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My drunk mother

macmmot on Incest Stories

When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom started to drink a lot. I would find her around the house half undressed or completely naked drunk passed out cold sleeping. This is the first time I've ever seen a grown up woman nude. The first time I tried to wake her up and tell her to go to bed but Mom never woke up or moved a muscle. I went back to bed but couldn't sleep thinking about how much different her body was from my little sisters. I got back up and went to the living room to see if Mom was awake. She hadn't moved at all and was snoring away. I got my car and took some nude pictures of Mom. I realized that I was sexually excited for the first time in my life and had an erection from looking at her nude body. After I got up the nerve I slowly reached out and touched her boob

Pretending to be drunk for Dad

Tina40 on Incest Stories

I had just graduated high school. A
Month or so before I had came home drunk and couldn’t even remember getting in bed. I woke the next morning naked in bed and had a feeling my dad had I undressed me.
So I came home early one night not planning this but when I came in I knew mom was at work so a pretended to be drunk all at once. I had thought about doing it before but never had the nerve to try it but out of nowhere the idea came to me so I went with it.
Immediately dad as helping me upstairs. To my room. I basically was helpless acting like I couldn’t stand on my own.
Dad never hesitated and was undressing me. I was trying not to laugh but niece as I was I let him take my panties off and quickly like a child he was fingering me. I pretended to be passed out and he was breathing ex

Mom and daughter travel abroad, and moms secret wish gets true

ManOfLux on Incest Stories

I've been in the US my whole life but always wanted to see the world.
So one day I searched the internet for someone exciting, (and oh.. Exciting he was..)
I found him on a regular board online, he came from Eu, a place I would be more then happy to visit.
As the day passed with fun conversations we noticed we had just more and more in common.
I even opened up about my secret crush I had as a little kid on my dad. I never got him in to bed, but I wish I did..
And he understood me. Actually, he seemed to like it.
I then told him that I was a single mom with a daughter, and I could tell on his response he got nervous.
He asked a little bit about her, then he became to nervous, and something in the back of my mind liked it.
So I started to send normal pictures of us, and every time h

family has a fuck guest...part-1

dickatool on Incest Stories

A reminder for all the readers, this is a part true and part fiction story…names and places have been changed without deviating from the main plot…this story contains a lot of sexual encounters and I have taken time and words to build up that suspense and give u the utmost jerking thrill possible….its not the usual story wher the main character sees the right opportunity and bounces on its subject and everything happens and ends in a flash…I want to build up the anticipation…the lust…the trust…and grip you to the encounters, you have never experienced…its like virtual reality!! Believe me!
If you like arousing stories that have plot and character development too, you don't want to miss it.
It takes some time at the start of the story to develop the characters and plot, but the payoff

MILF Contract Closer 2

WildWest on Incest Stories

I heard the sound of our kitchen door shut and I reached out to see what time it was, it was 8:00 AM and my father was heading out to the golf course with his buddies, it was summer so he normally stayed out playing golf on Saturdays all until 7:00 PM. I laid in my bed thinking if I had a dream or had I gotten the best blow job ever from my mother last night.

It was 8:45 when my bedroom door was slowly pushed open and my mother walked in. I could hardly believe what I was seeing, she had on black very short nightie with heels and stockings on, my dick quickly got hard and it was so obvious my bedsheet looked like a tent. My mother stood beside my bed looking like a French whore and said, well isn’t this what you wanted? She pulled the sheets of me and quickly went down on my dick and

Stranger I know all to well

rudown on Incest Stories

Charlie was sound asleep, dreaming about crazy stories. He was mid dream when he began to feel kisses on his body. Up his torso to his chest , up his neck and back down he felt these soft lips. His eyes clinched tight to bring climax to this pleasure. Slowly he felt a hand reach down to his slowly expanding cock. It grasped around it squeezing, tugging, stroking up and down. As this set of lips made its way down. His cock began to pulsate at the thought of getting blown.

Charlie scooted down laying flat on the bed. He was in position to fully enjoy this experience. He then felt a mouth sliding along his shaft, accompanied by a hand rhythmically stroking up and down. His cock was fully erect and ready to burst.

