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My shirt cannot contain my tits

Dickbetweenmytits on Erotic Poems

My breasts have swelled in size
They're tugging in my shirt
The fabric reveals my nipples
Which are hard as rocks
Now where oh where can I find myself a big, throbbing cock?

That cock I would slide inbetween my two giant swells
the head coming ever closer to my eagerly waiting mouth
Pussy below throbbing
Hard cock bobbing,
bobbing to my mouth

As I suck and suck
I have some good luck
as cum starts pouring, pouring in my mouth

Rocky Face Cocky

RobinReplaysSex on Erotic Poems

Grin and bare it smile Life's cruel
Hot and dripping he lit my fuel

69 fuckers necklace.He bites her neck.

Beatnik beaded Goth heart Rolling Stones

sounds. He shifted so close desirable
( tasty mounds) what a poke.
The stranger Billy don't B Joelly joke.
Dark-love complicated Damn it Choke her.
Just fuck her!!

to blame rocky divorce sucked so many times

electrocuted noises seated.He begged

"Oh! FUCK ME" pleated.

The last time 2-B with her killer sex toys she sued.

She got jinxed He was Moonstruck

crazy and read so erotically blue

What nerve Rocky eye punched. What

a wicked smile nymphomanic got bitched.

She the Goth dark horse of course?

Look at her picture please no lecture.
Trembling Rocking horror Hannibal Chair

Coffee Bean and Cock

RobinReplaysSex on Erotic Poems

Special Bean mystical Chosen.He's risen
Cock Sex wars Coffee vagina scars
Sipping he's sadistic I stare burned-hot electrical
Suga love me rawr shapes erotic moans
BOOB cups geometrical
We march to the same sexual science
Well fucked guidance
metaphorical sex graphical
miracle how we met
He get's my taste hot drips the sunset
I taste his mind flies away sunset
Deliciously he swept her and licked her
stirred us should we or not tie the cuffs
Despite her defiance coffee set dominance
Bold wet dripping balance
categorical spanking coffee resistance
What drips 14 Karat gold shower.
The erotically drops poem's an hour?
Sex-body Coffee--steamy he raided my book,
How it poured master take another look
open up my most fuck day my book.
Eyes whipped Coffee Masquerade

Seeds of Desire

Jamie72 on Erotic Poems

The beast stirs deep within it's denim seat
Seeking an escape without any senses
No eyes no touch responds to her body heat
With new blood it's stature starting to tense
Hungry to feed, on the prowl no defense
Sexual creature stalks her dark pink walls
Growing harder purposeful no suspense
Feeding frenzy creating her waterfall
Liquid trail flowing calm feeling enthralls
Shrinking in size now you can well handle
Soothing strokes when passion crawls
This monster reduced to a well used gland
Her theater closed ready to breed
Deep remnants of this creature's dirty deed

My Place in Life

usemyhead on Erotic Poems

My Place In Life

By: sub boy roy


Whip my asshole and spread it wide

I need to feel pain very, very deep inside

Quench the desire that canâ€

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â„¢t be denied

That only domination can satisfy


Once respected with children and wife

Now being a cum sucking whore is my life

In society proper I once had a role

Now its cleaning cocks and dirty assholes


Remind me of my past… use it to torture me

My mouth filled with cum is something my friends should see

Dressed like a prostitute nothing on underneath

You take me out looking for men on the street


My mouth you hold open for the cock of your man

You spank me barehanded and tell me I am

Just a bitch dog to use for your play

You slap my face hard and I do what you say


After you fuck I lick the cum from your snatch

Clean his cock with my mouth and worship your ass

In a noose from the roof by my neck I am hung

You whip my stiff cock and balls till I cum


I shoot out my cum mixed with blood on the ground

This makes you angry so you lower me down

To spend the rest of the evening licking it up

Riding your friends big black cock up my butt             


Completely Random Act of Poetry

bdurped on Erotic Poems

The main lights go out, The dance floor lights come on. The music starts, The fog’s turned on. Women in low cut tops, Cleavage on show. Enter the dance floor, Friends in tow. Glances are met, Moves are noted. Temperatures are rising, Reticence gets demoted. Vision lingers, Pulses race. Curiosity piqued, By a beautiful face. Across the floor, Dancers do glide. Feelings flowing, An unstoppable tide. People are dodged, Hands are ducked. Shoulders hunch, As arms are tucked. Bodies get closer, Personal scents mingle. Bodies on fire, Nerve endings tingle. Finally they meet, Under the lights. Hemmed in by mortals, Eyes shinning bright. The beat goes on, The hour darkens. His hand touches flesh, To see what happens. She feels his touch, Brush her skin. She makes a move, Closer to sin. Br

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eath on cheek, Hand on hip. Passion is on, A one way trip. With no rejection, He moves his hand. Pulling her closer, The flames are fanned. She feels his need, A mirror of hers. Union beckons, She grabs her purse. The exit approaches, Into fresh air Both make haste. Down the stair. The taxi rank is quiet, As passengers are dropped. The night is still young, Atmosphere not popped. In the taxi, Mouths do meet. Between her legs, Juices do seep. The fare is paid, The taxi heads back. He searches for key, To enter his flat. With mutual assent, They head for his room. He can’t believe, He’s pulled so soon. Next to the bed, They kiss and flirt. His hands slide, Under her skirt. He feels the gusset, Of her knickers. Fingers roam, Leaving slicker. She groans at his touch, Their tongues meet. Her knickers fall, Around her feet. Her skirt follows, As does her top. She yells at him, Not to stop. He halts his touch, So he can strip. As her fingers, Massage her clit. The bed beckons, He pulls back the cover. Lying down, He invites his lover. She lies down, Next to his side. Smiling in invitation, As their skin collides. Mouth on breast, Tongue on nipple. From his cock, Pre-cum does dribble. Intent is stated, Assent is given. Cries of pleasure, As flesh is riven. He plunges deep, As far as he can go. The pressure builds, She’s about to blow. Her fingers dig deep, Scratching his back. She cries out, As muscles contract. He continues to thrust, Riding her waves. Seeking the release, That his body craves. Her body subsides, On a pleasure ocean. Her cum covers him, With its lotion. Desperate for release, He thrusts harder. The smile on her face, Increasing his ardour. He feels the start, Of explosive orgasm. Releasing his seed, Into her chasm. Spent, their fluids mingle, Their bodies held close. Mouths whisper, Meaningless prose. He slips from her, As sleep claims both. Between her legs, Life grows forth.

Obligatory note type thingy. The fuck am I going to do this again! (Not in a hurry at least). I would never have attempted it, if it had not been for that stupid animal alphabet thing on the forum. But no, I had to try it (FOOL!). Which got me thinking (Always a bad thing), “I’ve never tried poetry”. Well, it’s another category abused, so what does that leave me with- Bondage, Gay (male), Ethnic…. 26/9/04 new note: The above was written and posted but lost as SSP was up-graded. Since then I have been unable to post. Sam Part 2 was the last accepted submission, and it was butchered. So this, hopefully, is the restart of submissions. The next will be the re-submission of an un-butchered Sam P2. Fingers crossed.

