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My sister and our dog

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One day I came home from school early and I thought no one else was home. I heard noises coming from my sister's bedroom so I went by her bedroom door and peeked in. I was shocked to see her and our family dog together on the floor. My sister was nude and she had her legs wide open and the dog was licking her between her legs. She was moaning and saying good boy you are such a good boy while rubbing his head which was between her legs. I decided to walk in and confront her. When I opened the door she looked up at me and tried to push the dog away leaving her sitting there in front of me totally nude with her legs wide open. I said how long have you been doing this? She yelled for me to get out. I laughed at her and said okay but Mom and Dad are going to love to hear about this. She said p


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(FF/M, F-domination,drugs,demonic pleasure,extreme beast, sex slave,m/servant)

I guess in case you haven't read the other wife's cheating dilemma stories i'll fill you in on things that if I don't explain now you'll be like well what to hell does Little Woman::Little momma look like? My wife (Little Woman,Little momma) is a mere 4'ft /8"inches tall, a mere at best 98lbs and has long black hair down to her nicely rounded little ass(bubble butt), and her tits are mere 28 A and two nice little pencil eraser sized nipples, she wears starter bras most of the time! She is Spanish/Latina/Mexican dark brown her face is round with big eyes for it's size with dark brown nearly black eyes and tiny black retinas

Step Dad

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Hi my name is Sarah, when i look at myself, especially in the mirror it is hard to believe I have changed so much in the past two years. This past summer after getting out of high school I feel like I have finally found myself and know exactly what I want and more importantly what I enjoy doing. In high school I was the bratty always wanted to succeed nerdy type of teenager. I had to be into everything and most importantly (I thought) wanted to be popular. To be popular I had thought meant being in all the right gatherings and in our school that was all about sports. So between swimming, volleyball and baseball I had the athletic side covered. Then with all popular cliques there had to be a certain type of look. Looking at my picture and myself in the mirror I had the looks down as well

Taking my Girlfriend's Sister to Prom

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I love a woman with dark hair and light nipples! They always make me cum the hardest. I remember the first time I saw a dark brown haired girl and her light nipples. It was my girlfriend’s sister. She was getting ready for Prom, no joke, and needed help zipping up her dress. Her dress had a side zipper, so when I walked up the stairs and into her room the front of her dress was almost fully revealing her amazing breasts. She was very pretty, young firm D cups, small waist, with a very firm round ass. Her sister was exactly the same, but blonde with A cups. I instantly got hard and when I walked up to her she told me what she needed. I looked at the side of the dress and gave her a sideways smile. She asked why I was smiling and I admitted to her that I had seen her breasts and that they w

Summer Sabbatical

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Notes [Last revised August 22, 2018]:

○ This is our submission for the Summer Lovin' contest 2018, so please consider voting.
○ The legal age characters and story are re-imaginings from the authors' correspondence with a couple of readers.
○ Thanks to Skye4Life and DrBiSensual for editing this.
○ This is a long detailed story with a slow buildup.
© Copyright 2018 by MindsMirror. All rights reserved.
~ Tim ~

"You think he'll go for that?" Dad's deep voice asked and my ears perked up as I continued down the hall certain he was talking about me.

"You sure we can't delay the trip?" Mom asked.

"We need to travel there in person and get guarantees that deliveries happen before August or we're done," he replied emphatically.

"Why did the vendor wait so long to tell us they co

Dirty Secrets

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I gaze around at my surroundings. I wonder once again if I'm lost. This couldn't be the address I had put in the GPS. When Storm had offered to let me spend my summer vacation at his cabin. I had expected a real cabin. Something small in the middle of nowhere. I was right about it being in the middle of nowhere, but as far as it being small it was anything but. The place was huge. If I was in the right place I had fallen into the lap of luxury. I felt like I had just won the lottery, for the summer at least. I didn't know Storm Winters very well. We had a couple of classes together and he shared a dorm room with my ex. He was shy. He never said much to anyone. Pretty much every girl on campus had fantasies of him at one time or another. He was sexy as hell. He was about 6'ft tall with hai

Company Fortune Sex

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[An Account from the PRISM Chronicles]

Chapter 1

And the Answer Is...

Parker Scott felt trapped between the brilliance of passion rewarded and complete surprise. "Mark, would you say that again?"

"Parker Scott," he whispered, "will you marry me?"

