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The Beginning Of A Brief Affair

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I can still remember that day so very clearly, I can still hear the rain falling outside and the taste of the sweat on his skin. It was four months before my seventeenth birthday and I had been staying with friends during the school holidays, as I was working in another town a few hours away from home.

The day started out pretty much the same as every other. My supervisor picked me up at 5am a

My First Orgasm

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I've been thinking back to my teenage years and I remembered my very first orgasm. That was a long time ago, 45 years to be exact, but there are still memories of it that stick clearly in my mind.

I get excited thinking of other young boys who like me experienced their first time. I wonder how many boys had their first orgasm while masturbating alo

shopping excitement

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I like to get a hard on when walking around andhope that some girls notice.  Anyway I had to buy some shoes and went into this shop near lunchtime.  There was a pretty shop assistant on her own, she had a short skirt on and a blouse which showed off her tits nicely.  She asked if I would be long as it was nearly lunchtime and I said no.  Anyway I asked for a pair of shoes a

My friend's mom and I

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So this happened when I was 18. It may seem weird that a 18 year old guy would sleep over at his friends house but it was awesome if you know what I mean. So it was like 2:00 am and I woke up with a boner and it wouldn't go away so I decided to watch some porn on my ipod, but I didn't have their wi-fi password. I decided to try to check if it was saved on his computer. His computer is in his livi

Love my Daddy-Anna's First Time

SSPAdmins on Short Sex Stories

"I've been waiting for this for a long time my little dove," Paul whispered
to his daughter Anna.

"All you had to do was ask, I would have let you and I thought
you knew that," she responded pulling her father's mouth to her
tingling nipple.

"Nibble it Daddy, make it get all achy like it does when I pull on them."


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I am not a virgin anymore. I lost my virginity to my boy friend 3 years ago. When I fell in love with him, I knew that he was the one and I asked him to make love to me. Ever since then my lust has grown gradually but I make sure that anything else entering me beside his cock is just a toy. But this morning that determination also failed.

I was walking back home from school late at night. Although I was supposed to remain in school the whole night and work on a project, it got done by midnight and I thought that I'd return home after reading some porn. On my way back home, I saw that 3 street lights were not working but I ignored and kept on walking. Right in the middle of the dark spot I felt someone grabbing me and putting something on my mouth and I couldn't scream. I was dragg

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ed to some place with dimmed light and my mouth was gagged. I saw 2 big men standing and they started to rip off my clothes then undressed themselves. I saw their hardened dicks in the light that was suited to my eyes by then. They had stalkings on their faces and I couldn't tell what they look like except one was a black man and another seemed white. Both men were on top of me and I could barely move when the white guy started playing with my nipples. He pulled them, squeezed them and rubbed them and I thought of the rape porn stories. I was scared and at the same time excited as my pussy became wet. The white guy then took over and sucked on my tits while the black guy thrusted his penis in my mouth. I hate blowjobs but I didn't have to do anything as he made the motions. I helped him with my tongue and teeth because there was no way I could break apart from their grasp right now, and anyway, I was already wet. The white guy then put his fingers in my pussy and rubbed my clits and I got more wet and started motioning my body when the white guy positioned himself and put his big big cock inside my pussy. It was way bigger than my boyfriend's and it felt as if I was being teared again! The black guy unloaded his cum in my mouth and I gagged and spitted it out. Then the white guy made me lie on top of him with his hard penis inside my pussy but didn't thrust. The black guy then put his fingers in my ass and moved and grinded rubbing against the dick on the other side and it felt too amazing. But all of a sudden I screamed because he had put in his big cock in my ass and it felt as if I was being torn in two. He kept on thrusting and I started to cry in pain. He took his cock out of my ass after a while and put in a dildo and moved it. It didn't feel so bad this time. The white guy still had his hard dick in my pussy and I started to get surprised how he was able to hold it and kissed his mouth. He again rubbed my nipples with his strong fingers and I got very very wet! This time the black guy had taken out the dildo from my ass and he made me sit up on the other guy and helped me move my hips. The white guys started thrusting his cock and the black guy helped my automatically moving hips move faster. The whole thing was amazing and I climaxed as I felt my cum pouring out. I was climaxed for the longest time and I moaned loudly. The men switched positions and both entered me together and thrusted their cocks in me. The rocking motion and the wet cum of my pussy and their penises made my head go crazy. With some more thrusts they both came inside me and the three of us lay motionless for a while.