Exposing Myself

Pat OHoy on Erotic Poems

My husband will go out of his way to check out women he sees in short skirts or that may be showing a little more breast than normal. On one occasion he just kept talking about this cute young thing that kept giving him great up-skirt shots at the mall. I finally asked him how he would feel if some guy kept following me around to look up my dress. I was somewhat shocked when he very bluntly asked me if I would do that for him, you know, wear a short skirt and give guys a free look while he watched their reactions. Well, I decided to teach him a lesson, so the next weekend I put on the shortest skirt I could find without any panties and took my husband shopping at the mall.
Since I really had never knowingly let men see up my dress I was a bit unsur
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e just how to go about doing this. My husband finally suggested that I go into a sporting goods store and find something on a lower shelf to look at. So before I had a chance to change my mind I went in and went to the section that had the golf equipment, two young men were in the same section and once I was sure they were checking me out I turned my back to them and bent over just a bit, as if I were looking at the items on the bottom. I felt a bit odd and I noticed that my husband seemed to be okay with these young guys looking at my pussy as I bent over.
I didn't know for sure what to do so I left and went back into the main mall area. My husband actually thanked me for the show I had put on. I have to admit it did excite me a bit knowing that men were seeing me and that it was turning my husband on. I saw a bench facing a busy store and decided to sit and let my legs drift apart a bit. At first, when I knew someone was looking, I would turn my head away but soon found that it was turning me on when I looked right at the guy and moved my legs apart for him. My husband was really getting turned on and so was I.
We decided to go to a western store and try on some boots. I was really nervous when we walked into the store and looked around. I quickly sat down and crossed my legs. My husband went to where he could pretend to look at shoes and watch. I could feel the cool vinyl seat under my butt but fought the desire to pull the dress under me. The salesman was a little older than me, perhaps in his early thirties. He came back and proceeded to kneel right in front of me. My heart jumped as he did. The dress was pretty light so it fell across my legs preventing him from seeing up. There was this awkward nervousness in both our actions as I uncrossed my legs and stretched my leg out for him to measure my foot. His cool hands held my calf as he took the measurement. There was absolutely no way to do this without revealing myself to him.  When he came back he proceeded to slip the boot which spread my legs. Oh My God! I thought the guys eyes were going to pop out as he obviously caught a glimpse of my bare pussy. I have to admit that the reaction sent more than a couple of waves of excitement through me. I didn’t say a thing nor did he as I tried to act natural as I presented my other foot. He was doubly nervous as he held my calf and did my left boot but did manage to get through it. Not a word was said. I think he was in shock. Well he finally finished and I walked around a little before telling him I’d take them. By then my pussy was quite swollen and was getting wet from my excitement. Any more arousal and I’d be leaving a spot on the seat as well as my dress. I let him take the boots off, feeling a little embarrassment for the guy as he tried to act natural despite looking at my swollen pussy lips and the tent in his pants. My husband saw the whole thing and was really excited. We decided the next time, a see-through top and maybe a bit shorter on the skirt.

my prayer to You

DeSighHer on Erotic Poems

You know i'm nothing but a sweet cunt, hungry for Cock... 
Night after finger-fucking night, i dream of Your Cock, slam-fucking me hard and deep...  raping me til i scream out... 
Face fucking me til i pass out, and then the woozy feeling as i come-to..   shocked awake by Your Cock savagely ramming into my tight ass...
My pleas ignored...  my body used and abused relentlessly...  until i surrender totally to You...  the way i was meant to...
You know i need to be fucked.. i need to be fucked hard and deep....i need to be taught to take it...  to need it.. to crave it... to beg for it...
i need Your big fuckin' Cock to face-f
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uck me...  to ram fuck my throat... to choke me...  to gag me...  to make me gurgle and drool, like the horny little cunt i am...
and then i need Your Cock to pound my tight ass... 
no matter how hard i beg You to stop, i need it harder.. i need to be reminded over and over that You will fuck me any way You want...  and i WILL take it.. all of it.. deep and hard...
i need a strong Man who knows how to use me...  knows what i really need... and then makes me take it...
and what i need is Your Cock.. pounding and pounding away relentlessly...  and Your Cum filling me... 
i need to hear it...
i need You to tell me that i'm worthless without Your Cum inside me...that i'm nothing but a worthless slut... good for nothing except sucking Your Cock..  good for nothing except being pounded in the ass...
nothing but a nice warm place for Your Cock... 
nothing but a piece of fuck-meat... 
What Your Cock needs is the only thing that is important... 
Making Your Cock feel good is the only thing that matters...
Please..... let me make Your Cock feel good...
let me be complete........

Erotic Cries

Mickey Pig Knuckles on Erotic Poems

Out of the bubble filled tub, candles glowing, wrapped in a towel,

drying your pretty brown hair

I was walking by, I caught a glimpse, Looking so beautiful,

I found myself stopping to stand and stare

I felt myself drifting off, to romancing you, clearly in my mind,

to a place where only lovers go

I feel my blood rushing hot, racing to my groin, making me want you,

as I quickl

Feel Me

mrb46n2 on Erotic Poems

Feel my lips between your hips


Feel my lips against your skin


Feel my tongue between your pink lips


Feel my tongue as it slides in


Gently licking you


Softly sucking you


Slowly fucking you


Until I taste you


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pan style="font-family: Arial">Feel my hands slide up your skin


Feel my hands caress your tits


Feel my cock as it slides in


Feel my cock inside your clit


Gently fucking you


Softly fucking you


Slowly fucking you


Until I come inside you

The waterfall

TrendWhore*! on Erotic Poems

I sneak up close behind you,
It's almost reaching noon,
I kiss your neck just gently,
Someone will come home soon.

You place your hands on my breasts,
And gently push me against the wall,
Pull off my clothes in a rush,
I watch them as they fall.

You take your hands in mine,
As you lead me to your bed,
Take off your clothes and lay me down,
I gently stroke and caress your head.

You slowly explore your new wonderland,
The mountains, the cave, the waterfall,
I close my eyes and let you,
Wanting you to touch me all.

Soon enough I lose control,
Need to feel you inside me,
Guide you in and pull you close,
We're one, connected we finally be.

I rock against you slowly,
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br />As you push inside me deeper,
The feelings getting intense,
This memory is a keeper.

You gently start to kiss me,
And I moan softly in your mouth,
I can feel the feeling growing,
A feeling coming from down south.

I grind against you harder,
As the waterfall starts to flow,
Our waters mixed together,
As they finish we start to slow.

You lay down close beside me,
And hold me in your arms,
We fall asleep together,
As our breathing slowly calms.


