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My hung roommate trained me to be his bitch. Part 1.

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First off, my fetish is sucking, I never knew I was a size queen till I had a BBC, it was fucking jaw dropping and head numbing. I loved it.

I first met Darriel in college, we both had the same classes together, and he stank of weed, so we definitely hit it off. We'd go to my car or his in between breaks. Before the year was over, I started wearing more girl clothes, because I was year in my transition and I was already plenty passable. My hair was a short bob, but I wanted it a bit longer to match this blonde wig I had. My body was filling out and I had tiny b cup tits to go with my huge butt, wide hips and small waist.

I was wearing a crop top hoodie with some short shorts and leggings when Darriel asked if I wanted to smoke a shatter at his place. The dorms I was living in proh

my new neighbor

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hello my name is John and I'm 30 years old and I have been single for the past 3 years I just moved into this apartment complex no more than 3 months ago and to be honest with you it's really nice everything's cheap and affordable but enough about me I'm going to tell you a story that happened to me last week I was chilling in my apartment playing my PS3 minding my own business and I get a knock on my front door so I stop what I'm doing to get up and see who it was by looking through the small window on my front door and I realize it was my new neighbors next door she was moving in 3 days ago so I decided to answer the door and she was standing there in a green towel and I asked her what's up and she said nothing I really hate to ask you this but is it possible that I could use your showe

Sarah's Night at the Frat House Pt 1

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My name is Sarah, for the sake of this story;) I’m a 20-year-old transgender from Colorado. I like to keep the little man under my skirt a mystery, but I am very passible as a girl. For the fun I offer, I don’t get many rejections from the boys even after the surprise in my panties makes his grand standing debut. Thanks to the generous amount of estrogen my body produces and some prescription hormones, my breasts are a natural and firm 32b. They’re not too big, but they fit my slender body just right.

I saw Derrick at a college fraternity party in the summer of ’06. He was about 5’9” and probably pushing 160lbs of a lean build. He was cute, for a freshman. He had a clumsy way about him. You could tell that he tried hard to impress the veteran partiers around him, and it was adorable.


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Chapter 1: Sissy and her Momma

Sissy groaned softly as the call of nature gradually pulled her from a blissful sleep. She rolled away from Momma and rose groggily from the bed they shared. With a low moan of her own, Momma turned over and snuggled deeper under the covers. Sissy stumbled across the one-room flat and entered the bathroom. The white tiled floor was cold beneath her bare feet. Blinking in the morning light, she caught her reflecton in the mirror over the sink as she stopped in front of the toilet. Brushing back her wild mane of sleep-tousled black hair, she yawned hugely and lifted her plain white nightdress above her waist, then paused as she looked down with a frown.

Her shame-stick stared right back up at her with its one slitted eye.

An irritated sigh escaped

The Clinic

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I got out of my cab and looked up at the Clinic. It was a small, nondescript hospital. I was still pretty nervous about this treatment since I wasn’t even sure of the details. But it was either this or go under the knife. This problem had to be dealt with. I picked up my bag and went into the lobby.

The beautiful asian receptionist smiled at me as I walked up to the desk. “Hi, can I help you?”

Jeez, I really didn’t need a beautiful woman knowing why I was here. Oh well, I guessed it wouldn’t matter soon.

“Yeah, I’m checking in. My name’s Jeff Albertson.”

“Oh yes. I have your reservation right here, Mr. Albertson. You can leave your bag here and go right into room 17. Undress an

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d Dr. Hanson will be with you shortly.”

“Uh, okay, thanks.”

I went into the room and took off my clothes. It was a typical doctor’s examining room and I expected to sit there waiting for half an hour as is usually the case. But I was surprised that the door opened almost right away.

I fought the urge to cover up as another gorgeous woman walked into the room. She had on an extremely short skirt covered by a white lab coat. A stethoscope hung against her incredible breasts.

“Hi Jeff. I’m Dr. Hanson.”


She gave me a quick, efficient examination and finally took my dick in her hand. Her rubber gloved finger started stroking it and I gasped.

“It’s alright, Jeff. This is part of my job.”

My dick quickly expanded to it’s full four inches in her hands. She measured it to confirm that number.

“Our treatment can definitely help you, Jeff. Your length and breadth will definitely double, perhaps more.”

“That‘s incredible. Thank you.” My face was very red.

“We can administer the first treatment immediately. Nurse Nancy will be in to do it shortly. Have a good day.”

Once she had gone and I could think again I realized I hadn’t thought to ask a single question about what this treatment was. I tried to relax. It was supposed to be completely painless and all natural. Everything would be fine.

A few minutes later the nurse entered. She was the best looking woman yet. Was this for real?? Her uniform looked more like some kind of fetish nurse costume. Her blond hair was pulled up under her little nurse’s hat, the white dress clung to every curve and exposed several inches of cleavage. The skirt was so short I caught a glimpse of her panties and garter belts held up white stockings. And finally she wore red high heels. Definitely not standard nurse’s shoes.

“Hi Jeff! Are you ready for your treatment?”

“Um, actually, I had a few-”

She was unbuttoning her dress. What in the hell was going on??

“It’s easier this way. And I find the patient is much more relaxed if we’re both naked.”

She let her dress drop, exposing her large, firm breasts and flat stomach. She was wearing only her stockings and a white thong with a red cross that matched the one on her hat. The thong contained a large bulge.

My mouth dropped open as she pulled it down, exposing testicles and the biggest dick I’d ever seen.


“Okay, it’s time to explain, Jeff. The treatment consists of you swallowing my semen. It contains hormones that will make your own penis grow rapidly.

I know it’s a shock but the treatment is completely effective and there are no side effects.”

I couldn’t form words. I couldn’t even close my mouth.

‘I know it’s a little intimidating.” She said in a gentle voice. “But I can do most of the work. All you have to do is swallow. I promise this does not mean you’re a homosexual and I’m tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases.

Now can we get started?”

She indicated a padded platform a couple of inches off the ground. Hadn’t noticed that before.

Well, this was it. If this is the price of having a good-sized dick I guess I could bare it. I knelt down in front of her and the enormous organ was inches from my face.

“Um, wha-what do I do?”

“All you have to do is open your mouth when I tell you and swallow when I ejaculate.”

“Uh, okay.”

She started sliding the magnificent cock up and down and it slowly swelled. She also reached between her legs and started probing behind her balls. Fingering herself? I couldn’t see.

Despite the enormous male equipment in my face I couldn’t help but be turned on by this display. Her hands moved all over her amazing body, squeezing her breasts and pinching her large nipples. She obviously enjoyed her job.

She gasped and moaned. Her eyes closed and her tongue flicked over her luscious red lips.

“O-okay…open up. Get ready. It’s gonna be a…big one!”

Her rock-hard cock now stood out at least a foot and she jerked it rapidly with both hands.

I opened my mouth and she jammed it roughly in. The huge head filled my mouth and then rammed into the back of my throat.

“Yeah! Oh god, here it comes!” She gasped.

She moaned and gasped as her cock erupted in my mouth. I gulped down the cum as fast as I could, trying not to think about what it was. The taste wasn’t bad. I could do this.

It overflowed my mouth and ran down my chin.

“Suck.” Nancy gasped. “Get it all.”

I did as she instructed.

Finally she pulled her cock out of my mouth. More cum dripped down it’s length and down her shaved balls. I wasn’t surprised when she told me to get the rest of it and I leaned forward to lick her dick and balls clean then cleaned up what had dripped onto my chin and chest.

“Okay, you did very well. It will take a little while for it to take effect. Have a seat and I’ll be back to check on you in a few minutes.”

She pulled her clothes back on and left.

I sat on the examination table running over this unbelievable experience in my mind.

I had a hard-on. Once Nancy was gone I stood up and walked around the small room, trying to make it go down but it refused. I listened at the door. It didn’t sound like anybody was in the hall. I quickly sat down again and started jerking off.

A minute later Nurse Nancy entered the room again. Of course I was mortified but I just couldn’t make myself stop. I shifted to block her view with my arm but she could obviously tell what I was doing.

“You have to refrain from masturbating, Jeff.” She said “I know it’s hard.”

“S-sorry.” I said, trying to stop, but my hand had a mind of it’s own.

She walked across the room and pried my hand off my dick.

“Here. Lay down.”

She raised the rails on the table and before I realized what she was doing she strapped my wrist into a leather cuff.

“Hey! What the-?”

“If you masturbate too soon after the treatment it won’t take effect.”

“Okay, I won’t! You don’t have to do this!”

“You won’t be able to control yourself in a few minutes. Trust me. This is the way it has to be.”

I let her strap my other wrist in and strap my legs down.

“Okay. I’ll be back soon. It won’t be much longer now, I promise.”

By the time she came back I was a mess, writhing around on the table trying to rub my dick against my legs, the rail, anything to get some friction!

“Alright! Alright, Jeff! You’re doing fine. You can come now.”

She took a hold of my painfully hard dick. She didn’t even get a chance to stroke it before it blew and I was rocked with the orgasmic equivalent of being hit by a truck. My cum hit the ceiling as I blacked out.


I woke up in a hospital bed. I realized I was naked under the sheet. A nurse walked in. Do I have to tell you she was gorgeous? She was a redhead and wore the same kinky candy striper uniform as Nancy.

She set down a tray of food. It smelled delicious and looked far better than normal hospital food. I realized I was starving.

“Hi there Jeff. I’m Samantha. How are you feeling?”

“Pretty good. A little like I just ran a marathon.”

“Yes, the first treatment is always the most intense. It’ll get easier as time goes on.”

The treatment. I was confused and disoriented. It couldn’t really have happened the way I remembered it, could it?

“Um, the treatment…could you-”

“You’re wondering if it was all a dream?” She giggled “That’s not uncommon.”

She hiked up her skirt and pulled a big, thick dick out of her cute little nurse’s thong.

“Nope. As I’m sure Nancy told you the treatment involves you swallowing a hermaphrodite’s semen. I hope it wasn’t too unpleasant for you.” She stroked her dick idly as she spoke, making it semi-hard.

“No, not at all.”

I couldn’t believe how much watching her stroke her huge cock was turning me on. I was pitching a little tent under the sheet.

