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Kyle Turns My Boyfriend Mark into a Slut

jocktalkmuscle on Male Spanking Stories

I'd been dating Mark for three months. He was a 25 year old god. His 6'2" frame was ripped with smooth muscles. He had short blond hair and a really handsome face and strong jaw. He loved getting fucked and had taken many cocks, the biggest being a 12" black cock. He also loved fucking with his gorgeous 8" cock.

Mark and I were very open about fantasy and also invited other men to play sexually with us together. However, I told Mark I wanted to start using him like a whore. The idea turned him on, and he gave me permission to proceed. I created an account for him online and included some great nude pics of him. I had no shortage of men I talked to on his behalf, but I wanted the best for Mark.

I started talking to a very hot banker named Kyle who was always horny. A self-proclaimed