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Bump & Grind part 1

evolutionx on Fetish Stories

My name is Hiro and this is the story of how I found the girl of my life
I work in an office in the city of Osaka for a Securities Exchange company my life so far was pretty normal until she appeared.
This girl... I mean woman, she is a foreigner from France she is learning things here in Japan to help her company back home, though a noble cause I can't help but feel that she is kind of left out of the company most of our coworkers don't talk to her that much and everytime she has free time on our breaks she just stares at her phone, I wonder what she is looking at, maybe pictures of her home… She is so lonely I never see her going out with us after work hours. For all that I know she just goes straight to her hotel once she is done here it's kind of sad really but I can't say that I'

Milking Kimberly

Esmeralda_Greene on Fetish Stories

Sex play with breast milk is the topic of this story. New mother Kimberly is horny, and she finds that her milk-filled breasts are a great help in seducing her best friend's husband Lyle. Lyle quickly learns that mother's milk isn't just for babies, and soon he and Kimberly are enjoying a long, sizzling-hot sexual encounter that's awash with Kimberly's warm sweet milk.

Daddy and his princess #1

daddies_always_horny on Fetish Stories

After a long day of work and finally arriving home I walk in to see my little princess sitting on the couch in nothing but her pink see through teddy, pink thigh high fish nets and nothing else. She smiles as I walk in the door and says “How was work Daddy?  I thought I would surprise you with a cute little outfit”.  I smile and respond “Daddy real

My Friends Mom Can Squirt?!

anonymous on Fetish Stories

It all started when i was 17. I used to be at my friend Christian's house all the time. He had 2 sisters, one younger and one older. He was my age (older by a couple  months), his younger sister was something like 7 or 8 years younger than us, and then his older sister, Lizzie, was 3 years older than both of us. They all had blonde  hair, just like the mother. She was in her 40's still,

Pumped-Up Teach: Volume 1

Jr.Kong69 on Fetish Stories

Alysha is the sexiest senior (just turned eighteen) at her private school for girls. She has a slender, athletic body (mainly from the field-hockey she plays), with a mane of platinum-hued hair that always seems to be perfect; it cascades down to the mound of her pornstar-ass. The orbs of her tits, with nipples that are always erect, have the roundness of gorgeous flesh-cantaloupes. Her emerald eyes, that are the shade of a meadow at sunset, and the crimson of her hair, told everyone around she was mostly Irish. The stilts of skin, muscle, and bone that were her legs, could be compared to a Rocketts'.

She was sexual, and masturbated every chance she could get. (She has been with only two men in her was satisfactory at best.) Their

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dicks were small, and they didn't even give her oral, although she managed to let them both erupt in her awaiting mouth. After the last one, she told her roommate, "Men are just too fuckin' selfish!"

Her roommate just responded, "Why don't you bat for the other team, then?"

Alysha laughed. But ever since then, as she caught notice of her friend's legs under her plaid skirt, she thought about it more than once. Today was the day she would have to make a choice concerning this. So let's join her, shall we?

Alysha was sitting in Advanced Mathematics with fifteen other students, and the teacher, Ms. Darron. Ms. Darron was a mature, lovely teacher at thirty-six, and had the body of a centerfold. Thick locks of blonde hair erupted from her scalp, and flowed down her back and over her shoulders in honey waves. Her eyes were ice-blue and penetrating. Her breasts were exquisite and full. And recently, Alysha used to stare at them as they tried to break through the standard-issue sweater she was wearing. She was sitting on her desk now; her legs were crossed, and the neon lights above made the black stockings she wore shine.

Jill, an amazing brunette that sat in front of Alysha, was called by Ms. Darron to solve a problem on the board. As she sauntered over to the blackboard, her toes caught the rug, and she fell; her hands went out in front of her to alleviate most of the force. She was now down on all fours like a dog.

The entire classroom blurted out guffaws of laughter at their fallen schoolmate--even Jill was chuckling. Ms. Darron noticed one student did not join in: Alysha. Alysha's eyes were beheld by Jill's ass that was now exposed to her: the firmness of it; how her legs looked in her right-above-the-knee socks; and, most importantly, the plump mound of flesh under the cotton panties that marked Jill's pussy. Alysha caressed her top lip with her long tongue, moistening it. She wished right then and there, that she could have slid it up along those panties.

Jill stood up, and finally got to finish the math problem.

A minute later, the buzzer went off, and Ms. Darron said, "All right class, no extra assignments today. Enjoy the weekend."

Everyone collected their books and stood up. Alysha was concentrating on the show that just took place, so she could remember it later in detail as she fingered herself in bed. She was just about to pass through the open door, when she heard Ms. Darron say, "Alysha, could you wait a minute? I'd like to talk to you."

"Sure." DAMN! She really needed to make herself cum now!

"Since Mr. Andrews has to use this classroom later, will you please accompany me to my office?" she said, as she picked up her briefcase.

Alysha nodded "yes", and they both left.

Ms. Darron's office was nothing more than a fifteen-by-fifteen room, that contained a loveseat, a small desk in the corner, bookshelves, and a filing cabinet. There was also a coffee table in front of the wanna-be couch.

The teacher opened the door, and while placing her hand at the base of Alysha's spine, she ushered her in.

Ms. Darron told her student to please be seated, pointing to the loveseat. Alysha thought: What the hell am I doin here? I haven't done anything. Ms. Darron locked the door behind her, and walked over to her desk. She threw the briefcase on top, and made her way to the table in front of Alysha.

The teacher sat down and, while her head was lowered, she let her eyes trace up Alysha's long legs. Ms. Darron crossed her legs slowly, watching her student try to force them open with her gaze alone.

"Do you know why you're here?" Ms. Darron asked.

"No. I actually don't." Then she thought back to the fall of Jill. "I hope you don't think that I tripped Jill!" she gasped.

"Of course not," Ms. Darron laughed. "But, it's about what happened while Jill was on the floor. I noticed something." Ms. Darron smiled like a mutt waiting to be pet.

Alysha's first mental reaction was that the teacher saw her lick her lips, and she would definitely be in a lot of trouble. "Wuh-What did you notice, Ms. Darron?"

"Please, we're in my office. Call me Danielle."

"Okay, Danielle. What did you notice?"

"I saw how you stared at Jill's ass, and I also saw the way you ran your tongue over your lips. Why?" Ms. Darron was still smiling, and she cocked her head to the side.

"I really would rather not talk about it."

"Alysha, you could confide in me. I would never tell a soul anything that you'd say to me." To emphasize, Ms. Darron rested her long-fingered hand on Alysha's knee.

Alysha at once, jumped a little. She was getting hot, and she wouldn't want to cum in her panties in her teacher's office! "It''s just that lately, I've been thinking about girls," she said, her head now lowered out of embarrasment (as a bonus, she got to look at those silken legs for a while longer).

Ms. Darron massaged her hand around in circles on Alysha's knee-cap. "That's okay, honey. I think about girls, too. What else can you do in an all girls school. Sometimes, though, I wish I had a long, salty cock in my throat. But, you know...." She raised her hands to modify her statement.

The shock at hearing her teacher use such vulgarities, and the hand on her knee, was making little rivulets of hot girl-semen run into her white panties. She uncrossed her legs, shifted her ass, then crossed them the other way.

"What's the matter? Am I making you uncomfortable, dear? Or are you getting wet on how I'm talking to you? Probably both, right?"

Alysha bobbed her head up and down like she was hypnotized. "You think about girls, too? I thought that I was weird, or something."

"To answer your question: you bet your tasty-looking tits, I do. I've had sex with over twenty of them." Alysha's dark-green eyes opened wide like ovals as she heard her teacher state that remark. "For instance, you know that girl Jill, obviously. Well, I just ate her out last week. Jealous?"

"Damn right I am," Alysha laughed as she absentmindedly put her hand on top of Danielle's. "I wanted to fuck her for two years!"

"She does taste sweet, like a fine wine, or an expensive lager." Danielle leaned in, so that her face was near her student's exposed knee. Alysha could feel the spurts of warm breath on her skin. "But, I'll wager, that you taste muuuch better." And, at that, she unrolled her tongue, and spread her saliva over Alysha's knee.

At that moment, Alysha knew she would never complain about school again. "I have to tell you, Danielle, that I stare at your legs and tits everyday. Espescially when you wear these stockings." Alysha figured "what the hell?", and layed her right hand on her teacher's calf. She loved the almost liquid softness of the fabric. When she was younger, she used to frig her clit in her bed after she would see her mother wearing them.

Alysha let out a "mmmmm" as Danielle and herself massaged each other. Danielle said, "Have you ever seen someone else's pussy?"

"In the shower I try to sneak a peek, but I don't want to get caught, so I look away quick. And I've seen my roommate's once: She wiggled around in her sleep once, and the blanket fell off. She wasn't wearing anything! I got up off of my bed, and went and knelt on the floor next to her bed. My face was only about three inches away, and I could smell her aroma. I wanted to suck on her long lips, but I knew she would scream. So I went back to my bed, and settled for fucking myself with my hair brush, instead." She sighed.

"I would have loved to see that," Danielle breathed, as she moved her hand down to the fabric of the knee-high sock. "I also love it that you girls have to wear these. That's why I took this job. Okay, enough bullshit. Do you want to see my tits?"

"Yes, please."

Danielle gripped the bottom of her sweater, and drew it over her head. She was wearing a black bra that barely held the melons in place; as it turns out, Danielle purposefully bought her bras a little smaller. She adored the tightened feeling around her breasts.. "You like?"


The teacher rubbed her fingertips over the place where her nipples were hiding. She then brought her hands together, and unclipped the fastener that was in front. Her globes of womaness popped out and jiggled a bit. Danielle ran her fingers around the aereola, then pinched the cold-beer-can-stiff nipples.

"Can I touch them, pleeeaase ?" Alysha now uncrossed her white legs; her juices were flooding the cotton that covered her lesbian-virgin snatch.

"Of course. I didn't bring you in here to tease you. Remember, we have all day, no more classes for either of us." Danielle leaned forward, her huge tits wobbled like obese cow utters.

The student leaned forward, and grabbed a handful of Danielle-breast with her right hand. "Not too hard, honey! My tits are sensitive. I know you're an eager little beaver, but just take it easy, okay?"

Alysha responded by softening her grip, and she moved her hand around as she still couldn't fathom what was transpiring. These tits are firm for a thirty-six-year-old , Alysha thought, as she now used both hands--one on each mound of flesh. Danielle's nipples were more erect than ever, as Alysha whispered, "Can I suck and lick them now?"

"Yes, sweetie. Remember: gentle until I say otherwise."

Alysha nodded, and slid her wet pussy and ass closer to the edge; a thin streak of her warm liquid made a trail behind her on the leather loveseat. She inhaled a lungful of air, and rested her full lips right on a nipple.

"You don't screw around, do you?"

" Hummm , uhmmm ," Alysha mumbled while she tugged and sucked on the nub of stiff skin. Drool started to slip out of the corners of her mouth, and dribble down the glistening fun-bag. Alysha's hands were busy squeezing both tits as she swirled her tongue around the hard nipple. Danielle was watching all of this, and she noticed the length of the slab of muscle that was licking her.

"My, my, Alysha. Your tongue is long! That'll come in handy later." Danielle, never in her life has she needed to suckle a breast more than right now, said, "Now it's my turn, you schoolgirl whore. Lean back."

Alysha looked disappointed, but did as she was told. "I can play with them later, right?"

"Yes. But now, I need some tit. Take your shirt off."

She did as commanded, and stuck her thumbs under her sweater, and pulled it off. She nibbled at her lower lip as she started to unbutton the white shirt. She removed this, as well, and slung it across the room. Her bra was dusk-blue, and her moderate breasts made a nice line of cleavage, glimmering with persperation.

Danielle ran her finger down the crevasse of her tits, and said, "I bet you'd like to have a guy stick his dick between these?"

Alysha's eyes were closed as Danielle caressed her mounds. All she answered with was a moan.

The student reached around and undid her bra; it fell on her lap, and Danielle picked it up, and threw it behind her. Alysha opened her eyes so she could watch, as her teacher cupped her nice size tits. "Yours are very nice. By far the best I've seen in this school." She then stood up, and her knockers bounced around. At the site of that, Alysha spread her legs a little wider; the hem of her green and black plaid skirt was almost up to her waist. Danielle lifted a leg up, and rested the knee on Alysha's left side, then she repeated with the other, straddling her student. Alysha couldn't help herself. She took a quick lick of the saliva-soaked nipple.

"My turn, I said." Danielle playfully stated as she reached out to take her students breasts in her hands again.

"Squeeze mine hard, please. I need it so bad."

"No problems, there," and she did as she was asked. The flesh was so firm, that it didn't even filter through the spaces in between her fingers. Damn this girl is horny , she thought. The older woman used her thumbs to roll Alysha's nips around. Soft gasps, and quick breathing escaped Alysha's partially open mouth. Danielle lowered her head and sucked hard on her students protruding baby-feeders.

"Bite them, bitch! Bite 'em!" Alysha did't know what came over her, and instantly she was sorry she called her teacher (lover?) a bitch. But Danielle just wormed her tongue around, and bit down hard. Every time she closed her teeth on the hard flesh, Alysha cooed, " Ooooh ... Ooooh ..." The feeling of her teacher's nylons rubbing against her outer thighs was also driving her crazy.

Danielle let the young girl's nipple fall out of her mouth as she drew back up. She looked into Alysha's glossy eyes, and said with a grin on her lips, "Foreplay is over, my dear. It's time to get down to business."

She rose up, and off of the couch. The way she was standing in front of Alysha--her legs half-open, her huge jugs with their nipple-eyes staring at her, the high-heels, and the skirt that came up just above her knees--drove her to sink her hands into her lap, and started rubbing through her panties.

"Oh no you don't. Your not getting off that easy." Danielle shook her head. When Alysha lifted her hands out of her lap, Danielle got a good look between her student's legs.

"My, dear, don't you shave? I thought these days, all young girls did."

"I just never thought about it. Why, are you? Is it better?" Alysha was trying to picture her teacher's naked, bare cunt.

"Yes I am. And it's soooo much better. But that's okay, sweetie. I have a bathroom over there, and I could clean that garden right up for you if you want?"

"I want."

"Follow me," Danielle said, as she reached down and took her student by the hand. They walked over to a door, and Danielle opened it. Inside was nothing more than a toilet, a sink with a small medicine cabinet above it on the left, and a towel hanging on the wall. Danielle gestured for Alysha to sit down on the john, and she started to remove her skirt. Danielle stopped her, and said, "Please leave that on. They're so sexy. I'll just slide your panties down for ya." The high school teacher knelt down on one knee, and ran her hands up the younger girl's legs, from the ankle, all the way up to her thighs. Alysha's legs squirmed and wiggled at the touch; she could feel her cunt dripping its feminine moisture. Danielle grasped the sides of her underwear, and slowly pulled them down over the perfect hips. After Alysha stepped out of them, Danielle slung them into the corner. "Won't be needin' those for a long while. Now sit down."

Alysha heeded, and rested her beautiful ass down on the lid. Danielle opened the cabinet, and brought out shaving cream and a fresh razor. There was already a bottle of lotion on the sink for afterwards. She turned, and took an eyeful of student in. There was Alysha, her legs spread wide wih her plaid skirt crumpled up around her waist, her knee-high socks covering her calves, and her jubilees sans bra.

Danielle took this time to lick her lips, and grabbed a towel off of the rack. She wet it with cold water, and started toward her student. Alysha just kept leering at the bouncing tits and the sway of her teacher's legs as she walked. Danielle knelt down, and inhaled deeply at the odor that was emanating from the pussy in front of her. "Honey, your going to have to spread those love-sticks wider for me. I have to get close so I can see what I'm doing. I don't want to cut you, baby." So Alysha opened her legs as wide as they could go.

Danielle wet down the hair with the cold water on the towel, and Alysha's body convulsed. Danielle used cold water for this exact effect; it made the hairs stand out more. After the towel was rubbed with care around the vulva, labia, and clit, she got the tuft of hair on top wet. With every passing of the towel, Alysha's legs shook, and Danielle noticed the beads of cum on the wet hair, and the line of moisture that crept down to her asshole. She couldn't wait much longer for her face to be buried in there.

Daniele applied the shaving cream all over the hair, paying special attention to the lips and crevasse. She looked down at her hand, and she could see the oily girl-sperm mixed with the cream. She brought the razor up, and traced it down the left side of the dripping pussy in smooth strokes. She could hear the hairs being cut with each pass. With the left side bare, she ever-so-gently sliced the tiny hairs off of the slit. Now that some hair was removed, Danielle saw that the soaked flaps of cunt-skin were very large. They stuck out about two inches. After the center was as clean as the left side, she started on the right. Moans were coming from above her, and Danielle got a little surprise.

As Alysha was about to climax, her body started to shake violently. " Ohhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhh .... AHHHHH!" And then, with no warning, the student's pussy shot out a gushing stream of thick, white sperm right into Danielle's face. It convulsed, and this time Danielle opened her mouth just in time, to take a squirt right into her gaping maw. As Danielle wiped the creamy cunt-juice off of her face (she then sucked all of it off of her fingers), she saw the half-shaved pussy buck and pulse like a spasming muscle. And after each pulse, more cum creamed out in short bursts.

Alysha opened her dazed eyes, and looked down to see her teacher dripping juice from her own cunt onto the floor. She also noticed what she had done. "Duh-Danielle, I'm so sorry." White cream was stuck to her hair, neck, and tits. She was soaked!

Danielle's own orgasm ceased as she looked up at Alysha, "Dear, I have just seen the greatest sight of my life. When your snatch erupted like that, I caught some in my mouth and swallowed it all. But I want more later. And trust me, I have a few surprises for you, too. But now, I have to finish the shaving."

