was i going to get ready in time.

 Tash must have realized something was wrong when she called out questioningly. I quickly told her the situation to which she replied "don't stress quick jump in with me. without thinking twice i stripped and jumped in with her. Now all of a sudden we had gone from casually walking around topless to full on nudity in a shower! No one can deny that this was hot and thats just how i felt! The touch of her body every time we moved around sent a tingle down my body! I felt so confused and yet so turned on. 

Before anything could happen she turned the shower off and leaped out into my room yelling at me to hurry up now. As we got changed i noticed her pull out some very sexy lingerie and place it on underneath a rather short a seductress dress. I got rid of this though and quickly went back to drinking and getting ready. Once the girls arrived everyone else started coming. Yes i will admit it got a bit out of hand but the alcohol fueled night went along nicely.

Half way through i noticed Tash leave with some guy to the bedroom. Little whore was going to be getting some tonight. as i turned around i walked straight into some guy holding a beer. OW SHIT! just my luck now covered i beer. i ran off to go change before i started to smell even more. i made it halfway down the corridor to my room before i decided to pull the dress off taking my bra off to change as well. i knew as this was well away from anyone i had no chance of getting caught or so i thought. 

I barged into my bedroom and flicked on the lights closing the door behind me. To my surprise there was Tash and James going at it. i tried to get out without them noticing but to my horror didn't make it. Tash saw me topless and motioned for me to come over. Like a magnet i was drawn to her. I walked over while james continued to pound her vagina. this sight was amazing. her Pussy spread open with a big cock sliding in and out. i just could no resist. i walked up and in an second had locked lips with her. The moment was thrilling. Tash was getting fucked, moaning with pleasure and there was i passionately kissing her and this time not for show! needles to say my pussy started to grow wet has Tash started tweaking my nipples, sucking each one. a flood o pleasure released all over my body. James just accepted me and pulled me out of the grasp of Tash taking me to his mouth and rubbing my soaking shaven pussy through my panties. He quickly removed them a pulled me on top of his face. He quickly started sucking my pussy while flicking my clit. the pleasure was intense. their i was in a pyramid of sex. James lying down, me on his face and Tash on his cock bouncing away.

All i could feel was james' tounge going in and out and all over my pussy. I quickly took control of what i could and started grinding into his mouth increasing the pleasure. by now i noticed how close i was to Tash. I reached over and started making out with her. my hands exploring her body while our tongues locked together. My hand found the top of her pussy. I slowly reached down and started playing with her clit while she bounced on james! i continued this while my mouth made its way down her neck to her tits. sucking each one. i felt her body start to tense as i did this the bad started to curve. i could tell she was close. i quickened my tongue on her nipple and increased the pace on her clit. the feeling of being eaten out and making out with another female was to much i too was getting close. All of a sudden i felt her shudder and a wave of pleasure sweep down her! this was to much for me bring me to one of the most amazing orgasms ever! After 2 minutes of pleasure we both jumped off and decided to finish james off. we couldn't just leave him! 

We both went to work sharing his cock. One licking the tip while the other licking his shaft. He came rapidly gushing his cum into my mouth. I couldn't keep this load to myself i quickly pulled Tash over and pushed my tongue into her mouth sharing it between the both of us. after breaking the kiss we both swallowed. it took about another 15 minutes until we all got up and decided to join the party again. I couldn't stop thinking about Tash all night! The party quickly ended and all that was left was Tash and I. 

After cleaning up with a lot of sexual tension we decided to jump into the pool to cool off. We both stripped nude and jumped in with the intention of taking tonight's events to the next level! 