She moved toward the tray of food.

“Well then, would you like some special sauce for your dinner?” She grinned mischievously.

“Y-yes! Please!”

She giggled again as she started pumping her dick faster and faster, aiming it toward my plate. I watched, totally turned on, as her cock erupted, spewing thick cum all over the steak, vegetables, and bread as well as all over the tray and floor and wall. It made a huge mess but my mouth was watering.

Samantha pulled the tray table over to the bed. She wiped the final drop of cum oozing out of the big head of her cock and sucked it off the tip of her finger.

She flashed me her pretty smile. “Enjoy.”


Over the next few days my treatments continued. The orgasms did get less intense. I was usually only knocked out til noon. The nurses got more friendly and flirty and I took a more active role in the treatments, licking and sucking their big beautiful cocks. And my own was growing noticeably. I was already up to six inches. This was too good to be true.

The Clinic was a really nice place, halfway between hospital and high end hotel. There were a few other patients but they seemed as uninterested in interacting with me as I was with them. Most guys don’t want to admit to needing penis enhancement and I didn’t think most of them were as comfortable with the treatment as I was.

That day after recovering from my treatment I went out for a swim in the pool.

I dove in and swam a few laps. When I came up I saw Nancy and a nurse named Danielle in tiny bikinis laying out towels next to the pool.

Nancy waved to me. “Hi Jeff! Want to come help us with our lotion?”

I eagerly swam to the side of the pool and climbed out. They were taking each other’s bikinis off. Why did they even bother to wear them? Danielle had the biggest, most gravity defying breasts I’ve ever seen.

I looked over at their bags and discarded clothes.

“Where’s the lotion.”

Nancy laughed. “Oh come on, Jeff! You know the answer to that!”

Yeah, I guess I did. I knelt between them and started fondling both of their big, thick cocks. I stroked the massive rods until they both sprayed cum all over their tits. I had to resist the urge to lick it up but I dutifully rubbed the thick, hot “lotion” all over their fantastic bodies and had to be satisfied with licking my fingers clean.

I dove back into the pool and swam some more. I was swimming to the shallow end to get out when I saw a pair of sexy female legs underwater. I stood up and a pretty blond I’d never met before smiled at me.

“Hi, I’m Marcia.”

“Hi, Jeff.”

“How long have you been here, Jeff?”

“Four days now.”

She grinned and pointed to my crotch. “Can I…see?”

I pulled down my trunks. She was a medical professional after all. Wasn't she?

She reached out and squeezed my now average sized dick.

“Nice. I‘ve been here two weeks.”

She pulled down the bottom of her swimsuit to reveal a dick about the size of mine with much smaller balls. I was surprised. I hadn’t seen a woman under a foot here.

“Of course, it takes a lot longer for a woman. I should be done in about a month.”

This place has female patients?? I had no idea! The thought of hundreds or thousands of women walking around with huge cocks really turned me on.

“Looks great.” I said.

“Well, see you around, Jeff.” She turned and dove into the water.


That night I was fast asleep when I felt someone crawl on top of me. I opened my eyes to look up at Marcia’s smiling face.


We were both naked and I felt her hard cock against my stomach.

She giggled. “Hi, Jeff. I’m so fucking horny if I don’t get laid I’m gonna rape somebody!” She kissed me. “So which is it gonna be?”

She pulled my wrist over to the leather cuff hanging from the railing.

I grinned up at her. “What if I call for a nurse?”

“I’ve got the perfect thing to shove in your mouth to shut you up. Besides, the nurses around here, they’d probably want to watch.”

“Okay, of course I want to. But lets pretend I don’t.” I slipped my wrist through the cuff.

Marcia laughed. “Okay. Just don‘t say I didn‘t warn you!”

She tied me securely to the bed then climbed back on top of me.

She thrust her breasts in my face.

“Suck!” She ordered.

Like I had to be told! I eagerly started licking and sucking her big, beautiful breasts.

“Mmm, I love this treatment!” She sighed. “Even my breasts are getting bigger and more sensitive!”

She crawled farther up my body and her dick was in my face. Her thick six inches looked just as tasty as any of the huge nurses’. I stretched my neck and licked it.

“Not yet!” She lifted up her balls and I just barely saw her swollen labia in the dim light. “Lick your Mistress’s pussy!”

I eagerly buried my face in her steaming pussy. With all that had happened at the Clinic I almost forgot how much I loved eating pussy. She got off at least twice before she pulled away from me a little.

“Now suck my balls.” She giggled. “Never imagined I’d be saying that to a guy!”

Her balls were getting bigger but still smaller than average. They fit very comfortably in my mouth and she murmured happily as I rolled them around on my tongue.

Then she pulled her balls out of my mouth and turned over so we were in a sixty-nine position. She leaned down and gave my dick a few licks.

“You’re coming along nicely. What are you now? Seven inches? Very nice. Time to break in mine!”

She jammed her dick all the way down my throat. I gagged. She pulled it out and immediately thrust it back in. Tied up like this I had no control over how much she stuck in. She was more fucking my throat than allowing me to suck her. It hurt and I felt a little like I was going to puke whenever she jammed it all the way in but I was loving it. And she was doing incredible things to my dick with her own mouth.

I came first and she continued to pound my throat.

“Oh yeah! Oh god yeah! Your throat is so fucking tight! We’ll have to do this again when I’ve grown a few more inches.”

She slammed it all the way in and my throat spasmed, fighting the urge to vomit. She screamed out in orgasm and I felt her dick emptying it’s load straight down my throat.

“Oops, guess the nurses probably heard that one.” She giggled as she pulled her dick out of my throat. I coughed and gagged. That hurt like hell but I loved it!

She turned around and straddled my hips. “Now let’s take yours for a test drive. But I’m warning you, if you come before Mistress tells you to this time I’ll gag you and leave you here for the nurses to find in the morning.”

The nurses. Where were they? I was really hoping somebody would come join us. We were making enough noise here.

She slapped me. “Understand, slave?”

“Yes Mistress.” I gasped through my ravaged throat.

She slid back and pulled my dick inside her.

“Oh yeah! That’s so big!!”

That was gratifying.

I wanted to come the second I got inside her, being in this hospital made me insanely horny, but I held on as long as I could.

She rode my dick hard, rapidly pounding her own beautiful new endowment.

With another lusty scream she sprayed hot cum all over my face and her cunt clamped down hard on my dick. I couldn’t take it anymore. I thrust up into her and shot my load.

“Bad boy! I wasn’t anywhere near finished with you yet.”

“Sorry. I’ll be ready again in a second.”

“Too late, bitch.”

“Oh come on, you’re not really-”

She slipped off the bed and held up a crumpled piece of cloth.

“These panties don’t fit very well anymore but I’ll put them to good use.” She crammed the panties into my mouth and smiled down at me. “See you around the pool.”

Grinning evilly, she turned and walked out.

A few moments later Nurse Amy walked in.

“Have a good time, Jeff? I was watching. Sure looked like you were.”

I nodded and tried to ask her to remove the panties.

She looked down at me tied and gagged. “Good. See you tomorrow.”

I yelled through the gag as she turned and walked away.

“Sleep tight.”


It was my last morning at the Clinic. I was really going to miss the place. Dr. Hanson was giving me my final exam.

“Looks fantastic, Jeff. Nancy will be here in a second to give you your final treatment.”

“Thanks Doc. Thanks for everything.”

Nancy walked in.

She came over and hugged me tight. “I’m gonna miss you, Jeff! You were my favorite patient ever!”

“I’ll miss you too, Nancy.”

“Come on over here.” She indicated the kneeling bench.

I knelt and she leaned down and pulled my hands behind me. Before I knew it she had snapped handcuffs onto me and secured them to a bolt in the wall.

“We’re all gonna miss you. So we decided to give you a going away treatment you’ll never forget.”

The door opened and all of the beautiful nurses crowded into the small examining room. They all held their huge dicks in their hands. Nancy and Doc Hanson reached under their skirts and pulled out their own monsters.


I left the Clinic with a ten inch dick, severely bruised vocal chords, and a major fetish for nurses and women with dicks. I started seeing Marcia a few months later. She keeps a nurse‘s costume in her closet and nothing turns me on more than when she puts it on and ties me up.

was my doctor?? Was a steady stream of incredibly hot women part of this treatment? Ha! I wish!

In the Men's Restroom at a Local Bar Downtown

anonymous on Transgender Stories

Mel Gomez is a 5-6 tall girl in her early 20s, and possesses beautifully luscious, dark brown hair, thin black glasses, and is a D-cup who possesses a blend of peach and tan skin.

She’s a college student who works part time at a local pizza company, and just finished her shift, and over the previous weekend, made a bet with one of her male friends that she would beat him in poker. But sh

Steven and Arnold's Swim Party

anonymous on Transgender Stories

Steven Bonner is a 5 foot 6, gay female to male, pre-op transman. He is in his early 20s, who possesses blonde and dark brown hair, wears a binder to hide C-cup breasts, and soft, puffy nips, has pinkish-redddish lips, has long, wavy eyelashes, and recently garnered a slight tanned skin.

Arnold Reynolds is a 5 foot 8, pre-op ftm,transman who has brownish red hair. He also is in h

A very special lady part 2

Morgen on Transgender Stories

      Knocking on the door, I was almost trembling with anticipation. This was going to be my second date with Chantel, I was wearing my best suit, I wanted to take her out, have a nice dinner, squire her around and show her off, she was unlike any woman I had ever dated, and I wasn't referring to her anatomical differences.


One Evening on the Halloween Weekend

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Carlita Bonner is a 5 foot 6, 105 pound woman in her early 20s, who possesses blonde and dark brown hair, gorgeous, perky C-cup breasts, soft, puffy nips, pinkish-redddish lips, has long, wavy eyelashes, and recently garnered a slight tanned skin. 


She was a femme girly girl, as she

Gill and Abe's Adventures, Part IV

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A year later, Abe gets full top and bottom surgery, still rooms with best friend, Gill, and is in a serious relationship with his girlfriend, Louisa. He also greets his fellow transman friend Otto at a club, who also had similar surgeries but with different results. Meanwhile, they meet two more ladies, and meet back at Louisa's house for the after-party.