With the shaving done, Danielle eyed up her work. Beautiful. The hair around the mound of soft woman-flesh was gone, and she even razored all the hair that was on the girl's pubis. Now, she was as bald as her teacher. She lotioned her up, and then led her back into the office.

"Go sit back on the couch. I have the first surprise for you in my filing cabinet." Alysha complied, while Danielle watched the ass shift under the plaid skirt. The white semen was running down both of her legs, and sometimes, a string of it would stretch from one leg to another. Danielle just grunted, and walked over to her briefcase. She pulled out a key, and went to the cabinet.

Alysha was looking down at her bald, glistening, twat as she noticed a pair of stockinged legs before her. She brought her gaze up, and saw that Danielle was holding something and smiling.

The large part in her hand was shaped like an oval, and made of clear plastic with rubber around the ridge. A hose was connected to a "T" shaped piece of plastic. Alysha asked, "What's that?"

"This, my squirting student, is a pussy pump. Trust me, you're going to luuhhv it." Danielle layed the pump down on the coffee table, and pushed the table away from the loveseat. She then hooked her tumbs into the sides of her dark-blue skirt, and slid it down. "It's about time I showed you my goods," she said as the skirt got thrown over her shoulder. The thigh-highs went all the way up to just below her bulging heap of cunt. A line of cum was hanging from in between the folds of her vagina. Alysha had to taste it. She reached out her hand, and grabbed the clear liquid with her thumb and forefinger. She brought it up to her mouth and stuck the fingers in. She sucked on them like a baby with a bottle. "Damn that's good."

"Oh, trust me, you'll get plenty later. Now just sit back and relax. I'd tell you to spread 'em, but you've already done that."

Danielle knelt in front of the open legs of her student, and set the rubber-lined plastic bulb part against the wet and bare skin of the sexy cunt. "Now I'm going to pump that pussy of yours up. Your going to feel a bit of pulling pressure. It might hurt a tad at first, but don't worry, you'll love it. This makes your area more sensitive. Plus, it also makes it look plump. When you do me, you'll see how great it looks. You'll probably want to get one of your own, and walk around all day with a bulging pussy like I do."

"You walk around like that! I'd go nuts. I would want to sick something in me to relieve the pressure."

"That's the best part, as you will see later. But, yeah, sometimes I sit at my desk, and I'm pumping right in the classroom as I look at you girls' legs. But now, it's your turn."

Danielle held the pumping mechanism between her thighs, as she held the cup against the girl's snatch. The other started to plunge the "T" stick down, then pull up...down ...up...very slowly, at first. Alysha groaned at the suction, but Danielle noticed that it was all pleasure. She started doing it a bit faster. She looked into the clear plastic: the cunt was being pulled almost to the max. The plastic was fogging, so she went up and down five more times, and flicked the release valve. The cup fell off with a "pop".

"Now that's the most wonderful cunt I have ever seen. And that's saying a lot, because, until now, I thought mine was the best. I'm jealous." Alysha's pussy was swelled out about two inches! It was red, and the long lips were even longer, as they were plumpy too. White cream was dribbling down the slit, and puddling on the sofa.

"How does it look?" Alysha asked.

"Like I said, it's amazing. Hold on." Danielle got up and shook her ass over to her desk. She came back with a hand mirror, and handed it to her student.

" WOW! You're right. With it shaved and swollen, I want to eat it."

"Don't worry, you'll get mine. But now I want to be pumped up, so trade places."

They exchanged spots, and now Alysha finally got a dreamy look at the facade of her teachers cunt. It was completely hairless! None on top, or anything. Danielle lifted her high-heeled feet onto the couch, and Alysha could see droplets of woman-semen clinging to the stockings. She wished she had had a video camera. Danielle's lips were thick, and rounded round the hole. She was as pink as could be, but Alysha would change that.

Alysha placed the pump against the flesh, and set the handle between her thighs. As she held the cup, she started the pumping. Danielle moaned with ecstasy. "Honey, pump fast. That's how I like it."

Alysha listened to the older woman, and pistoned the mechanism up and down, like she did a couple of times with cocks. " Ooooh , do it baby! Punish my pussy! Pump it all the way up till I explode!" Danielle's thrusts were timed with the pumps, and she was shaking and wrenching her legs open and closed, open and closed.

An orgasm was building in Alysha, and she knew it wouldn't be long until she blew.

The bulging cunt was now obscenly pressed up against the inner wall of the cup, and it was as red as a drunk's nose. "Do you want me to stop? I think your pussy's going to break through!" Now, as she pumped harder and harder, the rubber ridge actually came away from the flesh as there was no more room for cunt in it.

"A...few...more...times...." Danielle whimpered in between breaths.

Four more times, and Danielle told Alysha to stop. The valve was released, and a much louder pop sounded when the cup actually flew off about half a foot. The hissing of the air was also more obvious.

As their breathing slowed, the teacher told her student to put the toy down, and hand her the mirror. Before she handed the mirror over, Alysha was in awe of the bulbousness of the wet vagina. It was almost twice the size as her own. The color was the red of a pure-ripe apple, and she also had a thin river of clear liquid running between the profusely large flaps of flesh.

"I think that's the biggest it's ever been," Danielle said, stunned. "Just look at my clit! It looks like a small cock!"

"That's actually bigger than one dick I sucked. And I'll bet ya that yours tastes better." A shiny spot was forming on a corner of Alysha's mouth as she seen the protruding, three-inch-long clitoris.

Danielle laughed at that, and said, "I think your ready for some full-out munching. Join me in a 69, will ya?"

Before the teacher got out "will ya", Alysha was already sitting next to her on the chair. "Like I said, eager beaver. You want top or bottom?"


Daniele stood up so Alysha could stretch out. After she did, Danielle lowered her drippig pussy over her students waiting face. The smell of vaginal secretions assaulted both girls' nostrils as they were inches away from humongous, bloated cunts. "Now I'm not going to tell you what to do with my pussy; I'll let you just go with your instincts. I think you'll do just fine. You just let me know when you're going to unleash the flood; I want to be prepared this time. I don't like to waste good semen. And when I say I'm going to cum, brace yourself and open wide."

"Okay my pussy-pumping teacher slut. Let's eat." And Alysha could hold out no longer, so she buried her face into the awaiting mound of woman-meat. The taste was sweet and sour, and she engorged in it. She shook her head side to side as if she was a wolf trying to rip a limb off of a rabbit. She bobbed her head as she sucked on the stiff clit. Her hands were on the sides of the pussy, and it felt like she was holding a football. Danielle's ass wavered back and forth, as she ,herself was binging on snatch.

The teacher did it different, though. She found satisfaction in running her tongue over the puffy length of her students lips. Every time she removed her tongue, a filmy, white string of Alysha's cum would connect the two. Danielle entered three fingers at once into the gooey flesh.

Alysha moaned in delight, but it was muffled because of how far her tongue was inserted into her teacher's love-hole. As soon as the fingers entered, Alysha took her own fingers--two only--and pushed them in all the way to the knuckles. She shoved them in and out in such a fast motion, droplets of teacher-cream was spilling out, and landing on Alysha's face, lips, and tits.

As their groans became louder and louder (their mouths and fingers working vigorously to give each other the climax of a lifetime), Alysha moaned, " Oooooh, ooooh, come on mama, I'm almost there. Ohhhh! Suck my huge cunt! Bite into it like a steak! Take my sweet lips in between your teeth, and pull them out as far as they'll go! That's it...that's it, Danny." Alysha jammed all four fingers deep into her teacher, while one from her other hand got lubricated with cum. She poked it straight into Danielle's puckered asshole with no warning.


Thirty more seconds of slushing sounds as they entered and fed on one another. Then Alysha gripped the nylon thighs of her teacher, and breathed, "Here it comes."

Her nails dug into the thigh-highs, and Danielle was ready for the orgasm this time. Just as before, Alysha's hips girated, and rose up and down from the loveseat as Danielle's mouth was wide open. A shotgun blast of virgin-white cum blew out of the bulbous vagina right into the mouth of the teacher. She felt shot after hot shot hit the back of her throat as the pussy pulsed.

"Oh!Oh!Oh!Oh! Yeaaaahhhh!" Alysha yelled as she jammed her four fingers in and out of the extremely large mound of red skin.

There was a lot of semen spewing out of the student, but Danielle swallowed every last drop; some was stuck and swinging from her face, but she licked that right off. The sight of those knee-high stockings, and the puffed-out pussy still pulsing and fauciting out hot cum, pushed her over the edge.

"Here it comes my little squirting whore, you'd better be ready for it!"

Alysha placed her fingers on both side of the bulging snatch, and spread the lips wide. What was almost a gallon of translucent sperm waterfalled down onto Alysha's pretty, young face. Her mouth was open, and she caught most of the load in it. But there was just too much for a virgin swallower to handle. It poured all around her face, and soaked her hair and heaving chest. The tastes; the smells; the feel of the jizm's viscousness brought a little more cum from the student's burning cunt. Danielle's head was now resting against the vagina-pillow, and she felt the hot spurts fire against her cheek. She would let Alysha clean that off, she thought.

"You were the greatest fuck of my life. I hope you had fun," the teacher said as she lay against the beating cunt.

"You swallowed all my fun, cum-slut. I couldn't get all of yours; there was just too much! I guess that's what comes from having a swollen pussy all day." Alysha took a couple of lazy swipes of some of the sticky cum that was hanging from the pumped-to-the-brink snatch.

"You see, your a natural squirter. I, myself, have to earn it, in a manner of speaking. You know you want to walk around all day with your lips all puffy, so don't worry, I'll take care of you.

Danielle got to a standing position, and motioned for her student to sit next to her on the soaked couch. Their asses slid around on the semen, and they enjoyed every bit of it. Both women, at the same time, placed the arches of their feet on the coffee table; their legs were still open. The coolness around the room kissed their steaming hot vaginas.

"We definitely have to do this again," Alysha said to her teacher. "I'll look at school in a whole new light from now on."

"But we still have to get a nice-sized prick in you. Women are excellent, but sometimes you just need the pole."

"I know. Maybe you could hel--"

She was cut off by the jingling of keys in the door. They turned their head in horror, as they saw the knob turn. The door swiveled in on its hinges, and they both saw the janitor standing there, staring at their stockinged legs, and puffed-up cunts.

"I'm sorry. I thought you were gone for the day." He couldn't take his eyes off of what he was witnessing. All around them was a wetness, and he started getting a hard-on.

"Well, shut the door before anyone else gets a peek!"

The janitor shut the door, and just stood there. He figured he would lose his job for his one.

"Drop your mop...and your pants. Now," Danielle said.

Stunned, he did just that. Down came the pants and boxers he was wearing. Although, only semi-hard, his cock was still at seven inches. Both women leered, wondering what it would be like to ride that pony. Danielle said to her student, "Now THAT'S a cock, my dear."

The janitor walked over to the girls, his massive dick growing by the second, and swinging back and forth, slapping against his inner thighs....

To be cunt-inued...

the teacher screeched into the sloppy swollen puss under her. "OHHH , I like that...I like that. Sink it in deeper, baby! Suck my cunt and fuck my ass, I'm almost there! Get ready!"

Birthday Bo

Carmenica Diaz on Fetish Stories


Carmenica Diaz

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Ross,
Happy birthday to you...
Birthday Boy

01 of 12: Just another Saturday night .

Ross hung his head, his heart was pounding and an overwhelming sick feeling threatened to swamp his stomach. Naked, gagged and huddled on the floor in the corner of his own bedroom with his hands handcuffed behind his back, Ross couldn't believe this was happening! He couldn't believe that his wife, Debra was doing this diabolical thing to him!

The lights were on in th

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e bedroom but he kept his head turned away from the floor to ceiling wardrobe mirrors to avoid seeing his pitiful appearance. The image was a reminder of his situation and his mind replayed the evening's events in an effort to stop thinking about the humiliating experience that was still to come.

It was, he had thought, just another Saturday night.

Although the evening had begun like many other Saturday nights with Debra playfully tying a naked Ross onto their bed, it had soon escalated out of control, out of Ross's control anyway.

Normally, once he was willingly tied to the bed, Debra would sit, fully clothed beside him and gently caress his cock into a rigid erection. This was the pattern of many previous Saturday nights after Ross had begged and pleaded with Debra to be a little dominant in an attempt to inject spice into their dull sex life.

It appeared that tying Ross up and teasing him was as dominant as Debra could get or so Ross thought.

At first Debra did it reluctantly.

'He wants me to do some very weird stuff to him,' Debra had told Lara, her best friend.

'What sort of stuff?' Lara had immediately asked, intrigued.

'Tie him up, spank him or tease him, stupid stuff like that.'

'Do you want to?'

Debra had frowned at her friend. 'Get real! What do I get out of it? Nothing! Once he's come he completely loses any interest in sex and I'm left high and dry.'

'Dry?' Lara had grinned, raising an eyebrow and Debra had smiled wryly.

'Well, not completely. I just have to understand what I can get out of this. It's all terribly one way at the moment.'

'Men!' Lara had murmured, rolling her eyes, 'what's wrong with romantic seduction and making love?'

'Exactly,' Debra had agreed, 'but he seems to prefer to be tied on the bed and teased until he begs to come. It's rather pathetic, actually. I much rather have roses and a sexy kiss.'

'You used to be rather good at teasing,' Lara had smiled slyly, 'I remember a certain young man...'

'Oh yes,' Debra had cut her off with a hard smile, 'teasing I can do!'

Debra was ruthless in her teasing and, at first that's all it was and Ross enjoyed the helplessness and the denial so much that it became a regular game.
It was just a game , Ross remembered sadly, just a bloody game !

Then, Debra began talking as she stroked him.

It became rather embarrassing as Debra began to question Ross about his secret fantasies and hidden desires. He soon confessed his dark secrets while she teased him relentlessly with her skilful fingers, bringing him to the edge but never letting him come until blushingly and desperately, he revealed, one by one, all his furtive dreams.
Debra had discovered that men are rather obsessive about ejaculation and will do anything to deposit their seed. Over the past months, the fantasies had become wilder and wilder as his beautiful wife smiled, nodded and continued teasing, prodding Ross to confess.
Ross had admitted to some deeply humiliating fantasies, just to achieve relief, to ejaculate at last and never at any moment dreamed those dark fantasies would return to haunt him.
Debra had approached the game with innocence and Ross, even though he was the one restrained, always believed that, ultimately, he was in control. Now, there was no doubt in Ross's mind that his wife was a cunning woman.

Now, this Saturday night had begun a little differently. As usual and suggested by Ross, she tied him down on the bed in a spreadeagled position but then surprisingly, gagged him with a ball gag. She had never done that before and Ross didn't even know they had a gag!

Ross looked helplessly up at his wife as she buckled the gag tightly around his head, smiling down at him. His cock was already hard, waiting for her to sit down, to begin to tease and he felt a little relieved that she wasn't going to question him.
But Debra didn't sit down and begin the Saturday night teasing ritual.

Instead, she smilingly said those words that struck a deep terror into Ross's very heart, words that rocked the very core of his being!

'It's your birthday tomorrow, darling and I have a wonderful birthday gift for you. You recall that fantasy of yours with the chastity belt?'

Ross's eyes widened, he gurgled desperately behind his gag and Debra's smile became a broad grin.

'I'm sure you remember. The fantasy where you're allowed one last orgasm in rather humiliating circumstances and then locked into a chastity belt for twelve months?  You must remember, darling.'

Of course Ross bloody remembered it ! It was the most humiliating and submissive fantasy he had dreamed up and had only confessed after Debra had meticulously brought him to the edge of orgasm over and over again.

'I was a little surprised by the idea of it,' Debra continued, 'a little shocked really, but you have been after me to be a little more broadminded so I just accepted it. It does seem a teeny little bit extreme, though, twelve months without an orgasm, the key locked away and no possibility of release?'

Extreme? Ross valiantly tried to make noises but couldn't and at that point, he really began to worry. Of course it's bloody extreme, it's just a fantasy, it's not real!

 Debra smiled and waited for his desperate movements to subside before continuing. 'At the time you appeared rather keen on it, in fact you came back to that fantasy for several Saturdays so as a good wife I'm going to give you what you've wanted.'

No! Ross screamed into the gag, drool dribbling down his face, no, you're crazy, don't!

'It took me a while to build up the courage to order one of the chastity thingies but I think it'll be a perfect fit.'
Again, Ross protested futilely into the gag and Debra gently kissed his forehead. 'No need to thank me, darling, it's my pleasure as I love giving you what you want.' Debra gave him an enigmatic smile before moving to the bathroom.

When she returned, a shocked and still protesting Ross, watched as his wife calmly removed his pubic hair with the electric shaver and then shaved him with a pink razor until he was as clean as the day he was born, his hard cock throbbing in the air.
'You were very specific that the last orgasm was to be very humiliating and said that having bald testicles in front of people would be terrible. So, once again, I'm just doing what you want. I don't understand it really, I think your little balls look better without hair, nice and smooth and rather cute.'
Raising the electric shaver and clicking it on, Debra smiled coldly. 'This is also an opportunity to remove that ridiculous moustache you insist on trying to grow. Hold still.' Ross screamed a meaningless protest that she ignored. 'The gag pushes your lip up wonderfully so it will be gone in a jiffy.'
Gripping his hair firmly with one hand to keep his head still, the shaver whirred and Ross felt his precious moustache vanish. 'Much better,' Debra said with satisfaction, surveying her work. 'With your bald groin and no facial hair, you'll be just like a little boy again. Will that be humiliating enough, darling? I hope so, I can't think of anything else.'

Debra crossed her legs and adjusted her black skirt as she smiled at him and Ross felt that life, as he knew it, was vanishing.

