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sextchatting on omegle SHS and Grad

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You: asl?

Stranger: Asl

Stranger: F20

You: m 17.

Stranger: Shs?

You: yup. how bout you?

Stranger: Graduate na Haha

You: so ano pinagkakaabalahan mo ngayon?

Stranger: Tambay hahahah. Jk pahinga lang

You: horny ka? :D

Stranger: Hahaha di ko alam

Stranger: Kakatapos ko lang eh

Stranger: Hahahahahha

You: na ano?

Stranger: Hulaan mo. Haha

You: masturbate?

Stranger: Hahahahahah. Siguro. Kakagising ko lang

Stranger: May experience ka na?

You: wala pa eh. pero gusto ko na.

Stranger: Hahahahaha excited ka din pala

You: oo. may email ka?

You: dun tayo.

Stranger: Huh. Bat email

You: saan mo ba gusto?

Stranger: I mean bat dun mo gusto mag-usap?

You: para may halong horny things.

Stranger: Hahahaha dito ba di pwede? :)


My Anonymous Fuck

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Anonymous Fuck
As with some of the stories posted here these events recently took place in our lives. We wanted to share it with somebody so here's what happened. Enjoy.

My wife "Mary” and I "Jim" have been together for over twelve years. We have no kids and lead a very hectic work schedule 5 days a week. Mary is 45, very petite at 5"-0" and 98 lbs with a hard body, firm 34c breast, dancer's legs, hazel eyes and long auburn hair. I  'm 49, 6'-1", 200lbs with an average cock. Because of her work and my travels for work, we only have time for each other on the weekends for the most part and with that in mind, we try to get in a quick fuck each week to keep us both satisfied until we can plan a few days alone. This happens about once ev
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ery month and a half or when "Mary" is really horny and we have a lengthy lovemaking session. With her being so petite, I call her my "little spinner" as once she's impaled on my cock it's very easy for us to end up in a multiple positions, without her hot tight box letting go. Her favorite position is between my legs, with ass in the air, her vibrator on her clit while she's sucking and teasing my cock with her mouth and breast... About half the time when she does this, she rocks back and forth like she's slowly getting fucked from behind. Needless to say it drives me to the edge until I roll her over and bury my cock inside her. As like some men, I've told her more than once, how I would love some stranger actually fucking her from behind while she blew and teased me... Her response has always been the same that an anonymous fuck with a stranger would be one thing, but she was sure she could not do it with me under her or in the same room.

We have always agreed that if an anonymous fuck would present itself to either one of us that we had a strong enough marriage that it would not affect it as long as we told the other about the experience, and not make it a repeat event with the same person or a life style.

About two months ago after retuning from the airport we stopped at our favorite "mid-scale" restaurant about an hour from the house. Mary was wearing black leather pants and tight little sweater, topping it all off with her high heels.  Something she wore there several times before and at other places, so she or I did not think anything different.
 The waiter "Tim" that night was being extra attentive towards us, more than most other nights we were in for dinner over the past year. What was up we both wondered? Side note: Except for working in the yard, Mary always wears her wedding band as she did this night. I myself keep mine on a chain around my neck because of a near work accident years back that caught my ring and nearly cutting off my finger...

Anyway, while on a trip to the "can", Tim stopped me and asked if Mary was my wife, I then realized why all the extra fussing was going on through dinner. I decided to see where this was going.

"I told him NO and that this was a side thing when her husband is out of town." He smiled and asked me if I'd hook him up, "I said NO because she, Mary, calls the shots because of her husband. I told him I'd take my time so he could have a few minutes to connect with Mary before I return and asked for the check."

On our way home Mary showed me a matchbook "Tim" slipped her while I was in the can, with his number on it. "I told her what took place between "Tim" and I earlier that night and then jokingly said to her here's your big chance for an anonymous fuck."

She smiled, laughed, and then said "he's half my age, too skinny and I'd have to teach him a thing or to, I'll bet...." We both laughed, and continued on home. That night we had our weekly fuck and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Two months ago on Friday night, Mary and I decided to meet at the same restaurant for a late night dinner. Since we were coming from work and from different parts of town we were in separate cars. We were both dressed in our business attire, I in slacks, dress shirt and sport coat, Mary in a short leather skirt, camisole, heels, panties and no hose. "Tim" was there but he was not our waiter that night. We took our time enjoying the meal with drinks and finished just before the restaurant closing and I paid the check.                                

Mary said she was going to use the restroom before driving home."

”I told her I was going to take off and I'd see her at the house,” about an hour away. Since I had a few drinks I took my time getting home and assumed Mary was only few minutes behind me. I got home, kicked off my shoes, grabbed a scotch, turned on the tube and became a couch potato. Sometime after 2:30am Mary was shaking me awake.

”She told me to get up, she needed to talk to me" and I sheepishly followed her upstairs to the master bedroom. I was still half asleep while she undressed and started to run the shower. While taking my clothes off, I realized that it was 3am.

"How long have I been asleep on the sofa and why did you not wake me sooner, I asked?"  "I just got home myself."   "What?"

"I just got home and that's why I need to talk to you now."

"What happened to you? Did you have a flat, or car trouble, why did you not call?"

"No nothing like that, just sit down and listen." I did so, on the edge of the bed in my briefs, and so did she, buck naked, after turning off the shower.

"Honey, after you left, "Tim" cornered me going out the door... He asked why I did not call him and would I ever consider going out with him, since it appears I'm always with you when my husband is out of town. Sticking with your story you gave him a few weeks back, I told him one secret relationship in my life was enough and two really was not what I wanted."

"Tim said we did not have to go anywhere, as he was locking up that night and everybody but the kitchen staff would be leaving in 30 minutes. Stay and have a drink on me while I cash out".

