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Angelique's experience with cock sizes

undertaker919 on Forced Stories

My wife and I recently were talking about dick size. She said she didn't understand why guys were so hung up on size. "Size doesn't really matter" she said.
I said, really guys weren't the ones hung up on the size of a damn cock, but it was the women who were fascinated with it. I said "the women not hung up on size are the one's that haven't had a really big dick yet."
"What do you mean?" she said.
I said, "Angelique if you ever had a bigger dick, you would probably go wild as shit." "I think you're big enough for me baby, she said." "Why do you think that black guys are bigger than white guys?" Sounding really intrigued.
You must understand, my wife was extremely conservative. Just getting her in this conversation gave me hope of seeing her with a monster big black cock shoved up

Personal Services Pt. 4

jjonah on Forced Stories

    Monday morning Mary was back in Beck's office. He rose from behind his desk as she was ushered in by the smirking Amber. Thankfully, he waved the smug little bitch back out the door as he motioned Mary to come stand before him. He grinned in satisfaction as he scanned her up and down, nodding in approval at her attire.
    Today she was dressed in a black sk

Personal Services Pt. 3

jjonah on Forced Stories

Chapter 3

    Mary did not get called into "work" the next day, nor the day after that. She dressed as Beck had commanded--short skirts, stockings and garter-belt, no panties--and  stayed home, jumping every time the phone rang, butterflies in her stomach until she learned it was not the dreaded Amber calling her into "service". And after each fa

Personal Services Pt. 2

jjonah on Forced Stories

    The next morning Mary found Walter, as she had expected, passed out in his chair. She rousted him out, coldly ordering him to get ready for work. He obeyed without protest, his guilt weighing on him as much as his hangover. Mary made breakfast for the kids then drove them to school in her nightgown and robe, as she often did. Back home, she was clearing the breakfast dishes whe

Personal Services Pt. 1

jjonah on Forced Stories

    Mary Conley checked her makeup in the tiny mirror of her compact. Her ruby-red lipstick was perfect, thick mascara and smoky eye shadow, light blush across her high cheekbones all checked out fine. After applying a light dusting of powder across her nose, she snapped the compact closed and slipped it back into her purse. She hoped she looked all right, dressed in a dark green p

The Violation and Domination of Valerie Miles: Part II

msatyr on Forced Stories

     Galloway took Valerie to his cabin in the woods. She was kept in a spacious room he had outfitted as a torture chamber. He had taken women there before; she was not the first to be brutally used by him and his friends.

      He placed her in a room fitted with a cot and a chair and with access to a toilet where she could shower and fulfil

Justine the model student part 5

horny101 on Forced Stories

Getting the mail one morning, I noticed a white envelope for me with no return address. Eager, I ripped open the envelope and saw an invitation to the house of a buddy of mine. He was a horny bastard, even worse than myself. With the reputation of a man-whore, he would fuck anything breathing, so his appetite for sex serves as a great service for h

Breeding Farm

anonymous on Forced Stories

The breeding farm is a secret located on a large estate in the country side. I began the farm a few years ago from increased demand for natural insemination from women. My philosophy is to impregnate women clients with my seed. Women are referred by their doctor, their lawyert, and personal application to be considered as a client. After medical tests, counseling, an

The Experiment: Part 2

sexyboy22 on Forced Stories

Part 2: The Experiment

Chapter 1: The Gas

    On the screen, the children are still asleep. The man presses a button. The windows inside the room open up and this deep blue-colored gas drifts ominously into the room. Slowly, it spreads to the beds Sleeping, the two teens inhale deep breaths of it. The man picks up a pencil and stats writing on a notepad. "

Neighbor Girl

pervnxtdoor on Forced Stories

I think she knew somehow what I was going to do to her- and yet she stayed. This sweet little girl,  daughter of my next door neighbors, who I'd watched and masturbated to many times as she played outside,  now sat on the couch in my living room next to me, talking to me about her friends and what a nice day it  was outside as she sipped a cold glass of lemonade. She pulled back sl

Vacation with a difference part 3

Morgen on Forced Stories

      Waking up, I glanced around, I was back home, in my own bed. How the hell did I get here? Whatever they gave me to knock me out this time still left my mind sharp. I remembered it all, getting my face spunked by the teens, getting gang banged by six well hung studs, then, getting horse fucked, and to top it all off, the wealthy owner busting

The Garage

anonymous on Forced Stories

It was late at night and Virginia was finally getting done and heading for home. She took the elevator down to the parking garage, she hesitated before exiting the elevator befor getting out to look around. All quiet and empty she said to herself as she walked out to her car. As she pushed her car key pad to unlock the door the lights went out.

She awoke several minutes later to find her

Vacation with a difference part 2

Morgen on Forced Stories

      I was uncuffed from the bed, blindfolded, and with 3 men on each side, holding on tightly, I had no chance of escape. They walked me down a flight of stairs, and outside. Judging by the day's warmth on my face, I guessed that it was probably noon, maybe a little bit later. I heard a large door rolling open, then I was led into a building,

Vacation with a difference part 1

Morgen on Forced Stories

       I awoke with a pounding headache, god, I needed an aspirin. I went to get up, and was stopped. I felt a curious resistance of my arms and legs, looking at them, I saw why. My arms were stretched up above my shoulders, velcro cuffs were fitted around my wrists, and an attached chain was securely fastened to a brass rail headboard. Looking down, I saw my legs

A night under the pier.

blowingyourmind on Forced Stories

I looked up at Jen as the ocean wind swept her long brown hair over her face. She was absolutely stunning. I wondered what she was doing with a pig like Eric. He treated her like garbage, like he was that night.

We were on the board walk in Atlantic City. Jen invited me along with a few of Eric's friends to just hang out for a while.

My Pussy Controls You - Part 2

JeffreyFreemont on Forced Stories

My Pussy Controls you – Part 2

"So Samantha, why don't you tell me what happened after you woke up in the showers?"

"I don't know, I feel a bit uncomfortable." Samantha started to fidget in her seat as if to prove her point.

"Samantha its ok to feel uncomfortable, bu

College Doug's Misadventures 1

jjames on Forced Stories

her honey was flowing fast as I nibbled on her clit. Then she must have realized something was different because I felt her legs clamp around my ears, I didn’t stop I just kept munching on her pussy and slipped two fingers inside her. I heard Matty talking to her softly, and soon she relaxed again.

Tom vs red dance 1

ninjaking on Forced Stories


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My Niece and her BFF- Amanda the Fuck Toy

pervnxtdoor on Forced Stories

While Christy dozed, still naked on the couch in the pool house, I took Amanda inside with the camera, her still naked with a towel wrapped loosely around her. As we went into my office, I connected the camera to a TV on my desk and rewound the tape. Amanda crawled her cute naked ass onto my lap. I kissed the back of her neck and said "which part should we watch, Amanda? You or Chr

Hot Night with Stepdaughter

pervnxtdoor on Forced Stories

It was late. As many times before my wife, who I had pretty much been estranged from for years, had fallen asleep early, which I had come to not mind. As I did most every night now, I started to fantasize about her daughter, my stepdaughter, who had just turned 15, and had been supermodel sexy for quite some time. From time to time I would look in her room when the house was quiet, just to see if