 Something had changed with Debra and he hadn't noticed. His wife, dressed for a simple dinner party in skirt, blouse, hose and high heels, pearls at her throat and matching earrings, was smiling calmly as she continued on her diabolical path.

After cleaning him, carefully avoiding his stiff cock, Debra snapped a cock strap around the base of it and then rolled four condoms down in quick succession.

'I think we should have one last ceremonious fuck before your twelve months,' she smiled. 'Not that it will be my last fuck for a year but this will be the last time I'll have your cock inside me. This is your fantasy not mine so I'll just have to go elsewhere. I'll just have to make do with some young men while you're enjoying your fantasy year.  So this will, of course, be your last fuck for twelve months.'

Suddenly, she blindfolded him and he heard the rustle of clothing. 'I'm not wearing panties, darling, just stay-up nylons under my skirt. I believe that was one of your earlier and tamer fantasies?'
In his sudden darkness, Ross felt the bed move and his wife's flesh came in contact with his. She began moving but didn't feel any enjoyable sensation! Debra was riding him, her cunt sliding up and down his deadened cock and he couldn't feel it! His last fuck for a year and he couldn't feel it!

After being pounded into the mattress for what seemed an eternity, Ross heard her groan, then cry out in an orgasmic tone or, so he guessed, and collapsed for a moment, then disengaged with a wet plop!

Debra left him alone for a while and his mind raced, his cock pulsing in its condom layers. She couldn't do it , he reasoned, she's just teasing me, it's a game, and she's playing with my mind!

Ross felt something being buckled around his neck and when the blindfold was removed, saw a wide black leather collar padlocked around his throat and a leash hanging from one of the collar rings. Where did she get this stuff? Who has she been talking to? Again, Ross tried to talk but the gag effectively reduced his pleas to incoherent gurgles.

Rattling the handcuffs against the bed-head to gain her attention, Ross shrieked and unintelligibly begged through the gag and Debra laughed softly. 'Calm down, darling, it will happen so don't fret. I know you're excited, you've wanted this for a long time and I'm pleased to give it to you for your birthday. Of course, I'll have to make some sacrifices but that's what wives do, isn't it darling? It's what I seem to do, anyway,' she muttered.

And then she brightened up, grinning almost as she peeled the condoms from his red and straining cock. 'I hope you can last until your appearance in front of my friends,' Debra said with mock concern as she undid the cock strap. 'It would be terrible if you came here without enjoying your humiliation and my friends are so looking forward to your performance.'
Debra smiled brightly at him. 'Now, I have to get your hands cuffed behind your back and I'm sure you're going to co-operate because you do want this fantasy, I can tell by your hard cock. I can tell this is a wish come true for you, isn't it, darling?'

No way , Ross screamed silently, once you undo my hands, I'm stopping this crazy scene! He rattled the handcuffs again and jerked around on the bed, screaming into the gag.

Debra looked at him thoughtfully and, Ross suspected, a little mockingly. ' Hang on a minute; you did say that you wanted to be forced so perhaps I should play along? I'll pretend to force you, all right, darling? That's what you want, isn't it?'

She rummaged in her handbag and produced a small glass vial that was held under Ross's nose. 'Luckily, Lara is a nurse.' Debra cracked the small glass vial and Ross inadvertently took a deep breath, collapsing into unconsciousness.

When Ross groggily awoke, he found, much to his horror that his wrists were handcuffed behind his back and had shackles connected by a chain on his ankles. He was also on the floor and the leash was locked to the bed. She must have rolled me onto the carpet , he thought wildly, his side tingling with carpet burns, she just rolled me off! No, she can't be doing this, the crazy bitch! She can't go through with this , he tried to calm himself, she can't !
Ross heard noises downstairs, the doorbell rang a few times and there were voices. Music was filtering up the stairs and he dully recognised the music from Grease , such innocent songs while his wife was about to perform a diabolical thing upon his person!

 He hung his head, his heart was pounding and he felt sick to his stomach. Ross couldn't believe this was happening, that Debra was making a cruel fantasy come true and he turned his sad face away from the mirror where the reflection mockingly showed a cock that continued to stay hard.

It was then he realised, she was really going to do it!

Debra poured champagne for Lara and then raised her own glass in an ironic toast. 'Here's to chastity.'

'Are you really going through with this?'

'Of course,' Debra smiled, 'he wanted it, begged for it and now he's getting what he wished for. It will be a relief that I won't have to play those stupid games with him. I can't remember the last time we kissed or made love properly. I can do without the sex, god knows, it's not all it's cracked up to be.'

'Won't you feel bad about it after a while,' Lara suggested, 'I mean, if I put Reggie into...'

'Reggie hasn't cheated on you,' Debra calmly reminded Lara. 'What would you do if he had?'

'I'd castrate him,' Lara said calmly, 'I am a nurse,' and they both dissolved into giggles. 'Are you really going to keep him in it for twelve months?'

'Absolutely but I may let him out on special occasions and we can watch him have a quick wank. It should be fun.'

Lara shook her head admiringly and sipped the champagne. 'I suppose he deserves it.'

Danni joined them and asked, 'deserves what?'

'Ross deserves what's in store for him,' Lara explained.

'I can't wait,' Danni said cheerily. 'Are we waiting for anyone else or can we get started?'

'Sharon,' Debra said with a knowing smile.

And the other two women grinned. 'Does she know?' Danni asked.

Debra shook her head. 'No, she doesn't and she doesn't know that I know either!'

'She's got a nerve coming here when she had it off with your husband,' Danni said hotly.

'Yes, she should realise that people talk and they were seen. But,' Debra repeated patiently, 'she doesn't know that I know.'

'She's in for a surprise,' Danni giggled.

'Here's to your next twelve months,' Lara said with a cheeky grin, rasing her glass, 'May you find some dishy young men...'

'Sweetie, I've already begun looking.'

The three women giggled just as the doorbell rang, Debra winked and said, 'Showtime,' as Olivia and John sang of Summer Love .

Sharon nervously stood at the door, listening to the music and female laughter and wondered for the umpteenth time why Debra had invited her. She can't know , Sharon reassured herself, she just couldn't .

Once again, she regretted having that stupid one night stand with Ross, a work colleague. It was such a tired cliché ! They had been on a conference, the wine began to flow and before she knew it, Ross was kissing her.

His kisses had felt rather soft and sweet but maybe that was the wine. Anyway, one thing led to another and Sharon regretted it ever since, especially since the sex had been pretty wretched. It was especially pathetic when, the next morning, he had pretended not to remember anything! That , Sharon thought, was incredibly insulting and so typical of a man! To make things worse, Ross had been seen leaving her hotel room and she had been plagued with worry since.

'Sharon,' Debra greeted her, 'how good of you to come.'

'How good of you to invite me.'

They air-kissed and Sharon followed Debra in, smiling nervously and nodding to the other women who were drinking and talking. Taking a champagne glass from Danni, Sharon watched as the other women began arranging chairs in theatre style.

'What's happening?' Sharon asked.

'Just a little performance, why don't you sit with Danni and Lara?'

Ross looked up with sad eyes as Debra entered the bedroom. 'Time to go, Ross.'

He shook his head and tried to talk, drool dripping from around the gag. Please , he wanted to beg, please don't do this to me! Please!

'It must be terribly exciting for you, now that your dreams are becoming reality,' Debra said, unlocking the leash. 'I was a little shocked when you confessed you wanted your last orgasm to be in front of my girlfriends but, it is, after all, your birthday fantasy so I've arranged it for you. It's quite a crowd.'

Ross's face was pale and he shook his head desperately, over and over again.

'Don't think they've all come to see you, though, they've all seen a man wanked before. I suppose, usually, they do the wanking and we all know that it's, frankly, not much. No, they're here for the wine and the chocolate cake. Any excuse for chocolate cake. Come on, darling, time for fun, time to get your birthday gift, birthday boy.'
Ross shook his head again and Debra smiled. 'Of course,' she said as if she had suddenly realised, 'you still want to pretend I'm forcing you.  It's part of the fun for you, isn't it? Debra said, jerking hard on the leash but Ross leaned back, refusing to budge, frantically digging his bare feet into the grey carpet.

'So you want me to really force you?' Debra dramatically rolled her eyes. 'You must, I suppose, your cock is still hard.'

Ross looked down and to his horror saw that he was.

'I suppose I have to pretend to be dominant again,' she said with a small sigh. 'Look what Danni got for me,' Debra grinned and showed him a small grey object shaped like a pistol with metal points at the end of the muzzle. 'It gives an electric shock.' Calmly and to Ross's horror she pressed the metal points against his flesh and squeezed the trigger.

Ross yelped into the gag and jerked around hysterically as the painful charge flowed through him. 'Now, if you really want me to make you, I could put it against that hard cock?' Debra asked sweetly, waving the gun and Ross struggled to his feet, shaking his head feverishly.

'Good boy.' Debra smiled and Ross tried one last time to make her understand that he didn't want this humiliation or the chastity belt but the bloody gag blocked the words.
'They're waiting,' Debra said cheerfully and Ross cringed at those words but followed her when she jerked the leash. 'Be careful going down the stairs, darling, take baby steps. I'll take this,' she said showing the stun gun, 'in case you want me to pretend to force you again. Am I being dominant enough, darling?'

His face was burning as his wife led him down and the conversation stopped abruptly when she led him in. Ross stared miserably at the floor, standing naked before the grinning women. Sharon was not grinning and sat between Danni and Lara with a horrified expression. Ross's cock had a mind of its own, would not go down and bobbed in front of him under the living room down lights.

Debra was now taller because she was wearing high-heels and he was bare-foot and, of course, stark naked. 'Didn't he have a moustache?' Danni whispered to Lara across Sharon.

'Not any more,' Lara smiled, 'he's lost a bit of hair, hasn't he?' They giggled while Sharon stared open mouthed and horrified at the scene before her.

'Ladies,' Debra said calmly as she stood next to the small card table on which the chastity tube and keys were lying, together with a pink hand towel, 'this is, as many of you would know, my husband Ross.'

Ross's face was now red-hot as giggles rippled through the watching women. 'Turn around, love,' a female voice called, 'show us your bum.' Laughter rippled around the room and Debra suppressed a smile.

'My husband likes to play bondage games, asks me to tie him up and play with him. He likes this very much,' Debra said with a sly smile pointing at Ross's hard cock, 'as you can see.'

The watching women laughed loudly at that and Lara called out, 'it's not very big, is it?'

'No,' Debra sighed mockingly, 'it's not, but size doesn't really matter, does it?'

'Of course it bloody does!' a big woman down the front called out and Sharon wished she could slide down on the seat and hide.

'Tomorrow is Ross's birthday and I'm going to grant him a special birthday gift, I'm going to give him the fantasy he wants. It's a wife's duty after all. Listen,' she said, producing a small recorder and the women leaned forward to hear.

'Are you sure, darling? ' It was Debra's voice, so calm and concerned.

'Yes,' they heard Ross gasp. Of course, they didn't know that Debra had mercilessly teased Ross's cock for half an hour before switching the hidden recorder on.

'You want me to put you in a chastity belt for a year? '

'Yes, yes,' he gasped.

'No orgasms for a year?'

'Yes, none!'

'And you want your last orgasm to be special, perhaps with my friends?'

'Yes, yes, oooh god, ' his voice moaned on the tape and all the women nodded their heads knowingly, guessing he had come.

Debra switched off the tape and smiled at the women while Ross wished the floor would open up and drag him down to hell. Unfortunately, his small cock was still hard and twitching, much to the delight of his audience.

Waving a folder with papers towards the audience, Debra said, 'I have transcripts of most of his fantasies and there is a contract he signed that gives me permission to enforce his fantasies.' She smiled coldly at Ross. He remembered signing that stupid letter! It had been a game, he recalled, a t least, at the time it was ! With a sinking heart, the fact his wife was a solicitor, hit him like a ton of bricks!

'Look up, darling,' Debra said, tilting his chin and Ross unwillingly looked up at the smiling faces in front of him. His eyes bulged when he saw Sharon seated in the second row and his heart sank as he realised that all the women in the town would soon know of his plight.

'Everyone's here to watch your last orgasm and to see the chastity belt go on. Happy birthday,' she said softly, kissing his cheek and slipping her hand around his cock. 'I hope you really enjoy this because it's your last for a year.'

Looking up at the audience as she held the pink handtowel under her husbands cock, Debra said conversationally to the group, 'he won't take long, he never does, especially when he's getting one of his fantasies.'

Her fingers were relentless and some of the audience clapped in time, giggling as they watched. Ross tried to will himself not to come but her hands were too much and with a grunt and a round of applause from the audience, he came shamefully. Debra milked him into the towel with a businesslike manner. 'There,' she said, cleaning him up, 'that was his last for a year.'

Ross tearfully watched as his wife began to apply a lubricant to slip his shrinking cock into the metal tube and wondered if he should try to protest again but knew it was too late, far too late. He clung to his last hope that this was all a terrible prank and Debra would say it was a joke, just a bit of fun for his birthday.
The women watched with avid interest as his cock was pushed into the tube, some grinning while Sharon stared miserably at her feet. She knows , Sharon realised, Debra knows she's letting me know she does. And Ross likes this stuff, he's submissive? Wish I'd known.
'Now girls,' Debra said as the chastity tube was locked, 'let's keep this a secret between ourselves; we don't want the men helping him out and destroying his fantasy, do we? And we'll have another party in twelve months time for Ross to have his next orgasm.'

There were murmurs of agreement and Ross felt more tears form in his eyes as Debra removed the key.

'There, all done. There's your fantasy, birthday boy. Now, Millie is going to take the key and put it in the vault at the bank.' Ross watched as Debra handed the key to a mousey woman who was a teller at the local bank branch. 'Now, Millie, you keep that key safe and sound for a year, won't you?'

Millie smiled coldly at Ross. 'You can count on me, Debra,' and Ross instantly regretted all the times he had snapped at Millie when he had visited the bank.

Ross, of course, had no idea that Debra had another key hidden in the back of her lingerie drawer and had plans for further humiliations for Ross over the coming year, humiliations he would be grateful to endure so he could achieve orgasm.

The women applauded as Millie waved the key in the air like a trophy and Ross stood there, his head hanging as the women milled around Debra to congratulate her. 'He's going to get awfully horny,' one woman said, glancing at the humiliated and sorrowful Ross.

'Yes,' Debra said cheerfully, 'he is, isn't he?'

'Is it healthy for him not to have release for that long?' another woman asked. 'My husband uses the old 'blue balls' thing to get me to have sex.'

'Lara has been very helpful in that regard and I think you'll find your husband has been manipulating you.' Debra said and Lara smiled. 'Lara explained to me how to milk his prostate once a month for health reasons.' Ross looked at her with a horrified expression but Debra ignored it and sailed on. 'Apparently, the discharge leaks out, he's drained but doesn't experience orgasm, he won't even feel it, and there won't be any enjoyment.'

'Can we watch?' a woman asked eagerly.

'Why not?'

'What about your sexual satisfaction...'

'Don't worry, I intend to be satisfied,' Debra said with a hard glint to her eyes. 'If Ross doesn't assist me properly,' she said, tracing Ross's lips with a red fingernail and everyone knew exactly what she meant, 'I'll simply go elsewhere. I think I have another fantasy of his on tape somewhere, the one where he wants to watch me make love with a another man.'

Danni and Lara had brought Sharon to the front of the room and she desperately tried to avoid Ross's eyes. She needn't have worried as Ross was staring pathetically at the floor, trying to control his tears, spittle dripping from around the gag.

'Sharon, I hope you won't tease him your office,' Debra said with mock concern, 'it would make life unbearable for him.'

'No,' Sharon mumbled, 'I won't.'

'Then again, perhaps you could tease him a little?' Debra said with a hard stare. 'Short skirts, a glimpse of stocking tops, even knickers? You could do that to make amends, if you get my drift?'

Sharon swallowed hard and looked wildly around the room. 'I have to go,' she said desperately and Debra, Danni and Lara laughed as they watched Sharon bolt to the door.

'I'm sure she'll come round,' Lara said with a grin, 'with a little persuasion.'

'She does have nice legs,' Debra added, 'and a nice figure so it will be painful for poor Ross.' They smiled and Debra turned to her defeated husband.

'Come on, Ross,' Debra said, leading him back up the stairs, 'I'll unlock your handcuffs so you can get dressed. We have a cake for the birthday boy to cut.' Debra fought to keep a smile off her face as she saw another tear roll down Ross's face. 'Come on birthday boy, you can thank me later in a special way for bringing your birthday fantasy true. I suspect,' she said coldly, 'you'll be thanking me quite a lot during the next twelve months.'

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The Training of a Wife...part 1

snarebull on Fetish Stories

"Honey, I’m home!" Aaron said, "What’s for dinner"

"I dunno. Figure it out." his disagreeable wife, Judy, said, "I don’t feel like making dinner"

"I work all day and this is what I come home to?!"

"Guess so"

He was glad today was Thursday, and that there is no work for the next three days... "Fix me some dinner, woman!"


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="font-family: verdana">"You’re gonna be sorry!"

"I'm sure I am"

After fixing some dinner for himself, and watching some news, they both got into bed. He "snuck" up on his wife in the bed, wanting do give her anal or oral, but knowing that she wouldn’t let him...but that would change...yes it would. He was just about to emerge into the rich folds of her pussy, when, "if you think we're going to have sex tonight you are so wrong, buddy"

So it was off to sleep, without any sex.

The next morning, Aaron wakes up before his wife, 5 minutes later she moves and yawns. Aaron grabs her by the shoulder and throws he to the ground. He rams his hard dick in to her gaping mouth, she cant make a sound. "Come on bitch! Suck me! Suck me good and hard!"

She sucks, but not good enough. WHAP! A hand hits on of her dangling breasts. "Faster bitch!"

Finally it ends, she hopes, "from now on slut"

She interrupts him," I’m not a slut!"