"I figured one would not hurt dear, and since we are in there almost every month and I did not want him pissed off at me, and have him waiting on us for dinner."

"Just after everybody had left he came back by the booth I was sitting in with another drink."

"Everybody but Juan the dishwasher is gone; it's just you and me so nobody will know."

"Know what, I asked?"

"Know we’re together. By the way, all these months I never caught your name?"

"It's Mary."  "Well Mary, may I join you in a drink?" 
"Sure” I said.  "I'll be right back."

"Tim returned from the bar with a drink and sat down next to me, so close my heart jumped a beat and I think he heard it. He made a toast to something, put his glass down and the next thing I knew he had one arm around my shoulder and his other hand on my thigh."

"Mary, I've wanted to do this for some time."  "Do what?" as I tried to pull away.  "This."

"Dear, quicker than I could blink he was nibbling and sucking on my neck. You know how I turn to putty when you do that. It was no different with him and I did not even try to stop him. Please do not be mad!"

"Mary how can I be mad? You're telling me what happened; besides my cock is not mad either."

She looked down at my cock sticking through my briefs, and it was the hardest she had seen or touched in years.

"I guess that tells it all doesn't it?"  "I guess so, and your home safe now."

"Well there's more dear; once he started on my neck I just fell to pieces. He cupped and squeezed my right breast with one hand and kept stroking my thigh with the other....



We started kissing between the nibbles on my neck and the more he squeezed my breast and stroked my thighs more I spread my legs. Finally he moved his hand up under my skirt and just by his strange hand touching my bare thigh I had my first orgasm."

"You're first orgasm Mary?"  "Yes my first.”

She was now holding my cock in her hand stroking it as she talked....

"Honey I do not know what came over me but I guess all those years of talking about an anonymous fuck I just gave into everything he was doing to me. He stopped kissing me for a minute and I turned so he could unhook my camisole and let it fall down to my waist.  There I was in a empty restaurant with most of the lights off, in a booth, my legs spread wide, my breast exposed for anybody to see, my cunt dripping from my orgasm and this bean pole feeling me up with no resistance from me.”

With that, I shot a load into her tiny hand, and onto her left breast, as by now Mary was on her knees in front of me stroking my cock.

"Did you finally stop him?"

"No dear I did not. He started to suck and lick my nipples one, then the other for what seemed like forever. The next thing I knew he had his fingers under my panties rubbing my clit to its second orgasm. I could not take it anymore, being confined to that booth; I forced myself away from him, got out of the booth and went to one of the long tables in the back. It had not been reset with dinnerware, so all it had on it was the table cloth.








I sat up on the short end, adjusted my camisole and took off panties, hanging my legs over the edge. All I had on was my skirt and heels."


Mary stopped talking, licked the cum off her left breast and then started sucking my cock down her throat, while rubbing her nipples with her free hand. I was getting hard all over again. Mary then stopped just as quickly as she started and resumed telling what happened next.

"Tim came over from the booth and pushed me onto my back on this long table; he went right back to sucking my nipples, nibbling on my neck and kissing me over and over. Then all of a sudden he plunged 3 fingers into my sopping wet hole and I came for the third time. I started to scream for him to fuck me, fuck me with his cock, and be quick about it before I changed my mind. I was screaming so loud that Juan, the dishwasher, came out of the kitchen. I guess I had forgotten he was back there. He took one look at my half clothed body laid out on the table like a meal, licked his lips, then said something in Spanish to Tim. Tim stopped sucking my nipples and replied to Juan before he went back into the kitchen. Tim then stopped finger fucking and began to undo his pants."

"You mean all this time he had on all his clothes and you were nearly naked?"

Mary replied by pulling on her nipples again and sucking my cock back down her throat. She did this for a good five minutes or more before stopping and getting up off her knees in front of me.

"Get up, pull the covers down and get in bed” she ordered. I did as I was told and in one swift move, like a cat, she was back between my legs stroking my cock with one hand and now rubbing her clit with the other. She then continued talking.

"Somehow and before I knew it "Tim" was stark naked and back to finger fucking me again. Just like we joked months ago he did have a long thin skinny cock that matched his body. It was as hard as steel and poked straight out from his torso, no curve or bend, just straight as a pole."

"Did you touch it?" "No, I just told him again to fuck me, fuck me with his cock, and be quick about it before I changed my mind. "

"He said just wait a second for I have something special for that wet hole of yours."

"He just stood there; his cock was sticking straight out while he was tracing the outline of my swollen clit with his fingers. All of a sudden Juan reappeared with a bowel of something handing it to Tim, and then disappeared as fast."

"Tim told me that if I want to fuck I'd better move my ass to the edge of the table and pull my legs back to my breasts."

"No sooner did I do that, he poured a warm slick liquid over my swollen lips and clit. He then dipped his cock in the same liquid making it shine in the dim light."

"So you want to get fucked do you, slow, hard, fast, deep, shallow, what?"

"I just want you to fuck me, fuck me good and fill me up." I begged him. "I can finger myself all the way home." Mary now had my cock ready to explode again and she kept right on rubbing her own clit.

"Again Tim asked me how I wanted it."

"Please just shove it in and fuck me I said. But before I could finish the sentence Tim was pounding my wet hole at the edge of the table with my legs pulled back to my breasts." Simultaneously and before Mary had finished her sentence she had mounted me and was fucking me like there was no end in site.

"So dear how does the real deal feel?" "What?” I said.

"My sloppy, stretched, cum filled hole.  I am fucking you with my hole filled with his cum. It’s want you wanted isn't it? Your petite wife fucked and filled with cum from an anonymous fuck? Actually two anonymous fucks."

"What does that mean, did you fuck Juan too?" She just smiled and pulled her dripping cunt nearly off my cock, and then shoved it all the way back in as hard as she could several times over. She then continued talking.

