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Allie Fullfils My Fantasy-Plus 3

WildWest on Cuckold Stories

It was 11:30 Saturday morning,, the twins were at their grand-parent’s house and I was in the guest bed room. I could hear the familiar sounds of Aile moans as two of Aaden’s clients were fucking shit of out Aile. I opened up my laptop and I saw two very tall and muscular dark black guy with the biggest dicks I had never seen these guys before, so they must have been new clients. Later Aaden told me they were brothers from Africa and he named them Abi and Abe, he couldn’t remember their long names. They were businessman from Africa, one of the guys in his group, Thomas, knew them, it turned out that on previous trips the had asked if he knew any white “Hot-Wives” they hear so much about in Africa. Thomas had turned on to two other slut wives Lorrie and Ana, but they wanted to fuck a new w

Aile Fulfills My Fantasy-Plus

WildWest on Cuckold Stories

This story started a while back when we were in our 30s. My name is Alfredo, people call me Fred. My parents immigrated from Mexico, so for a Latino to be 5’ 9” is quite is actually quite tall. I was 36 and my wife Aileen is taller than I am. Aile is a Caucasian woman with Irish roots and much taller than me, I have a very successful financial consulting business, that allow for Aile to stay home and sometimes helps me out. Aile is a very slender and sexy woman, the minute a man sees her, men’s dicks get hard, this is not an understatement, that’s one reason I married her. Aile was 33 at the time, she is 6’1”, shoulder length red hair and green eyes, great body, legs up to her ass, and perky tits, she doesn’t even look like the mother of our twin sons.

Since I was in high school, I lik

Aile Fulfills My Fantasy-Plus 2

WildWest on Cuckold Stories

I woke up, looked at the clock, it was 11:00 AM, and I could hear Aile screaming her head off as Aaden was fucking the shit out of her. I opened my laptop and watched as Aaden had Aile doggy-style, spanking her ass, while he ripped her ass apart with his huge cock. She was screaming, it’s too big, it’s too big, but it was apparent Aaden didn’t give a damn, he was bound and determined to drive his monster cock balls deep. He yelled at her, TAKE IT WHORE, TAKE ALL YOUR DADDY’S BLACK SNAKE UP THAT ASS. He grabbed a bottle of lube that was beside him, withdrew from her ass, and re-lubed his snake and her ass. He spread her ass cheeks wide and reinserted her cock head in her ass, wasted no time, he started driving his dick in and out as she screamed, AAAAAAAAAAH, BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG. The phone

Sam wakes up

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NOTE: Unlike any other story I’ve written in the past, which were all written while I was masturbating to porn and in a horny state, this story was written after orgasm.


Humans are essentially selfish. They go through their lives looking out for their own interests and even when they do look out for others, it’s only for the limited number of people they are capable of loving. This doesn’t make them bad. That’s just how humans are and that’s just how human society is.

But Sam was one of the few exceptions. A 32 year old mid-level manager at a busy office, he loved everyone and was ostensibly loved by all. Discarding the stereotype of asshole mid-level managers, Sam worked hard for his subordinates and fought for them. He provided to charity and would always he

My Wife, Your Whore

WildWest on Cuckold Stories

I think back 15 years ago before I got married, I caught my brother sharing his young wife one night, his wife Sherri got fucked by a least fifteen guys. I had just graduated high school after all the partying I couldn’t sleep. It was 12:00 midnight, I saw lights at my older brother’s house, he lived three houses down the street. I noticed there were several cars in his driveway and parked on the street, I wondered what was going on. I knocked, no one answered so I went in, I heard a female moaning very loud then I heard someone with a deep voice, it was not my brother saying out loud, COME ON SLUT, YOU KNOW YOU LOVE THAT BIG BLACK COCK DEEP IN YOUR ASS. COME YOUR LITTLE WHORE BACK UP HARD ON MY COCK TAKE IT ALL UP YOUR ASS, NOW GRIND YOUR ASS ON THAT COCK WHORE. I creeped to my brother’s

Forced my wife to watch me fuck a young slut

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My doorbell rang right at 9pm. My wife, Mila wouldn’t be home for another hour. I open the door and see my neiigbor’s 18 year old daughter, Emily. In just a tight crop top that showed off her perky double D’s. And a nice short black skirt. She smiled and said “How long do we have?” “One hour”, I replied.