"Whap!" another hand hits her tender breasts.

"You’re my slut now, do you here me?"


"Master" he prods

"Yes master"

"Good, that’s how it going to be from now on, IM the boss, not you, I make the decisions, and you are going to LIKE it"

He pulled her by the ear to a small box, from which he took out a collar, with 4 rings on it, and it had two small prongs on it. Aaron put it on her neck, and attached a small leather leash to it. "Now, my slut, come with me to the kitchen on all fours"

Shocked, but smart, she knew what would happen to her if she disobeyed, "yes, my master"

As they came into the kitchen, he said, "Now, make me breakfast, for one. Undress, I want you to cook for me naked. Now I want eggs, bacon, coffee, and a glass of OJ"

"Yes, Master"

She slowly took off her nightshirt, and dropped it into the laundry basket. "Now, don't even think of running away, right now, I've installed hidden video cameras, and if you leave the kitchen I shall shock you"

"It's understood Master"

He went around shutting and locking all the doors with one master key, "She can't escape now!"

When he came back, his breakfast was ready, he sat down at he table, "Now, my little whore," he heard a little gasp, " you are permitted to sit down beside me on the ground, and eat what I give you, now down."

He ate a bit of eggs, and then dropped some on the floor in front of her, and she started to pick up a peice with her hand in disgust. She was immediately slapped on her breast. "Not like that, eat with your head, that's right, with your mouth, like the bitch dog that you are!"

He finished his breakfast, and kicked her, "Clear my plate, bitch!"

He watched as she slowly walked to the counter with his plates, and put them in the dishwasher. "Now, slut. Since you've been so good, I've decided to reward you!"

Aaron grabbed the leash that Judy was attached to, and walked to the living room. "Kneel in front of me, dog. Like that, that's right. Now close your eyes"

She heard the sound of a zipper being undone, and the sound of clothes falling to the floor. Seeing her like that, all tied up, and in his power, had already made him hard. So in one quick movement, he thrusted his 9" hard cock into her tight virgin ass. "OH!", she moaned. as he brought his dick in and out of her ass. "Stop, please! Master! Stop!"

But he wouldn't, and in a few minutes, when he was done, she was worn out. "Now, my sweet slave, I can tell your pussy is yearning for this, and before she could reply, he was already going at it. "Oooh! Oooh!" she moaned

"You like that don't you..."

"Yes....Yes Master! I love it..."

To be continued...maybe :)


Forever Alec's

NightmarePrincess on Fetish Stories

The long winding road that led to Lake Tilton was lined with breathtaking scenery. The leaves had just begun to change to rich autumn shades, making it even more beautiful. It was sunset when Ivy arrived at the cabin. For a moment, she sat in the car just admiring the perfect surroundings. The cool air hit her as she opened the car door and climbed out. She shivered slightly and made her way to the porch.

Her fingers moved quickly to unbutton her light-blue silk blouse, which she quickly slid off. The crisp breeze kissed her warm skin, making her nipples grow hard instantly. The lacy pale blue bra was next to go, getting placed on the floor with the shirt. Her hands trembled as she unzipped the black leather skirt she wore, folding it as and laying it aside as well. The knee high

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boots were then removed before she moved on to the panties. The sexy little lace bikini was already damp when she hooked her fingers under the sides and slid it down her slender thighs, stepping out of them and laying them with the rest of her clothes. Now completely naked, she sank to her knees on the chilly wooden porch. With her soft brown eyes closed, she knocked on the door, her hands moving behind her back as she awaited further instructions.

The door slowly opened. She could hear the floorboards creak as someone stepped out on to the porch. A soft strip of thick black fabric then encircled her head, blotting out any hint of light as she was blindfolded. The person moved behind her, taking one hand and slipping it into the circle of rope before tightening it firmly around her wrist. The procedure was repeated, leaving her hands bound with very little room for any sort of movement.

"Stand girl" a powerful voice said.

Without hesitation, she rose to her feet as gracefully as she could. She felt His fingers brush her silken, flame red hair back and come to rest against the back of her neck as she was led forward. The door closed behind them as she was led further into the room. The warmth inside was soothing, chasing away the chills. Once the hand moved she stopped, standing completely still for a moment.

"Kneel," a softer, feminine voice said.

Ivy quickly obeyed, kneeling down in front of the woman. Long slender fingers stroked her hair, then gripped a handful of her hair. Her head was pulled forward as the musky smell of sex filled her nostrils. She could feel the heat emanating from the woman’s cunt as her face was inches from it.

"I want you to greet Misty. Show her what a good girl you are girl," He said.

Immediately her tongue began to take long slow swipes over the moist flesh in front of her. Misty moaned softly as Ivy’s tongue found her clit, flicking at it quickly with the tip of her tongue. Her lips closed around it as she began to suck as she licked. The grip on her hair increased as she licked harder and faster at the little nub. The sound of the woman enjoying her sensual clit kissing served to fuel her efforts.

It didn’t take long for Misty to be brought to a shuddering orgasm. Ivy’s mouth moved down to the puffy pink lips and lapped at the sweet ambrosia that flowed from between them. She could taste a mixture of Alec’s cum along with Misty’s. The taste was heavenly as she forced her tongue in as deep as she could to scoop out every drop. The deep tonguing brought Misty to another orgasm within minutes, leaving her quivering and panting in the chair as she released her grip on Ivy’s hair.

"Very good girl," He said as He softly stroked her hair.

His hand guided her, making her turn toward Him. She felt the smooth tip of His cock trace her lower lip. Ivy parted her lips slightly at first, then more as the head of His cock pressed against her lips. As His cock sank into the warm confines of her mouth, it was greeted by her tongue as it slithered over the throbbing muscle. She began to suck as He pushed deeper, until the head hit the back of her throat. He gripped her hair, tilting her head back slight before pushing completely in. She struggled not to gag as He entered her throat with a rough jab. He held her head still, her nose resting against His pelvis as her throat muscles spasmed around His shaft. Tears filled her eyes as she gagged hard around the thick invader that was lodged in her throat. He groaned softly with delight as He savored the feel of her torment.

After several seconds, He pulled back, leaving just the head in her mouth. He let her adjust, allowing her to worship the head of His cock with her tongue as she sucked it before jamming the full length back into her throat. He kept up the slow, torturous pace for about 10 minutes before withdrawing completely from her mouth and turning slightly away from her. He moved her head toward His erect shaft, feeling the side of it rub over her lips. It was then she felt Misty’s lips brush hers from the other side.

The two girls worked their hot little mouths over His swollen shaft, their tongues teasing each other around it. They moved toward the head of His cock, kissing deeply around it as their tongues lashed over His flesh. He alternated between the two, sinking His cock into one’s mouth then withdrawing and filling the others. The two worked together, stroking His cock with their lips in a frantic pace, wanting the creamy reward that awaited them.

Ivy loved the sound of His voice as He moaned and complimented their work.

"Ah that’s it. Good girls. Oh yeah, keep going. Keep going..." He groaned as He approached His first climax of the night. "Get ready for Your treat."

The two girls held their faces close together with mouths hanging open and tongues extended. He furiously stroked His cock as He aimed the tip toward their mouths. Soon thick white ropes of cum erupted from it, splattering on their tongues and faces. As the last drops were expelled, Misty began to lick Ivy’s face, scooping up all the cum she could before kissing her passionately so they could share more of His wonderful treat.

The sight of the two girls sharing such an intimate kiss was quickly arousing Alec once again. He knew that tonight no one would get any sleep until He was finished with the fantasies that haunted His mind. He then helped Ivy up, leading her toward the far side of the room. Her hands were then released from the rope. The dark ligature marks already had started to form on her wrists. Her hands were then pulled above her head as her arms were stretched out and locked in leather cuffs that hung from chains attached to the ceiling. Her ankles were then pushed apart, and secured in cuffs as well, leaving her body stretched in a painful position.

Alec walked around the girl, inspecting her body once more. His hand brushed over various parts of her as she trembled from His touch. Finally He stopped behind her, His hand slipping around her waist and down to her exposed cunt. His fingers moved over her clit, feeling the metal ring that pierced it, then down to her lips, tracing His fingertips over them as He counted the rings in each side.

Ivy moaned softly with delight as He trailed His fingers across her dripping sex. His erection pressed firmly against her ass as He let one finger slip inside her slick slit and pulled it out slowly. He held it up, looking at how it glistened with her juices before moving the wet digit to her lips and smearing the sweetness across them. She quickly licked her lips, parting them to let Him push His finger into her mouth to be cleaned. He leaned in closer, bringing His lips to her ear.

"Good girl" He whispered.

He took a step back, moving to the side of her as He watched her chest rise and fall with each breath. He admired the beauty of her form, of her helpless state and her willingness to be in it. A smile crossed His lips as He thought of what was to come later that evening.

Along the wall behind the prone beauty hung a large variety of whips, crops and canes. Misty stood in front of the implements, her eyes scanning the selection. The tips of her fingers brushed over the finely crafted tools of the trade. Finally she chose a short crop from the wall. She slapped it authoritatively against her palm as she approached Alec. The sound of the slap made Ivy jump. Misty quickly handed over the crop to Alec who in turn grabbed her long auburn hair in His clenched fist and drew her head sharply back before placing a kiss upon her throat and releasing her.

He then moved in front of Ivy, holding the crop in His hand. He traced the tip of it over the curve of her breast very slowly, letting her feel the wide bit of buttery soft leather caress her skin. He dragged it slowly up and down the fleshy mound, circling around her nipple each time. Soft moans slipped from her as the tip of the crop teased the little pink nub, but the moans did not last. Just as suddenly as they had began, they changed to a whimper as He brought the crop down hard across her breast, aimed perfectly across her nipple.

He alternated back and forth between her right breast and her left, leaving both with long thin red stripes in a beautiful pattern of pain. Intermittently the flurry of blows would cease, and the teasing stroke of the leather would begin again. Her body remained tensed, never sure when it would be the soft touch or the brutal strike. The intricate design that emerged on her chest from the welts made Misty’s mouth water as she stared at the naked girl. She looked to Alec, silent begging permission to touch her.

He knew what was on Misty’s mind and nodded, pointing at the trunk first. She quickly scampered over and lifted the heavy wooden lid. A large black rubber vibrating plug and cordless remote and a small ball of thin rope were pulled from the toy chest. Misty retrieved the scissors from the drawer of the end table, then handed the remote over to Alec before sinking to her knees in front of Ivy.

Ivy jumped as she felt a warm soft lick across her clit. The tip of Misty’s tongue flickered over the pierced little jewel, making the girl squirm with delight. As she knelt there, Alec reached down and picked up the ball of rope and scissors, placing the control down for a moment. He cut two lengths of rope and handed each to Misty.

Misty quickly laced one of the pieces through the three rings in the right lip of Ivy’s pussy, then pulled both ends around to her outer thigh. Alec took the loose ends, tying them quickly in a knot. The same was done to the left side, leaving the girl’s cunt spread painfully open. Misty’s mouth moved once again to Ivy’s clit, covering it as she began to suck and lick at the little pink treat.

Ivy began to sigh and moan as Misty passionately kissed her clit. The juices began to drip from her widely spread cunt as Misty continued to lap at her tender pink flesh. Suddenly, the blows to her breast began again, causing her body to jump each time the pain sliced through her. The combination of the soft tongue action and the sharp ache made her quickly lapse into a shuddering orgasm.

In the throws of climax, the tip of the large plug was introduced to her juicy cunt. Misty forced it inside in a slow but firm thrust until it was lodged deep inside her. The girl worked it back and forth, lubricating it Ivy’s juices as her muscles convulsed around it, making her climax more intense. Alec had picked up the remote again, clicking it on high as the vibrations caused Ivy to scream in fits of passion.

Then, just as quickly as it was inside her, it was slid out. Her juices dripped off the large rubber toy as Misty lined the tip of it up with her puckered little anus. With a quick stab, Misty had forced it deep in to Ivy’s tight little ass, causing her to shriek. The pain was quickly forgotten as the vibrations began again on a lower setting. The crop again kissed her flesh, this time circling around her body hitting her sides and back as well as her round firm ass as Misty’s skillful tongue brought her to the edge of ecstacy.

Her body was soon covered in the thin welts that decorated her creamy white breasts. Alec’s hand caressed her warm cheeks, feeling the raised little lines with His fingers. Ivy continued to moan, tormented by the intense pleasure of the vibration even after His touch left her. The sensation spread through her body quickly, making her eager to feel anything fill her hungry cunt.

Much to Ivy’s dismay, she soon heard the soft sounds of Misty’s voice as she was caught up in her own pleasure. The sound of Alec’s body colliding with Misty’s left nothing to Ivy’s imagination. She envied the girl as the sound of their passions filled the room. Misty screamed as He plunged His cock deep into her velvety folds, forcing deeper and deeper with each stroke. Ivy could not help but cum as she imagined it was her that He was finding such pleasure in filling. She knew that there were many more things He had planned to do to her. The thought of them all pushed her deeper into the orgasmic bliss. She was still trembling, the honeyed juices pooling on the floor beneath her, when Alec had finished with Misty.

"I see someone is enjoying herself" He whispered in her ear.

"Yes.... Sir" she stammered as His fingers caught her throbbing clit.

He gripped the silver ring that ran through it, pulling it slowly as He twisted. The pain shot through her body, causing it to twitch and jerk as another orgasm quickly gripped her. He smiled as He watched her body writhe in passion. He nodded to Misty, who had returned with two large alligator clamps, both of which had weights dangling from their ends. There was a small hole in each, where the ring holding the weight was fastened.

Alec busied Himself with getting another length of rope, This one slightly thinner and rougher than the one holding her juicy cunt wide open. He slid the end through the opening in the clamp and tied it off securely before bringing the rope around Ivy’s neck. He made a single loop around it and tying a slipknot in it. He then took the other clamp and looped the end of the rope through before fastening it.

Misty’s lips sought out Ivy’s nipple, sucking it hard as her tongue flicked across it. The thick pink nub became stiff as she teased it. She then spit it out, placing the clamp on the tip. Ivy groaned as the weight dangled. The other clamp was applied in the same fashion. Her sensitive nipples felt like they were on fire as the teeth bit into them. Misty kept poking at the clamps, making the weights swing pendulously as her breasts were being painfully pulled upward by the nipple.

Alec had chosen a new toy this time to tease Ivy’s body with. It was a thin very flexible length of cane. He started out trailing it over her naked flesh, letting her feel it’s surface rub over her before He landed the first vicious blow to the underside of her breast. Her body danced with pain as He continued to strike the tender skin. He delighted in watching her pale skin tone be overtaken with the ruddy streaks from the cane. Each strike made her jerk, each jerk in turn made the weights bounce, pulling down harder on her nipples as the rope yanked them skyward, each bounce made the rope around her throat tighten slight more.

He then turned His attention to another part of her body, bringing the cane down between her spread thighs and whipping it back and forth. Her breath came in short bursts between the long drawn out moans and whimpers as the cane kissed every inch of her upper thighs. The closer that He got the louder her cries became. This inspired Alec to bring the cane up, slapping harshly on her moist pink flesh. She hit a new note as the pain rushed through her, and her body jerked violently. This time the cry was of sheer agony. Again the tool bit into her finding her throbbing pussy lips. He varied His angle of attack, letting it welt her lips until they were swollen nearly twice their normal size and ten times as sensitive. Her clit also felt the brunt of His passion as He changed position just enough to bring the tip down on it with every stroke.

Tears drenched the blindfold as she began to sob from the pain. She knew that this would be part of the deal before she agreed to it. She wanted so desperately to prove worth enough to be His but little did she know that her plans would come to a quick end. The sight of her pain was driving Alec wild with desire. She gasped for breath as the rope continued to slip through the knot and tighten around her throat. Ivy was starting to feel lightheaded as her face changed shades. He wanted to feel her warmth wrapped around Him. Misty helped unfasten the cuffs from the girl’s ankles as Alec held her steady. She was on the verge of collapse when the wrists cuffs were removed as well as the rope around her neck.

Her nipples ached as the blood rushed back into the clamped areas. Alec lead the girl toward the bedroom, knowing that this would fulfill His greatest passion. Misty took over, holding the girl steady while Alec laid down on the bed. His swollen shaft throbbing as it awaited Ivy. The girl was helped on to the bed and positioned over His cock. Misty quickly returned the rope cuffs to her hands and the clamps to her nipples, this time without the rope. The ropes that held her rings open, felt as if it was going to rip them right through the tender flaps of swollen flesh as she was yanked down on Alec’s thick cock.

Misty stood at the edge of the bed, adjusting the rope’s height until it was perfect. She quickly slipped the noose over Ivy’s head, the other end rested securely in Alec’s palm. He watched anxiously as the noose was tightened just enough to slightly restrict her breathing. He could see the panic on her face as He pulled gently on the rope, watching it tighten a little more.

"Remember our agreement Ivy. If you trust me enough to indulge this fantasy as you said you do... then I shall truly be happy and make you Mine forever. Do You trust me Ivy?" He asked in a stern tone.

"Yes Sir I do" she answered.

He could tell by the wetness that trickled down His shaft that she was as excited as He was. The remote was turned on high, causing her to quickly come to another orgasm. He groaned as her muscles clenched His cock, holding it firmly in their grasp. He began to thrust up into her dripping wet cunt, forcing His cock as deep as He could get it. Each time He would raise His hips, He pulled the rope a little more, until it was visibly starting to press into her neck. He watched her breasts bounce with each frantic breath she tried to draw in as He continued to slowly ease the rope further.

He began to pound her pussy harder and harder as her breathing became more strained. She was on the verge of passing out when the most tremendous orgasm of her light ripped through her. If not for the rope around her neck, she would have collapsed against His chest as the climax intensified. Misty quickly ripped the blindfold off Ivy’s face, letting her get her first and last blurry glimpse at Alec.

