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Dan's Sex Party 1

erotixwriter69 on Illustrated Stories

Dan's parties were notorious all over campus. Hot, naked people sucking and fucking wherever and whenever they wanted. I'd heard they were mostly a sausage fest, but that the girls that came were always down for anything. He was very selective about who he invited, so I was excited when I got the invite.

When I showed up at the door, a sign said "Please use back door." When I got to the backyard gate, I saw a note Dan had posted saying "Stop! You must get completely naked before entering this party! - Dan". I wasn't super keen on stripping naked outside the fence where neighbors could see, but I was not gonna miss this. He had bags nearby and a shed to put our clothes in. So I started to strip, slipping off my black zip-up, then sliding my jeans off. I knew this was coming so I went co

The End of a Long Hard Shift

xxxeccentric on Illustrated Stories

The End of a Long Hard Shift

This is a very short story. But it is a real story, YES, real story, that is to help you look at and understand the supplied two pictures.

M.M. was a graduate student in business administration at a midwest university. She was also an NCAA competitive swimmer. It was while competing that she was noticed by a local pimp from a special brothel. That brothel serviced local athletic teams - large guys with large cocks. The plan was that the guys could workout intensely on many pretty local white girls, without concern, and without condoms. She was paid well, and understood that her genitals would probably be eventually ripped to a new size...

M.M. had graduate degree costs, and thought the local brothel, with its specialized clientele, would be

Birthday Bedroom Orgy

storyxteller on Illustrated Stories

We married young. My wife, Bianca, had promised me a surprise for my twenty-fourth birthday. I had expected a surprise party, but there was nobody in the house when we got home from work. I had no idea what to expect, but I had a feeling that it was going to be a memorable night.


She looked absolutely beautiful that night, wearing her long straight black hair down, and in a sexy cocktail dress. Bianca and I met at the gym and we were both in great shape. She had large supple breasts and a flat stomach and thin waist that led down

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to a tight round ass.


As for me, I was in the best shape of my life. I’d finally achieved the six-pack I was after, and had the pecs and arms I’d worked so hard for. I wasn’t huge, but I was fit and defined. She had prepared an amazing dinner. After we ate, Bianca led me upstairs to the bedroom.


We sat down on the bed and started making out. As we kissed, she started unbuttoning my shirt. I stopped and looked over at the bedroom door.


“Did you hear something?” I asked.


She replied. “No. Relax. It’s your birthday.”


She started unbuttoning the rest of my shirt and pulled it out of my pants. She pulled it off me, firmly. She started kissing down my neck and shoulders, down to my chest, and nipples. I lay down on the bed, and she leaned over me, her long silky hair brushed against my naked torso.


She quickly unbuckled my belt and opened up my pants. I lifted my hips up as she yanked my pants and underwear down to my ankles. I quickly kicked them off and lay completely naked on the bed.


She stood up and slowly slipped out of her dress. As I suspected she wasn’t wearing any underwear. My cock was already semi-hard at the thought of what was going to happen next. Bianca leaned over and started licking the head of my growing dick.


“Yeah!” I heard a male voice howl in the doorway. I quickly turned to the door to see a group of naked people watching me. Beth and Julie, and Amy and Tom. Tom was already hard and stroking his dick. Amy’s hands were all over him.


“Happy birthday, Bobby!” Amy said.


Beth had long straight brown hair and piercing blue eyes. She could easily be a model or porn star, if she wanted to. Julie had long dirty blonde hair and pouty lips. Both women had perfect tits and hard nipples.


Bianca looked up from my penis and let the engorged head pop out of her mouth.

“Come on in, guys”, she said. She turned to me with a mischievous grin. “Happy Birthday, Honey.”


Tom and Amy stepped into the room and started making out, pressing their naked bodies against each other.


Beth and Julie came right up to the bed beside me as Bianca resumed sucking and licking my throbbing cock.


“Hey girls.” I said.


Julie leaned over and kissed me passionately. She smelled great.

“Hey Birthday Boy”, she said as she slipped down to her knees by the bed.


Beth ran her hands over my chest and nipples and up and down my abs, sending chills down my body. Beth leaned over and started licking and sucking on my nipples. I had no idea just how sensitive they were until she went at them with her tongue.


Bianca traded places with Julie, who started jerking me off hard, before going down on my stiff erection. “Aaaahhh…” I let out as she bobbed her head on my shaft. As I looked over, I saw Tom and Amy. They were watching. Amy was jerking Tom’s cock and they both had smiles on their faces. I smiled back, then closed my eyes and lay my head back.


The sucking stopped and I opened my eyes to see Beth take Julie’s place. Julie and Bianca both kneeled by the bed. Bianca kissed me and my neck and shoulders while Julie ran her hands across my tensing body.