She had been coming on to me since she was 17 but I never tried anything with her until the day after her 18th birthday. I’d been fucking her since then. Everytime my wife went to work.

I pushed her crop top up and discovered she wasn’t wearing a bra. The young ones are always the sluttiest. I slapped her tits, and grabbed her hair. “Get on your knees” I demanded. She got down, and pulled my boxers down. With my free hand, slapped my semi hard cock on her face while she stuck her

Treating My Boss

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Treating My Boss

Disclaimer: This story involves cuckold, interracial, and old vs young themes. If you dislike these genres, please don’t continue to read.

Being a new home owner can be stressful. It can be even more stressful if your job was on the line. That was the case for me as my workplace was downsizing and changing into new management. They were already firing people and I didn't know my standing in the company. My wife Lisa was worried that I may lose my job and wanted me to inquire with my current boss Mike about my status. Mike was leaving the company and is moving to Florida. He can tell the new management who to fire and recommend who to keep.
Me and Lisa were married for two years and just bought our first home in January. She works in real estate, but she n

Paying for the Bridal Shower

georgiepoorgie on Cuckold Stories

Disclaimer: This story contains cuckold, old vs younger. If you're not interested in these categories, please do not read further.

Paying for the Bridal Shower

It was the day of my fiancé’s (Tina) Bridal Shower. It was in the evening and was being held at a fancy Indian restaurant. I had to attend the event, because I had to play the usual Bridal Shower games. I knew I was going to be the only male there out of all the girls participating. I wasn't fond of the idea, but I knew I could kill time by the restaurant bar.
I was at one corner of the bar, and started to have my first drink of whiskey and coke. I noticed the owner of the restaurant and another Indian guy sitting towards the middle of the bar. I have seen the owner before, but haven’t dealt with him. Tina had negotia

Shared Wife on vacation

Pinknwet4sharing on Cuckold Stories

On holiday in Magaluf, husband and I were walking back to the hotel after a night out drinking in the bars. I'd been looking for a guy for a few nights, as husband wanted to share me again. I was wearing a cream minidress and had white matching lace bra and g string underneath.

Walking along the street I saw a hot looking guy and his friend and just put my arms around him, made some small talk and asked if he wanted to come to my room and fuck me. He was well up for it. His name was Ian.

I asked his friend if he wanted to come and they could both fuck me. But he was very drunk and wouldn't have been much use , so his friend told him to go home and he would give me a good seeing to by himself.

As we were walking along I needed to pee, so we walked up a small alley, I hitched up my

My wife Jan

Sillyman on Cuckold Stories

One fall evening my wife Janet and I were having friends over for a deck party, people were all milling around our secluded lawn, takeing and chatting. A group of us men were sitting on the deck listening to the baseball game and as the evening wore on into night people left a couple at a time until I found myself alone with one of Janets co-workers, a guy named Jerry. The double header wrapped up and I asked Jerry if he wanted to hit the hot tub and have a couple more beers. So with Jerry wearing a pair of my running shorts and me in my trunks we eased into the steaming hot tub, Janet who was at this point alone and clearing the deck tables of empty bottles, quickly changed into her bikini and joined us.

It was a nice night with just enough chill in the air to make the surface of the

Jan part 3

Sillyman on Cuckold Stories

When I finally got out to the hot tub Jerry was lounging in a corner seat, Janet was just dropping her sarong and climbing the steps into the tub. Then once she was seated in a middle seat and I on the opposite side of her from Jerry, we settled in to listen to the game, Jerry filled us in on the score up to that point and we chatted, it was soon obvious that the game was secondary to the relaxing heat of the hot tub. Janet said she was going to make margaritas and asked if we wanted beers. When she stood up her new suit was clinging to her curves and completly see through, her trimmed and shaved pubic area was very clear and her breats and nipples were visible as if painted bright green. I glanced at Jerry and saw he was looking at her beutiful mound, when I looked at Janet she was smili

My wife Jan part 2

Sillyman on Cuckold Stories

The days following our deck party Janet was moody, she swung from happy and loving to quiet and brooding. Janet was not interested in sex Saturday saying she was still sore, I offered it must be from the hot tub chemicals and I would adjust them. We had sex again Sunday night and she was very into it, moaning softly as she gave me a super blow job and grinding her hips onto my manhood while she rode on top of me. Even though it was easy for me to tell she had been with someone else, someone bigger than me, I still came quickly as I pictured her struggling to escape Jerries thick cock as he entered her for the first time. I was embarrassed I came so quickly leaving her frustrated so I sank down between her thighs and brought her to a wild orgasm with my mouth, Janet went wild whe