The Gay Guy and the T-gurl

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I think I'm gay. I used to think I am bisexual, but that doesn't make much sense. I love dressing as a girl, and am sexually stimulated by it. Plus - all my waking and sleeping time is spent dreaming about sucking cock! I haven't had tons of opportunity to do so, but occasionally things work out.

Lady In The House - Part I

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Lady in the House – Part I


Michele Nylons

How had it come to this?  I was dressed as a woman and standing in the far corner of a darkened cell on E Block of Chelmsford Correction Facility for Men, and waiting for the most dangerous inmate in the jail. How had a mild mannered, and diminutive but highly successful accountant in his 30s ended up in one the States high security prison?

Well it had a lot to do with a bottle of scotch, a fast car, and a dead little girl.  The magistrate decided I was to be made an example of; five years for manslaughter, no parole.  How did I end up ‘belonging’ to Eddie McManus, the Facility’s most notorious inmate?  I thought back to six months ago about when I arrived at the prison.ÂÂ

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  It was obvious I was grist for the mill, the inmates jeered and cat called as I walked down the centre aisle past all the cells.

“Your mine sugar,” 

“Shake that arse for me baby,” and other demeaning harangues were yelled my way.  I was so scared about what would happen to someone like me in here.

One of the guards laughed “I’d get a big bad friend if I were you,”

His mate retorted “I’d get two big friends.”

I spent first night in Chelmsford alone in a cell, scared to death and didn’t sleep a wink.  The next day I was assigned a cell in the general population wing and my cellmate was ‘Big Bill Stevens’.  He gave me the some advice.

“Mike, you need a really, really big friend or two, otherwise those lads will eat you alive. Or should I say you will spend your life eating them!” he laughed.

Bill went on to explain prison life to me; how there were two types of inmates really; the hunters and the hunted.  With my small stature and my soft body, unused to any physical work, I was a sitting duck for the freaks.  I explained my background to Bill, about how I was a successful businessman who had the misfortune to drive home after consuming nearly a bottle of scotch.  About how I didn’t even remember hitting the girl.

“We all have our stories to tell,” said Bill, “and yours don’t mean shite in here.” He added callously.

“However,” said Bill, “there is another class of inmate.  The kind like you that has a lot of money on the outside; the kind that can buy protection; the kind that can get a get a guard or two in his hip pocket. Your kind.” He half laughed.

And that was it, the deal was struck. Big Bill Stevens became my minder.  With a liberal sprinkling of cash, which was provided by a bent guard to whom I set up a special account to access to my money outside, (and who took twenty five percent of every penny I had him withdraw); I was assigned to a larger more comfortable cell with Bill. We lived like kings; special food, special privileges, special packages from the outside containing booze, cigarettes, pornography, anything to make life more comfortable or anything that could be used for trade inside the nick.

I figured it was costing me more to live in jail than it was to live the high life outside, but I was locked up for five years with no hope of release, and without Bill as my minder, a few guards in my pocket, and the influence and protection of my money, life would be hell.

Then about three months ago, it all went to shit.  I found out there was another class of prisoner, a very special class of inmate who was so unique that there could be only one in each jail, the kind of inmate that ate the hunters just as easily as the hunted.  The kind of hard man that had nothing to lose, and was so hard the other kingpins in the nick paid him tribute and did his bidding without question.  The kind of inmate who didn’t need to bribe guards (although he kept them well paid anyway), because with one phone call to the outside he could have any guard’s family battered or worse.  The real boss of Chelmsford prison was not the Governor, It was Eddie McGuire, or actually, Mister McGuire to anyone but his closest confidants.

Eddie was in for life, but Eddie still ran one of the most successful criminal gangs on the outside.  Eddie wanted for nothing on the inside, the only thing he couldn’t have was freedom. And now Eddie had me!

Four month’s ago Eddie approached me and said he was impressed with how a faggot little man like me had set myself up.  He said he had no problems with the way I lived, as long as I bought my ‘special concessions’ from him, and as long as he got ten percent of any cash that I had smuggled inside.  From the look on Bill’s face I knew I had choice but to comply.  I figured it was just life in the nick and what the hell I had plenty of money working for me outside.

Then about a month after that I was sitting in the cell I shared with Bill wondering what was taking him so long to do the daily rounds of bribes and trading when I had an unexpected visitor.  One of Eddie’s minders came in to the cell and said,

“Bill won’t be back.  In fact he ain’t going anywhere any more.  When the fracas is over, you get your ass down to Eddie’s you little toerag.”

I wondered what the fuck he was on about, but next minute 2 prison officers came in and turfed me out. They searched the cell from top to bottom removing all my contraband and luxuries.

“You can go back in now arsehole.” One of the guards sneered. “Bill has had an accident and won’t be back.  You’re on your own until we re-assign you to another cell.  Sleep well sweetie!” The guard crooned and sauntered off.

I was scared shitless but knew better than to ignore the summons to Eddie’s cell.  I hurried down, minder-less for the first time since my arrival.  Eddie was waiting for me.  He was a slim man in his fifties, but sinewy with muscle.  I had heard he had choked more than one man to death with his bare hands.

Eddie wasted no time explaining the situation; Bill had been withholding some of the money I was supposed to pay Eddie.  Bill was now a permanent guest of the hospital and would never walk again.  Bill had fucked up big time.  And more importantly, Bill was my minder so I was responsible for his actions.  I tried to explain the situation; that I didn’t know Bill was skimming from the tribute I was supposed to pay.  Eddie quickly went on to explain that he didn’t give a fuck, that my girly ass belonged to him now.  I was going to become his accountant, his financial adviser, and I was going to pay him for the privilege of his protection.

I was moved into a cell next to Eddie that evening. What could I do? I had to have a minder otherwise I would be every hard man’s toy. I complied with Eddie’s wishes. I managed his funds and barter inside and I paid my tribute. After a couple of weeks I though I had nearly a better set up than before. Then some changes started to happen and at first I didn’t realise how drastically they would affect me.

Eddie had me organise some women’s clothing be bought in.  We had become sort of friendly; well as friendly as you could get as an underling; probably because a little chap like me was no threat to him.  He showed me some fashion magazines that he had bought in and pointed out some skirts, blouses, suits, and lingerie.  I have to say I was not suspicious at this stage, fashion mags in jail were poor mans porn that you didn’t have to hide them from the guards. I had also come to find out that some of the other effeminate inmates dressed as women and performed sexual favours for money. I also knew some of the more powerful prisoners had ‘wives’, crossdressed men who lived with them in their cells in homosexual relationships, either for protection or because they were just queer.  The guards turned a blind eye or took part of their take from the ‘working girls’; either way, I wasn’t really interested. 

I figured Eddie had me order in the clothing either to sell to the ‘working girls’ or he had his own ‘wife’ hidden away somewhere discrete in the jail.  I was really puzzled at how much interest he had me show in ordering the lingerie and shoes. He took special care in selecting sizes. Together we poured over the catalogues and I feigned interest as much as I could. I agreed with him that high heels looked lovely on a nice set of legs, but were hardly practical for a crossdressed inmate to get around the jail.

“You fucking nonce!” He laughed, his voice roughened from forty cigarettes a day. “She won’t be wearing them around the nick, just in my cell, and mainly on my cot.” He laughed again.

We spent ages looking at stockings and pantyhose.  He told me how much he loved nylons on a shapely leg and had me order in large quantities of fully-fashioned stockings and sheer to the waist pantyhose in many different shades.  I explained to Eddie that they would cost a fortune, as even the guards who were on the pad didn’t like prisoners having nylons because they were an ideal medium for suicide by hanging.  One or two inmates in the past had suicided by hanging themselves with a stocking.

“Just get on with the order, secretary!” he scowled.  “Just fucking pay the price! Just fucking do what your told!” 

I hated upsetting Eddie in any way as he scared me to death, and now I leapt to my feet to make the deal with the bent guards and pay their ridiculous prices for the smuggled in lingerie and other girly items.  Another thing I didn’t like was that for a week or so Eddie kept calling me his ‘secretary’ for some reason. I figured it related in some way to me being his accountant. 

Then the fateful day happened. Today!

I could walk around the jail with immunity now that I was ‘one of Eddie’s’.  I had sometimes seen other inmates point to me and I overheard them referring to me as ‘Eddie’s new secretary’.

“Oh yes, I can see what he sees in her.” One ‘noncer’ said, which I found puzzling.

It was just after dinner when I returned to my cell to find one of the prison ‘wives’ waiting for me.  I had seen him before and knew him as Craig, one of Eddie’s underlings.  I only just recognised him though as he made a quite attractive and convincing woman.

“Fuck off you poofter!” I shouted at him, her, It!  “Don’t you know who I work for!”

“Oh I know darling,” she cooed at me. “ And Eddie said it’s time.  You’re coming with me honey.   I’m going to prepare you for him.”

“What the fuck are you talking about,” I said.

“Look honey, my name is Carmel and I work for Eddie.  And you’re coming with me and I’m going to show you how to transform yourself for Eddie.” Carmel said calmly.

“I still don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.” I said

“Well honey is you look over your shoulder you will see ‘Iron Bar’ Steve.  You can either be transformed by him or by me ok?” Carmel crooned.

I turned around, and sure enough, there was ‘Iron Bar’, Eddies enforcer. He was grinning at me and slapping a piece of steel pipe in the palm of his hand.  I made my decision and nodded to Carmel who led me out of my cell down into E Block.  E Block was pretty much deserted and I had heard rumours that it was a part of the prison used by prisoners and guards alike for activities the general population didn’t need to know about.

Carmel led me into one of the bathrooms in block and turned into the small room where a big old white bath sat.  It was full of steaming soapy water.

“Strip and get in sugar,” Carmel said.

I looked around saw all manner of soaps, shampoos, razors and such.

“Fuck off hag fag,” I sneered at Carmel.

“Steve, she wants you!” Carmel yelled out the door, and sure enough there was ‘Iron Bar’ with a smirk on his face, smacking his trusty pipe into the other palm. Carmel pushed her face right into mine.

“You don’t seem to understand do you Mike? You either do exactly as I say, which is what Eddie wants; or, I let Steve there take you for the last walk you’ll ever have!”