"Yes, Mark, oh, yes!"

Each grasped the other and kissed deeply, he crushing her great breasts against his chest, and she feeling overcome with an indescribable happiness that obliterated all the other sadness of her years. Parker stared at the canary diamond that glared hotly from its setting on her left hand, then looked into Mark's eyes.

"Make love to me, Lover. Fill me, own me, just do me so I will never forget it!"

He did just that, first with tenderness, then with near-savagery, finally ending their marathon session w

Not So Covert Family Affairs

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This is my first submission, please be gentle. The story line in my head should make for an entertaining series, so if the comments and interest are fair, I will continue.

NOTE: All content in this, and future, stories of this series are fictional. They are based on fantasy and thoughts of my own life, but there is no validity to the actions.


"Hello, anyone home?" I bellowed loudly as I opened the door and removed my key. It was a silly question, my grandmother hardly ever went anywhere and if she did it was never this early.

"I'm in here." a voice announced from the direction of the bedroom. This wasn't a surprise either, because before 8:30am she didn't leave there; there was no need to. The bathroom had an attaching door and she had a small couch, more of a love seat, in

The Root and the Wilson Babes

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Brief Backstory: The setting is a Middle America town in the late 1970's and Lute (The Root), our hero, is a well-hung 18-year-old who's finishing high school, playing bass in a rock band, and spreading his own brand of goodwill among the local ladies. In this episode, Lute is seduced into a threesome with his girlfriend Leslie Wilson and her hot mother, Gwen.


Luther Casey had been friendly with Leslie Wilson since middle school. But when she blossomed during her sophomore year of high school, so did their relationship. And by their senior year, after they'd both turned 18, they were screwing on a regular basis.

Leslie's dad owned a business and traveled a lot, so he wasn't around much. And her mom, Gwen, really liked Lute and gave him plenty of private time with her daught

Taboo Mom and Me - Adventures with Spunk

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Daydreaming, I snatched my stiff cock from my Mother's hand and held it in front of her surprised face as the spunk began to flow.

"Take that, Mom!" I moaned out loud as the first visceral stream of juice blasted out from my cock and landed in a long icky strand just above her right eye, across the bridge of her nose and over her parted lips before dripping off the end of her chin. More followed with Mom squeaking as I coated her blushing cheeks with more hot fresh jizz until she was covered with frothy gloop.

"Henry Peterson!" she gasped as she knelt there with her eyes firmly shut, "What are you doing?!"

I was running out of stuff so I rubbed the head of my thing all over her spunk soaked face making it shine and glisten disgustingly in the low light of my bedroom. Sexually int

Mandy's Exile 2018

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Summer Lovin contest 2018. This is my first contest entry so please vote... often.


Mandy Muller growled in frustration as the data bars on her cell phone blinked between 1 and zero. Sitting on the front porch of her grandparent's farm was the only place that even pretended to give her data service. Her phone worked for calls and texts as long as there were no pictures and she was staying in the 7 foot area between the driveway and the haybarn. Being 18 she was hoping to spend her last summer break before college on the sunny beaches of Southern California with her friends, but due to an over eager history project partner, she had been banished to the backwoods of Oregon.

Back in April she had been assigned a final project in American Government and with it came Doug Brennen, jo

Sister Sexbot

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Year: 2050

It was the evening of Alexis's nineteenth birthday. She was my sister, and she was a year younger than me. Even though she was my sister, I had no problem admitting she was damn fine. She had perfect D cup tits. I knew from snooping in her bras one day. Might've been a little creepy, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her. However, like most girls in 2050, she seldom wore a bra, which made her nipples show through her shirt anytime it was even a little cold. Some girls would even wear translucent shirts so that they might as well be topless. Sadly, my sister did not participate in that fashion trend.

It was the weekend, so I came back from my out of state college to celebrate with my family. Dad had grilled up a great dinner while Mom baked the cake we were eating. It

Jack the Complex Lover 2018

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Jack had been dating Kay for eighteen months. Kay was in her final year at University for her teaching degree. From Sunday to Friday she lived in student's accommodation close to the University. She came home at the weekends and stayed with her widowed mother, Joan. Jack stayed every weekend with Kay. He owned every one of her holes. She was his cum bag and slut. Jack was a lawyer, he was twenty-six and recently been offered a partnership in the Law Firm where he worked. He was six foot four tall and had an athletic body. He was also blessed with a massive cock.