He could see the panic in her eyes as He pulled the rope harder, her entire body twitching violently as she gasped for air. Even after she had lost consciousness He continued to pump His thick shaft deep into her cunt. The wetness was incredible as it flooded out of her. Her muscles flexed around Him as the life was choked out of her by the rope’s grip. The warmth of her urine covered His pelvis, signaling it was over.. He let out a last groan as He began to pump His seed deep into her lifeless cunt.

Misty was delighted, watching the body drooping slightly. She helped Alec pull Ivy up just enough to slip out from under her. He tied the rope off, letting her dangle from it like a puppet. Misty moved closer, kneeling on the bed in front of the girl as she quickly lapped up her Master’s drippings from Ivy’s cunt. Once she had finished, they engaged in a deeply passionate kiss. He looked deep into Misty’s eyes seeing how greatly she enjoyed the evening.

"After dinner we shall finish with her little one, I promised I would let you have your fun with her when I finished with her" He said, stroking her cheek. "Then later on tonight, when we are done with her we will take her out by the lake"

"Yes Master," she whispered softly to Him, seeing that He was truly pleased.

After the two lovers returned from dinner, Alec knew it He should keep His promise to Ivy. After Misty was done playing dress up with the girl, He slipped a black leather collar over the rope marks. A small purple heart dangled from it’s large silver loop with His initials engraved on it. Now her wish was fulfilled. She was truly His.


Carmenica Diaz on Fetish Stories



Carmenica Diaz 

Kryztal Part 1 (of 10 Parts)

  The lid to Pandora's box was ajar.

Caroline Blaine was beautiful, haughty and a perfect bitch.

Perhaps this was why she was so successful as a lawyer. Caroline had the capability of going ruthlessly for the jugular while smiling sweetly at the judge. She had everything - beauty, career, a refined accent, and a handsome husband.

Life, on a superficial level, was great but in those rare honest moments, Caroline admitted cautiously that, perhaps, there was something missing.

Caroline was

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a rarity in Hollywood as she was truly a natural blonde. That hair, together with legs to her armpits, large breasts, honey coloured skin and a warm and sensuous smile, made her the stuff men dreamed of and women envied.
Even though Caroline had lived in California for ten years, she scrupulously maintained her English accent; in fact she became more British as the years went on as it gave her a distinct and different image. Caroline hadn't been back to London for six years and sometimes wondered what her old school friends in Chelsea would think of her now.

It was a different time, a different world , she would tell her self when old memories came back, I was a different person to what I am now.

The firm of lawyers that employed Caroline saw her as the perfect addition to their partner ranks - a beautiful young woman with a stylish English accent who was not ashamed to be a carnivore in the courtroom. Only in Hollywood could a lawyer look like a movie star while the movie stars looked and acted like lawyers.

It also helped Caroline's image that her husband of almost ten months was also a successful Hollywood agent and as ruthless as he was handsome. Hal had been blessed with perfect teeth, dark brooding eyes and a crooked grin that seduced women and put men off guard before he crucified them with delight. It was said around Hollywood that nobody closed a deal like Hal Blaine, nobody could outwit or out-negotiate Hal Blaine.

Originally from Georgia, he had spent several years in Boston before moving to California and his dress sense was impeccable. He favoured expensive American suits, crisp shirts with glittering cuff-links and, of course, always the perfect tie. In an industry where 'California Casual' was the fashion, he stood out as a man of style and a man that women always noticed when he walked into a restaurant.

Caroline sometimes thought the suits were just a little ostentatious and a little shiny for her tastes, not subtle and refined like the English or Europeans but, she told herself, it was America and Hal was certainly one of the best dressed men in her circles.
He also had a voracious but casual appetite for sex. Caroline accepted the sex although she never achieved a real connection to it. Sex was something men needed and she accepted her lot as one who gave when the mood suited her.

On the surface, Hal and Caroline appeared to be remarkably suited to each other.
And they were, but not truly until Kryztal came into the picture.

Bea Rutledge was the most successful Madam in Hollywood and her girls only provided their special and discrete services to stars. Anybody that was making less than three point five million a movie could not get near one of Bea's girls; Bea's girls were special, and had specific tastes that would appeal to certain producers, directors and stars. A date with a Bea Girl was not a simple fuck, it was an event worth paying for, and paid they did, and then paid extra to remain anonymous.

Bea was not the stereotypical owner of a high class escort service; if they made a movie about her she would, of course, be played by some blowsy blonde, addicted to cigarettes and cheap cracks - Hollywood producers love stereotypes. Instead, she was short and slight with dark hair cut in a pageboy style, and she dressed severely in men's clothes and always wore dark glasses.
It was rumoured Bea preferred women and had told Julia, a famous actor, that, 'Men think with their cocks, thank God! If they didn't, I'd be broke and I wouldn't have my lodge in Aspen. Women think with their hearts,' she had said softly, gently stroking the inside of Julia's wrist.
It was also rumoured that Bea and Julia spent a week in a famous Hollywood hotel suite where they played many games that involved a dildo imported from Holland they had nicknamed Frederic. Apparently, so the story goes, when the epic week ended, Bea gave Frederic to Julia, who had it mounted on an polished stand and put it in her hall closet next to her Oscar.

Unfortunately, the law enforcement officials didn't turn a blind eye to Bea's business activities.  She always blamed the ultra conservative right wing of American politics, but not too loudly as a great deal of the conservative senators and congressmen were actually customers.
Apparently, these conservative politicians enjoyed being flogged by a beautiful girl called Tanya dressed as a catholic schoolgirl. Tanya, who was twenty-four but appeared to be sixteen and specialised as Bea's Schoolgirl , always took to the flogging with relish and left her conservative clients gasping in pain.

 Sometimes, when she was watching television with her lover Sonja, she would giggle when she watched her customers secretly wince at press conferences or in interviews.

 But, political hypocrisy and desperate image consultants prodded the law into action and, therefore, Bea had to spend a healthy amount each year to retain the services of an accomplished firm of L.A. lawyers.
And that firm was where Caroline worked.

From their first meeting, Bea and Caroline hated each other immediately and intensely. That meant, of course, that they were exceedingly polite to each other and smiled a lot. Men had no idea as to the extent of the mutual hatred between the women and sat in blissful ignorance in a minefield of hate. Women wished they could get out of the room before either Bea or Caroline produced a weapon of mass destruction from their Louis Vuitton handbags and dropped it on the polished conference room table.

 'Prostitution is such a tawdry case,' Caroline had smiled sweetly at Bea, 'but I believe the current crack down will disappear soon and your hookers will be safe to walk the streets again.'

Bea inwardly seethed. 'My girls don't walk the streets, as well you know. They offer services far more detailed and caring than a quick roll in the hay. I imagine a quick roll in the hay with the lights off is what you occasionally give that new husband of yours, poor dear.'

'How dare you!' Caroline flushed deeply. 'Our sex life is very full, not that it's any of your business!'

'But it is my business,' Bea smiled thinly, gathering her handbag, 'Hal has a standing appointment with my girls every week.'

Caroline blinked and gaped as Bea opened the door. 'He comes for what he can't get at home,' was her parting shot. 'Call me if you want to know what he likes. It would appear that I know, but you don't!'

That night, Caroline almost attacked Hal and was very aggressive in their lovemaking. Why, she even forced herself to suck his cock for a few minutes before sitting astride him and ramming him into herself. All the time she was mechanically fucking her husband with an obsessed vigour and energy, Bea's taunting words haunted her.

She couldn't sleep and stared at Hal's sleeping face. Bea was lying, Caroline told herself, she had to be! Why would Hal go to her girls? I let him fuck me regularly, don't I? He loves me, doesn't he?

It became an obsession and, at last on Monday, she shamefully called Bea. 'Want to know what Hal likes?' Bea had mockingly asked in a voice laced with silken triumph.

'Yes,' Caroline had admitted, face red and feeling like crying. 'Yes, I do.'

Bea gave her an address. 'Be there at two-thirty on Wednesday. You'll get to see what floats Hal's boat.' Bea was laughing as she disconnected the call.

Caroline showed up at the appointed time dressed in a simple business suit and waited. Bea entered, as usual wearing dark glasses and they air-kissed with restrained hatred. 'This is Caroline,' she said to the two women standing beside her in black Armani pants suits. 'She wants to see Hal in action.' The women nodded and Bea slid some papers across her desk. 'Sign this, it's just a standard disclaimer for entering these premises.'

Caroline glanced at the papers but she was so upset at what was happening, so obsessed by it all, that she committed the number one sin of lawyers - she didn't read the documents before signing them.

Bea smiled. 'Go with the girls and you will see what Hal likes.'

The women led Caroline to a room with a large four-poster bed. 'I am Breanne,' one said, 'this is Zoe, take your clothes off.'

'What? Are you kidding...'

'Take them off or we will take them from you,' Breanne said calmly.
'We'd much prefer if you struggled,' Zoe said with a cruel smile and Caroline suddenly felt frightened. 'We always enjoy a good struggle.'

 'I don't...'

Breanne stepped forward and slapped Caroline hard across the face, so hard the force of it sent her reeling across the bed. 'Get naked, slut, or there will be more!'


Zoe gripped a handful of Caroline's hair and tugged it viscously before slapping her again. 'This isn't a courtroom, sister. We don't do debates!'

Tears rolling down her wounded face, Caroline kicked off her shoes while she unbuttoned her coat. The two women stood with arms folded, smiling until Caroline was down to her coffee coloured lace bra and panties.

'Please...' she began but Breanne wouldn't let her continue.

'Naked, or I'll let Zoe take them off you!'

Sobbing incoherently, hoping the nightmare would be over once they stole her clothes, Caroline unsnapped her bra, and shimmied out of her panties.
Zoe calmly gathered the clothes and Caroline stood with one arm across her breasts, the other covering her crotch. 'I've seen it all before,' Breanne said wearily, 'you've got nothing new and nothing special, baby.' Disdainfully, she offered a small drawstring bag. 'Jewellery - rings, watch, earrings, bracelets, put them all in here.'

Woodenly, Caroline complied, dropping her various pieces of jewellery into the bag. 'Hair clip,' Breanne prompted and Caroline removed it, her hair falling forward.

Zoe returned without the clothes and then both of them advanced on Caroline. 'What do you want...'

Breanne slapped her again and Caroline fell on the bed. Suddenly, leather cuffs were wrapped around her wrists and then attached to ankle cuffs so she was locked in an uncomfortable position, wrists to ankles, knees bent and exposed, so exposed.

The door opened and Bea entered, smoking a pink cigarette in an ebony holder, smiling. 'Now, that's much better. That has to go,' she said, gesturing at Caroline's pubic hair, 'he may recognise it.'

'Please...' Caroline whimpered, trying to move, but whatever position she tried, her pussy was openly exposed, her large breasts rolling over her rib cage, nipples stirring.

Breanne ignored her and the other woman held Caroline's legs apart as Breanne switched on the clippers she had suddenly produced. 'No...!' Caroline's head moved from side to side in her humiliation as the clippers ran roughly over her sensitive groin.  Zoe winked at her, sprayed her crotch with shaving lather and proceeded to shave. 'Don't move,' she warned and Caroline tried to bury her head in the bedclothes to hide from her own shame and Bea's mocking eyes. It was done, so smooth, and Zoe calmly removed the shaving cream with a fluffy blue towel.

Caroline had always privately referred to her vagina as her 'bits' and now her bits were so clearly visible. It was impossible for Caroline not to see her bald crotch; she stared down at it, her large intimate lips gleaming pinkly against the smooth skin.
Breanne beckoned to Bea and pointed at Caroline's crotch. 'Look,' she said and Caroline turned her head away in shame as Bea leaned forward to look at her newly shaven groin.

'It's a birthmark,' Bea announced and Caroline knew Bea had identified the small almond shaped birthmark on her inner left thigh, situated where her leg met her groin. 'He might recognise it, so cover it.'

Zoe applied a thick coating of a flesh covered plastic skin over the birthmark and Bea smiled down at the red faced Caroline as they waited for it to dry.

Breanne and Zoe approached Caroline, both carrying bottles of scented oil.

Despite Caroline's protests and her horror at having two women intimately touch her, the women oiled every part of Caroline's body so she gleamed in the light and smelled of a musky exotic perfume. The oil, in Caroline's horrified eyes, made her large breasts look lewd and her now-bald bits, obscene.

'Why are you doing this?' Caroline cried but the three women ignored her.

'The hair,' Bea instructed, exhaling smoke and Breanne snapped a rubber cap over Caroline's hair, holding it close to her skull while she fitted a bright red wig on Caroline's head.

'A redhead,' Bea said maliciously, 'Hal loves to fuck redheads!'

'I'll sue you,' Caroline bawled. 'I'll see you in prison, you...'

'I doubt it,' Bea said evenly, 'you signed a release, baby.'

A leather hood was snapped on which covered her upper face to her nose, leaving her mouth and chin free, then closed around her throat. The ponytail of fake red hair emerged from a hole in the rear of the hood and Breanne locked it on with a gold lock.

They pried her mouth open and inserted a ring gag so her mouth was forced to form an 'O' and she couldn't make intelligible sounds. She drooled, her eyes rolling in the eye slits of the hood as they also locked it shut.

Breanne used the same blue towel to clean the make up from Caroline's lower face and then applied thick lipstick in a shade of orange Caroline would not be normally caught dead in.

'Roll her over,' Bea said, stubbing her cigarette out in a large glass ashtray.

 Caroline tried to resist but found herself face down, her head turned to the side and her fleshy bottom pointing to the roof, knees bent and her entire crotch obscenely displayed.
Suddenly, she felt hands around her waist and she was lifted up while an enormous round cylinder of a cushion was slid under her breasts. When she slumped down on it, she was bent with knees on the bed; her upper body hanging over the cushion so her breasts wobbled free and her head hung uselessly. All the time, Caroline knew her legs were forced apart and she was helplessly displayed.

'Tattoo,' Bea snapped and Caroline tried to protest but her mouth could not form words, spittle rolling from her gaping mouth. 'Don't worry,' Bea laughed, 'it's not permanent.' A transfer was applied to Caroline's bottom on her left cheek and, in black, it said simply 'Pain Slut' .

'Turn the lights down low,' Bea instructed the others, 'our friend here is probably only used to being fucked in the dark.' Bea knelt down so her face was close to Caroline's. 'The tattoo says Pain Slut,' she said softly, 'and that's what you're going to be because it's what Hal likes. I don't think he'll recognise you with the hair, bald cunt and the tattoo but, then,' she laughed, 'he just might... you might have a highly individual cunt that he'll recognise it immediately.' She patted Caroline's arm. 'I doubt it though. Men are so unobservant and a cunt is a cunt when their dicks are hard.'

The women left Caroline alone in that ignominious position, face down, wrists and ankles connected so her knees were bent and her wobbling bottom and bits would be the first thing that anybody entering the room would see. Then, they would see her breasts hanging like udders over the cushion. Stupidly, the vain part of her wondered why they didn't leave her in a more flattering position.

She remained like that for ten minutes and then the door opened again. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Bea standing in the door way, her arm linked with Hal's as both looked in. 'This is Kryztal,' Bea said. 'She's new and she likes what you like. From opposite ends, of course,' she laughed.

'She looks great,' Caroline heard her husband's voice. 'You've got her all ready for me?'

'She's a submissive pain slut and we treat her that way. Of course, she loves it.'

'Okay, thanks Bea,' and, to her horror, Caroline saw her husband kiss her enemy's cheek.

'Oh, don't worry about condoms,' Bea said with a laugh, swinging the door shut behind her.

'You sure?'

'She loves bareback and she's clean.' The door shut and Caroline was alone with her husband.

'Well, hello Kryztal,' Hal said, his fingers lightly tapping Caroline's oiled and gleaming bottom. Caroline gurgled in the gag and then cried out as Hal slapped her bottom hard. Then he slapped it again and again until it was covered with red marks and it was stinging. Caroline felt humiliated and used but, strangely, she also felt aroused.

There's nothing I can do , she told herself, I'm helpless, go with the flow; Hal comes quickly so it will be over soon .

She heard him undressing and then rummaging in the chest of drawers. 'Bea always leaves me some toys,' he suddenly said, and Caroline tried to turn her head to see what he was doing.

His hand slapped her bottom again and she gurgled into the gag, then suddenly screamed as she felt him clamp something sharp over her nipples. 'I think nipple clamps are great, don't you, Kryztal?' Hal laughed as she wriggled and moved but it just made her breasts move all the more.

'I'm going to have fun,' he said, suddenly close to her ear, fingers roughly kneading her breasts, 'and I don't give a fuck if you do. It's my dime and I'm having fun.

Caroline yelped into the gag as two fingers pushed into her pussy, moving deep and searching. 'You are a pain slut,' he murmured, 'you're so wet.'

I'm wet , Caroline asked herself, I'm enjoying this?

Whistling, he removed something from the drawers and Caroline felt him buckle a wide strap around her waist, sliding it between her skin and the cushion, pulling it cruelly tight. A vibrator slipped into her pussy, moved in and out in a slow maddening rhythm and then was suddenly removed while fingers pushed something wet and cold on her bottom. No, she silently screamed, not that, please not that, not my bottom!

The vibrator began its relentless journey into her anus while Caroline gurgled and spluttered into her gag, drool escaping from her desperate lips. Suddenly, she felt a second vibrator slipping easily into her pussy and she was so full, so violated. The vibrators hummed into life and Hal connected another strap to the belt around her waist, jerked it between her legs and fastened it back to the belt, keeping the two pulsing vibrators securely in place.

Hal moved to the front, shoved his cock deep into her mouth that was held open by the gag and began to fuck her face. 'Make me happy, baby,' he said warningly, 'or you'll regret it. Come on, lick and suck.'