I now realised the severity of the situation but was still confused. Although enough to do exactly what Carmel said or I would have my legs broken in such a way they would never mend.  I shucked off my clothes and lowered myself into the bath.  Carmel threw me a loofah and said “Scrub!” So I did.  Then she sat on the edge of the bath and took one of the disposable razors from a pack.  I was not surprised that one of Eddie’s ‘girls’ would access to an item that anyone else in the prison population could never get.

Carmel lifted my leg and stated shaving it.  I tried to pull my leg away and she held it tight, gave me a stern look, then glanced towards the door where Steve was lounging outside. I surrendered.

“Watch how I do this hon,” Carmel said,  “you doing this shit yourself from now on.”

Then it dawned on me what was happening, the significance of the word ‘transform’; the reason Carmel was shaving my legs.  I felt numb.  I couldn’t comprehend why Eddie would do this to me.  I was in a trance as Carmel fished shaving my legs and then the soft down on my arms.  She shaved my face and rubbed moisturiser onto it.  Then she led me out of the bath and dried me off.  I was just like a mannequin that Carmel could move around and pose as she liked.  Carmel led me to the part of the bathroom that had about ten sinks and mirrors lined up along the wall. It wasn’t until later that I took notice that the usual stainless steel mirrors had been replaced with glass and that each of the mirrors had a bright light over it.  One of the sinks had a high stool set up in front of it and Carmel sat me on it.

“Now pay attention honey, you need to learn how to do this,” she said.

I noticed that on the shelf below the mirror was a large assortment of makeup.  Carmel took a damp sponge and applied generous amounts of foundation to my face, cooing at how lovely my skin was and that I didn’t need to use 'dermablend' or other such heavy-duty foundation.  After she had applied the foundation to my face and neck she picked up brush and applied a slightly lighter coloured powder to set my face.  She rouged my cheeks, accenting my high feminine cheekbones.  She fussed around my eyes applying liberal amounts of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. She then finished with another light dusting of powder. All the time Carmel was explaining to me how I would need to learn how to apply my own makeup. I was still too dazed to really accept what was happening. The final touch was the application of a bright red nail polish to my toe and fingernails.

Then Carmel reached under the sink and opened a cupboard.  She pulled out three wigs sitting on wig stands and I noticed there were a lot more in there.  Carmel looked at me seriously for awhile then selected a blonde bob and pilled it on my head.  She turned me towards the mirror and made some adjustments.  I was shocked as I looked at myself; I looked stunning.  I couldn’t believe the transformation to my face.  I looked like a sexy, mid thirties, over made-up, slut.

“You like?” Carmel smiled at me.

“I look like a fucking woman!” I shrieked.

“Well that’s the idea stupid,” Carmel Laughed. “Follow me.”

I followed her out of the bathroom, stark naked and with my face made up to look like a whore. ‘Iron Bar’ Steve followed at a menacing distance.  Carmel led me into a cell in a set of six on the next level up.  The five others around it were all deserted but the cots were made up with what looked like satin sheets and comforters.

“This is your workroom honey, hope you like it,” Carmel said as she led me inside the cell.

I couldn’t believe it, the oversized cot was made up with satin sheets and a full sized wardrobe was open and hanging there were the clothes that Eddie had made me help him pick out.  Four pairs of different coloured high heels were arranged on the bottom of the wardrobe and in the drawers that were pulled open was the lingerie Eddie had spent so much time selecting with me. Now I knew why! Carmel led me over to the bed and sat me down.

“Well I guess I better show you how to dress too,” she said.  “Eddie was quite specific about what you were to wear for him tonight.”

Carmel selected a pair of shiny, sheer to the waist taupe pantyhose and rolled them up my legs. She stood me up and showed me how to pull them tight around my arse.  The nylon felt cool and slippery on my legs, not unpleasant. I had always loved to run my hands up a nyloned thigh but had never imagined what it would be like to wears them.  I nearly died when Carmel put her hands inside the gusset of the hose and grabbed my cock and pushed back between my legs. The tight nylon held it snugly against my ass.

“There,” Carmel said, “lets get that little thing out of the way shall we?” she laughed.

I heard Steve laugh at the door and realised to my humiliation that he was watching the proceedings. Next Carmel pulled a pair of silky nylon peach coloured full cut panties from the drawer with a matching bra.

“Here,” she said, handing me the panties, “put these on while I get the breastforms”.

I didn’t know what the fuck she was talking about, Breastforms?  I slid into the panties, the silky nylon of the panties created little electric shocks of pleasure as they rubbed against the sheer nylons as they slid up my legs.  Carmel turned around and was holding two perfectly formed small breasts, one in each hand.  She put them down and put the bra on me then placed each of the plastic breasts in each cup.

“There is some adhesive in the dresser draw that has instructions on how to adhere the breastforms to your chest. You can learn to do that later.  The way I’m dressing you tonight it won’t matter you just need the shape.” Carmel said, sounding serious about subject totally alien to me.

I was still in shock as to what was happening to me when Carmel sat me down again and lifted my feet one by one and placed a back shiny high heel on each one.  She pulled out a little jewellery box from out of a draw in the base of the oversize cot. 

“For fuck sake keep this locked away from now on and never lend your jewellery to any of the other girls.” Carmel said very seriously.

‘My jewellery!’ ‘Other girls!’ ‘My workroom!’ What the fuck is happening to me I wanted to scream.  I kept my cool though, I realised I had no choice but to succumb to the ministrations of this freak man/women who was dressing me or have ‘Iron Bar’ Steve cripple me for life.  One I saw Eddie I knew I could convince him that he had his little joke and that I would make up for what ever mistake I had made as soon as I got back to work as his finance manager, back in the general population of the jail.

Carmel selected a simple gold ankle chain and fastened it around my slim ankle.  The gold twinkled in the light against the sheen of the sheer nylon. Carmel put two gold bands around my right wrist, and a simple but elegant, gold ladies watch on my left.  She placed another simple gold chain around my neck, for which hung a black onyx stone set in gold.  She clipped matching earrings to my ears.

“We’ll pierce your ears tomorrow hon,” she said humming away as she worked.

Like fuck you will, I though to myself.  Next Carmel had me stand and I teetered on the high heels, steadying myself by holding on to her. 

She smiled, “You’ll soon get used to them.”

I thought again, like fuck I would because after tonight I’ll never need to wear them.  Eddie will see this is a mistake. Carmel selected a satin waist-cincher that matched my bra and panties and pulled it tight around my waist.  My already un-masculine body was now positively effeminate.  My smooth long legs enhanced by the sheer hose, my arse had been pushed out slightly by the squeeze of the cincher, my false tits that just proportional to my small build, and my little waist. I looked like a well looked after thirty-year-old woman.

Next Carmel took a cream coloured silk blouse and pulled it up my arms and buttoned up the front.  It was open down to the second button and showed a hint of my peach bra.  Next she had me step into a peach nylon half slip, that again matched my bra and panties.  It too gave me little electric shocks of pleasure as it slid up my nyloned legs. Carmel reached into the wardrobe and pulled out a hanger on which there was a bark blue women’s business suit.  I remember Eddie picking it out of a catalogue and wondered at the time why his ‘working girls’ would need something so sophisticated.  But along with nurse’s uniforms and other fetish clothing I figured it was just to pander to some expensive punter’s peccadilloes.

Carmel had me step into the skirt and pulled it up my legs and fastened it around my waist. She straightened my blouse, ensuring it was tucked in and then surprised me as reached under the skirt and pulled the half-slip that had become rucked up when I donned the skirt.  I got another of those little electric shocks of pleasure form her hands straightening the slip and touching my stocking legs.  I looked down and was surprised to see a pair of sexy pantyhosed legs showing from below the hem of a navy blue skirt that was six inches above my knee.  Attached to those legs were a pair of sexy nylon encased feet, the red toenails showing though the gossamer nylon.  Around one slim ankle a gold bracelet reflected a glint of light.

Finally Carmel helped me into the matching jacket and led me over to a full-length mirror that was attached to the wardrobe door.  I was amazed! Staring back at me was a gorgeous woman in her mid thirties. Her bottle – blonde hair and over made-up face atop the cream blouse and navy blue power suit made her look sophisticated but strumpet like.  Carmel spun me around so I could see my side and rear.  My ass stuck out provocatively and stretched the material of the skirt taught against my arse. It was forced that way by the pull of cincher and stance I had to adopt to remain on feet in the high heels. The rear of the skirt had a small split that showed about another six inches of the back of my nyloned thighs.

Just then I saw hand reflected in the mirror as it grabbed my arse.  It was Steve.

“You look great,” he growled as he pawed my arse and legs.

“Get the fuck off her Steve or I’ll tell Eddie,” Carmel screamed smacking Steve’s hand away.

Steve retired to the door sheepishly.

“You know Eddie always gets them first!” she yelled after him.

Then the full light of the situation dawned on me.  As I looked at the reflection of the trampy woman in the business suit I realised she looked just like a caricature of the ‘sexy secretaries’ I had seen posing in porn magazines just before they stripped off their clothes, page by page.

Now I knew why Eddie had called me his secretary! Oh my god! He had been planning this for weeks, having me help him pick out clothes, obviously getting his ‘girls’ to find out my sizes for clothes and shoes.  And now I had no choice but to be Eddie’s ‘sexy secretary’ or suffer an agonising beating and the loss of my limbs!

“Mike, now you are Michele, you look beautiful. I hope you enjoy your first time as much as I did,” said Carmel as she slid past me and out the door.

And that is how I became to be dressed as a woman and standing in the far corner of a darkened cell on E Block of Chelmsford Correction Facility for Men, and waiting for the most dangerous inmate in the jail.

To be continued………………………………..

Caught in my friends High Heels and Hose

Nylon Mistress on Transgender Stories

I couldnt believe the feeling as I slipped the pantyhose on over my legs. This was an absolute dream come true and I was living it right now.
My friend Julie had gone out for the night with her 15yo daughter and she'd given me the spare keys to her house. She'd had a tradesman doing some work and needed to leave before he'd finished, so she'd asked me to go around and lock up for her after he was done.

