Jenn was halfway downstairs when she saw Emily. Their eyes met, and Emily was hoping she had not shoved their relationship beyond the breaking point. When Jenn got to the bottom of the stairs, she took 3 steps, and pulled Emily against her, hugging her tightly.. Read More...
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Emily was snooping in Jenn's room every day, eager to see "Cherry Hill riding club part 7 Jenn" added to her daughter's collection. Her pussy was hornier every day, fuck, she couldn't wait to see her daughter taking on the hard, stiff horse cock. Read More...
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As she felt her orgasm start to recede, Emily came to her senses. Naked, outside her daughter's door, spying on Jenn and Cherry fucking, and masturbating to what she was seeing. She raced back to her room, hastily pulled her clothes back on, and crept towards the stairs, intending to sneak downstairs, and quietly out the door. She didn't make it, when she heard Jenn and Cherry talking. She crept Read More...
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Over the next few weeks, more volumes were added to Jenn's collection. The Cherry Hill riding club now was up to 6 volumes, as Hannah, a long legged redhead became part 3, Susan, a petite blonde with rich honey colored skin was part 4, Naomi, with black hair and rich, bulbous curves was part 5, and Tara, a 6 foot tall strawberry blonde became part 6. Read More...
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When Emily saw that the DVD of Cherry Hill riding club part 1 stayed in Jenn's room, she deduced that it was a copy for Jenn to keep, and Emily was overjoyed. When Jenn was out, and Emily knew that she'd be alone for a while, she have the DVD going, ramming her overheated pussy, watching Penny get splattered with a load of steaming horse cum, Read More...
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     Emily Lawner was getting home early today. Her boss had taken her out for lunch, to celebrate her landing a big account with the agency, and had given her the rest of the day off. She was feeling good, and now that she had the rest of the day off, she was feeling frisky, too. She was eager to get out of her pressed dark green business suit,

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The planets and the stars finally aligned so that I could get part 3 out for everyone. I hope you enjoy and as always feedback is encouraged. Read More...
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Mistery gift - The gift that keeps on giving.

This wild story begins one lovely morning as any other morning on our farm. We were fairly known dogbreeders in the area. Right next to the house was a barn where all the dogs were kept. The shining sun bathes my naked body as I wake from my slumber, I skip to the shower, try myself and head downstairs to get some breakfast. Read More...
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Sarah is a 20-year-old girl with dark red hair still living at her parents. Behind them was a 40-year-old guy named Paul who played drums in a heavy metal cover band. He’s got a black lab named Sabbath who replaced his dead yellow lad Zeppelin. Even Sarah was sad because she spent a lot of time with Zeppelin. Though grew to love Sabbath j

Chapter 10
The pickup truck bounced up and down even on the highway. How different  
from the smooth ride of the Corvette. Lynn continued to giggle a lot.  
She felt full of bubbles. She was sleepy, and she dozed on and off,  
usually waking to the flash of headlights from an oncoming car.
With nightfall, the temperatur
Chapter 7
Had it not been for the little kid's enormous cock, Lynn would have  
escaped. The woods were near, close enough and thick enough for quick  
and safe hiding. She could easily have tiptoed off into the green  
undergrowth while the older boy, Tyler, turned his back to piss, and  
while the younger boy turned to watch
Chapter 5
It was a blazing sunny afternoon, and the fresh country air had cleared  
Harlan's head. He was on his way back to the farm, and he felt like  
singing, but instead he listened to Tyler and Seth discuss their doings  
last night with Candy Lee. So it was true after all - what Seth had  
claimed happened last night.
Chapter 3
Just as Tyler had predicted, Seth could smell Candy Lee stronger than  
he could smell his and Tyler's combined sweat. The aroma of Candy Lee  
filled the big Lincoln as Candy squealed away from the Dingle Dangle  
Bar and roared down dark streets. Candy Lee smelled like cunt - pure  
cunt. Seth felt himself getting d
PB-277 Barnyard Orgy

Chapter 1

Harlan swilled down the last of his beer, then crumpled the aluminum can like a wad of newspaper. A few drops of the piss-colored liquid splashed onto the floor and Harlan wiped them up with the holey gray sock on his foot while he tossed the crushed Coors can into the trash container across the room.
"Don't mean t