They left after a while and I felt sore and scared but at the same time, wanting more of this. But with noone around I looked for my clothes but realized that they were naked. Then I had an idea of walking home naked. I didn't mind getting fucked more so I started. When I got close to my building I saw an elderly man coming out of his car. He was my neighbour from the building. He stopped when he saw me but with the look of a hunter. I had no intension of fucking him. He offered me a coat and I put it on. We went inside the building and instead of going to my apartment I followed him to his. There's a camera in front of every apartment and my head started to have dirty thoughts. When I realized that the man lived alone I pulled his pants down and grabbed his penis and kissed it and soon he was hard. His cock was amazingly thick. I left his apartment door open and started to fuck him on top. I faced the camera riding him backwards so that the whole pounding picture is taken. The feeling was amazing! I had to cover my mouth to not moan too loud and wake the neighbors. Finally I climaxed and so did he as he unloaded his cum in me. I was too tired so I went home to my apartment.


Next morning the landlord and the manager came knocking at my door. I was still naked so I put on a thong and a tank top. My full breasts barely being held and all my ass exposing. The two men gulped and stepped inside the apartment. I took of my clothes and started to pleasure myself in front of them when they both took off their clothes and the landlord just put his cock in me and started fucking me. The managed waited and took his turn and he was good! I came full and we climaxed. He wanted to take his cock out before cumming in me but I ask him to fill me with his cum and he did. The landlord came on my from the back and both men fucked my holes hard and long.

All the men int he building who needs a lay come to me now and I never wear anything but thongs when I am at home anymore!

Vulva Island

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Vulva Island

 One day, our ship arrived at an unknown island. Near the coast there was a forest. Higher up there were two large hills. I started an inspection.
First I had to cut through the dense woods below to get to the bottom of Venus Hill. A frightening" width="200" align="left" border="0" /> volcano. After some thorough studies, it suddenly erupted. I quickly made my way down again. The eruption must have caused
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some internal combustion as I was now able to access a dark cave with a very narrow entrance. I steadily pushed forward as I went deeper and deeper into it. The walls were really damp. Not a lot of air around here.
Finally, there it was, Uteria’s Treasure, a pearl of the finest quality. Just as I wanted to take it away, there was an earthquake. How would I get out of here! I couldn’t stand anymore as the whole island trembled and made a strange sound. Then, a massive flood dragged me away, to the exit, where I arrived just in time for the bombardment of the upper hills by the massive guns of my ship.

A Simple Pleasure

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You've been laying on the soft silk sheets of the bed for a few minutes now.  You haven't seen anything for a half hour.  I've already taken the liberty of having you take your clothes off so the silk caresses your skin, and a cold breeze from a vent tickles your skin.  

You lay on your stomach, wondering what I'm up to. Suddenly, you feel a tickle on your thigh.  You go to swat it away, only to find my head in place between your legs.  And my moist lips, working their way upwards, towards your very own wet lips.  Your thick aroma already envelopes my every sense, imploring me to hurry up and fuck you.  But you know that it won't come that swiftly.  

My smooth palms, already wet as my body senses the acts about to
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be committed, caress your breasts, sliding over them, beneath them, tickling your skin and sending goosebumps over your entire body.  I gently pull on your nipples, sending a minor spasm through your body, your smooth hips lifting a bit off the bed.  

