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Become Berry, Or, How Alice McMahon Became Her Husband's Favourite Slut, Pt 1

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This story is a work of fiction.

Hey folks. First post here on sex stories post, and it's the first part of a series. For those of you wanting more of the husband dominating the wife, don't worry, we'll get to it. Also, yes, they will get married. Just not quite the way Alice thought.


I knew I’d fucked up.

That was really the core of everything that happened after. Knowing, right down to the bone, that everything was totally my fault. Me and Todd had had a good thing going; good marriage, nice house, decent money… everything we could really look for. There were people our age who’d have killed for what we had. But I went ahead and ruined it anyway.

But if I’m going to tell you all this, then I should explain a little better. My name’s Alice McMahon. Some of you may alre

Story for fricker.

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One thing of so so many things I would do to you.... I would tie you to my bed completely naked, I would start off by kissing your lips, slow but passionately, then after a few mins I would start slowly kissing down your body, starting off by kiss you neck, down your chest till I get to your boobs, I would spend a few mins on them swapping between the 2, teasing your nipples by kissing, sucking and licking them.

After that I would kiss down your tummy, the down one of your thighs, then back up the inside of that leg stopping just before I get to your fun box, I would then kiss down your other leg and back up the inside of it again stopping just before I get to the fun part, I would then kiss all around your clit with out actually touching. Teasing you by getting closer and closer but

George's MILF Whores-Deanna 4

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Deanna arrived at work, she really felt horrible what she was doing, but she knew she loved black men’s dicks plowing deep in her pussy and ass, she couldn’t herself, she loved big cocks in her mouth and feel the hot cum rush down her throat. As she walked to Howard’s office, her pussy got wet thinking how Troy and Lloyd had pummeled her pussy and ass the night before. Deanna knocked on Howard’s door, he replied come in and she walked in.

Howard said, good, it’s you, Troy and Lloyd called me earlier, the were really pleased with their reward after they signed their contract with our law firm. They both said they have fucked lots of the white wives that work for, but you’re the best black cock sucker around and the best white pussy around. They both said, they’re probably going to start

George's MILF Whores-Deanna 2

WildWest on Wife Stories

Lee said, hold this slut tight, cause I’m going to cause I’m going to split the pussy in half. Lee put his huge cock head in Deanna’s pussy and she began screaming, aah, aah, please no, it’s too big, please stop. Lee didn’t give a shit, he kept driving more of his huge monster deeper in her pussy, her vagina walls could be heard tearing up as Lee was stretching her pussy wide open, she kept on screaming, aah, aah. Lee blurted out, scream all you want slut, cause your pussy is going to be for black men to use anyway they want. Lee huge cock was in half-way, he didn’t even know if Deanna could take it all, so he began to thrust back and forth saying, I’m going to make this white slut mine, I’m going to own this fucking pussy. As Lee thrust back and forth, he started slapping her ass, she be

I Forgot To Tell My Wife

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My name is Chris Cavanaugh and I’m a typical man. Yes ladies, I sometimes forget to tell my wife stuff I should. You know? Like dinner plans, or guests coming to see us, company get togethers or other details I may forget. It’s not on purpose but I know it’s important for my wife, Wendy to know these things in advance and be prepared.

Well this story is about one of the many times I FORGOT to tell Wendy about an appointment and it turned into something really exciting for all involved.

Wendy and I are a Stag and Vixen couple. If you don’t know what that means I’ll try to explain it briefly. I love Wendy with all my heart and she knows it. It’s an overwhelming and all consuming love I have for her. I wouldn’t deny her anything that makes her happy or brings her joy. That means anyt

The Contract's Fine Print

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I had the perfect life—an adoring, beautiful wife, a dream job, the best of everything—lifestyle, house, luxury car. It was as good as it gets with very few exceptions. As the managing partner of one of the best hedge funds, I loved my career and all that it had provided.
From the moment I first laid eyes on my wife, I was both in love and in lust. As a grad student who was already working at the investment firm, I attended one of our college’s volleyball matches. When I saw her—the long legs, the blond pony tail swinging, those big blue eyes, that smile, and yes, that ass in those tight, little yellow spandex shorts—oh my god—that ass! It was like the shorts were a couple of sizes too small. With every movement, I literally started trying to hide my erection. Alexis was the All-A

A favor for a friend

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Note from editor: I am not the original creator of this story. I found it here on this site and felt it lacked more exploration and sever grammar correction. Now I'm sure there are still more than a few mistakes but I feel it is a much better version of the original story.


