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The Hitch-Hiker

Abinadi on Erotic Horror

1.45 AM, on a Wednesday morning. Not my favourite time to finish work but, the new server was up and running and I didn’t have to be back in until 2 PM, this afternoon.

I drove at a leisurely pace, well aware of the many speed cameras along this stretch of the A12, my only fellow road users were Dutch and Polish Lorries on their way to Harwich or Felixstowe. I was singing along to

Nightmare lust-part-1

Jeddy on Erotic Horror

The hooks on my back tore off my back and was upside down held up by the hooks in my genitals. Instead of blood coming out from balls strangely enough it cum again. When body’s weight tore my genitals again was not bleeding it was cum spraying from everywhere – this dream had altered everything real. I splash into round cesspool, swim to its edge as I get on the side, there were people who were

Man Kills Hooker With His Huge Penis

CMatthews on Erotic Horror

The Curse and Tragedy of My Huge Penis.

Short Story by Carolyn Matthews.

Hello, my name is Robert Williamson, and I am sitting in my

penthouse overlooking Central Park. I hear a knock at the door,

so I get up from the couch to get the morning newspaper. As I

walk back to the living room, I open the paper and read the

headlines. It says "Man's Torso Found in Central Park!", and the