"Well Tim pounded me nonstop at the edge of that table for what seemed like a good twenty or thirty minutes. He finally pumped me full of his hot cum just after I had my fourth orgasm. Without missing a beat he pulled out of me and went right back to nibbling and kissing me. While he was doing that and I was laying there in a daze, I started to stroke his limp, wet, sticky, cock. He stopped kissing me long enough to dip his cock into that bowel again and then poured some more of that liquid on my breast. I now think it was cooking oil." Mary continued to grind her hot wet hole onto my cock, again and again; she was almost out of control fucking me while telling me all the details.

"Honey, I got "Tim" hard as steel again and he started to rub his cock over my nipples and breast as he move down towards my wet cunt... Just before he was going to stick it back into me again, I got off the table, pulled off my skirt, and bent over a nearby chair. My heels gave me just the right height he needed to fuck me again, but from behind. As I held onto the arms of the chair he very slowly fucked me. I kept wanting his cock in me so I pushed my box into him with every stoke he made. He finally stood still and I moved forward and backward fucking him while bent over the chair, kind of like this."

Mary proceeded to move her box and hips back and forth while on my cock, pressing down as hard as she could.

"Well dear, with all his cum, oil and my juices he was growing in size and was not going to last as long this time before he pumped another load into me. You know that feeling don't you dear?"

She was still grinding into me as hard as she could and all that cum, oil and her juices did make everything a sloppy mess between us. She then rolled off me and pulled her legs back to her breasts.

"Finish me dear, fuck me, fuck my sloppy, stretched, cum filled hole." I did not have to be told twice and I quickly mounted her and began to pound her so hard the bed shook and banged the headboard against the wall. Mary continued.

"Just before Tim shot his second load into me dear, he pulled out his cock and started to rub it up and down my lips and my asshole. I told him my wet hole was all he was going to get to fuck this night."

"He said he could not feel the walls of my cunt anymore because it was so wet and stretched out. I told him to stick it back in me and he will. As soon as he put his cock back inside me I reached back between my legs and shoved two fingers into my cunt and next to his cock, kind of like this."

Sure enough Mary with her legs back over her breasts shoved two fingers into her cunt next to my cock and that's all it took for me, as well, and I shot my load of cum into her and for the third time that night she was filled. After I had pumped what seemed to be gallons into her, I rolled off her and onto my back. Mary said.

"Funny, Tim did the same thing dear; as soon as I put my fingers in my cunt next to his cock he exploded. Something about a tight, yet sloppy, yet stretched, wet hole all of a sudden becoming a tight box again makes a man cum, doesn't it?
Mary rolled out of bed and walked into our bathroom. She said "Tim" handed her some cloth napkins to wash herself with in the restroom. She said she could not find her panties so she used one to plug her hole until she got home and showered. But when she found me asleep on the sofa she decided to take advantage of me by not being fully awake and confess that morning as to what happened. My reaction or should I say my cocks' reaction to the beginning of her story made her change her mind and her desire to share herself with me and her first anonymous fuck.

Apparently "Tim" begged her to leave with him and to stay the night at his place thinking Mary's husband was really out of town. He also wanted to see her again but she made it clear this was a one time fuck and nothing more was to be said about it....

Mary restarted and took a long hot shower that morning. As she got in, she told me I better enjoy the view of my well fucked wife, as it may or may not ever happen again. So with that is a few photos, compliments of my Mary..... I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did re-telling it and sharing these photos. Maybe someday I can get her to try an anonymous fuck via a Glory Hole at the local adult book store? Jim


Sue was away and Jan wanted to play.

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My wife was away for a few days for a friends 30th birthday – I couldn’t get away so I stayed home.


Last night I came home from work and stripped off to have a shower and decided to wank myself off before I did so.


I was lying on the bed having a nice long slow hand job and thinking how good it would be to have my wife was doing it for me and finishing me off orally.


I was so engrossed I hadn’t noticed out neighbour Jan,,,,,,,,, my wife Sue’s best friend come over. She had come through the garden and as I had the light on it was possible to see me laying in
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the bed and enjoying myself, we have curtains but I hadn’t pulled them not thinking I would have visitors.


Jan always let herself in and she found her way to the bedroom and stood at the door, I hadn’t heard her as I was fairly engrossed in my playtime. Then I noticed a movement in the mirror and looked up and saw Jan standing there watching me.


I said shit what are you doing – she laughed and said watching a wonderful display – something I havnt seen for years. That is one nice cock – I know now why Sue is always happy when you two play games.


I said why didn’t you sing out or something.


She said I saw you through the window and decided not to announce myself but to sneak in and watch. Actually I came over to see if you would like to come over to my place for dinner seeing Sue was away. I didn’t have this on the menu though.


Jan then came over and sat on the edge of the bed – my masturbating and nudity certainly didn’t embarrass her.


I don’t know why but I continued to lay there and stroke myself slowly and then Jan said how about I do that for you – we can eat a bit later.


Then she said – how about you and I play you show me yours and I will show you mine.


I laughed and said that sounds like a proposition.


She said you catch on fast and she stood up and took her top off, undid her bra and slipped her shorts off. She was naked – the first time I had seen her completely naked – I had seen her bare breasted as Jan and Sue went topless at the beach when ever we went together.


I said holy cow that is one neat piece of work down there – looking at her shaped pubic hair.


All the better to eat me out she said. We could play goldy locks and the three bears and have some fun. I would love to see what Papa bear was like after I had tried baby bear etc.


I said hang on what would Sue say if she knew we were doing this.


Jan said does she have to know – I have seen you looking at me occasionally and I always wondered what it would be like to fuck you Sue is always telling me how good you are.


Now Jan said do you want me to finish what you started or would you like to get straight down to the main course. We have plenty of time and can do it all if you wish.