But as I went to turn the key in the lock something stopped me. Julie had always excited me and I'd lusted after her quite a bit. But even though she was 'available' since her husband was no longer around, I'd always got the feeling that sex wasn't something that she was all that interested in, with anyone. I dont think she realised just what a sexy woman she was and often I'
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d sit uncomfortably while talking to her as my erection grew. And she pandered to my favourite fetish without realising it too, and often wore pantyhose with her high heels. Just one glance was usually enough to keep me hard for ages and ages.

Well, I didnt turn the key, and I went inside. I crept inside feleing like a naughty boy, and trembling with anticipation I opened her bedside drawer. Inside were a number of pairs of her hose, and I couldnt resist. I had my pants off within a second and held the pantyhose up in front of me. I grabbed some black panties from the next drawer and struggled to pull them on. They were too small but they seemed to stretch a mile and  finally I had them on. My erection stuck way out of the top, there was no way the flimsy panties could contain it. Then I sat on her bed and pulled on the pantyhose. This was magic...feeling the hose slide over my leg, knowing that they'd also been on hers... Feeling the silkiness of them, and stretching them tight as I pulled them up and over my now dripping cock.

I opened the closet to search for some heels. There were a lot to choose from but I grabbed a set of shiny black patent strappy sandals that I'd always liked. I tried to put them on but they were way too small for me. Not to worry, I knew where they'd fit nicely. I picked one shoe up and then slipped my cock out of its nylon prison. The head was dripping with pre-cum and I slid the head through the straps of the shoes. It was almost a perfect fit and I felt my cock grow even harder. I slowly slid my cock back and forth inside the shoe and lie back on the bed imagining that I was jerking myself off over Julies nylon clad feet while she wearing the sexy heels. I'd intended to stop at the appropriate time but I got so carried away that I couldnt and I exploded all over the place. Huge jets of cum spurted out of my cock all over the shoe and dripped off onto the other one lying next to it. I dont think I'd ever come so much in my life and it almost soaked the shoe inner and slid slowly down the stilettos heels.

Oh it was wasnt so much the thought of her, but the combination of the hose and heels had really got me going. I'd always been someone that enjoyed a little dressing up, but the thrill of doing it in secret with someone elses stuff just took me over the top.
After the orgasm I couldnt resist lying back for a few minutes and enjoying the feeling. So..I got the shock of my life as I heard the key turn in the door and realised that I'd fallen asleep on the bed and was still 'dressed up' and the remnants of my pleasure were still dripping off Julie's heels.

'Oh God, what am I going to do?'

Too late, no time to do anything, and Julie turned right straight into her bedroom and stared open-mouthed at the sight that greeted her.

'My god, you're...but you're...What are you doing?'

'Oh I'm so sorry...Oh I dont know what to say....I just felt a little horny..and ..I... Oh god I'm sorry..'

To my amazement she recovered quite quickly and said 'OK, I dont understand this but just tell me what you were doing?'

I confessed my whole story, how I had a pantyhose and high heel fetish and I was just having a bif of fun and didnt mean for her to find out. It was just a bad set of circumstances and I was happy to do anything to make it up to her.

She laughed at me 'Allright, I cant say I understand that sort of fetish but it hasnt hurt anyone, just shocked me a bit. Maybe you best clean yourself up and...well I'm not sure I want those heels any more, you can take them too!' She laughed out loud this time as she lifted one of the shoes up and strings of sticky cum dripped off the heel.

'Hmm its been a long while since I've seen a sight like that...actually I'm not sure I ever have? Woah there, what's going on there?' and she pointed down at my cock which despite my embarassment was beginning to stir again and was now pointed directly at her.

'Oh no, I'm sorry..I'm so sorry, it's just that like most men I only have limited control over that part of me. I'll, I'll just cover up and get dressed and...'

Her hand went to my mouth and muffled the final words.

'Look it's ok. To be honest I've had a couple of drinks at the party and was feeling somewhat horny anyway and was about to give myself a bit of action. Maybe we can both end up happy from this?'

I couldnt believe what I was hearing and she leaned over and stroked my now rock hard cock and then pulled her dress off over her head. Now she stood there before me just in her bra and pantyhose and some cute red pumps.
'I couldnt be bothered wearing panties tonight'
She lowered her mouth over my cock and sucked it gently. The feeling was divine as she slid the entire length in and out of her soft mouth.

'Oh god I havent done this for about 6 years, I'd forgotten how good it was' she said as her tongue flicked away at the drips on the head of my cock.
'Listen, get out of that stuff, if you're going to dress up I want you to look like a bit more of a slut'

'Umm, ok...' although I wasnt sure what she meant.

She grabbed some black fishnets and a pair of red lace panties out of another drawer and asked me to put them on. The fishnets were crotchless so my cock and ass were bare to the world.

'Umm exactly what do you mean by slut?'

'Look if you like to wear girly stuff, I think I'd like to treat you like one' and she pulled a big vibrator out of the bottom drawer and dripped some lube onto it
'Get on all fours on the bed. Tonight you get to fuck me, but I get to fuck you too...'

I did as she asked and assumed the position. I felt her tongue slipping into my ass crack and was amazed at how good it felt. She ran her tongue up and down and every now and then slid it into my ass. It was a feeling like I had never had before and I was loving it.
'This should be fun' she said. And I felt the tip of the vibrator in my entrance. Then a slow steady pressure as she gradually slid it into my hole. I thought it would hurt but the feeling was great as she worked it in and out. I couldnt resist and kep pushing back toward her in time with her strokes. I was being ass-fucked and loving it.

'Ha ha..I didnt think you'd be into it so much my dear. Seems you're more of a sissy than you thought' and plunged the full length deep inside me. I shuddered as all 7 inches slipped in and shouted out

'Oh god fuck me, fuck me Julie' I yelled as she plunged it in and out of my asshole. Yes I was a sissy slut and enjoying it. She kept it up until I yelled that I was coming and then with a final plunge thrust it in a far as it could go, every inch of it straining my previously virgin hole.
As it bottomed out I screamed and jerked and my cock spasmed wave after wave of cum. I looked down between my legs and saw her lying there underneath me, her face directly underneath my twitching cock and my cum splashing off her cheeks and dripping down all over her. Her arm was twisted around still holding the vibrator inside my ass.
She smiled as she saw me looking at her, and licked some of the cum off her ace with her own tongue.

'Mmm that's the first load I've had in I dont know how long and I dont think I can ever get enough again'

'Now its my turn' she said. I need a bit of fun! And she lay on her back and pulled my face into her crotch. Even through the pantyhose the smell was overwhelming, she was really, really ready to go. I licked her all up and down and she squirmed and screamed in delight and pushed my face harder and harder into her, almost crushing me against her pubic bone.

'Oh god baby, that's it, keep going, eat me, eat me good'

I didnt need any encouragement and I was enjoying it as much as she was and I was happy to lick every ince of that wet pussy all night. I bit away at the pantyhose and finally created a hole and plunged my tongue deep inside of her. She arched her back and let out a little whimper of delight.

'Oh yes..thats it...more..more'

By now my dick had gotten hard again so I thought I'd give her what she really wanted. I turned her over and lifted her ass in the air. I slipped in between her legs and positioned my cock at her pussy entrance. I could hear her hold her breath as she waited for me to enter her. I looked down and I could feel her pantyhose rubbing against my own fishnets, it was an ultimate fantasy for me, fucking in hose and heels.

With a single thrust I was inside her and she let out a muffled cry of pleasure. I began to fuck her with long slow strokes. Using the entire length of my cock each time as I pleasured her. She cried with delight and pushed back against me with each thrust

'Yes, yes, fuck my cunt, fuck me, fuck me...Oh god I want it'

Hearing her talk like that made me even hornier and I upped my pace even more, banging my balls against her ass with each stroke as I entered her.

'Ohh I'm commminng......' and she made a final rearward thrust onto my cock and then collpased forward onto the bed.

I was close again too and pulled my cock out and stood at the foot of the bed. I gave my cock a final few strokes and then watched yet another stream of cum spurt forth all over Julies shoes and legs. Long streams of the sticky white goo ran up and down all over and dripped onto the carpet. She must have know what I was doing and flipped over onto her back, slid off her cum-soaked heels,  and took my cock between her feet to milk the last few drops of cum out. I almost buckled at the knees as I watched it drip out all over her toes. I just loved it.... And when there was none left she surprised me by lifting her feet to her mouth and licking the stickiness off them.

'Told you I hadnt had enough didnt I?' and smiled at me..

'Maybe we best keep this little effort our secret?'

I smiled in agreement and lie down beside her on the bed. I was about to drift off to sleep again when the key turned in the door again

'Oh my god, my daughters home, I forgot.....'

to be continued.....

Hazel's desire

Poss on Transgender Stories

Chapter One

Today was the day Hazel had been looking forward to for a long time. It was the swimming sports day at Lighton Girls’ High School and that meant one thing for the cute little 14 year old: swimsuits. All day she could watch the girls parade around, their tight black swimsuits hugging their bodies, exhibiting many pairs of beautiful breasts, hundreds of pert asses and more luscious legs than Hazel could handle. However, the best thing about today was before and after the parading: the changing rooms. She couldn’t wait to slyly watch all the girls change into their black lycra leotards and hit the showers at the end of the day. Oh yes, today Hazel would be in some sort of lesbian pervy heaven.

This year Hazel had a little surprise planned for o

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ne girl that she particularly desired, a plan that would delight this young brunette’s eyes. Her target was Kate, the gorgeous blonde sporting voluptuous curves and one of the prettiest faces in the school. Hazel had had her eye on her for quite some time.

Knowing that Kate would go for a run before the swimming events leaving her gear alone in the locker rooms, Hazel made sure to arrive at school early as to execute her devious, yet delightful, plan. Nobody else was there when she arrived, just her and Kate’s schoolbag lying on the bench. Hazel smiled to herself and nervously sat down next to it. Looking around nervously, she unzipped the schoolbag. Inside lay a predictable assortment of essential teen girl relics including; eyeliner, lip gloss, a Cosmo and a packet of cigarettes. A bonus prize for the young girl, a tiny white g string lay tucked away to the side of the bag. Hazel proceeded to stuff it in her pocket hastily, ‘I’ll enjoy that later,’ she muttered to herself. One last check to see that no one could see what she was doing (if she got caught it would be the end of her) and Hazel executed her master plan. Not wanting to be seen by Kate when she returned from her run (though she yearned to stay, just to watch her shower) Hazel quickly chucked her bag over her shoulder and hurried off to have a cigarette before everyone else would arrive and the visual pleasure would commence.