GMONEYORL on Erotic Poems














Massive Molten Eruption

djs1989 on Erotic Poems


she gulped and began to gesture in the most mischevious of ways,

she squatted and smiled, wild with the wetness of her sex,hrust

warm, weak and with-held with anticipation

    to her precipitation,

pulsing inside her plump violence,

velvet, virgin Venus, Vampire, blood cum

she grimaced with a smile,


succulent  sweat

,her  taste of Sour Peach,

she shreiked with a shudder that sent her sliding


deep into the veins of ecstasy 

dark in the day dream Dhalia,


her drying thighs beg for moisture,

thus the Dew,  

draped in droplets, drenched in dreams,

lotus Lavender, she fucked a sheep-herder in the shed!


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Ankles above the head, the virgin bled!




Otzchiim on Erotic Poems

O little virgin, timid as a dove,
Consent today to let me make of you
A fulfilled woman, proud and knowing love
In all its forms. I long to give you new
Feelings and thrills mere opiates can't match.
Let me caress your hidden secret parts
And turn them to a soft and lovely patch
That my hard spade can dig with loving arts.

And when I meet the gate that sits across
The burrow that I seek to stretch and fill.
Then I will rage and ram and butt until
I gather force to pluck the fleshly weed
And cause a fire to bloom among your moss
And plow your garden with my liquid seed.

Lost in lust

Lady2Misstress on Erotic Poems

Nighttime Crimes

I wake to the sound of sobbing

it is always me sobbing

I awake to pain bruises and blood sheets tangled and I close my eyes tight
hope that it is a nightmare not my reality

but when I open my eyes there lays the body spent on my floor

and then they come the images and sounds that torture me

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new roman,times,serif">gripping me to where I cannot take a breath trapped in the scenes

the blood lust over took me last night hard as I try they come to my song

“Sweet taste I provide love, lust passion if you survive the night of lust

tempt you I must please fill my lust my love lust “

they always follow me follow my sweet smell

I let them touch the heat dripping from my creamy thighs

onto their awaiting tongues

I glide them to the rapture they never know could be

I ride till my blood boils sliding up and down

hands gripping in sheer lust blood lust this is my crime

crimes of sheer passion under them on top sweat beading

on my milky skin till they are drained wishing it would last but they never do

my punishment is to never be filled never satisfied only waking to them

broken bruised and drained taken by my lust

Sweet time at the office part 3

Libenter on Erotic Poems

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lang="EN-GB" style="font-family: tahoma; mso-ansi-language: en-gb">............You keep staring at it while one of your hands slowly moves and softly touch it. With the tip of your fingers you touch my shaft and caress it up and down, up and down, in a slow motion and with tender touch. Your other hand now joints the exploration, at the same speed with same softness. From time to time your fingers play with my pubis’s hair, then they move through my shaft up to the tip of my member, while you keep your eyes on it. I like this, your gentle caressing turn me on, fire is burning in my veins, but I keep it under control, looking forward to what could come next. Your eyes widen when you see a drop of pre-cum on the tip of my dick. The dimmed light makes this drop very shiny, it looks like a pearl. You bent and quickly, take it with the tip of your tongue. This sends a flash of excitement through my body and I shake a little: you smile with satisfaction by understanding the power you can have on my body. My hands never stop gently massaging your breast and nipples. You lift your face and we meet our eyes, a wide intensive smile breaks our lips at the same time, an intensive look of reciprocal understanding. This seems a sign between us, as you now turn you face again and softly start licking the head of my dick, cleaning the precum which is now all over it. Your touch is very soft and you know I really love that gentle way. The sensation is so strong that I put my hands on your head and hold it firmly, fully concentrated on the work your tongue is now doing on my intimate part. I feel your rhythm has slightly changed, it runs faster now, still just licking but moving all around the whole head of my cock: all in a sudden you fully open your lips and you take most of my manhood inside your mouth. The sensation of warmth and softness is great, it gives also a feeling of protection and I have the impression of having reach home. A loud moan escapes from my lips……..


If you want me to continue this story please send your invitation at:

Love bound by steel

Gehenna on Erotic Poems

Love Bound by Steel
A slut and a slave, no less and no more
Your freedom a dream, your life from before
Taken from you, by right of the strong
Now born anew, now where you belong
How could you know, curiosity teased
How far it would go, that you might be seized
By one you believed, your lover, your friend
Tempted, deceived, your life to descend
To service and lust, a master’s harsh will
Obey as you must, commandments fulfill
Defiance is punished, resistance the same
Restraints and the beatings until you kneel tame
Feed from his hand, drink from a bowl
Permission to stand, your kennel a hole
Manacles, chains, fetters and bars
A cruel master’s collar, his brandi
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ng iron scar
Submissive your gaze, submissive your thought
No longer dazed, now what he had wrought
A lover enslaved, and taught how to feel
A lover he’d craved, her love bound by steel.

Pink Tulips of Pleasure

LongJohnSilver! on Erotic Poems

 Watefalls, filling.



 inside our warm serenity.

wild woman of gushing wetness

hungry lust in

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deep tides


sweat drips from every pore

this little thing

for us to wash upon shore

 feathered sensitivity tickles the senses
pricks trickle. slip into your, tence session
fucking to find our freedom
fucking flips our philosophy
harder and harder
deeper and deeper
faster and faster
she grips the steel tight
pounding her pussy into submission
plundering the quiet cave
the richest reward is delivered
like a volcano
ready to burst
the doctor injects his vaccine to calm their nerves
blacking out into bliss
beutty of those perky platues
oh slip with me
for we should never return to our clothes

Ode To The Broken Hearted Submissive

Michael101662 on Erotic Poems



i glance about with wondering eyes
saddened and shaken
i raise my gaze up to the skies
seeking beyond the clouds what lies

i ponder my worth
to nobody there
from the moment of birth
did anyone really care

my gaze drifts to the sand
the cold sea nipping my feet
the shifting of the land
the depth there to greet

was this the way it was meant to be
lonely and alone in the sunset
welcoming the coldness of the sea
as it rises to envelope me

i think of the silent masses
that never gave a second thought
i watch as the time passes
my last breath in my throat was caught

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br /> eyes closing to the darkness below
the wetness of the sea rising
for it is my time to go
with no one realizing

myself i grant one last look
and then the waves cover
the sand below shook
and finally, it was over

The Collaring

Michael101662 on Erotic Poems



As I kneel at Your feet
Your gentle touch I yearn
The ache is bittersweet
Makes my heart flame burn

The look in Your eyes
Brings me such joy
And makes me realize
That I am Your toy

You reach out Your hand
Brushing lightly against my cheek
That’s when I notice the silver band
Makes my body go weak

“This gift of love
makes you forever mine
before the angels above
and heaven devine

if you except this
symbol of My heart
it will bring me such bliss
for we shall never part”

I shiver and sigh
Eyes dancing with delight
And I begin t
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o cry,
My soul shined so bright

“i accept this token
of the love we share
our bonds, unbroken
i share always wear

i pledge to You
my heart, unforsaken
my life, anew
will never be forsaken”

Toward You, i bow
Offering You everything
For I belong to You now
Which makes my heart sing

“With this collar I pledge
we’ll never be apart,
may no wedge
separate your heart from my heart”

my eyes fill with joyful tears
my journey now done
After all these years
My heart, You have won

“i except this collar, Ma’am
my pledge I give
For a sub is who I am
i give to You my life”

In place, You lock it
With great care
It was a perfect fit
i shall always wear

You lift me up high
In Your warm embrace
i knew, with a sigh
i have found my place.