I said I have to admit I have lusted a few times thinking of having it with you. I envy a couple of your boyfriends at times – knowing the two of you were in bed and I gather playing bedtime Olympics. I know a few times you have told us how good whoever he was that night was. 


Ok she said and she put her hand around my cock and took up where I had left off. I had softened a bit but I was rock hard again after a few strokes of her hand. Then she positioned herself over me and sucked and stroked my cock at the same time – she was awesome.


God now I know what Sue raves about – you are wonderful – that is one damn nice tasty cock.


She stroked and sucked and after about five minutes I was ready to blow my load and I said I am almost there where do you want it, she looked up and smiled and quickly said in here and continued to suck me and fondle my balls and I sang out I’m cumming and I blew my first load into her mouth and followed it with three or four more. I saw her swallow one lot before she continued to suck me dry.


When she was finished she said that was one delightful load of cum – and you tasted sweet and wonderful – I loved it.


Now she said its my turn and she crawled up over me and positioned her cunt right over my mouth and I connected and drank her copious flow of cunt juice she had manufactured for me while she sucked me off.
We continued like that for a couple of minutes and I said lets change position – I would like to give you my special treatment and she got up and said lead me to the slaughterhouse.


I got down between her legs, slipped two fingers up her and licked and sucked on her clit. She moaned with delight. I continued with this method for a few minutes before I slipped another finger into her cunt making it three fingers and then my little finger into her ass hole. I ticked her G spot as I fingered her cunt and her asshole and she moaned even louder.


Oh god she said that is fantastic – I have never had it done to me like this before, it has all bases covered, and I noticed she was tweeking her nipples as I fingered her other end off.


She lasted another few minutes and I could tell she was getting close she was beginning to wriggle and get the most of my fingering sensation fulfilling her pussy and ass hole delights.


Then she lifted her ass to force my mouth down hard on her clit and I knew then she was ready and I gave her all the stimulation I could muster and she came off like a fire cracker – bucking and wriggling and moaning and forcing my head down onto her cunt with her hands, if she could have – she would have had my head up inside her.


After she came off her high she said wow that was one of my best. I can see why Sue married you.
We both lay together for a while and chatted about what we had just done and both of us were feeling a bit guilty, the two of us having sex and me committing adultery.  She said have you ever done it with another woman since you have been married.


I said if tell you – then it must never get back to Sue – like this cant.


Jan said believe me Sue is the best friend I have ever had and I am so envious of her and you – after this it will be over. I will have satisfied my desires and curiosity – I will be satisfied.


Then I said yes – I had a girl in the office a few times – she was 17 and only a kid and I don’t know what came over me. At one of our end of week drink parties somehow she came onto me and I let her and we got it all together. The first time was in my car and after that in a motel. Seeing it was Friday Sue never expected me home before 11 or 12 so it gave us plenty of time. We were together every Friday for weeks before she started to make demands for more sex more often and I had to break it off. I had a few nasty moments as she got very possessive and fortunately she decided to leave the firm. She was a wonderful bed mate and nothing was impossible with her. By the time it was over there wasn’t much we hadn’t done together. She even tried to convince me I had got her pregnant but she didn’t realise I have had a vasectomy.



Sue has told me she doesn’t want a kid so that makes it permanent doesn’t it and she doesn’t have to use the pill.  I don’t have to worry either now do I.


She was getting ready for our first fuck and was kissing me and holding my cock and bringing it up to performance standard.


I said – which way first – missionary or?


She said missionary – I want to see you going into me and watch the pleasure on your face as I make it good for you.


I got down between her legs – she lifted them up and opened herself for me and I guided my cock toward her cunt. It looked beautiful. I slipped my cock into her slowly and gradually filled her vagina with solid cock. She watched as it slid into her and said it not only looks good but it feels good too. I am as good as your 17yo – I said you come second, Sue comes first.


Jan said not tonight – that’s my pleasure to cum with you – I cant wait.


As I began to stroke my cock within her cunt she said oh god that feels good, I cant remember wanting a man so much as I do at this moment and having it with you has fulfilled a desire I have had for a year or more – you have no idea how often I masturbate thinking of what it would be like with you. Now I know and believe me I am more than satisfied and you have only just got it into me.


The two of us worked on enjoying ourselves changing position slightly to get a different sensation with my cock inside her. We were both having a ball.


Am I as good as the 17yo she asked – I said almost and she took that as a challenge and really went to work with me and we got really heavy into fucking.


I suppose we had been fucking for about 10 or 15 minutes and I said I think I had better show you my best performance and fill you with a load of baby free cum.


She said go on baby fill me – fuck my little pussy – make it good – lets go hard and fast – and I began to really fuck her hard and she responded and the two of us worked hard at getting to our climax and orgasming together.


It only took the pair of us a couple of minutes and she screamed FUCK ME ___ FUCK ME HARD – I am going to cum – FILL ME BABY – FILL ME – SHOW ME HOW GOOD THAT COCK OF YOURS IS…. hose my cervix with that gooey, white sticky cum. Fill me up. O SHIT OH SHIT I am cumming and as she said that so did I – I grunted and spurted stream after stream of sperm less semen into her. It was my second cum that night and I think I made more the second time than I did the first.


After we had exhausted ourselves we collapsed and lay on the bed together – shit she said that was possibly one of the best fucks I have ever had. It seems better seeing you are forbidden fruit and that makes it even better.


We lay there for a while and she said now its my turn and she got on top of me and she proceeded to fuck me cowgirl. She was good and could maintain the motion both in the cowgirl style and reverse cowgirl as well. I managed to stay in her most of the time except for a couple of times I slipped out and she apologised, I said doesn’t matter it goes back in a hurry.