But who could these be he thought. Was it my ex Marie. No this was not

Fucked Mother and Her Newly Wedded Daughter2

raveegtl on Incest Stories

Hello All, Myself Ravi from Hyderabad. In continuation to story “Fucked Mother and newly wedded Daughter 1”. I received emails asking whether this is real one or imagination. To give a clarity that this is a real incident. I still meet
Since I was preparing for my PG entrance, I had enough time for myself and everyday evening I used to go for an evening walk and obviously I used to go to their house. That was the time the whole family members will be watching TV Serials. Daughter aged 19years was asked to give me coffee. To prepare that she went into the kitchen. Since I was a regular guest there were no restrictions on my movements. I got a chance to talk to her in person. She was dam hot and very sexy, her stats were 34, 28, 34. She maintains her figure perfectly. Anyone who sees her f

MILF Contract Closer

WildWest on Incest Stories

Matt is my name, and computers science is my game. I had never been interested in going to a big university, I thought they were all so overrated. I had graduated from a local college and a self-taught computer and software guru. I had started my own local home business and soon with the money I was making I would be moving out of my house. I was starting to do very well in my specialty which was security cams, motion sensors and programming games. My dad James, had asked me if I could put up a WIFI network throughout the house and also security cameras complete with motion lights and sensors. Our home had more cameras than the average house since it was me that put the cameras up. My parents were not rich, but were not exactly suffering either, we had several laptops connected to the net

Got the hot's for my younger Part 2: The Drenched pussy!

HotsForCousin on Incest Stories

So a few new years back I went with my younger cousin to a NYE party at time square. I still remember her all dressed up for the party in her white dress and wedges, I would have taken her than and there, unfortunately she had a boyfriend back then, and he came with to the party. I can imagine what would happen if we went alone, once we got to the party which was like a big concert in an arena, with a stage in the middle, and the standing crowd around it, with the lighting dull at times, we would have got a few drinks and started dancing together, I would get behind her and press up against her hard, while grabbing her by the weist, pulling her bum closer to my hard cock, dry humping her while the concert went on...

While dancing at the concert with hundreds of people around and all f

Our community

Hellajena on Incest Stories

Today was a big day for me, the biggest of my life so far, I thought to myself as I opened one eye and looked at the morning sunshine filtering into the hut. Today I not only turned adult but was also getting married.

“Get up, Orion,” my mother said. “Go fetch water.”

“Okay,” I replied and stepped out of the hut.

“Take this,” she said, putting a clay pitcher near me as I peed in the bush.

When I reached the well — a five-minute walk from the hut — my sister, who’s a year older than me, was taking a bath with my aunt in the lake next to the well. A man, who lived two huts away from ours, was filing water from the well.

“Ready for the big day?” my sister Hera asked me.

“He’s been ready for a long time,” Aunt said.

“Hmm,” Hera concurred, looking at me with her deep-blue

I Came Home Early to a Surprise

Joeblowisme on Incest Stories

My mother passed away about 2 years ago. The cancer took her quickly but it was a very sad event and it devastated all of my very small family. She had always been the center of our lives and now she was gone.

It took many of us by surprise that she went before my dad. She died in her late 50s and my father was just topping 90. He isn’t in the best of health but he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. There is a 34 year age gap between my parents. My parents married late in my dad’s life. He was in his early 50s and my mom was a freshman in college. Since my dad was a professor and I was born about 7 months after they got married, it’s pretty obvious how that happened.

I grew up an only child in a wonderful home. My parents fought. A lot. But ev

Rooming With Charity

Stanton on Incest Stories

“Okay, brat, get out so I can change.”

Charity’s large, blue eyes looked up from the iPhone in her hands. She was sitting on her bed with her knees drawn up to her chest, making her seem even smaller than normal. Her small mouth hung open slightly revealing the dull glint of braces behind full, round lips. A few errant strands of her shoulder-length, straight blonde hair hung in her face that she absently brushed back with a single, delicate, painted pinky. “I’m tired of having to leave my room every time you want to get ready. Go get ready somewhere else.” Charity’s high, lilting voice was laced with a whining touch.

Hunter sighed. “It’s my room, too, Charity. And I always leave when you have to get ready which takes a lot fucking longer than me.” He stood by the door, holding it

Sexy Little sisters first time Part 1

Alucard1123 on Incest Stories

This is a work of complete fiction, any similarities to persons living or dead is purely Coincidental.

My name is Greg, I'm 23 years old 6"3 and 295lbs, I'm not fat but I'm by no means in shape. My cock fully erect is a modest 7 1/2 inches.