Nanette's Adventures (cont.)

NanetteSap on Erotic Poems

Getting Wet

    It had been two days of boredom since Nanette
had been caught by her brother, and she was still either
to embarassed or scared to touch herself in her own
home, but it was Friday at last, and it was time to put
aside everything that happened and have a fun weekend.
School had just got let out for the day, so the possibilites
were limitless. Almost. Nanette had decided a few hours
before school was released though that she would go
swiming. There was almost nothing more relaxing than
going for a swim at the city pool after a long week.

    As soon as Nanny got home she told her mother
and father that she was going to go to the pool f
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or a
few hours. She went up in to her room, still saying nothing
to Danny on the way, where she grabbed her pink suit and
a towel. She was then on her way out. She hopped back
in her car, put on a CD from Avenged Sevenfold, and
cruised down to the pool. She arrived not to long after
and ran in to the pool's locker room for girls. She quickly
stripped off her clothes and stepped under one of the
showers that you were required to take before getting in
the pool to make sure you were clean. She washed
herself up quickly to get out of the cold water. She then
slipped in to her bathing suit and left the locker room.
After that she walked over to the steps that lead in to
the swimming pool and dipped her toes in to check the
water. It was just right. Not to warm and not to cool, great
for the day. She started to walk in when the sound of a
car horn startled her. She turned around and noticed
a familiar red H2 Hummer. She knew instantly that
it was Cassy and James pulling up to the city pool. She
backed away from the swiming pool and walked over to
the gate that separated the pool from the parking lot.
She gave a wave to Cassy as they walked over to the
    "Hey Nanny!" Cassy said, looking happy to see
her friend on such a fine day.
    "Hey Cass! Where's your car at?" asked Nanny.
    "Ah, my dad drove me since he had to go to
town anyways. My car is still getting worked on at the
    "Oh. What's wrong with it?" Nanny asked, not
remembering there ever being a problem with it before.
    "Nothing. I'm just getting the interior re-done."
answered Cassy. 'Figures' thought Nanny. She and
Cassy were the best of friends but from time to time
she did get jealous of Cassy. Her father was prety
    "Oh that's cool" said Nanny, trying to hide
the fact that she was jealous. "Hi Mr. Tulls." she said
giving a smile to James.
    "Hey Nanny." he said back, giving a look that
gave the impression he had not told Cassy about their
conversation. "You have your phone, right hun?" he
said to Cassy as she nodded back. "Alright, call me
when you're ready to come home. You girls have fun

    Nanette and Cassy swam around for around a
hour or two, talking about all kinds of things. School,
life, guys, and anything else that came up. From time
to time though Nanny couldn't help but find herself
admiring how prety Cassy was. Nanny always though
it figured that a wealthy girl would also happen to be
so beautiful. Nanny was always a little envious of how
great looking Cassy was. Most of all though she wished
she had breasts like Cassy. It seemed like a stupid thing
to wish for, and Nanny knew it, but Cassy had stunning
breasts. She guessed they were high C-cups or low
D-cups. Nanny had not developed anything past size
24 B-cups yet, and it actually made her sad at times.
She knew breasts weren't the most important things
in the world, but when it came to getting a boyfriend,
they would help.

    'Swiming today was probably the funnest thing
all week.' Nanette thought to herself, but now she thought
she had better be getting home, it was nearing time for
her to eat, and her skin was starting to wrinkle from
being in the water to long. She swam back to the edge
of the pool and started to climb out. "I'll talk to you later
Cassy, I better be getting home now." she said as she
started to walk twoards the showers again. She was
looking down at her feet giggling a bit at how they looked
like she was ninety years old when she also noticed
that her nipples had become slightly erected from the
water and thoughs of Casandra. She started to take
off her top as she pushed in to the locker room while
still laughing to herself about her feet. When she looked
up finally there was nothing that she could do to stop
herself from what she said next. "Oh, shit." she said
aloud. She had walked in to the wrong shower room.
She was looking straight forward at a wall of showers
filled by men who all looked to be between fourteen
and thirty. She couldn't even recall watching porno
with that many guys in it. She instantly turned around
trying to keep her top from falling off as she started
to walk back to the door. Before she could even reach
out to open it though another man came through the
door in to the locker room. He wasn't really paying
attention to what was going on she assumed as he
had already started to take off his swimming trunks.
She let out a gasp as she saw his penis. It was a
good size even though she didn't stop to inspect it.
She started to turn around again before she felt stupid
at remembering she was in the mens locker room.
She thought the situation could not get any worse,
but it did. When she turned back around this time she
saw a friend from school. Brian was walking towards
the lockers on the other side of the room when he
glanced at Nanny.
    "Nanny, what are you doing in here?" he asked
as he began to laugh a bit, opening the locker and getting
his clothes out.
    "Uh, wrong... room... showers." she managed
to spit out. Her tounge was completley twisted in her
mouth and she had no idea what to do. She tried to keep
her eyes down at the gorund, but couldn't help but keep
looking up a bit to peek at Brian's cock. She knew it
was a bad idea, but for some reason she felt the need
to know how big it was. She turned back around to get
out of there and saw the man that had entered before was
still standing there. He still had his trunks dropped slightly,
enough for his penis to be left out, only now it was at a
full erection, and his jaw was dropped as he stared at
Nanny. She had no clue what to do. She decided she
had to get out of there as soon as she could, so she
put her back to the wall to slide out around the man's
side. Unfortunatley he was so fixed on staring at her he
turned to face her as she started to slide by him. She
was almost past him when she felt the head of his
erection slide lightly across her stomache. She felt
like she was going to be sick. Sure, she was just like
any normal bisexually curious girl, and she didn't mind
watching porno or seeing a nice cock, but the fact that
some guy she didn't know was getting turned on just
by looking at her made her feel weird.

    She was out of the mens showers now and in
the right ones, but it felt like her head was spining. After
a minute or two of standing next to the wall to keep her
balance though things were back to normal. She got
herself undressed and hopped under the shower again.
She washed herself off fairly well this time to get the
chemicals from the pool out of her hair. Ocasionally
making an extra pass over the top of her pussy, not
really sure if it was because of her thoughts of Cassy
or just seeing all of those men in the other showers,
but she was as horny as ever now.

