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A favour for a friend 2

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Danielle is a beautiful mixed race girl, 32 years old and about 5ft 7in, a size 10 dress size, a peachy bum and size 34DD boobs.

Brandon is a muscly athletic mixed race guy, 28 years old. He is a moody and borderline aggressive type person. Brandon is Layla's boyfriend, one of Danielle's friends.

Danielle sees Layla out in town one day and they have a coffee together.

"Hey, could you help me out with Brandon? You know he’s so fucking stressed out all the time, and I know you do really good massages. Could you come over on Tuesday and give him one to see if helps?" said Layla.

"Sure I can, if you think it will help! What do you want me to do and what time shall I come over?" said Danielle, eager to help out her friend.

"Oh I don't know, anything really just to stop him being

Samantha gets Double teamed

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My name is Samantha, Sam for short, I am living in Bradford West Yorkshire, I'm 28 yrs old 5' 6" tall with medium length brown hair, and have a long term boyfriend called Chris.

I stayed in Bradford living with Chris after graduating from university. An old university friend of mine Sheila had returned to Bradford after living and working down south in London.

I had not seen Sheila for several years, in fact I did not know she had returned until I bumped into her whilst I was down town doing some shopping.

We swapped phone numbers arranged to meet up again at the end of the week on Friday and go out for a drink and to catch up on old times.

Sheila is my age but of Indian descent, she is 5' 4" tall and very slim with long black hair.

When I got back I told Chris that I h

Cheating for the first time

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It had been a whirlwind year. From graduating at University up north, to getting married, the arrival of our son and then accepting my first position in a job in the Big Smoke. And so it was, as a young family we headed excitedly down to London to start our new life together…

One of my first tasks in my new job was to appoint myself a Secretary. We interviewed three girls, myself and my boss, all very well qualified, though one woman was a good fifteen years older than me, so it would’ve felt a bit like having my mother at work.

Which left a choice of two. One girl had slightly more experience, but in all honesty was a bit of a plain Jane, frumpy, with big NHS glasses and spots around her mouth. The other girl, less experienced but oh my, those dark brown eyes, raven hair and hour

Peeping leads to learning sex

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Salon sex

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Rachel had just finished up with her last appointment. She was anxious to get home and relax. Her co-worker had done most of the closing duties in a rush to leave. Despite the rules Rachel excused her to go home as all that had to be done is to close out the till. Sara left as Rachel went to the back office to close out.

As Rachel sat she heard the chime of the door. She thought maybe Sara had forgotten something until she heard a subtle”hello”. This was a male voice. Rachel stood up and walked out to tell the customer they were closed. She just wanted to crawl in bed and pass out. As she turned the corner her jaw dropped. There stood the sexiest man she had ever laid eyes on. He stood 6’2” , 200 lbs with dishwater blonde hair and stunning green eyes. His style was casual but classy.

My Brother-in-Law, My Lover

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For as long as I can remember, I've desired my sister's husband, Joseph. He was my forbidden fantasy, my secret desire. He was the guy I would've wanted to take my virginity, if I haven't already given it away to some schmuck who was half the man he was, who was just interested in spilling his seed all over me without a care if I came or not. FYI - he was the lousiest lay I ever had. Not that I had any seconds after that encounter. But still, my point stands. My first time sucked. After that, I never wanted to have sex ever again. Not that I ever lacked offers. There were many. I just wasn't interested in them. Not after that lousy first time. I figured, if I was ever gonna try again, I might as well as go for broke, and not settle for any sloppy seconds.

But when I met Joseph, I wante

A secret quick goodbye

boredhousewife1986 on Cheating Stories

I've always been attracted to my best friend's husband. Since my sex life with my own husband is pretty terrible, I've been flirting with and fantasizing about him. This is the story I wrote after saying goodbye to him in my skimpy pjs one morning after I slept over at their house.


She came down the stairs eager for her last few moments of touch, knowing this would have to be enough to hold her off until the next time. Moving quickly down the last few steps, her large breasts swollen from the pregnancy moved under her tight tank top like liquid. Rounding the corner she saw he was already at the door, ready to leave. She hoped he noticed her hard nipples poking through her shirt in anticipation, her long legs moving swiftly in the short shorts she always wore to bed, especiall

Finally alone again

boredhousewife1986 on Cheating Stories

So my husband and I have not had a great sex life for years. I've always been attracted to my best friend's husband, and for the past little while he's been a huge comfort to me. This is what happened the last time they came to visit...


They were finally alone. The other two had gone to bed a little while before, and they sat on the couch, both acting as if everything was normal. She felt like the air between them was electric. It had been so long since she had felt his hands on her, and she craved his touch.

Finally, she got up the courage to ask, "do you think you could massage my lower back a little? It's sore like all the time these days." She chuckled nervously. He agreed. The moment his hands touched her back she felt her nipples harden, she looked down and could see

The Move Pt 1

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My first writing, so be kind, and enjoy! (may or may not be real)

It was one of those warm summer nights, no clouds, just a bright full moon out, lighting my way. I was out for a walk, wearing a t-shirt, and old shorts. I loved to walk around the block at night, warm summer air on me, just to get out of the house for a bit on a night like this was wonderful. I live alone. Well, except my dog, Bear. He's about 5 years old, big black lab. Had to leave my wife last winter after finding her in bed with my neighbor.