I was young, and a bit naive, but very curious about sex. Also,   I felt I was not loved, basically. No one would teach, or show me things!   Teddy, one of my paperroute subscribers' dog was always friendly with me! He'd follow me, while I was on my bike, delivering papers. I was always afraid he'd get hit by a car or something.   Sometimes he would jump up an

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Chapter 6

Patti sat at the breakfast table. She was bubbling with excitement. She gulped her juice, watching as her mother stood at the stove scrambling eggs. "Betsy's coming over soon," she said.
Alice turned and smiled at her daughter. All day yesterday, Alice had been struggling with her conscience. What she had done with Patti weighed heavily on h Read More...
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Chapter 5

Patti opened her eyes to the morning sun. A flush of desire swept over her as she remembered the day before. It had been a day of exploration and discovery, and she quickly jumped out of bed, knowing today would be even better.
Dressed in shorts and top, she scurried downstairs. "Mommy! Mommy!" She ran to the kitchen. "Mom--" The k Read More...
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Chapter 4

With her small tits bouncing, Patti dragged her mother from the bedroom. They dashed down the stairs, laughing like two schoolgirls.
"I think this is crazy," Alice said as they reached the kitchen door.
"Yeah, but fun, right, Mommy?" Patti opened the door and peered out.
"You're right," Alice said. "Let's go." She st
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Chapter 3

Slowly, dressed in shorts and top, Patti descended the stairs. She was flushed, embarrassed about facing her mother, wondering how she could look her in the face after knowing what she had done with Blazer.
"I was beginning to wonder if you were going to sleep all morning," Alice said as Patti came into the kitchen. "Sit down. I kept the egg Read More...
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Mom's Horse Hunger

Chapter 1

Patti Adams rolled over in bed. She blinked her eyes and squinted, the light from the window bright. She stretched, her lithe teenage body writhing erotically. She kicked the lightweight sheet from her naked body and enjoyed the warmth of the morning sun.
Dropping her legs over the side of the bed, Patti stood, catching a  Read More...
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PB-135 Angie's Dog Orgy by Janet McCoy

Chapter 1

It was almost one a.m. The dance floor was crowded, swollen with anerotic jostling of squirming loins and legs and asses. Angie had beendancing almost nonstop for the last two or three hours. She loveddancing--it made her feel so alive, so sexy. It was dancing that let herexpress all the latent urges and frustrations that Read More...
Mom's Best Friend

Chapter 1

Mary Power looked at her reflection in the full-length mirror, saw her firm, full tits, saw her plain black nylon panties, her only remaining garment, made one final try to overcome temptation--and failed. Pushing her panties down quickly, she turned and went to open the door to admit the source of her temptation--King, her big Read More...

 This story is about a missionary family who travel to a far away jungle tribe and become embedded in their ritual called Nite Of The Pigs. The women (Mom, and 2 daughters) are subdued, and offered as sacrifice to the wild boar hog gods, and even more than that happens for sure!!


 Nite Of The Pigs:

         &

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It was a hot day in june i went to see my stepsister we always drank a case or so while her husband was working.about everyday ,crazy huh! anyway this particular day i went there and her car was there but she didn't answere the door , i keep knocking but no answere but i could hear her moaning or something i thought she hurt herself.  I went to the back door took my knife and popped the the Read More...

Two is better than one



-->I have always masturbated and love to do it with out
any clothes on. I lay there and spread my thighs so I
can really enjoy myself. I was laying in my bed one night and I was
preparing for a masturbation marathon which I do whe

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 Hello, my name is Miyako, I am ha

    "Tim! How are you today?" James asked as Timothy sat down next to him on the bus.

    "I'm great, how about you?"

    "I'm good. Uh, Tim, could I ask you a favor?"

    "Sure, what do you need?"

    The day before, when Mrs. Jacobs aske
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A veterinary technician comes face to face with the personification of her dark fantasies. Read More...
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I was just 13 when the girls at school started talking about sex. Many of them were having sex, and they were very excited to be telling us ‘Virgins’ about it. They talked about the different sizes of the ‘cocks’ that the boys had and how long they could go before they would cum ( I didn’t e Read More...

    The alarm clock went off and James opened his eyes. He yawned and turned it off. He pulled his covers off and the chilly air sent goose bumps across his naked body. He got out of bed and saw Cody sitting by the bed, patiently waiting for him. James stopped and allowed Cody to lick his cock and balls for a few minutes.

    Cody was a male Labrador-retri
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