Tears were forming in her eyes. Her bits and bottom throbbed to the vibrators, her nipples painfully aware of the clamps, and Caroline desperately began to suck and lick her husband's cock with a vigour she had never before shown.

'Pathetic,' he said succinctly, removing his cock and jerking the clamps from her nipples in one swift movement.

The pain was enormous, worse than when he applied the clamps, and Caroline shrieked into the gag, her body rigid with the pain, her head turning from side to side while she tried to ignore the waves of agony.

Blinking the tears from her eyes, she saw his cock was in front of her face. 'Try again, bitch,' he said softly.

Caroline lunged for that cock, bringing her head over to it as quickly as she could before he did anything else to her. Hal slipped the cock into her mouth and smiled as she slavishly licked and sucked, trying to make him come so he would stop, leave her alone, anything!

'You are the worst cock sucker I have ever met,' he said, removing his cock and walked to the drawers, ignoring Caroline's gurgling pleas.

He returned with a strange device, a stubby handle that had many straps of leather attached to it and she stared at it, eyes wide, as he laughed quietly.

For the next twenty minutes he relentlessly used the flogger over her ass and back while the vibrators churned within her. Her muffled screams of pain became pleas of desire as her skin glowed red.
On and on, he flogged - her bottom, her thighs, her back, nowhere was safe, and Caroline felt as if she was just one moaning animal of lust, trying to move her clit against the leather of the belt that was tightly fastened over her crotch. For the first time, Caroline's entire body was alive with lust and connected to sex. The lid to Pandora's box was ajar.

Hal dropped the flogger on the bed and surveyed his handiwork. The slut's skin was red hot and he unfastened the leather straps and laughed as the vibrator in her pussy immediately slipped out, lying glistening on the bed. With another laugh, he jerked the vibrator out of her bottom and Caroline moaned into the gag, the bedclothes wet from her saliva.

Without any thought or concern for her, he fucked her and fucked her hard. Touch my clit , Caroline silently pleaded, please , but Hal ignored her clit and focused on her cunt, ramming that large cock of his in and out.

Almost casually, he pulled out, leaving her vacant and empty, wanting more and, walking around, pushed his cock into her mouth. 'Last chance,' he whispered and she desperately sucked, tasting herself on his cock.

With a grunt, Hal came and his cum flooded her mouth while he forced her to continue, forced her to swallow until he finally pulled out, leaving her still face hanging down, his semen trickling through the hole in the gag, dripping on her dangling breasts

In a daze, desperately wanting to cum herself and still tasting his cum, she heard Hal dress and then saw dollar bills flutter onto the bed next to her head. 'There you go, pain slut ,' he laughed.

Hal turned to go but then returned as if he had thought of something and Caroline felt his fingers on her bits, feeling something hard being forced inside her. It was bigger than the vibrator and filled her, making her want so much more.
He was chuckling as he left and Caroline felt something light caress her thighs and ass. He's inserted the handle of that whip thingy in me, she realised with horror and shame, he's left it there for them to see.

At that point, Caroline really wanted to die. It was an intense contradiction that she also wanted desperately to cum, that she was vibrantly and sexually alive.

A short time later, Breanne, accompanied by Zoe, entered and calmly unstrapped the gag from around Caroline's head. Gratefully, Caroline began to flex her jaws as the hood was unlocked and removed, as was the wig and skullcap.

Breanne put the items on the chest of drawers while the other woman released Caroline's ankles and wrist. 'I'll let you get that out,' she said with a smile, pointing at the flogger that poked from Caroline.

Face bright red, Caroline gently pulled it from her glistening wet bits and dropped it with disgust on the bed.

Groaning and wincing with pain, Caroline shakily got to her feet as Breanne put her clothes on the bed. 'There's a bathroom there,' she said, pointing at a small door Caroline had not noticed before. 'Be quick, we have to get the room ready for the next client.'

Caroline tottered into the bathroom. Her entire body was aching; her back, her bits and bottom and especially her nipples, which felt as if they were on fire. Her face felt as if the gag had mashed it and her bottom cheeks were burning.

 'Oh, no,' she murmured when she saw the red marks over her back and bottom, 'how will I ever explain these?'

Bea, flanked by the other two women, was waiting for her when she reluctantly emerged from the bathroom, hair wet from the shower and walking gingerly.

Unable to look Bea in the eye, Caroline looked around for her handbag, saw it, and picked it up. 'I put his tip in your bag,' Bea smiled coldly, 'hookers always want their money.'

'You bitch,' Caroline said quietly, eyes lowered, just wanting to get out of the room.

'I wonder what Hal would think if he knew he had shoved the handle of a flogger into his wife's cunt after flogging her? Oh, don't worry,' Bea sneered when she saw Caroline's face go white at the thought, 'it will be our little secret. I imagine it would be difficult for you both to go on with your marriage when all your dirty secrets were out. How would you smile sweetly at each other over the breakfast table if you both knew? Pass the orange juice dear, and why did you push that flogger handle in my cunt last night?' Bea found that hilarious and laughed loudly.

'Fuck you,' Caroline said, pushing past.

'I think you were the one who got fucked,' Bea laughed, 'and I think you liked it.' The other women grinned when they saw Caroline's face flush. 'Give me a call if you want to come back, Kryztal,' Bea mocked, 'we've always got a slot on our roster for a pain slut!' Caroline slammed the door behind her.
Resisting the urge to rub her smarting bottom through her skirt, she walked gingerly to the street, searching for a cab and wondering how she was going to hide the marks from Hal. She had no idea what would happen if Hal realised that Caroline knew of his activities and had even witnessed them first hand - really first hand.

It was a hateful experience she had endured but despite all her faults, Caroline actually loved Hal and believed, no, hoped, he still loved her.

I never knew he was such a dominating man , she thought, searching the street for a cab, so rough and powerful. It's a pity , the thought slipped into her mind, that he didn't let me cum .

End Kryztal Part 1 (of 10 Parts)
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CollarSub - Part 1

rampant_goblin on Fetish Stories


Part 1.

She knelt at her masters’ feet and allowed herself a moment to think. She lazily continued wanking her masters’ cock and eyes firmly and adoringly on him, let her mind wander. She was so proud of her new collar and of being owned properly. She made a vow to serve her master even better than before. Somehow the collar removed the last of her inhibitions. It became a badge she could hide behind. An abdication of all responsibility. She licked the end of her masters cock as instructed and was rewarded with a grunt. This was her first time at a party that didn’t have other doms and subs attending but swingers. Her collar chafed slightly and forced

Read More
her head up so the worship in her eyes was exaggerated. In the private bar beforehand she had been paraded and told to bend and assume positions for the pleasure of her master. It had made her very wet to see her master release his hard cock at her efforts. Other males around the room had also adjusted themselves at the sight and one or two had had their partners play with them. In her peripheral vision she could still see the large redhead sucking her man off hungrily while one or two others watched. It turned her on to think she was responsible for it and that she had been rewarded with her masters’ cock in public. Again she was allowed to lick the end of his cock and cup his balls. She relished the precum that trickled from her master. The clothes she had been told to wear exposed her breasts vulgarly and allowed easy access to her cunt and arse. Her master had positioned her so that all was on view. She felt the eyes on her. It made her even wetter. She was beginning to want to suck her master. To need to. Or to feel his strong cock push into her. But she knew that if she acted without his instruction then possibly there would be no contact at all. She just managed to stifle a moan as her master rolled a nipple roughly between a forefinger and thumb as he spoke to the couple nearby;

‘Yes. She is mine to use,’ he was saying. ‘I may loan her to others but they may not fuck her ass or cunt. They may lick and touch there, even insert objects if I say so, but no penetration.’

‘So if you give me permission and instruct her she would suck my cock without a blink?’ came the incredulous reply.

‘Yes. Would you like to use her mouth? She is very …. Skilled.’

The young man looked at his partner and received consent. The girl he was with was wide eyed and her nipples were showing through the thin cloth of her T-shirt showing her own reaction to the suggestion.

‘Deborah. For your masters pleasure. You will service this young man with your mouth.’

She moved without thought. And knelt before the man indicated. He stood, unzipped himself and pulled out a rock hard erection. Deborah continued to look at her master.

‘Open your mouth Deborah.’ She did so. Her master nodded at the young man and she felt his cock push into her mouth. Her eyes stayed on her master.

‘ Deborah. I give you free reign within the limits of your instructions. I want to see you take this man’s cum. Now suck him like you were sucking me and perhaps that will be your reward.'

 Using all her acquired skills Deborah tongued and sucked the penis on offer. She recognised the signs and pulled slightly away and held her mouth open and wanked hard. The young man groaned and spurted forcefully. Some went on to her chin and she had to force herself not to wipe it away. When the young man had finished she turned her head to her master and opened her mouth. He nodded and indicated that she should swallow and return to her previous position. After a second she was instructed to wipe the cum from her chin and lick her fingers. She did so. She had not cum herself but had been close to it when the young man had shot blast after blast onot the roof of her mouth and tongue. Suddenly the master bid her to stand turn around and bend over. She did. She felt her master pull aside her pants and touch her well-oiled arse and pussy. She could see the young girl of the couple touching herself at the sight. Her master inserted a finger in each hole and held them there. With his other hand he flayed her bare flesh. He did it hard enough so it stung but soft enough so that her juices flowed more. The flagellation continued until her legs were shaking. Her master removed his fingers and instructed her to assume her previous position. He offered her his fingers to lick and she cleaned them lovingly. Now came the real test…..

to be continued">">

Heretics (Chapter 5)

NightmarePrincess on Fetish Stories

Sofie was becoming more accustomed to the wretched life of a breeder. Days and nights mingled into one hellish blur as the visits started to come around the clock. The constant barrage of semen was to get Sofie pregnant quickly, still the results were dismal, but now instead of intense beatings and violations of her body, she had only to deal with the anal rape by Chester and a select few of the other clergy, the dreadfully icy enemas, and Isaac. Often, Celia would sneak in to see her. It became the highlight of her days when she would see the girl creep out of the darkness to visit.

When Kadence arrived that morning to prepare her for Isaac, Sofie was filled with a foreboding feeling that she could not explain. It was no different from the past few days had been. H

Read More
er body was always to be cleansed inside and out, shaved, and dried before she was to be lead to the breeding room. This time she was taken to a different room. Instead of being bound on her back with her legs fastened to shackles to hold them well above her chest, she was brought to a custom-built wooden frame with padded kneeling cushion. Her arms were strapped on to large planks, holding them out from her body. Her stomach rested upon a small wooden shelf that jutted out from the frame, leaving her breasts hanging freely. Each ankle was wrapped in a leather cuff secured to multipositional movable wooden planks. The final humiliation came when her head was locked into place with a large leather dog collar and a chain clipped onto the large ring that hung from the collar.

Into her mouth was put a large metal O-ring gag, forcing the orifice to remain ready for use. Sofie listened as the sound of each footstep echoed from different areas of the rooms as Kadence gathered the implements for today's session. The cold clink of metal on metal sent chills through Sofie. She had absolutely no idea what was in store for her today but she was sure it would be no less demeaning than what she had been through already. Each day her prayers grew weaker, hoping her God would hear her pleas and grant her death or freedom from this insanity in his name.

The clicking of heels on the stone floor alerted her to a new presence. It was the familiar footfalls of MaryAgnes. Sofie flinched as she felt the woman's small hand skim over her spine. The cold slender fingers traced up to her thick mane of hair, tangling a large handful of it in her grasp as she pulled hard. Sofie whimpered loudly through the open ring as her face contorted in pain.

"It is apparent that you have not been completely atoning for your sins, Sofie. The only road to forgiveness is that of the righteous. The more you suffer, my dear girl, the more you atone. Today, you will suffer greatly, and hopefully the Lord will grant you a child soon." she said superiorly.

The words cut through Sofie's optimism like a knife. Her muscles relaxed slightly as MaryAgnes's grip loosened, letting the tresses fall against her shoulders again. The tray rattled as it was set down on the cart next to the frame. The sound of it was very unsettling for the bound woman; she knew that nothing good would come from it.

Sofie tensed as she felt the metal tip against her flesh. Methodically it was inserted into her dry rectum. Her face scrunched up in agony as the specially designed speculum pushed deeper inside her. The bill forced in completely before the sickening clicks began to fill Sofie's consciousness. With each metallic click, the bill spread her wider painfully. She knew better than to protest, it would only bring her even more excruciating pain.

Her tender hole was wrenched open by the device, leaving her completely vulnerable. Much to her surprise, after spreading her widely, MaryAgnes left the speculum inserted but did not do anything else for what seemed like an eternity. Slowly, the pain became tolerable. She could hear noises all around her but dared not look. Meanwhile, Kadence had left, preparing a new torture for the poor girl in another room.

MaryAgnes slid a long piece of thick plastic tubing into the opening, and then began to slide the speculum out of Sofie's rectum. The bill was spread wide enough to slip over the object and be removed. She picked up a small silver cartridge from the tray, placing into the open section of tube before twisting the top on securely. The tube was then pushed further into Sofie, making sure it was embedded deep inside her.

The top of the device was turned again, causing it to release the cartridges contents. As the nitrous made contact, her body convulsed as Sofie shrieked around her gag as the icy gases forced into her. The icy burning sensation brought the girl immediately to tears. The tube was then pulled out slightly, and the procedure was repeated until the tip of the tube was just inside her. The pain lingered, worsening with each movement.

The device was finally removed and placed on the tray to be cleansed. Sofie tried her hardest not to move at all, every slight gyration sent pain shooting through her. Her body tensed as she felt the sting of a paddle striking her cheeks. She let out a soft yelp around the O-ring. Several swats landed in quick succession. Each one jarring her and inflicting intense pain.

MaryAgnes's lips curled in a thin smile as she watched Sofie's flesh reddening with each blow. She knew that this treatment would only make what was to come more agonizing for the girl and delight the congregation at the service that evening. There was a flurry of several more blows before MaryAgnes laid the paddle down. Kadence entered the silent room once again.

"It is ready for her Ma'am." she said quietly to MaryAgnes.

"Ah very good. I have a few more things to do here before she is to be brought in," she replied.

"Yes Ma'am," she answered and disappeared once again.

MaryAgnes dragged her nails slowly along Sofie's spine as she walked toward the prone girl's head. Her fingers trailed along Sofie's cheek, resting under her chin as the woman forced her to lift her head. MaryAgnes searched her victim's face, looking at her for a long moment.

"Through pain, you will find God's grace my little lamb," she whispered. "Are you ready to show me how much you will endure for God's saving grace Sofie? Are you ready to make God your savior?

Sofie nodded frantically, in hopes that some how she could prevent any further punishment that day. MaryAgnes's lips curled in a thin smile as she stroked Sofie's cheek.

"Good. Then we shall continue," she added.

MaryAgnes picked up a device off the metal tray. It was an oval shaped clear plastic cup with a piece of black rubber hose extending from its center with a ball pump capping it off. On one of the slender ends of the cup was a thin black probe extend. She placed the ball pump in Sofie's hand before disappearing behind her with the device. She placed the tip of the plastic phallus to her abused anal opening.

Once the tip was imbedded, MaryAgnes placed her palm against the bottom of the plastic cock, with her fingers of the other hand held it steady. She drew back, bringing her palm crashing down hard against the toy and burying it deep in the girl's ass. Sofie could not hold back the shriek that ripped free from her soul. The pain was so intense she felt as if she would pass out.

MaryAgnes then adjusted the cup so it sat snuggly over Sofie's pussy and clit. Sofie's tear-filled eyes caught sight of the evil woman as she walked back in front of her.

"Ok Sofie. It is now time for you to prove that you are worthy of salvation. I want you to squeeze that ball in your hand until the pain is so unbearable that you cannot take anymore. If you do well, you will be rewarded. If you fail..." her words trailed off for a moment. "If you fail you will find out just how intense God's wrath can be. Now begin."

Sofie gently squeezed the ball. With each squeeze, she felt her tender pink flesh being sucked hard into the cup, also forcing the black dildo in her ass to swell rapidly inside her. Her lips and clit soon had swollen until they filled the cup nearly to capacity. The pain was so intense that she finally had to stop. The little delicate pink flaps and bud throbbed painfully with each beat of her heart.

Noticing she was no longer pumping the ball, MaryAgnes moved behind the girl once again to check the progress. She was pleased to find the moist tissue mashed against the cups surface. She took the ball from the prone girl's hand, giving it several more squeezes, each eliciting an excruciating whimper from Sofie. Tears streamed nonstop from the girl.

Mary Agnes released her from the restraints, leading her by the collar and leash to an area near the table. A small patch of the floor was framed by large wooden beams and inside the square was what appeared at first glance to be white sand. Mary Agnes jerked the chain, pointing her long bony finger at the boxed in spot.

"Kneel," she commanded.

Sofie quickly obeyed, kneeling in the center of the box. Sharp pain bit into her as she knelt, realizing now that the white material was not at all that was there. As she squirmed, trying to keep the fragments of jagged glass that stabbed her flesh from embedding themselves in her skin, she noticed that it was not sand that she knelt in, but salt. The bloody clumps of moist salt clung to her legs as she teetered.

Mary Agnes first gripped Sofie's left nipple, giving it a twist as she pinched it as hard as she could. The soft pink nub was now an angry red as it stood out from her breast. A large needle was then taken from the tray and inserted horizontally into the swollen bud. The procedure was then repeated with the right nipple. A set of small alligator clamps were then attached to the needles' protruding ends. Then she attached large silver weighted alligator clamps to Sofie's nipples, giving each a vicious tug to assure they were properly attached. A set of wires hung from the clips, on the end of each was a small plug.