I tell myself to take my time and my fingers rhythmically follow their course in circles around your stiffening nipples, as if they cry out for more attention.  I can feel the heat emitting from your pussy on my face, as my lips continue to suck on the creamy skin of your thighs, and I can sense the flow of your juices as they drip onto the bed, a waste when all that delicious nectar could be working its way over my tongue, and down my throat.  I waste no time in moving my mouth over your mound, lapping the sweetness up into my mouth, my smooth tongue running its course from your dripping hole to your quivering bud, running my tongue several times around it, just to hear you moan and feel you squirm beneath me.  

I retrace my path and plunge my tongue into you, at the same time sucking on anything i can get my mouth around, milking you for every sweet drop that you put out.  I give my hands a break from your aching peaks and focus one hand around your clit and the other on keeping you from bucking me off.  As you hit your peak, you spurt into my mouth, and I make sure that I clean up every little part of your now sensitive cunny.

I quickly finish cleaning you up, and then move up to stare into your beautiful face.  While you come down from the past moment of ecstasy, I enter you.  Still sensitive from the attention i just gave you, you buck up into me, forcing me to enter you fully, driving you insane, as you go crazy and start pumping upwards, trying to keep me inside of you.  I meet your thrusts and with each push upwards, I push downwards meeting you and causing me to rub every imaginable sensitive spot and me to jump inside of you, making you squirm all over the bed.
I pound into you like there's no tomorrow, and as we both hit our peaks, you push as hard as you can against me, forcing me deep inside of you, as we both explode and you dig your nails into my back, wanting to feel the pressure as we spurt all over each other.  We collapse onto the bed in a tangled mess, sweating and gasping for breath.

Sealing the Deal

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This is a long story, much more than the short bit that I posted here. It is still very much a work in progress and is a dance between cultures. Not everything is as it seems, for there are a few twists and turns.

If you are looking for a fast hot 3 paragraph and your done thing (much like your high school prom) then look elsewhere. Creative criticism is welcome! I *did* mean it

Im think of a new friend

LOIS on Short Sex Stories

I open up my computer to the stories and seen my name and got very horny started to master bate, I call my mom up so she could come over, my husband was out of town and I need to talk to some one ,an mom would be the person to talk to. Well I was waiting for her to come over it would take a half hour I started watch en porn of lesbian .I took off all of my clothes got my c

Caught by mom

LOIS on Short Sex Stories

I'm sitting at my computer reading stories an getting fucking horny rubbing my cunt, taken my clothes of so I can masturbate and pinch my nipples when Rex my Irish setter come in ,I swing my chair around and open my leg so he can see my wet cunt. I let him lick my wet fingers as his tongue starts licking my leg up to my pussy ,his tongue is a little rough but fills good

It Felt so Good

EmmaHolly on Short Sex Stories

It happened when I was 14. I was widly popular is school and many boys loved me. Still, all boys did not intrest me. I just started thinking about sex and such. Still, i knew i would want someone who would make me feel good, One day, i was home alone with my pet dog who was a Saint Bernard named Jacob. He's about 5 years old so we've had him since i was 9. So anyway, as i sat on the couch doing h

after an odd day

deathstar on Short Sex Stories

it starts with us in each others arms, we had just spent the day together, doing all sorts of odd stuff just to pass the day away. as twilight appears we head inside, we race up the stairs, i stay behind just so i can watch your ass shake while you run. I catch you in the bedroom and we fall on the bed together laughing, our bodies are so close we can feel each others heat, i turn to you and stro

mother and daughter

LOIS on Short Sex Stories

My mother Helen ask me to come over to her place, she had a new friend an wanted to no what I thought of him since we are very close more like sister, i told her OK and would be over in about an hour when i arrived i knock on the door and us ally walk right in knock again no answer I went around the back of the house an herd moaning i look threw the gate and saw my mother bent over hand up again

Me An My Gf

michaelw21 on Short Sex Stories

well it was one night at my gf's house an she was starting to get rather horny, so she put on some porn on her laptop an she slipped over to me on the bed an started rubbing my ever growin cock, so i started to kiss her an started rubbing her pussy, meanwhile her parents where downstairs watching telly. she then unzipped me an slide my cock out an started suckin me off, the porn was playin an she

The Meeting

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We had been talking for months and finally, felt comfortable enough to plan to meet. A date, a location and a 20 hour flight had been negotiated.

