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My Boner Against the World

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Hello, my name is John Logan, I have super powers. I started out as a villain, using my powers of invisibility to spy on girls in the showers and even one time my mom who was going at it lesbian style with my to-be girlfriend, but I never thought of myself as a villain, I was just sexually frustrated and needed some relief. My relief came when I finally had sex with Melody,

My Pussy Controls you - Part 5

JeffreyFreemont on Supernatural Stories

My Pussy Controls You – Part 5 (Finale)

John, Theodore and Samantha Logan have trained, fought and have even had sex, to prepare for a battle that will change the world. The war is between Sarco the Snake Man and his army of sexual super power freaks Vs. John, Theodore and Samantha Logan, with the help of a secret government organisation lead

My Boner Stops Time - Part 5 (Finale)

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My Boner Stops Time – Part 5

“I have a brother?” asked John.

“Yes, and a sister. We are all in danger. We must rescue her as well. Come on, we don’t have much time.” Said Theodore.

“I have a sister?” John exclaimed. Melody just stood there, silent.

My Boner Stops Time - Part 2

JeffreyFreemont on Supernatural Stories

My Boner Stops Time – Part 2

Theodore Logan is a man with the power to stop time. He is currently trapped in a time vortex with his long time crush, Sara Clark. She is dim, blonde and has large breasts. They just fucked each other and Sara

Blood lies

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The apartment door slammed shut behind him. He stared coolly at her, memorizing her every feature, Her full red lips, that long dark hair, pinned in a beautiful updo, and Her smile whenever she met his eyes, with her bright green ones. He smiled, feeling the familiar tingling in his canines. The tip of his pink tongue traced the sharp edge. He could smell her, a cool flower