Kay loved sex. Every weekend was unbelievable. They would go out for meals then back to Kay's bedroom. John was aware of what was happening. She had told Kay that she and Jack were both adults and knew what they were doing. It

MILF JoAnn & Her Daughters Become Sluts 2

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MILF JoAnn & Her Daughters Become Sluts 2

We had just turn Peggy, a 15-year-old little virgin hottie into a total slut, from now on she’ll be doing lots of fucking for us.

We were in school and I could not find Dom, so I wondered if he was maybe fucking someone in his car. I went over to his car and it was rocking hard, and there was Dom, he was fucking the shit out Peggy. Hey Dom, one of the teachers is looking for you. He started coming, he finished and left. Peggy started put on her panties while I got in the car and told Peggy don’t leave yet, I am going to fuck you next. I took my cock out and told her to give me a blow job and she started hungrily eating my cock. Once my cock was hard I raised her skirt and pulled her panties down and started fingering her pussy. It didn’t tak

MILF JoAnn & Her Daughters Become Sluts

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Hello, Thomas here.
I previously wrote a story titled:
I Banged Mom And Got Her Trained Into a whore for All My Friends to Fuck!

Well Dom and I are still fucking my mother, I just thought I would share some of the stories that Dom and I went in our high school days.

As some might recall, I partially wrote about my best friend Dominic (Dom) and my sexual adventures while we were in high school. Dominic (Dom) and I earned an infamous reputation in high school for fucking half or more of the female school population and their mothers, including female teachers.

Dom and I worked out so despite our young ages, we were not small framed young men by any means. We were tall and well built, the high school bitches called us hunks. Me and Dom could just pick any one of our high scho

MILF JoAnn & Her Daughters Become Sluts 4

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As Steve was plowing into JoAnn’s pussy, he repeatedly asked her, do you like my big black cock, and finally JoAnn started yelling, YES, YES, YES, I LOVE YOUR BLACK COCK! Steve again asked, is your hubby’s cock better than mine, whore? I’m your daddy, you fucking white whore, Steve keep plowing her pussy real hard, you like your hubby’s cock better than mine, whore? Finally, JoAnn, yelling said, FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK YOUR WHITE WHORE, FUCK YOUR WHITE WHORE WITH THAT BIG BLACK COCK. YOUR COCK IS A LOT BETTER THAN MY HUSBANDS. I’M YOUR WHITE WHORE, KEEP FUCKING ME, I LOVE YOUR BIG BLACK COCK. Steve tensed up and started dumping all his cum deep in JoAnn’s pussy. JoAnn lifted her hips to grind her pussy against Steve’s cock. Steve popped out of JoAnn’s pussy and told Trudy, come here little w

MILF JoAnn & Her Daughters Become Sluts 3

WildWest on Taboo Stories

Dom put his cock in the entrance of Trudy’s ass and started to push. Trudy started screaming and Mick and Mack said, we will hold her, go for it man, take that ass. Dom started to drive more cock into Trudy’s ass. Trudy was screaming and shaking. Dom went in half-way and started thrusting in and out for about 5 minutes and then went in further. Dom began pumping harder and Trudy was still screaming and finally Dom said fuck it and went in all the way. Dom started to thrust in and out of her ass. Trudy was still screaming, but now she was also making sounds of pleasure. Dom was tearing up her asshole, he pulled out and showed us the damage, he had reshaped her tiny asshole into a huge gap. He quickly inserted his cock all the way to his balls and started ramming her ass hard. Trudy was sc

MILF JoAnn & Her Daughters Become Sluts 6

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George said, when I’m done fucking the shit out this 14-year-old whore, then I’m going to fuck the 15-year-old sister. When I finish with these young whores, I’m going back to whore mama and ram that fine pussy. None of these whores, probably had a 12-inch thick cock like mine before, so these whores probably have tight pussies, but they aren’t going to be tight when we get done gangbanging these bitches. We are going to gangbang these whores until they can’t take no more cock. George yelled out, THESE BITCHES ARE GOING TO WALK OUT OF HERE, FUCKING BOW LEGGED, everybody laughed and cheered.