MaryAgnes smiled cruelly as the toe of her shoe forced itself between the girl's thighs, prying them further part. The salt and glass mixture continued to torture the torn flesh upon Sofie's legs. MaryAgnes squatted down in front of her, holding the ball in her hand once again. She depressed a small button on the bottom of it. The air hissed in as the seal caused by the suction was released. She pulled the dildo/cup device from Sofie with a vicious yank. The burning pain made the girl grimace as the rubber dildo was removed from her abused ass.

The pain intensified as the tip of a small bony finger stabbed hard at the swollen flesh. Sofie's eyes clenched shut as she drew in a sharp breath. MaryAgnes picked up two new clamps from the tray. It was a flat metal crescent shaped device. She reached down, pulling the puffy pink flap of skin away from Sofie's cunt with her fingers while securing the clamp onto it. It squished the flesh painfully in its jaws. Sofie yelped as the other clamp was applied in the same way.

Sofie's clit was the next target to be attacked. This time instead of a regular clamp, MaryAgnes selected a small pair of Pennington forceps. The tips spread as MaryAgnes forced them against the base of Sofie's clit. She screamed as the forceps closed around the swollen little nub. The flesh bulged through the small opening in the forceps. A large needle was then pushed through the throbbing bud. Sofie shrieked in pain as the tip of the thick needle pierced the flesh. The familiar little clamps were added to the needle's ends as well.

MaryAgnes grabbed the leash and yanked Sofie to her feet, forcing her to stand. She then selected a large egg shaped metal probe. Without hesitation, MaryAgnes forced the smooth cool tip between the girl's stretched lips, pushing it in slowly. As the tool widened, it forced her tortured lips further apart. She cried out as the MaryAgnes let the probe rest there, stretching the opening of Sofie's cunt, twisting it slowly. Finally, it was given a push deep inside the girl, allowing the clamps to collide when MaryAgnes moved her fingers away.

MaryAgnes grabbed the leash again, leading Sofie out of the box and toward a door in the far corner of the room. Sofie tensed up, as she was lead through the door and into the private sanctuary.

Inside was a large wooden cross with thick fur lined leather cuffs dangling from it. In front of the cross was a small platform with two levels to it. The top level was visibly resting atop thick metal springs. Through the center of the platforms, a large steel rod topped with a smooth very thick metal probe protruded. Across the platform laid a modified spreader bar that was approximately 3 feet long. At its center was a hole, which the pole passed through.

MaryAgnes handed the leash to Kadence, allowing her to lead Sofie to toward the cross. She was forced up onto the platform's lower landing. MaryAgnes stood behind the cross to adjust the pole. The motor whirred as she pressed the button, making the pole sink down until the tip of the probe was just below Sofie's curved cheeks. Kadence pushed her back, and then secured the padded ankle cuffs around Sofie's ankles.

The upper platform was pressed down from the bar's pressure. The girl's wrists were then locked into the dangling cuffs, securing her in place. The motor moved once again, this time stopping when the tip of the probe was pressing against Sofie's puckered anus. Kadence inspected it, making sure that the probe would enter smoothly. She nodded to MaryAgnes and the button was pressed once again. Sofie screamed in agony as the tip forced up into her anal cavity. The pain brought her to the verge of fainting as she felt the thick metal probe force into her, stretching her abused ass further. The pole continued to rise, impaling her deeply.

In a vain attempt to escape the pain, she rose up, standing on her tiptoes. The spring beneath the upper platform extended again as she tried to hover above it. The motor stopped, leaving the girl in excruciating pain. Tears dripped off her jaw and onto her heaving breast as she sobbed loudly. Her thin body shook as she let out long, desperate cries. Kadence detached the leash from Sofie's collar. MaryAgnes appeared in front of Sofie once again, taking each of the wires that hang from the naked girl's devices and plugs them into various holes on the body of the cross.

"Tonight you are going to find out that strength is very important. It will not free you from the restraints you are in... You may test them if you like my child, but they will not give. You see, the strength it will take for you to remain on your toes, is what will make the difference in how much pain you face tonight. Every time the bar between your legs forces the platform down, you will feel a current rush through one of the various clamps on your body. The location and number of shocks varies randomly so you will never know where it will strike. Believe me, it will get painful," MaryAgnes stated coldly as she plugged in the last device. "Do not disappoint me girl."

"Oh please no," she faintly begged the cruel woman.

Without another word, both women left Sofie upon the cross. MaryAgnes was handed a gag by one of her helpers. A long black tube traveled through both sides of the gag, the shorter end forced into Sofie's mouth. It was fastened quickly, leaving her to gag as the tip of the tube touched the back of her throat. MaryAgnes then slipped a black cotton hood over the girl's head, leaving her clueless of what was happening around her. The room was emptied and she was now alone with nothing more but her fears to keep her company. The room remained silent for what seemed to be an eternity.

Finally, Sofie could hear people filing into the room and hushed whispers amongst them. She could not make out what was being said but knew now she was not alone any longer. She felt someone grab the cotton hood, getting a handful of her hair in the process. It was given a brutal yank as the bag was pulled off her head. She squinted as her eyes adjusted to the light once again. Before her sat a large gathering of completely naked man facing to the left of her. A television monitor covered the expansive wall in front of them.

"Tonight my brethren, you will get to see just what our sinner has endured on her path to salvation," Isaac said, standing in front of the monitor. "I know you all will take great pleasure in seeing her progress. Unfortunately, for Sofie, God has not granted her His glorious forgiveness just yet, for she has not been blessed with a child. Tonight, after the festivities she will try again."

The lights lowered as the television screen began to glow. Sofie stared at the screen as if mesmerized. She saw herself at various stages of her stay at this unholy house of God. In horror, she watched every angle of each torture. Her toes began to cramp up, causing her to lower herself momentarily. Instantly she was met with a surge of electricity through her nipples. Her body twitched as she pulled against the restraints. The probe in her ass forced deeper inside her, causing her to scream against the gag, letting the muffled sound mingle with the cries from the video. She quickly rose back onto tiptoes.

She could hear the faint gasps and moans during the lulls in the tape from the men who masturbated as they watched her plight play out before them. Again her body slipped, triggering another shot. This one shot through the clamps on her pussy lips. She shook as it passed through her, delaying her movement for a moment. The next shock came very quickly after, this time targeting both the thick probe in her cunt as well as the needle through her clit. Her body convulsed as the surges seemed to become more powerful each time. The video continued on, keeping them men focused on her naked tortured body being serviced by different people.

Sofie's was on the verge of collapse when the tapes ended. Her entire body ached from the charges that surged through it. She was carefully taken down from the cross and carried by on of the men to the area where the chairs had sat. In their place, a large tubular steel frame stood with a leather swing. Her limp body was soon fastened into the device as the men began to line up to use her. Kadence quickly removed the needles and clamps from Sofie as well as the probes that had remained inside her.

Isaac was first. His strong naked body glistened in the low light of the room. Sofie squinted, her eyes red and puffy from crying. She looked up at him pitifully. A cruel smile formed upon his lips as he placed the tip of his cock against her tortured lips. His hands gripped the chains that held the swing, holding her motionless as he gave a powerful thrust. He hilted himself inside her, making her cry out loudly.

The sensitive flesh felt as if it was being ripped apart as he began to hammer away at her cunt. His brutality knew no bounds as he used the swing to pull her into each thrust. Her tears fell once again, streaming down the sides of her face as her head hung back. She clenched her eyes shut and prayed for this ordeal to be over. Deep down she knew this was far from over. Her hope that she once had, was now gone. She groaned, grimacing in agony as Isaac's fingers caught her nipple. She stiffened immediately as the pain grew more intense. He twisted her nipple between his thumb and forefinger as he began to pull it away from her breast. Her back arched in a vain attempt to ease the pain.

Isaac growled as he plunged his cock into her a final time, holding it there as the thick cum flooded into her womb. He withdrew his cock from her pussy and spun the swing around. He grabbed her head as he put the tip of his still swollen cock to her lips and forced it inside. She knew better than to try to resist. Sofie gagged as the tip of his cock lodged in her throat. He held it there as her muscles massaged his cock, bringing him to another slight orgasm. She felt as if she would throw up as the disgusting tasting substance oozed down her throat.

Isaac finished with the girl, stepping away and leaving her to the others. They began two at a time, one at her head and one at her cunt. She was jolted back, forcing the cock at her pussy to delve deeper, then forward to cram the other cock deep into her throat. She gagged and sobbed as the men continuously abused her body. Her pussy ached from the constant friction and the electrical probe. Each time one of her abusers would slide his slimy cock from her cunt, she could feel it trickle down over her tender hole.

After two hours of constant intercourse, Sofie's entire body was in constant pain. Several of the men had used belts, floggers, whips and any other device they could to beat the naked girl's exhausted body in order to make her jerk. Her mumbled screams only proved to turn them on even more as they continued to defile her. It was not until all the men had used her that her cunt and mouth would be given a break.

Isaac had not touched her since his earlier transgression. He was now ready to have her once again. The sea of men parted as he approached, leaving Sofie in the center of their circle as they eagerly watched him. His angry red head pressed slowly against the puckered opening. He held her tight as it pushed the tight ring of muscles apart, her pain intensifying as he invaded her ass. The tip finally popped completely inside her, irritating the seared lining of the passageway. Her body was filled with a renewed energy as she tried to squirm away. His fingers quickly gripped her throat as he held her in place, inching his swollen shaft deeper inside her. His tight grasp slowed her airflow, leaving her feeling dizzy as her body continued to twitch from the pain.

He plunged his cock deep into her ass, nearly pulling it completely out before impaling her once again with it. It had never felt as huge as it did that night. She could feel every vein as his cock drove into her with powerful strokes, each time a loud cry attempting to break free from her. She was in complete agony as he yanked her back into his thrusts. His hand slipped from her throat, gliding down the center of her chest before he quickly snatched her breast. In seconds, both of her breasts were in his grasp as he squeezed them hard.

He used them like handles, pulling her back and forth with them as she cried out. His immaculately manicured nails dug into her skin as he savagely mauled her breasts with his large hands. Little droplets of blood streaked down her skin from the crescent shaped incision caused by his nails. His thrusts became stronger and quicker as he approached climax. His rhythmic grunts matched his pace, becoming louder until they drowned out other sound in Sofie's head. Isaac looked down at his cock as it pistoned in and out of her battered ass, admiring the streaks of blood that now decorated it. His eyes then moved over her body, taking in each welt, each cut, each bruise, as if he were cataloging them in his brain. His eyes met hers as she frighten stared up at him.

She dared not look away as he continued to pump her wounded ass with all his might. He was on the verge of cumming, which was plain for all to see. Her body was jolted back to him with a vicious yank as his seed filled her once again. The hot creamy liquid did not sooth her pain as she hoped it would. It felt as if liquid fire had been injected into her as he held his cock deep inside her.

When Isaac triumphantly pulled out, he stared at his cock for a moment. The bloody mess still clung to his skin. Sofie prayed silently that he would not do what she feared he was about to. Once again, she was spun around and his cock was presented to her. This time she resisted, pressing her lips tightly shut.

"Open your mouth Sofie. It is time for you to clean up your dirty mess. Prove you are worthy of salvation or the punishment will begin." he said rubbing the tip of his stained cock against her lips.

Sofie continued to disobey. Her lips remained clamped shut. She saw Isaac give a nod to MaryAgnes, knowing now that she was in for some real pain.


CollarSub Part (II)

rampant_goblin on Fetish Stories

"Deborah, we have to talk about this." Said Simon replacing his spoon in his soup bowl. "I love you more than life itself, sweetheart but I’m frustrated as hell, honey."

"I know and I’m really sorry, it’s not that I don’t like sex, I just feel guilty and dirty, catholic upbringing, I don’t know why. I really don’t."

"I know you don’t, I know." Sighing, he took another mouthful of his soup, the bitterness in his mouth tainting the taste. He loved his wife, didn’t want anyone else.

" I…..I…" Nervously stuttering and then rapid firing the words Deborah tried to make some sense of things. She h

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ad tried before and she was willing to try again but they both knew how it would end. How it always ended. With tears and frustration and a grudging missionary position fuck with no lights in their marital bed. Just the same before they were married when she had assured him it would be different. That things would get better. That she could do all the things he so desperately wanted to do with her and to her. She had fallen in love with him that he was prepared to wait and she wanted so much to give him all his needs. Still he waited. "Let’s try again tonight. I’ll put on something sexy and…"

"Just leave it honey." He said not unkindly but with a kind of weary resignation. He smiled sadly and said "Honey if that’s all it’s gonna be then that’s all it’s gonna be. I didn’t fall in love with you for the sex and I didn’t marry you for the sex. I did those things because you make me feel good about myself and my life. I did those things because of who you are and I’ll come to terms with it if it’s the last thing I do, I promise." He stood as he spoke and slowly rounded the table. When he had finished speaking he kissed her lightly on the forehead. She held his arm and stroked it pressing it to her face softly.

"Good night honey."

"Good night, I’ll be up in ten minutes, I’ll just clear these plates."

It was actually more like fifteen minutes when she finally ascended the stairs. Running through her mental list. Doors locked. Everything off that has to be turned off. Check the phone is working. Check the mobile is charging. Alarm on. A final recheck that all has been done. A moment listening and then climbing quietly avoiding the ones that creaked. Enjoying the feel of the carpet on her bare toes. Counting them. A further handful of minutes in the bathroom. Light too bright for a second. Then neatly stacked toiletries. The spotless mirror. Immaculately folded colour coded towels. Meticulously cleaned teeth and face and hands. What is the matter with you asked the reflection or her. I really don’t know the reply, I really don’t. A mental conversation ensuing with ever more familiar spiral themes all coming back to nothing. She knew she was a sensual woman. Deep in her mind she entertained fantasies. Things she couldn’t admit to herself let alone anyone else, even Simon. Tableaux flashed through her consciousness, too brief to fully comprehend. More a momentary after image. A suggestion of writhing bodies, and sweat, of hands beating against lips. A hint of slow penetration. They came when Simon made love with her. She didn’t and never had masturbated. Sometimes she nearly came. She didn’t and never had done that either. But when she was closest, almost lost, the flashes of filth would enter her, take her to the brink and then leave her beached forever on the verge of coming. Then the guilt would come at such thoughts. Ill defined though they were they represented a Deborah she couldn’t deal with. Were she to acknowledge the visions she created. To accept them then it would make her a bad person. Going against her entire belief system. The girl or girls in the fantasies were always very slutty. Pants held to one side. Looking back with the intense concentration of lust. When she dared open the door a little she realised that the girls were being buggered as much as they were being fucked. When she peeped round the corner like a fearful-of-being-caught, naughty schoolgirl watching her friends making out sometimes there was more than one man with one woman. The very memories brought fresh sights. A summer afternoon, heat, hazed hills in the distance standing still against the closer ones hurrying by. A girl on a train. Young. Maybe seventeen. A studious look. Glasses. A brunette. Opening her legs so that a middle aged man can see up her skirt. No sound though only visuals. Sometimes it makes it more acceptable and fighting the urge to touch herself slid a little deeper into the fantasy. Her mind off guard, occupied by the struggle moved the scenario on. The girl was unaware of her show. Head dipped into her book. She absent-mindedly swung her thighs open and closed, open and closed. A sensual earthy beat to her movements. A summer slowness to all. The man had sensed the girls ignorance of the situation and had slowly placed his raincoat over his crotch, gently wanking his cock under it’s cover. The movement minimal. Could be the swaying of the compartment. Suddenly visions of the man pulling his cock from the young girls arse, still spurting it’s load into the gaping hole. The girl dropping swiftly to her knees and spraying his come all over her face. Licking it clean. Sucked back to reality by the sheer filth of the girls actions, her thoughts, the bad feelings began again. It was becoming a regular occurrence in her nightly routines. She felt bad. She felt horny. But she couldn’t feel horny enough to come. Ever. Something was missing. Sighing but resolute and determined try her best for Simon she looked at herself in the mirror one last time and went into the bedroom.

The room was lit with the glow of a hundred candles. Brown turns to gold at such moments and the soft diffused warmth of the room, curtains swaying with the breath of wind that came infrequently. The warm cold air of the early spring bringing with it the scent of a thousand flowers and blossom trees heavy with expectancy. Dripping with sex for as long as humanity. Worshipped throughout history and still now. Mozart played in the background unobtrusively with sensitivity of the genius. It was a beautiful bedroom without embellishment. Sparsely furnished with ash bed and polished floors. White linen drapes as curtains and on the walls. Concealed lighting with audio-triggered dimmer control. One clap on. Two claps off. Redundant tonight. A split level floor and built in alcoves containing various ornamental chess sets. Onyx and glass. Wood and stone. A passion of his.

"Come here, honey." Softly. She started across the room her faltering stride and smile betraying the fear that always came true. A self-fulfilling prophecy. She registered that he saw her hesitation. Saw it hit. Hurt. Saw him shrug it away and smile even more warmly than before. Another falter. This time a frown. She stopped and bit her lip.

"Simon," she began.

"Fuck it Deborah," snapping, "I’ve just about had enough. Please honey suck my cock, please, there’s a good girl." He added the last words to make light and try and take away the pain in his wife’s eyes. Sprung from his use of the word ‘fuck’, his momentary anger with her. Her inability to be the wife she wanted to be and he wanted her to be. It had happened before. Sometimes Simon would feel the well of disappointment and frustration, the surge of wanting to cry almost. He would swear and immediately regret it and they would cuddle and kiss and he would stroke her until she stopped crying and then they would make awkward love. Missionary position. All candles out. ‘Good girl’. The words echoed into infinity inside her. A strange thrill with each repetition. The girl on the train kneeling now, the man wanking hard over her upturned face. Two men. Three men. Hands on her chest. Her hands behind her back. A tie over her eyes. Her breasts exposed. Nipples ragingly hard. Her tongue out reaching twisting and turning to find her goal. The hand on her throat restricting her to being only able to find the end when she stretched to her utmost. A small taste of precome. Then pulling her close. Fast and furious hand smacking against her lips. An anonymous hand at her cunt, fingering slowly, sensually but insistently and methodically. Driving towards a frenzied edge, a need for release. Hers, his, all the same. She stood with her hand between her legs. Wetness seeping through the thin material. She didn’t feel any guilt. The room swam back into view and feeling empowered she walked over to her husband knelt down and softly took his cock into her mouth.

