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The Walk after a Busted Date part 1 of X

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It was a Friday evening about eight just before the sun was about to set on a pleasantly cool evening. The brisk air kept me comfortable since my body was a little warm from being nervous with the coming scenario. I was going to meet Phil, my date, as a hooker. We have been planning on this for a few weeks and our schedules finally matched enough to make it happen.

The club I was going to served a very eclectic clientele and right now, there were free line dancing lessons with the 70's top 40 songs. The Village People, to Sat Night Fever, Abba, and the Bee Gees were some of the groups. No doubt, some of the folks in there were just like me. A CD Milf on the prowel and were most likely going to get their prey. But crap, did the place have to be so popular? The nearest parking was 2 bloc

The Night of the Motherlode

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Last winter was one of the harshest and coldest in our region. Up to six feet of snow total for the year. But it was one of the most enjoyable for me. A true story with a few minor embellishments.

It was our third snowstorm that season and I had already gone out and done my shopping earlier that week in anticipation of the one they called "The Motherlode". They were expecti

I became crossdressing street hooker for a nite

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Well it was just a boring day and it was getting late when a friend of mine asked what I was going to that nite. I told her I didnt know and jokely told her dress up like steet hooker and go work the streets due to I was horny for dick. She laughed and said yea rite your a fulltime crossdresser but you aint got the never. I said I do to and said I had to go hung the phone up.

I went to m

Hooking while drunk for a dare

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We live in Ettingshall, Wolverhampton, about 1 mile from the red light area. Recently the Police have collared most of them, they've recieved asbo's and been banned from certain streets. So a few have taken to plying their trade right by our house on Ettingshall Rd. To be honest i don't mind but it pisses my Mrs off. Debbie, my wife, is 47, average looks, 38D tits, great legs and ass, but to be

Church Whore 3: final chapter for a cheating housewife turned Ho

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Alberto Cazares, an experienced pimp, uses cocaine, his sexual prowess, deceit and his powers of persuasion to separate Isabel from her family. A lovely Latina woman of 31 years, a wife and mother of two, a church-going woman, Isabel's infatuation with Alberto leads her into a series of terrible decisions. She ends up trapped in a life of prostitution and cocaine addiction.

Church Whore 2: church-going mom and wife seduced into prostitution

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Alberto Cazares speaking:

That Isabel, heh, let me tell you, I could see her for what she was from the first Sunday she come in to church with her little girls. You want to know how easy it is to make a whore? Eh? Let me tell you, if you know what to look for it is too fuckin' easy. But you have to know what to look for.

And you have to be willing to do anything to get to the bitch, sabes

Church Whore: church-going mom strays into prostitution

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I was standing in front of the last pew, the corner seat by the center aisle, with my daughters to my right, and across the aisle was Mr. Cazares standing next to his wife.

Their teen daughter, Amanda, stood on the other side of Mrs. Cazares. Amanda was shame-faced, as she had been of late - not nearly as prideful and arrogant as she had been - and holding in her arms the baby boy she bore out