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My Step-Brother Cole

AlicexxxQueen on Sex Stories

I hated it when my parents got divorced, and I hated it even more when my mom got remarried to a guy she had met named Devin. I had to move from my home into a new state miles from where I had grown up. The worst part about the whole thing was my step-dad's son, Cole. He was only a few months older than me, and we had absolutely nothing in common.
It has been almost three months since we moved into this house. Cole and I had not spoken more than ten words to each other. A few days ago my mom announced to me that her and Devin were finally going on their anniversary trip. Of course, I smiled and pretended to be happy for her, but inside I was dreading spending a week alone with Cole. I planned on spending the entire time in my room on my computer. School had just let out for the summer


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Part 1

I was a jackass. I was as much a jackass as Debby a hooker. No! I should have outweighed what the whore's got. When loitering and soliciting , She had to resort to her wet and soft lips, which uttered sensuous words and secreted shiny fluids for smooth fellatio, straining all efforts to captivate her clientele to hook her, thereby polishing her identity as a hooker. Poor Debby! I was such a damn jackass that a friend of mine called Jack could't help thrashing and thumping his own ass for revenge whenever at the thought of me. See? Not that hard. Well, since I had mentioned the word "ass",without particular reasons(Now there was one!), I could not help picturing the juicy and tender pear-shaped asses of the female flight attendants, if ever, who always comforted my congential pis

Mona Turns to be the Sex Queen of Long Island, New York

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Mona is the younger sister of my wife. Before moving to New York she lived in Pakistan - while I was living in Europe. I was fascinated by her as soon as I saw her first time at the occasion of my marriage. And a few months later I had told her that I was so fascinated by her. Even at that time she gave me a welcoming response, though nothing moved further during that phase. Next year she got married and moved to New York. She opened up a beauty salon in Long Island. I always wanted to fuck Mona, and she knew it well. Whenever I talked to her, she gave me the clear hints that she was aware of my desire for her.

It was the end of January 2014 when I was in New York for a week, and I stayed in the apartment where the 2nd sister of Mona lived with her husban

A Workplace Affair

asimov on Sex Stories

This is a true story and deviates from the truth only through my forgetfulness of details. There are a 101 stories to be told of my affair with Norma but this is an account of the beginning. Comments encouraged.

In 1970 I got my first factory job in a small town in Arkansas. Before long the majority of the workers voted for union representation and went on strike. I didn't. I knew they were unskilled labor and would quickly be replaced. They were. I worked in the warehouse where rows of shelves held boxes of our finished product. I won't say what it was; it would be too easy to identify the place and the persons herein mentioned. My job was to take the boxes as they came from manufacturing and store them on the shelves in the warehouse according to catalog number, and then retrieve the

Drunk sister passed out

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I was visiting Anne, my sister in law in Adelaide and had arrived just as she was going out for drinks with her friends. She had just divorced her husband and both her daughters were staying with friends.
I was pretty tired so hit the sack at about 11, but at 1.30 or so was woken by her stumbling down the hallway very drunk knocking over the hall table. Being the gentleman I jumped out of bed and helped her to her bed. I swear her hands grabbed my bum through my jocks as I lowered her on the bed. By the time I had pulled her boots off she was out cold, and looking down at her low cut top thought that i'd love a look at her tits.
Pulling off her jeans and top, she didn't stir so went for it and unhooked her bra and pulled it off exposing her beautiful tits. For a 40 year old they

My first sexual experience.

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Hi friends,

Thanks for your patronage and motivation.

in this session i have briefly narrated my first sexual encounter with my best friend.

I was 25 when i first had sex. it was my friend who is 8 yrs elder to me . there was always an under current between us. this at one point went upto the level of phonesex. we then

regularly had a many sessions of phonesex. one da


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There i was in class my blouse loose so you could see the top of my bra, sat next to my boyfriend snogging him in class. "Alisha get off him and stay behind" mr.Clark shouted.

The class left and was just me and mr.Clark i mean mr.Clark was pretty fly for an older guy, i noticed he watched me alot. As he came towards me i bent over, he stared down at my chest and couldn't take his eyes off my

My First Time

Josephine77524 on Sex Stories

This story is abusolutly true, it happened 2 days ago.

I was at my friend Camille's house just hanging out. When her brother decided he was gonna spy on us, he's 19and Im 15 so I really didn't pay that much attention to him. I told him that we knew that he was watching us and then he asked if we wanted to play truth or dare. So we did and it was the worst game of truth or dare I have ever play

What Dreams May Cum! ;-)

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After waking from a dream that leaves Britney flustered she calls an old friend to release some sexual tension that has been building up between them for four years. An unexpected, furry guest comes along and Britneys reality is turned into a dream as she gets pleasured in ways she didn't know existed.

mother's little sissyboy

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Mother's taboo intimate interest in her family-friendly debauchery leads the whole clan into a classic incestuous affair for decades. At first, her family's values were, do as mommy says.Everyone did as they were told gladly. The relentless mom started early on to "train" father, sis, and son to comply or get punished. Father had a penchant for his fetishes of his wifes lingerie. She encouraged

Reunited and it felt really fucking good

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It’s a small world.
Usually that’s a cliché phrase that actually only applies to about 2 percent of the world’s situations. If we said “It’s a large world” anytime that the phrase “It’s a small world” wasn’t appropriate, we’d suddenly realize that the latter is kind of a stupid thing to say.
Still, despite the misleading nature of the statement, the words were certainly appropriate for this nig

Sex Poem

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I think of u as our fingers entangled 2gther n while we are kissing each other passionately n slowly, i start undressing u,u wrap ur arms around me n start kissing me more crazy. I started kissing ur neck u liked it so much u didnt stop me as we start ripping each others clothes off i was licking ur nipples,then i make my way down south 2 explore the "virgin forest"; i flicked my t

Slut wife shared with two strangers in hotel

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100% true story!! It really happened!!!!.....My hot sexy wife fucks two random guys while i went to buy beers. Fucked them again when i went to buy cigarrettes. I thought i could trust her....Then She fucked them in front of me!!!!

Alice and my Father

anonymous on Sex Stories

This is the story of how I found my father fucking and using my girlfriend. To any of you who have a weak stomach... Stop reading now.

I don't know what's inspired me to tell this story. Every time I think of it, it almost brings me to tears... Maybe on some subconscious level, I think that if I'm able to share it with someone, anyone, it'll get better.

The first step toward forever - Chapter 1

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As Evia stood in the narrow hall that led towards the restrooms she realized she was in way over her head. Dan stared into her eyes as she took a step back. Her back was firmly pressed against the wall. She knew then that agreeing to meet him face to face was a horrible idea. For

The Things we Did with our Exchange Student Pt.1

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  The Things we Did with our Exchange Student Pt. 1

I can’t specify enough that neither David nor I meant to seduce Sabine (Sa-bee-nuh). Seduction would imply that David and I meant for this to happen or that Sabine was unwilling at first. No, I would

Sexy teacher wants it bad

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My hips bucked as I shot my seed all over her face and tits.

"aaahhh...........fuck me" my teacher moaned, jerking my wet cock in her soft hands. She leaned forward and took my dick into her mouth, sucking the remaining cum from my softening cock. I moaned in pleasure and wondered in amazement at the beauty cleaning my cum off her face. It was lunch, and our second fuck of the day. We had bee