I've had 4 girlfriends and a few one night stands here and there but my real sexual experience happened two years ago with my younger stepsister.

My father remarried, and his wife brought with her two daughters Margaret and Joscelyn.

They were very young and I never looked at either of them as more than my step sisters but something changed after seven years.

I had just moved back in with my father and stepmother to save money whilst finishing graphic design school and my girlfriend crystal had just dumped my ass.

It was an un

Summer With Cousin

Hornylou on Incest Stories

This is a story of how I spent my summer as my cousins sex slave.

I was 21 and working at small hardware store. It was your typical hardware store. Nothing out of the ordinary. We did alot of bulk supply to construction companies and contractors. Upstairs was the office. Just a big open room with 10 desks each with a phone and computer That's were the owner and like 3 sales people sat. I had a desk aswell in case I needed to look stuff up. The owner told me he hired someone as a book keeper and to straighten out the files. He told me she'd be coming in on Thursday and to show her around and give her a desk.
Thursday comes I open up the store and get things ready for the day. About 9am this beautiful woman comes in. Thin,tight body and dyed dark red hair. Very attractive. She introduc

Didn't Really Plan To Fuck My Mother-But I Did!

WildWest on Incest Stories

My name is Raphael, and I attend the local university in my city. My mother Gina is an M.D. in our city, besides working at the hospital she has her own practice, so as you can imagine we are pretty well off.
My mother is a very sexy Latina that turns heads everywhere she goes, including mine. I have dreamed of fucking her silly, knowing down deep it would never happen, just a long distant unachievable dream, so I thought.

My father had left for a medical convention early about 6:00 am, I left for classes around 7:00. My mother had said the day before she had a special task to do at the hospital so would leave the house a little late and stop at the hospital before going on to her office. It was about 8:30 am when I got home, I got a splitting headache so I decided to come home, I did

Didn't Really Plan To Fuck My Mother-But I Did! 2

WildWest on Incest Stories

It was Friday afternoon and my father and brother were going away for weekend to compete in a golf tournament. All I thought about was as soon as he is out that door, I’m going to be fucking my mother all over our house in any position I wanted, I was crazed and obsessed with the lewdness of my lust. I had not fucked my mother’s ass yet, but after I saw Melvin and Larry put their huge rods up her ass, I became obsessed with putting my dick up her ass, this weekend was the perfect time with my father gone.

I was laying in my bed when I heard the door open as my mother said good-bye to my father, wishing luck on his game at the tournament. My mother came in my bedroom, she had on black pumps, an off-white skirt with a black modest low-cut top that showed some cleavage. She stood besid

[M/S] Mum helps son through his breakup [Part 1]

CrazyJester on Incest Stories





"Don't you what me young man! Come out for dinner please!"

Ryan rolled his eyes and jumped off his bed. He'd been sexting his girlfriend, of 3 months, Sarah. He tucked his phone into his pocket and rubbed his dick through his shorts to try and hide his throbbing boner.

"Yes my dearest mother! what are we having for dinner?" Ryan said

"Oh finally! The dead has risen and is walking the earth! Nice of you to join me for dinner Ryan! Here take this beans and serve them please."

As his mum turned around to grab the mash potatoes, he noticed how full and firm her arse was. Was it his boner that was making him see his mother this way? His mother was the skinniest of women and she had all the right curves in the right places. He looked at he

Hots for younger cousin xxx

HotsForCousin on Incest Stories

So here's the thing, I haven't been with anyone in a very long-time, just don't seem to have interest in anyone that is up until recently...

I have been visiting family recently and have been seeing my younger cousin who I have always had a thing for! Because of not getting it in a while I am super horny and want all that intensity to cum out on her! I stayed over for a few nights at her place, and I would see her in the morning in her work clothes, her tight pants showing the shape of her nice bum. When she hugs me all I want to do is stroke her pussy with my finger from behind. When she is taking a shower all I can think of is the warm water rolling down her body, the water dripping down from her neck down to her breasts and nipples than heading down to her sweet young pussy and nice

Tara's Fetish, Part 1

lowtek on Incest Stories

Tara's Fetish, Part One:

My wife Beth comes to me while I'm reading one evening and I see she has a smirky expression on her face. I ask her what's up with her and she tells me it's nothing. I know it's not nothing and poke at her to spill the beans.

"Come on honey. Something has you amused. What's the deal?"