As I sit in the coffee shop, impatiently waiting for you to arrive, I begin to wonder if we can keep to the proposed plan. There was a lot of laughter when the plan was negotiated but I have every intention of making you wait. Today is about mee

Dorothy, The 40 Year Old Next Door

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Dorothy was the beginning of my love for mature women. She was everything I came to love in a woman - dark haired, sexy, flouncy,, a little chubby, but just ever so much, a wide butt and baby bearing hips and nice average sized breasts.

Columbia Motel

Morgen on Short Sex Stories

The sun was setting, sinking slowly into the west. My car was rolling along Highway 5, heading south towards the interior. As the shadows started to take shape, I realized that I needed a place to stay. I did not want to be facing mountain passes in the dark. Five minutes later, a lighted sign told me the Columbia Motel was just ahead.

Naughty angel

Morgen on Short Sex Stories

Being one of the chosen ones meant that Eleesa was stunningly beautiful, with her long blonde hair, flawless skin the color of rich cream, and beautiful, fully formed wings with which to soar through the skies. As such, she could chose any one that she desired. The world was full of other chosen ones, handsome males that her parents would fully approve of.

The Innocent Cousin Sister

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Hi friends iam rajesh , please forward your views to . sincerely i want

your suggestions for the better stories to be generated .

Let us get into the story not to disgust you anymore . Iam doing my in tajmal university at mumbai and my

life was going on graciously with my mom and dad . I always used to stand 1st in studies and managed

to get 1st or 2nd in class . I was taking my fi

Horny Pussy

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one day I was in algebra reading my book. I looked up and saw my friend Julia. She was bent over and I could see her thong and big ass under her short skirt. soon my pussy got wet. Later I went to home and fingered myself. I began to cum on my bed and got my sheets wet. then after I pleasured my pussy I asked Julia to come over. soon se was here and I dressed in my bra and thong. we got on the co

Pleasuring Myself

ty87 on Short Sex Stories

one day while my mom was at work, I was on her computer watching porn movies. Soon I got very horny. I was so wet my pussy juice was dripping through my panties. I ran to myy room and got in my bed. I pulled down my soaking panties off my horny pussy and opened my legs to punish my slut pussy. I shoved my fingers in and thrust them in and out. soon I was moaning with pleasure. By then my hand was

Cute Girl

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She stood before him, so small and cute, her tiny tits accented by unimaginably soft and puffy nipples staring at him in the dim light of her bedroom. She lived in her parents house, in the same room she grew up in. The dolls and pink sheets of her room still looking innocent,sharply contrasted by her sensual figure draped completely naked in the middle of the room.

His name is Jason and he's

Fuck theTeasing Little Bitch

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His next door neighbor lay down on a towel in the back yard as Sanders mowed his lawn. She wore a very small string bikini that showed her beautiful round ass cheeks and barely covered her small lemon sized breasts. The petite girl stood just under 5 feet tall and weighed less than a hundred pounds. Her lithe tight lit

A Party with Melissa

wolfgoddess25 on Short Sex Stories

“You ready to go yet?” Eric shouted through the house at Melissa who was in the bathroom putting on the finishing touches to her make-up. They were getting ready to go over to Mark and Tiffani’s house for a party. Eric and Melissa were excited because it was the first weekend in about a year that they didn’t have the kids and they were finally able to go out and enjoy being adults for a night. Th


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Was in the bathroom one leg up on the vanity shaving my pussy, when my husband walk in, he seen me shaving a hundreds of times he was pretty horny as I watch his cock grow in his shorts. I put a little lotion on for sweet smell the way Tom was looking at me I new he was just ready to eat my pussy.I wanted him to suffer just a little longer as I put one finger up in my cunt and move it in and out