George, started driving more cock in Trudy’s ass and Trudy kept screaming. George said come guys, look at this asshole stretch, one guy said, come on man, lets see you wreck that young ass. George

MILF JoAnn & Her Daughters Become Sluts 5

WildWest on Taboo Stories

We had to get these whores ready for the party, we had to buy them slut clothes to take them to party and entertain Steve’s guests, after all that was a $2,500 gig. We took them to a lingerie store to pick out what we told them to wear. We wanted them to look like total sluts. JoAnn picked out very sheer and short black nightie, Peggy picked out a red nightie and Trudy’s was white.

We took them home and had them model for us, we had all three standing in front of us, and the fucking sluts looked hot. We gave them instructions that they were there for the pleasure of Steve’s guests, so they were to fuck how the guys wanted to fuck them. We made it very clear we didn’t give a fuck if they agreed to it or not, they were there to be fuck meat. Dom grabbed Trudy lowered her to her knees an

MILF JoAnn & Her Daughters Become George’s Whores

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MILF JoAnn & Her Daughters Become George’s Whores

It had been a week since JoAnn and her daughters, 15-year-old Peggy and 14-year-old Trudy had gotten gang fucked for three days by 20 plus men. Dom had given their agreement over to George, so now they worked for George.

It was Saturday morning 10:30, George knocked on JoAnn’s house door and JoAnn answered. JoAnn was dressed in flare blue dress about 2 inches above the knees. George had two gangster looking type men with him. JoAnn said, what do you want? George said, whore don’t be asking any questions. Terry, is here to fuck you and Jonah wants to fuck Peggy and Trudy, where are their rooms? JoAnn said, not here, and George quickly raised JoAnn’s dress and tore off her blue panties and bent her over the couch arm and said come o

A New And Wonderful Life

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A little over year ago I
met the woman of my dreams. She was a petite little blond thing, about 100 pounds and maybe 5ft and a 3 or 4, with really sweet, firm, “B” cup breasts and small but, a nice round firm ass. When cold or turned on, her nipples get nice and hard, about a quarter inch long, maybe a little more. We are both nudist and we met at a swim club where everyone swims nude in an Olympic size pool and socialize with drinks and appetizers. She was celebrating her 38th birthday that day.
A little about me, I’m 45, 6ft, 187lb dark hair and a nice body. The length of my cock is a little above average but the girth is almost as big as Sue’s wrist. You should see it when she takes my cock in her mouth; she calls it her vanilla Drumstick, the ice cream type.
Well, we started see

Meeting mom's Random

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I couldn’t believe mom had brought home some rando from the bar. What did I mean, of course I believed it. She had less respect for herself than she had for me and she barely noticed me. It was so embarrassing hearing them through our paper thin walls. He was calling her all kinds of dirty names and she was calling him ‘daddy’ when her mouth wasn’t so obviously on his cock. He kept telling her to take it like a little whore and saying what a dirty little slut she was with a mouth like sin itself. I squirmed in bed and rubbed up against my pillow and tried to ignore the tingling between my legs. I went to touch myself and pulled back. I didn’t want to enjoy what I saw as my mother’s shame no matter how it made me feel. It seemed to take forever but it was only an hour or less before they h

My Indian mother with an old man

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Hello guys.This is Aditya.The story i am about to narrate is about my lovely mother Nisha and her physical relations with an old man.
We are a north indian family consisting of my dad,mom and me.I was 19 year old at that time.I had just passed to second year of my engineering in Bangalore which was in south India.I used to live in hostel,but later shifted outside college.My mother also accompanied me in setting up of new flat and we left Jaipur.Me and mom stayed in a hotel for a couple of days before finally setting up in a 1 BHK flat near my college itself.

We used to live on top floor and the owner lived on the ground floor of the same building.My owner was comparatively poorer to us as my father was an IAS officer with huge respect in society.My dad,46(then) was a very fair

My cock and my dog.

Dowtie on Taboo Stories

This all happened just recently. I was outside smoking and my my dog stays in the back yard were i smoke. Well one day while i was out there she did something she never has done before. She came up between my legs and was smelling my crotch area as she did this i thought "wow i wonder what that toungue feels like" so. I unzipped my fly of my pants and pulled my dick out (rock hard) and she started to lick all over it it felt so good. After a few minutes of that i got completely naked and rock hard outside she licked and licked just the head which was so good. She made me cum really hard going all over her face and toungue. But after this i decided "if she made me feel good then i should do it to her" so i did we went inside i rubbed vaseline on my cock and all over her asshole and pussy.