I reached over and cupped Julie’s breasts. I gently squeezed and rolled them around in my palm. Then I pinched her nipples. Julie licked her way up my abs, between my pecs, and up to my mouth. We kissed deeply. Then Julie stepped back.


Beth straddled me and pushed her warm moist pussy down on my hard cock. As I slipped deeper into her pussy, she squealed. Then she slowly rode me. I reached over and grabbed her by the waist, guiding her up and down.


“Yeah, ride him, baby”, Bianca encouraged.


“How’s that feel, man?” Tom asked.


“Fuckin’ awesome,” I replied.


Julie and Bianca both took their turns riding me. They wouldn’t let me get on top, saying it was my birthday, and I shouldn’t have to do any of the work.


“It’s all about you, tonight, baby.” Julie said. The three of them started sucking on my cock and balls. They jerked me off and licked the head and shaft, down to my scrotum. Just looking down my body at these three hot girls going down on me was pushing me over the edge. Julie and Beth moved over beside me and just watched as Bianca continued her sucking. I grabbed the base of my dick. She did the same as she took most of it down her throat.


“Let it out, Bobby…” Beth said gently.


“Come on” Julie added “Cum all over her face.”


“Ah” I grunted as I grabbed my dick and started jerking off, slapping it against Bianca’s tongue and lips.


“Yeah!” Tom said as he and Amy looked on.


I looked around at the orgy in our own bedroom, then looked down at my loving wife as she waited for my cum. As I pumped my penis, every muscle in my body flexed and contracted.


I wrapped my hand around the base of my cock and balls. Bianca did the same.


“Oh…. fuck! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, yeah!” I yelled out as I shot my load up into her mouth and all over her face. I was jerking so frantically, I shot cum up onto my abs and a stream slowly dribbled down my shaft. Bianca went to work, licking it all up.


I looked over to see Tom humping Amy against the wall. They were breathing heavily and I could tell he was cumming, too.


I lay down completely spent.


“Great party, Rob!” Tom said as he took Amy by the hand and left the room.


“Happy Birthday” Amy called out as they started down the stairs.


Beth and Julie each gave me a kiss as they stood up. They each ran a finger over my abs to swipe up drops of cum and sucked my juice off their fingers.


“Mmmm” they said as they left.


“Thanks girls, see you tomorrow.” Bianca said. She turned to me with a smile, then crawled up on top of me and just lay on top of me kissing me.


“Thank you…” I said.


“Your welcome, sweetie.” She said as she lay her head down on my chest, running her hands across my pecs.


It was a birthday I will never forget.





My wild overnight in a hotel with Terra

TheUnsaved on Illustrated Stories

I awakened suddenly and blinked, staring at the ceiling. My body lay reclined on the bed.

Hotel. Dark. I’d only left on one light. Air-conditioner humming. A tightness in my stomach. Had I heard a sound?

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There it was again. A knocking at the door.

My god. She’s here.


Terra. Terra’s coming .

Thrill shot through my stomach as I blinked furiously, trying to re-moisten my eyes. How had I fallen asleep? How could I have fallen asleep, with what I was about to do?!

My feet found the floor. I was up. Another knocking . She was here. I could barely see and I dashed into the bathroom, flipped the light switch and leaned over the sink, switched on the faucet and splashed water all over my face.

Silence. Don’t leave!

I mopped my face with a towel and stepped back into the main room. Wait. I leaned forward and pressed my eye against the peephole.

Terra was there. She waited in the hallway, not looking nervous at all, glancing to the side. Brown hair hung to her shoulders, covering her ears and the hooks of her glasses. She was dressed the same way as earlier today — blue mesh wrap over lace top with spaghetti straps that revealed her shoulders and unusually low neckline. Same pants, too . They clung to her hips and backside contours as if she didn’t know they were somewhat tight. Maybe she did.

Terra is here. And I was about to do at last what I’d only dared to consider vaguely hours before.

She knocked again. She wouldn’t back out now — she’d actually meant it. Earlier she had called on my cell phone, further thrilling me that this would actually happen .

“Hello, this is Terra.” She’d sounded so normal after our conversation at about .

“Umm … hey there,” I said.

“You forgot to tell me your room number,” was her only reply.

I remembered. “One-nineteen.”

“Okay. I’ll be in there in about ten minutes.” Click.

That was all. Very normal. Just weird, considering what we are planning!

That had been before I dozed. How in the world had I done that? This was earth-shattering — something I’d never done before. Other people did this. Not me. The allure of doing the forbidden was almost enough to surpass the thrill of what I was actually about to do.

Whatever had happened earlier today was all vague and clouded. The anticipation was choking me. I only remembered, in incredible clarity, Terra’s and my conversation earlier.

I unlocked the chain and turned the door handle.

“So you’re really leaving.”