    She was finished showering and back in her
clothes and driving home. Music at full volume as usual.
She was only about a block away from her home
when she decided that she couldn't stand to go back
to her room to masturbate. She still feared that at any
time her brother or other family members would walk in
to the room just as she squirted her cum. She was
still coming up closer to her street, but instead she
turned off in to the alley behind her home. She pulled
down the alley a little ways and shut off her car. She
wanted complete silence for what was about to be
done. She wiggled down the pants she was wearing
slowly till she had access to her throbbing clit. The
sight of her little pink mound only turned her on more
as she wasted no time at all in getting herself off.
She inserted her middle and index fingers in to her
pussy as she began to feel around rubbing the inner
walls of her wet little pussy. She took her thumb and
index finger on her left hand and gently pinched her
clit in between them and started to roll her fingers.
The stimulation instantly made her start pushing
her hips up and down in motion with her two fingers
sliding in and out of her pussy. She was getting
more and more near a precious orgasm and she
could feel it. She began to moan heavily as she
quickly pulled her fingers out of her vagina and
squirted out a small juicy orgasm.
    "Mmmm, fuck." she let out, panting for breath
as she let go of her clit and began to lick the juice
from her fingers. Her cum tasted sweet as always,
maybe even a little sweeter than it usually did since
she had not ejaculated herself in a few days.

Toes Tingle

Missy Freaky on Erotic Poems

I taste your tongue, I feel your lips,

Gently trace my neck, with your fingertips.

I breath you in, inhale the lust,

To taste this fire, is a must.

My hands follow, your every curve,

Unto this mo

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ment, I will serve.

My breasts ache, for the heat,

Your wet tongue, igniting all in me.

Your lips so soft, breath on my skin,

My hunger grows rapid, deep within.

Tasting every inch, your body wants more,

You moan louder, more than before.

Hard is the member, that throbs in my suck,

Wanting your juices, once before we fuck.

Deeper in you slide, my mouth hungers and craves,

Fingertips down your stomach, tongue in a maze.

You grip & pull the sheets, hot, fast more and more,

Erupting fire, deep from the core.

I lay kissing your thighs, your breaths settle still,

Trace your stomach with my lips, love the way you feel.

You pull me closer, caress my back,

Kiss my lips, give my ass a smack.

This playful, lust filled moment, has me starved for you,

Rolling, twisting, we’re so wrapped up too.

Finally, you’re between my legs, in my face,

A firm but gentle, grasping embrace.

You feel the heat, you feel the juice,

All that is missing now, is you.

You thrust into me, so gentle and slow,

Pulling you deeper, steady the flow.

Light fingertips, caress your back,

Light fingernails, gently scratch.

Pace picks up, moaning elevates,

Squeezing each other, hearts race.

My legs pull you in, slammed against the wall,

I want you to fuck me, until I am raw.

Harder, faster, deeper more,

I want to cum, make me yours.

Explosions unite, juices mingle,

Hearts race, toes tingle.

Jennifer T.

RonaldMc on Erotic Poems

Jennifer Taylor

it was good to nail her

and add her new name to my list

she saved herself

I didn't have to fail her

and kept her parents from being pissed

Jennifer Taylor

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f">is going off to Baylor

without her precious hymen

because she lost it to an educator

when she sluffed on his assignment

Jennifer Taylor

no face was paler

than when she knew she was sunk

and the only way she was going to bail

herself out was to have to" target="_blank">fuck

Jennifer Taylor

was quite a wailer

when she took her teacher's tool

she screamed and cursed

just like a sailor

so she wouldn't have to do summer school

Jennifer Taylor

she yelled and flailed her

slender upper body

as the man who held her hips impaled her

in a pussy packing party

Jennifer Taylor

had to avail herself

of her only opportunity

to erase the "F" she had on paper

it cost her virginity

Jennifer Taylor

earned a waiver

for the project she didn't do

when she performed a different kind of labor

as her teacher's student screw

Jennifer Taylor

avoided failure

when the man devirginized her

but she got the passing grade he mailed her

and her folks were none the wiser

Jennifer Taylor

did what it took to save her

from missing walking the stage

when the girl gave her first sexual favor

to a man her father's age

Jennifer Taylor

no bitch was braver

than this desperate high school chick

whose hopeless situation made her

have to take her teacher's dick

Jennifer Taylor

still yet I savor

her delicious defloration

just hours before the "good luck" I gave her

at her happy graduation

Jennifer Taylor

the "B" I gave her

helped her redeem herself

and the hymen for which I was glad to trade her

is a trophy on my shelf

Jennifer Taylor

I hope I didn't change her

from being a good young christian

but she had no choice and who would blame her

for fullfilling her urgent mission ?

Staying at Uncle Jimmy's, Chapter Two

simonsez on Erotic Poems

When I woke up the next morning Seth was gone and uncle Jimmy was busy in the living room, if I would not have woken up in uncle Jimmy’s big bed I might have thought this all a strange wet dream. Still feeling very sated by last night’s experiences I rolled over in the bed once more.

Suddenly my eye fell on a stack of magazines beside the bed, on the front of the top one a boy of about my age playing with his boner. I picked up the magazine and looked inside, in there where more boy-pictures, some might have been as young as 12 !! After a couple of pages I came to a series of pictures I first thought to be of my friend Joey , but suddenly I realized them to be pictures of a 1

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2 year old Seth Smith . My amazement was complete when I saw him again, this time with his lips around the dick of no one else than my uncle, exactly the way   I remember him looking 5 years ago, the last time I visited grandma before my mother died. Interested, and more than a little aroused, I looked further on in the magazine where I found several pictures of my uncle fucking Seth in his 12 year old ass!!! I had not thought this possible, but Seth was clearly looking pleased and in control of the situation. One picture especially turned me on: My uncle on his back, Seth sitting on top of him, my uncle’s penis deep in his ass, Seth playing with his own erect dick while smiling into the camera.

Looking at the pictures I starting beating my meat, if Seth could handle a full-grown dick when 12, I certainly should be able at 14. Something I had thought about last night but had considered impossible ….


“He seduced me, you know; a year before these pictures where taken” the voice of my uncle startled me “I had just turned 17 and was babysitting him and little Joey, when his parents went to the movies. Seth sat beside me on the couch watching T.V. and suddenly rolled up against me and started rubbing my dick through my pants”  “I know you like boys “ he said “you look at boys the way Uncle Ed does “ and he told me how the year before during a vacation in Maine  his uncle had shown him “ how boys can love each other “. “ before I knew it he had taken my dick out of my pants and was showing me what his uncle Ed taught him ….”