Then she turned and faced me and she lay on top of me and our sweaty bodies slid together and she brought herself off again – her tits were squeezed between us as she pushed herself into her next orgasm.


Holy shit she said – I cant remember having so many good fucks one after the other since I was about 17 – I took on a  gang bang then – 6 guys and me. I was sore for days afterwards as some backed up and fucked me a couple of times. I came three times – I couldn’t believe it. This is heavenly, now this is what I like, two down and how many to go. The best we have done since we have been married is six in a day – that was a real orgy.


I hadn’t cum yet so I said lets do it doggy and I will see how long I can make it last.


She got up and I mounted her from behind. She not only has a great body but her ass is magnificent as well - firm and beautifully shaped and as I spread her cheeks to get access to her cunt I could see her tight little pink asshole.  I said have you done anal before – she said I have done it all – I can fulfil your every desire if you want.


I thought – Sue  and I have done it like that but doesn’t enjoy it so I just may get a chance to see how it is with Jan. I will keep that for later.


As I fucked her I could see her tits swinging beneath her and she was letting them swing and have her nipples just touch the sheets giving her a nipple tickle at the same time as I fucked her. I said you like this don’t you.


She said I havnt had so much fun for ages – forbidden fruit with a wonderful cock – what a mixture.
I didn’t take long and as I came I just pushed my cock right in and left it there as I filled her once more with my baby free cum. I was still reasonably firm so I continued to take my pleasure from her body until I got completely soft and I slipped out. As I did she began to leak out of her and run down over her cunt lips and drip onto the bed sheets.


Jan said we will have to do some laundry before Sue gets back – these sheets will be cum starched before she gets home.


After we rested for a while we both showered together and I plugged her cunt under the shower but we didn’t cum during that fuck. She washed herself out pretty well as she said I want you to have a feast down there before I go home.


The two of us towelled each other off and that was fun rubbing her tits and her legs arse and cunt dry. She did the same for me only she dried my cock with her mouth and I didn’t even get hard.


After that we had a coffee and went back to bed. We talked and played with each other as I touched her tits and cunt and she played with my cock, it was wonderful laying there with her just being sexual without actually fucking.


Then she got up and we kissed again and she then began to cover my body with her kisses over my ears, neck and down to my nipples – I love having my nipples sucked and bitten when I am sexed up then she quickly went down over my body to my cock which was now hard and waiting for some action. Without a word she took me into her mouth and began to stroke my cock with her lips and then put her fingers around it and as she sucked she stroked me softly as well. It felt heavenly – Sue does it well and Jan was equally as capable. I was laying there with my eyes closed and my entire concentration cantered on her lips and fingers performing a wonderful hand job on my cock and balls.  I couldn’t remember such a wonderful time before.


Jan kept me going for about 20 minutes every now and again slipping up and kissing me on the lips and telling me I had the best cock she has ever sucked. She said it even looks beautiful – I love circumcised men.


Then she went back down kissing my nipples as she went.


She worked on me for about another 5 minutes and I began to feel the tightness in my balls and stomach – I was getting ready to cum again. I could feel her fingers stroking my cock and her lips slipping up and down in rhythm with her hand and her gentle sucking motion. Her other hand was fondling my now extremely soft scrotum and she was rubbing my testicals between her fingers – the sensation was awesome.
She also recognised the symptoms and as I began to breath in gulps and try and hold back as looked up into my eyes and whispered to me ‘I love you’ – and she worked on my balls and said quickly – I am waiting – let me drink from the most wonderful cock attacked to the most wonderful man in the world. I have never tasted circumcised guys cum before – I want it.


It only took me a minute as her eyes and her words took me over the brink of no return.  I released and had one of the most wonderful and intense orgasms I have ever had, I was on the verge of passing out it was so intense and strong, I believed it was the strongest spurt session I could remember – I could actually feel it race up the tube of my cock and out into her mouth. I could feel her sucking….. squeezing…….. and swallowing my cum as fast as I could fill her mouth time and time again. – My cum was actually gushing it out like a geyser. When I was finished ……or better put…… when she was finished with my cock I was exhausted – gasping for breath and my whole body was shaking with the intensity of my orgasm. Never before have I cum so hard.


She let my now soft cock slip out of her mouth and then she came up to me and we kissed. She still had some of my cum in her mouth and even so I enjoyed the feel of her tongue locking with mine and lips forced against mine as well and then I could taste my own cum on her tongue. I had occasionally done the same thing with Sue so I was accustomed to the taste of my own cum. As a pre teen boy I had sucked another guy off a few times as he had done to me so cum was not a disgusting taste to me.


We lay together naked as we were and I loved the feel of her body against mine. After a few minutes of kissing I rolled over and got on top of her and repeated her performance of kissing down her body, spending a bit more time than she did on my nipples, as I could tell from her soft murmurs that she enjoyed my licking and sucking and my gentle bite on them- she told me later she loved the sensation of my teeth biting her softly – as I did. It was a new sensation for her. Then I got to her small mound of hair and ran my fingers through it and told her how beautiful it looked. Then I went down to the hairless labia lips of her vagina and licked them, Her labia was short and firm and didn’t protrude beyond her vaginal area. She had a perfect cunt.


I got right between her legs and she opened them wide for me and I slipped a finger into her and then licked the length of her slit. There was a slight taste of my semen there still but the taste of her carnal juices was far stronger and most tasty……I sucked and licked her dry – well for a minute as she continued to provide me with a wonderful cocktail of our love syrups mixed together. She murmured again – I was doing it right.
Then I opened her lips and squeezed her clit out of its sheath with two fingers and ran my tongue over it – she flinched a little as the sensation travelled from the nib of her clit through her body – she was alive with passion. I slipped two fingers into her vagina and continued to use my tongue to lick her slit and over her hooded clit. I continued to pleasure like this for a while then put three fingers into her and slipped one up onto her G spot and massaged that as she lifted her ass off the bed in recognition of the delights that was giving her – I was doing things right. Then I gave her my third movement – I slid my little finger into her ass. She moaned loudly with the delight of that. I now had three fingers inside her cunt – one in her ass and my tongue rubbing between her labia and caressing her clit. She was beginning to squirm around with the pleasure I was giving her.