I turned away from the computer to Terra at the desk beside me. Her clothes were the same as some days before — a little distracting from my work, again, and difficult when she sat directly across in staff meetings. I kept wanting to look at her breasts, now outlined more tightly in her blue top.

“Yeah,” I said. “It just gets to be too much.”

“I still want to know the real reason.” Terra turned around and faced me, giving me her full attention. She wore black boots.

“Nothing else,” I said. “It’s fairly boring, really.”

Friday afternoon, but work wasn’t really over. I would have weekend duty tomorrow morning.

“And there’s nothing we can do to change your mind,” Terra stated.

“No. Double pay — but that’s impossible. It’s okay.”

She said something about it being hard work around here with me gone. I didn’t respond.

“Is there anything I can do to keep you around longer?” Terra asked. “Really.”

I smiled and dismissed my first thought. “Don’t think so.”

“What do you mean — ‘don’t think so’? That means there’s something.”

“No. Nothing at all.”

“Really.” Her eyes crossed the top edges of her glasses and she peered at me. “Nothing whatsoever.”

Her tone. It was saying something. I felt nervous speaking to her. “Umm.” I tried to laugh. “No, never mind.”



“Yes it is. There’s something I can do. Something you would really like.” Terra’s voice lowered. “Isn’t there.”

I stared at her. “You don’t know what …”

“You might be surprised,” Terra said.

A grown woman. Nearly twice my age. But so often she acted almost juvenile. Professional, yet sometimes I was sure she flaunted herself. She lived with her boyfriend. Had talked before of “screwing” with him, and used words that denoted her views on sex.

“I think I would really …” I swallowed, trying to maintain composure. “Really be surprised, then.”

“Tell me. I won’t tell anyone else. Promise.”

I thought of how to put it in words. This would never work. I’d be fired before I could quit. She would tell someone.

“Have sex with me,” I said.

Dead silence. Surely she would notice my chest bulging with every beat. And just hearing that last word sent a buzz down my midsection and into my penis.

“Hmmm.” Terra grinned and chuckled. “God, look at you. You’ve gone all red.”

“I …” Alarms flashed in my brain. Stop it. Stop this now.

“Look.” Terra slid off the desk. “I know. It sounds horrible. Sex with a co-worker? It happens all the time. If you wouldn’t like me that way, fine — and yes, I know I’m older than you. I look like a MILF, don’t I?”

“A … a MILF?”

“But you’re young and, I would wager, inexperienced. You know you really want to.”

I said nothing. Only watched her. Considered.

“When do you want to?” Terra asked.

Air dried in my throat. I had already thought of staying overnight for my assignments the next morning.

“Tonight,” I said. “I’ll be in the motel across the road. Can you come there?”

“I have a meeting.” Terra grinned. Her face bore an expression I never thought I’d see. Seduction. “I can be there around 9.”

“You’re serious.”

“If you are, absolutely. Even if you stay around just two weeks longer, I’ll do it with you.” Terra winked. “Besides, you’re young and good-looking. And of course, I’ll never tell anyone about this — and you’d better not either.”

I nodded. “I’ll keep my end of the deal.”

“And I’ll keep mine.” Terra stepped back, picking up her bag and slung it over her shoulder. “How long do you want me?”

Dare I say all night long? “Overnight,” I said.

“I’ll do it. I just need to call my boyfriend to say I’ve decided to stay. You’d better cover your ass too.”

I nodded again. “Cover.” “Ass.” Tonight I would uncover Terra’s ass.

I looked up as she passed me now. I thought about asking her to do something on the way out. Jiggle herself. Stick her butt out toward me. Let me kiss her.

I asked nothing. She left without another word.

The door opened and I stared. There she stood. Looking very normal.

For some reason I felt panicky. “Hey. Come on in.”

Terra strode past the door frame and me. “You sound nervous.”

“I … yeah, a little.” I closed the door and locked it. First the deadbolt, then the chain.

Terra was looking at me, carrying her bag. The same as in the office. No flashy attire, no trench coat, no evening gown or lingerie. It didn’t matter. “Don’t worry about it,” Terra said. “Anyone watching would probably just think I’m your mom.”

“Mm …” I swallowed again, my mouth dry as desert. “Not funny.”

“Uh-huh.” Terra scowled as I walked past her, then turned and faced her. My penis was throbbing in expectation, and I just stared at her.

Terra laughed, and tossed her bag onto the bed. “Are you ready?”

“I think so.” I breathed.

“Have you been thinking about what you’d like to do? With our evening together?”

I nodded.

“Well.” Terra spread her arms and stared at me. “I’m here,” she said. “We’re together.”

With a loud exhale, I sat on the bed. Terra peered at me. “What?”

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled. “I’ve just …” I raised my hand to run through my hair. “Oh … man! ”

Terra sat down several inches from me. “What? ”

“I’ve never done this before.”