“Uncle Jimmy” I replied, “I really like what we did last night, but I like girls also “

 “Well Simon” you may be bi-sexual and sometimes even more in to Girls than Boys just try out and do what you feel is best “

“At the moment I want to look at these pix a little longer “I told him.

“I still have the large originals there in the nightstand “Jimmy said ‘Lets look at them together “


 Uncle Jimmy took a portfolio out of the nightstand and opened it on the pillows in front of us “Seth and I like to look at those and reminisce “he said.

 In the folder where about 30 pix of Seth and Uncle Jimmy, including several that where not in the magazine, on several Seth was sucking Uncle Jimmy’s dick, on others Uncle Jimmy was fucking or rimming Seth and on two Seth was sticking his little dick up Uncle Jimmy’s behind .Both Jimmy and I where getting rather aroused looking at these pix and suddenly Uncle Jimmy started caressing my buttocks. “Tell me if you want me to stop “, “Nooooo “I whispered.


I moved my body a little closer to Jimmy’s and enjoyed the feeling of his hands on my body. Meanwhile I felt his hard dick through his clothes.

“Maybe you should get naked too” I whispered, in a moment Jim was out of his clothes and pressed his body against mine. Our dicks where rubbing together and I tried to answer his caresses as good as an inexperienced 14 year old can. I was learning fast.  Slowly Uncle Jimmy’s lips went down my body, first they played with my nipples , down to my belly than they rested on the head of my dick , slowly his tongue played around the underside of my dickhead , making my cock so stiff it nearly hurt.

A little drop of pre-cum started to form on the top of my penis, Uncle Jimmy licked it off and in fast movements his tongue played around my dick. Remembering what I saw yesterday I pulled up my legs and spread them wide. Uncle Jimmy smiled and placed himself between my legs, licking up and down my shaft and taking my balls in his mouth.

Slow and teasing his fingers fluttered around the little knob of my ass while his lips moved lower and lower below my balls, I thought I was going mad with desire to have either his fingers or his tongue inside my ass. “Pleaaaaassssssee” I moaned “get in there “Finally he gave in to my desire; his hands spread my cheeks apart and gently his tongue entered my butthole , the soft wet moving of his tongue nearly drove me crazy, I never thought something could feel that good..


“Well, well “the laughing voice of Seth woke me out of my bliss,” I brought my brother so you would not be bored, but I see you are spending “”Quality-time “” with your uncle”. I looked up to the laughing faces of Seth and Joey Smith, no idea how long they had been there. “Haven’t I told you months ago Joey, to make a pass at Simon, he is just as hot as his uncle”. Joey was just standing there grinning, a stiff cock clearly visible in his pants.

“I see you and your uncle have been looking at some old pix, that is why Jimmy likes it when I take Joey along, Joe reminds him of the time we met”

I saw Joey with completely different eyes now, most of it influenced by the pix I just looked at with Uncle Jimmy. He was a little taller, being 14, than Seth was in the pictures but also a little skinnier which made him look young for his age.

“Mind if we join in”? Where the first words Joey spoke “No, Please come in “my uncle and I answered in chorus


While Seth and Joey undressed my Uncle’s and my eyes where glued to Joey’s body. Before, when we went skinny-dipping he was “just a boy”, after the experiences of last night and Uncle Jimmy’s pix he was one of the most mesmerizing beings on the planet!!! Joey was aware we where looking and not the smallest bit shy, looking from me to my uncle his hand was pulling on his dick, which was about the same size as mine, only thinner. “All mine” Seth said teasing, grabbing his brothers joy-stick, bending over and taking it in his mouth , as always Seth was in control..

“Well Simon” Seth said,” you really seem to enjoy your uncle’s tongue up your ass, do you think you are ready for a dick there?”.”Joey has just what you might like!”

Seth’s idea sounded like pure heaven to me, “Yesssss”, I panted….


While Seth got me ready my uncle got out the camera, “Your first time being fucked, lets make it something to be remembered“

Seth positioned me on the bed with some pillows stuffed under my chest so I could relax with my ass up in the air. Joey did not need to be told what to do, later he told me he had been joining with my uncle’s and Seth’s games for the last half year.

Seth got out a little bit of oil and rubbed it on my butthole, slowly he entered his oily finger about half an inch inside me,”Your bitch is ready Joey, make him a real man “

Joe positioned himself behind me and a shudder went through both of us when the top of his dick made contact with the little brown rose of my asshole. My heart started racing like mad, slowly the pressure of his cock opened op my butt, and with a gentle soft movement he pushed on into me, until the head of his dick had passed the muscle. “Ah, Simon” he whispered, you are so nice and tight in there, so different from Jimmy and Seth ….. My uncle grinned while making pix of every little step of the process.

Slow but certain Joey started to move his hips with every movement getting a little deeper inside me, with every movement back pulling out everything but the head of his dick. My ass felt like heaven and I started telling him: “Deeper Joey, Deeper, this Bitch wants all of you inside”!!! Deeper and deeper Joey moved inside me until, with every move, I could feel his hips all the way against my buttocks. Joey’s sweet teen pole made my inside a source of great pleasure while the head of his dick slid over parts of me never touched before... Now I understood why Seth had looked so happy with Jimmy’s fingers deep in his ass!!!

Uncle Jim stopped taking pictures and came on the bed, there he took my cock in his mouth and started sucking me in the same tempo Joey’s dick was moving in and out of me , this was great!!! Being sucked and fucked at once!!!  Seth was all around with a caress here, a lick there, until he moved around and kneeled down in front of me. “Suck my dick Simon, suck it real hard” he ordered, pushing his cock against my lips.  

 It was hard to keep my concentration with the delight of Joey’s cock moving in my ass, and my Uncle Jimmy’s lips around my dick , But I took it in and started sucking on his meat ,finding it easiest to move in the same rhythm as Joey and my uncle where keeping . Soon the pre-cum started dribbling into my mouth. Seth did move down sideway and managed to get my uncle just close enough to latch on to his prick.


“Damn, this…is ….hot …we  ...never did ….4 …before “Joey muttered, speeding up his tempo, suddenly he grabbed my shoulders and I could feel his dick starting to pulse and his cum spray deep inside of me .My uncle moved away just fast enough while Joey collapsed on top of me, his dick deep in my ass, and with a deep moan Seth grabbed on to my hair and released big globs of cum in my mouth.

Slowly Joey pulled his now limp dick out of my ass and rolled on his back beside me, looking me in the eyes and smiling. I moved over a little and kissed him, our tongues playing a game in which we exchanged his brother cum.


“Can I have the treat”? my uncle begged, and started licking my ass , Go ahead I smiled and was treated very pleasurable myself , My uncle did stuck his tongue deep up my asshole trying to get out most of  Joey’s cum. “Your uncle’s  favorite dish “ Seth joked:” cum , straight from the ass”.