I was happy and so was she as her body erupted into an intense orgasm- she was having a similar experience to me – a unique oral experience.


She squirmed physically and bucked her ass as she forced her cunt onto my mouth – I had removed my fingers and had my mouth firmly forced over her vaginal opening and I was sucking and squeezing her clit out of its sheath between my lips running my tongue over her clit. She shook, flinched and shuddered every few moments from the sensation racing through her body. Every now and again I would suck and drink her fluids from within her – she was providing me with a wonderful taste of her body – exclusively for me, it was the release of the pleasure I was giving her was providing me with the added taste of her body and sexual juices caused by the excitement I was giving her.


I had often given Sue good oral sex but she had never had an orgasm as intense as Jan was having. Her experience was the most wonderful I had ever seen a woman enjoy. It was total submission to me of her body – she was giving me every ounce of pleasure her body could produce. This had started out as a sex romp but what I was experiencing was total love of each other and what we were doing to each other. She was getting pleasure from me and returning it and I was appreciating every moment of it and the wonderful satisfaction of her body.


Finally she collapsed in a heap on the bed and managed to get the words out softly – You have to stop – please………… I cant take any more. Her body was soaking wet and so were the sheets she was a lather of sweat and I was pretty wet myself. As I propped myself up on my arms over her I looked down and our eyes met – it was the most emotional experience I had ever had. She smiled and silently mouthed – I LOVE YOU to me. I just fell on top of her kissed her neck softly and my eyes filled with tears with the absolute pleasure she had given me. I said something I never considered for a moment when we agreed to have sex together. I LOVE YOU TOO I said – and I bent down and licked the sweat from between her tits. She said as I licked her ….. No man has given me so much pleasure………… ever. Never leave me.
I could not say any more – I knew something had passed between us today that the both of us would never forget.



Jan said are you still interested in dinner- or have you eaten enough.


I said I could never eat enough of you – shit I have never enjoyed myself as much as I have with you ever – and I mean ever.


Did you mean it when you said you loved me –


I said to be perfectly honest I did – at the time – and I believe I will for ever – no woman has ever given so much of herself to me ever the way you have.


How about you, I said.


Jan said I have loved you for as long as I have known you – and like you I will forever. I don’t know what will happen from here on in – but it will never be the same again between us after this. I love you dearly and now I have to share you with Sue.


We ordered in Pizza and we sat around eating Pizza in some very unconventional ways.


Next day we had to launder sheets and towels so Sue wouldn’t see the carnal mess we had made in our bedroom. Our sex continued unabated but we used the outdoors rather than the bedroom and we couldn’t have cared less who saw us – we were in love and sex crazy.


To cut a long story short Jan and I continued to have magnificent full on sex for a few months afterwards. Then one night Sue and I were having a BBQ with Jan.
Sue was getting herself pretty drunk and I was letting her as I thought this would give me another opportunity to fuck with Jan something we had been doing fairly regularly when it was safe. Then Sue said I have a confession to make. She said I don’t think you know it – but Jan and I have been having a lesbian relationship for a month or so. God knows how it happened but she and I are lovers. This now means you have two women to contend with –if you want to be a third member of our relationship and the three of us can share he same bed occasionally.


I looked at Jan – she winked and smiled at me – this is something she had cooked up and this now meant I had two women that were prepared to share their sexual pleasures with me. How long would it last – that remains to be seen .
I was happy – they were happy and so was my cock.