Terra brought up one leg to pull off her boot. It thudded on the floor. “You’re about to now. Don’t back out on me.”

“I … I won’t.”

She withdrew the other boot and dropped it. “Then let’s do it. Let’s have some fun together. Tell me what you want me to do.”

“And you’ll do it?”

“I could probably teach you some new things,” Terra said.

I swallowed again, trying to moisten my mouth with my tongue. I licked my lips.

“Would you like me to do that for you?”

“Do what?”

Terra edged closer. “Lick your mouth.”

I stared at her. “You’re serious?”

“It’s a good way to start.” Terra rolled her eyes, then pursed her lips. “Let me kiss you.”

I yielded . I pursed my lips and leaned toward her.

No sound. No smell. I felt and saw Terra’s face approach mine as she scooted closer. Her hip touched mine and she leaned into me, eyes closed behind her glasses.

Her lips on mine. Wet, luscious, and experienced . We fastened together and I gasped, heart and penis both throbbing. Terra was kissing me. I felt her warmth and her breasts against my stomach. Her hands were behind my neck as we smooched repeatedly.

“Mmmmm, yes,” she breathed, edging backward. “You’re in the mood now.”

I leaned forward, then my arms, previously limp at my sides, came up. I touched her shoulder. Felt the mesh, her two straps underneath. Lay my other hand on her thigh, caressed her up and down. Kiss. Kiss. “Yes,” Terra sighed. “Oh, yes. You do like this, don’t you?” Kiss. Kiss.

I pulled away, shuddering with the thrill, now more certain. “Stand up.”

Terra retreated, her lips glossy and mine now wetted. Her body was there. Mine for the taking. Slowly she rose to a stand before me, bending over just a little. “Yes?”

“Um.” I reached to my waist, untucking my shirt. I pulled it off rapidly, throwing it to the side.

Terra’s head tilted, then she grinned. “Oh … you’ll do.”

“You’ll be better.” I paused, staring at her once more. “You’re … you are … so sexy.”

“Mmm. Which part do you like best?” Terra asked.

“Boobs … I love your boobs. Big and soft.”

“Oh, yes. My boyfriend loves my boobs too.” Terra’s hands came to her middle. She plucked the buttons out of their slots, one by one. “He loves tittie-fucking me.”

Oh god. Terra had unbuttoned her mesh wrap and was taking it off. Sliding it from her shoulders.

The fabric drifted to the floor.

More. She can do more than this. “Could you turn around?” I asked her. “Let me see your ass?”

“Oh, you like my ass, too.” Terra twisted her body, standing upright. The back of her pants was before me. “Didn’t think you would be a booty lover.”

“Your booty,” I said. “Wiggle it for me?”

Terra bent over, expanding the view. She jiggled her hips, then settled into swaying right and left, weaving her covered ass cheeks before my eyes.

“God, Terra,” I muttered.

Touch her. My hands reached up and each clasped a cheek.

Terra didn’t respond. I was touching her.

Slowly I squeezed her flesh, groping her buttocks, rubbing my hands across her. With one finger I traced her crack from top to bottom. Now I felt and heard her breathing harder. Again I clasped her buttocks and squeezed harder.

I stood up. Had to do something . With my hands I pushed her back lower and she brought her own hands forward to steady herself on the other bed. Shirtless, I moved closer, bent my knees and rubbed my groin against her ass, feeling the trough between buttocks just barely, near my penis.

A sigh escaped Terra’s lips. “These clothes do come off , big boy.”

My body snapped back. “Then take them off now.”

Terra stood straight, turned around and leaned back to sit on the bed — she bounced slightly, still in every other clothing article. Her shoulders were bare. She lowered her head. “You have to dirty-talk them off me first,” she told me.

Okay. “Take it off, babe,” I said. “I want to see your lovely, luscious, titties.”

“Mmm. Listen to what you’ve learned from the bathroom walls.” Terra laughed as her hands moved to her shirt bottom. She pulled upward. Her head vanished behind the fabric as she slid it up across her chest, revealing her white bra. The neckline passed her head and now I saw her nearly topless and gasped, shivering even more with the thrill." />

I couldn’t wait. I drew closer, my hands outstretched. As soon as she had tossed the tank top away I was sliding my hands across her stomach, then … her bra cups. Squeezing her covered boobs. Oh my god. Oh my god. Terra’s eyelids fluttered and looked down to herself as I felt her buxom titties for the first time. Now I moved my hands downward and slid them up and inside.

Warmth and intoxication overwhelmed my senses. Terra’s bra pressed my hands right up against her breasts. Her hot nipples ticked my palms and with both hands I squeezed hard, running the nipples between my fingers.

“Yesss,” Terra breathed. “I’ll bet you’ve dreamed about feeling my breasts. Do you like them?”

“Oh god, Terra,” I managed. “Oh god.”