After a little rest Seth’s said: “Simon, You are the guest of honor”,” so tell us what next.” I did not need to think for a second; “I want to fuck Joey, exactly the same way as on the picture of you and Uncle Jimmy.

“ I know which one you mean” Seth grinned “Do exactly as I do Joe , and you will make Simon very happy .”

Seth made my uncle and me lay down beside each other and positioned himself between Jimmy’s legs while Joey got between mine. “First we need to stiffen up these dicks very well” Seth instructed Joey and started licking the shaft of my uncle’s dick. Joey looked at me and smiled and then started the same treatment on mine, until now both uncle Jimmy and Seth had given me head but Joey was something different, softly he brushed his lips up and down my dick which made it spring to life, after that he repeated the same treatment with his tongue, giving special attention to the area just under the head of my dick, than the took the head in his mouth and twirled his tongue around it. I looked from him to my uncle and Seth where Seth was busy sucking the dick of my uncle, his lips tight around it and moving his head up and down fast , looking  at it I wondered how he got this much meat inside his mouth, let alone in his ass !!!


Suddenly Seth said : “I think these are stiff enough “ got up and squatted above my uncle’s dick “ Joey also got up and positioned himself above mine .

“ You have to do this carefully” Seth explained to Joey as he took my uncle’s cock and positioned it against his butthole “if you put your weight down to fast you may hurt him “ Joey moved my dick up so it pointed straight toward the ceiling and slowly brought himself in the same position as his brother. Slowly the Smith brothers came down and I could feel Joey’s hole slowly starting to open up on top of my dick. “ Wow, this looks great” I heard my uncle exclaim, Seth clearly was more experienced in this position and already had his ass halfway around my uncles dick while the head of mine was just  inside his brother . “Slow but steady Joey” he panted. Slowly Joey moved down over my dick giving me the great feeling of his tight ass around my throbbing boner.

Seth already had my uncle all the way inside him and was sitting with his knees beside my uncles hips while my uncle had his hands around Seth’s stiff prick massaging it. Finally Joey got me al the way up inside him, looked up at me and smiled “I love your dick inside of me like this Simon “.


At Seth’s instruction Joey started moving up and down and the tight ring of his butt milked my dick, with my hips I answered his movement. Beside us my uncle and Seth where moving in a similar fashion with my uncle’s hips sometimes coming of the bed and Seth’s body dancing with the thrusting. Joey started to make little moaning sounds as I took hold of his dick and started rubbing it. Suddenly Seth shouted:”Stop” and we all came to a halt. “Just like in the picture, Remember!!!”

Seth moved his legs in such a way that his feet where beside my uncles chest and Joey put his beside mine , If possible this moved my dick even deeper inside him .” and now play with your dick” Seth said . Uncle Jimmy and I leaned back, both enjoying the sight of these two beautiful boys playing with their dicks while ours where deep inside their asses.


After a little while in this position Joey moved back on his knees and starting moving his ass up and down over my dick again , clearly I could feel his muscles around the base of my dick and my dickhead rubbing over the folds deep inside him , louder and louder his moaning became especially after I took hold of this stiff dick again , suddenly I lost control over my body , and my hips started trusting harder and harder Joey started to shout : “Yessss, Yesss, fuck that horny ass of mine , faster , deeper , faster !!!!!!!    and suddenly he arched backward and his cock sprayed his cum al the way over my belly and chest , The tightening of his ass and the pulsing of his orgasm took me also over the edge and with a “ Joeeeeeyyyyy” I pumped his ass full of my cum…..

Five Past Hell

Peter_Pan on Erotic Poems

Still three blocks to go.

Shadows imbued with life, courtesy of each, as yet unbroken street light

tease her every rearward glance,

smell her fear,

sense her youthful vulnerability.

Was that a follower - one who might do her harm perhaps?

or just an overly wrought and fanciful imagination?

The rain sleeting down covers her tracks

covers his tracks perhaps?

Another sound 'midst the torrent,

this time the wind howling its dire warning.

But two blocks to safety now

"Be sure to get home by eight" her mother's words echo forever

in a world suddenly ruled by violent precipitation,

approaching thunder - the inclement for

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ces of nature freely

conspiring together.

Again she turns, her own shadow leering up at her

Yet no-one's there, no monstrous shape creeps nearer

A sudden flash of intense brilliance lights her way but momentarily,

the thunderclap reverberates beneath the sidewalk,

she feels the insecurity of her mere fourteen years tenure

on so unprotective a terrain.

But one block to navigate!

She chides herself for harboring these gestating fears,

No ogre abroad on such a night,

no cars patrol the sodden road

and there not fifty yards ahead, her own front gate

exudes its cosy familiarity, negating her frantic heartbeat,

calming her funk

Running headlong, she cries out in happiness

seeing through the pouring rain now, her father undo the latch,

a figure of safety - the ultimate protective sentinel.

"Thanks dad," she utters, before the cruellest of deceptions makes

known its hideous reality.

Even as the coarse hand seals off her scream

the devil's accomplice pulls into the kerb, a door opens....

Not half an hour passes - two parents stand at a gate

......scanning an empty street


(c) Peter_Pan 2006

"Room Service and Other Tales of The Erotic"">

color="#00ef0e">"The Complete Harper Valley"">

color="#00ef0e"> Visit also "The World of Peter_Pan"">




First time Being Watched

Greywuff on Erotic Poems

I had been married to this woman for about 17 years, and she never liked sex. She had confessed a few years earlier that she had been tricked into giving her brother a blowjob when she was a lot younger, and that the practice had been repeated ever since, covering a span of nearly 13 years. Therefore, her guilt of having sexually satisfied her brother for so many years gave her a dislike for sex. But I had learned soon after starting to date her, her bother had taught her well in regards to sucking a cock.

I had grown accustomed to going sometimes a couple months at a time with no intimacy from her, so I reverted back to just satisfying myself with my hand whenever I sensed a need for release. Since learning how good it felt as a young teen, I sometimes jacked off as often as twic

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e a day.

One evening, I was feeling quite arroused, and in need of a good release. I could tell by her actions that tonight was not going to be a good night to ask for a favor. I devized myself a plan, although I really had not thought it through all the way to the end. I awaited for sundown, all the chores to be completed, and I decided to turn in for the night. I kissed her good night and headed to bed, knowing that she would probably come herself when the program she was watching ended, about 15 to 20 more minutes. I went in the bedroom, undressed and got into bed.

I lay there dreaming up my plan, and my cock was already a few minutes ahead of my plans. He was already rock hard when i laid down, but i knew I would have to wait in order to get anywhere close to the plans I had. I lay there and awaited her coming to bed.