"I was picking up a little in Tara's room while she was in school today and I found some things."

Tara is our thirteen year old daughter. She's a bright and happy young girl, but has recently become a handful since she entered puberty. She's got a friend named Jess that on more than one occasion smelled of smoke, so I immediately thought the obvious.

"What.. She's hiding cigarettes in her room?"

"No, nothing like that. Well I don't know, maybe that too, but I found

Taking my Son to the mall (gloryhole)

herochancedtf on Incest Stories

Running my son to the mall

everyone is over 18.

My son just turned 18 a couple weeks ago, i promised i would take him to the mall so he could spend his birthday money.I just turned 50 this year and im feeling it.Dont get me wrong i still can make the boys go crazy, i have to pay attention to what i wear to certain places these days as i try not to wear much these days (just lazy).So we arrive at the mall and i drop my son off at the foodcourt telling him to be back here at 830 sharp, its 630 now so that will be plenty of time for my son (Jake) to shop around. I drop him off and find the nearest auto store to check out a few things i needed for the vehicle. Sears is the nearest auto store in the mall. On the way there i make a detour to the woman section and take a gander to


WildWest on Incest Stories

Hello! I’m a very boisterous tall, 6’9” twenty-year-old guy. My friends know me as Toby, short for Tobias, hate the name, but I wasn’t given a choice at the time, LOL, might change it later. I’m a spitting image of my father who dumped my mother for a younger model. My mother is a white woman and my father is black. I hope I am not as stupid as my father is for dumping my mother, I think the younger model is fucking stupid, she has a knockout body and tits, but pretty much a bimbo. I inherited my father’s height and muscular traits all the way down to our twelve-inch cocks and two inches in diameter. My mother Jennifer, runs an advertising agency, which includes lots of models, that’s how my father Mack met his new bitch, Rhonda and took off. My mother must have loved his huge cock maybe

Latino Brothers Gone Wild!

WildWest on Incest Stories

Manuel was known as Manny, at 22 he was the oldest brother of four brothers and one sister, Elena (Lena) being the youngest just turned 18, Jorge, (Jorgy) and Miguel, (Mikey) 20-year old twins, Cristoba (Cris) 19. Except for Lena, all of the boys were pretty wild and liked to party, smoke weed and gang bang bitches they picked up. Their sister had turned into a very sexy looking bitch just like their mother, Manny often, they definitely had a hot MILF for a mother. Manny was always getting fucking high just thinking of all the ways he could fuck my mother and sister if he ever got the chance.

It was 1:00 am and Manny had just gotten home, he heard noises coming from the basement. He went downstairs and there were his brothers, smoking weed, drinking and fucking the shit of two very you

Daughter's Sex Lessons 7

WildWest on Incest Stories

George was very successful pimp and bookie and wanted to remain successful, he knew that if he put out the word out on the street that he a couple of new white whores working for him, especially, a white housewife and her 16-year old daughter. Most of George clients were all black businessmen that loved to fuck white pussy, most of his clients stepped out on their black wives, and loved to fuck married white women, they all said, there something erotic about fucking another man’s wife, especially white pussy. George knew he his clients were going want to fuck Sara and Jenna, even at the high thousand dollars a night or two hundred for an hour, three hundred if they wanted blowjobs, four hundred included fucking them in the ass. George worked out special prices for his repeat clients.

My Mother Visits and I Make Her My Slut Part 2

WildWest on Incest Stories

It was Saturday afternoon about 3:30 pm, I was in hurry to get home, my friends I had invited for the get the get together I had told my mother about would be at my place at about 5:00 pm. This morning before heading out, I totally wore out my mother’s pussy and rammed my 9-incher down her throat. My mother’s mouth and throat feel so soft, silky as I drive my cock deep down her hot throat. I know she loves to suck cock, because once I drive my cock in her throat, she starts going crazy on my cock. She starts devouring my cock while making slurping sounds and moan real loud she moves her mouth up and down my full shaft like a jack hammer. My mother is the best cock sucker I ever had. My mother thought my friends were coming over for a regular mini party get together and just merely introd

Daughter's Sex Lessons 5

WildWest on Incest Stories

It was six months since Scott and her Uncle Bill had been fucking Jenna, she loved to suck her daddy’s and Uncle’s cocks, between Scott and his brother Bill they had turned Scott’s daughter Jenna into a pro cock-sucking slut, and she loved to swallow every drip of cum that they ejaculated down her throat. Jenna’s mother not suspecting a thing Scott frequently took Jenna with him to her Uncle Bill’s apartment for a visit. It was not uncommon for Jenna to give Scott a blow job as he was driving to his brother Bill’s apartment.

