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anonymous on Spanking Stories

Master tortured me last night. I didn't think that kind of torture was possible from 1400km away, but he managed to do it. What did he do? Simple. He made me sit with my vibrator on max inside me until he was finished. Thank you for the punishment Master, I know I deserved it. As a result? I had two of the most powerful orgasms I have had in a long time. Then I went t

Kerry Teasing Part 1

ChrisLike on Exhibitionist Stories

 My girlfriend, Kerry and I have been going out for about 4 years now. I'm 27, she is 2 years younger than I am. We met in college and while we were there we certainly made the best of it.

She is an extremely good looking girl, my Kerry, 5'3, blue eyes, slim build, flat stomach, C-cups and an ass that you could grab on to. Na

Milking Kimberly

Esmeralda_Greene on Fetish Stories

Sex play with breast milk is the topic of this story. New mother Kimberly is horny, and she finds that her milk-filled breasts are a great help in seducing her best friend's husband Lyle. Lyle quickly learns that mother's milk isn't just for babies, and soon he and Kimberly are enjoying a long, sizzling-hot sexual encounter that's awash with Kimberly's warm sweet milk.

Daddy and his princess #1

daddies_always_horny on Fetish Stories

After a long day of work and finally arriving home I walk in to see my little princess sitting on the couch in nothing but her pink see through teddy, pink thigh high fish nets and nothing else. She smiles as I walk in the door and says “How was work Daddy?  I thought I would surprise you with a cute little outfit”.  I smile and respond “Daddy real

My Friends Mom Can Squirt?!

anonymous on Fetish Stories

It all started when i was 17. I used to be at my friend Christian's house all the time. He had 2 sisters, one younger and one older. He was my age (older by a couple  months), his younger sister was something like 7 or 8 years younger than us, and then his older sister, Lizzie, was 3 years older than both of us. They all had blonde  hair, just like the mother. She was in her 40's still,

Working at my Job

SilkyBitch on Exhibitionist Stories

Mannequin Job

It had been a week since that one time in that mall fashion store. I wanted to experience the rush once more, so I had decided to go back the following day. Preparing for it was easy since I had an idea in mind and all of my underwear had gone to the poor or was thrown out a long time ago.

Shopping Experiance

SilkyBitch on Exhibitionist Stories

First off, I am a huge fan of Amy the Exhibitionist series.

I am not pretty, but I have light skin with black hair and hazel-green eyes. I have some freckles along my nose and my face is heart-shaped. My breasts are considered B-cups. I am also 21 years old.

Now let me tell you of an experience I had while copying Amy at one point.

Red in the Head, Wild in Bed.

lykaboss16 on Pissing Stories

We were lying in bed next to each other, no clothes on, watching TV. Well, it was sort of on in the background. Neither of us were really watching it. I was just so glad to have my husband back in the house. Now that the truth had come out, I was shocked with myself that I could ever have believed he would cheat on me. Especially wi