Terra reached back, unsnapped the bra. With her hands she slid the straps from her shoulders and slipped it off from in front. Now she was topless and I leaned closer to see. My hands held her two very enormous breasts, tan like her skin, nipples red with her arousal. I pinched her flesh, groping her repeatedly.

“Mmmm,” Terra murmured. “You know what you like. Yesss. You had your eyes on these for a long time, didn’t you?”

“Made it … hard to concentrate,” I grunted.

Briefly my eyes flickered down to her waist line.

“You nasty bastard,” Terra breathed. “Uhhhh … ohhh!” Her body trembled. I had been rubbing her right nipple, squeezing her left breast. “Yes. Like that, big boy. Oh yes. Grope that tittie. Do you want to put your cock between them like my boyfriend does?”

“I … I don’t know.” Her waistline . I released my left hand and she moved her other hand up to replace it, groping herself, tossing her hair back as I slid forward, bringing her nearly onto my lap. Her pant-covered legs slid against mine. My left hand slid down her stomach and under her pants’ waistline. I felt Terra’s panties and slipped my fingers lower.

Terra said nothing as I rubbed her under there. Oh my god, oh my god … I felt her pubic hair. Further down . Wetness smeared across my fingertips. I felt her crack. Softer skin. Terra’s vagina.

I was touching Terra’s vagina .

I pushed my fingers even more between her legs and now Terra jolted and gasped. “My god,” she breathed. “Yes. That’s … that’s it.” I rubbed her pussy, sliding my bare leg across her covered legs. I palmed her breast, pinching her erect nipple, then the other. Then I lowered my head to taste her left breast. Licked the side of her boob. Kissed her nipple, then sucked.

“Oh god,” Terra rasped. “Oh, so good. And come on … let’s go ahead and strip.”

I was ready. My hand withdrew from her pussy and I stood up. Terra jerked up from the bed. I grabbed her shoulders and her breasts flounced about as she jerked toward me and I kissed her wildly, her naked breasts pushed against my own chest. Kiss. Smack. Her wet lips touching and clasping on mine. “Mmmm,” she moaned, then gasped as she retreated, “Oh, you’re better than I thought!” then silenced as my mouth sucked on hers. My other hand had covered my own penis. I was hard. Ready to explode. Not yet. I could hold out. I had to.

Terra lurched back, forcing her mouth away as she told me, “No more kisses until you’re naked.”

I nodded and yanked out my belt. Terra twisted her hips, standing just a foot away as she bent over to drop her pants. Legs. White panties . I unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and yanked them down over my bare feet, stepping out. Terra’s bare legs. White panties.

Her hand slipped inside and she rubbed her own vagina, cooing softly. “This is how adult women pleasure themselves,” she said.

Terra stripped off her panties. I beheld her naked at last as I pulled off my own underwear and my penis sprang out, flinging already-formed droplets from its tip. Terra barely glanced at it as she turned around, bending forward, showing me her bare ass. Wide, tan buttocks with a deep center crack that revealed her spot. Wrinkled flesh marked her vulva beneath it.

Then she faced me again, arms stretched upward to let her breasts ride high. She jerked her body up and down, letting her breasts jiggle.

One arm came down and she reached for my cock.

“If you touch it, I’ll start to cum,” I cried. “My god … I’ve never felt like this.”

Terra grinned saucily, eyebrows high as her hands touched my chest and pushed me backward. My bare rear landed on the bed and I bounced, penis flopping, knees over the edge. Terra was kneeling. Kneeling before me.

“Bet you’ve never felt like this either.” Her mouth opened wide and her chest shuddered as one knee hit the floor, then the other.

I braced myself on my hands, watching spellbound. Holy crap. “Terra …”

Without a word, Terra opened her mouth wider and her wet lips closed in and around my penis head, crackling with saliva. Absolute, utter thrill blazed through as Terra sucked my cock into her mouth, breathing through her nose, her brown eyes locked on mine as she withdrew it from her face." />



My whole body shook and I almost screamed — it lodged in my throat.

“I’ll … I’m about to cum!” I managed.

Terra nodded, flashing me a wicked expression as she plunged the penis back into her mouth and sucked up and down. OH — MY — GOD! The feeling, incredible, SENSUOUS as my penis penetrated nearly to her throat, slick, wet flesh inside, spit sliding, her tongue and lips tickling me and now her throat buzzing, “Unnnngggghhhhhh … ”" />

I burst out. Hot semen poured into her mouth and Terra’s tongue met it, pressing against my tip and then withdrawing, letting it hit her throat. Her lips closed even tighter and she pressed her face lower, nose touching my pubic hair — then she twisted her face, digging me even deeper in.

Terra was swallowing. Each burst brought a new flow and she swallowed it all. Swallowing it down.

Thrill, fear, satisfaction, power and gratitude crowded my brain. Terra was sucking me off!

