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School Tease part 2

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But knowing how mad you would be at me for such a tease, i can't help but kiss you again. My cock is still pressed against your leg, you feel it pulse as i look you into your eyes. One of my hands squeezes your ass and my fingers gently scratch across your panties. I kiss you again, firmly on the lips and passio

The Art Girl in the Bookstore

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After a long day of class, one could feel pretty lonely. Especially after a class that’s 3 HOURS LONG! Sure when you space out, you get to see what women are around. Some are pretty cute…have great bodies… some can make sure you gotta stay seated for a little before you leave. Ha. But chances are, especially on this campus, the good ones are either taken,

Hard to swallow

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It was the second time I was meeting him. The first was the hottest most energizing sex I had for a long time.

Andreas was sitting on the couch watching me taking my trousers off and nodded me to come closer.

I obeyed tiding up my thong on the way. I was already wet and was waiting for

Fucked by bikers

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I am a 22 year old small petite girl. 5'3", 32a, 105, blonde slutty girl. Here are more of my RT experiences. There are other RT stories I have posted on this site too under my name.
I am always looking for something different and wild when it comes to sex. Yesterday I got to do another fun sexual ni

Dear Diary, the Exerpts

justjim on Diary Stories

Dear Diary

September 5, 2000

            Dear Diary,

Today, I started my first semester at school.  I don’t fit
in already.  All these skinny little Brittany Spears types
running around, and then theirs me.  Who would want a woman
with large 36 DD breasts, my thick thighs, all my curves,
and big bottom?  Who is ever going to want me?  I knew I
should have stayed home where I belong.  Oh diary, I want
so to feel the closeness of a man.  To touch my first penis. 
To have a guy grope my breasts, sticking them in
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his warm
mouth.  Oh diary just thinking about it makes me hot and
steamy, makes me slide my hand down between my legs.

Ohhhh diary, I want to have an orgasm.


September 7, 2000


            Dear Dairy,

Today was awful!  I hate school, in my gym class a 'skinny
girl' named Karen stood and watched me get undressed.  She
just kept staring at me.  I looked at her once and she
licked her lips at me.  Smiling, her hands slid between her
thin thighs and she moved them back and forth.  Why was she
tormenting me?  Did they see me last night?  Are they
watching me?  I am not sure what to do.  Karen is beautiful. 
Boy how I would love to look like her.  Well diary I am off
to take a shower.


September 7, 2000


            Dear Diary,

You’re never going to believe what happened to me.  Karen
came to my room last night.  She knocked on my door around
9 PM and asked of she could talk to me.  She said she
wasn’t teasing me today in the gym, but was turned on by
my huge tits.  She asked if she could see them again so I
showed her.  I took off my shirt and bra and let them
dangle in her face.  She took them in her hands and she
started kissing and licking them.  Can you believe it
diary?  I am dripping wet again thinking about it.  She
bit on my big nipples until they were hard as rocks!  It
felt soooo good diary.  I was moaning when she pinched my
nipples and sucked hard on each melon.  She asked me if I
liked it.  All I could do was moan.  Karen smiled at me
standing up.  She slid her long brown hair to one side and
unbuttoned her blouse.  The entire time I was in shock
diary.  I have never had sex and with a girl no less!!! 
Her breasts were exposed to me. They are smaller than
mine, but very firm.  She had rose buds for nipples. 

"Suck my tit", she said to me moving my head closer to her
breasts.  I did just what she said diary.  She tasted so
good.  I licked her boobs, and sucked on them hard like
she said for me to do.  I loved it diary.  Maybe I am a
lesbian and just never realized it.  That’s all that
happened diary, but it was WONDERFUL!!


September 9, 2000


            Dear Diary,


Today was a nightmare; I am convinced my room is bugged. 
While sitting in the library today studying for a math
test, John Williams came up to me, and slide his hand
inside my shirt. I almost died.  I pushed him away and
he said, "Come on, I want a lick of those melon’s just
like Karen did." I just stared at him. I couldn’t believe
it.  I ran out of the library and back to my apartment. 
Oh diary why did she tell people?  Or am I being watched.


September 10, 2000


            Dear Diary,


I searched my entire room, and found nothing to indicate
someone was watching me.  Hmmm, Karen must be evil is
all?  Huh. Sometimes people really suck.

Time to take a shower, talk to you tomorrow


September 10, 2000


Oh gosh diary you are not going to believe this.  I went
to take a shower right?  And I got all undressed and lit
candles in the bathroom and stepped into the darkened
walk in shower.  I started cleaning myself when I felt
something poking me in the back.  I turned around and
there was John Williams, COMPLETELY NAKED! 

"I told you I wanted a taste of those tits of yours,"
he said grabbing a hold of them.  I was scared out of
my mind, but at the same time my body was quivering in
anticipation.  I looked at him.  He had a hairy chest,
muscular arms, not to mention his 'total package'. 
Diary we stood there in the shower and he started licking
my breasts.  The water dripped off me like a spring rain
shower.  He made my legs weak as he caressed my breasts
and pulled me closer to him.  I could feel that monster
between his legs growing as he moved me over against the
far wall of the shower. 

He looked at me diary and said, "You know I am going to
take your virginity don’t you?"   My heart almost stopped
beating when he said that.  I asked him how he knew I was
a virgin and he said he knew everything about me.  That
it was his business to know, because he was the 'director'.
I asked him "the director of what?"  You know what he said
diary?  The director of our scene together!  Isn’t that
dreamy diary?

Anyway, we are in the shower and he has me pressed against
the wall.  He is jabbing me with his full erection, while
devouring my nipples.  I was moaning with delight when he
turned me against the glass of the shower, my breasts
pressed against it.  I could feel his hands slide between
my legs.  I spread them farther.  I looked out the glass
of the shower, and couldn’t believe what I was seeing
diary.  There standing in the bathroom naked was Karen. 
She was smiling at us, watching, naked, caressing her
breasts, playing with herself, moaning. She smiled at me,
not saying anything.
It was the first of many hot and steamy showers with John
and Karen!!!