 stay tuned for part 2

 let me know what you think



My first cock

lpcrcf on Bisexual Stories

This is something that I keep very private and have never told anyone about.  I do have a girlfriend, and have always had good luck with the women, but growing up I knew I wanted something more.  The whole internet thing threw in lost of interesting things into my life.  Like ever boy growing up, I masterbated, and did everything I could do to get off.  Not sure where or when but one day I realized that i like to have something shoved in my ass.  So as anyone would do i looked around on the internet at porn, and the chat rooms. Looking at a guy doesn't turn me on at all, nothing about it but the thought of haveing something in my ass fucking does.  So one night it happened. I was in a u yahoo bi chat room and found someone that lived close to me, but far en
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ought that i wouldn't have to worry about him knowing me or me knowing him. As with most people this is something that i didn't want anyone to know about.  So we started chatting, and to come to find out he had his own place, and was free that night, and keep pushing me to meet him. I really wanted to but like always never would in fear of someone finding out, but this night i said to myself why the hell not just do it. So we set some rules while we where chatting. I told him that i didn't want to know him, i didn't want to be friends, i said heck i dont even wanna see you.  No kissing , no touchy feeling, that i just wanted to met him at his place with all the lights off, walk in strip down and get on all fours and get fucked by his cock.  He agreed to it, what guy wouldn't right?? Fucking is fucking right? thats all that he cared for.  So off i went to met him at a gas station where i would follow him to his place.  We pulled up, and i followed him in, neither of us saying a world, every light in the house was off...i followed him to the bed room, where he stared to take off his clothes, nevers and ready to back out, i keep telling myself to just do it, or i will never know what it is like. So shaking i took my clothes off. He had done this before and could tell that i was nervous, so he told me to lay down on the bed on my back and just play with myself some to get in the mood. Which he did the same, me i really wasn't into that which he also could tell, so he grabbed my cock and strated to stroke me, withing secounds i was shooting cum everywhere, and he just keeped stroking me and i just keep cumming, never have i cammed like that. Next thing i know he is sucking my cock, and im cumming even harder. After he sucks ever last drop of cum out of my cock, he tells me to lay on my side that it would be easy that way. So im laying on my side, He reaching for some lube, next thing without warning he shoves a finger in my tight nervous ass, it hurt as first but as he pulled his finger out it felt great, and then he thrust right back in with two fingers. Make n sure that he was filling my ass with lube. The whole time its dark in the room, i never do see or feel his cock so i have no idea how big it is. I hear him open up a condom and put it on, Next thing i feel the heat from his large cock head against my tight ass. He trys and trys his hardest to get his cock into me but he just cant. Im laying there thinking to myself what the fuck am i doing here..i will die if anyone every knew...then he gives up for a minute, and starts to stroke his cock to get it good and hard, next thing i feel his hard cock again, and he just places it at my tight ass and thrust in, he sinks all the way into me, as i moan in pain and pleasure. He just holds it there for a second and moans as he says thats the tights ass that i have ever been in. And starts to move his hips just the littles but it felt like he was really fucking me hard, He cock was big, just as big as mine, somewhere around 8 inches and very thick. Soon he is realy fucking me hard and fast, the whole time cum is just shooting out of my cock like a hose. As he is pounding me, his cock slibs out and slids up beteewn my legs, and slids up against  my cock, and that felt so great, i learned thats want really got me off, feeling a cock sliding in my ass, and then out of my ass, and then back in. He did that for awhile, and then i could tell he was getting close to cumming, so he grabbed my leg and pulled it up to my chest, and started fucking me like a dog, it hurt but felt better than anything i had every done, his cock got even bigger as he fucked me hard, and then he buried his cock deep in my ass , and blew a load of cum deep in me, pulling out, he just layed there, total done, as with me, but i felt really weird and just wanted to get the heck out of there, so i grabbed my clothes got dressed and said maybe i will catch u later on the internet, he said ok and then i left, i never did chat or see him again, but after that it just left me wanting more, and wishing that i had done more than just lay there and get fucked, something that would drive me crazy for years wanted to do more and try more, some that i have talked myself into doing more of, but not everything yet, still kinda worried of others finding out, so i always back out...but ones of these days ...who knows

Rockin and Bobbin With Robin Pt 3

D.O. Mann on Bisexual Stories

"Oh my god, you never told me it was this big," Robin giggled a moment later.

Todd was still breathing hard. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw he had his hand under Robin's sweater playing with her huge firm tits.

"Are you getting hard again buddy?" I asked him. I sure was. I was driving but had my dick out and was stroking it, remembering how good his warm mouth felt on it. I wanted him to suck me again and also wanted us both to fuck Robin.

"Oh man that was intense," he said. I saw Robin's head move into his lap for a moment and then she mounted him facing forward so I could reach back and feel her tits. They're big and round and firm and her nipples

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are about an inch long. They were rock hard.

"Oh yeah, oh fuck me oh fuck me..." she cried, bouncing on his lap. I knew she would cum right away. She always did, and then usually at least twice again but she just kept riding him and riding him and came a couple of times and then a couple more.

"Fuck my cock, mom!" He yelled, "Fuck it!"

She looked startled but then I knew she was gearing up for a big one. I had my hand on her tits when she came and he shot into her a moment later. Meantime I blew my load all over the seat and floor.

(More cumming)