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Sniffing my Sister's socks Brings Punishment and Cumblasts

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This is based on a true story. All the participants in this story are of or over the age of 18. This is intended for adults only. The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved. Some of the scened are dramatized to enhance the story. Enjoy!

"Have you seen my pink socks Jon?" Anna shouted from her bedroom. "Those are my lucky socks, I can't win without them" She said as she prepared for her track meet.

My sister Anna unintentionally waited for the last minute often before heading out to her track meets. Directly across from hers, I watched from my bedroom as she nervously searched for her lucky pair of nike light pink cotton ankle socks that she hadn't washed all school year. She owned those socks since Freshman year of high school and start

Princess Veronica's footjob loving slave

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“Oh yes, that's it slave. You are so low that you can't even lick my ass. MMM yes! Lick those dirty feet” Kenji continued to lick her feet, knowing that she loved having her feet licked more than anything else. Having been forced, in the past, to stand and watch as the Prince fucked the princess in every hole. Never once hearing the pri