“Oh, god,” I breathed. My legs trembled, toes locked together as I slowed. “Oh, god, Terra.”

She moaned in reply, pulling her face from my penis. It slipped out from between her lips with a smack and she raised herself higher.

I breathed, my penis aching, still covered in cum and Terra’s saliva.

She got to her feet and slid her body next to mine, easing onto the bed. Quietly she wrapped her hand around my penis and I turned with her as she squeezed the moist trunk, wringing her fingers about it, and then Terra spoke again, breathing hard, “Now it’s your turn. Suck me.”" />

Terra’s head leaned back on the pillow, hair at her neck, and she spread her legs wide. Wet pussy.

I clambered next to her and lowered my chin between her legs. “I’ve never done this before,” I said.

“I’ll teach you,” Terra told me, then sighed, “Ahhhhhh. ”

Her body shivered. I was tasting her cunt. Folds of flesh, hot and wet. New tastes and sensations. While my own vigor rebuilt itself I would pleasure her as best I could.

Terra walked me through it, breathing hard but giving instructions. “Lick my clit,” she breathed. “Now run your finger in little circles around it. Bring up some spit. Wet me down and then suck on it. Ohhh, suck me.” I was doing it. Her fluids coated my lips. “Suck my pussy,” Terra murmured. “Suck it good. Make me happy.”

I kept sucking. Licking her. Kissing her vagina. Her knees bent upward, inner thighs clamped around my shoulders.

“Ohhh,” Terra groaned. “You’re making me very happy. Very happy.”

She must have orgasmed, for the next thing I knew, Terra was breathing harder, crying out, almost as if hurt. For a moment I backed away but she kept telling me to do more. I increased the pressure, mashing my face into her vulva. Licking her. Sucking her fluids — now into my mouth, why not? and drooling them back into her canal. I brought up my hands to stimulate her. Her cries caught in her throat and she wheezed, moaning over and over, “Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes.”

Moments later, I ceased. Terra encouraged me to tittie-fuck her. I was re-hardened enough and I squeezed her breasts as I mounted her stomach, braced on my knees, and slid forward to her breasts. Terra grasped my penis, eyeing it sensuously as she pulled it closer. With both hands she clasped her breasts together and I pushed my penis between her bulging orbs.

In, out. In and out. Leftover cum provided the lubricant. Terra watched me as we both jiggled on the bed. I stared down to her boobs as I thrust myself between them." />

Forward, backward. Forward, backward. My thrill was coming. I breathed hard.

“Oooh, I love to be tittie-fucked by long-dick motherfuckers like you,” Terra slurred.

I erupted but tried not to stop as the pleasure washed over me.

“Oooohhh, ahhhh,” Terra murmured, sliding her own breasts forward and backward. “Come here and tittie-fuck me.”

Warm semen coated her lower neck near her chin, and slid across her chest. Terra stuck her tongue out and craned her neck lower, as if to lick it from her own skin. My thrusting motions slowed and I groaned as the last burst of cum oozed from my head.

Terra grabbed her own bra and wiped off the gelatinous substance from herself as she slid down to the floor again, pulling on my legs. “I’ll get you back up,” she said.

Again Terra sucked me. No deep-throating this time, but over and over, kissing my trunk, teasing me with her tongue, sliding it in and out between her lips, licking me, working up saliva and slathering it across me. She was incredible. Middle-aged but an absolute knockout, especially when naked and sweaty. My eyes roved Terra’s incredible breasts, dangling as she knelt before me, nipples still pert and red and bulging.

At one point Terra brought her mouth down to lick my balls, breathing on them, sucking, mashing her tongue up against them. “Ahhhhh.” She chuckled, then jerked her head upward, mouth open and plunged my penis inside with her tongue writhing — all the way down to her throat. She actually gagged a little as she brought it back out.

I shivered. I had almost cummed in her again. Almost.

Terra’s bare legs straightened as she rose once more, squeezed and then released my spit-covered penis with her hand as she slid back onto the bed. I pulled my legs up, moving them straight before me, sure of what was coming.

For some reason I didn’t worry about protection.

“Now.” She hadn’t spoken in some time. “Which do you like?”

Terra climbed onto me, her inner thighs pressed around my stomach. Her full weight settled on. Without speaking she eased backward, my penis meeting her ass crack, then with her knees bent she lifted herself upward. A droplet fell from her vagina, hovering almost directly over my penis.

“Me facing you, where you can see my face and boobs,” Terra said. “One? ”

Quickly she raised one leg and turned completely around on me, then settled back down, her ass on my stomach. Her broad crack spread apart and she jiggled her cheeks. “Or two?”

“Two,” I gasped.

Terra shook her buttocks again and I reached forward to grasp them. Her hand, or both of them wrapped around my cock and she jerked up and down, still greasing on the trunk. Her groin raised off me. She aimed the penis directly between her legs.