Hazel was in heaven as so many beautiful girls took their clothes off around her. Glimpses of breasts, ass and pussies made her tingle in her pussy, though she knew the best was yet to come. She had deliberately set up camp near enough to the blonde goddess to watch her get changed without being noticed (a good thing I’m so quiet, she thought).

“Have I gotten fatter lately?” Kate turned to a half naked, brunette friend (also gorgeous), “This swimsuit seems so much tighter on me than last time I wore it.”

Hazel smiled as she watched Kate put on the swimsuit she had placed in Kate’s bag, an extra small in size; it was guaranteed to make Hazel cream herself just from looking at her. The black lycra showed every small detail of Kate’s damn near perfect ass, driving itself right into the crack and leaving a fair amount of cheek exposed on the sides. Hazel had fantasized about that hot ass many times; running her tongue along the cheeks, licking her asshole, she wanted to do so many things to that ass and the sight before her eyes now did nothing but intensify that passion.

Kate’s friend swatted away the mere thought of Kate not having a divine body, “Your body’s perfect, you know it. It probably just shrunk in the wash.”

Kate agreed, knowing that there was nothing wrong with her at all, and Hazel chuckled to herself, deliberately dawdling with getting changed so she could watch the girl she idolized.

Hazel felt her pussy getting wet which frustrated her as there was no way she could satisfy herself right now. Instead she kept watching, now looking at Kate’s pussy, barely contained by the tiny swimsuit. The memory of her masturbating in that swimsuit, cumming all over the fabric, the night before, delighted her as she thought of her pussy juiced mixing with Kate’s own. She felt another jolt run through her own pussy as she tried hard not to just go for it and get herself off right then and there.

To top off the amazing display of the perfect female body, Kate’s more than ample breasts were almost spilling out of her new swimsuit, fleshy delight amusing and exciting the cute brunette.

Hazel watched Kate walk away, mesmerized by the incredibly hot ass as it wiggled slightly with her walk. By this stage, Hazel stood in her panties, pink and cotton, as the last few girls left the locker room and proceeded to the school pool. Looking down, she was slightly embarrassed by the obvious wet patch covering the front of her panties, ‘Well at least no one saw that,’ she thought to herself.

In a moment of epiphany, Hazel suddenly realized that she was the only girl left in the changing rooms. Her heart was racing. She knew exactly what she wanted to do, but if she got caught she wouldn’t know what to do. After a few moments, Hazel decided that if she didn’t sort it out now, it would only get worse as the day went on, beautiful bodies surrounding her and all. Quietly, she slipped off her own panties and replaced them with the white g string she had stolen from Kate’s bag. Incredibly turned on by the voyeur activity, Hazel could think of nothing else but the fact that what had, just hours ago, been nuzzling in Kate’s ass and rubbing against her pussy was now doing the same to her. The thong was instantly wet with her juices.

She slid a hand down the front of the wet g string and started rubbing her pussy. The tension that had been building up over the last hour or so finally felt a thousand times lighter as she caressed her clitoris, tasting every inch of Kate’s body in her dry mouth, feeling every curve, kissing her passionately, then fucking her wildly. Finally, the great wave of an orgasm overcame her. She slowed her caress, gradually drawing to a halt, as she caught her breath. ‘Holy fuck I needed that,’ she spoke to herself.

Hazel looked up sharply. She thought she had heard a noise. Had someone been watching her? She started to tremble. If someone had seen her do that, word would get around and she would be the laughing stock of the whole school.

Outside, she could hear the sound of a crowd cheering on the athletes. The races had begun. Quickly, Hazel slipped out of the soaking wet thong, chucked it in her bag and jumped into her swimsuit. Normally she would take a moment to feel sexy in such an alluring piece of clothing, however, if she was not checked off the roll she would be in trouble.

Zipping up her bag, Hazel hurried out of the changing room towards the pool where she could spend the day admiring the view, keeping an eye out for her favorite form of visual entertainment, Kate.


After a long and glorious day of girl watching, Hazel walked home the usual way; through the town centre then through the park until she reached her house. The young brunette felt a little guilty about taking Kate’s thong (it was a very nice one), but her guilt was cancelled out by the fact that she was wearing it and feeling very sexual as she once again imagined Kate’s pussy rubbing against her own.

Hazel turned and walked down the park trail leading to her house. A voice startled her.

“I saw you today, in the changing room, after everyone left,”

Hazel jumped around and saw the girl she adored so much looking straight at her. She took a moment to admire her, still a bit wet, short skirt, hair glistening in the sun, but Hazel could not think of anything to retort with,

“And I bet you had something to do with my swimsuit being significantly smaller than usual, you little lesbo,”

Again, Hazel could think of nothing to say. She felt her whole face flush bright red.

“So in that case, why don’t you come back to my house now?” Kate smiled, almost evilly.

Hazel was stunned. What did she just get invited to? Was she in trouble? All she could manage was, “Uh… okay, I guess.”

“Good,” Kate flicked her hair over her shoulder and started walking, “This way. It’s not far.”

A startled Hazel collected herself and jumpstarted to catch up with Kate both excited and nervous about what lay ahead for her.


“You wait here, I’ll be back in a minute,” Kate had left Hazel in her room still somewhat startled by the last ten minutes. On the short walk Kate had said almost nothing to Hazel, simply leading her through her house and upstairs to her bedroom. Kate’s bedroom was surprisingly boring. No posters or anything, just a large, double bed, a mirror, lots of make up and a cupboard. Hazel sat on the end of Kate’s bed as the blonde retreated to the en-suite.

“Now, if you want, you can take off that stupid school uniform,” Kate called out from the bathroom. Hazel still couldn’t really believe what was going on, but she was not going to pass on this opportunity. Hastily, she ripped off her tie, shirt and skirt, kicked off her sandals and turned to look at herself in the mirror. She was wearing Kate’s white g-string (still a little damp) and a white bra. She was slim and tanned. B-cup tits and a hot little ass making up the most important parts of her body at this present point in time. Hazel lay back on Kate’s bed and waited for the return of her dream come true.

Hazel was astounded by what she saw. Kate had donned the ‘gift’ Hazel had given her this morning, only this time she had made sure it was extra revealing, pulling it up so it almost completely revealed her ass, pussy and tits. To top it all off, she had covered her body in oil, making her skin shine in the light. Hazel felt herself get instantly wet at the vision of beauty standing before her. If she thought Kate had looked hot this morning, this was the epitome of all her lust. Kate twirled around for her, long, blonde hair flicking up, to show off her insatiably hot ass.

“I thought you might like it,” Kate explained to Hazel’s reaction, “I’ve had my eye on you for quite some time. I had my suspicions about you.”

Hazel couldn’t believe what was happening. She was about to indulge in everything she had wanted for the last few months, and she couldn’t feel better about it.

Kate kneeled over Hazel, one leg on either side of the stunned, young brunette, her pussy visibly enflamed through the leotard, and guided Hazel’s hands to her ass. Hazel squeezed gently, reveling in the perfect shape and texture. Kate leaned down and kissed her younger lover immediately and passionately. Hazel moaned, slipping her hands under the swimsuit to caress Kate’s ass. The ass she had dreamed about for too long. Gently, she ran one finger down the length of her crack to the blonde girl’s asshole.

“I’m going to let you do what you want to me first, then I’m going to give you a very nice surprise,” Kate told the girl who merely nodded in reply.

Hazel, slightly unwilling to stop kissing Kate, climbed out from underneath the stunning blonde and knelt behind Kate who was on all fours waiting for Hazel to enjoy her amazing body. Hazel pulled aside the swimsuit covering her ass and pulled her perfect ass cheeks aside. Without hesitation, Hazel plunged her face forward into her new lover’s ass and ran her tongue along the inside of her crack. She could taste the oil and flesh, though she really didn’t care what it tasted like. She wanted to be a dirty little bitch.

Kate moaned as Hazel tongued her asshole with gusto, lapping up any sweet juices her tongue could reach. As she licked away at her asshole, Kate slid her hand under the leotard and started to softly rub her wet pussy bringing slight satisfaction to keep her going for now the time being while Hazel enjoyed living out her fantasy.

When Hazel was finished licking out Kate’s ass, the blonde turned to her. “Now I’ve let you do that to me, and I cannot thank you enough, it’s my turn to do a favour for you. Seeing as you seem to like the ass so much, I think you should take that thong off pronto.”

“Whatever you say,” Hazel smiled and removed Kate’s thong along with her bra letting her cute little tits flop out. Now that she was fully naked, she lay on her back, the blonde towering over her, once again, a vision of beauty. Kate handed her a tube of lube then lay on her back, opposite Hazel. Hazel proceeded to rub the lube on her asshole, dipping a naughty finger inside for a glimpse of pleasure. When she thought she had applied enough, she looked up at Kate, gasping at the sight before her eyes.

Straining against the tight, lycra swimsuit was something seeming to grow from Kate’s pussy. It was long, reaching past her bellybutton, and quite thick. “What the fuck?” Hazel exclaimed, “That can’t be…”

Kate simply smiled at her and pulled away the leotard letting her large cock, which had extended from her clitoris, flop out in front of Hazel. “Impressive, huh?” she asked the brunette girl, “It quite often comes in handy.”

“But…. How the fuck did it just grow out of you?” Hazel was stunned once again.

“It’s a very long story, one that I’ll tell you afterwards, but for now I think you should just enjoy it.”

And with that, and not a word out of the astonished Hazel, Kate got on her knees. “Turn around and get on your knees.”

Hazel was now quite excited. She had always wanted to take it in the ass, and such a large cock would certainly prove to be quite exciting.

Hazel felt the head of Kate’s cock sitting against the rim of her ass. She felt the warm phallus slowly and gently push its way inside her, stretching the muscles apart to the point where it started to hurt. Hazel let out a grunt of surprise and Kate stopped for a moment.