School Head Mistress Loves It Up Her! Part 1 of 2

milfbanger on Taboo Stories

Part 1

It’s supposed to be a secret but our Head Mistress Miss Sharp has been Fucked by god knows how many lads here over the years! God knows how she has got away with it but we don’t care as she’s our own Cum bucket so we are not going to say anything! Not sure but I think it all started years back when she started seeing this young lad that was here back then! Sometimes when in a class she tells us what she has got up to & such like with School Boys’ Lets just say she has a thing for Young Boys’ When I first got to find out about it all was when my mate said can you keep a secret ? Then told me that he had Fucked her loads of times’ What! You mean you’ve really Shagged her for real? Yeah she loves it & lets you do anything to her! Up the arse & everything’ Lost count the number of

my first sexual exprience with my cousin

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Sometimes we experience unexpected situations that come as a surprise and fully enjoy them.

My dad sent me to spent a few days at my grandfathers house and after a busy day, eating dinner, and taking a shower, I was to share my cousins bed. He was a few years older than my 10 years of age. I quickly went to sleep in my pjs, but once everyone else was asleep i was awaken by my cousin pulling down my pjs below my naked ass. He started rubbing my ass cheeks very slowly, as I pretended to be sleeping. I didn't know how to feel about the situation but i was enjoying his touches.

After a few minutes, he whispered in my ear, "are you awake." To which I didn't answer and turned my head away from him. He quickly started rubbing my dick, pulling on it gently, until he moved down and sta

Fletcher and Colette

EmilyPlague on Taboo Stories

Colette is nineteen now, she's always been the only child.
her fathers pride and joy, she's had him wrapped around her little finger since the day she was born.
when her father remarried he had told Colette her stepmother had a son a few years older than her, but that he was out on his own.
Colette always gets what she wants, so when her stepbrother. Fletcher, is down on his luck and moves back in with his mom, he has to share his old room with Colette.
the sexual tension on the first night is stronger than either could have ever thought possible.
Colette can no longer stand it and when she comes home drunk one night, she stumbles into the room to find Fletcher jacking off.
she can't look away, but when she finally looks up at him his eyes are on her, his confidence only turns her

teenager forced into

pervertbiguy on Taboo Stories

A story of when I was a young man. I started puberty at a young age of 11 and from then on I couldn't get enough of sexual release. I'm in between athletic and average build not a six pack but not fat either.

When I was 14 I would masturbate to about anything ranging from Victoria Secret catalogs to porn that I could get online. I always enjoyed the release. I had a friend who would hangout after school and occasionally stay the night on the couch. One night we were looking at porn and found taboo ranging from incest to gay and bisexual clips. I didn't notice how hard I was until my friend started making fun of me for having a bonner in my shorts. I was at least to say shocked and embarrassed.

I then looked down and saw he too was hard and told him that he couldn't talk shit.


pantyfan466 on Taboo Stories

It was a cold, snowy Saturday morning. The kind of morning you just want to stay in bed and keep warn under the covers. However, the raging hard on in Tim’s PJ’s needed some attention. With his mother out of town until Monday, Tim had the house to himself. His father left him and his mother when he was an infant. Tim got out of bed and did his normal pre-jerk off routine. First find a pair of his mother’s worn panties and then locate a pair of silky panties to rub on his cock. Mission accomplished on both. Tim returned to his bed and tossed the worn panties on his pillow and then removed his boxers. After getting comfy he began rubbing the other pair of panties on his very hard cock.
Before he started using his mother’s scented panties as part of his jerk off sessions, Tim would jerk

badass son

forstagen on Taboo Stories

My only son Nathan when he started his first year. He was one of the best students at Michigan’s community college, and also a valuable member of the baseball team. He always was quite of a shy guy dating girls. I remember when we used to talk about it, and that’s why I gave him tips about how to establish a nice conversation with them, obviously according to my past experiences in life.
He started looking at dating websites, when he finally found a nice looking girl from Pasadena California.
After no more than a year of having conversations they finally decided to meet in person. One day he asked me nicely for some money so he could buy a flight ticket to go and visit her. Obviously I couldn’t say not, because he promised to pay me back as soon as possible.
After only a week he came