Then Terra let go. Her weight landed on me and my cock speared her inside. “Ohmygod! ” she exclaimed. “Oh. Ohhh! fuck! ”

Wet, tight skin inside. Terra and I were joined.

She brought herself up, sliding around me, then down. Thrill blazed through my body. Up, down. Up, down . Terra rode my cock, her hair flipping across her shoulders, her elbows akimbo as she squeezed her own breasts. They would be flopping crazily. Turn her around!

Up, down, up and then down, and she jiggled her hips, wringing a cry from herself and likely an orgasm. Then I started. Cum erupted up into her and then I felt it spill back out, warm and wet. Terra gasped, still riding, her toes locked together near my armpits. “Oh, gooohhhd ,” she whimpered. “Oh, yes. Mm-hmm. Ohhhh. Unnghhhhh , oh yes.”

“Terra,” I gasped. “Turn around.”

Terra raised herself again, my penis still slightly stiff and now firming even more. With her knees she raised herself up, sliding my jolting penis out of her vagina. Then she lifted her leg, swinging it around and twisting her body still mounted on my cock. Her inner thighs settled on my lap again as I gaped at Terra mounted on my cock, breasts dangling and still moist from sweat.

She rode up and down several more times. Her breasts bounced all over, hair flipping on her shoulders as Terra cried out again. Oh my god. Oh my god." />

Slowly my thrill subsided. We had both orgasmed together.

Terra lifted herself from my cock and scooted down my legs on that sexy, gorgeous ass. Her body bent forward and she pulled the hair from her forehead, closing her eyes as she lowered her chin to my middle.

I reached down to grasp the back of her head.

“Suck my cock, Terra,” I mumbled. “Suck it back up again.”

Without another word Terra slipped the penis head into her face, sliding it up and down inside her wet cheeks. Slurp. Slurp. Slurp.

She withdrew it with a pop , then lapped at the moisture, giving me little kisses, tapping the head with her tongue. Then sucked my penis in again, teasing me inside with her tongue and pulling with even greater suction.

The increasing limpness quickly gave way to pumping rigidity. A few seconds inside Terra’s mouth could do that anytime.

Terra shoved me once into her throat, gurgling deep down, then withdrew, slapped the penis to her tongue as she breathed out, then squeezed once with her hand and began sliding her body back up.

Not this time . I had seen her backside long enough to make me want it.

My hands stopped her by the shoulders. “Terra, I want to … I want to do it in your ass.”

Terra stared at me, mouth open. “Oh my god.”

“You said you’d do anything for me. That was …” I sighed, gaping again at her large breasts, her spread-wide pussy, still moist. “That was our deal.”

Terra said nothing as I slid up from the bed and stood on my knees before her, cock protruding forward as I pressed my body to her side, her breasts warm on my chest. I squeezed and rubbed her tits with both hands, pinching the nipples, enjoying the feel of her bare skin against my body. “Please,” I said, and made eye contact. “Bend over.”

Terra swallowed and nodded, and turned around. On her knees, she braced her upper body with her hands and hiked her buttocks in the air. I knelt before her and fingered her pussy, rubbing the cum upward through her crack and into her tight asshole.

“Suck it first,” Terra said.

I bent my head low and tongued her pussy and Terra shivered. I dragged my tongue around her opening, then stuck it in. Then slid upward, into her crack, spreading her cheeks wider as my tongue felt her skin pinched into her anus. Her whole body flinched.

This was impossible . I had just licked Terra’s asshole.

I licked more and Terra sighed, her breath rasping, and said nothing. I licked the cum I’d left there, then withdrew my tongue, groping her ass cheeks as I walked closer on my knees, then used one hand to aim my penis directly toward her crack.

“Put it in me,” Terra breathed. “Just put it in.”

I thrust forward. My penis head pressed into her asshole, slippery on the cum. Then I pushed more. More. More . Sank in slowly, straining against her inside.

Terra screamed out, “Oh — ee! — GOD!”" />

I halted. Others would hear that! “Terra, I — I can stop.”

“No, put it in!” she shrieked. “Fuck my ass!”

I pushed in more and my inner thighs touched Terra’s ass cheeks. She swayed her buttocks to the left, wringing her cavity inside and I almost fell to the side with the thrill that erupted within and shot through my rock-hard cock. Terra twisted right and I tried to draw myself out, then thrust back in — I must have because then Terra cried out also, an orgasm racking her body.

I pulled out. Back in. Delirious with the thrill.

Terra leaned on her hands, keeping her ass upward as I penetrated. Slowly I stopped, breathing hard.

She craned her head back to stare at me. “No. Fuck me more. Oh my god. Oh my god.”

“I’m exhausted,” I panted.

“Kiss me,” Terra said.

“I — I can’t.”