My name is Danielle, im a beautiful mixed race girl, 32 years old and about 5ft 7in, a size 10 dress size, a peachy bum and size 34DD boobs.
Brandon is my best friends boyfriend, a muscly athletic black guy, 28 years old. He is a moody and borderline aggressive type person.
Layla is my best friend, 31 years old, latino, plump and firm ass small A cup breast but very fit yoga instructor.

So I'm out getting a light lunch between appointments last week when I see Layla come into the bistro to get

My husband fantasy

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I'm just coming out the shower from washing off all of last night's excitement I'm sore in a way I never thought I would be how used muscles that I haven't used in years butterflies your ass out last night was more than worth the pain I'm feeling today I knew when I started working at this nightclub that I was going to learn and experience really interesting stuff I never thought I would partake in any of it though. I was just going to the VIP lounge or a few of the Big Rig Power Players were in last night there were these two extremely hot dark handsome gentleman along with three other guys that could have Blended in with the crowd I already knew that I had to dress skimpy and tease the guys all night long. I was in a sheer dress are you can see my nipple piercings and a garter and sheer

The Car Trade

Blueflame1961 on Wife Stories

My wife and I have always known our relationship is more than most. More exciting. More intense. And most certainly more inclusive than your average couple. Our relationship is above average for many reasons. My love for her has no boundaries. I live for her happiness and pleasure, and as a man, I realize women last longer and require more attention than men do to be completely satisfied sexually.
Because I feel sex and love are two completely different things, I have no problem sharing that part of our relationship with others. In fact I really enjoy knowing my wife is being pleasured beyond any one man's ability. Those are my opinions. You don't have to agree. As long as Mandy and I do, that's all that matters to either of us.
My name is Craig and I told my wife from the beginning tha

Japanese wife real stories from past - 1 - intro

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Before I start. These are 100 percent true but I have changes names.

I'm a white guy from London UK and my wife is Japanese but she's lived in London since she was 14. We met at school and became a couple at 14. Broke u at 16 due to her cheating but stayed friends (ish) and were off and on until we both were 19. Married when we were 20 and have been together since. Now both 30 years old.

She's very small with nearly flat chest (just small points with tiny brown nipples). I'm white, 6ft and in good shape but used to be skinny. I have a fairly big dick but wouldn't say huge.

I was her first for most things. Lost virginity at 15 years old and didn't really have a clue what we were doing. She First put my dick in her mouth at 16 and got good at sucking dick for the months before we

The Slutting of Sally James.

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The Slutting of Sally James. Chapter1
Rick’s story…
I recently returned to Australia after 4 years of living in South-East Asia, mostly in Thailand where I had been completely corrupted by the exotic Thai bar girls of that country’s red-light districts. During that period, they taught me a variety of kinky games and sex tricks that I had never ever experienced before. Over a period of time I lived with several gorgeous young Thai babes who willingly introduced me to all the sexual tricks and games they played to satisfy the men they fucked.
Suzy was a special beauty. She had chosen her name from a movie called, ‘The world of Suzy Wong’ about a pretty young and very popular bar girl who lived and worked in the Red-light district of Hong Kong. She told me that it was just the same as he


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Doctor and my wife who fucked in front of me.we are couple and this is our first sex story.This happend all of sudden and my wife cheated me.I was not aware the reality of my wife.

this is true story which i am posting here. once myself and my wife to doctor for her medical check up. she had some gynac problems. doctor was male and young. we both entered his clinic. we sat his front. he asked my wife to sat beside his chair. she gone and sat besides his chair. doctor check in front of me and then he asked my wife go beside the rom for check up and asked me to wait in his clinic. my wife and doctor enterd in the next of his chamber alone. they both stay in the room about 45 minuts and doctor making some sound like asking my wife for some excercise. becase they were thinking that they

Fucking my wife in front of her gfriend

FastGlass on Wife Stories

Caught or sort of invited maybe, one afternoon we were both super horny and had fucked several times during the day and it seemed the more we fucked the wetter and hornier she got. So unknown to me her friend had called earlier asking to borrow a pair of boots my wife had and she said of course and if we don't answer the doorbell just come on it. Well while in the middle of full fuck mode her riding me for all she was worth her big 38DD melons bouncing so hard they almost slapped her in the face. The front door opens up and her friend did just as she always has done for years and walked right in the front door and she decided to search for my wife calling her name and found more than she bargained for.