Scott and Jenna walked into Bill’s place Scott Bill approached them and Scott got behind Jenna and wrapped his arms around her bringing down his arms down to the hem of her short skirt and raised her skirt all the way to her waist. Jenna wasn’t wearing panties, sh

Daughter's Sex Lessons 6

WildWest on Incest Stories

It was Monday morning, Scott and his brother, Bill had been fucking Scott’s wife Sara and 16-year daughter all weekend. Bill was plunging his thick rod in Sara’s hot cunt. Sara was responding by lunging her hips upwards forcing her pussy to meet his downward powerful thrusts, Bill was bottoming out her pussy. Bill said yelled out, HEY SCOTT, YOU WON’T HAVE TO TRY TO GET THIS SLUT TO FUCK OTHER MEN ANYMORE, SHE’S GOING TO BE SPREADING THESE LONG LEGS FOR LOADS OF MEN, Bill stared down into Sara’s eyes and said in a low voice, slut, this is just the beginning, your hot cunt is going to be getting lots of action, he kept plowing hard down on her pussy, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD. Sara looked sideways and saw Scott had their daughter in a doggy-style position and was driving all his cock deep in

My Mother Visits and I Make Her My Slut

WildWest on Incest Stories

I started my own computer data business and I was surprised that after I had left my home for nearly a year, I was becoming very successful. I was on the way to pick up my mother at the airport. My mother, Sarah, was coming to see me for the first time since I left home. Not only did I leave home because I wanted to start my own business, but the main reason for me leaving home was, I wanted to fuck the shit out of my mother. My dark taboo desires grew to such a fervor, I felt I had to leave. If male readers of this story ever saw my mother, I am sure they would want fuck her too.

My mother has very long red hair and the sexiest bedroom green eyes, her perfect tight body is about 34-28-34. She displays a very sexy tight ass when she is shorts that gets me so fucking hot, I jack off

My Mother, Our Slut

WildWest on Incest Stories

My mother’s name is Susan, she was 16 when she was married to my father and my father was 19 at the time. During earlier years it was legal for young women to marry, with their parents’ permission, so this was the case. My father knocked up my mother when she was 15 and I was born when she was 16, so her I am, the product of my parent’s youthful mistakes. My name is Matt, I will shortly be 19 the same age my father was when my parents were forced to marry. My parents split up when I was about 14 and he no longer was in the picture and I had just graduated from high school, making plans for college.

I saw plenty of pictures of my mother when she was a member of our high school pep squad. My mom had red hair and beautiful green eyes. Often and trying not to make it obvious I stared at

Tina Migliaccio My sexy little cousin

BarneyRebel on Incest Stories

Hey everybody, my name is Mike Barney. Let me start by saying I have always thought my cousin Tina Mig was the sexiest little thing. Shes thin, about 5'7", long dirty blonde hair and small perky little titties. I have often fantasized about what she would be like in bed being she is also a shy little thing. We used to be very close and I gave her the nickname Little Tina. Ok so here we go. One day I was just sitting around doing nothing bored out my mind so I decided to send her pic of my dick, ofcourse anonymously. So when she got back to me "lol who's this" i got really excited. "Do you like it" I said. "Its ok but who is this" she replied. This went back and forth for a little while until I got up the nerve to tell her it was me. At first she did not know what to say but when I told he

My daughter and friends plan

rudown on Incest Stories

My daughter called and asked if her and her friend could stay the night. I said sure they could sleep in the extra room. They got there around thirty minutes later. Both extremely intoxicated, they were being obnoxious. I sent them off to bed and then turned in myself.

After hitting dream mode I was awakened by someone riding my face. I hate this perfect wet, 19 year old shaved box grinding on my mouth. It caught me off guard, but I went with it. Bella was rubbing herself while bouncing her fresh pussy all over my mouth.

I slowly awakened to realize Bella was stark naked. She had a brilliant body, perky tits with small nipples. A perfect body, down to her clean sexy box. I reached up rubbing her tits. Her moans were growing ever so loudly, and her thrusts got heavier and heavier.