When the program ended, i heard her turn the tv off, and I knew that meant she would be coming into the bedroom in just a short while. I positioned myself on the bed and pretended to be asleep. Just as I planned, she came in and started prepareing for bed. I lay there, peeking at her through small slits in my eyes, having opened them just enough to allow me to see her, but hopefully not enough so that she could tell I was watching her. I could feel my cock stirring again as I watched her take off her clothes. Her 36D tits coming into view then being covered by the thin nighgown she wore to sleep in. Finally, she had undressed, gotten into the night clothes and was in bed beside me. I was still "asleep".

She leaned over to kiss me goodnight, but I remained asleep, not moving a muscle.  I had to concentrate on my breathing so as to make her think I was asleep. She settled in beside me and got still. I lay there and waited, listening to her breathing and concentrating on mine, until I knew she was starting to drift off. Time to put my plan into action.

I moved just enough to awaken her and turned my head toward her so that I could watch her again. In order for my plan to work, I had to know that she was fully aware fo what I was doing. Time to start. I slipped my hand to my cock, taking ahold of it but not moving my hand. I waited. When she settled back down, I started slowly stroking my cock. Not moving a lot, just enough to attract her attention. It was starting to feel really good, and I knew I wasn't going to be long at this before I was going to blow my load. I was so turned on thinking that for the first time in my life, she was going to get to see me playing with my cock.

I stroked it more, getting a little faster and a little more open about what I was doing. As of yet, she had not acknowledged that I was doing anything. I had to step up the plan. My plan, up to this point was to let her think that I was so horny that I was going to stroke myself, hoping this would get her involved and she would give me some pussy. That was my honest plan for the evening. Thinking of getting it, I was getting more turned on. So I started to make little groans. Maybe if my moving wouldnt awaken her, my noises would. After a couple minutes of stroking my now pulsating cock and moaning, she still made no acknowledgement that she was awake. I was beginning to think that I had waited too long and that she had in fact gone to sleep. I had to do something. I was so turned on, I decided to go a little further, maybe this would wake her up.

I opened my legs, opening me to spreadeagled on the bed, but still wrapped up in the sheets. Then I lowered my free hand to my balls, where I started to roll them and fondle them while jacking off with the other hand. I knew the combination of jacking off, fondling my balls and moaning should arrouse her. After just a short while, she rolled over. I nearly blew my wad when I knew for a fact that I was stroking my cock like a teenage virgin boy, and she was laying right beside me knowing I was doing it!I had to immediately shift my hand so that i was gripping the sides of my cock, not touching the highly sensative underside, knowing that only a couple more strokes there was going to cause me to pass the point of no return.

I continued stroking my cock and fondling my balls while she lay there looking toward me. She called my name, real softly. I remained "asleep". I kept stroking my cock and moaning. She called my name again, as if to be sure that I was asleep, but not to awaken me if I wasn't. I kept stroking my cock and fondling my balls. She called my name a third time, this time only a bit louder. I kept stroking my cock. She raised up onto her elbow, and leaned over closer to me, trying to get a look at what I was doing.

My load was so close to shooting, but I could not allow myself to cum yet. I was so turned on, I wanted this to last for a good long time. She moved her hand over to mine, trying to make sure that what she thought was happening...was happening. And she affirmed her beleifs. She was laying in bed beside her husband, and he was jacking off right in front of her!

She lay there a few seconds letting her hand ride mine as I stroked my cock. By now, she knew beyond all doubt that I was jacking off, and she knew it was getting good because both my hand and hers were getting the precum that was coming from my cock. She then raised her hand up and with her fingertips only, she started circling the head of my cock with my precum while I stroked its length and fondled my balls with the other hand. I was in heaven, knowing that after so many years of jacking off behind closed doors, I was now doing it and she knew damn well that I was. I had to reposition my hand again to save my load for a few more minutes.

Just when I knew for a fact that I could hold the flow back no longer, she looked up into my face, called my name again, and then returned her stare to the covers moving up and down.  Then she reached down and pushed the covers down below my hands, she now was seeing my handy work as well as feeling it with her hand. She looked back up into my face, called my name, and then returned her start to my cock. I again, changed my grip to avoid cumming.

Very soon, she moved down and got her face within inches of my cock. Still watching, I was still stroking. I was only hoping that she was enjoying the show as much as I was enjoying performing. I thought that maybe I should "wake up" and see if she would fuck me, but I knew that by now, even if she did, I probably wouldn't last 3 strokes anyway, so I decided to continue on with my actions.

Then she did something that absolutely floored me. She lowered her head, opened her mouth and took my cock in it! She had all but quit sucking my cock years before, saying that she had so much guilt from sucking her brother's cock, that she couldn't suck mine without thinking about sucking his and that caused her a lot of distress. Here she was...sucking my cock like she hadn't sucked it in months!

Without a doubt, I knew that I was so close to cumming, I surely could not hold it any longer with her sucking me like she was doing. Regardless to how I felt, I was either going to have to "wake up" or cum. Thinking quickly, I decided to go for broke.

At any time before when I could get a blowjob from her, she absolutely refused to let me cum in her mouth, because the last time she did her brother, he came in her mouth and gagged her. That is the reason she finally decided to stop sucking his cock. She sucked him almost every day, even when he was married to his first of three wives. He would bring her a candy bar, she'd suck his cock! Here I was with my cock in her mouth, she was sucking like she was starved for cum, and I couldnt hold it back any longer. I knew that if I came in her mouth, I'd never get another blowjob, but hey... I was "asleep" anyway, and I had no control over what I was doing. I had reached the point of no return, and I couldn't stop now if I had wanted to.

I positioned my hand for the maximum feeling, stroked my throbbing cock a couple times, and raised my hips slightly. I let it flow. Gush after gush of hot cum flowed into her awaiting mouth. I knew at any second she was going to move her head, but she stayed right there. She swallowed every drop of my cum and sucked for more.I never came so hard or so much, and she took every drop! When my cock finally stopped pumping cum and began to go limp, she was still sucking it for more. When she knew there was no more cum, she stared licking the head, up and down the shaft, my balls, and then even my fingers. She was starving for cum and didn't want to miss a drop. 

I lay there panting, still "asleep". She didn't say a word, she just rolled over and went to sleep. The next morning, she woke me up and acted like nothing happened. I began my routine as usual, not wanting to cause any suspicions. While making the bed, she looked up at me and smiled. She asked me, "Did you sleep well last night?' I told her I had, why. She just smiled and said she didn't have a reason for asking, she was just curious. Then she asked me if I had any dreams. "Not that I recall, why?"

We seperated and divorced some 3 years later, and I never admitted that I was awake that night. We did repeat the scene a couple more times, sometimes she would suck me off, sometimes she would watch me and get herself off with me, and other times she would just reach over and stop me. But she never "woke me up" during any of these sessions.

in the avenue

deserto on Erotic Poems

They sells of his/her wish

and to a price 


because inside a bed  


it would be different 


In this avenue 


what it conducts to the I bring   


up to the first lights of the dawn 


under this lighthouse 


what it illuminates him to day 




of endless invocation 


 what "them" they call