I hired my wife for the Bachelor's party

marriedtoaslut on Cuckold Stories

I had been married to Sheree for 13 years when I heard from freinds from college that yet another freind was getting married and we were having a bachelor's party for him. I said I would be there and I would help plan the party. Sheree and I left our girls were with my in-laws for the trip. So, Sheree and I left Valdosta and headed to Savannah for the party. She had never met any of these freinds before. I told the guys I had arranged a stripper and we were having it at one of the guys houses that was large and had privacy. I talked to an old freind and got Sheree a pizza delivery uniform and rooftop light and a little rental car to drive to deliver the pizza. She was to hang out at the pizza place waiting my special order. I went to the party and was one of the first to arrive and by the

My Cheating Wife Ch. 01

vagabond678 on Cuckold Stories

Colin knocked on the door softly and waited anxiously. No turning back now, he thought. The man who opened the door had to be close to 6 feet tall and well muscled, and towered over Colin who was merely 5'5''.

"Hi, I'm Colin," Colin said firmly, trying not to look intimidated by him.

"I know who you are," Jake replied. "What do you want?"

"I need to talk to you."

Jake gave him an annoyed look, but then stepped back and gestured to the couch. "Have a seat."

Colin walked in and sat on the edge of the couch. Jake came and sat down a bit further from him.

"I guess you know what I wanted to talk about." Colin said.

"No, not really." Jake replied in a bored voice.

Colin clenched his teeth. What an asshole.

"I know you and Michelle have been seeing each other."


shane diesel

dog_of_shane_diesel on Cuckold Stories

i heard a knock on my door...
i stepped out to see who is out there
i opened the door, my leg started shivering.. it was him.. my master.. shane diesel
he smirked evilishly seeing ma pathetic face.. he haven't came for anything else but to fuck ma wife,
and humiliate me in front of her..
last time when he came he have taught me various mannerism that a slave must show to his true master..
by those learning i knelt quickly on all fours.. and removed his shoes and started kissing his legs passionately..
he was so pleased with my act and gave me a kick on my face as a reward.. i fell on the floor with pain.. he stepped forward
and ordered me to follow him on all fours..obedience is really a matter for my master.. i followed him more like a dog..
he reached our bedroom where my hot w

Mad affair

Beaker1 on Cuckold Stories

"Under no circumstances are you going to fuck me and my wife" I tell the big man Ramon, shit scared when I was saying it. "Oh yeah bitch! we’ll see about that!" Ramon says that, pushes me on the bed. I was already naked and he too, Raina my wife was watching. Ramon’s big cock rams into my asshole, it was big and I scream. "Please fuck me instead" Raina begs Ramon grabs her hair and places it next to my erect cock, she sucks. Though that fat cock was hurting but I was enjoying, it slips out my asshole, slaps Raina, she stops sucking my cock and begins sucking his. I thought of joining her but he slapped my balls hard I had stay lying. "You like watching your wife suck my cock, bitch!" "Yes" I say He stretches and hits my cock "Yes, what?" Ramon says viciously "Yes sir" I say. Just then Jus

Dancing With A Friend - Part 2

HornyCuckold on Cuckold Stories

Hello lush moderator. MsGracie stole my story. This was published 5 years ago on this site.

The moment I was sure my husband wouldn’t wake up I slid out of bed and quietly snuck out of our bedroom closing the door behind me. I walked into the spare bedroom to find John lying on his back with his dick erect like a flagpole as he jerked himself off. I quickly pushed the door closed and climbed into bed next to him.

“I’ve been waiting for this dick!” I whispered into his ear as I wrapped my hand around the shaft of his big black cock, slowly stroking it up and down.

“Didn’t you get enough from your husband?” John asked smirking.

“What a joke! I could barely feel him inside me.” I r

Dancing with a Friend

HornyCuckold on Cuckold Stories

Hi Liz, from Lushstories. Is this enough proof?

