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the big house

maxfun10 on Role Play Stories

put your self in my shoes, this is a story that myself and partner wrote together taking in turns to write paragraphs. hope enjoy as much as we did

There is a group of people. Six couples. They have all been eating and drinking in the outdoors as it is hot and sunny. The air is charged with electricity as everyone knows why they are there. To please each other and to be pleased. Genui

three some 2 girls and 1 guy

newmommy2011 on Role Play Stories

Ok it started out that we were at the Halloween party, our first one. You me and Shelby are all fucked up, but you're fucked up worse than we are because you'd been guzzling Jello shooters like fucking water. Shelby pulls me to the side and whispers a very naughty plan in my ear *imagine the evil smile very slowly creeping across my face* so I go up behind you and cover your eyes. then I whisper

Trying Out The Boss

madamzz on Role Play Stories

Im boss, I have my own office, Secretary, etc.

I run a successful Lingerie business, I attend big AGM meetings and the like, making million dollar deals, arranging million dollar contracts, and im very good at what I do.

Anyway, im screening items for the new catalogue, the new summer range for sale, as the Head honcho, I get to try on all the items for the last word if the like, and

Chemistry Tutor

babyfacedallie on Role Play Stories

The classroom was hot and the air stagnant. Once again I found myself slipping in and out of sleep. The lids of my eyes felt heavy, and my arm didn't seem to want to hold my head up with much strength.

The chemistry teacher was going on about important things that would probably be on the test. But after an hour of the mind numbing explanations that didn't make sense, and wouldn't make sens