First MFM

horny-housewife on Filipino Sex Stories

It all began with us watching adult videos with multiple partners involved. They were mostly with at least two males and a single female. I must admit that the thought of several cocks pleasing me was a definite turn-on.
I don't remember whose idea it was to try this. We have been married for 15 years and we have a wonderful sex life. I think it started by Tony asking me if I found the thought of two males intriguing. I said duh, who wouldn't want two men pleasing her every whim. He asked if that was something I would like to try. I nervously laughed at him and said maybe.
Next thing I know he asks me if I want to sign up on a swinger website and see what happens. I said sure why not. We had a few hits, but it didn't seem like we were right for the other couples. That is until
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we met a couple from Parkersburg.
We met the male half of the couple for a drink and to see if we were compatible. We all hit it off well and agreed to meet again when all could meet. It didn't take long till we all met and we knew the chemistry was right. He was about 5'11 180 lbs and she was 5'5 blonde hair and very curvy. Tony is 6' 210 lbs with dark hair. I am 5', 115, blonde, blue eyed gal with a 34d chest and 24 inch waist. We talked for hours at the restaurant where we met as our kids played games.
They were a seasoned couple having had several experiences. They even, because of their schedules played alone. This was good news because I knew I wanted him.
We arranged for Brian to come to our house one morning. I was excited and extremely nervous at the thought of finally fulfilling my fantasy of two men.
I wore a black pair of boy shorts and a black boustierre that had my breasts sitting firmly in the support. I covered it with a robe. My nipples were hard and ready for some attention.  My shorts barely concealed a recently trimmed pussy with a landing strip pointing the way to a paradise that was wet in anticipation.
Tony had given me the go ahead to have fun and not worry about anything. I decided to take him up on his offer.  I arranged everything. 
Brian called a short time after 7 am and said he was a few minutes away. I asked Tony if he was sure and he said not to worry. About then the doorbell rang and my heart started racing knowing what was about to happen.
Brian was wearing a pullover-collared shirt and was wearing Polo Black cologne. We invited him in and we sat down and talked for a few minutes.  He could tell we were nervous and asked us if we were sure we wanted to do this. I took his hand and led him downstairs assuring him we were certain.
Once we got downstairs he asserted himself, grabbed me and turned me around and began to kiss me. His lips touched mine and they felt so soft.  He began sliding his tongue inside my mouth lustily kissing me.  He was an excellent kisser.  Many couples have rules against kissing but we fail to see the reasoning in this.  He began to caress my breasts, cupping them in his hands.  He rolled my nipples between his fingers.  My body quivered at the touch of his hands. His lips kissed me passionately. He began to kiss my neck, gently nibbling on it as his hands worked a masterpiece on my breasts.  My body was tingling all over as he caressed my body. He gently laid me back on the bed and worked his lips down to my hardened nipples and began to suck on them.  He rolled my nipples in his mouth, gently biting them with his teeth.  Expertly he positioned himself between my legs as he distracted me with his tongue running circles on my breasts.  I arched my hips when I felt his hands on the waistband on my shorts. He easily slid them off. He continued working his mouth down till he found the landing strip that pointed him to my wet pussy that was awaiting his touch.  He parted my legs wide as he slid his head inside my thighs and slid his tongue into my slit.  He darted his tongue on my clit and licked it and rolled it in his mouth.  As he was running his tongue all over my clit he slowly began slid a couple of fingers inside me. He rolled his fingers for a moment till he found my g-spot and "OH MY GOD"  I have never been fingered like that before or since.  He rubbed my g-spot firmly as worked his thumb over my clit and alternated his tongue with it. I was in heaven.
My legs were shaking, my heart was pounding, and my pussy was aching. But the best was yet to come.  He stood up and began to undo his pants. I sat up to help him. I could see the outline of his cock in his pants and I could see it straining to get out and seek the pleasure it was about to receive. I unfastened his pants and pulled them down and there staring me in the face was the largest cock I had ever seen. My pussy twinged at the though of this massive pole inside me.  His massive cock sprung out of his shorts and I eagerly took it in my hands.  I started stroking him as I admired this behemoth of a cock.  I would guess it was about 9 inches long and oh so thick.  I don’t know what I liked more, the length or the girth.  Either way I would be enjoying both soon enough.  I guided his cock and worked the head into my mouth.  It felt so big in my mouth.  I licked and sucked on it like I was a kid with an all day sucker. I swirled the tip in my mouth as I caressed his balls. I stroked his cock with my hands as I took as much of his tool in my mouth as I could.
  About that time I heard my husband come into the room. He sat down for a moment and watched me take another man's cock into my mouth. I wondered for a moment if he was ok with this that is until he began to undress and his rock hard cock sprang from his briefs.  I knew then it was ok.
Brian slid back on our sofa bed to make room for Tony.  I followed him, as I didn't want that monster of a cock to get too far away.  He sat back against the cushions and invited me to suck his cock.  I was on my hands and knees with my ass sticking straight up.  Tony positioned himself behind and I felt him part my cheeks. I was expecting him to slide the only cock I had known for the last 17 years inside, but he slid his tongue inside my lips and the feeling was almost unbearable.  I had never been in the middle of two men, but I knew now what I had been missing and couldn’t wait for what was to come.
  My husband ate my pussy like he has been doing without equal for the last 17 years. To this day, he is the only person who has made me come by eating me out.  He worked his magical tongue in my wet lips.  Slowly parting them as he ran his tongue up and down my dripping cunt.  I was quivering with excitement.  This just made me suck that much harder on Brian's 9 + inches of meat. I worked my mouth hungrily up and down his pole stroking him as I slid him inside my mouth. Tony continued eating my pussy. I felt his tongue find my clit.  He slowly sucked on it as he ran his tongue hurriedly all around it. I began to feel the familiar sensations of my orgasm. I sucked harder as my body began to shiver with the most intense orgasm I had ever had.
  I took all of Brian's cock deep inside my mouth, with my chin resting on his balls, as I could feel his cock touching places in my throat that had never known a cock.  Tony knows that I love to be fucked immediately after I have an orgasm so he slid his cock against my pussy lips.  Teasingly, he worked it up and down the opening before he slid it in.  My body was still quivering with my previous orgasm, as he began to pump my dripping wet cunt I began to cum again.  I had to stop sucking the wonderful cock before me so I could enjoy my earthshaking orgasm, and to make sure that I didn't bite Brian's cock.
  My husband began to pump my pussy, filling it with his hard cock. He fucked me for a few minutes as I continued sucking on Brian, making sure he was fully engaged.  Tony grabbed my hips and started pumping my pussy harder and harder.  I cannot describe the feeling of having my pussy filled by my husband and my mouth stuffed by another juicy cock. All I can say is that I was in heaven.  After a few minutes I felt my husband climaxing as his juices filled my wet pussy.
  I stopped sucking on Brian's cock as I sat up and turned around offering my pussy to another man.  Brian did not need a second invitation as he began to rub my pussy with his cock.  He slowly fingered my sopping wet pussy while he reached for a condom.  He ripped open the wrapper and I could hear him slipping the sheath over his cock.  After what seemed like an eternity, he positioned himself behind my legs and began to rub his member against my awaiting lips.  He slowly slid the head inside me and worked it up and down.  I tried to push myself back onto him but he pulled away.  He did this for a few moments.  He could tell I wanted his cock deep inside me.  I was so worked up.  I began to suck on my husband's cock feverishly in anticipation of Brian sliding his massive cock inside me.
  Slowly, Brian began sliding his large, thick cock inside my small, tight, and extremely wet pussy.  He parted my lips like they have never been parted before.  His cock felt like it was going to rip me open.  As Brian was working his way inside me he groaned and exclaimed how tight my pussy was.  I had to stop sucking on my husband's cock so I could concentrate on the indescribable feeling I was having.  It felt like I was being split open, yet it felt so damn good. I let out a moan (more like a scream) as he slid his mammoth piece of meat inside me.
He began to move his body in a slow, steady rhythm, rocking back and forth, sliding his cock deep inside the walls of my wet pussy.  He placed his hands on my hips to better control the tempo and to maintain control as I tried to rock my pussy harder and faster into him.  I found my husband's cock and began sucking on it.  I loved the feeling of my husband in my mouth and another impaled inside me from behind.
  Brian started to increase his tempo as he began to really to pound my pussy.  Tony recognized this and he pulled away and stepped to the side.  He watched Brian fuck me and I asked him if he liked what he saw.  He replied yes as he was pulling on his cock.  Brian stopped and rolled me over on my back and placed his arms under my legs and placed them over his shoulders fully exposing my eager cunt.  He then slid inside and really began stuffing my pussy.  He parted places inside that had never been touched before.  It hurt so damn good.  He fucked hard and deep. I grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper. I could feel his pace quicken as I knew he was about to fill my pussy with all the protein he could.  His shoulders arched as he gave one final deep thrust and I could feel the warm liquid explode from his cock. My body tensed as I began to climax.  My body was shuddering as this incredible orgasm swept over me.