“Don’t worry sugar, it’ll hurt a bit but I’ll make sure it’s worth it”

Hazel found her reassurance somewhat questionable but nonetheless tried to relax her body to accommodate Kate in what had previously been her virgin asshole. As the cock slowly dove deeper inside her, Hazel began to realize the appeal of anal sex. Although it still hurt, she found herself seeing past that as she gradually became filled. When Kate had gone a few inches into Hazel’s tight little ass, she stopped and pulled back a little bit. Every single little movement that Kate made inside there, Hazel could feel with infinite depth, so when Kate pulled almost her entire cock out of the young brunette’s ass she groaned in delight. The sudden switch from being filled with juicy cock meat to being emptied like a vacuum was too much for cute little Hazel and she shot a hand down to her wet pussy, rubbing her begging clitoris to satisfy at least some of the energy that had been building up down there all day.

Kate didn’t want to completely destroy her new lovers’ ass (she had much more planned for this one), so the voluptuous blonde had pulled out temporarily, allowing the younger girl some mercy for now. After a few seconds, when she felt Hazel’s asshole would be more able to accommodate the full length of her cock, whether she liked it or not, Kate put her hands on Hazel’s hips, once again placed her cock on the edge of her asshole and pushed her way inside the eager ass.

This time, Kate’s cock ventured even further inside Hazel, conjuring a wealth of moans and groans from the girl on the receiving end as the blonde concentrated on the delicate art of fucking a virgin ass. This time, Kate managed almost completely engulf her cock inside Hazel before it became too much for the young fox with the tight ass.

“Oh, god! You’re too fucking big, Kate!” Hazel moaned at her.

For a moment, Kate stopped pushing. There was a moment where the girl considered letting Hazel off with this much, but that moment passed fairly quickly. “Not much more to go now,” she said and thrust the last of her cock meat down into Hazel’s ass.

Hazel groaned in both ecstasy and pain with the last thrust from Kate. She could now feel every little throb and movement of Kate’s cock which her ass had completely engulfed. She felt like such a dirty bitch and she loved it. After a few moments, the pain had settled and Hazel was left to enjoy the cock in her ass as Kate started slowly sliding in and out.

Hazel was soon moaning loud as Kate got faster, pumping her ass with her big cock. She was still lightly rubbing her clit, but deliberately held back so she could build up for a biggie later on.

Soon enough, Kate could feel a mighty orgasm building up at the base of her cock. She started pumping Hazel’s still tight ass faster and faster as she came closer and closer to a climax. After what seemed like forever to the buxom blonde, she pushed down one last time, her clit rubbing against Hazel’s pussy. Her cock had completely disappeared, but its presence was anything but invisible to Hazel as she was not only filled more than ever before, but she could feel Kate’s warm cum gushing out of the head of her throbbing cock.

Kate was panting as she released her grip on Hazel’s hips. The girl was clearly drained, but her cock stayed hard inside Hazel. After she felt that all of the cum had exploded out the end of her cock, she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Hazel.

The two girls lay on the bed panting, wrapped in each other’s arms, bodies moist with sex-sweat, Kate’s cock still mostly in Hazel’s impressively resilient ass. Turning her head around in a slightly awkward position, Hazel kissed Kate once again.

Hazel liked the feeling of Kate’s large tits pressing into her back. If her pussy wasn’t aching to be fucked as much as it was, she though, she could lie like this forever, and besides, she also liked the feeling of her ass being filled with a big cock.

The beautiful lovers lay like that for a few minutes, Kate still, amazingly, remaining hard inside Hazel, until Kate rolled over on top of Hazel and pulled her cock out, slowly. Hazel moaned sleepily as the large object left her rear passage, leaving quite a void. When it was all the way out, Kate leaned down and licked the brunette’s asshole slowly, drawing out yet another moan from the young girl.

Now Kate lay back on the bed in front of Hazel. Her cock stood straight up, inviting Hazel to mount it. Hazel got on her knees and straddled Kate, her cock rubbing against her clit. Gently, Hazel started rubbing the cock with her right hand while she caressed her own pussy with her left hand. Both girls were moaning as Hazel got them both off slowly. After a while of this light action, Hazel raised her pussy over Kate’s cock and rested the head against her pussy lips.

Hazel had had a few cocks inside her before, but her young pussy still put up a bit of resistance against Kate’s monster. With a few grunts and groans, Hazel twisted herself down onto Kate’s cock until it was all the way inside her. It felt different to the cocks she had had before, possibly because it was all phallus and no skin, but for some reason it just felt more satisfying. She gyrated her hips a few times to get a feel for the cock she was about to fuck all the juice out of. She could feel it rubbing against the walls of her pussy, each time it moved a little creating a slightly different sensation. Hazel could tell this as no ordinary cock, and Kate was definitely no ordinary girl.

The younger girl looked down at Kate. The girl Hazel had constantly been lusting over for months was in ecstasy, her head thrown back and her eyes squeezed tightly shut. Hazel would have thought this odd, seeing as she had only just engulfed the girl, but after all that had happened to her today, Hazel was prepared to accept anything as just another twist in this otherworldly day.

Hazel started to ride Kate’s cock, gradually building up in tempo, sliding up and down, slightly gyrating her hips so every corner of her hot little pussy could feel the mighty cock inside her, slowly building up speed until she was riding Kate like a demon. Every time she thrust down on Kate’s cock, Hazel could feel it getting gradually deeper and deeper inside her as her pussy lips caressed more and more of the base of the phallus until all she was doing was thrusting her hips back and forward with the entirety of Kate’s dick consumed by her hot, dripping wet pussy.

Hazel had now broken into a full on sweat, her whole body moist and slightly dripping. She could feel the moisture of Kate, who was now so engulfed by the pleasure she could make no sound, yet could not close her mouth, between her thighs. The pair had become so slippery Hazel could feel her whole body moving slightly along the length of Kate’s. Her long, brown hair was wet and she was almost out of breath, yet she could not stop, no matter how hard she might try.

The cock was now throbbing manically inside her, each pulsation shooting shockwaves or orgasmic pleasure through her whole body. She felt a sudden craving for her ass to be filled once again, and was unable to contain herself as she thrust three fingers up there, hoping to satisfy her emptiness, but she found she could not. Almost crying in desperation, Hazel put her other hand up against her asshole and slipped in three more of her dainty little fingers, making a total of six fingers trying to fill her empty ass. Although this was not the satisfaction she needed, she had no other option. Simply unable to stop fucking Kate, Hazel fucked the cock desperately as it became more and more violent inside her aching pussy.

As Hazel got to point of almost passing out, she felt the cock tense up like it never had before, and then loosening up so quickly it made Hazel moan a little. Before she knew it, Kate was shooting a load of hot cum into her pussy, covering every possible place inside Hazel. She could feel the warmth caressing her pussy as it gradually seeped out.

Hazel was in for yet another surprise when the cum seeped out onto her clitoris. As soon as it touched her clit, it went crazy on Hazel. She couldn’t count how many times she came at once, or if it was just one amazingly huge orgasm. She felt blackness cover both her eyes and her mind, mixing with the pleasure throughout her body, and in a little time, she was passed out completely, slumber on the bed, lying opposite Kate, who was herself in no conscious state, her cock still throbbing slightly inside Hazel.

To Be Continued....



Ladyboy on Transgender Stories

My name is Brian, i am 15 years old and i live with my parents. They all day long on work, so i have house for my own and i can play with mom's stuff. It has all started when i entered the puberty and started jacking off and watching porn, most of  boys my age wanted be a man who fuck women in that porn, but not me i always wanted to suck dick and be fucked, i wanted to be a girl.


I started fantasing about being a girl, and often visiting pages about crossdressing, learning about make up and all other things. Every day i came from school at 3 p.m. so i had three wonderfull hours only for my

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self until my parents come from work. My daily routine became to dress my mother underwear, nylons, bra, and all sort of dresses. Then i would go to bathroom, apply makeup and enjoy my as sweet little girl. One thing that bothered me was that i had too short hair, so i let my hair grow and by my fourteenth birthday i had shoulder lenght blonde hair which i loved to tie in pigtails.


Somewhere about then i started to go to chats as a tranny girl, there i met guy named Luke from London, he told me how he liked young crossdressers and how would he love to watch me on web cam while i play with my self. We chatted often until one day he asked me if i wanted to give him my adress, so he could send me gift. I gave him my adress and one week later one big box arrived at my home, fortunatly my parents wasn't at home. I ran with box to my room and opened it. I was amazed whan i saw what he send me. On top was a envelope in which was a Luke's message: ' Gussy up for me with things that i sent to you and then turn on your new web camera, hurry i'll be waiting'. I opened all the small boxes and found, latex breastforms and latex vagina stirng, which when i put on looked just like real, with little in middle. He also sent me schoolgirl uniform, vaseline and a nice dildo. It was al that i dreamed for.


I have dressed my self quickliest as i could, applyed some makeup and put my new breastforms and vagina, i was so exited and horny beacaus i felt like i a girl and i was to be watched finally. I put my web cam on and went to the chat, he was there. He was so suprised when he saw me, he told that he could never imagine how beautiful was I. He than aked me if i could make i little show for him, i said that i would be very glad to do so. I then began sucking dildo he sent me, like i saw in porn. He told me that i am very good and that he would love that to be his cock in my mouth. Sucking on dildo turned me so on that my cock was hard as rock. I than took some vaseline and started rubbing my asshole with it and putting my finger inside. The best thing was that little hole in my vagina string was exactly at my rear hole. So i looked like a girl who is fingering herself. I then decided to slowly put dildo inside me. First it was hurting so much but then turned into great pleasure, i started pumping into my ass while luke was writing to my how he want fuck his little girl. In meantime i was in seventh heaven, i pulled my cock and started jacking and with other hand dildoing my self. I was so good and suddely a i came like never before, my whole body was shaking while i shoot huge load on my screen and cam.


We countinued doing this for couple of moths, until my parents told me that they are going on skiing for two weeks in Switzerland. I invited Luke to my house on Friday night just after my parent left the city.


It was  8 p.m. when my bell ranged....