Simon watched with, at first, confusion at his wife’s reaction to his word. Saw her visibly soften her stance. Her hunched shoulders dropping to show the fine sculptured line of her neck. Her head tilting back slightly. And the hand. Her hand. Slowly tracing a line. Lost in some other world. Lightly brushing across nipple, past navel and moving between her slightly parted legs. The little moan that escaped her lips. The nipples erecting instantly. Straining to be more. Pulling the surrounding skin tight with excitement. Saw her shudder and awaken within her dream still. Slow motion now as she kneels between his legs. Looking at him. Eye to eye. Held in a vacuum of their own choice and making. A universe containing just the two. She guided the head of his cock into her mouth. A moment. She hesitated through unfamiliarity and started to panic a little slowly starting to pull her mouth off.. Simon tried to comfort with words. The same words.

"Please honey, suck it. You were being such a good girl then." Something unconscious had picked up a signal. Somewhere inside a correlation had been made. Liberated again, the thoughts came back. The girl on the train, fingers replaced with cocks. Astride one and being buggered by another still the hand at her throat denied her. Now there was sound. Crashing in and over her. The train steady rhythm beating in tandem with the lunges of the men fucking the girl. The sloppy sound of the man wanking himself hard against the girls lips while she strove to get him in her mouth. Hair sticking to her face. Chest red with sex rash. Please. Beg. Please. No. Please. Hands held by the buggerer. No freedom to move. Just her head and tongue. Held tightly in position. Hard cocks slipping with ease into both holes. Coming again and again and again and their seemingly endless onslaught continued. Still not enough. Want him in my mouth. Please. Beg. Please. Open your mouth, there’s a good girl. Steel hard silk on her tongue. Hand still holding neck hard and mouth being fucked. Curling her tongue and maintaining a suction, needing his come.

Once again Simon was amazed at his wife’s reaction. She had engulfed his cock as though she had only ever done that in her life. She worshipped it eyes closed, humming, fingering herself madly. She had never touched herself before now he knew that. He was sure that she was unaware of her ministrations lost as she was somewhere else. He wasn’t even sure she knew what she was doing to his cock either. She seemed to be in some kind of trance.

"Oh good girl. Good girl." He murmured. Deborah heard it from afar, it penetrated her dream. All the men were saying it. the girl on the train was panting. Coming hard again. Simon came with a violence. The men on the train started coming. Surreally now all standing wanking hard over the girls face. Eyes peering up over her glasses. Clothes untouched now. Somehow replaced without being removed. Her hair beautiful, soft and shining. Her smile trusting and innocent. All the men shot simultaneously into her mouth. With the impossibility of fantasy each strong spurt landed cleanly and filled her mouth. She was aware now that Simon was bucking his hips and filling her own mouth. Saying ‘good girl’ over and over again. She swallowed as his come continued to pour. Years of frustration responding to the soft release. Painful in its intensity. She came. A small come but definitely a come. Her first. Beautiful. Soft.">

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My Pantyhose Awakening

PantyhosePrincess on Fetish Stories

I haven’t always been a crossdresser, when I was very young (about 9 is the earliest) I remember being fascinated by women’s legs in nylon stockings (they still wore stockings in those days). I remember being at a friends house, and his mom used to put her son over her lap and rub his back with a soft brush as form of reward, it was like a soft back-scratch if u like. One day she asked me if I would like a 'rubbing' and of course I said yes. She always wore skirts just above her knee and I noticed she always wore sheer fully-fashioned nylons (of course I was too young to know what FF nylons were). She put me over her knee and rubbed my back which was nice, but better was the feeling of my bare legs (I was in shorts) against her slinky nylons. That was the fi

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rst time ever I remember getting an erection. I don’t think she noticed my little stiffy, but I knew then that I was fascinated by not only the touch but also the feel of nylons.

By the time I was in my teens I had a full-blown nylon fetish, by now women were wearing pantyhose instead of stockings but I still loved nylon encased legs. I had quite a collection of nylons most of which I got when Mom or my sister discarded theirs; I would wait until no one noticed then take them out of the bin. I was also wearing nylons a lot when no one was around or I was in bed and masturbated while wearing a pair of pantyhose and then placing a nylon on my cock. One of my favourite pastimes was visiting my Aunt Mary, she was a single mom who lived alone with two daughters, and they all wore pantyhose. While my sister was playing with the two girls I would rummage in their bins for discarded hose and rifle their laundry basket. Then one day I got caught.

I was 15 and Abegail, my eldest cousin was 18, and she was the one that caught me. The three girls had supposedly gone shopping with Aunt Mary, leaving me to my carnal pantyhose pleasures while they were gone. What I didn’t know was that Abby had left the others to return home, feigning a stomach upset. But I found out later that she suspected I was tampering with her lingerie and she intended to catch me. She told me later that she had noticed stains on her pantyhose when she washed them and as she was 18 and sexually active, she had good idea what those stains were. I was by this time, oblivious to the world, hiding in their bathroom wearing a pair of sheer pantyhose and stroking myself through the sheer nylon gusset. Abegail burst through the door and shouted "I knew it, you pervert, I knew you were wanking in my lingerie, you fucking little pervert". I was so scared and embarrassed; here I was standing in her bathroom wearing nothing but a pair of her pantyhose and a hard-on, which by now was quickly deflating. I lost control of my legs and sat down heavily on the toilet seat.

"You fucking Nancy boy" she said, "wait until I tell your mom, my mom, your sister, every fucking one that you’re a Nancy-boy, pantyhose wearing, pervert!" I was so scared and started begging her, "please Abby, don’t tell anyone, I’ll do anything you say, I’ll stop doing this, I promise!" I was a pathetic sight standing in front of her naked, grovelling to her. She was standing over me fully dressed, she was wearing a cute little purple mini-skirt, white blouse and platform heels (this was the 70s remember) and of course, beige pantyhose (beige and white were the mainstay of 70s hosiery). "You bet you’ll do anything ‘pantyboy’" she said, "You’ll do whatever I fucking well say or everyone will know about your little pantyhose perversion!" By now the initial shock had worn off and couldn’t help noticing her legs showing nicely below her mini, she had one foot forward and her hands on her hips in a dominating pose, she was a little chubby but had nice legs and a pretty face. Of course her standing like that with her silken hose covered legs at eye level had an obvious effect on my penis. Abby had never particularly liked me and had teased me a lot when I was younger, her being three years older she was always dominant, now she noticed my gradually stiffening penis. "You fucking freak, you can’t help yourself can you?" she said pointing at my nylon-covered appendage, "well now that horrible thing is sticking out, you humiliation starts now pantyboy". "Stand up pantyboy" she said, "lets see what that pathetic little dicky looks like". I knew Abby had had a few boyfriends and guessed she was no stranger to male anatomy, and I definitely knew she was certainly not going to miss the chance to humiliate as much as she could, but standing there, her tight sheer pantyhose encasing my lower body, and her being fully dressed somehow excited me.

I stood up and my now erect penis was pushing out the gusset of the hose, there was a small pool of clear pre-come forming at the end of my penis and soaking into the nylon. "Well you are the panty-boy, aren’t you, now I know why those stains were appearing my pantyhose every time you visited, you disgusting little pervert. Go on, show me what you do when your wearing my nylons." I stammered, "what do you mean?" "You know what I mean pantyboy, wank that disgusting little cock!" She started to laugh as I took my cock in my hand and started to stroke it through the nylon, "you really are pathetic you know" she said, "I’ll bet you’ve never even been with a girl before have you!" "No" I answered looking down at my pathetic nylon covered toes, tears were starting to form in my eyes and I didn’t want her to see me cry. She stepped forward and lifted my chin, "stop that you pathetic pantyboy, I don’t want you simmering away, now stroke that fucking cock! Show me what you do in my hose or the whole world will know!"

I put everything else out of my mind and just stared at the little purple mini and her thighs below the hem. I started to stroke my hosed member again. It started to feel nice and I could feel really myself engorge at the thrill of what I was doing, wanking off in front of Abby. I have to admit it was a fantasy I had had previously when I masturbated while wearing her pantyhose. I stroked it faster, rubbing the sleek nylon gusset against my turgid member and staring at her legs, imagining my cock rubbing against them. "You fucking pervert!" she hissed, "your really enjoying that aren’t you! Well I’ll put a stop to that!" She reached out and slapped my hand away from my cock. "Leave it alone pantyboy" she said, I looked down again at my toes, humiliated again. "Don’t look down, look at me! And leave that alone!" she said pointing to my hard cock poking out the front of her pantyhose. Its disgusting she said and all of a sudden reached out and grabbed it to make her point. It was too much, I was close to coming before, but the feel of a girl’s hand holding my cock while it was encased in sheer nylon was a sensory overload. I shuddered and groaned as I spent my seed. The ejaculation pulsed out of my throbbing penis and poured through the nylon gusset into Abby’s hand.

Abbey of course was disgusted and wiped her hand on my body, covering me with my own semen. "Now fuck off out of here pantyboy," she said, "and never touch my underwear ever again". I heard her mocking laughter as I ran down the hall the bedroom in which I was staying. To say I was terrified was an understatement; I was so scared she would tell everyone about my perversion. Days, then weeks passed and nothing happened. Whenever I met Abbey she would snigger at me but never bought up the day she caught me. I wondered why she had the ultimate degradation to inflict on me but didn’t. Then it dawned on me, she was older that me, she had humiliated me, she should have known better and more importantly, what she did to me was wrong.

It was then I hatched my plan. Next time we visited Aunt Mary, I confronted Abbey in her bedroom "what do you want pantyboy" she sneered. I told her what I had been thinking about what happened "well what the fuck you going to do about it pantyboy, you can’t tell anyone otherwise they will know you are a pervert". I was really angry now and answered "I am going to tell mom, she wont care about what I was doing, just what you did to me, your older and should know better, she will tell your mom for sure!" I could see she was starting to sweat, her bluff had been called. "Please don’t tell" she said, "I’m sorry, I take back what I did." Not good enough I said as my plan formulated further in my mind. "You have to be punished for humiliating me," I said. "Whhhhhhhhhat do u mean?" Abbey looked flabbergasted. "You have to make it up to me" I said, "or I just leave right now and tell mom and Aunt Mary what happened!" "Ok, ok, ok" she said cutting me off as I headed for the door, she closed the door and locked it. "What do you want from me?" she asked. "Well’ I said, "I know that you have had boy friends so I figure you must know all about sex." She looked shocked "so!" she said. "Well now your going to let me do some things to you that you have probably done before anyway, so you shouldn’t mind" I grinned evilly at her. "No fucking way!" she exclaimed. "Ok then" I said and started to unlock the door. "Alright!" she sighed disgustedly. "Sit on the bed and don’t say another word" I said, "now its time for to pay". She sat demurely on the edge of the bed. She was wearing another A-line mini, white this time, a pink blouse, platform shoes, and of course, my favourite beige pantyhose. I sat down beside her and placed my hand on her knee, the nylon felt silky against my fingers and immediately began to stiffen. I stroked her leg up and down from the top of her thigh to her ankle. She just sat there and stared up at the ceiling, enduring my molestation. She stiffened as I my hand went under her skirt and rested on her silky nylon panties. They were full cut sheer white nylon. Her hand went on mine and tried to push me away, "Mom" I yelled, but not loud enough for anyone outside the room to hear. She understood the threat and took her hand away. Now I stroked her through her panties, feeling the nylon of the panties rubbing on the nylon of her pantyhose gusset was making me extremely aroused. I noticed her breathing was deeper and quicker and her eyes were closed. I eased my hand down to my shorts and freed my erect member. I leaned over and began to rub it on her pantyhosed leg as I continued to stroke her panties. We were now both breathing deeply and heavily and I could feel her panties becoming moist to my touch. I was so excited, the first time I touched a girl there and she was enjoying it, even if she was being forced to do so. I gently pushed her back on the bed and climbed over her, she whimpered "nhhoo", but her heart wasn’t in it. I pushed her skirt up to her waist and lay on top of her. My throbbing penis was pushing against the nylon of her panties and as I began to grind it back and forth, I felt it rubbing against her panty and pantyhose covered pussy. Amazingly she began to push back against me, matching my thrusts with her own. I put my hand down and moved her panty crotch to one side and tried to push my member through the hose; "NO, NO, NO, NO!" she whispered in my ear, "you cant do that, you can’t fuck me". She reached down and placed my penis in the folds of her pussy, but still protected by the sheer nylon of her pantyhose, then she eased the silky gusset of her panties over the top of my penis. It was exquisite, my penis in a nylon trap, the sheer hose covering her pussy was pushing against the base of my penis and the silky gusset of her panties was pushing against the top of it as we thrust against each other. We ground against each other, panting and sighing, but I felt myself ready to come. She felt it as well and wrapped her nylon-encased legs around me and held me to her as she pushed her silky gusseted pussy against my penis. Then she kissed me thrusting her tongue deeply inside my mouth as I exploded against my cousin. I could feel my semen saturating her pantyhosed pussy and legs and soaking her panties. She was pushing against me so hard and she groaned "Goooooooooooodddd" into my mouth as she was kissing me and shuddering with her own orgasm.

I enjoyed Abbey’s pleasure many times over the next few months; she always kept her pantyhose on to prevent me from entering her. She explained that, as I wasn’t actually fucking her, in her mind, we were not really breaking a family taboo. We were exploring new ways to pleasure ourselves, she knew I loved the feel of nylon against my cock because she had caught me wearing her pantyhose. So it did not take long before I was wearing her pantyhose during our ‘sessions’. One day she had me wear a pair of her nylon panties over sheer to the waist pantyhose whilst she was dressed the same. The feeling of our highly aroused sexual organs rubbing together encased in folds of nylon from the panties, straining against the sheer nylon gussets of the pantyhose was wondrous.

But then as suddenly as our sexual encounters started they came to a screaming halt. It did not take too long for 18 year old Abegail to acquire a new boyfriend, a new jealous boyfriend. Besides the fact that she now hardly had any spare time at all when I visited, she explained to me that if we continued what we were doing she would be cheating on him. Also she said she believed what we doing was very close to incest; she could not continue our sessions any longer but had enjoyed what we had done in the past. She asked me not to be jealous of her boyfriend but to remember fondly our lovely encounters. Abbey gave me two pairs of her pantyhose and a pair of her sheerest panties as a ‘farewell present’.

My passion for nylons and nylon panties continued on through my teens and into my twenties. I still wore pantyhose and whenever possible nylon panties to bed and to masturbate. I liked to wrap a sheer stocking around my cock whenever I wanked. I managed to get myself girlfriends, (always girls that wore pantyhose often), lose my virginity, and on the odd occasion find a girl that would share my nylon fetish. A couple of my girlfriends let me fuck them while they still wore their stockings or pantyhose and one girlfriend I had when I was 25 would let me wear pantyhose as well.

One afternoon my girlfriend Eileen and I were in the bedroom of my flat lying on the bed. I had my hand under her skirt, stroking her pantyhosed thighs. My hand would wonder across her crotch, pushing against her nylon encased mound; she was moaning and pushing against my hand. "That feels so good" she whispered. "I know" I said, "I just love the feel of nylon against me too". She giggled, "go on then – get dressed, I know you want too". I quickly discarded my clothes and slipped on a pair of sheer pantyhose. Eileen was hip to my fetish by now and we had often fucked whilst both wearing hose. Her hand slipped up my nylon legs and lightly caressed my balls. I was in heaven as I maintained my pressure on her silken clad mound. I pushed her back on the bed; she looked magnificent, fully clothed with her red miniskirt hiked up around her waist, sheer taupe pantyhose, white nylon panties, and red high heels. I climbed on her and ground my hard member against her mound. My cock and balls encased in the fabric of my pantyhose was rubbing against her pussy covered in the sheer nylon of her pantyhose and panties. I reached down and with my fingernail I made a small hole in the front of my pantyhose and let my dick poke through. I now had my cock rubbing and pushing into her pussy. I could feel her outer pussy lips against my cock head through the nylon of her hose and panties. I again reached down and this time made a small hole in the gusset of her pantyhose. "Oh Dear! I ruin more nylons this way" she giggled and wrapped her sheer nyloned legs around by back as my penis pushed aside the fabric of her panties and slid into her. I was so excited and was already close to coming. "You really do love nylons don’t you darling" she whispered in my ear as she thrust up against me slowly. "Oh my God yes" I whimpered, on the verge of orgasm. "I have an idea," she said, and to my despair she eased me out of her glistening pussy. "What are you doing" I begged. "I’m so close." Again she giggled and to my surprise she reached over to the bedside table and dipped her hand into the drawer where I kept my pantyhose, stockings, and panties. She drew out a sheer nylon stocking and to my utter amazement and delight, slipped it over my hard penis. She slowly stroked my throbbing member through the nylon of the sheer stocking. "Christ I’m going to come!" I shouted. "Not yet" she whispered into my ear as she slid back under me and positioned my stocking encased member against the entry to her soaking pussy. She then pushed slowly but firmly against me, sliding the nylon covered cock into her cunt. I was in heaven. Her hot wet pussy was gripping my stocking covered cock like a silken glove. At the same time my pantyhosed balls and legs were rubbing against her pantyhosed legs and sheer pantied arse. I couldn’t hold it any longer; I exploded deep inside her. Needless to say I married Eileen.