When I invited John to go dancing, it was as a friend. I thought it would be fun to go out dancing at the club with a male friend, since my husband doesn’t dance. I could tell John was into me the moment we met. He is a handsome man, but being married, the thought of us hooking up didn’t even cross my mind.
I shook my hips as John was grinding on me. I was so excited to be out on the dance floor, I didn’t mind John holding me by the hips as our bodies moved together with the beat.
“Shake that ass girl!” John shouted as his hands slid from my hips down the sides of my thighs. I shook my ass as I pushed it against him. It wasn’t long before I felt his dick start to grow, filling the front of his pants.
“Down boy! Remember, I’

Pakistani muslim wife finds real sex in her Indian Hindu man

aisha on Cuckold Stories

I am Saif Ikram and this is the story of my wife Saima and her search for another man, I am a Pakistani Muslim cuckold. Before you read this story please search for some Pakistani girls pictures whilst reading this story and view their photos to see the true delicacy of a Pakistani Muslim woman and why she needs a more wel

Radha Life after marriage – Part II (VJ now in UK ha..ha, I am alone at home)

kuntrhyme on Cuckold Stories

After dropping VJ and after the wonderful ride back home from the airport was just the start of an amazing 3 months of my life. The next morning VJ called me just to inform that he had reached UK and the flight was on time and gave me his local number and hotel details.


It was now 15 days since VJ

My Wife Fucks a Black Man in the Community Pool

HornyCuckold on Cuckold Stories

After jogging for a few minutes the man removed his sweat drenched t-shirt and tossed it on the floor behind him. I did my best to keep my eyes forward, but to no avail. I glanced over and saw his muscular chest and abs glistening as the sweat dripped down his body. As my eyes moved down past his waist I noticed a huge bulge in his loose fitting shorts. It was at stretched more than half way down

Finally shared

wifesharer on Cuckold Stories

I have always wanted to see my wife, Teresa, fuck some other guy. But I was resigned that this would never happen since she was a virgin when we married and raised a strict Baptist. I approached the subject of her playing strip poker several times in the past 20 years to at least get her naked in

Revised Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 1. I am redoing my story but going to send in Part by Part this time

hungrybareass on Cuckold Stories

Family Beach Party Turns X Rated by

I know I had looked forward to the real beginning of summer. The Independence Day weekend. I was looking forward to fun with my gorgeous thirty eight year old wife Sandy. I loved watching her work out in the gym. She had firm 35

Wife seen by my best friend true

anonymous on Cuckold Stories

Showing off Wendy

We had been married for about 7 years and had a great relationship. The sex life had been kind of dropping off over the past couple of years though. We were trying to spice it up a bit and I suggested we make a home movie. To my surprise my shy conservative church going wife said ok.

We set everything up an

Kashmir – “Journey of my Life”.

kuntrhyme on Cuckold Stories

Jan 2001, myself, my husband and my childhood friend Nisha and her husband decided to take a trip to Gulmarg, Kashmir. It was not exactly our honeymoon but our first trip together after honeymoon. Actually David Nisha’s husband and Andi my husband studied in the

Wife to a Good Slut - El Monte Day 2

kuntrhyme on Cuckold Stories

After that wonderful night, the next day we were really tired woke up at about 12 noon, was so hungry that we went to the dinning hall in the hotel. They had a lunch buffet, we sat and had a lazy lunch took our time. By the time we stepped out of the dinning hall it was 3 pm.


My drunken wife and my friend Pete We had finished dinner and had been drinking way too much. My best friend Pete had been up staying with us for the weekend so we had made the night of it. We were i

sinbadman on Cuckold Stories

My drunken wife and my friend Pete


We had finished dinner and had been drinking way too much. My best friend Pete had been up staying with us for the weekend so we had made the night of it.

We were in the lounge and my wife Karen was dozing off on the couch next to Pete. She definitely had

Wife to a Good Slut - El Monte Day 1

kuntrhyme on Cuckold Stories

My name is Andrew, my wife Julee we now stay in Denmark. It is been 10 yrs since we got married. Life so far was fun filled with lot of adventures, just thought to share a few with all.


If my memory servers me right this happened some time in Nov of 2002 we were then in the US I was no an official l

Watching my sexually inexperienced, 58 y.o. wife enjoying a well-endowed 19 y.o. black lad

Handjob on Cuckold Stories

I'm 59yo and married with a really sexy, slim, petite wife (she's 58yo) who has a fabulous body for her age. My wife, Prue, has always been faithful over 35 years of marriage and I'm the only man she's had. As a result she's very sexually inexperienced given that we've only ever had sex in the missionary position becaus