“Yes, you will .” Terra’s voice deepened. “Bend over here and kiss me!”

What? That didn’t sound like her.

I spread my legs apart and pulled out a little. Terra’s body shivered underneath me. I lay across her sweating back, trying not to put my full weight on her as finally I reached her mouth and locked lips. Terra’s wet mouth clasped at mine repeatedly, more passionate than ever.

Blazing energy flowed down my neck and into my body.

“How …” I recoiled, breaking her lips’ grip of mine. “How did you do that?”

“Ohhh, shut up and fuck me again!” Terra shoved her ass backward, burying me deeper within her and now she screamed out even more, “Oh my goohhhhd! ”

“Terra.” I tried to whisper as I gasped and retreated from her back. “Someone will hear …”

Terra was groaning more quietly and she didn’t hear me. I lurched my groin back from hers, grasping her hips and buttocks and squeezing more as I drove forward.

“YeeaaGGHHH! ” Terra screamed. “Oh, god, oh, GOD! ”

My cum exploded again and shot up her ass. Terra fell to the bed, drawing her legs together, writhing. “Oh that’s so good! Oh that’s so good!”

On her side, she rolled over, bringing herself on top, and just twisted her ass in place. Her hair dangled on my face. The smell of her hot body, sweat, saliva and cum burned my senses. I brought my hands forward to grope both her boobs from behind.

I was still shooting into her as Terra strained upward. She shifted her body upright, straddling my stomach with her knees on the bed, and dripping juices from between her legs onto my skin. Slowly she raised her groin upward and my cock popped out of her ass with a quiet gooshing sound. Terra leaned over, breasts dragging on my chest, and her wide-open mouth closed over my lips.

“Mmm, my god,” Terra murmured as we kissed. My hands slid between us and I groped her hot breasts.

Thrill coursed through my body, and I had no idea how she was doing that.

Her lips finally moved away from mine. “I want you to fuck my ass one more time,” she muttered, and she scooted back on her knees, vagina dripping on my stomach. My re-hardened penis touched her buttocks, and I could only breathe hard and watch as Terra leaned forward, twisting her left arm behind her to grasp my penis.

I reached up and squeezed her breasts again, then clasped Terra’s waist and held her steady as she brought my cock closer to her backside.

Terra raised her groin and wiggled her hips as she leaned forward. I watched as her eyes closed and her tongue licked her lips. She kept stretching forward, pulling her buttocks wider apart for the penetration. Her fingers squeezed my trunk. I felt the tip of my cock touch her anus, and her body flinched.

Terra’s eyes opened and she stared at me, upper body still twisted around to aim my penis into her ass. “One last time,” she murmured. “One last time …”

Slowly she pushed herself backward, almost screwing my penis into her ass.

“Mmm — eeesh — nyahh , oh god!” Terra breathed, her groin jolting. Her butt slapped down onto my inner thighs and her whole body quivered, impaled on my cock.

 “Oh god, Terra, you’re so hot,” I grunted.

 “Uh-huh. Uh-huh, oh yeah.” Terra dragged herself upward, making me convulse with the pleasure as her body slid around my penis. Then she fell back down, skewering herself and shrieking as she shook her body, then lifted up again, then fell down … up, down … up, down … body jolting, face, hair, boobs and pussy in a vertical blur in front of me.

Spellbinding thrill warmed up from deep within and now I grabbed Terra’s waist with body hands. As her whole body squirmed, I thrust myself all the way up into her ass — her asshole surrounded me, tight and hot and shivering. She thrashed in place and now screamed — “oh god, oh god, OH GOD! ” as her own orgasm began, and she ground her body on me, wriggling my cock inside herself. Instantly I erupted and felt my hot cum ejecting up her asshole, trapped inside by the incredible, sensuous pressure.

“Oh, Terra, ahhhh!” I shouted.

My grip kept my penis forced up her backdoor. Terra groaned, and I felt her muscles contracting around my penis, over and over and over with her orgasm. Her knees squeezed on my hips as she sighed, teeth biting her lower lip, and she pushed her sweaty hair out of her eyes.

Finally both of us were done cumming. Terra grunted as she struggled off me, slipping my long cock out from her asshole. At last it popped loose, and she flipped over to the side and slid down.

Then she leaned her head over my cock. Her lips pursed. Oh god she’s so hot and nasty. I thought about protesting, “Terra, it’s been up your ass —” but silenced.

Terra kissed my cock head, letting the last bit of cum ooze onto her lips, then she wiped it off with her hand.

Terra crawled forward, to the bed’s front, leaning her ass on the pillows and spreading her legs wide, knees bent up, as her hand slid down and rubbed her pussy. Up and down. In circles. Squishing in the cum that glistened inside.

I stared at her.

Terra spoke, staring at me. “Did you … enjoy your FUCK? ”

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