Please put comment down and rate my story, also i would like to tell me if you want second part


Contact me on my MSN


sarah little problem

will3snider on Transgender Stories

My name is Sarah, I’m now eighteen years old and I have a problem that most people could never dream of.  You see back when I was born.  I came out of my mother with a surprise of my own.  I was born with both sex organs.  I had a dick and a pussy.  Growing up was hard, I did not know what I should be. I was turn on by both girls and boys.

By the time I was in middle school I had breast that were larger then most girls about my age.  So I started to act as a girl.  I had also gained another problem; my developed breast had also started to produce milk.  I was sitting in class one day and out of the blue my shirt was soa

Read More
ked.  I started to keep an extra shirt and bra in my school bag.

My parents took me to the doctors to see if she could help me, but all she did was play with me and make it worst.  When she came in all I had on was the gloom that they gave out. She asked me to remove the gloom.  She looked me over and licked her lips and then asked me what was the problem and I told her. She reaches over and started to touch me all over. She reached up and grabbed one of my breast and moved my nipple around between her finger and thumb, it feel so good but before long my milk was pouring out of me. She just smiles and put her month over nipple and sucked hard. Oh man what a feeling I was getting my tits was being empty and my cock was growing, she moved her other hand down to my dick and squeeze it a little but not enough  to hurt but enough to make it grow some more. She move her hand in an up and down fashion, driving me nuts but no she was not finished with me, she did something I would never forget for as long as I live she moved her face down to my cock and started suck on it, I felt her place a hand on my leg slowly tracing it up to my crotch. I felt her hand brush across my pussy lips and back this time she push them in to me, I could not take it anymore and a came right moan and screaming, and I just blacked out, when I came too I was dressed to go home the doctor told my parent that she could do something for me but I was to choose what sex I want to be.

By the time I was in high school I had a lot of friends. None of them knew of my problem or secret, which was until Jenny moved in down the street. We hit it off really well.  One weekend Jenny called me to ask if I would like to came by and stay with her for the weekend at her house. I asked my mother and she said it was okay, I had been living my life as a normal girl.  I left for her house Friday after school and walked over to her house.  My stomach felt like it was in knots .I slowly lifted my hand to ring the door bell my hand all the while shaking. My mind must have been somewhere else because I did not remember even rang the bell but there in the doorway was Jenny’s mother.  Man was she beautiful, blond hair, blue eyes with the touch of green high lights, breast about the same size as mine. She smiles at me as she turns to call Jenny down from her room. I heard something drop as she came running down the stairs to greet me.  Man I thought my secret was out when I saw her in the dress she was in. It was one of those short cut dresses that barely make it past your ass and low cut in the cleavage area.  My dick hardens in my panties if it was not for the dress I was in.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me up stairs to her room to where I put my things down. I slowly looked around her room; it was no different from mine other then the dolls. She had music porters of her favorite bands. We sat and talked about girl stuff, like periods, breast size you name it, we also talked about school and even sex.  When we got on the sex subject that was it we never came off it. I told her I was still a virgin other then what the doctor did to me, and that I had never even kissed a boy, she looked surprise, but told me that she too was a virgin, but had kissed a boy. We got more in depth with our talk and before long I felt comfortable around her to tell her about my little secret, and how people in town did not know about it.  She asked what it was, I told her no to laugh as I stool up and pulled up my dress up and push down my blue panties so she could see my cock.  It was semi hard from all the sex talking we were doing plus being in the same room as Jenny.  All Jenny did was lick her lips and smile at me.  She asked, If I was born with it, and I said, Ayes.

She asked, if she could touch my cock, and again I said, yes.

She slowly reached over to me and places her hand on my leg not sure if she should go on. I put my hand over her feeling her soft skin again and moved it over onto my Harding dick. I jumped a little from her soft touch, my nipple harden and force some milk out of them and soaked my bra and the top of the dress a little.  She saw this and ,asked what had happen and, I told her, that my tits have milk in them for some reason the doctors can not find out why

She asked, if anyone had ever sucked on them .

I in return let her know what the doctor had done to me. Before I knew what was going on she had my milked soaked dress on the floor, followed by my bra. She moved up in front of me running her handover my breast moving closer to my mouth with her slowly placing her lip to mine. She moved down my neck placing kiss on it. She worked her way down to my left breast, sucking my nipple in to her mouth moving her tongue slowly around my nipple as it harden to the point to where she could nipple with her teeth with just enough pressure to send pleasure ripples to my cock.  My cock came to life with a mind of its own, Jenny notice that I moved a little to make room for my harding dick. Jenny felt it move between us and moved on down to my panties pulling them off to free it. She kissed the head of it, being a little shy about because she never had a cock in her mouth before. I told, her to suck on it like she did my tits, but move her head up and down a little like you were sucking on a popsicle . I was getting wet; my pussy wanted a little time to. Before long I was Cumming and I mean Cumming hard.  I felt as if my whole body lifted from the floor in to the air and again I passed out. When I came to she was laying beside me smiling. She whispered in my ear that she would not tell any one.  I just looked at her and smiled. Well I sleep well that night I her arms not knowing what tomorrow was going to bring me.

The next day we talked in her for a little bit, but she wanted to show me something outside in the woods.  So we took off, out her back door and into the wood we went .We walked for about a half hour before we came upon a creek. I t was the most wonderful place I have very seen.  Ferns growing everywhere.  There was a large oak tree growing over an area of the creek that looked deep, on the other side was a small club house.

She grabs my hand and pulled me along to a point where we could get to the club. She was the first to reach it.  She open the door for me, as I entered the club, it was like entering a whole different world. The wall were painted all kinds of color, there were even ivy vines growing up the walls. I notice that there was some bedding in the floor over on the far left wall.

I felt Jenny moved up behind me. She put her hand on my shoulder and moved it slowly down my back.  I started to get goose bumps all over my body.  She traced the outline of my ass before moving up beside me. I felt weak in the knee. She reaches out and grabs my hand for a second before moving to an area where she started to undress. I did the same not wanting to be left out.

Jenny ran out the door and into the water. I walked out the door and jumped into the water because my tits were weighting heavy and were hurting a little.  When I hit the water my nipple hardens and I had goose bumps everything.  Jenny swam up to me splashing me a little when she saw that I was a little cold she held me close warming me up.  I got used to the water pretty quick.  We were playing around when David showed up.  Before he said anything he saw jenny and mine tits.  We didn’t know what cause him to do what he did he stripped down naked and jumped right in, before Jenny or I knew it he was up behind us slashing us.  Before I though I turned around and push him under and his hand ran over my dick making it grow from his touch. When he surfaced he did not say a word he swam over to the both of us with a smile.

I asked him, AWhat are you smiling about?

He just looked at me; well I would say at least two of us have a hard-on.

AWhat do you mean by that? Jenny question.

AWell I felt a little something on Sarah that I know she should not have, He answer.

I just dropped my head because I knew my secret was out. David just smiled at me lifting my head so our eyes could met and said AIf you got what I think you got I will love you for ever.

AWhat do you mean by that A, Jenny remarked, swimming up behind me grabbing my hand and holding.

AWell how I should put this, well there is only one way I am bisexual, and I felt her cock and I want a taste, David shoot back.

Jenny and I just looked at each other and smiled.  We both knew we were lovers, but having David in on it to be too good to be true for the both of us. I swam to a place to where I could climb out followed by Jenny and David. We all headed for the club house.  I a course was the first one in. As Jenny and David I had a hard on in the worst way. It was even bigger now, and then it ever was.  I look toward David he too had a boner and Jenny just smile knowing she was going to have two cocks to play with.

Jenny laid down first with David moving up between her legs. I moved up to her tits and started to suck on them. Meanwhile David was busy eating Jenny, from what I could see he had his whole mouths covering her pussy.  Every once in a while he would gently bite down on her outer lips. I saw her clit and it was bigger them before in her in her room. He notices her clit to and sucked on it like a small dick moving his head back and forth. She shivered a little when he ran his teeth over her clit. I was sucking pretty hard on her tits. Before long she was moving her hips up to met his mouth. She also had one hand on his head pulling him into her and the other hand was behind my head holding me to her tits.  Her breathing became short and more delayed. Her stomach muscles were tightening up. Her moans were becoming louder. Her eyes just rolled back into her head as she screamed out,@ III aaa mmm CCCUUUUMMMIIINNNGGG .@

David looked up at me his face his face was wet from her flow. I licked up area he could not get with his tongue. We gave Jenny time to come back to earth. Then I lay down on my back, David got between my legs and started off on my pussy licking it. Then he moved up to my cock licking at the base slowly running his tongue up the underside to the head. That was when he put it in his mouth and sucked it all the way to the back of his throat. When he reached the base he slowly pulled back up, sucking on the tip and moved back down. He started to pick up speed. He shocked me when me put a finger in my pussy and my ass and push them in all the way in. I was pinching pretty hard by now shooting milk everywhere. Jenny had moved up to one of my tits and started sucking on it. The pleasure I was feeling was through the roof I could not hold back any longer. I shoot my load deep in his mouth with a groan as my pussy and ass tighten around his fingers and lifting my hip up and pushing my dick deeper into his mouth. Jenny was holding on for dear life. As she nursed on me draining my tits of all its milk. Now it was David turn, so I try to figure out how I was going to do it. I think David had the same idea because he got on all fours. Jenny crawled up under him so she could suck on his dick. As for me I got up behind him and started to work my dick into his ass. He was tight at first, but he knew what he had to do and push out on his ass muscle and I slipped right in up to my balls. Jenny had his dick deep in her mouth, sucking his real hard on from the noises that were being made. Well I gave him a minute to adjust to my dick before I started to move my hips in and out. Before long I was really thrust into him hard and fast. David was meeting me with thrust of his own back into me. I speed up before long my balls tighten up and I came deep into his ass I could feel his ass milking my dick for the last few drops I had left. Now Jenny knew he was close because she got her hand involved into and was sucking his dick pretty hard. Before long he grabbed the covers and shoots a few big loads into her awaiting throat.  We all rested and when for another swim.  We all three met at the club house through out the summer to fuck and suck. Now it’s been a year, Jenny and I are still together. We see David a few times a year because he moved away, but we now have Jill from next door, but that is another story.