She stood in the doorway looking at my wife fucking my cock for all it was worth a

Young Guys for My Wife, The Three-Day Business Trip, Sunday

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It was Sunday, our last day, we had to check out and had for home tomorrow. My wife had finished dressing. I said, you look very cheery, you must have really liked that big Latino cock you got yesterday. Jill replied, it would be fun to have Sam’s cock every day, you know I love being a whore for young studs, they never get tired of fucking. Honey, you know you love it too, you always like to use my pussy after my young studs fuck me. I replied, I SURE DO, I like the feel of your well used pussy as I fuck you, it such hot feeling. I love being married to my hot-wife. Jill responded you mean you like being married to a whore, I don’t think a prostitute would be fucked as much as I have since Thursday evening. I said, O.K. but don’t forget, you’re my whore. Jill held up her held up her hand

Unaware I had caught Jan after a fucking

Jan_Andy on Wife Stories

Caught just after the act!

This is a story from before Jan and l were married, Jan had a number of one night stands in her teen years, for her it was the appeal of being wanted, so she has since told me.

Jan’s parents were away so I was staying around her house that weekend, we had already made out a few times on the Friday night and Saturday daytime, looking back now we neither of us were great at sex, both always manage to climaxed so we were happy.

Saturday evening was going to be another night at our local pub with friends, Jan got ready while I watch TV on her bed, it seemed take ages as usual but I always loved her getting dressed, small bra and the tiniest white G-string, Jan was a trend setting back in the early 80’s as she had a number of G-string’s and wore them, she ha

Jan returns home minus underwear!

Jan_Andy on Wife Stories

My wife Jan and I have been happily married for 32 years, over that time there has been many times when one us has looked somewhere else for sexual pleasure, this story tells of Jan’s late night return minus her underwear and carrying another naughty secret.

When our children were little we only went out individualy as someone needed to look after the kids, this was a Saturday night when Jan was going out, she got ready in her normal way taking time to chose what dress to wear, what shoes went best with them, asking me all along what looked good, all the time in her bra and g-string, Jan is a g-string wear rather thong wearer as she prefers the tighter fit and less material to give that “no underwear” look in a tight short dress, in the course of her getting ready we had sex which was

My paki Brit wife The Beginning part 1

burningdesire133 on Wife Stories

Lately she is so turned on but not by me by other men, I can see her indulging in her thoughts I even caught her touching herself discreetly in nights, but I didn’t say anything to her I want her to be free as bird now. We are married for 10 years and no it was not planned she was 18 at that time and I was 19. We were dating for 1 year, and as she belongs to conservative Pakistani family. She wouldn’t let me do much but that night at party she was looking so irresistible. Well I planned to seduce her and we grab beer and as usual we went in balcony, there she was her silky hair touching my face as I hugged her from behind her irresistible aroma as it touched my senses I felt blood rushing in my veins and I started to getting a bulge in my pants she felt it too but this time it was differe

A wife taken down a dark path

Maw715 on Wife Stories

semi-true story about getting my wife involved with a
older satanic man. (MF, wife, reluc, mast, oral, anal,
mc, bd, cult)


My name is Mark, I'm 36, I work for a major HVAC control
company. My wife's name is Jillian, or Jill is what most
people call her, she is 34 and works for a private
school as a teacher. We have been married for 10 year,
we have no children! Nine years ago we found out that I
was sterile.

Last year we bought a house in the country, with a big
garage on it. I enjoy restoring old cars and Jill like
to restore old furniture so the garage is great for both
of us. Jill will go on Craigslist and look for furniture
to buy and will look through car parts and let me know
if she finds anything I might be interested in.

