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After School with Mr. Smith (Part 2)

PryingPandora on Taboo Stories

(6 years is long enough, right? Read Part 1 here:

Taylor lay on her bed, resting one hand on her stomach and the other on her thigh. Her breathing became ragged as images of her brief session with Mr. Smith faded in and out of her mind: his large, sensuous hands traveling over her sinewy back, falling down and caressing her legs and rear as she sat on top of him, riding him desperately. It was so wrong, but when he had emptied himself into her, she hadn’t had a care in the world.
She slid her hand from her thigh to her underwear, already feeling the dampness seeping through them. Her eager fingers dipped into herself and she stifled a moan. Her parents were in the room across from hers.

Her other hand

Mrs Robert's Daughter's Reception

Nastyman on Taboo Stories

Part 1 was simply titled 'The Castle'

Chapter 2

Jackie, although hungry ate very little at breakfast. She wished she had refused the request to come down to the dining room naked but the truth was she liked being treated as a slut… property of a black man. But now in a room full of family and friends the embarrassment was be

The Castle... Part 1

Nastyman on Taboo Stories

Jackie Roberts was in high spirits… it was her daughter’s wedding day and everything had worked out perfectly thus far. The weather had been kind to them… and the service was beautiful. She looked out of the small bedroom window onto the small quadrangle of the mid twelfth century castle where the final photographs were being taken of her stunning daughter and equally striking new son-in-law. T

son fucking his mother suma with tha help of his father part 1

anonymous on Taboo Stories

hi readers my name is is gokul 26years old the story i am going to tell you is a real story i lives in kollam (a place in kerala) my family is a lower middle class family father Rajan(53) mother the heroin of the story Suma (49) my sister (23)
let me tell you about my mother she is very fair and fat she got a big boobs and ass she is very careing type i saw her naked body many times i used to p

Father daughter taboo

anonymous on Taboo Stories

Tears scrolled down her face. How disgusting she thought she was fucking her own father but the pain was subsiding and an arousing pleasure was replacing it. She didn't care she was fucking her own father anymore in fact she liked it! She liked that she was being touched by a man, a real man.


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My nefew is a young energetic boy. One night while babysitting him and his two brothers he kept touching my ass and making it look like an accident. I finally told him to sit down and watch a movie with me after putting his younger brother's to bed. He was still for a while but then he started to feel on my boobs. "You got big boobs" he said. "Can I see them?". <"You a

Bus ride with a muslim girl - Part 1

anonymous on Taboo Stories

This is my first story here.

I have always had a fantasy over Muslim women and girls especially the covered ones in hijab and niqab.This has I think helped me in having various sorts of sexual encounters with these women.Underneath these women are as sexual as any other woman in the world or even more. These stories are all about my encounters I have had so far in my travellings across t

making school more fun

anonymous on Taboo Stories

After graduating college I got a job as a teacher in a near by town. At age 23 I was still as horny as I ever was. I am 5’6” short blonde hair, blue eyes, 36B cup, with great figure. While at college I had as much sex as I could possibly have. But now I sit in a room full of students 8 hours a day. Although I did like all the attention I got from the boys in the

Ann's Boy Hunger

varunpal89 on Taboo Stories

ANN'S BOY HUNGERby Brian Layer
Ann lame's body was pressed back into the plush leather seat as the twelve-cylinder engine revved and the Jaguar leaped forward. Her huge fits were flattened slightly against her chest from the acceleration and she felt the thrill of speed in her cunt. Under her skillful control, the sleek car turned up the ramp to the freeway. Ann refused to s

A Fantasy Come True

ChristinaB on Taboo Stories

First, I'm 18 and just graduated from high school with plans to go to college this fall. The college may have to be put on hold however. One afternoon about two and a half week ago I dropped by my best friends house to see if she wanted to go to the mall with me later. She was not home and her dad was the only one there. Her dad is a very handsome man and I have always had a silly crush on him ev

Peeping Tom 2: The Next Day

pervnxtdoor on Taboo Stories

Peeping Tom 2: The Next Day
I went home, still thinking about the fun I'd had with Kendra and her daddy- I jacked off while replaying the whole thing in my mind again, and when I woke up, I had another idea- another fantasy to live out. I called my neighbor on the phone. "Hello-" He answered the phone in his usual upbeat voice. "It's your friendly next door neighbor

Janey knows better

janey1113 on Taboo Stories

Janey knows better.


I had to go to the good will store on the edge of town to try to fine some used furniture. I parked my car just around the corner of the store. This was a gravel road the led nowhere. Just out to an old dump site. I went in and was gone for about 30 minutes. When I came out to go home, I saw I had a flat tire. Damn

Hot Little Neighbor Girls 2: Tiffany joins the action!

pervnxtdoor on Taboo Stories

Stephanie had gone home, and I spent the rest of the night replaying how I'd fucked her in the garage clubhouse earlier. As was my ritual, I jacked off to some of my collection of "special porn" before going to sleep, and as I had the next day off again, had planned on doing some more work outside. 

I woke the next morning, ate breakfast and went outside to see Stephanie and h

Peeping Tom

pervnxtdoor on Taboo Stories

Peeping TomI'd always gotten along well with my next door neighbors. They weren't really exciting people, but I liked them. There didn't really seem to be anything really exciting or unusual about them, but they were always friendly and outgoing. The fact they had a sexy young teenaged daughter was icing on the cake, and admittedly, I sometimes felt a little twinge of about the fact that I would

My Niece and her BFF - Christy's turn!

pervnxtdoor on Taboo Stories

I'd finished with Amanda- God what a hot little piece of ass she was!!
I'd been wanting Christy for such a long time too, and looking at the look of surprise on her face when I said I would fuck her next made me want her even more!
"That's right, Christy- it's your turn next- " I said, winking at her. "You're going to take off your clothes now, and it's Amanda's turn to

the neighbors daughter

sexer1 on Taboo Stories

My name is Tim. I'm about 35 years old and live with my girlfriend in a small town, east of Amsterdam. We were a regular couple, moved in together two years earlier and have been having a great time since. Whilst we still werent expecting a child, we both had a job and were able to manage just fine. 

I remember sitting in the kitchen, having dinner with Liz (my girlfriend) when the

Kate Jeff Dean Adventures African Experimental Adventures

katejeffdeanadventures on Taboo Stories

African Intense Experimental Adventures

My wife Kate, our friend Dean or me are writers. We have read some of the stories on here and we see how many pick on Grammar and Spelling. We are using Open Office to write with. It does have spell check. But just the same worried that it may not p

How i became a mommy

crinkelbottems on Taboo Stories

As I stood there watching him drive away tears streaming down my face, I knew he was the one I wanted and I would do anything I could to make that little boy happy. It all started in a hot summers night in early august. I was sitting at my computer bored out of my mind playing a online chatting game lets just call it new life. I wanted to start a little family on there.