As I returned home, the phone rang. My brother was on his way over. Great... company. (eye roll inserted here) Oh well, it was only about PM. As the conversation kept going, he told me that he was helping his wifes brother move and needed an extra hand. This is what I want

Office Relations at Christmas

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When James starts at a new job he soon notices Anna, a married woman, but a reciprocated spark causes some Christmas time fun

James started a new job in an office, he was a good looking 26 year old guy, nothing special, but above average. A couple of days into the job he noticed a woman walking around. She was a good looking girl next door. Not a supermodel by any stretch of the imagination, pretty face, nice ass and huge tits, and she was real world sexy, no airbrushing needed.
James ended up talking to her a fair bit, she was very knowledgeable about the job and he like to surround himself with people he could ask for help. James and Anna quickly became very good friends. Within a month they were very close and talked about everything including sex.
James even started laying in

Peter and Anna at work

peterjohnson on Cheating Stories

A new guy at work might steer Anna off the straight and narrow

James started a new job in an office, he was a good looking 26 year old guy, nothing special, but above average. A couple of days into the job he noticed a woman walking around. She was a good looking girl next door. Not a supermodel by any stretch of the imagination, pretty face, nice ass and huge tits, and she was real world sexy, no airbrushing needed.
James ended up talking to her a fair bit, she was very knowledgeable about the job and he like to surround himself with people he could ask for help. James and Anna quickly became very good friends. Within a month they were very close and talked about everything including sex.
James even started laying in a little bit of flirting, although he didn’t for one second think

New Landlords

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The landlords
Chapter 1
My name is Matt I'm 32, my wife's name is Jillian she is 26, we have been
married for almost 6 years. I am your average guy five foot eight inches tall a
little over weight, jillian is five foot three inches tall and a hundred and five
pounds. She has dark brown hair and green eyes. She has a great body, a really small
round ass, I call her tits her torpedoes because that's what they look like, when
they hang down they look like torpedoes and the nipples are huge and look like the
detonators. Two years ago the company we worked for and where i met my wife closed
leaving us both without jobs. I was able to find another job but it was about two
hours traveling time each way. Jillian wasn't able to find another good paying job
and it left us in a ba

My cheating at The conference

domsteve on Cheating Stories

This happened when I was 26 years old. I am married. The only person I had ever had sex with was my husband. We were trying to have a baby so I had gone off the pill. I had to go out of town for a conference for my work. The conference was to start on Tuesday and finish on Thursday afternoon at 3pm. There were no flights until late Thursday so I scheduled a 1pm flight on Friday. That should get m

my first time cheating

domsteve on Cheating Stories

Hi I’m Jill. This is a story of my first time cheating on my husband, Scott. Neither of us had had sex with anyone else ever. I did not plan it, I just got seduced. I was 23 at the time and had been married for 4 years. My husband was working full time and going to school part time so when he was home he was either busy with studies or too tired to do anything. To say our sex life was bad w

Office Mating

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In this sexy and comical tale of voyeurism, exhibitionism, crossed purposes and passionate, freewheeling lust, David finds himself cheating on his wife after circumstances and his wife's own insatiable sex-drive set him on the path to having an affair with his sexy co-worker.

seducing daughterinlaw-2

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I asked Kavitha to bring two glasses so that we could enjoy the wine which I had kept it for a good occasion, Kavitha objected and said it is wrong to have wine, I told her that being a fatherinlaw as good as a father when I am telling you to drink why do you have reservation,


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A true story which happened a few years back, I was residing with my family in Silvassa, we lived in an apartment, on each floor there were 3 flats, most of the people were either Gujrathi, Marwari or Maharashtrians.  I was so involved with my work that had no t

Seduced and having affair with married colleague Ramya

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Seduced and having affair with married colleague Ramya I worked in a company and in the office there are 6 men and 4 women working all are married. The office staff was so cooperative that each worked for others and the work used to get completed without any delay. We had get togethers and each had to host dinner every 15 days, each person would get his turn to host once in 5 months. When

seducing colleague Ramya who was unsatisifed housewife

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Ramya and Mohan were Kerala Bhramins and Mohan’s parents did not allow Ramya to wear dresses, she had to wear only saree. Ramya in saree looked fabulous, she was be around 30 plus with a wheatish complexion and a figure of 38-27-38, she

my girl friend

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I am here to narrate you what happen between me and an unsatisfied woman living just beside my room. It all started before two weeks ago. I came from my college to my room and found out that someone has taken mynext room for rent. That evening when I was returning from hotel after having dinner (usually I go to restaurant for dinner) gossiping with my friends, I just saw a beautiful sexy lady wea

From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Part 4 True Story

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From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Part 4.

When I work up the next morning Paul was already gone. I figured he had gotten up on his own to let me sleep. I didn't hear him so figured he must have already left for the day. Just then the pho

A Saturday Afternoon

Dougy on Cheating Stories

This is one story of a long term affair I am involved in. This is One Hot and true story. It started with a conversation on a Friday about getting together that evening, however things didn’t work out. This just added to the sexual desire and anticipation of an awesome time of intimate love making and wild sex that we have had so many times in the past. We rescheduled for Sat. afternoon, an

I love Roller coasters

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Recently, my family took a trip to the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park and we had a lot of fun. I rode all the rides, but the best ride I had wasn’t mechanical. It was with a guy I met while I was there. I’ve never done anything like that before,

Broke down

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It’s kind of amazing the kinds of things you can convince yourself to do in a moment of weakness. I’ve always considered myself to be a highly moral person. Growing up, I was kind of a goody-two-shoes. I never drank before I was 21, I never did drugs, I didn’t have sex before I got