Two months ago Jill

Our first time at the swing club

sensualhunters on Wife Stories

We had always talked about it but Victoria and me had never gone to a swing club. One night after an intense sexual time together she said “i’m Ready”. I said ready for what. She said “let’s go to the swing club”. “Now”

It was Friday night and before you know it we are almost there. She dressed in a low cut top with no bra to show off her 40d Puerto Rican tits. A short skirt with some skimpy undies

We got there and check our drinks in and started roaming. Dancing was going on and people in various stages of dress or undress. Two chicks were making out on the dance floor. I took victoria out for a dance. Having a great time I pulled her tits out and she was fine with it. The guy next to her throws me a thumbs up and cops a feel I could see it turned her on big time.

Pantyhose lifestyle

Pantyhoseguy on Wife Stories

My wife Liz and I have worn pantyhose since our first date.
A few years after we married we settled in subdivision. Our routine was the same, Liz is always up at 6:00AM, puts on her pantyhose and a tee shirt then drinks coffee and reads. I get up around 9:AM put on my pantyhose go to the kitchen for coffee and as always to see my beautiful wife wearing hose.
One morning I woke up at 7:20AM put on my pantyhose headed to the kitchen. She wasn't in there so I poured my coffee walked into the living room. Looking out the side window I see Liz standing in the neighbors driveway talkingto him, I thought it was odd, she was wearing black pumps, tan hose, black shorts, white tank top, no bra, I could clearly see her nipples from about 30 feet. I watched with excitement and horror then she lean

Fucked by her lesbian co-worker

FastGlass on Wife Stories

My wife is the office manger of a small services company and she has 4 or 5 women under her they all get along typical women BS joking around among each other all in good fun. Well she has a co-worker who is a lesbian We'll call her Kelly she's the butch in the relationship and my wife says she's a really good worker and doesn't have a problem with her unlike some of the girls. So one day the mail comes and in with all the office mail is a package for Kelly not unusual, so as my wife is opening all the office mail she hears Kelly hey my new cock is here.
My wife looks up and see's Kelly holding this big strap on and the girls are all laughing and joking so Kelly slips the thing on right over her shorts and one of the other girls helps her cinch it up not their all like a bunch of giddy s

Reality Fantasies Part 1

Ukcouple69 on Wife Stories

Wanting to have some time purely for us, my man suggested we had a mini break.
He likes the nicer places to stay, so I set to work finding somewhere special. After a while, I found just the place - a country hotel with a few secluded cottages set within the property. Stay in the main house, or in the grounds? Knowing my man has a desire for outdoor sex, the workman cottage option was a no-brainer. I had every intention of making one of his fantasies become reality.
We drove for a couple of hours to get there mid-afternoon on the Friday. Thank goodness for sat-navs, this place wasn't the easiest to find, but it was so worth it. Driving up the gravel drive, the main house was simply gorgeous. Georgian architecture, clipped topiary, even stripy lawns. Inside was just as you'd hoped from th

First Time I was Shared with Strangers

Pinknwet4sharing on Wife Stories

Whilst on a trip to Amsterdam, hubby and I spent an evening at a swingers club called ParadiseClub. After we paid in we had to strip off in the locker room and were given a towel each. We wrapped the towels around us and ventured into the club.

There was a small swimming pool, so we dropped our towels and naked we waded into the pool. The water wasn't deep and barely covered my bare pussy. So standing there with my tits in full view, we were quickly approached by a guy, handsome looking, and had a goatee beard. We had some small talk for a few minutes before hubby and I decided to go explore the rest of the club.

Goatee man followed us out and showed us through to an area with lots of sofas and a bar at the far end.

Hubby and I sat down next to each other and goatee guy sat oppo

My wife and a co- worker

FastGlass on Wife Stories

Let me preface this by saying that my wife and I are as much in love as the day we met and I have but one goal and that is to make her happy. We have excellent communication and are very open in our discussion especially when it comes to sex. We often discussed the subject of her exploring er sexual curiosity and we both were always willing to try new things but it was strictly with the approval of the other. When the subject came up about had she ever considered being with a woman she confessed that she always had a curiosity but as with everything else her desires were suppressed by her overbearing asshole of an ex husband and only having a few partners before she married the possibility just dwindles away. I reassured her I was there to support her and if it was something she wanted to