Night Drives

Sultrybuxombbw on Filipino Sex Stories

Hey folks, First, thanks for the comments on some of my stories. I see there are people that love animal soories so I will keep putting them up. I guess this a wife sharing since my husband Steve let me play at a glory hole for several hours late one night. It is all true.

We were driving from north Florida late one night, the air was nice and the windows down and I had my blouse unbutoned so the air could go across my tits. I had not panties on and had a wrap around skirt that tied at the waist and it was pulled open and my feet were on the dash and I was playing with myself. Steve would turn on the dome light as we passed truckers and they all enjoyed the view. Well, we really needed to go pee and get something to eat and so Steve pulled into

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one of those multiple function convience store/truck stops on I-75 south of Atlanta.

We pulled in and I only did the bottom two buttons and so the top was really very open. The skirt kind of moved in the breeze and I did not try to keep it closed. We went in and I had to pee so I went to the ladies room and relievd myself. No one else in there so I came out and go a drink and waitied for Steve who soon came out. I had been checking out the guy behind the counter and he was obviously checking me out too. He was in his 30s, cute and kind of boyish. We went to the counter and Steve paid for out drinks and snacks and the guy said, "Is there anything else you need?" I squeezed Steve's arm and then looked at the guy and leaned over and let my blouse fall open. "The question is, is there anything that you need?" I asked him. I saw over the counter that his bulge was growing and so I looked at the camera and smiled and went behind it, got on my knees and took his cock out and took it all the way into my throat. He stood there while I sucked him slow at first then faster and finally he filled my throat. I stood up and thanked him and he said, "No, thank you. Is there anything else at all?" he asked again.

Steve leaned over and whispered to me, "The three stalls in the men's room have huge glory holes in the walls and they are small enough so that you can have one in each end if you like." he said. I looked at the guy and said, "I wanna go work the glory holes in the men's room for a while, can you make sure everyone knows I am there?" I said. He said, "Sure" and reached over and flipped a switch and said. "Anyone that knows what that light means will stop." I told him thanks and Steve went to the TV room to rest and I went to the men's room. I took off the little I had on and sat on the toilet and in a few min. two men came in and one went into each stall. They looked thru the holes and saw me naked waiting, "Slip them thru guys." I said and they did. Both very nice cocks, clean and hard and I took them into my hands, massaging one while licking the other. Then I was deepthroating them both, first one then the other making the men moan loud. The door opened a couple times and there were now a few men waiting their turns. I made sure to time the cocks cumming so that I could swallow each one and not miss any cum. The men filled my throat and then zipped up and left. Tow more came in and one was chubby and had about 5 inches and the other skinny and maybe 5 or 6 inches. They did not last long and then two more came in. One was a black man and he was hung and the other a white guy that was about 8 inches but really thick. I took the white guy in my mouth and he was just too thick to do a good job on so I took the black guy and even though he was about 10 inches he was thinner and went down my throat really good. I turned my ass to the wall of the thick one and guided him into my pussy and took he black one deep into my throat. Both of them got a good rythum going and after a while, maybe a half hour first the black cock filled my throat then the thick one got thicker and filled my pussy and both made me cum. My pussy sprayed the wall and both cocks felt so good.

There were now several men in the rest room and so I opened the door and walked out totally naked. "Guys, let's not waste time with the glory hole, just fill me up." I said and laid on a bench. Soon a man filled my pussy with cock and then I laid back and laid my head back and one filled my throat. They both were good at what they did and my orgasms came constantly and they filled me up. It seemed that as soon as two finished there were more to replace them and so I asked, "Can we do a triple penetration?" A couple guys said sure and so I got up and slipped one into my ass, leaned back and let one slip into my cum filled pussy and grabbed another for my mouth and they began working on me. I was have orgasms like crazy and it seemed to take them a long time but finally they all filled me. The two in ass and pussy came almost at the same time while the one I was sucking took longer and I had gotten two more in ass and pussy before he finally filled my throat. I was there about 3 hours and was well fucked when I wandered out and woke Steve up. I was naked and carried my clothes with me as we walked to the car. I laid there and fell asleep as we drove the cool night air making my body feel so wonderful after a good fucking.

By the way folks, I love sex of every kind, human, animal, machine, you nake it. My husband does not care that I fuck everything that moves and sometimes something that does not move. I am 42, short and live in North East Georgia. My tits are 42 to 44 EEE and I am always available for sex, male female, it does not matter.