I hired my wife for a bachelor's party

marriedtoaslut on Wife Stories

had been married to Sheree for 13 years when I heard from freinds from college that another freind was getting married and we were having a bachelor's party for him. I said i would be there and I would help plan the party. Our girls were with my in-laws for a trip so Sheree and I headed to Savannah for the party. She had never met any of these freinds before. I told the guys I had arranged a stripper and we were having it at one of the guys houses that was large and had privacy. I talked to an old freind and got Sheree a pizza delivery uniform and rooftop light and a little rental car to drive to deliver the pizza. She was to hang out at the pizza place waiting my special order. I went to the party and was one of the first to arrive and by the time everyone was there, there were ten of u

Erotic Exploits of the Emperor 1

TheLynn642 on Wife Stories

All people and participants in my stories are 18 years or older, all all my OC’s from my Fictional Empire Oriental series. This is going to be a rather long series, but I hope you enjoy! -Jacklynn

It had been exactly one year since the ascension of ToGoMei Son. Exactly one year everyone had spent mourning the loss of their previous emperor, Emperor ShonGo Mei. It had also been exactly one year that the Country had been without an Empress, without a mother to their nation. While there was no empress, no person in the country could get married; and the masses were getting weary of having to wait for their brides. Feeling his subjects displeasure, His Majesty instructed his mother to begin preparations to find him an empress. “Do not bring me a ugly wife, Mother. I am an emperor. I w

Hot Seniors

limber1 on Wife Stories

Hot Seniors
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My wife and I fantasized about her fucking another guy for years. We even exchanged pictures and letters with other people but we never acted on it. Since I had a very high profile job we had to be discrete therefore we never would do anything with friends or people that we would ever come across. We did not want it known that we strayed from the beaten path. We are both good looking, well educated and well traveled.

One night in NYC I saw a guy showing hard in the subway restroom and asked him if he was interested in fucking my wife. He said he was so I gave him directions to the house. I told my wife what I had done and she didn't erupt so I had hope. We dropped the kids off at the movie and he showed up right on time. We had very few preliminaries before he


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I have been married for over 30yrs to a 62yr wife I love but after our 2nd child was born she went of sex which I thought was due to pregnancy and baby but over the years nothing changed and there was always an excuse no matter what I tried ,Flowers , Kissing cuddling, Romantic weekends breaks, Underwear, Sex toys and more .
So it was down to the wrist work and porn and few times got caught and get an earful from the wife usual thing dirty old man pervert etc this didn't help our sexual relationship.#
One day I was browsing the web and wife came in and accused me of watching porn and I was the usual dirty blah blah for some reason I just flipped and said
"have you seen any porn at all"
she mumbled something which I gathered was a no ,so I grabbed the laptop typed in " Matu

Step-daughter & Mother

oralman12 on Wife Stories

I'd been married for ten years - happily married, I might add - so when all this happened, it was completely out of the blue. A real eye-opener in more ways than one. Jane was a wonderful wife. Raven-haired, sexy and long-legged, she was still as sexy now as when we first met, twelve years ago. We had two kids of our own, twins boy and girl aged eight . And then there was Julie my stepdaughter .

She was Jane's daughter from her previous relationship. I say relationship, it was more of a one night stand - the dad hadn't stick around or been in touch since Julie was tiny. She was just seventeen now but I'd helped raise her since she was a little girl and always tried to treat her as if she was my own, even if there wasn't quite the same bond that existed between me and my two children.

Please Queen Gia

Pentadank on Wife Stories

She think I didn't notice the guy next to her rubbing her bare ass as her hand was in my pants stroking my hard cock. Im not sure if she knew that the light from the screen was showing off the full top of her breast. So big and nipples hard. The guys next to me has told his buddies about them. Ive seen them looking in the corner of my eye. I think one guy took a picture. Won't be good though, bad lighting. I don't mind. Ive been waiting for her to act on my fantasy in her own comfort zone and still being in my rules. Its nice. She likes it.

As the movie got darker, and she got drunker, her head fell on my shoulder and her hips kept moving slowly and I heard her breathe heavy, she was getting hot and my body was heating up too. I felt what was happening. My wife is stroking me in a thea